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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  October 18, 2020 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>>news station. you're watching kron 4 news at 09:00am. >>now at 9. we are 16 days away from the election, but an important deadline is coming up tomorrow california voters will have until monday night to register online or by mail in order to receive a mail in ballot. good evening. thank you so much for joining us here tonight on kron 4 news at 9 i'm justine waldman i'm jonathan mccall voters will still be able to register to vote in person on election day. >>but if you'd like to vote by mail than you have to sign up by monday. kron four's gayle, ong has all the details you need to know to make sure your vote counts at the ballot box. >>election offices say they have seen a higher turnout of registered voters in this year more than ever if you have not yet registered to vote. there's still time come november, california voters will have to choose so much is on the ballot this time this is my has our ability areas on
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the ballot. >>health care is on the ballot. the economy is on the ballot race and ability to tell them in a country where we can be. >>open in all included is on the ballot from propositions local and state races and of course the president of the united states president trump for 4 more years or democratic nominee joe biden turned voters dropped off their ballots at the bill graham civic auditorium on grove street in san francisco sunday afternoon, but just wanted to make sure we took any variable out i'm grateful that there are volunteers that help i mean normally in the past have been a little more comfortable with mailing bed. >>i decided to drop it off this time around to the a 100% sure of the vote was going to be properly counted before you can cast your ballot you need to register to vote in california and time is almost up. >>that deadline monday october 19th the quickest way right now is online you have to be a u.s. citizen. a california resident in at least 18 years old you can pre-register to
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vote if you're 16 you can't be deemed a mentally ill or be currently in state prison or federal prison or on parole for the conviction of a felony. >>and you also need your current id or driver's license. it only takes a few minutes to make sure your voice is heard this is the most important election in lifetime so get out and register to vote. >>online portals are going to close at midnight on monday you can mail your registration if you want just has to be postmarked for october 19th reporting in san francisco, gayle ong kron 4 news. >>kron 4 dot com is your headquarters this election season. we have a voter guide. on our website and there you can find a frequently asked questions a link to register to vote plus a list of early voting locations. it's all there on kron 4 dot com. now what should you do if you receive 2 ballots in the mail election officials say it's not uncommon for voters to receive dougal cut mail in ballots usually occurs if someone has moved or re
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register to vote through the dmv however for santa clara county voter mitten miranda. neither of those applied to him and yet he still received 2 ballots, 10 days apart from one another. >>anything is a sony got to do to get better as my life just got one. the other thing is in the in next over and facebook accounts people talking about not getting the benefits. so you know all this leads to a lot of confusion on the one hand people are not getting the ballots and on the other hand you're getting do to get some this is confusing rated least one i should use actually willing to use the one that doing is the second one to assemble so many open questions. >>election officials say if you find yourself with 2 ballots just use the most recent one that you received with the remaining ballot, you can either right void on the outside of the envelope and then return it to your election office or just
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shredded up it's important to note signature verification does not allow anyone to vote twice. if someone tries that ballot will get flagged and you will face consequences. here kron 4 we're committed to making sure that your vote counts so if you experience a problem casting your ballot. let us know we will investigate you can e-mail us at voting problems at kron 4 dot com all right second moment from the news pop the top look outside tonight, downtown. >>san francisco bay bridge there gorgeous night. but we're actually tracking some changes in the weather so fire weather that is headed our way this week. meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here now with a look at the hot and dry conditions that are approaching this week. yeah that's right and we have another round of fire weather watches going into effect mainly in the north bay mountains, so it does include. >>napa county and also the northeast portion of sonoma county mountains. tracking gusts. upwards of 40 miles per
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hour or less dropping humidity levels down to 12% at times and this is going to start monday night through wednesday morning so we are tracking. another round of very dry conditions and with that we could actually see some fires spark if any do spark in those areas spreading quickly along the highest peaks, mainly for the north bay mountains so east bay hills not included in this future humidity though is going to show monday morning things to the moisture with that low cloud cover hanging right off the coast. we are going to be near 100% relative humidity specifically for those of you in half moon bay low 80th percentile range for downtown san francisco cut that in half for but much needed moisture that we haven't seen in the last couple of days because of our summer like temperatures that ended today, so no record breaking heat in the forecast today and we are noticing for your monday night we are going to be very dry around monday
