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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  October 12, 2020 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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i'm james fletcher you see on the screen. the breaking news we're following this morning bay area baseball great and hall of famer, joe morgan has died. best known for being part of the big red machine that won back to back world series championships for the cincinnati reds back in the 70's but he also played 2 seasons will never forget with the san francisco giants where fans will always remember his home run on the final day of the 1982 season that not only won the game, but it also kept the dodgers. out of the playoffs. he ended his playing career with the oakland a's which is fitting since he spent much of his childhood there. during his 22 year career. he was a 2 time mvp and a 10 time all-star and after retiring from the game. he wasn't over moved over to the broadcast booth for the cincinnati reds and then in the 1988 89 seasons he returned to the bay area where he called games for the giants and the a's. but he's best known as a broadcaster for his days with the espn where he worked with giants broadcaster, john miller for more than 20 years on sunday the bay area l and he was such
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and he lived in danville right up to the end he died at the age of 77, i guess he had a long battle with a nerve condition. >>and that is what finally took his life. joe morgan that at the age of 77 they did the whole sports world is just now digesting the news because it just came out within the last about hour and a half so we'll continue to give you the very latest on that and how. bay area athletes and great are remembering him. right now want to get a look at the weather as well. yeah we've got john stand by in the weather center. >>with a look at that good morning jim good morning guys after very comfortable weekend. the heat is on in the days ahead of us. >>clear skies across the bay area san francisco looks great all the way up to the golden gate bridge in fact you're free of any fog. temperatures are starting to warm up now as we do see that some light beginning to reach the ground heating things up for us only
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a one 40 left up in san sailing at 49 degrees currently as for conditions later today, noticeably warmer than where we were this weekend oakland, even back into the low 80's and we have 90's in the forecast for much of the rest of the week and heightened fire danger get to that still to come. robin. >>all right, thank you john we're heading back to the oakland maze where crews are working with an overturned crash but it's so light and so quiet into downtown oakland. that's not causing huge delays just a little bit of a backup here it's the 5.80 west connector to 9.80 both lanes of that connector blocked as crews are responding. so you back about a half-a-mile leading up to the scene the good news is our construction that took hours finally wrapped up on the nimitz freeway between 29th and 23rd. it had traffic just backed up all the way into san leandro it was all fold now we're down to 13 minutes it's out of your way a huge improvement, no delays at the richmond sandra fell much better at 8 minutes to the north bay and the bay bridge commute doesn't that look nice easy-going here 8
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minutes into san francisco back to you. thanks now to some breaking news we've been following out of san jose where police there are investigating the city's 33rd homicide of the year kron four's will tran has been following it live all morning long in san jose about the impact on traffic the investigation and what happened will what we know right >>what area the search continues because they are relying on this scene to hopefully track down the suspect because they brought over a mobile command unit over the past hour or so you can see it off in the distance right there they still have this place under lockdown no cars are allowed obviously to go through this area as they want to preserve it to make sure that the investigators have all the time that they need to collect the evidence look at surveillance footage you can see that officer getting back into his car so it is not done by any stretch of the imagination and even though or 7 hours into the investigation. let me quickly pull up a map for you. we have
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talked about the traffic problems that this is causing as they continue with this investigation. this is king in story which is right next to one o one there are so many shopping stores around here there's a shopping complex that houses, many locations, including target, nobody's allowed to go through here. we do know that this all went down at around 2 o'clock in the morning. a man was shot at this location appears to be shot multiple times that he was alive when he was put into an ambulance rushed to the hospital. but unfortunately, we know that he died because the san jose police department. they came out and told us that this was a homicide investigation as far as his name not be released at this time, no motive, either they don't know are not saying whether this is random or targeted as far as the suspect they are relying on the witnesses and trying to get the evidence and the
