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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  October 15, 2020 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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warnings when will it end details coming up, >>in a chain to take things one day at a time about 30,000 northern california residents are powerless tonight after pg knees public safety power shut-offs we have live team coverage on the wildfire danger. and the less than 2 months after overturning his death penalty. the california supreme court has ordered a second look as scott peterson's conviction for killing his pregnant wife and unborn son we have legal analysis on this bombshell decision. >>good evening. thanks for joining us for kron 4 news at 8 o'clock, i'm ken wayne and i pale more residents in wine country have been stocking up on generators and flashlights batteries and other supplies all to help them deal with the latest outage many are feeling drained by what seems like a never ending wildfire season in the region, those power outages on the top story tonight restorations did start
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for some today and as we mentioned the number of customers without power in northern california. >>is about 30,000 around the bay area. alameda napa sam, a tail santa clara santa cruz and sonoma counties all have more than a 1000 customers who are in the dark. although people in some sections have been given the all-clear and that means their power could be restored soon so let's get the very latest now from kron four's justine waltman she's in our newsroom just a well pamela all-clear signal has been issued for portions of monterey santa cruz and santa clara counties, which means. >>that pg e crews can now begin patrolling all these d energize lines whether that's by helicopter or by foot or by car. and once they've confirmed that the lines have not suffered any when driven damaged and that hazards like trees are removed customers spent can have the power restored sort still a ways off but they've been given the all clear so let's take a look at where the power is out right now that's the purple triangles. >>that includes the psp s
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outages and will go up to the north bay because that's where they're still a big section of the bay area without power tonight that includes calistoga here even north of calistoga now these outages that are green and yellow those are not p s p s related here's more purple just near saint and also in sonoma and near boyes hot springs and just to the. east of napa going just quickly down here, there's a little section still in the east bay near piedmont this section here still without power that's right avenue and then as we zoom back out and come down all the way down from san mateo to santa cruz county. they're so big section of the bay area that is in the dark and without any air conditioning tonight because of no power unless they have a generator. this section also still in the dark future psp outages just to show you there still some thought that the power will still stay off for much of tomorrow because now the p g is going to all clear for just a few of the bay area county is as i said they're still
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going to go now and check all the lines and then go decide if the power can be turned back out on the latest that we heard is that most of the areas without power. we'll probably have their power turned back on by 10 o'clock tomorrow night. the latest is always on our website kron 4 dot com live in the newsroom i'm justine waldman kron 4 news thank you justine nonetheless power restoration is ahead of schedule after changes in some of the weather patterns. >>while the power remain to offer some customers in the east bay today pg e says. >>they should have the lights back on at some point tonight and that goes for people living in montclair in the open hills kron four's taylor sackey talk to people who are there she joins us now live with more taylor. >>ken pam i actually watched the lights go on here in montclair village about an hour ago. unfortunately we don't i think that's the same case scenario over in the hills right now, but you can see here it's a ghost town and this is exactly what it was like earlier today because all these businesses were closed with the exception of the
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larger grocery stores now and left many people in search of wi fi driving around maybe stopping at family's house to get hooked up to the internet and get some power and as we know with covid many parents are working from home while their kids are also at home with distance learning making the shut offs even more difficult megan miller who lives in the oakland hills says it's been a stressful day. >>again i can live us. you know chain to take things one day at a time that we have 3 and doing. >>a very straight with a dad and my husband and i both chains said work from home at the same time so it's high. >>well thankfully for families like the millers here in alameda county pg expects to restore power by 10:00pm tonight live in oakland taylor bisacky kron 4 news taylor. thank you well generators have been keeping the lights on for some and walnut creek after their community lost power some residents are frustrated because they live miles away
