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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  October 16, 2020 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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to be a much nicer weekend in the past couple of days have been and even today about to be a really really hot one out there. the good news in this forecast is winds becoming less and less of a factor and that actually really all starts today. despite the heat that's going to be sticking around looking outside at san francisco, i'm in skies are crystal clear no big surprise there. we haven't had any fog nor marine cooled air. >>pushing in across the bay area that is equally as true today, so don't expect much cool weather but also don't expect any gloom are great conditions as for our red flag warnings were on the tail end now expiring today at 11:00am now even though we're keeping heat and dry weather around the 3rd factor which are those winds really diminish after 11:00am this morning still breezy across the north bay in the east bay as of right now you will gradually see winds calming down throughout the course here morning and post lunchtime today look at what happens a pretty stark difference from breezy to
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start to actually really calm to close out this friday. and that's the way we're going to stay through saturday and sunday too much calmer conditions. so that is actually helping a lot with the heightened fire potential that we had been seeing 60's 70's, even a couple of 80's on the map this morning and those areas where winds are president helping to keep those areas like berkeley and saint helene on the warm side in the low 80's fairfield conquered in oakland also quite warm at 77 degrees. well alameda 82 right now so we're already to a warm start and it's going to be a hot finish to the day a whole lot like yesterday. couple of triple digits on the maps close to triple digits for a lot of the bay area once you head inland up into the mid 90's upper 90's on average inland. 90's right along the bay and even some upper 80's towards the coast, i've got more details on what exactly to expect all through this weekend still to come robin all right sounds good. thank you for the update john now let's update your morning commute which is looking pretty good so far we don't see any big problems
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here from the oakland side of the bay into san francisco 24 the east shore 5.80 all doing fine clear. >>through the bottom of the maze through the toll plaza across upper deck and once you make it into san francisco. it's looking good on the skyway the central freeway, the james like and 2.80 so no problems so far let's head over to 92 we're taking a trip to the san mateo bridge a look at that more traffic heavier traffic rolling to the peninsula, it's busier and busier every time we check in on it. it's still not bad, but it's just shows you exactly you know how many folks are out there so this is why we tell you get up roll out early because the traffic is going continue to pick up through the hour and if you don't want to be stuck in a major delay, you need to get out there as early as you can we still don't have any problems or major incidents right now over to 5.80 it's very quiet here at the richmond sandra fell bridge. this is usually the last bridge to start stacking up when you compare it to the bay bridge and the san mateo bridge. so all is well so far he is a person just made you to her. first was heading west
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went right through the lot and said no i'm gonna go in the opposite direction we say did safely no problems here through the tolls and across the span we'll check more traffic coming up a little bit later. well happening now while p g has started restoring power to some bay area neighborhoods, thousands are still waking up this morning with no power. so check this out, here's a look at the current pge public safety shutoff map. you see areas highlighted in purple the outages spanned from the north to the south all the way over to the east bay. if you like to get specifics and the latest on the power shut know more about what's going on in your particular neighborhood. you can always head over to our website kron 4 dot com. well now to the santa cruz mountains powers expected to be fully restored tonight to about 5,000 pg e customers yesterday afternoon pg e's helicopter there it is right there helicopter crews. they were out there inspecting transmission lines in boulder creek to get ready to power them up. well the power was shut off wednesday night but since the winds did not pick up as anticipated a lot of
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homes have their power back on yesterday afternoon. >>and the wind really never showed up so we're i'm very thankful that they did not turn off the power one time a few years ago. they did turn off the power when the wind did not come they had warned us they turned it off and then we never had any wind and that was that was rather irritating. but this time. they they would literally they waited until whether or not the wind came and when the wind didn't come they left the power on. >>well, yeah, at least the county was prepared right resource centers were set up to help people get water and snacks and and power to charges to charge their phones and other devices that they have so that's good. well to the east right now the power shut off affected people who live in walnut creek neighborhood that say it's not prone to wildfires, so they weren't use this homes on you or scored have been without power since wednesday night. tim shea on he lives there and he picked up a generator to keep us food, fresh. he's pretty frustrated by yet another power shut off and
