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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  October 16, 2020 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>>news at 5. now at 5 a second fire is burning in south san francisco after a major grass fire sparked on sign hill here. officials now saying it's a coincidence the 2 fires started so close to one another. thanks for joining us at 5 o'clock everybody i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis that first fire that sparked on sign hill. >>is now contained that's the good news although fire crews are still on scene working on full extinguishment force maureen kelly joins us now live from the scene of the second fire which is just about a mile from where the grass fire started this afternoon maureen what's the
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status. >>i can tell you it's a lot better than it was just about 3 o'clock this afternoon when this fire behind me that happen in a where a wholesale bakery on starlite road. a rough day at around 3 o'clock today you can see right now they have their firefighters here they're wrapping up their hoses so obviously this is becoming under control here at this hour. it's been a crazy afternoon 9 alarms have been wrong in the city of south san francisco. >>this fire only about a mile away from another grass fire that broke out around noon. >>a massive column of smoke could be seen pouring out of sine hill in south san francisco today blowing over the 2.80 freeway burning the grass around the iconic sign that greets people driving north on one oh one that reads south san francisco, the industrial city with the hot
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temperatures and breezy conditions, lots of resources were thrown at this blaze, it went to a 5th alarm plus a cal fire alarm which brought in air support. it got uncomfortably close to homes several streets were evacuated. as many as 3 homes on mountain road were scorched to the fire bump up against a couple of but their were able to make a quick stop and knock it down before the fire got interior, so there's just an accidental damage to those on the letters on the hillside are made of cement and seemed to glean even wider next to the black in the grass. >>not long after that fire was contained another fire broke out just a few blocks away from the south city emergency command center on starlite street. >>burning in the heart of the industrial city, it pumped out thick black smoke fire could be seen erupting from the roof workers from a business nearby watched as firefighters poured water on it from above always in the back shop and then a gentleman from another stop cross the >>seven's by smoke coming from one of the building behind
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you. so we went out and notice started it was just pummeling outside of the back. luckily, it next to us. but we think it's a bakery that's on starlite state that bystander marveling at seen 2 major fires burning in his city. >>on the same day we actually saw the no-fire >>yeah it's been a crazy day. >>absolutely crazy day be the one good news, no injuries in either of these 2 fires, they are both under investigation at this time they don't believe these 2 places are related at all even though you're so close in proximity. grant vicki back to you. all right. >>maureen kelly live for us tonight in south san francisco. fortunate that things ended the way they did didn't this just in from south san francisco fire all mandatory evacuations have been lifted except 4 mountain road. so good news there. now to a developing story in the
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far crews are responding to a grass fire in vacaville long. i 80 fires assisting in the four-alarm fire chp has issued a severe traffic alert on westbound 80 near midway at this time all lanes are blocked and drivers should expect delays on this friday night as traffic is being diverted off midway we'll bring you more details there is they come into our news fires as a red flag warning has been extended. >>in some parts of the bay area until 8 o'clock. tomorrow morning you see on the right on the screen there south san francisco near that chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now with a look at that current fire conditions and large we just have to get through this next stretch here. yeah, know they've unfortunately been extended but the winds boy this is just a stubborn ridge so keeping those offshore winds in control now likely will be that way for at least another 12 hours or so then we're going to see us with right now that dry northerly wind continuing across the bay area
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we have some pretty impressive gusts overnight again last night. >>into early in the morning in fact some of those gusts 63 miles an hour mount saint helene a job low 41 mile an hour gusts and really across lot of the east bay, some of those winds of almost 40 miles per hour mount on them calm down little bit remember yesterday were gusting as high as low 50's today, 70 mile hour gusts. in healdsburg just above their on hawkeye we had a gust of 47 miles per hour and the oakland hills gusting to 40 miles an hour. so certainly dangerous fire conditions bone dry out there as well some of the relative humidity dropping down to 10% even less than that so red flag warnings continuing now until 6 o'clock in the evening for much of the bay area but then things begin to change the next part will be in the east bay hills that are expecting these red flag warnings to continue until 08:00am tomorrow still could see some 2030 mile an hour gusts across the mountain tops maybe a little bit stronger across some of the higher peaks, the humidity though it