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from the mountains where the main fire danger is located. >>why is it that 2 blocks over there and they're against the hill there on her >>temperatures reached the night he's earlier today and the wind gusted pickup in some areas pg and e set up a community resource center a park wind speeds eclipsing 60 miles an hour in some areas that's why pg and e cut power as a safety measure well find out more about these dangerous weather conditions, let's check in with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow lawrence get winds over 5060 miles an hour you can imagine some of those lines slapping together or king may be some trees or branches falling on those lines certainly a major concern with fires we've had one heck of a fire season already offshore winds continuing out there this evening. >>and likely going to strengthen overnight for at least one more round maybe 2 as we head in toward the middle of the day tomorrow, but the winds these are some of the gusts we had today we
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had a gusted to mount saint alina of 65 miles per hour mount diablo 57 mile an hour winds in the santa cruz mountains 53 mile an hour gusts. healdsburg 52 oakland hills, 38 in similar gusts around many of the mountain tops around the bay area and even down below we have some gusty winds at times so red flag warnings of course continue to remain in effect expecting more of those wednesday increase overnight tonight, although it's probably not going to be quite as strong as what we had this morning still you're talking 3045 mile an hour gusts. maybe some 50 mile an hour gusts the higher peaks and the humidity, it is bone dry out there right now primed for fire conditions in the north bay watching some of those winds begin to subside in toward the afternoon hours but look what happens now beginning to see those pick up again just a bit you see some of those winds moving in 1920 22 miles per hour. some blustery was developing out there again overnight tonight, we'll see those winds picking up especially in the north bay gusty winds and early tomorrow morning also into parts of the
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east bay, but the winds. they're probably calm down a little bit through about the middle of the day only to ramp up again toward noon before we watch these winds begin to subside so we've got a 18 hours ago looks like those winds will calm down a sea breeze likely to return with low fire danger over the weekend guys. thank you. lawrence tonight, the glass fire remains at 97% containment that's according to the latest update from cal fire. >>more than 67,000 acres have burned in napa and sonoma counties and more than 800 homes were destroyed and with that red flag warning in effect until tomorrow, some property owners an app are feeling a little jittery downed trees are covering up a fire break in, but the state park that was kind of said glass fire raged in the area of saint alina the logs were just put here over the last few days and the property owner is a little dismayed about that sensor vineyard and home but up right up next to it. she credits the brakes cut into the state land for the reason her home and several others and the wineries there on spring mountain road did not burned but she's worried
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that the kind of trees and brush now covering up the fire breaks is creating a tinderbox is putting her and her entire community at risk again. honestly overwhelmed, i mean. this western most break on my property protected all of us in the community and. i didn't even know they were going to remove the breaking cover it with all the trees i thought they were just doing the one down by then you're by my house. >>which. i mean i can't if something happens here. that's fought for is right here at our pond. 5200 yards away last night. and they still completed the removal of the fire break. >>she says it was marine firefighters from camp pendleton who are doing this work to remove the fire breaks and they told her they're taking direction from state parks officials in a statement. state parks as they are not directing anyone to cover the fire breaks and are working with cal fire to investigate these particular
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circumstances. stu kron 4 for continuing wildfire coverage make sure to download the kron 4 app for the latest power shut off developments and to download the kron on app to watch the latest news briefings you can find both apps free on your phone's app store. a big story it was a high-profile case that led to the conviction of scott peterson but now tonight we're that peterson may soon be making a new appearance in the bay area courtroom. it is the latest chapter in a very long saga. >>peterson was convicted of killing his wife lazy and son connor 17 years ago and now the california supreme court has just handed down a ruling stating that there could have been juror misconduct. >>as kron four's terisa stasio tells us legal experts say this ruling could be a pivotal point in the case sending it back for a possible retrial. >>she was quite a flamboyant jurors. >>legal analysts paula canny diving into the details on the california supreme court's bombshell decision to grant a hearing in the scott peterson
