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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  October 13, 2020 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>>news at 5. read about the weather almost all fall in this area now. >>now at 5 the bay area getting ready for yet another red flag warning and increased fire danger over the next couple of days. thanks for joining us. everybody, i'm vicki liviakis and i'm sanaz tahernia and 4 grant lotus this evening that red flag warning going into effect tomorrow at 05:00am and through 11:00am on friday. >>for the east bay valleys and hills the santa cruz mountains and the north bay valleys and mountains. >>our kron four's dan kerman live for us tonight in santa
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rosa where firefighters and residents are getting ready for high. heat and gusty winds stand. >>that's right those 2 things a bad combination, especially when you look at this very dry brush you see behind me you know typically october is when we get the big fires. well we still might get a big one this month but we've already had 2 of them people have already evacuated that might have to do it again. tuesday afternoon temperatures in santa rosa were already in the 90's but by wednesday, a red flag warning kicks in with even warmer temperatures wind gusts to 55 miles per hour and bone dry grass and brush just ready to go up in flames. >>that is exactly why we're of staffing again under these red flag warnings will have at least 12 if not more engine locally across the county. we are again urging our community be prepared for the potential to evacuate again evacuations have become routine for best film. >>we'll back you waited or sky hawk neighborhood home a
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little over 2 weeks ago due to the glass fire very close we left with the flames coming over the hill and. >>very very well her neighborhood is scattered with burned out homes her survive those smoke damage is keeping them away for at least another month. now she worries about what's to come this first started thinking about ok what what do we need to do should we have belongings out of the >>if something were to happen and just how unpredictable. wildfires are here now. >>firefighters say areas that recently burned have fire lines in place which could be helpful in containing a new blaze if there's another spark not so for areas like boston growth that burned during 20 seventeen's tubbs fire. not only are new houses sprouting up in the neighborhood. but so is sick, pushy brush. >>a top star. the nuns fire the kincade fire. those areas
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have now several seasons to reestablish and seasonal grasses and brush that every grown and so those areas do still present a threat to us. >>a lot of the bay area really has to be ready to evacuate ready keeping their eye out for any sort of smoke and flames were expecting high winds and high temperatures again. that is a bad combination for this type of live in santa rosa dan kerman kron 4 news is it ever thank you dan and that red flag warning coming as the glass fire is now close to full containment. >>cal fire says the fire is currently 96% contained after burning more than 67,000 acres in napa and sonoma counties. >>the fire destroyed more than 800 homes. and now we want to bring in chief meteorologist lawrence karnow to get a check on those fire conditions. lawrence which areas are going to be at risk with this red flag warning yet mainly over the mountain tops above a 1000 feet that's we're going to
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see. >>the strong us gusty winds with we've got a guy clasico weather pattern fall weather pattern setting up right now with those offshore winds a cold front moving on through that kind of scooting on by behind that office and get high pressure building on the backside. >>and then we start to see those nice northerly winds now and makes for a beautiful day like today, but now we'll watch the pressure gradient hyped up that means the iso bars are going to really get tightened around the bay area and that means we're going to see some gusty winds, especially over the mountain tops but maybe even some of the valleys in the north 8 going to see some gusty dry winds developing fact, here's the very latest forecast and you notice as we take you through time here the winds. yeah they're going to be picking up but more of a northerly direction developing as we head through the night and there you go you start to see the colors filling in starts see a lot of that red beginning to show up here winds gusting over 30 miles per hour that's starting by tomorrow afternoon. i think we're going to see really start to really intensify by tomorrow night into early on thursday morning that's when we see these very strong gusty winds developing especially in
