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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  October 17, 2020 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>>news station. you're watching kron 4 news at 8. >>a protest in raleigh ends violently of free speech demonstration staged by conservative activists. quickly falls apart and downtown san francisco after several 100 counter demonstrators. search the area and began attacking. that's where we get into saturday night here on kron 4 news good evening. i'm jonathan mccall and i'm justine waldman thank you for joining us. those counter protesters could be seen throwing punches. >>and glass bottles definitely a violent scene out there kron four's dan for live tonight in the newsroom with more on how this all went down. dan. >>well jonathan justine organizers put this rally together to essentially call
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out twitter in big tech because they say conservative voices are being muted but before it even got underway. the organizer philip anderson was attacked in the rally was subsequently canceled. sfpd had been working to keep protesters and counter-protesters apart. but violence broke out anyway. >>a san francisco rally and protest put on by right wing group team save america is met with opposition members of the group wearing red make america great again hats and carrying pro police flags were overwhelmed by the amount of counter protesters despite police standing by to control the crowds organizer philip anderson was seen being punched in the face and sfpd officer was also pictured being knocked to the ground. police say several glass and plastic bottles, cannes and eggs were thrown by counter-protesters anderson as well as another trump supporter had to be taken away by ambulance. once the event fell apart a crowd was seen taking to market street to
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march toward twitter headquarters counter protesters led by a shield line tried blocking people from passing. anderson who is not from california addressed the attack on social media saying antifa was responsible. >>san francisco police telling us tonight that 3 officers were hurt during this rally and protest after they were hit with pepper spray and other chemicals. so far no arrests have been made reporting live in the newsroom. dan thorn kron 4 news say could and now fire crews were quickly able to put out a grass fire that was burning in vacaville today this is time lapse video of the fire from a pge camera that's top of the hill nearby can see all the smoke. >>police say at least 100 homes were evacuated. the fire grew to about an acre and a half. it is contained right now, but just another reminder that we are right in the middle of fire season that will red flag warning. >>was in effect for part of the day a live look outside tonight at the golden gate bridge. warm hot day across the bay area. >>meteorologist mabrisa
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rodriguez is here now tracking the temperatures good areisa hey, they're just cnn jonathan in yet another record breaking day of temperatures in the bay area are 3rd straight day of record breaking heat, widespread low to mid-nineties that cool sea breeze though kicked into effect earlier this afternoon cooling down the coast and east bay shoreline making for a gorgeous night out there in the bay area. most of you may not even need a sweater as you head out the door for your saturday night. crystal clear skies, let's take a look at temperatures as you head out the door widespread 60's and 70's along the coast 64 degrees for half moon bay salmon tale still flirting with the 80's even at this 8 o'clock hour at 78 degrees, san jose in the mid 70's with mid 70's for those of you in oakland. >>pittsburgh 81 degrees and widespread 70's for those of you in the north bay napa 75 degrees. and santa rosa, currently at 72 degrees. so let's take a look at temperatures for the overnight hours we're going to notice
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that cool sea breeze during the overnight time and we are going to notice temperatures cooling down into the mid to upper 50's as opposed to last night's widespread low to mid 60's. so we are going to notice some relief the even during the overnight hours that's why heat advisory no longer in effect the same for that red flag warning allowed to expire earlier today, but tomorrow's daytime highs. we could see widespread double digit cooling with downtown san francisco and half moon bay cooling down into the low to mid 70's low 80's throughout the east bay shoreline with widespread mid 80's as you make your way inland but still going to be toasty for the tribe valleys, including livermore concord in antioch cooling down into the low 90's as opposed to today's mid and upper 90's, let's take a look at the 7 day forecast the cooling trend will continue through monday as you start your work week and we will notice a slight bump in temperatures mid week with below average highs returning to the bay area by next weekend don't remember the last time i said that