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believes that pg and e can just avoid it altogether. >>utilities for they painter guys that we don't have this problem or try to start putting things and around why is it that 2 blocks over there and they're against the hill there on our >>well powers not expected to be restored until later on tonight. well, the red flag warning in effect until late this morning, some property owners an app or filling a little jittery right now. one winery owner says that some fire breaks that were put in during the glass fire actually now covered by downed trees kron four's maureen kelly has that story. >>these down trees are covering up a fire break in both a state park that was cut as the glass fire raged in this area of saint the logs were put here over the last 3 days to the property owners dismay since her vineyard and
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home but right up against the park. she credits the fire lines cut into state land for the reason her home and several other homes and wineries here on spring mountain did not burn the 25 acres of her for us and meadow did burn and now with the red flag warning in effect until friday she's worried with good reason while i was there we could see smoke rising from what was an apparent hot spot not far in the distance she fears that the kind of trees and brush now covering up the fire breaks are creating a tinderbox that is putting her in her entire community at risk again. she did not want her face shown or her name used but take a listen as she describes her feelings on scene a second fire break covered up for the first time honestly overwhelmed, i mean. >>this western most break on my property protected all of us in the community and. i didn't even know they were going to remove the break and cover it with all the trees i thought they were just doing the one down by my van you're by my house, which. i mean i
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can't if something happens here. that's fought for is right here at our pond. 5200 yards away last night. and they still completed the removal of the fire break. >>she says it was marine firefighters from camp pendleton who were doing this work to remove the fire breaks. they told her they were taking direction from state parks. in a statement state parks as they were not directing anyone to cover the breaks here and are working with calfire to investigate these particular circumstances, here's a twig from one of the branches now covering up that fire break you can see how dry and brittle it is. >>now the winery owner says she understands the idea of covering up these fire lines for erosion control. but she wishes this what happened closer to rainy season or at least until the red flag warning has been lifted. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>well several bay area mayors
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are calling on governor gavin newsome and the state superintendent to safely reopen schools, mayors of the state's 13 largest cities, including san jose, san francisco and oakland. they make up the big city mayors coalition. well, they say low income families and k through 12 children throughout the state have been the most vulnerable to digital learning. well the app that quote black latino and now a low income students with special needs are newcomer students, homeless and foster youth are particularly at risk of just falling further behind their peers simply put we're facing the greatest education equity crisis in most of our lifetimes in quote. well police along the peninsula are investigating a series of brazen home burglaries 2 men. i wanted for breaking into homes while people were still sleeping inside and they stole a car kron four's dan thorn has more on the crime spree from palo alto. >>investigators say that these
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overnight crimes are extremely rare and unusual in palo alto because these burglaries typically happen during the day. investigators were able to recover the car but the search is still on for the suspects. an early morning crime spree is putting residents of palo alto's adobe meadows neighborhood on high alert. >>2 men captured on home security cameras are wanted for breaking into homes and stealing expensive bicycles a purse and an audi suv and a frightening especially during the middle of the night and we all thought we were safe. police say the men targeted houses on galen avenue kareen away and nathan way around 2 o'clock monday morning. during one break in the men snuck in through an unlocked window and stole a purse off of the kitchen table while the couple was sleeping. later that morning, a neighbor reported their suv had been stolen from kareen away. police say it was found abandoned just a few blocks away one of the surveillance pictures shows one of the suspects with a tattoo or a mark on their neck. police are hoping this
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will help identify him all of these crimes happening while the neighborhood was sound asleep when that much happened. >>in a short time during the middle of the night and they got into people's homes without being detected and it about injuring the occupant it was just about getting their stuff. >>police tell us that one of the suspects tried using the credit cards that were stolen from the purse at a convenience store in san jose later that morning. detectives are right now looking into those transactions but in the meantime palo alto police are asking people to take steps to protect their homes and also keep an eye out for any suspicious activity. reporting in palo alto dan thorn kron 4 news. >>the city is clan and portland are actually suing the trump administration over the use of federal agents at protests. the lawsuit was filed in u.s. district court in san francisco. mostly focuses on the federal government's actions in portland oregon. it alleges the u.s. marshal service
