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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  October 13, 2020 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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begin the hour as we like to do with checks. the weather and traffic. so let's head off to what i think john first morning john good morning guys and it has actually been a nice morning as far as weather goes so far ahead of what may be isn't the most ideal rest of the week's forecast, lots of sunshine above san francisco, currendly and calm winds currently too. >>it's the winds that are picking up in addition to the increasingly hot weather. that have so many of us concerned now winds will pick up tonight leading into tomorrow morning. you know some breezy conditions returning to the north bay. tomorrow night into thursday morning will be the peak of our winds and that's when fire danger will be at its highest you see vacaville atlas peak calistoga among areas seeing winds regularly gusting into a 20 to 30 miles per hour hour range from wednesday night into thursday morning, so back to the heightened fire danger and it's going to last all the way through friday morning now as of right now we're definitely dry but not super windy just yet. so a day to get outside and enjoy before the even hotter weather ahead of us
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60's for current temperatures across the bay area pretty comfortable to start. later today for san jose, it's back to the 90's you go and for oakland back to the mid 80's. robin. >>all right, thank you john we're following some developing news on bart out of the east bay they're having some service problems in. track between macarthur and fruitvale in oakland, so no service between those 2 bart stations and this a problem is causing major delays now to 30 minutes. at last check board says that they are single tracking through the area of lake merritt so they're using one side of the track because they're having some power issues and they're working on trouble shooting this area. they have a crew responding to the scene. so once again major delays on bart out of the east bay, no service right now between the fruitvale station and macarthur station in oakland, they are single tracking through lake merritt because of this ongoing problem. they have a crew responding to the scene but they're saying expect major delays on the various align
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traveling anywhere between berryessa in dublin pleasanton so i'll stay on top of that for you meanwhile traffic is slowly improving at the bay bridge toll plaza, it's not a terrible commute, but pretty crowded from west grand up the incline toward treasure island because of earlier crashes back to you thanks a lot rob, and it's 9 '02 and our big story people are bracing because pgd may have to shut the power off for public safety. they say the fire danger might be that big here we may see this play out all over again kron 4 sarah stinson live in sonoma county. >>with more on this story, sarah. >>yeah the public safety power be affected if this needs to happen and they've actually told us how many customers in each county, let's just get right to it will show you on your screen just how many customers in each county will
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be affected by this if it happens tomorrow afternoon. >>and that's going to be in alameda contra costa santa clara and san mateo counties as well as on the next slide you can see napa sonoma and solano counties as well. you can see the total number of customers impacted for county on your screen and again this is due to the hot and dry conditions paired with the expected high wind gusts which causes for major wildfire danger meteorologist john trouble he's been tracking those winds and they look. >>pretty concerning still so if they continue to stay that concerning the npg me will most likely turn off the power in these areas, the highest probability areas are the north bay mountains near mount saint helene a small pockets in the east bay near mount diablo the oakland hills east of piedmont and portions of the santa cruz area this is how you can prepare make sure you have gallons of water available was nonperishable foods flashlights extra batteries, portable phone
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chargers now if you have a generator, good on you you're prepared practice using it before the power outage to make sure using it correctly that's definitely key. >>and since we're talking about wildfire danger make sure you have an emergency preparedness kit have that go bag ready maybe repackaged get reorganized you've already used it recently unfortunately that's where our having you have that go bag ready so frequently i talked to pg spokesperson yesterday and we're trying to get them ready for today, but they were quite ready for a 9 o'clock show but pretty much the same goes for who specifically affected, let's hear what they have to say. >>i'm so right now we are multiple areas that have the potential for impact, although please no we would not be impacting entire regions it would just be pockets of areas. >>and what she means by that is for example right now i'm live in sonoma county and i've been talking to people here at