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especially taking a look at our 7 day outlook says certainly going to look and feel a lot more like fall by next weekend but until then we still have another round of warm temperatures for the 2nd half of your weekend even with the cooldown back to you just cnn jonathan. >>but something so much snow to the south bay, a deadly overnight in san jose 3 people killed in 2 separate scenes in a matter of hours just before midnight police responding to a shooting at the new evil by law you are a restaurant on capitol avenue. officers say they found a man dead at the scene for other men wounded. paramedics took those wounded men to the hospital where a second man died. for others once again injured in that scene investigators say that a 6th victim showed up at the hospital hours later. so far investigators have not released any names a motive or suspect information. meanwhile just hours after those shootings police say a man was stabbed to death on coyote road ridge avenue. the 3 homicides of the 34th and 35th and 36th for san jose this year. anyone with information
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on the homicides now asked to call police. >>now to the east bay were an argument ended with a man dead richmond police say it happened friday night just before 7 on 9th street near triangle court in lincoln avenue when officers say they got to the scene they safe they found 44 year-old joe walker. the 3rd with several gunshot wounds, he died at the scene anyone with information is asked to call richmond police today's game. >>in the bay area will never forget it was 31 years ago today on october 17th 1989. the powerful in deadly loma prieta earthquake hit at just after 5 o'clock in the evening, 63 people were killed thousands more were hurt. >>we're seeing images there of the bay bridge and a lot of the images focused on what happened in san francisco and oakland, but there was also destruction in santa cruz county which was much closer to the epicenter kron four's gayle ong joins us now live from downtown santa cruz with how they're remembering the anniversary.
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>>yeah just dean and jonathan you talk to the folks here and you will bump into someone who remembers where they were their story, everyone has a different story a very lively night here in downtown santa cruz, there's a band playing behind me you would never guess 3 decades ago this area was destroyed. >>the shake it you see santa cruz and across the bay area lasted 15 seconds followed by a path of destruction 31 years ago mike jolson of santa cruz remembers he was on a bus took abrio college when the loma prieta earthquake hit just seeing these glass big windows break and then you know we pulled over. >>and then eventually the bus drove us to cumbria college where we heard you know that it was in her big earthquake in. >>downtown was leveled much of pacific avenue in downtown santa cruz was in ruins buildings collapse dozens, heavily damage physical reminders remain a plaque bearing the names of those who
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died and the memorial land with 2 pictures of the earthquake victims. we did bounce back and so that was that was good. >>i'm never was the same you know just the landscape and step of the town sense but resilient community. you know since then. >>i am standing about 2 miles away from the epicenter of the quake that road will lead you right to it we're here in the santa cruz mountains the forests of nice scene marks state park in aptos deep in the redwoods it was the largest earthquake to occur on the san andreas fault since the great san francisco or quake in april 19 '06 the 6.9 magnitude quake change the bay area in 15 seconds 63 lives lost 3,000 hurt. more than a 1000 people lost their homes costing billions of dollars in damage. >>well scientists are warning the big one is has yet to come
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we are actually due for another big on we're hearing that a lot seismologist are urging people to be prepared and to download the my shake app that earthquake early warning app that can potentially give you second ahead of an earthquake that seconds you could use to take cover justine and jonathan growing up here in the east bay and on a living on a fault line that is exactly what they teach us at school to go under a table that earthquake hits live in santa cruz gayle ong kron 4 news. thank you so much gayle and make sure you check out kron 4 dot com and there you can find information like how to make an emergency supply kit. >>figure out how much earthquake insurance costs for your home and also map of the bay area's most active fault lines. it's all right there on kron 4 dot com >>news the saturday night at 8 o'clock here on kron 4 still to come tonight, millions of californians out of work. we'll take a look at the latest unemployment rates in parts of the bay area. >>area teenager is being honored for her work in the
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fields of science and technology why she says she loves it. but also what she wants to see change. >>he's been parents demanding that their schools reopen for in class i didn't choose this job because it was easy. but i can't say i expected this. to fight these fires, we need funding - plain and simple. for this crisis, and for the next one. prop 15 closes tax loopholes so rich corporations pay their fair share of taxes. so firefighters like me, have what we need to do the job, and to do it right. the big corporations want to keep their tax loopholes. it's what they do. well, i do what i do. if you'ld like to help, join me and vote yes on prop 15.