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surveillance video to give it to the public as far as trying to track down whoever was behind us so at this point no description to pass along to the public. but as you can clearly seen it is they wanted just like this a pretty much a still picture to allow investigators to go through this area to look for the evidence and then continue with their investigation. james darya you talked about this this unfortunately, a san jose 33rd murder of the year. back to you. >>thank you very much well. time now is 9 '05 and this week hundreds of thousands of people could lose their electricity because pg knee might shut off the power and the company says the high winds hot temperatures. >>all make the likelihood of wildfires, too close for comfort we have kron 4 sarah stinson live in napa with. the potential for these power shut offs sarah. >>other yeah we're monitoring this p s p s and that's what putin is doing they're monitoring the weather and then that if it continues to look like there's going to be those high winds high
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temperatures. that's concern for wildfire danger so they will have to call the psp esta means parts of the bay area will be without power this would be if it's going to be it would be wednesday afternoon heading into early thursday morning and right now they're actually monitoring the situation because last time we saw these types of conditions with our weather we saw the glass fire up so that is something you know we want to avoid even when you do have the power shut off fire erupts for all sorts of reasons but pg e says the highest probability areas for the public safety power shutoff is in the north bay mountains in pockets of the santa cruz mountains within the next 24 hours energy company should know more about what cities and counties specifically could see their power shut off definitely stay tune. it is best, though if you are one of those usual customers that gets the power shut off to just prepare for worst-case scenario which would be preparing for the power to be shut off preparing for a
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wildfire to spark up. i'm actually talking to pg e right now and we'll that interview for you on our 24 7 news app kron on's make sure tune in at 10 o'clock to hear more from pg e about this concerns and about what you need to do to prepare. reporting live in downtown napa sarah stinson kron 4 news. thank you sarah. >>well firefighters quickly got a hold of a small grass fire in morocco last night i mean this is just all part of the same story is that fire danger high. the possibility of another fire igniting is really out there this particular fire broke out on the southeast edge of moroccan there in contra costa county. this video provided by kron 4 viewer. now firefighters say it grew to about 30 acres in size before they were able to get it stamped out at about 9 o'clock last night. and fire crews are still making big progress when it comes to the glass fire up in the north bay, it's now 92% contained. the fire has burned through more than 67,000 acres across napa and sonoma counties destroying more than 800 homes
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and more than a 1000 other structures in its path. >>9 '07 and another big story that we're following a driver crashed into a crowd of customers or eating lunch outside in san jose. 8 people had to go to the hospital and 2 have life threatening injuries. this happened at the grand century mall at ends tuesday. our story often road you can see the aftermath here with people trying to anyone from underneath all of the debris that one flying turns out police say a 69 year-old man was trying to park is toward a 4 runner and he accidentally hit the gas you can see suv went right into that dining canopy that the diet dynasty chinese seafood restaurant had set outside. >>my friend was to try to you know get on the way but people or to make people over there yelling and screaming to them. so that nobody knows going on to lose today. >>at this point the police investigating say the driver may have been suffering from a medical problem wet at the time of the crash.
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>>well now to a developing story we're learning more about how a san francisco firefighter died last week during a training exercise. according to a preliminary investigation 42 year-old jason cortez was knocked over a third-floor railing. by water blast from a vow that he had inadvertently opened during that training exercise. the report also says the training session was short-staffed due to covid-19 concerns and that only one engine company was president. when there are normally 2. in san francisco police fatally shot a person while responding to an attempted carjacking it happened saturday night police were responding to this attempted carjacking at knifepoint near market and goff streets. officers chased the person to street where they tried to detain him not exactly clear why it was or how it was that officers decided to open fire, but they did. the case now being investigated by several city law enforcement agencies. >>it's 9 o 9 and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news we
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continue our latin history series by taking a look at a family divided over the latin x and y some of the same people it's meant to describe are pushing back against and the bay area family wants answers after their loved one was killed in a traffic stop in the north bay. but first amazon prime day is coming up and cyber security experts are warning you about hackers us and today, a beautiful start look at all the sunshine. you're giving in to iran right now sunshine remains through the day as daytime highs only get warmer this week. >>your forecast ahead. >>and more sunshine and slow traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza john an easy trip into san francisco right now we're finally back to being delay free we're looking at 8 minutes for your drive time which is fairly quick. we'll check