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the north bay with gusts of 40 maybe 50 miles per hour. but we also begin to see part of the east be beast bay picking up the east bay hills oakland hills also diablo range and back along the coastline in the santa cruz mountains red flag warnings posted for much of the bay area looks like that fire danger will likely continue until at least friday morning. >>all right lawrence and here's a look at pg and e's emergency site which is now been activated the utility is officially calling tomorrow a psp events saying that power shut-offs are likely in parts of 21 california counties, including 7 right here in the bay area. alameda contra costa napa san mateo santa clara solano and sonoma counties are included. you can find out if your home will be impacted just look up your address using their search engine and they also have a current outage map. you can check out in real time. another big story that we're following for you this evening it is day 2 of judge amy barrett confirmation hearings in today. >>the president's nominee to
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the supreme court had to field some tough questions from senators our washington correspondent alexandra le mon joins us live with a recap and a look at some of the big questions that were asked today, alexandra. >>yeah good evening and day 2 of these hearings has been a much longer day also a more personal one for judge barrett she was asked about her religion for example, and whether that could impact how she rolls on cases that come before the supreme court. >>you're catholic. >>i am the chairman of the senate judiciary committee senator lindsey graham asked whether judge amy baird's personal religious beliefs influence her rulings can you set aside whatever catholic beliefs you have regarding. >>any issue before you. >>i can i have done that in my time on the 7th circuit california senator dianne feinstein took issue with judge barrett not answering whether she thinks the landmark abortion case, roe v wade was wrongly decided it's distressing not to get a
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straight answer. so let me try again do you agree with justice scalia's you that roe was wrongly decided i can't. >>pre commit or say yes, i'm going in with sam agenda because i'm not barrett told senator chuck grassley she also has no agenda to strike down the affordable care act if you committed to the president or anyone else. >>that you will vote to repeal the affordable care act if confirmed by. >>to the cork absolutely not democrats like illinois senator dick durbin say there's a reason they believe judge barrett could have preset judgments about certain cases could have come from the president's tweets. >>what he expects a supreme court nominee to do politically for him. that's where it comes from. >>and judge barrett was also asked whether a u.s. president has the legal authority to delay an election. she said she couldn't give an off the cuff answer to that because that would make her a legal pundits and not a judge live
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in washington alexandra the month alexandra. thank you for that report. >>now in other news an effort to clear up any possible confusion about ballot box is a new voting procedures south bay election officials opened up the doors to the media today, yeah, voting and the counting of those votes is already under way amid tight security and covid safety protocols are kron four's rob fladeboe has the highlights now from the registrar of voters office in san jose. >>you can see here. santa clara county registrar of voters shannon on tuesday showing reporters what an official ballot drop box looks like. >>while reassuring the public election officials are on the lookout for those that don't belong here we are always on the lookout if people call in to alleged things. >>and we can check those out in depending on what that is we're not an investigative authority we don't have that authority. but we can always refer talk to the district attorney to first thing you asked me what my weights so
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look at all of the different languages that we offer the ballot >>just dry then demonstrated touch screen voting made possible by 2018 voter choice act which allows people to choose when where and how they vote. most people will are already have voted by mail but there will be 100 vote centers where one can vote in person. officials will be keeping an eye on things there too says the law allows people to observe the polls. >>and we're ok with that but there are rules that come with that you can't interfere with the voting process you can't walk back here behind the processing table and if they interfere we will ask them to leave. >>still farther behind the scenes vote by mail ballots are arriving every day now and being processed by highspeed counting machines. sanitation and covid safety protocol such as social distancing between voting booths and machines, one-way routes in and out news and posted health guidelines.