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is just so drive a fire breaks out those kind of conditions it will spread rapidly also in the north bay expecting 20 to 30 mile an hour winds. and it's very dry there. the humidity down to about 12 to 20%. so certainly dry enough that should a fire start with those kind of winds it will move rapidly right now we're not seeing a whole lot of wind down lower areas of course we have a lot of those gusty winds early on now most the winds confined to the mountain top just some light winds out there right now but overnight tonight we've got another round of some winds developing mainly in the north they not going to be a strong as it was can see as we take you through the night see the colors developing in the north bay, the rest the bay area looking fairly calm compared to what we had and then i think as we get through the day tomorrow. i think we're looking pretty good actually we'll see a little bit of a sea breeze by the afternoon. that means some much cooler temperatures ahead and less fire danger as well guys. thank you. lawrence power restoration is underway as we speak this is a look at pg and e's current outage mac you remember that the utility preemptively shut off power as
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the winds picked up and it was hot obviously dry out there. the purple here indicates areas that are still without power right now sonoma county is 82% restored napa county 50% restored. >>and further north in lake county. they are 100% restored and while power is being turned back on slowly not all of it is going smoothly case in point napa county where some were powered up only to be. >>shut off all over again kron four's dan kerman live for us in the napa valley tonight with more dan. >>well we've been talking a lot about calistoga and as you know because of the way things are set up in calistoga people on the west side of the river get shut off during a power shut off. there's a generator for those on the east side of the river well. what happened this afternoon was they started powering back up that west side and then before you know it the entire town was without power. about 2.20 friday electricity was
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restored to calistoga homes on the west side of the napa river. >>these folks have been without power for 2 days due to pg and e's power shut off. >>teams like the technology. we have today to be able to solve this problem without traitor electricity off to huge populations. >>but the lights coming on didn't last long after 10 minutes, they were out again and so we're homes and downtown businesses on the east side of the river when everything was re energizing. >>there is a circuitry complication or errors that's not allowing to the energy comes through it is unrelated according to them to the 50 s t s. >>but they are on it and trying to find what the situation is lot of that is doing is preventing the entire city from the for downtown businesses that are already struggling due to covid-19 and fire evacuations having their power go out with no warning was the last thing they needed. >>it kills or business or
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businesses suffering. tremendously all of us all of our businesses here in calistoga or tremendously suffering. wine tasting rooms restaurants, you ourselves or completely down we should be really busy right now. >>this is the peak heart of summer. we must hargus i mean all of it just comes down to us not having any business. now about 4.10 this afternoon that's about 2 hours later the east side of the river was powered back up again including those downtown businesses that want to remind you that they are open and they do have power. >>as for the west side which has been powered out for today's other than that 10 minutes they remain without power. no time known when they will be restored. that's the latest live in the napa valley dan kerman kron 4 news. thank you dan and business owners in san mateo county are also feeling the effects of that pg e's power outages. >>the owner of boras farms, it's in a pop-up onyx business
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as it. they have fish in big tanks, there that also of they also have a lot of produce growing and they say that they need electricity to keep the pumps running for their fish tanks and since the power went out wednesday evening, the owner tells kron 4 that it's pretty upset about the shut offs and so are his neighbors. >>their first date with as well yeah, you know we we do have a the generator can count on so i had to go buy another generator. >>to to to make up for the difference. so this this power outage has cost in lost production in inventory probably about 10 or $15,000. >>and it's not clear when power there will be back on but according to pg e's website a crew has been assigned to assess the power lines and they're hoping they have the power back on by 10 o'clock tonight. >>tonight that glass fire in the north bay is still at 97% containment. that's according to the latest update more than
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67,000 acres and burned it napa and sonoma counties and more than 800 homes have been destroyed. >>tonight the trump administration is reversing course and granting governor newsom's request for a disaster declaration after several wildfires ravaged the state and this comes after first rejecting the state's request. the request for aid was from all the damage from 6 fires, including the creek fire that burned in fresno county. >>the president initially rejected it. but earlier this afternoon governor newsom tweeted that he had a phone call with the president said mister trump now is approving the governor's request. governor newsome added that he's grateful for the president's quick response. this request comes amid of course a historic fire season in california that's still going. it's burned more than 4.1 million acres. denials of relief really are rare. governor newsome has previously praised the trump administration for approving a related to fires.