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murder trial. the decision focuses on possible juror misconduct, former jury member rachelle nease was pregnant at the time of the peterson trial and involved in a contentious court case or boyfriends acts had threatened her. >>the process was they had to fill out your question years and one of the questions in the flesh in the questionnaires have ever been a party in a lawsuit have you ever been involved in any litigation. he ever been a crime victim. and so to those saying she said no and what was disclosed was she was a party to a lawsuit she filed a request for a temporary restraining order i mean entire system. you know is based on the premise that we are going to tell the truth and so this juror flat out lie and that's not all. >>following scott's conviction. nice sent letters
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to peterson on death row. >>a lot of them. they're like. >>crazy thing about this particular juror. it isn't just that she lied on the questionnaire a couple years later she began writing to scott peterson. she wrote more than 28 letter. >>and those letters were part of the appeal to the california supreme court for example quote my heart aches for your son. why couldn't he have the same chances in life as you were given. you should have been dreaming of your son being the best at whatever he did in life. not planning a way to get rid of him and quote for what comes next adverse publicity move the original trial and sentencing to san mateo county. so that is where this appeal process will take place we might see scott for yes scott will. >>come the san mateo county
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and will be present for those proceedings the stanislaus county district attorney issued this statement to kron 4 news about the latest development. quote. >>the media and public is reminded that this is just one step and a very long and complicated appellate process. theresa kron 4 news. >>coming up on kron 4 news the future is here general motors getting an autonomous vehicle green light in san francisco, a missing lemur mystery at the san francisco zoo tonight, an emotional plea for endangered animals safe return plus tonight would have been the second presidential debate and said president trump and joe biden ad
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>>we're now 90 days away from the november, 3rd election and kron 4 is your local election headquarters this season, both presidential nominees were center stage tonight in a pair of competing town hall they were supposed to meet in their second debate, but those plans were scrapped after president trump tested positive for covid and in tonight's town hall with nbc news. savannah guthrie pressed trump to clearly condemn white supremacy. here's what the president had to say. >>now it's white from the sea for years, but you always do and you always start off with the kids it endeavors to joe
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biden whether or not he denounces i watched him in the same basic show with lester holt any was asking questions like biden was a child was i did a nice white supremacy. >>president was also asked to denounce the conspiracy theory q a non but he claimed to not know enough about the topic to denounce it. he also said he couldn't remember if he was tested for covid-19 on the day of his first debate with joe biden well the president is you. >>clear. >>there's a vaccines. they say have a very positive impact and they can affect posctively. 85% of the american public. there's other say this vaccine is really the key this is this is this is the golden key. it depends on the state of the nature of the vaccine when it comes out and how it's being distributed. >>while the president was on one town hall mister biden
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speaking as you see here was moderate it was a part of a town hall moderated by abc news, george stephanopoulos and he talked about the potential vaccine and whether or not he make it mandatory and you just heard his answer they're the candidates are scheduled to face off in their final debate one week from today, it's unclear whether that will still take place but biden says if it does he will demand that president trump test negative for covid-19 first so for reaction to these competing town halls tonight. we welcome in henry brady is the dean of the goldman school of public policy at u c berkeley professor thanks for being with us i know it's kind of hard to watch 2 debates on separate networks from what you were able to observe what's your take away from both of these. >>well biden was the policy wonks. >>with nation's self. >>at times coming back so growth reuse it saw that one time already. came back at time again he did that he said
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things have you heard of and it it was typical trump and biden was pretty difficult time. more low key. both of them equivocated some issues probably trump. the court vacated that more. >>i'd like your reaction to how he handled the question about white it it the moderator a while to nudge him to get to that clear cut denunciation and his reaction to the q a non question he was asked of course you in on is the online group that has these really wild conspiracy theories and he did not clearly denounce q and on what was your feeling about both those subjects. >>well he did you know it's white supremacy which of course he had not done in the first debate he equivocated on that on q a non he gave what can only be called a bizarre answer which is he said he didn't know anything about them, but he did know that they are against pedophilia and he acted as if that recommendation for them, and