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>>i'm their team right now and we're checking out the weather get ready for some more heat, yeah we are john trouble in the weather center talking more about that how much heat are we talking about to hot guys after this weekend which was perfectly comfortable. now it's back to the hot dry and windy weather which we have been seeing so much earlier this fall season as for berkeley this morning, it's beautiful skies are nice and clear and guess what air quality it's good so get out there this morning go on that jog before temperatures do start to rise. taking us to warmer weather than what we
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saw this weekend. high pressure is now building back in that sending the cool weather and the cloudier and wetter conditions back up into the pacific northwest as this ridge of high pressure continues to build in we'll see an offshore flow reintroduced to us that's going to kick up winds out of the north and northeast and also result in the heightened fire danger is humidity drops and temperatures only rise. see some relief into the weekend as those winds, relax and daytime highs start to settle down a little bit too as for a future cast of winds today and tomorrow definitely not our windiest tomorrow night winds begin to pick up especially in sonoma and napa counties spreading to the east and the north bay on into wednesday thursday and friday and then into the east bay too resulting in a heightened fire danger as these are also going to be our hottest days of the forecast today noticeably, warmer for portions of san francisco like mission in financial districts in the upper 70's, even half moon bay up near 80 degrees today at 77 along the bay side a lot of 80's to talk about burlingame
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84 redwood city 85 palo alto in foster city, each 83. and much of the south bay in the mid to upper 80's. definite warm up from yesterday something you'll notice as you're getting outside later on as for walnut creek in danville it's back to 90 degrees. you go oakland back into the low 80's and sonoma and napa after a nice cool break from the heat. you're also back up to 90 degrees today. even more 90's come tomorrow and the rest of the forecast after that and even for bayside areas back to the 90's we go right along the bay on into thursday and friday as i mentioned wednesday thursday and friday won't just be our hottest and driest but also are windiest is and that's the highest for fire danger so make sure to note that as you plan out your week use extreme caution when venturing outside especially in those wind year drier areas saturday and sunday we come back down temperatures begin to cool back down and definitely at least some relief from the hottest of weather. rob. thank you. john we're checking in on the traffic which has thinned
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out nicely here at the richmond sandra fell bridge. we had a little bit of backup it lasted for maybe 15 minutes and then it was gone so now we're back to smooth traffic here on 5 of us at the toll plaza at the bay bridge. we haven't had a delay all morning a lot of folks at the day off so it's been smooth sailing into san francisco, which means it's just a good time to come on in 8 minutes after fremont street. >>or overturned crash in the maze it looks like it's out of the way traffic is already improving 5.80 west transitioning over to 9.80 that connector was blocked both lanes are blocked by an overturned crash. but the incident just dropped off my screen here so that usually means a cruise a got it out of your traveling from the peninsula to the south bay southbound to 88 on monte rolling through los altos hills, there's a new crash there several vehicles blocking the right lane just a minor delay getting through. but check out the rest of the south bay looks great 87 6 8017 to 37. all that the limit 6.80 into and out of seminole and dublin doing fine the
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nimitz trouble 3 of trouble free through hayward union city and fremont so it's finally calm and quiet on the roads except for just a couple of minor incidents still lingering back to you. thanks a lot of nice. >>gender neutral term that refers to people of latin american descent, living in the united states and although it's been used by growing number of people it's still not widely accepted. >>by the same people has meant to this crime. carlos saucedo takes a closer look. >>i'm going to make the that the spot for latin x entertainment shows to critical public health briefings, latin x latino latina latin acts is catching on, but what does it mean for that we head to a popular salvadoran restaurant and the pico union district of l a owned by self identified latin x family. >>warner i serve year of my
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>>they make the police us and much more with the twist tall on item he kind >>which is like i have talking because i come together. >>i am so ready and >>they've joined me would stephanie's parents manuel and sonia figaro a to talk about the x factor i was >>this as you work >>living in l a the family found itself stereotyped because sometimes people than me now mexico. there you make the guy i'm from mexico. yes i from hour by hour. >>normally we would see him as the poster and we would try to understand we were but it was really difficult there any that you are safe next. >>over the years they've come to embrace latin acts as an umbrella term for people of latin american descent living in the u.s. the song at mit. it took some convincing.
