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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  October 12, 2020 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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>>news at 6. unauthorized and illegal that is what california officials are calling an official ballot drop boxes. >>the california republican party says they all the boxes and now pushing back thanks for joining us at 6 o'clock everybody i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis this controversy and pulling over just the past day. >>raising some questions about what isn't what is not proffers dan kerman joins us now live from san francisco with more. >>dan. >>police on official drop boxes were found in los angeles county orange county and fresno county. now the gop says they only xbox's they don't think there's anything wrong with them. but state officials say they are illegal and must be removed. this is an official ballot drop-off box they're scattered across
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san mateo county and other bay area counties by the registrar of voters in that county. >>this however is not an official drop box nor is this. they've been discovered in la orange and fresno counties the problem here is with starters unknowingly delivering their ballots to an unofficial mislabeled and misrepresented as an official drop they do not know who it is they're surrendering their ballot because the impression they have with the word of this we'll top boxes that they're surrendering to a county official and that's not the case and now california's republican party says they own these collection boxes and authorized an official ballot drop boxes are not permitted by state law in the state of and to misrepresent unofficial boxes as official further misleads voters erodes public trust at a news conference late monday afternoon. the secretary of state and the attorney general made it clear
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these boxes are illegal. >>and they filed a cease and desist order against the cal gop requiring they be removed by thursday to anyone who trying to him. after solicit. obtain. manage e. citizens vote that they are. subject to prosecution. >>now the head of the gop in fresno county told me on the phone that they will remove those 12 boxes in fresno county that are so-called unofficial, however, the head of the california republican party says all of these boxes are staying put quoting year. he will not allow the secretary of state to suppress the vote. their ballot harvest program will continue so it looks like there's a fight pending and we will see what happens on thursday which is the deadline for that cease and desist order. reporting live in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. thank you
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dan early voting is underway in california people have been receiving their ballots over the past few weeks and now they're dropping those off this is the. >>county elections office here in santa tale you can drive up to a box and drop off your ballot. the office was closed today, but tomorrow staff will begin the process of counting ballots sent. they're letting the public come see the process and we are just 22 days away now from a november, 3rd a reminder kron 4 is your local election headquarters this election season we've got you covered. >>on air and online and on election night primetime coverage of results from the bay area and all around the country. a shift voting by mail is increasing the chances that americans will not know the winner of the presidential race on election night. officials in some key battleground states have warned it may take days to count those votes. mail ballots can take longer to count and in some states. the ballots are even accepted in the days after the election.
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we here at kron 4 committed to helping make sure that your vote counts if you experience a problem say casting your ballot let us know and we will investigate you can e-mail us at voting problems at kron 4 dot com. >>national news now the senate judiciary committee started hearings for president trump's nominee to the u.s. supreme court. >>the a fight over judge amy coney confirmation to this report is especially tense because it's happening just weeks before the presidential election. our washington correspondent alexandra le mon joins us now live with details alexandra. >>good evening and day one of judge baird's confirmation hearings focused on opening statements and we heard those from senators on the judiciary committee and from judge amy barrett, but in the coming days we'll hear senators question the judge about her record and her views. supporters and opponents of judge amy coney barrett demonstrated
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>>while inside the supreme court nominee appeared before the senate judiciary committee democrats like senator cory booker painted a dim picture of how berets confirmation could impact the nation states may write laws. >>that could subject women who have miscarriages 2 investigations to ensure they didn't have abortions california senator dianne feinstein focused on baird's potential role in striking down the affordable care act to a case that's before the supreme court next month judge barrett you've been critical of chief justice roberts for his 5, 4, opinion upholding the law, although democrats say the supreme court seat should not be filled this close to an election republican chairman lindsey graham says there's no reason to delay she's been a circuit court judge the 7th circuit. >>since 2017. she was confirmed to that position. >>and a bipartisan with about partisan vote. she is heard hundreds of cases in that
