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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  October 14, 2020 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>>kron 4 is your local election headquarters and tonight, we know that the california republican party is not budging when it comes to using those ballot drop-off boxes now state authorities
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say they're illegal but gop party officials say it is no different than the ballot harvesting done by democrats are catherine heenan of. >>inside politics talked to a local attorney ernie and party official who doesn't see it as a problem catholic yeah, well, the state did issue a cease and desist order for these ballot >>giving local republican parties until tomorrow to get rid of these. dozens have been popping up the latest party officials have agreed to stop labeling the boxes as official like the ones you see here the state says that is illegal but other than changing the labels they say they will keep using them. i talked to republican party me dylan she insists it's just another form a ballot harvesting. >>how is it a problem democrats have been doing it since 2016 you can go online and you can see i many friends for democrats who are current people to bring talents church or bad one to the sikh temple to that in the pos. ballot
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harvesting has occurred in union halls on bass. there is absolutely nothing in the statute that for republicans are doing. now i don't think about our species the legal iphones that long for the 16th and the legislature wants to tie it up and correct some of the looseness that jacket and just ask i don't think doing is legal the fact that doing it. >>she's saying you know we will continue president trump has tweeted his support for the ballot he told republicans in a tweet to fight hard the state republican party meantime it says it will file a reply to the attorney general's cease and desist order tomorrow. vicki. >>thank you catherine and we here at kron 4 are committed to helping make sure that your vote counts if you have experience a problem casting your ballot. let us know and we'll investigate you can e-mail us at voting problems at kron 4 dot com with election day right around the corner, some republicans and
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democrats are determined they say to pass a covid relief deal another one before every vote is counted. raquel martin reports as the white house has returned. >>to the negotiating table with a more generous one 0.8 trillion dollar offer but democrats were holding out for a 2.2 trillion deal say the plan still fall short. >>suffering men and women weeping into the phone as the pandemic surges on democrats jan schakowsky robin kelly and debbie dingell are demanding republicans come up with a stronger plan to really millions of americans and businesses hanging on by a thread. my colleagues on the other side are picking and choosing who they want to help house democrats will not start friday. >>so we deliver for all americans after briefly walking away from negotiations. the white house is now offering a one 0.8 trillion dollar deal the plan includes direct stimulus checks for families $400 unemployment benefits more
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money for small businesses and 300 billion dollars for local and state governments but does nancy pelosi said the double am the angels are in the detail. house democrats say the plans to lax funding for child care and prioritizes employers over the health of workers if someone gets sick, they would be free from any liability. >>that is definitely not the american way republicans like senator chuck grassley say democrats are being unreasonable the democrats cry foul over anything that may help americans. >>if it doesn't advance their agenda with time running out republicans say they will try and pass another target plan next week. >>in an effort to get money flowing to the unemployed schools and small businesses by election day in washington raquel martin. new tonight first lady melania trump has confirmed that first son barron trump tested positive for the coronavirus. >>first lady released a letter on the white house's website
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where she said that while barron had initially tested negative subsequent tests did reveal a positive diagnosis. the first lady says the bear and did not exhibit any symptoms. she also says that both she and barren have since tested negative. >>several parts of europe are now trending in the wrong direction today, the president of france declared a state of emergency saying his country is experiencing a second wave of covid-19 president emmanuel macron issuing a curfew for the areas. worst affected by this coronavirus includes paris and 8 other major cities. >>starting this weekend from 09:00pm to 06:00am people will not be allowed to go to restaurants or visit friends but can still use public transport violating the curfew can result in a fine equivalent to 160 us dollars today, italy recorded more than 7,000 new cases of covid-19 that's the highest daily increase in cases. >>since the pandemic started a country also reported another
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43 coronavirus deaths in the past day, italy was one of the worst-hit countries you'll recall during that first wave of the pandemic before was really bad even in the u.s.. it now appears to be struggling to contain another outbreak this week italian health officials issued a nationwide mask mandate to try to help slow the spread and they're urging people to avoid large gatherings. new alternatives, heading into a medical facility or maybe go into drive-thru facility to get tested. is the havoc it delivered to your house and you can take the test yourself interested kron four's phillipe djegal explains overall the latest data from the california department of public health shows nearly 16 and a half million covid-19 tests have been conducted in the state. >>and on average about 92% of people receive results within 2 days. >>not everyone is willing to make a trip to take a test some categorized in more vulnerable populations like
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seniors and people with pre-existing respiratory conditions are resistant to leaving their homes for medical care concerned about exposure to the virus. walk-up and drive-thru testing sites may seem like a risky option fortunately there are alternatives at home novel coronavirus teats are available quest diagnostics is offering one and the company says results should be expected within 48 hours after their labs received them. it's called an active infection test kid. it can be purchased online and shipped to your home or picked up at a walmart store. the kid has been approved by the food and drug administration under an emergency use authorization. if you suspect you have been infected or you're simply experiencing symptoms you can isolate havoc. it delivered to your door and administer the swab test yourself ship the finnish test back to quest diagnostics or drop it back off at walmart it's not cheap.