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it seems from anybody's perspective that's a pretty limited recommendation for anybody just to know that they're against pedophilia. >>a snapshot in time here on the polls, the president is down as we speak now of course that could change. but he's the one who seems to have to make up some ground here and do something to get those numbers up was he able to accomplish at. >>well not in this forum. this it's the whole story sort of bizarre. he needed the second debate much more than joe biden needed it and so when he said he wouldn't do it because it was had to go virtual. that was very strange and then schedule something directly opposite apparently nbc news really did the biden today is not going to help donald trump because he needs to get to the people. not his core supporters, but he needs to get to people who are still undecided and it's not clear that they necessarily chose to watch donald trump. >>there was a feeling during some of the q and a joe biden
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that he was tiptoeing along some of the wondering what his far left supporters might have to say regarding things like whether he will stack the supreme court. what was your feeling about that. >>well and on fracking first of all it's just interesting to see how fracking is such an important issue it's really an issue that matters to people in pennsylvania, few other states it really doesn't matter in a lot of other places but it's the security of our electoral college that it becomes a major issue. in terms of his left wing it is true that he was equivocating respected the green new deal. the one hand saying that he didn't really completely embrace it on the other hand. not really are refuting either. >>well dean thank you so much for your observations and analysis tonight we probably talk to you again soon before all of this is over. thank you. thank you. democratic vice presidential nominee
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kamala harris is suspending inperson events after 2 people tied to the campaign tested positive for covid-19. >>today officials announced harris's communications director flight crew member tested positive after a recent campaign trip. joe biden's campaign says the former vice president was not exposed. although he and harris did campaign together in arizona last week since then both biden harris have had multiple negative covid tests and we here at kron 4 committed to helping make sure your vote counts if you experience a problem casting your ballot. let us know and we'll investigate you can e-mail us at voting problems at kron 4 dot com. now to our 4 zone forecast as we give you a live look outside at downtown san francisco and pam when there's no fog that's hard to beat this view have very clear out there and i assume it's pretty warm as lawrence at least it's going to be warm tomorrow, yeah, toasty temperatures of fact today pam can we have some records out there. >>as high pressure sitting
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over head. those offshore winds years dry so it heats up in arbery and there we go into richmond 93 that was a record oakland right downtown 92 record actually 98 at the airport was an record today canfield 91 that was a record apple bay. this is amazing you get along the coastline. you think you know the beach near the cool waters. >>but those winds cut off all that cool air from the ocean all of a sudden you see those temperatures soaring to 90 in half moon bay that's amazing and 94 degrees tying a record in san jose. so as you might expect we do have more advisories up for some very hot temperatures expected across the bay area again for tomorrow. those numbers again soaring well into the 90's places get near triple digits in some of the interior valleys, even 80's out of the coast. >>thank you laura well jen the general motors cruise autonomous vehicle is getting ready to pull the human backup drivers from the vehicles in san francisco by the end of the year. in a statement today. the company says it got
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a permit from california department of motor vehicles to let those cars travel on their own. the move follows last week's announcement from waymo that it would open its autonomous ride hailing service to the public in the phoenix area in vehicles without human drivers as well waymo is hoping to eventually expand its service into california. cruz says there's no date for starting a ride service. the company will go neighborhood by neighborhood in san francisco and launched the driverless vehicle slowly before spreading to the entire city. >>and so painful it makes it impossible to walk. in tonight's flying tails with wildlife experts are doing to ease the pain and returned these fire victims back to the wild soon as possible. plus flirting with white supremacists mocking christian evangelicals kissing dictators rear as one republican senator
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i didn't choose this job because it was easy.
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but i can't say i expected this. to fight these fires, we need funding - plain and simple.