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unlawfully deputize dozens of local portland police officers as federal agents despite objections from the city officials oakland mayor libby schaaf explain why her city joined in on that lawsuit. >>idea troops without any coordination and over the objections of >>the mayor was a nice oakland yesterday handing out laptops to students they are very excited. the city has so far handed out 12,500 laptops thanks to donations. that's the halfway mark of the city's goal to hand out 25,000. it's great to see. >>well coming up next on the kron 4 morning news trading the painful burns on animal fall, so my goodness look at that we'll take a look at the extraordinary efforts at wildlife experts are taking to protect and save the four-legged victims
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>>welcome back to the kron 00:04am morning news and thanks for staying with us everyone california wildlife experts have come together to help there's a mountain lions and other animals who caught by the state's devastating wildfires. well a new group called the wildfire disaster network is using unusual treatment to protect and save
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injured wildlife kron four's ken wayne has that story in this morning's flying tails. >>wildfires don't discriminate. people property and animals are victim. the california department of fish and >>so a lot of these animals are coming in shea says byrne fiends they were in here in their eyes and charles seat of the firearms. they often have smoke inhalation. >>paul burns are especially damaging. the loss of skin exposes nerve endings making it so painful. the animals can't walk in and that's the challenge of the can't walk they can't find water and they can't find prey. >>and heat and so then they start to decline. >>such was the case with this 370 pound black bear was found in few counties north complex
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fire. >>he had a minor eye injury and smoke inhalation but the biggest concern was his burned paws. veterinarians now have a relatively new treatment. >>we can have our animals such as are bears ko from crawling on the ground because it's so painful to lock to literally standing up and able to lock is being engines. and that's one of the most rewarding things. >>the bandages she's referring to are made from fish skin and sue church right on to the injured paw. >>it's all such and improvements and with using them that will have you some sense on several other animals they found about 13 different speeds these hour. and it's an around the difference for controlling their keen and hitting and killing better and faster as well as you know if they get the bandages off it's not a big deal that they eat them. >>the idea came from doctors in brazil have been using tilapia skin to treat human births. california veterinarian started using fish skin after major
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wildfires here 3 years ago. now it's common practice. >>this female mountain lion was found burned in los angeles county and brought to the fish and wildlife facility near sacramento. i think of the mountain lion has lost some weight so it's clear that she stock and suffering from those burns for a little while longer than the bear. >>she weighed 68 pounds and couldn't walk. >>and then we put the prepared tilapia skin on and that provides college and to the surface of the burn. but it also provides protective outside surface. so that pop ad is he on the ground that it's now the fish skin that's on the grounds. >>so far this year california's wildlife disaster network has treated for bears and for mountain lions plus foxes coyotes. bobcats and other animals. these mountain lion cubs are recuperating at the oakland zoo after they were found burned, but not every wildlife encounter ends in success. >>sometimes if we think that
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they do not have a good chance of survival. we can actually stop their suffering and that's really important to recognize as well because it's not ok to leave these animals out there suffering. >>with that injured 370 pound bear is going home. >>i was trucked back to the mountains is burn injuries healed enough for him to be returned to the wild. >>the bear that could only crawl a few weeks ago. jody is now ready to reclaim his domain. >>evening and really inspiring. it is not only we able to release that we were able to follow along find that and great first day or one bear walked 20 miles. and they went on trial and 6 pass from me back in the wild. >>now back to the wild back to the woods they go thank goodness for programs like that all right let's check in with meteorologist strong tribal who has a look at the forecast, you know fire danger
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still a concern around the bay area with a high temperatures john yeah absolutely is rob and that is something that we're going to be looking throughout the day today. >>even as winds calm down gradually through the day we're still in the midst of some really hot weather daytime highs in many cases just as hot as they were yesterday looking out there at berkeley skies, obviously nice and clear we don't have any fog yet again even though winds are beginning to relax as we work our way into the afternoon don't expect much of a presence of marine layer and that means even hot all the way out to the coastline. a pretty consistently. windy like night last night still windy this morning to sonoma in calistoga with winds gusting into the 30 mile per hour range oakland fairfield vacaville. down through danville all looking at breezy conditions to even right at the coast, some offshore winds right around half moon bay, pushing any sort of fog way way way off shore today said no fog anywhere close in sight as we work our way through the morning winds remain with us