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the price tag is around $130 but depending on your health insurance it could be fully covered phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >>i time now to get a check of the weather is much of the bay area is currently under a red-flag warning tonight scary times chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here lawrence it feels like we say it every year this time that we need rain in the worst way yeah we sure do and usually it takes. >>about the 3rd and the 4th week in october for start talking about showers right now i don't see any raindrops in the forecast so fire conditions, everything primed outside right now we've got those gusty winds just now beginning to develop in parts of the north bay. we'll see some of those gusts around the bay area 3045 mile an hour gusts, maybe some 50 plus mile hour gusts over some of the highest mountain peaks in the north bay and the east bay also strongest in toward the santa cruz mountains. so certainly some dangerous fire conditions ahead, keeping our fingers crossed because otherwise i mean it is gorgeous out there look at that shot tehran. a beautiful fall day out there toward the golden gate bridge, no fog to
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speak of it is going to stay clear all night long the temperatures it's going to be spectacular the numbers may be 86 degrees downtown san francisco about the sunset you're looking at 72 right there near the beach 70 degrees golden gate park 74 in daly city. some downslope winds about 78 degrees out not of 79. in half moon bay inside the bay you're up in the 80's in the millbrae to 2 in brisbane 81 in san bruno 87 degrees tomorrow in san mateo 90 in mount view a lot of 90's into the south bay tomorrow afternoon 19 gamble, sunny and 90 degrees in saratoga 19 santa clara, a mid 90's into pleasanton about 96 in livermore heat advisories going up, especially the places inside the bay people are just aren't used to those real hot temperatures of course you get the hot weather. many of the interior valleys but well this time of year expect to start seeing things cool down but not just yet we're going to keep those temperatures up in fact, the next couple days. yeah, even maybe a little bit warmer into friday. then we start slowly cool down over the weekend but no rain in the next 7 days.
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still to come remembering george floyd how his brother is honoring what would have been his 47th birthday. >>and coming up new details in the commotion, wisconsin shooting case why a 17 year-old accused of killing 2
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>>tonight we know that kyle rittenhouse the 17 year-old accused of killing 2 protesters just days after jacob blake was shot by police
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in kenosha wisconsin will not be facing charges in his home state of the lake county state's attorney's office says an investigation revealed the gun used in the kenosha shooting was purchased stored and used in wisconsin. >>it says there's no evidence the gun was ever physically possessed by kyle rittenhouse in illinois. rittenhouse has been held in illinois as his attorneys fight extradition efforts that would send him to wisconsin to face homicide charges. >>somber reminder for his friends and family today would have been george floyd's 47th birthday floyd was killed in may when a police officer knelt on his neck for more than a minute. the video of his deaths mark protests and demonstrations throughout the world and today floyd son spoke out about his father's death. >>it's not watching the video. a lot be almost over and over every day, but every now and then just bought it. you know a mama. don't pay. had shields
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is speaking about. when you say. >>derek chauvin the white officer who used his knee deep in floyd to the ground has been charged with second-degree murder third-degree murder and manslaughter he is currently out on bail rather 3 other officers are also facing charges in floyd's death. >>still ahead, good news for san francisco, parents and kids if you like to play on the playground so
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>>we have some good news for parents and their kids here in san francisco city officials announcing the reopening of playgrounds in the city are 4 sanaz tahernia has more now on the rules you need to know about if you want to take your kids out to play. >>as covid-19 restrictions ease up around the bay area san francisco city and health officials announced the reopening that will have your children smiling waving and i'm so happy that today finally kids will be able to play him playgrounds all over san francisco for about 2 weeks now san francisco has been in the orange here of the covid-19 reopening tear system allowing for more reopenings across the city it is hard 4 children right now. >>kids are not in school there in front of a screen on a regular basis and that is not
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good for them, we know it's not good for them more than a 180 public playgrounds are now open, but as with any other reopening strict rules and guidelines are in place signs will be posted throughout the playgrounds and you also see park officials there making sure the rules are followed the number of people allowed on to the playground will be limited in addition to the number of children using the playground equipment once visits will be limited to 30 minutes when others are presents and eating and drinking are not allowed adults are asked to avoid nonessential cell phone use. >>to actively supervise the children with them children younger than 2 must remain within arm's reach and are not allowed on play equipment that hold more than one child at a time mayor reid says reopening playgrounds is a good sign it gives us hope that. >>the time that we spent in isolation the time we you know doing what we needed to do during this pandemic we know
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that there's a light at the end of the tunnel a reminder to those looking to visit one of the public playgrounds, you must wear a mask. >>and stay 6 feet away from non household members. reporting in san francisco sanaz tahernia kron 4 news. >>tonight indoor dining is returning to the south bay, although you'll probably need to make reservations first this week santa clara county moved up into the state's orange here of reopening meaning that restaurants can now see people inside but only up to 25% of normal capacity or 100 people whichever is fewer this rule on indoor gatherings also applies to movie theaters and places of worship and new tonight, the cdc is warning families that spending time together for thanksgiving could cause covid-19 cases to soar and doctors say it's especially dangerous when people are coming together. >>from separate households. the cdc stress that it's essential for folks to continue taking steps to try to stop the spread of the virus even during the holidays and other gatherings. for your