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a coffee shop asking people if they have no decide or if they're in a power outage zone, most of them telling me no one man saying yeah he's in one of those zones and got his step all prepared. he's charging up everything he needs to do so you'll know if you're in one of those areas they will notify you via phone call a text or email that way you can be prepared if you are one of those customers who could be affected but in terms of whether i mean from what we're seeing with john trouble, it's looking very likely that this power outage will happen of course we'll continue to notify you as time goes on on kron 4 dot com reporting live in sonoma county sarah stinson back to you or like us or you can just ask james give your address and just go to the power shut off you know a website and you punch in your address and see what they will do it for you, but as always this area know as the wind changes. >>their plans may change watching that very carefully we've seen that happen all right, thanks. a lot sarah. let's get the latest on the
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glass fire is close to containment now 96% contained at this hour. more than 67,000 acres have burned in napa and sonoma counties and the fire has destroyed more than 800 homes and other structures. it's 9 '05 in the a man suffered serious injuries in an explosion that happened in gilroy yesterday afternoon in the 1700 block on telly drive right on telly drive between hills drive and leonard way is closed while the bomb squad investigates and they say it could be several days before they're done investigating. this just in one of the people hit by a car. that went through diners in a san jose restaurant they were outside dining. one of those people hit has died just a short time ago a woman died from her injuries in the hospital. she was one of the people was hit sunday afternoon outside the grand central mall in san jose 8 people were injured. and so now there's one woman still in
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the hospital in critical condition and the other woman who was not spittle has died. the restaurant didn't have a permit to serve people outdoors the city requires. businesses to register and in most cases have protective barriers in that case could have maybe saved those restaurant diners from getting hit. >>well after months of preparations in person learning will resume today for some students in alameda county. the child unique montessori school is among 20 private schools now that have been given the green light to go ahead and reopen their alameda county. at montessori classes will be limited to just 11 students. both students and staff will be checked 4 times a day dividers have been put up to keep the kids from congregating in one particular spot and in addition to following the state and federal protocols. staff actually reached out to leaders in taiwan for some extra advice. >>because time one had record that was not elevating the way
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that it has been elevating in the united states and so i wanted to know what they did so we started back in march. interviewing them asking people for feedback and then starting to generate a planned so literally no child touches something twice without being disinfected and south as opposed to disinfecting at the end of the day which we do anyway where disinfecting every minute. how proactive is that. >>county education leaders say that they're actually expecting to hear from some smaller public school districts about their reopening plans potentially in the next couple of weeks. a covid-19 vaccine trials are on hold at johnson and johnson after a volunteer in the study got sick. johnson and johnson didn't disclose what symptoms that person suffering from the company saying though that it is following guidelines and the person's illness is being reviewed. the company says illnesses are expected. as part of any clinical trial in fact this isn't the first vaccine trial that's been stopped astrazeneca had to stop its trial twice in september because of
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illnesses. >>take a look at the latest numbers in california and around the bay you can see almost 860,000 people have tested positive for covid in our state with well over 16,500 dying including more than 1600 people. >>in the bay area who died of coronavirus. >>governor newsome just get an update on the status of covid here kron four's noelle bellow has more on why state officials say that contact tracing is so important. >>a lot of work has been put in this place not as much attention. perhaps is deserved governor gavin newsome used monday's press conference to tout the nearly 11,000 person contact tracing army. >>the state has built over the last 7 months all dedicated to making sure one positive test doesn't turn into 10 or 20 i talked to you many weeks ago about. >>the need to get our case rate down in our infrastructure of contact tracing and disease investigation up we've done
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that with these 10,000 plus train staff doctor mark galli says as the state continues to see thousands of positive test result today, it's critical to figure out who else may be at risk. >>right now 90% of covid-19 tests are coming back within a 24 to 48 hour period, meaning local health departments are able to act more quickly. 97% of them are reporting they're now able to reach out to potentially exposed contacts on the same day that a positive result was received newsman galley say testing will remain critical and what follows a positive test is just as important. >>we want to make sure that the testing leads to something in order to box this virus in order mitigate the spread of this virus quarantine and isolation become essential there is still an average of 69 deaths a day due to covid-19 in california. so officials are urging the public to continue mask wearing and social distancing as we head into the holidays, the state has released some