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>>so when you first sir you are just kind of like what i like what is we never not know are yeah. >>got a lot of the older generation, so light. it's more of a term that is more or not the older generation arts. don't feel when we talk to older generation or even from an order i mean i you know that water park and i thought there's another turned out, think that made up offer that. >>instead of saying latino and latina the ax in latin x is used as gender neutral word. >>i think it's too. >>united all not separate bomb. because it everybody. >>but not everyone is on board he recent survey found only 3% of latinos in the u.s. have embrace latin x, while a majority had never heard of before hispanic or latino is still the preferred choice. >>umbrella turns and especially in in reference to
9:20 am
the left the knicks population are always going to have their limitations and and their benefits. >>for siliva is chicano chicano studies professor at loyola marymount. >>the battle over this term is in a lot of ways highlighting the fact that we still have a lot of work to do within our communities to kind of think of all of the higher fees that are in the way of social justice. >>for people who are old school dorm or traditional you don't identify as live. next what you what do you tell them you know i agree >>full review, but also for me if i wanted a quiet saturday. >>with identity being so personal it's nearly impossible to win everyone over whether it's hispanic latino or now latin x. we will have to wait and see if survives the test of time. still the same. in los angeles carlos out several ktla 5
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news. >>9.20 right now still ahead on the kron 4 morning news voting is already underway across california. we're going to tell you how some people are getting a couple of ballots and what you should do if you do, we'll have more in few minutes.
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taking california for a ride. companies like uber, lyft, doordash. breaking state employment laws for years. now these multi-billion-dollar companies wrote deceptive prop 22 to buy themselves a new law. to deny drivers the rights they deserve. no sick leave. no workers' comp. no unemployment benefits. vote no on the deceptive uber, lyft, doordash prop 22. one ride california doesn't want to take. >>well we are just 22 days away from the election and early voting is already off to a very busy start here across
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california. some officials across the state are noticing a few issues with how voters are filling out their mail in mistakes are being made so we want to try make sure you know what to do and what not to do just to match takes a closer look. >>a ballot after ballot we've seen higher turnout earlier this year than we ever have pouring into sacramento county during the first week of early voting the first 3 or 4 days 4 we had $3,000 that have been returned. >>which was 3 or 4 times what we normally see that early but along with this influx of votes. they're noticing an influx of errors one of the things that has never come up but it's 2020 right. we have had some people come in because they had attempted to sanitize the paper several voters slightly afraid of the coronavirus have tried to clean their ballots by pouring liquid sanitizer on that ruin the ballot not only the
9:25 am
wording but the bar codes that are on it that helps us and it through the tabulator which makes it unreadable she stresses that these ballots are putting to sleeves by machines in covid-19 does not live long on paper by the time you're valley gets you it has you know in quarantine essentially for probably more than a week. so there's no risk of covid being transmitted. another common issue voters forgetting to sign the on fellow before mailing in their ballot signing that on football is so important because it's happy make sure that no one else is pretending to be you to vote in your place. >>machines and people work to compare that signature with the signature you used when registering to vote or getting her >>and give you the opportunity to send us a new signature all to make sure that every voter's voice is heard >>was jessica mensch reporting for us this morning again. if
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you want more information on the how to fill them out go to our website at kron 4 dot com and also let us know if you have any problems you can email us as well and we'll take a look into it for you. >>by law the officers are required to mail out the ballots to voters and in some cases people have been getting too in california in placer county. the register voters says up to 6,000 voters. >>are expected to get 2 ballots in the mail in the bay area heidi loop lives in san mateo county and this week she got her second ballot for the general election. she says nothing's changed since the midterms or name and address of the same. she is worried about why she got too. >>the only thing i did do is i went on track my ballots track your ballots and it's sad that i didn't have a registration. so i typed in my name and it said i would be registered so
9:27 am
maybe that kicked a second registration in to process 3 times many touches that record it triggers a second ballot to be generated for that boater. >>if you do get to ballots send in the second one void the first one and you can do that by destroying at checking it out or turn it into your local elections office. >>well happening right now the confirmation hearing for president trump's supreme court nominee amy coney barrett is facing the senate judiciary committee. that's happening as we speak we're monitoring it and we'll be updating you if anything major comes out of it or if you'd like to watch it uninterrupted you can do that as well we've got it live streaming right now on our website at kron 4 dot com. the mask on the up and there are members of judiciary committee who have covid and kamala harris is not there just to yeah so so differences this time around for this hearing. all right again if you'd like to watch the hearing go right ahead kron 4 dot com. we're streaming it.