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>>to the north bay now an investigation is underway after a man was fatally shot in a fairfield parking lot. according to police 5 people were gathered at the lot on the 1200 block of her eyes and drive just before midnight last night when the suspect drove up. they started argue with one of them. the suspect then fired several times at the group and hit one man who was taken to the hospital and later died from his injuries. fairfield police say that the suspect was a male. but a detailed description is not available anybody with information is being asked to call police. >>and the east bay 2 window washers needed to be rescued today after their scaffolding collapsed and left them dangling. the men were rescued by firefighters in walnut creek california plaza building on north california boulevard scaffolding apparently collapsed just before 7 this morning left the 2 guys to spend it on their safety ropes. they were rescued by firefighters and you see them being taken down here they went to the hospital for evaluation. we have not
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heard a further update. >>another covid release package will be up in the senate next week learn what some senators think about this latest attempt and covid is spreading at a high level in oakland's fruitvale district. we learned live one doctor says the test results. they're quite alarming. plus a major covid-19 outbreak gilroy nursing
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>>a dozen deaths are reported in a skilled nursing facility in gilroy other residents and staff are testing positive for the coronavirus the deaths are related to a widely accepted practice of accepting coronavirus patients from hospitals. >>i forgot fladeboe brings us up to speed on the story. he's live and gilroy with the latest from. >>well that's right grant overall covid infection numbers continue to trend down in santa clara county what's been happening here in gilroy recent months is further evidence skilled nursing facilities like the one behind me here continue to be hotbeds for the spread of covid-19. here's more. >>health care and rehabilitation center has confirmed that 12 residents have died from covid-19 another 75 residents have tested positive. the facility has been caring for covid positive patients transferred from hospitals, according to advocates for nursing home reform attorney mike dark is
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that hospitals will send people with covid. >>into nursing facilities to be cared often among other people who are. >>covid negative and some of the consequences as as you can just expect are catastrophic. >>another 54 staff members have tested positive as visitors residents staff are now being routinely screened and tested. transfers were quarantined in a special recovery unit. the facility says all of the transferred patients recovered insisting the virus was not introduced by the transfers and that a resident had tested positive here back in june. >>we should be able to do much better we should be able to do better than thousands of people dying in these facilities throughout the state and part of the truck problem is that this is really just kind of the halfway we're entering now a period when we're going to be seeing both flu and there are still
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restrictions on visitation so families can't get into these facilities see how people are doing make sure that they are safe. and so we will have other gilroy's happening throughout the state for the next 2 months in a statement the facility said quote we have and will continue to purposefully augment our systems with new ways to operate. >>that will enhance protection and prevent the spread of the virus to both staff and residents by doing the following screen staff and essential personnel prior to entry and follow cdc guidelines provide ppe based on staff rules and assignments. >>observation unit created for newly admitted patients for the purpose of quarantine and for care of covid-19 positive patients designated separate rulings of the facility. >>since the pandemic began roughly 4500 people have died of covid-19 infection in skilled nursing facilities like this one that accounts for roughly 27% of all deaths so far. >>live in gilroy rob fladeboe kron 4 news all right rob to
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the east bay now covid-19 spread is at a high level in oakland's fruitvale district that is according to a doctor from ucsf who conducted a study of people who live and work in that area. morris has 8 million has details the results are in from a 2 day covid-19 testing event focusing on the latin x community in oakland's fruitvale district nearly 1200 adults in around 150 children participated in the study. >>ucsf doctor alicia fernandez, we found that the overall pcr prevalence was about 3%. >>the pci prevalence among prove those mayan community members was even more alarming immigrants mayans. >>specifically had an even higher rate of pcr prevalence 8% by comparison on latinos who participated in the food, the study tested below as pcr rate of 0.5% we also find the
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people who are pcr positive are less likely to have health insurance they are also in some cases less likely to follow covid-19 health and safety guidelines says oakland city councilmember noel guy when you go to the flea market here in oakland, it is packed. >>it is packed saturday and sunday on coliseum way and 50th avenue you cannot drive in. and some of are not following the rules so we need to follow we're going to continue to work with these incredible partners that are embedded deeply in your community so that we can understand and doctor fernandez says improving the city's knowledge of how the pandemic is impacting those who live and work in the proved bill is the goal. >>we hope that testing the data will be used to inform public health response and 2 used to be informed by the city and like our community partners haaziq madyun kron 4