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capacity for her part judge barrett promises to be impartial. >>i believe americans of all backgrounds deserve an independent supreme court that interprets our constitution and laws as they are written. and i believe i can serve my country by playing that role. >>the senate judiciary committee is expected to complete judge barrett hearings on thursday and then on october 22nd, the committee will vote to advance her nomination to the full senate that will then take up and vote on her nomination to the supreme court live in washington. alexandra le mon. >>thank you alexandra. another big story we're following concerns about fire this week has pga need now warning of a possible preemptive power shut off. the utility is saying it might start turning off power in the north bay mountains and pockets of the santa cruz mountains. wednesday afternoon. pg says it is still monitoring this upcoming wind
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event that is expected to last through thursday night or maybe even part of friday as pg and is now urging people to have their. emergency bags ready in their contingency plans all set yeah dangerous fire weather set to return to the bay area. it is october fire weather watch. >>it takes effect on wednesday, but that could be upgraded to a warning chief meteorologist lawrence karnow tracking the danger large sweaty saying yeah that's that's the odd thing certainly it is dangerous as far as fires are concerned. but it's gorgeous for the rest the bay area all the way the coastline you can see beautiful warm temperatures maybe some 70's almost 80's even out of the beaches but out there right now you see mostly clear skies couple high clouds out there cruising across but a man you've got a nice clear night ahead. >>high pressure this kind of flat ridge right now you see a cold front up to the north in the gulf of alaska that front is going to drop over the top of that ridge and that's where everything begins to change high pressure begins to build in behind it you start to see
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more of that northerly wind or that offshore wind and especially over the mountain tops it's going to get windy and that's where we're concerned especially above a 1000 feet that's where the highest fire danger will be right now we're not seeing those winds just yet more of an onshore breeze in the miles an hour to the west in san francisco to 18. in the sfo intended to hayward right now, the models you can watch as the winds begin to pick up. and you watch all the colors begin to fill through time as we head toward the middle of this week we get you to ford wednesday evening and you can already start to see some of the colors the reds, the yellows and even the orange beginning to show those winds begin to gust or the top of the mountains over 30 miles an hour. and then it really kicks in i think specially on thursday morning thursday in the middle of the day that's when we'll see some of these gusts maybe 40 maybe a couple 50 mile an hour gusts over the top of the mountains, so that will continue to thursday maybe into friday to so what we're dealing with a strong offshore winds very dry conditions to some of those 4050 mile an hour gusts across on the higher peaks and humidity extremely dry down to
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about 10 to 20%. so certainly dangerous fire conditions all around the bay area. but for the rest the bay area things looking beautiful. all the way to the coast like i expect. all right. lawrence fingers crossed there. thank you very much by the way. you at home can track the upcoming fire danger at kron 4 dot com. we have posted full forecast there. >>there's also a special section about the fire danger and you can download the kron 4 app so you can get alerts sent right to your phone know what's happening when you're on the go in your neighborhood anytime. well it is a sight you do not see every day especially these days gridlock on the bay bridge, a look at that there's a crash involving several cars. it forced 4 of 5 lanes to shut down earlier today that was right near the treasure island exit the closure lasted for about 2 hours. >>spain now where a woman says that she had fight off an attacker outside her home it happened last friday on prospect avenue near can win road in oakland, a 70 year-old
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woman was outside her home just before 8 o'clock in the morning. that's when she says the suspect tried to lure her with a $100 bill. the victim started walking back to her door. when she says a man grabbed her forced her to the ground and tried to sexually assault her. the victim screamed and fought off the suspect intel. he ran away oakland police are now offering a $7500 reward in this case. >>still come on the news at 6 that glass fire started about 2 weeks ago in the north bay now there are concerns more fires clear up the similarities cal fire's seeing and the upcoming weather pattern. >>plus an army of contact tracers california really stepping up efforts to track coronavirus cases in ramp up testing. >>and panic and sheer chaos after a car crashes into a whole bunch of people eating at a
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>>2 women tonight are still hospitalized in critical condition after an elderly man accidentally drove his vehicle into a parking lot tent where dozens of people were outside having lunch this happened yesterday afternoon at the grand century mall in san jose. 8 people total were injured really frightening situation and it turns out the restaurant does not have a permit. >>to serve outdoors as are. but first rob fladeboe reports for us now with the restaurant had registered with the city