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for this crisis, and for the next one. prop 15 closes tax loopholes so rich corporations pay their fair share of taxes. so firefighters like me, have what we need to do the job, and to do it right. the big corporations want to keep their tax loopholes. it's what they do. well, i do what i do. if you'ld like to help, join me and vote yes on prop 15. >>after a weeklong stay in intensive care, former new jersey governor chris christie has recovered from covid-19 and tonight he is saying that he was wrong for not wearing a mask at the white house event for the announcement of judge barrett as the president's nominee to the supreme court. that event became a covid super spreader the president in more than 30 others wound up with the virus in a statement released today, christie called on all
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political leaders to advocate for face coverings saying quote every public official regardless of party or position should advocate for every american to wear a mask in public. prop appropriately socially distance and to wash your hands frequently every day. nebraska senator ben sasse taking aim at the president saying trump refused to take the covid pandemic seriously at first. >>he added the president quote flirted with white supremacy is mocked christian evangelicals in private and kissed dictators, but that's a quote sasso is running for a second term made comments to constituents in a telephone town hall meeting yesterday. they came in response to a question about why he has been willing to publicly criticize a president of his own party. trump's campaign spokesman declined to comment on sas is remarks. >>bridging the digital divide community leaders in the east bay 7 enough support to underserved students and elderly lemur swiped from the
8:28 pm
san francisco zoo we're learning new details about his potential whereabouts plus windy conditions as part of the wildfire danger we have details on the red flag warning in effect a
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>>our top story tonight some 30,000 customers in northern california do not have power at this hour in the bay area alameda napa san mateo santa
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clara santa cruz and sonoma counties all have more than a 1000 customers who are still in the dark and that red flag warning remains in effect through tomorrow morning that's because humidity will remain low and wind gusts will be dangerously high so for more on the dangerous conditions, let's check in with our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow lawrence yeah guys we have some gusts over 50 in the even over 60 miles an hour today. probably not going to strong tonight but still we're talking 3045 mile hour gusts, maybe some 50 mile an hour gusts across the higher peaks specially. >>in the north bay, the red flag warnings now posted across the north and the east bay also the santa cruz mountains parts of san mateo county as well those gusty winds couple impulso still to come one come in overnight tonight we're going to be watching those ins winds increased through about 4 o'clock in the morning or so you see the blustery was developing there some 40 plus mile an hour gusts over the mountain tops in blustery down below then as we head toward the middle the morning it subsides a little bit only to pick up again by about noon tomorrow another little impulse here and even blowing
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over part of east bay hills and parts of the santa cruz mountains but then after that looks like we start to see things weaken somewhat as high pressure breaks down even a little bit of a sea breeze by late in the afternoon. i think that will bring an end to the fire danger but the humidity a very low right now we're 15% you watch what happens as we roll forward and tomorrow we get down into the single digits through about 00:30pm in the afternoon tomorrow after that that sea breeze picks up and you start to see more moisture in the atmosphere of course that slowed the fire's down out there right now though just gorgeous weather all around the bay area and about those temperatures right now it is 88 degrees and palo alto if you can believe that 86 in redwood city, san francisco, you're still looking at 78 degrees an 84 degrees in all them pretty impressive evening right now for the middle of october. thank you lawrence customers in 7 bay area counties are affected by the power shut off and one of the counties with the largest number of outages is napa. >>that's where we find kron four's dan kerman to continue
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our team coverage. >>these calistoga homes west of the napa river have been without power since wednesday evening and the likely not get power back until sometime friday at the earliest it's really which is a big a big hassle now we have to go through all of this but some have been through this so many times before they're prepared for. >>i got the generator. >>some time after the tubbs incident. and so now we just use we just try and power like the main things that are important like cell phones computers, extreme heat coupled with gusty winds were 2 of the key factors in pacific gas and electric's decision to shut off the power due to fire danger. >>and the forecast turned out to be correct. >>we didn't record as high winds last night at mount saint helene and napa county 65 miles per hour when gus east of the napa river which includes most of downtown calistoga it's a different story power is still on thanks to this microgrid or bank of generators still word of the