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>>lots more ahead on bay area family wants answers. their loved. one was killed in a traffic stop in the north and police won't even say why he was stopped in the first place. (garage door opening) it is my father's love... it is his passion- it is his fault he didn't lock the garage. don't even think about it! been there, done that. with liftmaster® powered by myq®, know what's happening in your garage- from anywhere.
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caring for each other because we are all in this together. so wear a mask and have a rotten day, will ya? ugh. you can take a day off fromy worrying about your packages. ♪ ohhh yeahhh! just connect your myq® app to key. ♪ ohhh yeahhh! get free in-garage delivery with myq® and key by amazon. >>9.30 right now and we're looking at the weather and a warm-up don't lose their conditioners fans, yeah, yeah, the battery backup handy as case we lose power, john yeah, it's back to the hot. the dry
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weather. the windy weather and thus the potential power outages as we do see fire danger increasing and after such a comfortable weekend to skies are beautiful unclear all across the bay and that includes sfo this morning. >>temperatures still hanging out pretty comfortably to i get out there enjoy this morning as much as you can before toast your afternoon conditions fairfield you're already back up into the low 70's. well areas like oakland and san francisco climbing back up to 67. now later today, oakland you'll be in the low 80's, san jose in the mid 80's and even a few 90's back in play talking those still ahead robin. >>all right, thank you john quick to get traffic heading into san francisco. it remains delay free so we have an ad the new interruptions out there from oakland to san francisco. now is the time to come on in before something pops up an easy 8 minutes after fremont street. and if you're traveling through the south bay keep in mind that police still have story and king blocked off they've been diverting traffic throughout the morning as they investigated overnight homicide kron four's will tran is on scene he's been covering
9:32 am
this story throughout the morning. but just keep in mind that that's a busy area, there's a gas station there's a shopping center. a lot of folks use king and story to make their way to the freeway this is right under one oh one and 6.80 so avoid that intersection intersection stick with a call avenue and hops can strive as your alternate we'll check more traffic coming up a little bit later back to you thank you robin, it's 9 32 and in the north bay people are demanding answers after a napa county deputy shot and killed and on our man 47 year-old won adrian garcia died in a traffic spot stop but the police won't say why they stopped him. this group wants answers they demonstrated saturday calling for justice for garcia. police have said that they shot at him because he was not comply with their demands would not show his hands and they say he aggressively approached a deputy. >>i think that they need to release the video footage. i think that if they're going to use language like that the paint the picture. there needs to be video to accompany it so
9:33 am
that people can see i know this person you do the very well-spoken person is very very easygoing not could kangaroos. >>because something like that happen. in our own backyard is on acceptable. >>so far the only comment they have gotten his condolences from the sheriff's department on garcia's family. >>facebook website saying the situation is extremely difficult. so we'll give you new details as soon as we get them. in marin county a man is in jail. he's accused of shooting an 18 year-old pregnant woman with a paintball gun she was hit. >>30 times on friday on drake avenue near donner who street in marine city. she has injuries on her back arms stomach and face. and police arrested 19 year-old terrell act in sand after finding what they see as the paintball gun that was used in the attack in the back of his car he was already on probation as well for assault with a deadly weapon. >>well in the east bay police
9:34 am
have arrested a man for hate crime charges after he was caught tying a noose to a tree in berkeley. a city worker says they spotted the man time the news with some rope in the marina right near the south cove area when the worker approached them and about what he was doing the man currently fast in the news to the tree and then ran off. however police were able to catch up with him a short time later. a popular cafe and ice cream shop is rob just days after being vandalized. this time the thief posed as a window repair work or to get inside and steal a vintage toy collection kron 4 taylor bisacky has more on what happened at a toy boat. >>and in a richmond community is now coming together to replace a vintage 20 collection stolen from a beloved neighborhood cafe. it's a real bummer you know you know like somebody would steal toys from an ice cream store. >>you know designed for kids in the family is meant michael is the new owner of that we will desert kathy inclement street she reopen the store as we built by jean 3 weeks ago.