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protective barriers might have been installed to help keep diners safe. >>8 people were sent to the hospital sunday afternoon when a motorist lost control of his vehicle jumped a curb and then plowed into a tent in the parking lot outside the dynasty chinese seafood restaurant. here at the grand century mall. dozens of people were having lunch at the time the restaurant does not have a permit to serve outdoors says the director of san jose's economic development department nancy >>in this particular instance, the business did not register with us or contact us it appears the 69 year-old man behind the wheel of a toyota 4 runner may have had a medical emergency and accidentally stepped on the gas instead of the brakes. so san jose police officer christian camera real you know we're still looking into. >>you know if this gentleman had previous medical conditions, etcetera that might have caused some confusion that's all still a
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very fresh investigation, obviously that's going to be one of the factors that are looked at some pictures of the mall where at least one other restaurant offers outdoor dining say more should be done to keep people safe from passing cars and trucks i think it should it should protection you know on the safety. >>rather than to get a pap has a like this when something like behavior duty so the car we block it, you know something like that you know some kite the around businesses must register with the city to conduct outdoor dining so far 500 permits have been approved. >>the city has limited influence over permits on private property, however, but there are many instances where the city has indeed required businesses to enhance safety says nancy kline we ask even private entities to register. >>and we do once they register work with them to provide same metal barricades take the specifically goes in parkland where we're taking part of the
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parking area and blocking down one san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>today we're learning more about how a san francisco firefighter died last week during a training exercise, according to a preliminary investigation. 42 year-old jason coitez there was knocked over a third-floor railing by a water blast from a valve. he had inadvertently opened during the training. the report also says that exercise was short-staffed because of covid safety concerns and that only one engine company was there normally there would have been too. >>and more than 12,000 firefighters are working to contain 14 major wildfires all across the state here in the bay area the glass fire, good news here, it's 95% contained and full containment is expected by october 20th. that fire erupted in late september it has since destroyed more than 15 100 structures and now cal fire is warning that. we
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are about to see some similar weather to what it was like when the glass fire started. >>when the class fire broke out we had just significant winds and there's those winds that push this fire into a number of continue to grow and even as the wind started to die the fire then became is large enough that it created its own weather pattern based on the dry conditions that fueled the fire of the fire was able to start than moving in multiple directions that as the days went so really it's so critically important to remember that even with cooler temperatures the last several days even this morning and in many areas. don't let those cooler temperatures for you i it's these winds that will then dry out the humidity. you combine that with the dry vegetation. the that's enough to really elevate our fire risk. >>and weather's going to be a huge story this week, especially as we get into the middle of the week late week, you know, it's it's beautiful if you're just going out in san francisco are later on
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this week going to be warm at the beaches so folks will certainly flock there but if you're high up in the hills and mountains things could get dicey this is a live look at san francisco during this twilight our vicky it's gorgeous it is gorgeous in october some of the best weather normally, but it is also a time of those witchy winds meteorologist lawrence karnow here to talk about yes have some of those winds around the bay area really kind of picking up making for some gorgeous weather all the way to the beaches but. >>get strong enough from the mountaintops we've had all summer long to dry all the vegetation. all of a sudden we get some very dangerous fire conditions now up toward the golden gate bridge you can see not much of a wind right now just really a gentle sea breeze you see the flag just kind of wave in there but not too strongly otherwise, mostly clear skies and that's way it is going to stay high pressure now settling overhead as kind of a flat ridge right now, but that's about to change a big dome of high pressure going to start to build in once we've got this front move through and then that's when we start
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to talk about those strong offshore winds now the winds right now not bad at all you're getting a sea breeze at 8 miles an hour to san francisco got a 10 mile an hour wind of benicia and the 7 mile an hour wind in san carlos now this where it gets a little scarier the forecast these the iso bars these are equal lines of pressure and the tighter they are packed together the greater the wind you can see as we get into early on thursday morning think we're looking at some significant wind you can see how tightly they're found especially over the sierra nevada, but some of that is going to be packed tightly right here in the bay area and you can already see some of the color beginning to fill in there. those are some very strong gusty winds being picked up by our computer models some of those gusts probably 40 maybe some 50 mile an hour gusts over the tops of some of the mountains now down below the urban areas, looking nice out there right now 81 in san jose 70 degrees right now in hayward 83 in livermore 79 a beautiful in san mateo 76 in san francisco 80 degrees and timber on an 81 and sunny in the bottle but things tonight going to stay mostly clear we may see a path to to fall