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shutdown coupled with the red flag warning has the streets and the store's relatively empty. >>here and world it's just been kind of slow because i think people are kind of careful with their red flag warning. >>here in napa county pg and e had originally forecast some 9200 customers but have their power cut. but it turns out only 5,000 are without electricity. in the napa valley dan kerman kron 4 news. >>about 600 of pg and e's customers across the santa cruz mountains are in the dark this is one of the utilities helicopter crews inspecting the transmission lines in the san lorenzo valley today last night about 5,000 customers in the area had their power shut off that number was about a 1000 fewer than was anticipated california department of education has launched a fundraiser to help communities affected by the wildfires in emergency
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response fund is taking donations for any school community in the states affected by natural disasters. funds will be used for essentials such as food water ppe computers hotspots wi-fi hot spots and other distance learning supplies. >>the goal has been listed as a $100,000 for the fund raiser if you're interested in donating you can find a link on our website kron 4 dot com. our coverage of the latest power shut-offs continues to kron 4 dot com there you can find an interactive map of the affected areas track the changing weather conditions and always stay connected with alerts from the kron 4 apps. in the east bay oakland mayor libby shaft and education leaders are hitting a milestone in their efforts to bridge the digital digital divide for underserved students today in an event called oakland undivided community leaders distributed free laptops the campaign started about 5 months ago with one goal ensuring every public school student in need has access to a computer to the internet and tech support.
8:36 pm
>>today, 12,500 laptops have been put into the hands of east oakland students and the campaign is hoping to double that number. >>so to family not safety information. to know where they can get help with it's what this >>tells laptops are paid for by donations and among air shaft thanks twitter ceo, jack dorsey for donating 10 million dollars. new information tonight about the stolen lemur this is just into the newsroom that lehman a maki was taken from the san francisco zoo, daly city police just posting this information on twitter reading we found maki the stolen lemur from sf zoo about 05:00pm we got a report that he was in the playground area of the hope lutheran church we
8:37 pm
contained him until staff from the zoo took him back home the department tweeted out these pictures that you see on your screen and we're all pretty happy that mikey is back home. >>all right still ahead tonight at 8 allies new pre travel covid-19 testing program. >>officially started how you can make sure your next trip goes smoothly without having to quarantine plus today marks the final day of the confirmation hearing for judge amy coney barrett, how
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>>this has been one of the best set of hearings that i've participated in and i want to thank you for your fairness an the opportunity of going back and forth. it leaves one with a lot of hopes a lot of questions and even some ideas perhaps some good bipartisan legislation think we can put together to make this great country even better. >>today was the final day of the supreme court confirmation hearing for judge amy coney barrett judge tony barrett, sorry, yeah judge there wasn't even involved in today's hearings and despite those words of unity from california senator dianne feinstein the hearing did get heated. our washington correspondent alexandra le mon has details. >>points. >>in the final day of hearings democratic senators continued to push against the nomination
8:41 pm
of judge amy coney barrett to the supreme court this is as sham democrats say republicans previously vowed not to move forward with filling supreme court seats in an election year louisiana senator john kennedy says he made no such promise you just accused me breaking my word i can. >>name some names the record will confirm that the chairman. in effect made that. >>commitment democrats pointed to statements made by senator lindsey graham and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell when republicans blocked the nomination of merrick garland in 2016, he said the american people should have a voice in the selection of their next supreme court justice republican utah senator mike lee defended both the process and judge barrett certainly there is nothing about this nominee. can be left. as suggesting that she's anything other than an extraordinarily gifted jurist but illinois senator dick durbin says he didn't learn much about their
8:42 pm
positions i would be afraid to ask you about the presence of gravity on earth she may decline to answer because it may come up in the case in washington. >>alexandra le mon. >>next today treating the painful burns on animals pause in tonight's flying tails extraordinary extraordinary efforts. wildlif we made usaa insurance for members like martin.