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>>asking every voter to please wear a mask and respect the safety protocols that we have in place that the vote centers. so if you don't have one we'd be happy to give you one when you come in and vote a record 1 million people are registered to vote in the general election in santa clara county this year. >>those 100 vote centers will be ready to go saturday october 31st and new this year any voter can vote at any one of those centers. >>in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news and if you voted by mail or plan to you can actually now check the status of your ballot every step of the way online. >>california secretary of state website has a new tracker it's called where's my ballot. once you sign up you can track and receive notifications on the status of your by mail or your vote by mail ballot. you can also choose to get text emails or calls to track your vote. >>coming up now the county is expected to get hit hard if
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and when pg and e begins at to shut off the power. a callous to the residents who just which are returned home are preparing for yet another challenge and the state issues new guidelines when it comes to come halloween celebrations, how you can stay spooky and safe this holiday. plus 2 more bay area counties have been moved to the orange reopening tier will take a look
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>>today the governor's office 2 bay area counties on their reopening tier alameda and santa clara counties are now considered in the orange here for reopening, joining san francisco now this is based on the number of cases and hospitalizations counties in the orange here are allowed to reopen retail at more than 50% capacity. museums and movie theaters can increase their indoor capacity to 50% places of worship can hold indoor services of up to 200 people restaurants and wineries can also increase capacity and for the first time bars that don't serve food will also be able to open. and even though the bay area slowly opening back up halloween could look a lot different this year in california, yes state health authorities released new guidelines today for trick or treating another holiday gatherings our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains california health leaders are strongly discouraging door to door trick or treating and in
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person parties for the upcoming holidays, the state's health officers released new guidance for halloween and the other those what those tuesday people wonder well doesn't mean that it's absolutely pan. this is a recommendation is mean trick or treaters that is something for spent schools. we know we don't turn certainly what is a celebration and a time joy and that's something difficult contentious in the guidance health officials noted door to door trick or treating and the mixing it creates will make contact tracing very challenging for private gatherings. the state released new guidance suggesting they include no more than 3 households and should be outdoors some california counties had already released health guidelines for halloween. >>doctor mark kelly noted some of them will have to change lot of counties can be more restrictive but not less restrictive around so this will have some implications on some counties and again these are all recommendations are strong recommendations the state's latest set of
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recommendations comes as california continues to see stability in its case positivity and hospitalization rates for covid-19 health leaders acknowledged california is not yet seeing the increase is some other states are ahead of halloween in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 knees now even with those new guidelines as some bay area parents are determined not to let the pandemic disrupt their halloween plans. our kron four's has it but you reports. >>participating in traditional door to door trick or treating is considered a high-risk activity by the contra costa health services department that is due to covid-19 but some parents like danielle miller of martinez refused to let the pandemic take the joy out of the halloween following the health guidelines. she's creating what she believes is a safe way to distribute candy were >>large pvc pipe and we're going to shoot the candy down we're working we're gluttons
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make sure that we're not spending any germs. so when the kids come actually going to be standing 6 feet away from each other on the glow necklaces that will have on the ground and so we'll able to stand apart and wait for their turn to get there can be and then when it's their turn in mind we're going to shoot some candy down so they can put it in their their halloween. bags. the idea is similar to this 6 feet long socially distance candy delivery system you see here. >>in fact she says she and her getting together and coming up with creative socially distance halloween experiences for trick treaters and distribute the >>they're also creating a map of homes that are following health guidelines and taking precautions to keep children safe of like you know 15 to 20 different neighbors. >>and that's enough for you know the little kids celebrating halloween is a tradition in our family that goes back to when she was a little girl and she says keeping that tradition going for her daughters this year as an important sign of things getting back to normal
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honestly i was so tired of hearing my cell tell my 4 year-old i'm sorry we can't do that because of the virus and sorry you can't go to birthday parties. i'm sorry we can't go to the fireworks. i'm sorry can't go to a parade that they want to say it again. >>has that you kron 4 news. >>right now back to our top story of the evening, clock is ticking on when pg e is going to cut off power to thousands of bay area residents that's right kron four's morning. kelly went to napa where people are bracing for this new obstacle as they're just starting to recover from the glass fire. >>more than 9,000 customers here in napa county could find themselves in the dark wednesday. >>if and when pg e decisive flip the switch on this public safety power shutoff many of those customers live in the town of calistoga it's terrible to say, but you almost get used to it it has not been easy lately for calistoga residents who were forced to evacuate for 6 days
