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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  October 12, 2020 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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risk. >>right now 90% of covid-19 tests are coming back within a 24 to 48 hour period, meaning local health departments are able to act more quickly. 97% of them are reporting they're now able to reach out to potentially exposed contacts on the same day. but a positive result was received newsman galley say testing will remain critical and what follows a positive test is just as important. >>we want to make sure that the testing leads to something and in order to box this virus in order mitigate the spread of this virus quarantine and isolation become essential. >>there is still an average of 69 deaths a day due to covid-19 in california. so officials are urging the public to continue mask wearing and social distancing as we head into the holidays, the state has released some updated gathering guidelines and on tuesday halloween guidelines will be announced as well in the newsroom noelle bellow kron 4 news california is unlikely to get federal
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money to offset billions in budget cuts the state budget includes more than 11 billion. >>in cuts and deferrals those cuts were made to colleges court state worker pay and more those cuts could vanish if the federal government the state more money by thursday. >>the pair bay area cities among those topping list for businesses that had to close during the pandemic that is according to a new study from yelp which also says california is the hardest hit state in the u.s. with more than 19,000 permanent closures. for closures for every 1000 businesses, san francisco took the second spot with san jose 5th among us metro regions again that's according to yelp some industries have fared better than others yelp says restaurants have been hit the hardest followed closely by shopping and retail. the u.s. could see 20,000 more covid deaths by the end of october that stark warning today coming from a former cdc director doctor tom frieden says that this projection is
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based on the number of infections already confirmed. >>meanwhile, the university of washington school of medicine. projects the death toll here in the u.s. could double to about 400,000 by february. the model predicts daily deaths will peak at about 2300 in mid-january. >>president trump says he is you to the coronavirus but health experts say there is no definitive evidence that having covid-19 antibodies protects you from catching covid again today the president's doctor released a statement saying that trump has tested negative on consecutive days. doctor conley says the president is no longer infectious trump's campaign schedule has him traveling nearly every day until the election, beginning tonight in florida where he is having a rally tonight. he just said that he is not contagious anymore and said he wants to go into the crowd and kiss everybody he said quote
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kiss the guys and kiss the beautiful women just give them a big fat kiss of course. >>turned her our eyes to the horizon there this is a beautiful sunset out there on to the bay. i have a little thrown by that just let's just give it give it over to. lawrence you want do the president wants to kiss you i they come on just given a few more weeks get a few more weeks at least i think thank we've got some nice guys out there right now, but certainly it looks like some dangerous fire conditions and look at that gorgeous sunset though in that beautiful fall sunshine and starting to fall into the ocean now but certainly to come back tomorrow going to see plenty of it. >>high pressure really going to be taking over here is that ridge builds in. well we're going to really start to see those offshore winds of fact this front is going to make its way across the top of that ridge and all of a sudden that
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ridge is going to start to build very nice and strong given us that northerly flow that offshore wind very common to see that at this time of year but could be also very dangerous says we're going to see those strong gusty winds, especially over the mountain tops above a 1000 feet now down below the urban areas, we still have a sea breeze in the san francisco at 7 miles an hour looking and 8 mile an hour wind in oakland right now just 3 and put all in 9 in benicia but the winds on the forecast models was going to start to picked up in fact we'll take you through time here as we head toward the middle of this week that ridge really start to build in as we get towards wednesday evening. you can already start to see some of the color shortly see the reds and the oranges of you look up to our scale here on top those winds then begin to gust over 30 miles per hour or some of the peaks i think it strengthens even more as we get into early on thursday morning. i think that probably will be the strongest winds in this event the strongest was likely to come in the north bay to although we're going to see it over the diablo range the oakland hills and also into the santa cruz mountains everywhere is going to see
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those strong gusty winds at least over the mountain top down the urban areas should stay fairly calm. but fire weather watches have been issued this will likely soon become a warning here in the next 24 hours expecting gusts of 3040 miles an hour. maybe some gusts as high as 4050 miles per hour over some of the highest peaks in the north bay and possibly as diablo range humidity, running about 10 to 20% so extremely dry as well so dangerous fire conditions continuing there. right now we've had enough of the sea breeze but already beginning to see a northerly when started develop that's drive us out a little bit today. we're starting out 80% relative humidity in napa outfield checking in a 41, but watch happens as we move a little further in time here as we look toward the middle of this wednesday, it is a virtually bone dry. some of this place down to 12% relative humidity that allows the fires to burn very very rapidly so some dangerous fire conditions looks like developing ahead down below the urban areas certainly going to be some gorgeous weather you're talking 80's and some 90's we may not he would like this again for the rest of the season, 60's 70's
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along the coastline things will be changing though the next couple days we're heating up some 90's in the valleys then finally going start to cool down just a tad on saturday and sunday but otherwise staying nice and dry those gusty winds through the middle of the week, thank you lawrence and is on big online shopping day it's almost here. but experts are warning hackers are also getting ready as well what say to watch out for. >>and the return of niners qb jimmy garoppolo did not go as planned by head coach kyle shanahan says the franchise qb and to be removed at half-time even though he technically was healthy enough to play. >>and next microsoft taking action against cybercrime the global network and they are trying to stop amid fears, criminals will
