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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  October 16, 2020 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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>>news at 6. now at 6 o'clock the red flag warning one of them has just ended her it's ending at 6 o'clock as we speak for some valley locations here in the bay. but the warning will remain for the north and east bay mountains until 08:00am tomorrow as temperatures remain above normal. winds in some areas have calmed but we're still worried about some of the higher elevations. the red flag warning for the mountains was originally supposed to end earlier today, but again it has been extended until tomorrow morning, thanks for being with us at 6 o'clock everybody i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis right now we're still under a heat advisory and that last until 9 o'clock tonight. this is thousands of people remain without their power due to pg e's power safety shutoffs. >>the utility company says the
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restoration should happen. at least by 10 o'clock tonight. and here's a look at pg e's outage map this hour the areas highlighted in purple on the one's they're still those calistoga and other parts of the north bay some power though is beginning to be restored first want to get to our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow who has the latest on these temperatures and winds large where do we stand, yeah, you this just updated guys right now so part of the red flag warnings have just come down across parts of the valleys in the east and also in the north bay you can see now the a red flag warnings can find the mountaintops above a 1000 feet still expecting some gusty winds there may be 2030 mile an hour gusts that's a down a bit the last couple of nights where gusting to 5060 plus but the humidity, the air so dry still very conditions of the oakland hills, the diablo range and also to the north bay you're going to see some gusty winds they're continuing maybe 20 maybe a 30 mile an hour gusts across some of the
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higher peaks that continuing into moran as well and you see the humidity down 12 to 20% so hot day today in fact numerous records falling we'll have more on that. >>in a few minutes, but the winds. they're starting to calm down least down in the lower levels were watching those was 20 plus miles hours the mountaintop so that's about it, but overnight tonight enough of the wind going to pick up at least in the north bay hills maybe parts of the east bay, the national weather service decided to extend the red flag warning until 8 o'clock in the morning for tomorrow you see some of those when showing up 1020 miles an hour. maybe some 30 mile an hour winds as well as we head toward tomorrow morning. i think we really start to see things calm down and then watch what happens as we get toward tomorrow afternoon. finally that ridge of high pressure breaks down that offshore wind turns on shore breeze that is going to bring with it that nice air the nice cool air off the ocean is that will bring down the temperatures a little bit for tomorrow. it will also bring up the humidity and hopefully bring in the fire danger although looks like we could see another offshore wind event about the middle of
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next week. all right lawrence you'll keep us posted there. meanwhile of power is being pg and e is turning it on slowly, but. >>flipping the switch is not always going smoothly know case in point napa county where some residents were powered up only to be shot off all over again. >>our first dan kerman reports from the napa valley tonight with more. >>electricity was restored to calistoga homes on the west side of the napa river about 2.20 friday afternoon. these folks have been without power for 2 days due to the pg e power shut off 2020 has been a tough year a tough year for all of california for my family in particular we've had some some tragedies and. >>the covid virus of course has had a huge impact he coupled that with electric outlets with fires. >>a tough here. a tough here we look forward to a better 2021. after the elections, but the lights coming on didn't last long after 10 minutes, they were out again. >>not just on the west side, but also power was out to homes and downtown businesses
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on the east side of the river it's some sort of other trigger a circuit that fired its didn't and that's what they're trying to isolate and caress the downtown businesses that are already struggling due to covid-19 fire evacuations. >>having their power go out with no warning was the last thing they needed. >>we do understand we don't want our homes to from we don't want our businesses to burn down we totally get that but how long did pg and e have to fix this problem. if you drive down highway 29 and silverado trail the power lines or draping on the trees. so this is what it's come to. and now you know are suffering so. how do we make money. and for 10 in the afternoon, the east side of the river was power back up again that includes those downtown businesses that remain. >>open for business as for the west side. it remains without power unclear when that side of the river will be restored in calistoga in the napa
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valley dan kerman kron 4 news. >>business owners in san mateo county are also feeling the effects of pg e's power outages, the owner of boro's farms and upon its business says that they have fish in large tanks and also lots of produce growing. they say they need electricity to keep those pumps running for their fish tanks. since the power went out wednesday night the owner tells kron 4 that he's upset about the shut offs and so are his neighbors. >>their first date with as well yeah, you know we we do have a the generator conked out on so i had to go buy another generator. >>to to to make up for the difference. so this this power outage has cost in lost production in inventory probably about 10 or $15,000. >>and it's not clear when power there will return but according to pg e's website a crew has been assigned to assess the power lines there roping have the power back on by 10 o'clock tonight.