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about the covid-19 virus. it's real. it's dangerous. and we do know how to keep you and your loved ones safe. wear a mask. wash your hands. stay six feet apart. we can do this. if we do it together. >>this week, the contra costa county public health department opened the doors for schools to welcome students back to their classrooms for in person learning but for now leaders with the mount diablo unified
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school district say they plan to stick with distance learning. the decision as a number of families upset on for such a ball reports from walnut creek where those families rallied for a safe return to school. >>for 7 months elementary middle and high schools in the mount diablo unified school district have remained empty. the pandemic for students and teachers into distance learning, but a lot has changed since campuses first closed has been heard has been bad think that europe and now they've had several months to make a plan let's do it now the county allows that mister as of this past tuesday contra costa health services has approved the reopening of elementary and secondary schools for in person instruction. >>schools can resume campus learning without a waiver or further permission from the health department. >>still the school district is standing pat frustrating families enough to inspire a saturday afternoon rally >>dion hunter's son and daughter are in high school her daughter has special needs and is enrolled in an
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individualized education program that she's struggling with from a distance my son is in the 9th grade he does not have an a p but he's family. >>most of these cars is because he doesn't fit the distance learning model that is not meant for most by this group says that the board of education has talked about possibly reopening. >>schools for in person instruction by january but at this point nothing is set in stone i feel like if we got this whole year, especially for my second grader feel like sydney, even >>serve four-year it should be a choice and we should be allowed to go to school. we want to use to be allowed to stay home if your household meets at the district board has called a special meeting for wednesday to discuss the in walnut creek collegiate all kron 4 news. >>now to the south bay where a bay area high schoolers being honored for her work in the stem field. but show is a senior at monta vista high and cupertino not only has she
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created an app to help her classmates with autism but she's also published a book she's an author having written a series of books called the code detectives. rios says her book center around a young girl of color. who she hopes serves as a strong role model for other young women looking to get into the tech field. >>you know after creating my book series called the could detectives what you know highlights you know young people of color using technology for good to solve mysteries in their community. i think it's really important to bring awareness to issues like the lack of diversity in technology which is having such detrimental impacts in our society, i mean you see you know and technology that is discriminating against women for jobs selection or you know facial recognition technology that is disproportionately discriminating against people of color and i think it's super important that we have a diverse group of young people who are behind the ai technology that we're
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creating. >>a nonprofit called the mars generations has named ria doshi 8 2424 global leader in stem. she plans to write a 3rd book in her co detective series really soon congratulations to >>meanwhile in north bay unemployment rate is ticking down slightly in the month of september across the region as local economies slow forward through a recession. in sonoma county the jobless rate dropped to 7.2%. that's down 3 tense from august. meanwhile in solano county the jobless numbers inching down from 9.7 2. from 9.8 in august and warren county unemployment falling from 6.5 or has fallen to 6.5 from 6.8 in august. napa county seeing the biggest jobless rainfall from 7 points. some 0, 2, 6.8. economists at sonoma state university says the numbers show that while momentum has
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slowed a little bit the economy is still headed in a positive direction as we move into the fall months. >>let's talk now about a 4 zone forecast as we take a live look outside here in san francisco there is downtown happy saturday night everyone thanks for being with us. we have a lot to talk about with our weather forecast and we want to see what the week ahead holds for us certainly great i'm meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here with a look at forecast what we can expect first thing as you head out the door in the morning. yeah we're going to notice is stronger sea breeze just tienen jonathan and with that cooler temperatures after today's widespread 90's in fact santa rosa. >>flirting with triple digit heat today but 98 degrees for your saturday afternoon clear skies out there right now in the bay area live look at san francisco international airport. >>and temperatures as you head out the door for your saturday night widespread 70's getting a little bit of an offshore wind that's why you're in the mid 80's, but half moon bay already getting a sneak peek of that sea breeze the temperatures for you in the