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>>microsoft is taking legal action to stop a major cyber crime network, which experts consider to be a major threat to the u.s. presidential election. microsoft trying to crack down on what is known as tricked by it's a digital network used by cyber criminals to infect computers. he uses more than 1 million be computers to loot bank accounts and spread ransomware the u.s. department of homeland security lists ransomware is a major threat to the election. it fears an attack could disrupt voting or knockout result reporting
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websites cyber security experts applaud microsoft's efforts saying while it may not take down the network it could help limit attacks. >>amazon prime day is this weekend want to warn you about possible scams you need to be aware of pulled incur wiki has the story. >>fridays are some of the biggest in online retail. and according to check point software technologies engineer nick hampson scammers are primed to take advantage play where on preparing for prime dates fire. i was on fire tv the hawkeyes the parents of prime day to kind of into set those payments according to checkpoints research. >>new register domains for amazon and prime doubled within the last month with more than a 3rd considered malicious just check this morning about 67 new ones have come online i was on email amazon prime day these not legitimate websites some scams such as misspelled emails or faulty links or easy to spot what hockey relying on right now is laziness that's why
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hansen says you should always look for the lock in your browser bar don't go clicking on coupons that you get through lanes from a friend of a friend of a friend may also want to create your count ahead of time and update your existing password and as always beware of deals that are too good to be true false a new into in desperation i got to get this deal and that's not a deal if you get in a sense. he inch tv for $8. those don't exist, however if you've done your homework and are ready to make that big ticket purchase hampson says the best way to protect yourself has to put down the debit card states, a credit card you got less liability when you're working with a credit card since many of these websites only live for 30 to 40 minutes. it's important that you monitor your bank account for any fraudulent activity. in raleigh hold incur wiki. >>next at 6. we're celebrating hispanic heritage month coming up a look at how a multi generational california family is
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>>lot next has emerged as an inclusive gender neutral term that refers to people of latin american descent living in the united states and although it has been used by a growing number of people now it is still not. >>widely accepted by the same people it is meant to describe. carlos a setup takes a closer look at its meaning.
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>>i'm going to make the that the spot from latin next entertainment shows to critical public health briefings, latin x latino latina latin acts is catching on, but what does it mean for that we head to a popular salvadoran restaurant in the pico union district of l a owned by self identified latin x family. >>i serve year of my >>they make the police us and much more with the twist halt roll >>which is like i have talking to stop come together. >>i'm 70 and saw >>they've joined me would stephanie's parents mind one and sonia figaro a to talk about the x factor i was >>this doesn't work from
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>>living in l a the family found itself stereotyped because sometimes people than me now mexico. there you may think i'm i'm from mexico yes i from hour normally we would see him as the culture. >>and we would try to understand we were but it was really difficult there any that you are safe next. >>over the years they've come to embrace latin acts as an umbrella term for people of latin american descent living in the u.s. but song at mit. it took some convincing. >>so when you first sir you are just how like wow like what is we know are yeah. >>got a lot of the older generation, so light. it's more of a term that is more or not the older generation hearts. don't feel wreck on top for older generation even from an order i mean i you know that water park next oh there's another turned out, think that may not know for that. >>instead of saying latino and latina the ax in latin x is
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used as gender neutral word. >>i think it's his team. >>united all separate bomb. because includes everybody. >>but not everyone is on board he recent survey found only 3% of latinos in the u.s. have embrace latin x, while a majority had never heard of before hispanic or latino is still the preferred choice. >>umbrella turns and especially in in reference to the left knicks population are always going to have their limitations and and their benefits for siliva is chicano chicana studies professor at loyola marymount the battle over this term is in a lot of ways highlighting the fact that we still have a lot of work to do within our communities to kind of think of all of the higher fees that are in the way of social justice. >>for people who are old school dorm or traditional you don't identify as either next what do you what do you tell
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them you know i agree you all. i will review but also over me if i wanted fire at it. >>with identity being so personal it's nearly impossible to win everyone over whether it's hispanic latino or now latin x. we will have to wait and see if survives the test of time. and still the same. in los angeles several. or hispanic heritage special run saturday october 17 the 30 minute special. >>begins at 09:30pm it's hosted by our very own marty gonzalez find out more stories online at kron 4 dot com just look under the community tab for hispanic heritage month. >>time for >>and welcome into sports. the return of forty-niners qb one jimmy garoppolo on sunday
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should have put to rest any uncertainty surrounding the quarterback position. but instead if anything it's created more questions than answers in this case. >>one thing there's no doubt about those that are awful it was way off his game in the 1st half against dolphins completing just 17 passes for 77 yards off throwing 2 interceptions. and jamie's 15.7 rating was the worst of his career of course this was his first game back after suffering a high ankle sprain in week to see have to wonder how much that was a factor yesterday after the game jimmy said he definitely felt it and it took some hits too. thanks to another shaky performance by the offensive line shanahan said the decision to start cj befort in the 2nd half was all about protecting jimmy more than anything else. >>it wasn't that is in closer to bad tory can a function of play. but it was definitely prohibit you can tell you is throwing just mechanically doing a little bit different than normally does when i do