9:35 am
>>give to many of the stores, unique touches that came from the original owner, including a large 20 collection, however, it took about collection is now gone after someone posing as a repair person came into the store actually we a situation where windows were vandalized so there are a few businesses on clement street that had acid at just into the windows at night. >>and we then had somebody a few days into repair person here to measure the wind has. >>get up on a ladder and stream all the toys off the
9:36 am
front that you know the monetary value probably you know between one and it's more the sentimental value. >>and you know the fact that it's hard to replace these things michael says san francisco police are investigating the incident review nearby surveillance footage. >>thief's actions are disappointing. michael says she's encouraged by the outpour of support from her neighborhood, the community response has been so great that you know that sort of the stuff we're taking away from it we've had customers. >>drop off toys people offer to donate toys people offer to help us rebuild the collection in san francisco taylor bisacky kron 4 news. terrible news from the cdc. they're saying that we can expect 20,000 more people to die of covid. >>by the end of this month doctor tom frieden says this is based on the number of infections that are happening right now. the university of washington school of medicine projects, the death toll in
9:37 am
the u.s. could be double it could be 400,000 people dying of covid by february that is predicting that the daily deaths will peak at about 2300 in mid january. meantime president trump says you from coronavirus because he had it but health experts say there's no definitive evidence that having covid means that you are prevented from catching it or giving it to anybody else. it's been 11 days since the president tested positive in his doctors won't say if he's tested negative. all they'll say is that he's no longer a risk to spread the disease so he's taking that as the go ahead to go ahead and spread out and travel throughout the country nearly every day until the election actually will be campaigning beginning today in florida. it's now looking even more unlikely that congress is going to pass a new stimulus deal before the election. the white house sent a letter to congress asking to redirect about 130 billion dollars for the paycheck protection
9:38 am
program. this is republicans and democrats rejected the trump administration's 8 point out 1.8 trillion dollar proposal. house democrats say they want to pass a more comprehensive program. >>well locally there is some relief on the way back in the city of san jose they're giving out $5,000 for restaurants in need. the money is actually part of a 2 million dollar nationwide initiative from doordash the food delivery company partnered with the city and other organizations to deliver a $150,000 in grants to businesses that will be facing hardships from the pandemic this winter businesses can begin applying this friday october 16th, and similarly the city of san francisco is also offering help for small businesses for things like barriers or furniture that they might need to support physical distancing. mayor london breed recently announced one 0.6 million dollars in support for small businesses as they reopen 340 small businesses will get between 2 to $5,000 and we have more information on how businesses can apply for this money on our website at kron 4
9:39 am
dot com. john. well after a comfortable weekend temperatures are about to begin climbing again that's going to take us back into the upper 80's for many inland areas of the 90's for some spots and even hotter weather just around the corner, i'm talking about that still to come. >>and traffic is just a little busy on 92 are checking your trip across the san mateo bridge. it has thinned out nicely so no hot spots to worry about as you make your way between the peninsula and east bay looking at 12 minutes for your drive time that's pretty quick. we'll check more bridges coming up.