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updated gathering guidelines. >>and on tuesday halloween guidelines will be announced as well in the newsroom noelle bellow kron 4 news. >>well a pair of bay area cities are among those topping a list for businesses closed during the pandemic according to a study from yelp san francisco claim the number 2 spot on this list with nearly 22 closures for every 1000 businesses, san jose ranked 5th with 20 closures per 1000 businesses. yelp says restaurants were among the hardest hit followed closely by shopping and retail stores. we'll take a break or 9.11 still ahead on the kron 00:04am morning news, california republicans are admitting to putting out unauthorized ballot drop boxes in several counties. >>now the state's demanding they take him down. but the gop says no they're not doing anything wrong. they're going to keep them up. we'll take a closer look and plenty of sunshine out there across the bay right now san bruno mountain in the distance looking nice and clear it's a cool start to what will be a warm day. >>even warmer temperatures
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ahead of us, i've got your forecast to come. >>and traffic is finally improving on the bay bridge heading into san francisco your morning commute traffic on 80 west. it's finally thinning out. but i'm tracking some major bart delays out of the east bay, i'll have those deta
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>>9.14 right now and you think we've done the weather wet like 2030 times already and i
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always wonder what's going to be for the umpteenth time that's so much is you know we might forget after a couple looking outside at half moon bay here skies, beautiful in crystal clear that hasn't changed all morning long. >>whether it was for am are down we enjoy those clear skies at the coast and all the way inland. we traded in the cloudier cooler conditions of the weekend with some sunny and warm weather this week so far and it's only going to get warmer and unfortunately windy or 2 is offshore winds kick back up and we all know exactly what that means fire danger unfortunately going to be increasing to now maybe calm right now, but winds pick up overnight tonight. this is tomorrow morning right here generally breezy across the through your wednesday with or peak wind gusts looking likely from wednesday night on into thursday morning. this is thursday morning at 08:15am calistoga outlets peak. other areas in the north bay looking at winds gusting as high as 30 to 40 miles per hour. and with
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such dry conditions and warm weather that we have ahead of us that all means heightened fire danger impeach on this map fire weather watches that are likely to become warnings. this includes portions of the south bay in the santa cruz mountains, upper elevations of the east bay and then of course the north bay to now a lot of these areas will be susceptible. to some power shut offs as this fire danger increases all of solano county also we'll be under fire weather watches starting tomorrow lasting through friday morning. all because of the strong winds hot temperatures and low humidity. today's daytime highs warmer than they have been already 80's for a lot of san francisco and even 80's down to half moon bay right along the coastline. and the continuation of those 80's for bayside cities with 85 in foster city redwood city in palo alto you'll be a 87. well mountain view south into the south bay all in the 90's with that san jose itself at 92 pleasanton at 91 and san ramon at 90 degrees even bayside
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cities like oakland berkeley and richmond tapping into the mid east today while the north bay, plenty of 90's back in this forecast sonoma and napa among those spots while center fell getting close said 87 today. tomorrow we'll see a few more 90's in the forecast winds picking up as well for your wednesday and fire weather watches taking effect. wednesday night into thursday morning that's going to be the windiest one of this forecast and also leads us into the hottest time of our forecast thursday and friday when daytime highs inland will be in the mid to upper 90's and even some 90's right along the bay side. weekend weather. we start to back off the heat and the winds bringing relief. >>all right. thank you john still getting new details about this bark to lay out of the east bay they're having some major equipment slash a power issues. in downtown oakland they pretty much stop service at lake merritt because of these power problems and this is causing major delays up to 30 minutes. all in the line, so if you're traveling anywhere between
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berryessa in dublin pleasanton do expect major bart delays they have crews on scene working to repair the issues. but we don't know how long that's going to take so you may want to consider an alternate source of transportation once again major delays here through downtown open because of those power problems the bridges are thinning out and looking better they are problem free just a little crowded. 12 minutes here on west 92 from hayward to the peninsula. a minor wait at the bay bridge toll plaza only 9 minutes into san francisco. this is a huge improvement compared to what was out there about an hour ago. that's what it was stacked up from the bottom of the maze. so that's no longer the case. and you're also looking good at the richmond sandra fell bridge easygoing 7 minutes here into the north bay back to you. >>time now to talk winners and losers on wall street with financial expert rob black joining us live as always good morning, rob. good morning. james hope you had a good weekend, start right away by talking about what's going on a wall street we've got earnings coming out this we've