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along the immediate coast not going to be much that predominant normally when going to start kicking more so that means more sunshine coming your way for tomorrow, warm temperatures to above normal temperatures all week long the fire does running high specially within that wednesday through about friday time frame so here comes a big dome of high pressure building in that is going to start kicking those offshore winds. breezy at first they get windy as we head toward the middle of the week low clouds and fog not going to be much you can see those kind of sweeping along the coastline but that north wind starts to take really that starts grew out your skaes very nicely so there we go we've got a lot of sunshine. we've got some beautiful weather but it looks like you got to be extra careful this week ahead fire danger running i tomorrow we're back in the 80's 90's around much of the bay in the valleys some 60's near 70 degrees of the coast is all right lawrence and this just in to the kron 4 news room. >>johnson and johnson is suspending its covid-19 vaccine trial after an unexplained illness in a participant. the company is not saying what the onus is. and of course is not the first
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vaccine trial that has been halted. astrazeneca stop is trial twice in september. a temporary hold serve large medical studies are not all that unusual under a mandatory part of safety testing. coming up at 6.45. we are celebrating hispanic heritage month coming up a look at how a multi generational california families of >>a global movement. >>and sparkplug avp hall of famer you can call a lot of things baseball world is mourning, one of the all-time greats tonight, how the bay when was the last time your property tax bill went down? what? never. are you kidding me? for years, the residential burden has gone up. while the corporate burden has gone down. prop 15 reverses that. it closes corporate loopholes
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>>and now to a big story in the sports world bay area baseball great and hall of famer, joe morgan has died morgan is best known as part of the big red machine that won back to back world series championships for the cincinnati reds later in his career he played 2 seasons with the giants ending his career with the a's cut forces but you spoke to another mlb hall of famer from oakland who says. >>morgan was his role model on and off the field. >>one of more influential money coming >>as a young black kid in the bay claim baseball 2 kids from oakland that made it to the big leagues. that is former oakland a's pitcher in major league baseball hall of famer, dave stewart reflecting on the life and influence of his childhood, baseball idol joe
6:25 pm
borg stewart says he was in his early 20's when their lifelong friendship begin what i respect about him is that you know was a rookie in. >>if missed my phone call with you know was called back and giving back to the boys and girls club in his hometown of oakland is also a major part of joe morgan's legacy. thank supporters. >>all of will be in so it's a sad day for oakland it's certainly a sad day for baseball show arguably just great a second baseman of all time not but as a humanitarian as someone who always came back to his community and never forgot where he was from. >>joe morgan started his baseball career in 1962, he retired 28 years later he was ultimately inducted into the major league baseball hall of fame. the second baseman was a 2 time world champion with his primary team, the cincinnati reds would suit up for both
6:26 pm
the oakland a's at the san francisco giants before his career and job or gun died sunday at the age of 77. has it made you kron 4 news. >>still ahead permanent closures says businesses evaporate a new study names, the regions hardest hit by the pandemic the bay area cities topping that list. >>plus an army of contact tracers it's part of california's plan to step up efforts to contain the coronavirus. and the weather looking nice but the fire danger on (garage door opening) it is my father's love... it is his passion- it is his fault he didn't lock the garage. don't even think about it! been there, done that. with liftmaster® powered by myq®, know what's happening in your garage- from anywhere.
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>>and reducing gave an update today on california's covid-19 status or crawford's oil bello has more on why state officials say contact tracing is so important. a lot of work has been put in this place not as much attention. >>perhaps is deserved governor gavin newsome used monday's press conference to tout the nearly 11,000 person contact tracing army. >>the state has built over the last 7 months all dedicated to making sure one positive test doesn't turn into 10 or 20 i talk to you many weeks ago about the need to get our case rate down. >>in our infrastructure of contact tracing and disease investigation up we've done that with these 10,000 plus train staff doctor mark galli says as the state continues to see thousands of positive test result today, it's critical to
6:30 pm
figure out who else may be at risk. >>right now 90% of covid-19 tests are coming back within a 24 to 48 hour period, meaning local health departments are able to act more quickly. 97% of them are reporting they're now able to reach out to potentially exposed contacts on the same day. but a positive result was received newsman galley say testing will remain critical and what follows a positive test is just as important. >>we want to make sure that the testing leads to something and in order to box this virus in order mitigate the spread of this virus quarantine and isolation become essential. >>there is still an average of 69 deaths a day due to covid-19 in california. so officials are urging the public to continue mask wearing and social distancing as we head into the holidays, the state has released some updated gathering guidelines and on tuesday halloween guidelines will be announced as well in the newsroom noelle bellow kron 4 news california


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