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news. >>i whether time now as we take a live look outside on this friday night getting a check on the 4 zone forecast boy there was a lot of traffic on one oh one southbound in sausalito earlier today, it looks like it's moving along there slowly both sides of the span beautiful day though, not a outs of fog. the trouble vicki of course they have the fire danger along with chief meteorologist lawrence curnow here to tell us about the weekend whether he had guys we're going to see a cool down over the weekend looks like this he waived the start to wane just a bit but what a day to day gorgeous weather all the way the coastline certainly the fire danger running high, but beautiful temperatures. >>all the way to the beach fact it is toasty out there right now 93 degrees in san jose is warmer in san jose that it is in livermore right now 90 in oakland at this hour 82 on the beach in half moon bay 93 degrees in redwood city
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in palo alto 93 in novato and 95 degrees hot. in the napa valley 95 also in santa rosa. so certainly hot temperatures out there looks like we're going to watch these numbers start to cool off a little bit high pressure finally beginning to show some signs of weakening a little bit you've got some rain actually moving up in the pacific northwest but those offshore winds continuing here bringing us clear skies and no fog just yet. but i think we're going to see some over the weekend air quality looking pretty good around the bay area right now you're in the green into san francisco across the bay even with the fires out there and you start to see a little with some yellow begin to make its way into the santa cruz area and also getting toward san jose but we'll see changes over the weekend the finally going to cool things down saturday kind of it in between day it is still going to be a warm to hot day in parts of the bay area you may see a couple patches of fog sneaking along the coastline not going to be much. but i think you'll see that return as we get into sunday models start to pick up on that to that suddenly surge of fog pretty common what you see after he wave like this want to see that moving to help drop those temperatures.
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overnight lows going to be a little more comfortable to sleep tonight, we'll be down in the 50's and the 60's and set a lot of those 70's that we had over the past couple of nights, but it will be much cooler as we're going to see those temperatures dropping tomorrow still it's going to be hot inland here in the 90's in the valleys stead of all 90's around the bay or look at some 80's some 90's in the south bay plan on still very nice weather along the coastline with some of those temperatures at the beach in the 70's. thanks more. still ahead tonight an arrest made after mocking lemur went missing from the san francisco
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>>update on a developing story, good news. remember that stolen lemur it is now back at the san francisco zoo and a suspect is behind bars police say that 30 year-old cory mcgill away was arrested in the north bay and will be transferred to san francisco to face charges. police say even though may go away has been arrested investigation remains ongoing and anyone with information is being asked to call san francisco police. we've been covering the disappearance of this little guy since wednesday. when officials say that he was stolen from the san francisco zoo, he's home now safe and sound after being spotted at hope lutheran church in daly city. the san francisco zoological society will donate the reward money to the churches in his honor. 2100 bucks. back next on kron 4 news at 5 more than 17 million
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americans have already cast ballots in the 2020 election will break down the numbers here in the bay area and california secretary of state will not take legal action against the republican party. the latest controversy with the gop on authorized ballot boxes and why one of our political expert says we might see a blue wave come election
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taking california for a ride. companies like uber, lyft, doordash. breaking state employment laws for years. now these multi-billion-dollar companies wrote deceptive prop 22 to buy themselves a new law. to deny drivers the rights they deserve. no sick leave. no workers' comp. no unemployment benefits. vote no on the deceptive uber, lyft, doordash prop 22. one ride california doesn't want to take. >>welcome back round 4 is your
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local election headquarters this election season and we are 18 days away from the election if you're scoring at home. >>and with the clock ticking away polls continue to get presidential challenger, joe biden a significant edge in some cases a double digit lead, but if we learned anything from 2016, you can't really trust the polls catherine heenan host of inside bay area politics talk to one of our political experts for some insight. hi, catherine yeah, hi grant we'll see if we've learned have less than a year right. if the trump campaign is going to change the trajectory of this race clearly as professor david mckeown says they are running out of time and while we might not exactly look at this. >>whole political season as serene or uneventful mckeown says the presidential race has nonetheless been stable regarding the 2 major candidates. >>even before joe biden became the nominee for the democratic party. he in a head to head match-up had the health some lead


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