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>>by the way make sure to download the kron 4 app for the latest power shut off developments and you can use the kron on app to watch the latest news briefings and all of the newscast you can find both apps on your phone's app store. >>fire crews have contained a four-alarm fire that was burning on sign hill there it is in south san francisco. you can see the smoke, you know coming from that popular sign on the hill near as have oh yeah fire officials say that fire was. >>contained around 2 o'clock this afternoon but then there was another fire kron four's maureen kelly has the latest. >>a massive column of smoke could be seen pouring out of sine hill in south san francisco today blowing over the 2.80 freeway burning the grass around the iconic sign that greets people driving north on one oh one that reads south san francisco, the industrial city with the hot temperatures and breezy conditions, lots of resources were thrown at this blaze, it went to a 5th alarm plus a cal fire alarm which brought in air support. it got
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uncomfortably close to homes several streets were evacuated. as many as 3 homes on mountain road were scorched so the fire bump up against a couple of but their were able to make a quick stop and knock it down before the fire got interior, so there's just an accidental damage to those on the letters on the hillside are made of cement and seemed to glean even wider next to the black in the grass. >>not long after that fire was contained another fire broke out just a few blocks away from the south city emergency command center on starlite street. >>burning in the heart of the industrial city, it pumped out thick black smoke fire could be seen erupting from the roof workers from a business nearby watched as firefighters poured water on it from above always in the back shop and then a gentleman from another stop cross the >>seven's by smoke coming from one of the building behind you. so we went out and notice started it was just pummeling outside of the back. luckily,
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it next to us. but we think it's a bakery that's on starlite street that bystander marveling at seen 2 major fires burning in his city. >>on the same day we actually saw the no-fire >>yeah it's been a crazy day. >>that was kron four's maureen kelly reporting, yeah crazy day indeed about an hour ago south san francisco fire tweeted that all mandatory evacuations have been lifted except for mountain road. yeah we have more now on that second fire that's burning in south san francisco reports resist osseo has the latest on this developing story 3, 6, crazy that there would be these 2 fires so close together and. >>it doesn't seem like they're connected. >>and not at all connected grand with the crazy thing was was there is a lot of confusion about the fires they've people that i spoke with earlier 7 they called 911 about the fire burning behind their building here and kind
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of the commercial area of south san francisco and they were told when they call 911 that that fire was out and they said now. this is a different fire. so certainly a very busy day here in south san francisco, let's show you some video of the 2 fires that were burning today at one point out of control first of course be south san francisco fire up in the mountains right there where there were about 10 acres that were scorched as morning was talking about and then at 3 o'clock there was this fire a blaze about a mile away it erupted sending about 30 feet up into the air the fire was so strong firefighters called for backup from several different cities. the fire happened at a wholesale bakery raise on the extra on starlite the fire chief says it certainly was a challenging day and total for cruz. >>you're finishing up our grass fire up on fine hill. saw the smoke here started getting reports for a buyer
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starlight showed up the fire and smoke are already breaking through the roof of a bakery here make sure the building was cleared got everybody out nobody was injured everybody was started setting up. gradually got a 4th alarm we've been putting water on it. i kept the fire to pretty much the rear 3rd of the building. one we had 9 alarms here in town so by working in the grass fire and for one point here at this warehouse fire. did a great good things and has been heard today. >>again as you mentioned there was no loss of life a lot of structural damage and the bakery fire about 2 thirds of the building has now gone all of the fires are under investigation. so certainly a nerve wracking day for residents and had to be evacuated from their homes and certainly a challenging day for firefighters but the bottom line is no one was
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injured and so that is a very good thing all around here in south san francisco, theresa stasi back to you guys all right, thank you to resign coming up a coronavirus outbreak has hit a nursing home in the south bay. >>what the center is doing to prevent more from spreading in just a few minutes plus some of the polls show joe biden leading the presidential race at least in some states how president trump could change this with just 18 days until the election and the change of heart for the trump administration, how the president
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>>tonight the trump administration is reversing course and granting governor newsom's request for a disaster declaration after several wildfires have ravaged the state today yesterday, the white house said no today they're saying. >>yes, the request for aid his for damage from 6 fires including the creek fire here that burned in fresno county. the president initially rejecting the request but earlier today. governor newsome tweeted that he had a phone call with the president and he said the president is now approving his request. governor newsome added that he is grateful for the president's quick response today, the request comes during a historic fire season in the state. fire has burned more than 4.1 million acres. the niles of relief like what we saw yesterday are rare governor newsome has previously praised the trump