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an air force veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it - with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started. because doing right by our members, that's what's right. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa >>california wildlife experts
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are coming together to help bears and mountain lions and other animals who are caught by the state's devastating wildfire in tonight's flying tails, we show you the new group they formed called the wildlife disaster network. and the unusual treatment to protect and save injured wildlife. >>wildfires don't discriminate people property and animals are victim. the california department of fish and >>so a lot of these animals are coming in shea says byrne fiends they were in here in their eyes and charles seat of the firearms. they often have smoke inhalation. >>paul burns are especially damaging the loss of skin exposes nerve endings making it so painful. the animals can't walk in and that's the
8:46 pm
challenge of the can't walk they can't find water and they can't find prey. >>and eat and so then they start to decline. >>such was the case with this 370 pound black bear was found in few counties north complex fire. >>he had a minor eye injury and smoke inhalation but the biggest concern was his burned paws. veterinarians now have a relatively new treatment. >>we can have our animals such as are bears ko from crawling on the ground because it's so painful to lock to literally standing up and be able to lock is being engines. that's one of most rewarding things. >>the bandages she's referring to are made from fish skin and sue church right on to the injured paw. >>it's all such and improvements and with using them that will have you some sense on several other animals they found about 13 different speeds these hour. and it's an around the difference for controlling their keen and hitting and killing better and faster as well as you know if
8:47 pm
they get the bandages off it's not a big deal that they eat them. >>the idea came from doctors in brazil have been using tilapia skin to treat human births. california veterinarian started using fish skin after major wildfires here 3 years ago. now it's common practice. >>this female mountain lion was found burned in los angeles county and brought to the fish and wildlife facility near sacramento. i think about my and has lost some weight so it's clear that she stock and suffering from those burns for a little while longer than the bear. >>she weighed 68 pounds and couldn't walk. >>and then we put the prepared tilapia skin on and that provides college and to the surface of the burn. but it also provides protective outside surface. so that rock pop ad is he on the ground that it's now the fish skin that's on the grounds. >>so far this year california's wildlife disaster network has treated for bears and for mountain lions plus foxes coyotes. bobcats and
8:48 pm
other animals. these mountain lion cubs are recuperating at the oakland zoo after they were found burned, but not every wildlife encounter ends in success. >>sometimes if we think that they do not have a good chance of survival. we can actually stop their suffering and that's really important to recognize as well because it's not ok to leave these animals on their suffering. >>with that injured 370 pound bear is going home. >>i was trucked back to the mountains is burn injuries healed enough for him to be returned to the wild. >>the bear that could only crawl a few weeks ago. jody is now ready to reclaim his domain. >>evening and really inspiring. it is not only we able to release that we were able to follow along find a list steyer one bear walked 20 miles. and they went on trial
8:49 pm
and 6 pass for me back in the wild. >>that's amazing though than you think about it pam that bear could walk 20 miles just a few weeks after getting his treatment when it had to crawl because the paws were so badly. yeah, you know you first showed me this i cheered of to see how wrong. their paws were from being burned by the fire. so this group that pulled together they all volunteers. well, they're they're all from a official wildlife organizations to fish and wildlife and u c davis veterinarians but they're working with private. rescue across california. so they're that mountain lion that was being treated came up from la county to be treated for these injuries so they're coming together across the state bringing the animals to the facility in rancho cordova is where the fish and wildlife does these surgeries and takes care of them and then eventually tries to release them back to the area where they were found so they're at least familiar with where they're good for
8:50 pm
>>teen tv 5 or sports tests. >>after the death of hall of famer and 9 are great fred dean dean passed away at the age of 68 due to complications from covid-19. he was traded to the niners in 1981 in immediately sparked their run to the franchise's first super bowl for his efforts. he was named nfc defensive player of the year. he won his second super bowl title with the 49 ers in 1985, he played 11 seasons in the nfl and was a four-time pro bowler he was inducted into the pro football hall of fame. in 2009 may he rest in peace. now if you follow the saint mary's men's basketball program you have definitely witness your fair share of upsets and if you follow the journey of their redshirt senior point guard tomika z that might surprise