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by the afternoon ahead of us look at how we do come down by 2.15 still breezy for a couple spots but sure does not near as windy as this morning and especially compared to yesterday much calmer by the evening tonight, even calmer yet. now even the winds are calming down we are still under red flag warnings now until 06:00pm those were extended this morning and part of the reason for that is we're still very dry humidity bone or bone dry and also temperatures are going to be as hot as they will be in the upper 90's so all it takes is a bit of wind and we still do have those red flag warnings in effect till 06:00pm winds will still gradually come into the afternoon not about to see those red flag warnings expiring just yet though daytime highs today we look at these numbers conquered up to 99 nap at 98 sonoma you'll be at a 100 degrees. even oakland up into the mid 90's today. tomorrow's temperatures will still be toastie but not as warm as today's will be and then the rest of the forecast after that point looking a lot
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more seasonable 80's inland 70's by the bay. rob thank goodness. thank you john. >>well on to national news now nothing is for certain as the confirmation hearings for supreme court justice nominee judge amy coney barrett comes to an end washington correspondent jessi turnure joins us live this morning with a last ditch effort to delay the vote good morning jesse. >>good morning robin if confirmed barrett, what actually beat her predecessor the late justice ruth bader ginsburg for the fastest confirmation in recent history. but on my ginsburg barents is happening during an election year and it will not be receiving a near unanimous vote. >>i believe americans of all backgrounds deserve an independent supreme court. >>after judge amy coney barrett made her case to the senate judiciary committee, democrats tried to delay her confirmation do indefinitely postponed the nomination american or not despite chairman lindsey graham's
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objections, connecticut democrat richard blumenthal push forward we do grave damage. to the supreme court by politicizing it in this way but louisiana republican john kennedy argued the committee has an obligation to confirm president trump's nominee, the constitution zone affected by the electoral calendar. when it deals with filling supreme court nomination. the democrats attempt failed and republicans scheduled a final committee vote on barrett's nomination next week i don't think she has any conflict at all in doing town halls thursday night president trump and joe biden addressed there it's all but certain confirmation biden was asked about court packing in a town hall moderated by abc news is george stephanopoulos if they vote before the election you are open to expanding the court. i'm open to what happens from that point in a town hall with nbc news president trump was asked if he expects spirit to rule in his favor if the election is contested it would be totally up to i would think that she
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would be able leave it for me or against me. >>so the committee will vote on barrett's nomination at next thursday, the same day as the final presidential debate. >>and then the full senate is still set to get final approval just days before the election live in washington, i'm jessi to. >>all right, thank you for the update jesse we appreciate it. well before we head to break we're taking a live look outside at the airport sfo dark a little cloudy maybe for some of you this morning but we're already off to a mile start and it's going to be even hotter as we head into the afternoon and the weekend so john trouble is tracking those red flag warnings and you'll have your full forecast coming up in just a bit 6.
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>>coming up in the next hour while pga start restoring power to some bay area neighborhoods, thousands are still waking up with no power this morning we're live in the north bay with the latest. plus good news for mackey the lemur that went missing from the san francisco zoo. like he's been found this is great news where he was spotted before being taken back home. and instead of a second presidential debate president trump and joe biden addressed the nation in dueling town halls. we'll have highlights coming up in the next hour.
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>>you're watching morning news at 5. >>good morning and happy friday, i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher big story today continues to be the power shut offs across the bay area the high fire danger to the red flag warnings that are in place to this evening. >>plus talk how last night i know i actually slept really
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good on the in the basement, i was so tired, i fell asleep in my own bed never you know what it's super hot like this. yeah, i'm always in the garage on these days. but yes we are looking at another hot one today guys and unfortunately not the best asleep in weather again tonight look at out there the bay bridge sales force tower it's all crystal clear no marine layer and a red flag warnings extended now till 06:00pm tonight now why are they extend it even further even the winds are calming down. well today is going to be another scorcher with triple digits near triple digit heat for inland areas. it's going to be bone dry as far as humidity goes and even though winds will calm down they will still be present enough for heightened fire danger to still exist so we're starting this morning off with some of our windiest of conditions still that 20 to 30 miles per hour range of gas for much of the north bay, the east bay and even right along the coastline. winds will gradually come down into the afternoon and you'll notice


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