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administration for approving aid related to fires. i want to take a. a live look outside right now as we get a check on the 4 zone forecast, this is a look at san francisco international where a fire was burning earlier today they're on what they call sign hill chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now with the 4 zone forecast for the weekend. yeah guys you know we're watching that fire burning this afternoon and of course worried about all those gusty winds and right there you've got the sfo we just saw a live shot from that you see the winds kicking up out of the west the 1415 miles per hour though someone fortunate usually on a regular day when you have on shore wind sometimes that gap in between the mountains called the sand brutal gap. >>you can see some very strong gusty winds of 2530 plus miles an hour through that gap certainly if that were the conditions today that could have spread that fire a lot more rapidly so some unfortunate there but around most of the bay area now the winds beginning to calm down
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somewhat after a couple of days of some very blustery winds especially over the mountain tops even last night we still have some gusts over 60 miles per hour record highs around the bay area look at this san jose a checked in at 95 that was a record oakland, 95 also record san francisco right downtown 92 degrees that is hot in the city by the bay hap moon bay got 92 degrees that also record along the coastline that's 2 days in row yesterday was 90 right out of the beach in the napa 97 degrees and that tied a record they're tied a record enrichment at 95 degrees but all around the bay area these temperatures on the hot side again of those run numbers running up in the 90's in fact county rarely does it happen, but right along the coastline, 92 degrees in half moon bay. it was the same temperature in livermore bever during the summer months, sometimes you can see these numbers be as much as 50 degrees apart, a cooler temperatures of course along the coastline. other right now you've got a beautiful sunset on top of the bay area, no fog to speak of,
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but i think we'll see a return of some fog in the latter part of the weekend, especially maybe as early as saturday afternoon after the golden gate bridge. you see a nice evening out there to enjoy warm temperatures continuing outside as well this weekend we're going to notice a change in the weather, especially along the coastline tomorrow you watch the temperatures coming down so instead of 90's in half moon bay think we're looking at some 70's by tomorrow afternoon still some 80's in the san francisco, if you like the warm weather get inside the bay, you'll find plenty 90's in the interior valleys, then the next couple days and temperatures start to cool off more fog and clouds on the way much cooler on sunday, those temperatures back down to about average on tuesday, but then on wednesday and thursday we may see another round of offshore winds with some hot temperatures in high fire danger. all right lawrence it new developments tonight in a story we told you about last hour all lanes of interstate 80 are back open now in vacaville. >>after they were shut down this afternoon because of a large grass fire that burned near midway road. no word on how many acres burned but
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crews are still on scene making sure the fire doesn't start up again, we'll keep you posted as we learn more there. >>we are tracking the coronavirus numbers all across california and the bay area and so far the state has recorded more than 861,000 cases with over 16,000 deaths across the bay area there are now more than 107,000 reported cases and over 1600 deaths. >>gilroy nursing home reports a dozen residents have died in recent months because of covid-19 the facility was accepting covid-19 patients from hospitals on four's rob fladeboe has more now on this story. >>health care and rehabilitation center has confirmed that 12 residents have died from covid-19 another 75 residents have tested positive. the facility has been caring for covid positive patients transferred from hospitals, according to advocates for nursing home reform attorney mike dark is that hospitals will send
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people with covid. >>into nursing facilities to be cared often among other people who are. >>covid negative and some of the consequences as as you can just expect are catastrophic. >>another 54 staff members have tested positive as visitors residents staff are now being routinely screened and tested. transfers were quarantined in a special recovery unit. the facility says all of the transferred patients recovered insisting the virus was not introduced by the transfers and that a resident had tested positive here back in june. >>we should be able to do much better we should be able to do better than thousands of people dying in these facilities throughout the state and part of the truck problem is that this is really just kind of the halfway we're entering now a period when we're going to be seeing both flu and there are still restrictions on visitation so
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families can't get into these facilities see how people are doing make sure that they are safe. and so we will have other gilroy's happening throughout the state for the next 2 months in a statement the facility said quote we have and will continue to purposefully augment our systems with new ways to operate. >>that will enhance protection and prevent the spread of the virus to both staff and residents by doing the following screen staff and essential personnel prior to entry and follow cdc guidelines provide ppe based on staff rules and assignments. >>observation unit created for newly admitted patients for the purpose of quarantine and for care of covid-19 positive patients designated separate rulings of the facility since the pandemic broke out nursing homes have become known hotbeds from covid-19. >>the 4500 people who died in them so confort 27% of all deaths in gilroy rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>another covid relief package will be under review in the