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during the glass fire from the burn scars in the surrounding mountains, you can see how it burned right up to the edge of town. >>and now because of hot dry and windy conditions in the forecast pg says. >>they may have to cut power to part of this town as part of the public safety power shut-offs to help reduce the risk of more wildfires. >>this is not the first time this has happened here calistoga's mayor says they've endured multiple public safety power shutoff since 2018 which is why pg e has just finished constructing a microgrid here which is expected to keep the lights on for about 60% of the town's residents that includes the downtown section which means the town's grocery store hardware store pharmacy in many restaurants will remain open residents without power will be able to juice up their devices and cool down at the community center when and if the psp ps happens wednesday. the mayor himself lives in the section west of the napa river that could be in the dark it's a financial hardship, though i mean no bones about it. >>you lose food. not everybody
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can afford eat all the time are many times for that matter. this is significant. and again we know that it's for our own safety. we don't. i don't know why we have to do this especially having experienced fires as much as we have it's just it's a hard. >>the winds are expected to subside thursday morning. pg e says they're crews aim to restore power to those affected within 12 hours after those winds die down maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>now for 4 zone forecast as we get a check on the fire conditions all around the bay area kron 4 chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now with a closer look like guys we're going to deal with these fires situations with these offshore winds is what we get in the fall here in the bay area until we get that first significant rain right now. i don't see that rain in sight so out there certainly looking gorgeous all the way the coastline. you've got nice clear skies over san
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francisco, nothing too windy just yet we haven't seen those winds set up still a little bit of an onshore breeze you can see the flag there. the golden gate bridge just a light breeze but coming up right off the ocean now, but no fog out there to speak of and then as we head through the night tonight. that's when things are going to change temperatures of course running well above the average 92 right now in livermore does 82 in palo alto 85 in san jose 86 in san mateo 79 downtown san francisco, 81 in oakland right now at 82 degrees in berkeley. so certainly some warm temperatures out there in overnight tonight. skies stay mostly clear the winds are going to start to increase in the north bay and then tomorrow you're going to feel those winds really start with into the afternoon, sunny and warm a gusty over the mountain tops to begin with and then some work its way down to the surface. i think as we get in toward thursday, at least in the north bay above normal temperatures throughout in the fire danger going to be running high at least probably friday so high pressure building in behind this cold front a classic fall signature that we see here those
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offshore winds blowing those northerly winds kicking in very gusty in spots, 45 maybe some 55 mile an hour gusts the mountaintops that's going to be above 2000 feet or so, but humidity dropping down to about 10 to 20% maybe even lower than that in some spots tonight models in that cold front coming by and as does maybe bring some clouds near the coastline and get swept away by that offshore wind and then we're off and running without offshore when those winds kicking up around the bay area tomorrow afternoon. it looks like it is going to be a blustery period. so this one of those times got to be extra careful don't pull the car off the side of the road north on cigarettes out the window, anything like that could start a significant fire. in these kind of conditions. all right lawrence thank >>still ahead. a new cdc report ways the effectiveness of face masks were
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>>tonight a new report from the cdc shows that wearing masks and social distancing are in fact very effective when it comes to slowing the spread of coronavirus kron charles clifford take a look at how california's covid precautions that compares to other states nationwide the number of new coronavirus cases is actually trending upwards but in a few states including california, the numbers are good. we have been on the decline for months and there's new evidence from the cdc that mask wearing and social distancing. >>is a good thing in this new study the cdc tracked the coronavirus outbreak in arizona it found that has the
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virus was spreading rapidly over the summer the implementation of social distancing guidelines which included wearing masks remaining 6 feet apart. >>and avoiding large gatherings was effective in slowing the spread of the virus here in california in the bay area. the number of new coronavirus cases and deaths from covid-19 peak in late july and has been declining ever since experts believe that social distancing and mask-wearing has been a big factor in the decline will not everyone wears a mask all the time face coverings have become socially acceptable. i think it is a definite deterrent ah to covid-19 i think you pretty much has proven us i feel positive. i think it's definitely a good move and i think we all should be wearing them, i feel comfortable that people are wearing them it makes me feel protected. >>i feel like. and the best interest of everyone's public health or health for for people to wear masks. >>the concern moving forward is that as the number of cases drop some counties reopen schools and businesses we
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could see another wave of coronavirus cases so experts are asking people to continue to wear masks and respect social distancing. but for now in san francisco charles clifford kron 4 news. >>next up some alameda county students are returning for in person classes how school is changing since the pandemic and it's day 2 of supreme court nominee amy coney barrett says senate confirmation hearings. we'll hear
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>>welcome back to kron 4 is your local election headquarters this election season and tonight, we're just 21 days away from the november, 3rd election. we've been reporting on the fact that it's day 2 of judge amy baer it's confirmation hearing it was a chance for senators to make their points and ask questions they ever catherine heenan host of inside bay area politics got reaction from one of our political analyst. he says there was a question which the judge should have answered. yeah, vicki and smiles, we know that the judge is going to take pains not to say how she would rule. >>and potential cases for example abortion. the pending case on the affordable care act. but she was also asked whether she thinks the president should be able to delay the election and political analyst michael yaki says that's one question she should not have dumped you know


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