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at around 8 o'clock in the evening, 9 o'clock at night relative humidity. that's going to be the driest location and fairfield 44% relative humidity there with napa also in the low 40 of percentile so we do have that fire weather watch going into effect 11 o'clock monday night. that's when those winds are really going to increase once again during the overnight hours peaking on tuesday morning, current wind speeds out there right now relatively calm but seeing some light and breezy double digit wind speeds throughout downtown san francisco, future winds though for the north bay, not really going to impact the valleys very much fortunately could see winds out of the northwest and northeast at around 20 miles per hour less throughout your monday even leading into your tuesday and remember that fire weather watch will remain in effect through early wednesday morning specifically for the north bay mountains but live look outside golden gate bridge we're tracking that marine layer starting to lift as far as that low cloud cover
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goes so not the scene as poor visibility that we saw an hour ago during the 8 o'clock newscast, but 24 hour temperature change we're seeing double digit cooling for those of you in oakland near double digit calling for happen bay and even downtown san francisco, thanks to the return of that strong sea breeze and also that low fog bank that was hanging around much of the coast line temperatures out there right now widespread 60's but we are in the mid 70's for antioch low 50's for happen based more than a 20 degree difference they're finally going to see and feel some relief for our inland valleys, starting for work week monday and then a slight bump in temperatures by the middle of this upcoming week more in my full forecast in just a few minutes back to you jonathan and justine so thank you so much a new report says that pg and e workers lacked proper training before last year's. >>emergency power shut-offs. >>the workers were tasked with cutting the power to prevent wildfires during high wind events millions across the golden state, including folks right here in the bay area
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were left in the dark for days now the associated press is reporting. >>that only a handful of people who handled the planned blackouts were trained in the usual disaster-response playbook kron four's dan thorn is live for us in the newsroom tonight, he joins us now with the very latest on this rather damaging report paid and that's right jonathan justine pg and e's public power safety shutoffs last year were just a big headache for millions people forced to go without electricity. >>utility as you mention was doing this to prevent the aging power lines from possibly sparking more deadly wildfires but the shot off. also caused a lot of problems for people that we're dealing with electronics becoming a news, the unusable central's like gas pumps and traffic lights to simply weren't working thankfully. so far this year the power shut offs of gun much smoother but this report shows that there's a need for improvement within pg and e. as pg any works to repair its image following deadly wildfires a new a p report shows the company did not properly train its workers
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before planned power shut-offs. >>the october 2019 psps event left millions in the dark and the report reveals only a handful of people handling the blackouts were prepared to do the job. the shut offs not only covered a large area. but also caused computers, phones medical devices and water systems to stop working the company's website also crashed as people sought outage updates and information. this year. the company has only had a few psps events affecting just over 40,000 people and those have lasted just a couple of days. pg and told the associated press they've been undergoing the proper training. throughout 2020 90% of their workers and emergency centers have completed the initial requirement. the utility meanwhile continues to face scrutiny over its failure to follow basic protocols. >>public officials have also expressed their frustrations with last year's situation in the associated press saying that pg e was like a team that
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was showing up to a game without knowing the rules are a pilot who doesn't know how to communicate with air traffic control right now there's investigation underway into what happened and that's being done. but the california public utilities commission. reporting live in the newsroom. dan thorn kron 4 news stan, thanks, turning to wildfire coverage tonight, the glass fire, the only major fire still burning here in the bay area. >>it is at 97% containment. cal fire says it expects to have the fire fully contained by tuesday. the blaze burned through more than 67,000 acres in napa and sonoma counties destroying more than 800 homes. >>happening tomorrow there will be a vigil and a celebration of life will be held for san francisco firefighter and paramedic the man who died during a training accident earlier this month was jason cortez and he was just 42 years old when he died. he leaves behind a wife and 2 children. we learned from a preliminary report that cortez was knocked over a third-floor railing by a water blast a vow that he had opened during a training by accident.
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back on october 7th, there was only one engine company training instead of 2. and that was because of covid-19 safety concerns. now a vigil will be held tomorrow will be private at saint ignatius church followed by an honor salute by the san francisco fire department on tuesday morning, a private celebration of court as his life will be held at oracle park that celebration is for family and invited guests only but it will be live streamed cortez will be buried at holy cross cemetery in comber. >>still to come here tonight on kron 4 news at 9 all eyes on qb one as the 49 ers. and the field again could jimmy garoppolo led his team to a victory against the rams sports director jason dumas says up next with the highlights. >>we've also take a look a look at all the extra effort said wildlife experts are taking to protect and save four-legged victims of wildfires. >>and before businesses can
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>>starting monday san mateo county will be cracking down on businesses that violate the county's health orders county formed a new covid-19 compliance task force were team will respond to reports of businesses not following local or state health orders.