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got stimulus talks still happening on capitol hill markets were boy struggled a bit coming out of the gate, what's your read. >>well we're looking for stimulus it's not there yet. we'll be there before the election or after election show after its common. lot of markets but until it happens the question. delta is delaying some delivery of some boeing tonia travels, not back yet endemic still very much so alive and well in our minds. johnson and johnson is having a setback with one of their vaccine candidates. so again we're not quite there were getting more data. >>setbacks not a problem it's better to have a setback when it's wide scale applied. >>and then you know you have an apple product today apple's introduced a 5 g phones so underwhelming because we know about it. with that said that's what what's moving markets today. interesting all right. >>let's also talk about amazon to i was actually on amazon earlier this morning they got their amazon prime day deals going on i love how they just
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made up the shopping holiday inn everybody's on board. >>it's 5 years old started on 7/15/2015 to celebrate the company's 20th anniversary. a little known fact it's all about celebrating and we're still like you said it's made up holiday. get this changed it is the day that we spend the most amount of money ever in retail what mayor that black friday is yeah, here's black it's the only day of the year that it's actually 48 hours instead of got a couple walmart me see our gut. they've got deals going on today. biggest seller in the uk as a cordless drill who to figure that out because seller and singapore so far is 15 pack of coke 0 who would know. that's a date for experimentation by retailers. well. i guess yeah that's a good doesn't give them any kind of clue as to what might be big come the holiday shopping season. i wonder
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>>yeah a little bit and this year it's delayed because the pandemic so amazon's just how great here and it's getting even greater so endemic so really help this certainly >>doris saying she loves her heartless trail. so she's not surprised it's a big seller there you go. lastly this morning political ad season i guess they're raking in the big bucks. >>yeah because twitter said we're going to take little google said we're going to limit them happily tik tok said no to political ads. 264 million dollars is what facebook needed revenue last quarter and it's going to be much bigger this former trump spent about 48 million dollars by just about 45 million on facebook. you've probably seen ads for jayme purse or jaime out of south carolina democrat challenger lindsey graham what why you're seeing those changes because they're being targeted to wealthy people in
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the bay area to raise shows you how strong facebook as you're not seeing those at anywhere else country. just the wealthiest areas that are heavily democrat right save for a candidate in south carolina. it's interesting to see that the dynamics of facebook's board off yeah and how targeted those ads really can be it's it's it's amazing and also scary to at the same time. >>very much so here is there anything else on top of it saying no facebook did say their hands cut off at spending for politics one week before the election self just a matter of time before those ads are going lie, i all right rob, thank you as always hope you had a good birthday weekend and we'll see you tomorrow. thanks james robin and rob another year older. another long year older don't forget send rob your questions you can find facebook twitter and email and directly and
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>>i'm 25 is the time on the peninsula hot yoga studio in pacifica is catching heat for violating health guidelines and bragging about it. pacific beach yoga is advertising mask free indoor hot yoga and the hashtag is howard free and trump 2020, the owner says that he is keeping his students 6 feet apart and capping classes at 10 people even though local guidelines
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only allow 10% capacity which given the studio size would be less than 10 people. >>the last thing we want to do is want make sure that a virus hotspot haven't people there i'm sweating. doing all you know these exercises, you know are they socially distant. you know you have an owner who. basically says that the coronavirus it's a hoax. >>the yoga studio officials say could be fine hundreds or even thousands of dollars it continues to break the rules. >>speaking of rules it is okay now for san mateo county officials to start processing mail in ballots. we're inside the headquarters and we
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>>i'm 30 so let's take a peek at how the morning is shaping good morning john good morning guys it's been a beautiful morning so far lots of sunshine out there definitely no fog in your city church tower cam here and we're going to be looking at sun throughout the course of the day. temperatures will remain mild though and winds will remain light by the time we work into tomorrow morning it will be a much when the year start to your wednesday and wednesday night into thursday will be even windier yet your wind futurecast you see outlets be calistoga in vacaville checking in with gusts by thursday morning in