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mid 60's and overnight lows tonight going to cool down a little bit with widespread low to mid and upper 50's along the coastline and upper 50's to low 60's as you make your way inland so even getting relief during the overnight hours and let's take a look at your microclimate sunday outlook because today in downtown san francisco. we were in the mid 90's and tomorrow we're going to cool down nearly 20 degrees to 75 degrees. so enjoy it finally cooling down to near average highs still going to be a few degrees above average though half moon bay in the low 70's as but hey we'll take it no more 80's or 90's along the coast tomorrow 74 degrees for briwbane burlingame flirting with 80's but 79 degrees as a san mateo mountain view 87 degrees for you with widespread 80's for the south bay, san jose 89 degrees and low pitas in the mid 80's winds out of the west south east. so we are going to notice 20 mile per hour wind speeds or less thing so that cool on shore flow along the east bay shoreline cooling down into the low 80's for
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those of you at hayward low 90's for livermore as you make your way inland and widespread low 90's for those of you in concord in walnut creek but richmond cooling down to 82 degrees with widespread 80's and 90's in the north bay napa 85 degrees and for those of you in novato you're actually going to cool down into the low 90's of still going to be a little bit toasty there and santa rosa flirting with 90's but 89 degrees with no valley in the mid 70's. so let's take a look at the next 7 day outlook. you can see the cooling trend will continue as you start your work week monday slight bump in temperatures on wednesday, but by next weekend most of our inland valleys only warming up into the 70's with widespread 60's along the coast back to you just the then jonathan thank documentary that shutting some light on women in the california prison sy
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>>in world now has a bridge on announced today a new attempt to establish a cease fire in their conflict over karbach this new attempt went to effect at midnight at their time and it comes a week after russia brokered a truce and it failed immediately after going into effect. both sides trade blame for breaching that deal this new agreement was announced following a call to both sides from a russian foreign minister sergei lavrov there have been no immediate claims of violations since this new truce went into effect but hundreds of people
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have been killed in the past 3 weeks in the largest escalation of hostilities between the 2 countries in more than a quarter century. >>here in the bay area shocking new documentary is taking a look at human rights abuses within the california criminal justice system. the documentary is called belly of the beast and it was directed by bay area filmmaker erica cone through a former prisoners personal story, the documentary highlights a pattern of illegal sterilizations taking place inside a women's prisons, more than anything the cone says that she hopes that the film will bring awareness to the fact that these are not isolated incidents. >>there are reporting we found out that between 1997 in 2013. that 1400 people were sterilized in california as women's prisons, so kelly story although she is really the catalyst that exposed the rest of the sterilizations in centers around her story she is not the only one. and so this film really calls attention to the legacy of
8:24 pm
forced sterilization also in california right now there's a reparations movement going on in california and you can sign the petition our website billion the beast film dot com to support the movement of holding institutions and stay actors accountable, so that these abuses don't continue to happen. >>but melia the beast is being shown virtually through the roxy theater here in san francisco. we have more information on how you can watch it available at kron 4 dot com. >>i did a coronavirus relief talks continue this weekend between lawmakers when we can expect a vote on capitol hill. >>a mountain lion spotted on the peninsula tonight, we'll let you know if what you need to know if you encounter a mountain lion that's next on kron 4 news today. >>and i'm tracking a
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>>for your local election headquarters tonight, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says that the senate will hold 2 votes next week on a half trillion dollar coronavirus coronavirus relief package. the senate will vote tuesday on additional money for the paycheck protection program. and wednesday for the remainder of the package. democrats have already dismissed the republican approach as inadequate and are not expected to support the deals. this morning, our sister station in michigan asking president donald trump if there is a possibility that senate republicans and house democrats in the white house can come up with an agreement on another relief package.