8:51 pm
you too. kron 4 sports reporter kylen mill shows us how he went from walk on the team leader. >>from a high school junior who never played club basketball to starting division, one point you could say tommy koozies basketball rise has been fast and furious, i've always loved the game since i was a kid. without many college offers cousy accepted a walk-on spot on the saint mary's college men's basketball team. >>i just fell in love with the place i mean that the guys the way they treat each other was just you could tell there was a special culture here. >>and i really want to be a part of it because he says when he arrived on campus the gaels program lived up to his expectations and more the older guys in the program are great, i mean you never felt any selfishness from them they were completely invested in the team and you're like that's just how it is i mean. >>everyone's all in together pushing in the same direction and the only direction cousy was heading was up. >>after hardly seeing the court his first 2 years
8:52 pm
koozies number was called during his redshirt sophomore season. i mean coach luckily had enough faith in me to throw in the starting lineup just to just to get a change and get some new blood in there. i just started create a spark in worked out the gaels went on to upset gonzaga in the west coast conference championship before falling the opening round of the nc double a tournament. >>his redshirt junior season which was cut short due the pandemic cousy played more minutes than any other d one basketball walk on in the country. >> efinitely something i hadn't thought about but it's it's pretty special honor i think to to have that title something cousy had thought about was receiving a scholarship for his athletic efforts. >>this summer that thought became reality. >>definitely the transition when the school year ended and then all of a sudden. we're talking about ok now you're on scholarship. it was surreal moment for me and just kind of special to see all the hard work that put in. >>payoff but just because cousy is now full ride
8:53 pm
scholarship player doesn't mean he's taking his foot off the gas for a second. he says this season, he hopes to leave the gaels on a deep run in to the nc double a tournament but more importantly leave a legacy that can inspire other walk-ons something that coach be always says is. >>leave leave the program in a better place than it was when you came in. >>and so that has kind of my goal as a senior kyle and mills kron 4 sports a great story. highland that's what college sports is all about all right again 5 rays astro's. >>tied in the 9th when carlos career. it's a towering drive to center field he knew that was gone immediately to astro's walk it off korea's 6th home run of the postseason astros win 4 to 3 to cut tampa bay's lead 3 to 2 houston will try to extend their season to a game 7 tomorrow afternoon.
8:54 pm
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>>heading to hawaii. you can now skip the 14 day quarantine as long as you test a net negative for covid-19 at least 72 hours before arriving. today covid testing started at a second site at the oakland airport, the state of hawaii has designated open airport has its first certified travel partner the airport is now offering the free test to travelers in front of the main passenger terminal complex as well as at its first testing facility was opened october 6 that site is located at the
8:57 pm
airports northfield on ehrhardt road the testing process does take some research one of the most important things to remember is to get the test from a trusted partner tests must be taken within 72 hours of departure. everyone 5 years old and older must test negative to avoid quarantine. >>make sure to upload negative test results to the safe travels website 24 hours before departure to get a qr code upon arrival travelers will have their temperature taken and then separated depending on whether or not they have their test results and that qr code. that wraps up kron 4 news at 8 o'clock our prime-time coverage continues at the top of the hour, we'll continue to monitor the power safety shutoffs affecting thousands of people in the bay area where pga is restoring service and which communities should be preparing but it was police investigating an overnight crime spree in palo alto which neighborhood was targeted why police say it was so unusual. >>those stories and
8:58 pm
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the rights they deserve. no sick leave. no workers' comp. no unemployment benefits. vote no on the deceptive uber, lyft, doordash prop 22. one ride california doesn't want to take. >>news station. you're watching kron 4 news at 09:00am. >>now 9 you're looking at a live look over downtown san francisco on another warm evening in the city as the heat wave continued into a second day the national weather service reported that 5 record high temperatur


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