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senate next week the new bill would be a 500 billion dollar relief package without for school small businesses and folks on unemployment, one senator says he doesn't have much hope for the gop proposal. but others are more optimistic about the discussions that could take place between the people who are really negotiating this thing. speaker. nancy pelosi and the u.s. treasury secretary steve mnuchin. >>he truly is a 1.8 trillion speakers at 2.2 trillion. you know, let's get a deal was do something right in the middle and get this and get the relief out to the american people as quickly as possible. >>2 sides are still far apart democrats say the newest republican bill doesn't do enough to help the country. republicans say it is better to advance the things they can agree on. senators are hopeful this new relief bill will pass and go into effect before the election. >>coming up tonight at 6.45
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she received the presidential medal of freedom awarded was just recognized as one of time, magazine's 100 women of the year. we'll check in with civil rights activist dolores huerta who shows no signs of slowing down. >>and next local pharmacies. tough time keeping up with supplies for flu shots. there's that the unfair money bail system. he, accused of rape. while he, accused of stealing $5. the stanford rapist could afford bail; got out the same day. the senior citizen could not;
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forced to wait in jail nearly a year. voting yes on prop 25 ends this failed system, replacing it with one based on public safety. because the size of your wallet shouldn't determine whether or not you're in jail. vote yes on prop 25 to end money bail.
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>>needles and syringes are in high demand as people rushed
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to local pharmacies for flu shots but some patients are now being turned away because some places are just running out of supplies kron four's phillipe djegal explains why that does not necessarily mean there's a shortage. >>if you head into your local hospital or pharmacy inquiring about a flu shot it's possible you may run into some roadblocks demand for the vaccine is high leading some officers to run out of supply but kaiser permanente pediatrician doctor randy bergen says that does not mean there is a vaccine shortage or shortage of needles and syringes we've already vaccinated over a million we have purchased over 2 million doses of flu and we have the commensurate number of gloves syringes and needles and everything else we need to to even the drive band-aids. >>to to to to to the accident. our members the centers for disease control and prevention says manufacturers have
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projected they will supply up to 198 million doses of influenza vaccine for the flu season. >>the cdc says well no significant delays have been reported in some places robust demand for vaccines and supplies like needles or syringes may mean some providers may run out of shots and supplies before their next shipment has arrived, but more will be ordered and eventually the supply will be expected to catch up to them and we are this time compared to last year. >>for folks much more being interested in getting the flu but again we had planned for that and how this advice to early so we believe we have adequate supplies to last. >>when police is much like al grocery stores struggled to keep their shelves stocked during the early months of the pandemic there was no food or supply shortage just gaps in supply keeping up with demand
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phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >>still ahead covid is spreading at a high level in oakland's fruitvale district, why one doctor says he says results are alarming plus a big story we've been following for you marcie the lemur has been found and returned to the san francisco zoo. >>what we're learning about an arrest in his abduction. >>and next at 6.30 after a night of dueling town halls polls, joe joe biden continues to have an edge over proposition 16 takes on discrimination.
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some women make as little as 42% of what a man makes. voting yes on prop 16 helps us fix that. it's supported by leaders like kamala harris and opposed by those who have always opposed equality.
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we either fall from grace or we rise. together. proposition 16 provides equal opportunities, levelling the playing field for all of us. vote yes on prop 16.
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>>welcome back if you're scoring at home were 18 days now from the november 3rd election kron 4 is your local election headquarters this election season and presidential challenger joe biden has maintained a lead in the polls over president trump in some polls, he has a double digit edge. yeah, our catherine heenan host of inside bay area politics talk to one of our. >>political experts for his take on the status of the race cafferty. and grant a couple of things might be spelling big trouble for the trump campaign. >>a huge wave of early voting with more democrats than republicans requesting ballots and a threatened resurgence of the coronavirus professor david mckeown of sonoma state university says we might be looking at a blue wave. >>if you had another wave of coronavirus it couldn't come at a worse time for the white house we're seen early vo


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