8:28 pm
here's what the president had to say. >>i think there is a chanee i think there's chance it can nancy pelosi does not want to do it. she thinks it's good to the election. but i think there's a chance it can happen and if it i'll be leading that charge has i think it should happen. >>is there a chance that that happens in the short term you think or is this something that happens after the i'd like it to happen and how about this afternoon maybe all delay my gym for 2 hours. ok is frankly i could do it, but you know they they want i think everyone wants it. nancy pelosi is the one holding up. >>democrats are holding out on a bigger relief package with a price tag of more than 2 trillion dollars. house speaker nancy pelosi is said to be in talks with treasury secretary steven mnuchin this weekend regarding that relief package. >>and tonight we are just 17 days away from the november, 3rd election and president trump is campaigning in states in the upper midwest right now. the states were
8:29 pm
instrumental in his 2016 victory this evening, trump we needed to scare tactics to try to regain voters that are now slipping from his grasp. >>i'd like to speak with you today about one of the most vital issues and this race you know guess it's the radical left's plan to erase american history. courage american values and destroy the american way of life. >>trump's attacks come as national polls are showing him behind his rival joe biden the trump campaign has largely retreated from tv advertising in the midwest shifting money to states like florida north carolina arizona and georgia and pennsylvania, meanwhile leaders of the democratic and republican parties say they know they will likely have to win pennsylvania in order to win the white house. vice president mike pence holding a rally in the keystone state this afternoon. >>and the whole ship caught up with the vp to talk about the pandemic vaccine. and the next round of stimulus relief.
8:30 pm
>>polls in pennsylvania have joe biden the double digit lead over president trump in pennsylvania. i concerned about that's 17 days away from election. and what reaction to him. >>knew people of pennsylvania said yes to president donald trump in 2016 and the enthusiasm that we saw here in reading today. and that we're seeing all across the state convinces me that people of pennsylvania are going to vote for 4 more years of president donald trump and the vice president also defended the administration's handling of the covid-19 pandemic. >>and talked about a potential vaccine. the best news andy is that we are we believe in just a matter of weeks away from having the first safe and effective coronavirus vaccine and to be able to distribute that with millions of doses even before the end of this year and another issue in this campaign covid-19 stimulus relief huff i asked the vice president if he believes a deal with congress can be
8:31 pm
reached sooner rather than later president trump will continue to call on the congress democrats in congress to come to the table. >>and negotiate on a new recovery bill. we've been moving the president's put one 0.8 trillion dollars on the table. we're prepared to provide additional support to families to businesses. that was indeed whole ship reporting for us tonight. >>vice president pence says that he is confident that pennsylvania will be a red state in november. joe biden did not have any campaign stops today. >>women all around the country took to the streets today urging voters to oppose president trump and his fellow republicans all the candidates. this november, 3rd. dozens of rallies were held from new york to san francisco to signal opposition to trump and his policies, especially the push to fill the seat of the lame so late supreme court justice ruth bader ginsberg before election day. you may remember those massive women's marches that began the day after trump's inauguration back in january of 2017.
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>>i switch gears now talk whether this saturday night a live look outside courtesy of the. camera here of the san francisco. embarcadero another warm. >>day outside today a nice saturday. what will sunday haven't storm meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here now with a look at our forecast imagery. some pay their jonathan and just seen in our saturday night very pleasant temperatures will finally we're getting some breaking relief from the heat after today's record breaking highs in the low to mid 90's for most of the bay area. but widespread 70's as you head out the door crystal clear skies but we do have an air quality advisory in effect from all of the nearby smoke from those recent fires that were burning in and around the bay area air quality advisory in effect from now through sunday, so no spare the air alert in effect but we will notice some moderate amounts in the upper levels of some smoke and ash throughout most of the north bay and also those of you of the east bay but great along the coast and the south bay where you're
8:33 pm
going to notice improved air quality there wind speeds as you head out the door. >>fairly calm but we are seeing some northerly winds in downtown san francisco and avato starting to get that cool sea breeze though extending into mountain view and even for those of you in the oakland area of the east bay shoreline so tracking widespread cooling mainly for those of you at half moon bay near double digit cooling. but a few degrees cooler for most of the coast and east bay shoreline. few degrees of warming though for the north bay because of those northerly winds out there right now fortunately on the light to breezy side but temperatures as you head out the door. this is the reward we get of our record breaking heat amazing nights it almost feels like a perfect summer night out there in the bay area with temperatures in the 70's and this should be near average daytime highs for most of our coastal cities but we're finally cooling down to these temperatures at this 8 o'clock hour san mateo 72 degrees, half moon bay in the mid 60's with mid 70's for those of you at san jose berkeley 78