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health tonight there is a recall we want to make you aware of from kimberly-clark the makers of cottonelle flushable wipes and cotton now gentle plus flushable wipes the company as stated that due to the detection of some flushable wipes the do not need the company's high quality standards they are recalling products made from a specific time period to make sure you're already purchased the products are unaffected. you can reach out to kimberly clark through their website we've posted it on kron 4 dot com as well. >>take a look at this the first robotic firefighter in the country made said debut in los angeles. getting hosed down flames and hard to reach areas that would be too dangerous for people to go into the l a p d l i f the other is the first agency in the country to get this revolutionary piece of equipment. >>i whether time this fire danger is on the brain and for good reason tonight. this is a live look at san francisco's
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embarcadero beautiful shot here, but there's danger elsewhere. >>kron four's chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here to talk about the red flag warnings the winds that are kicking up. yeah, yeah guys, the winds. >>what is going to be the big story can see kind of in that image, no wins in the san francisco right now it's pretty light up toward the coastline. how about a beautiful shot toward half moon bay can't find the clouds out there the offshore winds taking over making for some beautiful conditions all the way to the beach are going to see some 70's and some 80's, the next couple days overlooking downtown san francisco mostly clear skies a little hazy outside but certainly we are awaiting those winds they're starting to develop in parts of the north bay right now and we'll be on the way highs today. yeah, 82 degrees in san francisco 89 in oakland 90 degrees today in san jose 94. in livermore 96 degrees in concord and 96 in santa rosa all these numbers running well above the average for this time of year. and those winds combined with the he the low
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humidity. that's where we'll start to see the issue starting to see more of a northerly component of the wind that has swept all the clouds out your skies but look as we head in toward early tomorrow morning, especially i think in the north a dangerous fire conditions humidity dropping down probably into the single digits in some spots overnight tonight there and winds gusting of 3040 plus mile an hour. maybe some 50 mile an hour gusts over the mountain tops now as we head toward the middle of the day tomorrow afternoon still gusty in the north bay, but the winds start to begin to develop in parts of the east bay hills the oakland blow range there and then along the coastline in the the san mateo county and santa cruz counties as well as those gusty winds and then one more round of gusty winds and early on friday morning after that looks like those winds will begin to subside becoming more of a sea breeze late the day on friday but certainly some dangerous fire conditions between now and at least friday morning as some of those gusts 3045 mile an hour gusts with maybe some of those winds blowing as high as 50 plus miles an hour over the top of the mount now there's
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not just red flag warning for the mountain tops this time you can see in the north bay valleys, we'll see some gusty winds in those areas also into parts of the east bay, so certainly dangerous fire conditions we have to be extra careful over the next few days as it looks like it is going to stay hot and dry and windy too. up next the san francisco zoo needs your help finding. >>this guy a missing lever what we know about the when was the last time your property tax bill went down?
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what? never. are you kidding me? for years, the residential burden has gone up. while the corporate burden has gone down. prop 15 reverses that. it closes corporate loopholes and invests in schools, small business, and firefighters. and when the big corporations pay more, your tax bill goes down. that's right. a savings of a hundred twenty-one dollars a year for the average home. give homeowners a break. vote yes on 15.
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>>now to an alert from the san francisco zoo tonight officials say that a male lemur named mckee has gone missing yeah when he went missing the animal is being kept in the zoo's large lemur forest. here's what look i looks like he's a rain tailed lemur great. see the black and white striped tail the san francisco police department is now investigating the animals disappearance including the possibility of breaking occurred at the lemur forest officials say while mcisaac durable he's highly endangered require special care and food and he's only 21 and a half years old that is considered elderly for a lemur they say he is slow which is why officials think he may have been the easiest one to catch for the crooks in their fa cai has confirmed to be stolen it would not be the first time an animal has been taken from the zoo in 2011 a squirrel monkey banana sam was taken later returned in 2006 2 teenagers still koalas to try to impress
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their girlfriends anyone with info chi's whereabouts is asked to call. the police department immediately all right guys that wraps up kron 4 news at 5 coming up tonight at 6 10's of thousands of customers are. >>bracing to lose their power pge cutting electricity is a fall heat wave moves and fire crews from across the state. >>being deployed here as the threat of wildfire returns plus 2 killed in a triple shooting in oakland less than a day after a barrage of gunfire was the least unleashed just blocks away. police say the surge in violence as people now living in
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with your doctor. >>news at 6. it's not fun, but we're prepared and i think that's the key. you know for everybody when we look at climate change be prepared. >>now it's any moment now thousands of pg e customers in the bay area will be left without power as we have yet another preemptive power shot office is happening as high fire danger continues across the bay area, a red flag warning is now in effect. thank you for joining us at 6 o'clock everybody i'm grant lodes and i'm vicki liviakis in the next couple of hours 21,000 more customers. >>could lose their power in portions of the north bay all unplanned p s p s event tonight. take a


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