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>>and we're back at night 41. we have new information about a deadly shooting over the weekend between a television security guard and a protester in denver colorado. we have shaul turner now with the story. >>one man dead one in custody, many had feared violence would escalate during these protests. this video showing what happened when shot was fired in the area near denver civic center park on saturday during a clash between supporters of the far-right militia group. >>and a black lives matter antifa soup drive posted by the group denver communists and others. this picture shows one man slapping the other suspect matthew dolloff is a private security guard contracted through the pinkerton company hired to protect the local news station staff as they work during the protest. donald is being held for investigation of first-degree murder. >>a makeshift memorial now stands where the victim was killed. the denver communist group is already planning
9:43 am
another rally for wednesday. >>and coming up on the buzz jimmy g back on the field and hen yanked from the game as quick as
9:44 am
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the unfair money bail system. he, accused of rape. while he, accused of stealing $5. the stanford rapist could afford bail; got out the same day. the senior citizen could not; forced to wait in jail nearly a year. voting yes on prop 25 ends this failed system, replacing it with one based on public safety. because the size of your wallet shouldn't determine whether or not you're in jail. vote yes on prop 25 to end money bail. >>well amazon prime day is this weekend. experts are warning you that you need to brace yourself for an onslaught of scams it will be hitting your phone and computers. we've got holden kerr week to explain.
9:46 am
>>prime days are some of the biggest in online retail. and according to check point software technologies engineer nick hampson scammers are primed to take advantage slight world preparing for prime dates fire. i was on fire tv the hawkeyes the parents of prime day to kind of into set those payments according to checkpoints research. >>new register domains for amazon and prime doubled within the last month with more than a 3rd considered malicious just check this morning about 67 new ones have come online amazon email amazon prime day these not legitimate websites some scams such as misspelled emails or faulty links or easy to spot what hockey relying on right now is laziness that's why hansen says you should always look for the lock in your browser bar don't go clicking on coupons that you get through lanes from a friend of a friend of a friend may also want to create your count ahead of time and update your existing password and as always beware of deals that
9:47 am
are too good to be true false a new into in desperation i got to get this deal and that's not a deal if you get in a sense. he is tv for $8. those don't exist, however if you've done your homework and are ready to make that big ticket purchase hampson says the best way to protect yourself is to put down the debit card state to credit cards you got less liability when you're working with a credit card since many of these websites only live for 30 to 40 minutes. it's important that you monitor your bank account for any fraudulent activity. in raleigh hold incur wiki. 9.47 is the time. i suppose we should talk little bit about the weather because it's going to be big story for the week ahead john good morning, good morning guys and yeah, it is a big story this week. the big changes that we're seeing in the days to come ahead of us. >>from the cool and comfortable weather of the weekend to now the heightened fire danger that's a combination of the heat in winds that we're about to be seeing crystal clear skies this morning that's the best part about all of it is that we are looking at nice clear
9:48 am
good air quality so as you are stepping outside, enjoy that before temperatures start to climb upwards high pressure building back in so that sending any chance of rain and cool weather for that matter well to the pacific northwest and also resulting in this hot dry offshore flow and we know what that means we've seen it so much this late summer fall season. that results in that heightened fire danger paired with low humidity and then also some of our hottest of temperatures. now winds today tomorrow, relatively calm it's tomorrow night when we start to see wind speeds picking up for the north bay, spreading through the east bay too and by the time we work our way into wednesday thursday and friday, your highest a fire danger as our hottest of temperatures can be expected and also the strongest of winds. today already a noticeable difference from where we were this weekend as daytime highs really begin to climb. it will be 80's for most of our bayside areas today like foster city in palo alto each 83, south bay temperatures in the mid to upper 80's today. well sticking with the 80's for most of the east bay. although we do have a few 90's in there
9:49 am