8:34 pm
degrees with pittsburgh in the low 80's conquered 78 degrees as well santa rosa, cooling down into the low 70's that cool sea breeze there, but for those of you in nevada few degrees warmer just because of those northerly winds out there at 73 degrees and napa also seeing those northerly winds that's why you're in the mid 70's and future cast for is going to show fairly clear sky october, nowhere in sight tonight but by your sunday morning. that's where we're tracking the changes as far as our cooler forecast with that marine layer off the coast. but we are going to notice finally it's starting to make its way inland for monday contributing to our cooling trend as we start out your upcoming workweek forecast but daytime highs 70's along the coast 80's along the bay and low 90's inland could see anywhere from 10 to 20 degrees of cooling on sunday with that cooling trend continuing through monday back to you jonathan and just seen. >>thank a breeze, community on the peninsula reported seeing a mountain lion this morning pictures from security video
8:35 pm
showed that the line. >>is in the yard of a house near alameda de left khloe bus and 41st street in san mateo police say the line never acted aggressively in any way. officers arrived on the scene but were not able to find the big cat. here are some safety tips regarding mountain lion. so if you see one do not approach it avoid hiking or jogging through wooded areas when mount lines are most active that would be at dawn or dusk or even at night. if you encounter a mountain line don't ron. instead face the animal make noise try to make yourself look bigger by waving your arms and throwing rocks or other objects at it. >>laid-off disneyland workers now calling on governor newsome to reopen the happiest place on earth. why workers say the
8:36 pm
we made usaa insurance for members like martin.
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>>as more businesses start to reopen in california one business not feeling the love is theme parks today, folks holding a rally outside of disneyland calling for california leaders to give the green light to reopen the park after 7 months. as aaron meyer reports former employees say the park an open safely with the proper precautions. >>dozens of employees and disneyland supporters rallied outside of the amusement park
8:39 pm
this morning, urging governor gavin newsome to allow the park to open and get people back to work and hoping we can generate awareness so maybe the governor can see we are humans like cast members guess the city people's lives matter and people that can't work can't make money and they have businesses across the street closed disneyland and california adventure have been closed since march and recently the company said that 28,000 employees would be laid off i'm hoping. i'm hoping that. >>maybe this event can shake. >>the governor to allow us to open up the closure of the park not only affects disney employees, but others in the surrounding area, it's not just to the people that work here it's to the people that work that work everywhere we all have families like the governor is not allowed in the park to open but he's not supporting anybody either you like he can't have it both
8:40 pm
ways many think the park open safely and provide much needed fun during a difficult time every time you go down the street every 10 feet is new people every 10 feet is a new opportunity to like make a connection with someone that they for remember for the rest of their lives on state officials recently visited, but so far governor newsom has not given a timeline on when amusement parks can reopen. >>that was erin myers reporting wednesday disneyland announcing an agreement with unions on how workers can return to the job safely. orange county officials are also demanding that the park reopened as amusement parks and other parts of the country are once again back up and running. >>had battling a twindemic how you can keep yourself safe
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>>the united states has recorded its most new coronavirus cases since july on friday alone the country reported at least 69,000 new infections. the most in a single day at least 10 states also reported their highest single-day tallies of new infections. >>white house press secretary kayleigh mcenany says the white house is monitoring. the rise in cases. >>we are routinely looking at covid numbers in respective doctor birx has traveled the country she's aware when they're embers and and we address those as they come on it's notable we've surge testing on with the surgeon testing you will identify more cases but we're certainly a
8:44 pm
tune anytime we see it. a peak on or a spike in cases in respective states our goal is to put that out as quickly possible. >>here is a look now at the latest coronavirus totals worldwide there are close to 40 million cases in the united states there are more than 8 million cases in california there are more than 873,000 cases in the bay area there are close now to 108,000 cases of coronavirus this flu season meanwhile will look different than past years because of the pandemic has cb caught reports health officials are expressing concern about how both influenza and covid-19 could cause a twindemic. >>i felt really tired i had a headache i was just i felt really congested every was a king and i just i look i felt couldn't do anything just 2 weeks addison lee says she felt so unwell she couldn't leave her bed the signs and symptoms prompting her to rush to a hospital in hendersonville where she
8:45 pm
feared she tested positive for covid-19 i was like sir and that i had it but she didn't least covid-19 test was negative doctor sent her home believing it was a sinus infection. but lee says she wasn't getting better so she went back to the doctor and this time tested positive for the flu has really shocked. i mean i didn't expect it at all, but infectious disease expert doctor william schaffner says flu cases will start to appear more and more in the coming weeks the anticipated a twindemic. >>both the president the same time and of course they're both 3 spy or a tory viruses are transmitted. they spread in a similar way and they present clinically in a similar way shocker says double and doubted lee led to confusion for both patients and providers they can both produce mild illness and illness that's more severe. he says in many cases the flu