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excess of 20 to 30 miles per hour says where fire danger becomes an issue come wednesday thursday and friday morning as for today still on the calmer side of things during daytime hours and not in our heart is just yet, although it is going to be noticeably harder than we have been 60's for most of our current temperatures and as we make our way into the afternoon. a return of 80's to 90's for daytime highs. i'm talking just how hot it will get the rest of the week and where the fire danger will be the highest still to come robin all right, thank you john checking back in on barred still reporting major delays this morning. they're having some power issues. >>at the lake merritt station but this is causing major delays all through downtown oakland. they have crews on scene working to repair the problem, but this is going to slow you down if you travel anywhere on the line heading to bury dublin richmond or even san francisco. so once again major bart delays this morning up to 30 minutes because of power issues and they are single through
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downtown oakland saw continue to monitor that for you meanwhile traffic on the freeways and bridges continues to improve a live look at 92, it's standing up nicely 13 minutes to the peninsula. we are finally delay free i like when i can say that your trip into san francisco looks good right now much better compared to the early morning hours so we're only get 10 minutes into san francisco. we'll check more bridges coming up in a bit back to you. >>thank you very much rob and we are now just 21 days away from the november election and millions of votes have already been cast across the country. >>happening now san mateo county's elections officials are opening in processing mail invalid yes and to find out how it's all going and how it works we've got kron four's will tran good morning. well. >>good morning jeans and area it happened so quickly that if processing the ballots. they're not counting. they cannot do that until the day
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of election, let's get right to the video so he comes in it might as well be with them brinks truck or something high security you can see it's unlocked in a luggage orange luggage. they come in and then under supervision they will open it, we'll take the ballots out then they will take the ballots to a machine. the machine they loaded up and then within maybe a millisecond or so each ballot gets fired right through and that is important because they want to verify you are who you are obviously if you signed the ballot did everything right they will scan your signature. they will send it to a database and then in that database they will compare your signature on the ballot to the one that you did with the voter registration to confirm you are who you are the whole process from loading it up firing it through the computer and the machine i should say and then towards the end about 15 feet or so from each other, and then there's a worker on the other end he grabs the balance he
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puts it into a box where they will be opened up a little bit later for them to start sorting it for the day of election. it's a really fast and it's even more important than ever james and area because so many people now are doing mail in ballots. if you want to do that you can still ask the san mateo county elections officials to send you a ballot that you cannot wait any later than october 27th. if you have a ballot you just want to drop it a box a southside ready to go if you can drop it off and by all means come on down they invite the public to come on down i want to show you real quickly look at this. they even have a visitor's pass if you want to come down and see the process for yourself. they're taking a break right now. it's pretty me i can't imagine how they did it before i thought they look at the signature and then compare it manually, but no now they rely on computers james darya it's pretty fascinating. i like that any one of us can go in there. >>and take a tour and see it
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in action as pretty cool. thanks. well, thanks. all. >>all right time now is 9.33 unauthorized and illegal ballot drop boxes though are beginning to pop up in southern california attack over the weekend state officials discovered these unofficial drop boxes in places like la fresno and orange counties. now california's republican party says those boxes are theirs. the state issued a cease and desist order giving the republican party until thursday to get rid of them, we'll see what happens. >>an official and authorized drop boxes. those that confidence potentially of that ballot return option to multiple actions. that california voters get not to rise unofficial top boxes are not allowed by state law i think one of the questions or concerns that comes with an app to rise. unofficial top boxes is ensuring that all about actually make it from that box to the count. >>now the head of the california republican party says those boxes will stay put and their program will
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continue. more to come. >>we're committed to helping in vote make sure that it counts make sure you get it right you get all the information that you need also if you have any questions about your ballot. if you think something is wrong will investigate so just let us know email us at voting problems at kron 4 dot com. >>time now is 9, 3, 5, and this year thousands of people may be voting for the first time brenda lipinski spoke to 2 women who are casting their vote for the first time this election year and they say they're having trouble deciding who to vote for. >>it was really quick shops had just opened silent got that one meddling cable describes her new tattoos it's one of the first thing she wanted to do after turning 18 in april and as a new adult says she started looking for other things she could do with her newfound freedom i thought. >>why not i mean that's pretty adult thing. >>and as a first time voter she says there are issues that are important to her rights abortion women's rights.