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see that with my own eyes and then when i talked to a guy when comes out the field and ask him. any kind echo some of the same self. i know is going to be tough for him to throw the way normally does. >>there's got the signature win of the new jon gruden and certainly the las vegas air of the franchise beating the defending super bowl champion and unbeaten chiefs in kansas city yesterday. derek carr put to bed his past 4 performances in arrowhead stadium, throwing for 347 yards and 3 touchdowns he also converted the crucial 4th and one quarterback sneak to seal the win late in the game today coach gruden was asked about the importance of the win for his team. >>we needed to beat the chiefs because earn our way we got it we want what they have so it's it's time we went out there did a better job taking care of the football which we finally did and secondly we hung in there and whether to storm a found a way to win. >>it's been a tough few weeks for major league baseball has
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several hall of famers including lou brock, bob gibson and whitey ford passing away since late august today. we lost another legend, joe morgan morgan who grew up in oakland died yesterday at the age of 77 and his home in danville despite only being 5 feet 7 inches tall the second baseman was the power here in the cincinnati reds, big red machine of the 70's winning 2 straight world series and 2 straight national league mvp awards in 1975 76. >>he played for the giants and a's later in his career giants fans will never forget his home run in the final game of the 1982 season that knocked the hated dodgers of the postseason there are some happy fans the bay area native is considered perhaps the greatest second baseman in major league history. morgan is survived by his wife of 30 years teresa and his 4 daughters. park in san diego
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the astros and rays on the diamond for game 2 of the alcs the race trump's first manual margot sending this one way out to center over the wall that puts the raise up by 3 in the first marco in action again this time in the field on defense he's running down this fall ball finding the he's got his sights over the wall. >>that's a catch. the rays hold off the stros 4 to the final. they also now lead the series 2 to nothing. >>that's a look at sports back to you guys all right kylen thank you coming up. hey barry a tradition with a twist we're going to take you to half moon bay for th people were afraid i was contagious. i felt gross. it was kind of a shock after i started cosentyx. four years clear. real people with psoriasis look and feel better with cosentyx. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections
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and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms, if your inflammatory bowel disease symptoms develop or worsen, or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. serious allergic reactions may occur. learn more at
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>>every year and it happened during the pandemic yeah very uh classic the pumpkin weigh-off in half moon bay. it was bit different this year. the event was virtual because of the pandemic but they still the pumpkins they still had the scales. so still a sight to see the winner made a 35 hour drive from california. to from minnesota to california for the way off. trav is ginger one with a pumpkin weighing 2,350 pounds wow. yeah that's a big blowout was right. >>officials say that it actually is the heaviest pumpkin weighed in north america this year in the second largest ever entered in the contest, another fun fact. pumpkins name is tiger king to
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hear. >>the forecast. here's lawrence giant gourds out there are there certainly has to see but and folks we're going to a lot of sunshine and beautiful weather along the coastline all the to the bay and boy beautiful in the valleys, but gusty winds likely as we head throughout of the week as well as will see some of those offshore winds developing now those offshore winds that also would make it clear nice the coastline beautiful out there tomorrow morning and the afternoon you can see that offshore wind really just kind of taken over turn out your skies, high pressure builds overhead and we're left with some very nice temperatures in the san francisco tomorrow in 60's 70's by tomorrow afternoon, a beautiful day along the coastline. you want to head down toward half moon bay, 67 degrees there 65 degrees in pacifica 76 and warm in millbrae 78 degrees in burlingame 80 woodside anyone what you make yourself in the palo alto 84 in san jose 80 degrees. in milpitas tomorrow little bit hot some of the interior valleys 90's probably for last time years we'll see
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those temperatures start to go away. but certainly some nice weather 17 sanli under 80 in oakland 81 in berkeley about 84 degrees and low 90 in benicia and then back to the coastline will keep those temperatures in the 60's and the 70's next couple days you stand on the warm side a little bit hot inland cooling down a little bit. this next weekend guys back to you. >>i thank you go ahead, you know go that that wraps up for kron 4 news at 6 we have a full hour of news is next on the kron on app have a good night everybody
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taking california for a ride. companies like uber, lyft, doordash. breaking state employment laws
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for years. now these multi-billion-dollar companies wrote deceptive prop 22 to buy themselves a new law. to deny drivers the rights they deserve. no sick leave. no workers' comp. no unemployment benefits. vote no on the deceptive uber, lyft, doordash prop 22. one ride california doesn't want to take.
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>> supreme court nominee amy kony bay were to. >> what it's like entirely the mic inside of her tight knit community. >> when you pray in tongues and jumping around. >> then superman trump? did he really want to wear a superman costume when he made his big appearance? and covid-19 immunity? >> >> very risky to think we might be potentially immune. >> plus mistry of a band-aid. and a home invasion nightmare. the hero 5-year-old who through his toys at the home invaders.


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