8:46 pm
symptoms will come on suddenly whereas covid-19 is more gradual. >>but he says when in doubt providers will be doing a lot of testing for both flu and covid to try to sort all that out shocker says it's even possible for patients to have both illnesses so he says well everyone waits on a covid vaccine people should also wear a mask and get the flu vaccine. lee wishes she had done it sooner. >>so couldn't anything i wouldn't want anyone to >>not only will hit us and everyone around us because we won't be a shredder of but it will also take some strain off the health care system because we'll be coping with covid up already. >>was cb cotton reporting for us tonight, the u.s. centers for disease control and prevention recommends the flu vaccine for everyone, starting at the age of 6 months and suggest getting it by the end of october. we'll talk about
8:47 pm
our 4 zone forecast as we take a live look outside here at the san mateo bridge. this beautiful saturday night. >>a lot of folks out and about enjoying these warmer temperatures as well. meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here with just how long though they will last recent yeah well not really going to last that much longer and facts tracking a 10 to 20 degree cool down in the bay area. >>from now until then though still tracking a very pleasant night along the coast, widespread 70's out there this evening for your saturday night outliers the 84 degrees in half moon bay in the low 60's near 25 degree difference just because of that cool sea breeze out in full force for those of you at half moon bay still getting some offshore northerly winds for those of you in valais whoa that's why you're still in the mid 80's, even at this near 9 o'clock hour for your saturday night tomorrow's daytime highs though widespread double digit cooling in fact cooling down to 75 degrees for downtown san francisco low 70's for half moon bay. with widespread 80 throughout the east bay
8:48 pm
shoreline and most of our inland valleys. those of you in the tri valley as though you're going to cool down but you're still going to be a little bit warmer in the low 90's but it beats the mid-nineties and near triple digit heat that you had today and also tracking low 90's for those of you in novato for your sunday, let's take a look at the next 7 day outlook because we're going to have a little bit of a roller coaster ride in the bay area, starting or cooling trend through monday and then a gradual bump in temperatures mid week until we cool down to below average by next weekend with widespread 70's inland and 60's along the coast back to you jonathan and just like a wise pre travel testing program went into effect earlier this week. >>it requires anyone visiting the islands to test negative before traveling open airport this week opened another covid testing facility in cooperation with this program but as jen bony's are reports the influx of passengers has created a headache for travelers and the airlines. >>more people flew in to hawaii for the launch of the
8:49 pm
program than officials originally expected. the influx of passengers cause some unforeseen headaches and very long wait times. officials say some hiccups were expected on the first day of the pre travel testing program. >>if you've chosen to fly on the first day after being closed for 7 months. i'm very confident people should be understanding completed the protests were happy to be in hawaii. >>and able to avoid quarantine it didn't go smoothly for everyone, some people missed connecting flights neighbor island airports for also backlogged one passenger who flew to kawhi says he was told he had to quarantine even though he completed all the steps on the safe travels website. >>it didn't seem to understand the information that they were looking at. yeah what the process was or what they needed to do kauai county officials said in a statement walton may not have been screened properly when transitioning from oahu to
8:50 pm
kawhi these transit travelers whose final destination is a neighbor island with a layover in honolulu. >>appear to be the most challenging to screen is they are given to separate qr codes. >>officials say they're streamlining the process we're all trying to see what worked see what maybe didn't work as well as anticipated. >>and everybody is adapting they're already working on new protocols at some of the airports. >>they're gonna move some of the second testing out from big island over to the hotel's ford is rearranging some of the flights so that they can come in 2 other gates. so you can spread out his workforce. they're going to do the same i believe on maui. >>in a statement hawaiian airlines said they delayed some of their neighbor island departures to give travelers time to connect to their flights. they were able to get everyone to their destinations. sakari says dot is working with the airlines to try to prevent another traffic jam with multiple flights arriving all at once. >>that was jim, but news are
8:51 pm
reporting for us tonight you can find a link on our website kron 4 dot com to book an appointment to get covid testing at the oakland airport. testing is available to the public as well as passenger >>we continue our coverage of hispanic heritage month by shining a spotlight on civil right after this a
8:52 pm
uber and lyft are like every big guy i've ever brought down. prop 22 doesn't "help" their drivers-- it denies them benefits. 22 doesn't help women. it actually weakens sexual harassment laws, which are meant to protect them. uber and lyft aren't even required to investigate sexual harassment claims. i agree with the la times: no on 22. uber and lyft want all the power. so, show them the real power
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is you. vote no on prop 22.