9:36 am
>>right to go to school time problem here, but in other places. >>she hasn't found a candidate yet. >>here's a but i honestly don't know and i'm not going vote based on what my peers say my parents family says. i've been watching the debates. they haven't really been hoping that much so she let out has medina says she's also struggling to make a decision. >>she just became a u.s. citizen 3 years ago and has strong beliefs on immigration issues have you noticed that siblings that dreamers it's bliss deep into you know so close to my heart to stand for someone who's going to. speak for those who can't but as a practicing catholic says she's pro life which makes things harder. both women say it's important to have your voice heard and they have their own concerns of how voting will go i mean i've never voted obviously saw know how usually goes without covid i'm a little nervous just because
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getting a pivotal make a decision before going environment my going to have to make a decision on the fly as you know when i'm standing there in front of the machine >>well as brenda penske reporting for us this morning, early voting is already underway and more than 2 dozen states and so far millions of ballots have already been cast. well another story we're following out of washington now where president trump's chief of staff refusing to do an interview with reporters when he was asked to keep his mask on take a listen. >>it's great to be back in my home state florida to make by >>i mean tested negative for the virus on to how well he did. obviously that was the wrong a video we apologize for that we'll try and get cued up for you, but in the meantime the chief of staff mark meadows was walking out during a break during the confirmation hearing for judge barrett when he approached reporters. they asked him keep his mask on he said how about i just pull the microphone stand back and then when he went to take his mask off some
9:38 am
of the reporters hold on and that's when he smiled put mask back on and said well then i'm just not going to do the interview and walk down the hall. this all comes in the wake of some senators recently contracted covid-19 and reporters as well who have been interviewing these senators and that's why. think that the stakes are really high. the reporters are really insistent that everybody follow protocols inside the building. >>9.38 right now and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news investigators are looking for the person tried to sexually assault a 70 year-old woman. she was able to fight him off. and an armed robbery caught on camera somebody confronted 2 guys stealing his catalytic converter off in hi
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taking california for a ride. companies like uber, lyft, doordash. breaking state employment laws for years. now these multi-billion-dollar companies wrote deceptive prop 22 to buy themselves a new law. to deny drivers the rights they deserve. no sick leave. no workers' comp.
9:41 am
no unemployment benefits. vote no on the deceptive uber, lyft, doordash prop 22. one ride california doesn't want to take. >>9.41 in the east bay police are looking for a man who tried to sexually assault a 70 year-old woman in the cleveland heights neighborhood in oakland is were to happen. the man first tried to offer her a $100 bill while she was gardening and she refused she turns away and then he grabbed her from behind and pinned her to the ground she fought back. >>she did the right thing she started screaming, she started fighting, fighting him off she is able to get away good for her that kind of time enough like i don't know if i could do that and i'd like to have that age. >>crime stoppers is offering up to $7500 now for information that leads to an arrest.