like in walnut creek in danville each right up to 90 degrees. that also in sonoma and napa nearby the glass fire where we'll also be seeing increasingly dry warm conditions. santa rosa through mill valley all the 80's. looking ahead to more 90's to be seen in your forecast and will get even more of those ever closer to the bay by thursday and friday. we'll have 90's for your average bayside daytime highs our highs to fire danger days wednesday thursday and friday before some relief into the weekend as winds calm down and temperatures also begin to cool. >>not to burst their bubble but there were some things that did get out of hand in la last night as they celebrated the lakers first. >>nba championship in 10 years. >>you got to hand it to lebron the bubble playoffs were
9:50 am
definitely the most bizarre if not the most challenging conditions. king james fought tooth and nail to add this 4th jewel to his crown and says you better respect him. >>we just want our respect. rob lowe says respects coach vogel waters respect. organization what they respect laker nation what they respect. i want my them respect >>yes sir. well, the nba bubble has succeeded in keeping covid out the nfl. >>chose a different route and there are more detours more positive tests on the patriots and the titans are affecting the schedule of 9 teams now it's gotten so complicated that i'm just going to say if you want to know if your team is playing. look at kids or look away i'm going to show you a gruesome ankle snap in a minute, but first almost as painful watching jimmy g get destroyed by the dolphins sacked intercepted end bench for best 3rd. the niners took
9:51 am
a 4317 beating and when it was over or opt tap danced around questions about his ankle every offensive every team really have to find your identity you know, and it's a process every team goes through every year. and it's just it's not one those things that happens very quickly takes time. and i know we need to do with a little bit of sense urgency. >>derek carr has a new identity he is now the guy who can be clutch go deep and get a win at arrowhead stadium. the raiders beat the chiefs 40's 32. carr threw for 347 yards and 3 touchdowns and. >>even though he absolutely outplayed patrick mahomes after the game he acted more relieved than victorious i'm taking a lot of a lot >>said walks up there and his elves but not to enjoy this >>pretty humble words just beating a super bowl champion.
9:52 am
but take a look at what happened can happen one move and snap. quarterback for the cowboys dak prescott broke his ankle in the 3rd qua.ter the game they won against the giants. take another look. yeah, no close-up. >>that's going the wrong way. >>okay so it's not just broken his dislocated they carted off the field and right into surgery recovery time could be 4 to 6 months. so much for being the next player in line for a monster contract. did you hear me when i even said the cowboys beat the giants do care. this is a better shot james know i will make you look at the other one i look it several times still waiting for the feeling to come back in my leg. >>and this is this is the quarterback who thought he was going to sign the next big deal. >>this is the way it goes he was holding up his leg with his. >>no wrong and and then past and we see that as i can't unsee that sorry.
9:53 am
when was the last time your property tax bill went down?
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what? never. are you kidding me? for years, the residential burden has gone up. while the corporate burden has gone down. prop 15 reverses that. it closes corporate loopholes and invests in schools, small business, and firefighters. and when the big corporations pay more, your tax bill goes down. that's right. a savings of a hundred twenty-one dollars a year for the average home. give homeowners a break. vote yes on 15.
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>>morning shows almost over but kron on is always on noelle bellow has a look at what they're working on daria something pretty interesting happening over in san mateo county. >>with so many people questioning the mail in ballot process, san mateo county is inviting the public to come watch staffers open and process those ballots for this year's elections we're going to be there live. so you can see for yourself how all that
9:56 am
works plus we'll bring you governor newsom's latest update on covid-19 and the wildfires across the state. that's coming up at noon so be sure to tune in to kron on all day it's easy just download the free app on your phone back to you thanks noelle and it was a breaking news that happened after we. >>recorded the buzz in sports, a bay area legend baseball great former hall of famer, joe morgan died yeah best known for being part of the big red machine. >>they won back to back world series championships for the cincinnati reds back in the 1970's, but don't forget many people will always remember him as playing 2 seasons with the giants. we're fans. remember finally back in 1982 that home run on the final day of the season that won the game and kept the dodgers out of the playoffs. and it is playing career with the oakland a's which the fitting because it's where spanish childhood, growing up in oakland, yeah actually ended up a living in danville and that's where he died at the age of 77. >>he had a nerve condition. had struggled you know with
9:57 am
his health. >>for years even even after he worked as a giant broadcast with john miller more than 20 years and you know made it through all of that but in any a long battle with this nerve condition and died. in danville. >>at the age of 77 he will be missed well that's it for us here at 9.57 will be back here tomorrow morning with you in the meantime, stay tuned for more
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