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>>we are continuing our celebration of hispanic heritage month and tonight he will honor the labor labor icon and civil rights activist dolores huerta who is as active as ever at this she is 90 years young in shows no signs of slowing down. >>best known as the co-founder of the united farm workers union in the central valley huerta is recognized for her work in the prominent across the nation was a guest farm has her story. >>this was the rallying cry by labor activist dolores what them when organizing farmworkers as they struck for better working conditions in the 60's and 70's what motivates >>well there's so much work that still needs to be done. we have so many people to reach an and empower them so they can understand that they. within themselves that they have the power to change things she's inspiring to see young people getting involved in issues too.
8:55 pm
>>improve their communities through peaceful means my philosophy has always been one of nonviolence and i do believe that we can make changes. without using any kind of violence her efforts have not gone unnoticed. >>she received the presidential medal of freedom award in 2012. and this year was named as one of the 100 woman of the year by time magazine. >>we are so dependent on each other that this is not a time to promote any kind of racial hatred, you know, and even against the police, you know i used to be a deputy sheriff i don't think you know that was in the 1950's when she worked for 2 years, she said. >>for the san joaquin county sheriff's office. my job was to be the lineup. >>you know as people came to the lineup. i had to take all of their information now it was very painful to see some my friends look at the live aid up. >>despite today's deep political divide. the modus what there remains an optimist. >>so we kind of have to go
8:56 pm
back to basic right. you know like they love their neighbor as you do yourself. >>in bakersfield who say spot. >>our hispanic heritage special runs tonight calling for anchor marty gonzales host the 30 minute special which kicks off in about 30 minutes at 9.30. you can also find more stories online just like this on our website kron 4 dot com just look under the community tab for hispanic heritage month. >>they have so many good stories to share tonight at 9.30 that's right and we've been showing them all month long and or leading up to this as well as and so it's it's been great to see some of those incredible stories from all across the country as and there's a couple little things extra there i think that we haven't seen just sayin we're tuning into a reason to stick around to watch. yes, you learn something that's coming up at 9.30 but we will do some news starting at the top of the hour for kron 4 news at 9 o'clock. >>we'll see you there.
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>>news station. you're watching kron 4 news at 09:00am.
9:00 pm
>>i feel like we can do it at safeway they're not happy a mental health has declined. >>now at 9 east bay parents demand that schools reopen this after the contra costa county health department approved in person instruction earlier this week, but some kids are not going back into the classrooms. thank you so much for joining us here on kron 4 news at 9 i'm justine waltman i'm jonathan mccall those families rallying today for safe return to school. >>after the mount diablo unified school district decided to stick with distance learning. >>parents say online not working for a many of their families. forcefully google has the details from walnut creek. >>spread out across a busy intersection in walnut creek more than 50 people associated with the mount diablo unified school district rallied saturday for a safe reopening of schools, costa health services has approved the reopening of elementary and secondary schools for in


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