9:42 am
>>also in the east bay and armed robbery in alameda we have surveillance video of 2 men stealing a catalytic converter last friday happened near the intersection of and single avenue and court street when the car owner approach the thieves one of the men pulled out a gun and held the owner at bay while they took off with that converter the gun was never fired. so the car's owner not physically harmed. but obviously they're looking for the thieves this morning. 9.42 still ahead, remembering bay area, baseball legend and hall of famer, joe morgan we're
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>>09:44am, we are checking out the weather how things going so far john pretty good so far guys it's later today and then especially later this week where things are definitely not as nice as what we're currently in the midst of which is sunshine, mild temperatures and calm conditions at the moment. also some good air quality at the so that's something that's just the cherry on top a pleasant start to your tuesday now beyond this in the forecast. high pressure ridge building into place in just the right setup to see offshore winds kicking back into gear and long with warmer temperatures. we know what that means for us this morning, it's been calm, it's been beautiful winds kick into gear tonight now this is wednesday morning right here consistently, breezy for the north bay but not our breezy us just yet that will happen late wednesday into thursday morning winds pick up and you can see that deeper ed under
9:46 am
contour here indicating the strongest of winds in the north and portions of the east bay windiest of conditions wednesday night into thursday morning with calistoga seeing regular wind gusts of in excess of 30 miles per hour at times. after that we do see an increased wind again friday or a thursday night into friday morning before calming conditions after that point. ahead of these windy conditions these hot conditions increased fire danger we either fire weather watches taking effect tomorrow for the santa cruz mountains upper elevations of the east bay and then all across the north bay upper elevations, of marine sonoma and napa counties and all of solano counties will be in those wind advisory starting wednesday into early friday, so fire danger going to become a thing we talk about really for the rest of the week after today. 80's for your highs in san francisco, at least side neighborhoods, half moon bay at 81 today while burlingame at 83, definitely warmer for the south of the peninsula to mountain view back to 90 degrees. palo alto in redwood
9:47 am
city each up to 87 san jose at 92, and in the east bay 80's to 90's for your highs today just a touch warmer than yesterday. it's really going to feel pretty similar to where we were at for your monday, north bay temperatures warming for sure a lot more 90's on the map not super windy just yet we're saving that for tomorrow thursday and friday as i mentioned now thursday and friday themselves will be our hottest days of this forecast with mid to upper 90's inland and low 90's right along the bay that will affect areas like oakland and berkeley too. saturday and sunday temperatures begin to fall has wind speeds also begin to fall. >>in the buzz, one of the most famous athletes in the world has covid christiane overnight, although tested positive today. he has no symptoms but this triggers fears because he played sunday against france. he can't play tomorrow for portugal. no new positive tests in today's means the titans get to play football. it would take more
9:48 am
than that for me to feel comfortable going to tennessee to play a team that had 24 people infected mask-up bills. the game was so good last night might've made you forget about the pandemic it was a wild battle between the chargers and the saints with drew brees waging a 17 point comeback to win the game in overtime entertaining if that's cup of your your cup of tea. the great drew brees i prefer catherine the great i'm totally hooked on hulu's the great. a brutal and raunchy satire billed as and occasionally true story about russia's longest reigning female ruler. but don't look kids is are rated what's the next best thing to seeing a team you love in the running for the world series seeing 2 teams. you hate not getting their the cheat astro's and the dreaded dodgers, both loss yesterday. the rays are up 2 to 0 now in the alcs and the braves. one the first one in the national league
9:49 am
championship. one champion that everybody can celebrate. joe morgan the bay area boyle became a baseball legend and by all accounts. one heck of a zeke mid-june has more. >>joe or so one of more influential people how many coming >>as a young black kid in the bay playing baseball 2 kids from oakland that made it to the big leagues. that is former oakland a's pitcher in major league baseball hall of famer, dave stewart reflecting on the life and influence of his childhood baseball idol joe morgan stewart says he was in his early 20's when their lifelong friendship begin what i respect about him is that you know was a rookie in. >>if missed my phone call with you know was called back and giving back to the boys and girls club in his hometown of oakland. there's also a major part of joe morgan's legacy. thank supporters. >>all of will be in so it's a
9:50 am
sad day for oakland, it's certainly a sad day for baseball fans sideshow arguably is second baseman of all time not but as a humanitarian. >>as someone who always gave back to his community and never forgot where he was from. >>joe morgan started his baseball career in 1962, he retired 28 years later he was ultimately inducted into the major league baseball hall of fame. the second baseman was a 2 time world champion with his primary team, the cincinnati reds would suit up for both the oakland a's at the san francisco giants before his career and job or gun died sunday at the age of 77 haaziq madyun kron 4 news andrew morgan is the 4th hall of famer we've lost in less than 2 weeks. >>2020, it's the worst am i right. but let's focus on the best david edelstein reports from cooperstown. >>aoc a line tom seaver lou
9:51 am
brock bob gibson. whitey ford, joe morgan 6 baseball hall of famers who have passed away in 2020. the most ever in a single year at some point you go through. >>sadness and you go through grief. then you you know even our own personal lives for those we lose close to us than you. you kind of get back to the celebration a little bit of the storied career hall of fame president in need says it's the halls job to be that place where fans can come together to both mourn and celebrate the lives of the players. >>special reads placed on their plaques to mark their memory when you see it when it happens. you know it's out of the ordinary you know it's something different and you know that means it's it's. >>it's a formality we are the heartbeat of baseball. we are the spiritual home of our national pastime in in that we are here to celebrate their legacies, vp of education john
9:52 am
just the cost the says the hall keeps players stories alive through artifacts spread throughout the museum. >>items that were there with the hall of famers now on this play that's where we have the great opportunity to expand on the legacies of these individuals explain where they fit into the history of the game remembering them as great baseball players and great people. legends of the past and oscar the grouch here to tell you, yeah, you,
9:53 am
to wear a mask out in public around other people. sure it'll keep you healthy. but more importantly, i won't have to see your happy smiling face. ugh. and if you don't want to wear a mask, i've just got one thing to tell you. scram, go away. ugh. caring for each other because we are all in this together. so wear a mask and have a rotten day, will ya? ugh. the unfair money bail system. he, accused of rape.
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while he, accused of stealing $5. the stanford rapist could afford bail; got out the same day. the senior citizen could not; forced to wait in jail nearly a year. voting yes on prop 25 ends this failed system, replacing it with one based on public safety. because the size of your wallet shouldn't determine whether or not you're in jail. vote yes on prop 25 to end money bail.
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>>she was almost over for this morning. but the news never stops on kronon noelle bellow in the newsroom with a look at what's up well. >>hey the area at the confirmation hearing for supreme court nominee judge amy coney barrett is underway this morning, we'll be giving you a live look at those proceedings plus halloween guidelines are being announced today by state health officials going to stream that for you right here on kron on be sure to download the app is free and the upstart back to you. >>all right, thank you very much noel all right take a look at this. the oakland zoo is now caring for 2 more little mountain lions that were displaced by this on fire up in shasta county. >>way right. >>these are 2 female cubs will actually join a male cub the zoo received about 2 weeks ago from the same area. the zoo says that they're doing all they can enter some all back to health and eventually they're going to introduce all of them to each other, so they can hang out. >>and we can tell where they just clipping that little not
9:56 am
lines nails and i can even click my dog's nails without going nuts. >>all anyone needs to date at that point no they're given them a little. >>she was little cubs. of course there q did miss i am yeah they're all so cute when they're young. that's how it goes so there they are recovering at the oakland zoo got a great let's take a peek at the 7 day around the bay forecast has we're going to be making news is going to be a top story as we get hotter. fire danger increases we've got the threat of pge doing some a public safety shot off because they don't want to start any fires you kind of see on the forecast there the days in question that are going to be of the highest fire danger we're talking thursday friday where inland highs get up to. >>the mid-nineties maybe even upper 90's eventually comes back down before at least for that short period of time as daria said we're going to have not only fire watch on high alert but also pg and e really analyzing the winds and depending on where they're blowing and how strongly they're blowing your
9:57 am
neighborhood could very well see a public service power shut off an intentional power shut off by pg and a charge everything charge of everything turn kron 4 kuz will let you know the minute we hear something new from pg e about that that's it for now see back here tomorrow morning but by.
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