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kron 4 cylinder sack explains how this is going to work. >>for businesses not following health orders in san mateo county. they'll likely receive a visit from the newly formed covid-19 compliance team we've seen that there are people out there. >>businesses who are not compliant. and so we would we're going to go out there again through a team a person team. they're going to go to these businesses. >>before people want to call 2, 1, 1, they don't have to leave their first name are lasting. they can report these businesses anonymously people living in san mateo county will also be able to report violations using an online portal on the county's website businesses will receive a notification and warning if there's been a report of noncompliance and their subsequent complaints supervisor david campos says the compliance team will complete an on-site investigation businesses can be fined anywhere from 250 to $3,000. >>and may face criminal prosecution boost too.
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>>more operating illegally. now there's really going to be a penalty. >>businesses like pacifica beach yoga are already on the team's raid on the first told you about the hot yoga studio last week. we learned it was violating health orders by holding maskless in what classes since then pacifica police give the business a warning. meanwhile other business owners like adam shell say the task force has maintain fairness for those complying with health orders. it's important to prevent by the spreads for health of the communities. i think it's important to. >>follow that so that you don't impact others negatively. because of everyone following it only takes one. especially people are to have that spread the county says the task force has a running list of alleged violators will begin contact and businesses on monday. >>taylor bisacky reporting kron 4 news.
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>>here now is a look at the latest covid-19 numbers in california and the bay area, the state is now reporting more than 875,000 cases with nearly 17,000 reported deaths and in the bay area there are now more than 109,000 cases and more than 1600 people have died for a full breakdown of each county you can find it on our website kron 4 dot com. >>international air traffic is down 92% this year as travelers worry about the coronavirus but airlines believe that rapid covid tests could actually help improve those numbers. right now experiments on improving travel safety are underway across the globe. one un organization is now leading talks in order to set guidelines. the international air transport association is advocating for a layered approach that would include testing social distancing touchless check in and wearing face coverings. >>check our weather forecast with our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez. it's feeling like
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fall out there for sure. >>yeah finally in fact we notice about 5 to nearly 20 degrees of cooling today for your sunday with especially for those of you in downtown san francisco, cooling down into the mid 70's. we were just in the mid 90's yesterday, so no record breaking heat in the forecast today for the bay area widespread 80's throughout the east bay shoreline and low to mid-nineties as you make your way inland with conquered warming up to 93 degrees so still pretty warm day for the valleys but along the coast much needed relief, especially with the return of that low cloud cover let's take a live look outside downtown san francisco. clear skies for the most part but along the immediate coastline tracking some dense low plaza, but specifically for those of you at half moon bay notice, some better lifting for downtown san francisco. but half moon bay right now. they said that cool sea breeze and fog bank the coolest city in the bay area, no surprise there 52 degrees widespread 60's everywhere else san jose cooling down to 69 degrees
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with mid 60's for oakland and berkeley low 70's for livermore and widespread low to mid 60's for the north bay petaluma 61 degrees in napa 67 degrees for your sunday night so stormtracker 4 tracking clear skies below cloud cover right along the san francisco peninsula coastline. and future cast for is going to show that fog bank increasing becoming more widespread mainly for the immediate bay area coastline. visibility at times through your monday morning could be at or near 0 so keep that in mind for your monday morning commute extending some throughout the east bay shoreline but not going to be as bad as the immediate coast, so just keep that in mind overnight lows tonight low to mid 50's of starting to cool down getting really even during our overnight temperatures and we are going to notice tomorrow's daytime highs an additional 5 degrees of cooling with low 70's for downtown san francisco. exactly where we should be for this time of year mid 60's for half moon bay, mid 70's throughout the east bay shoreline and back in the 80's finally for inland
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valleys, especially the tribe valleys warming up to 87 degrees with mid 80's for santa rosa and san jose in the low 80's for you so enjoy the relief because by tuesday into wednesday we're going to notice a slight bump in temperatures and then below average high, so it's really going to look and feel a lot more like fall starting next friday, lasting all next week along with 70's for inland valleys and widespread 60's along the coast and along the bay back to you jonathan and just seen. thank you so much for free, so we'll go to the north bay now where police are investigating an early morning shooting. >>it happened near ascot parkway and columbus parkway in valais how just before 4 o'clock this morning. when officers arrived they found a 28 year-old man with one gunshot wound he later died at the scene. this is the city's 23rd murder this year the identity of the victim has not been released. and there's no details on suspects right now anyone with information is asked to call police meanwhile in the east bay police in oakland this again pair fatal
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shootings this morning. >>the first happened just before 1 o'clock near 99th avenue and macarthur boulevard when officers got to the scene they say they found a woman with wounds who later died from her injuries. just an hour later police notified of another shooting this time near 83rd and international boulevard when officers got to that scene they say they found a man who also later died from his injuries. so far police have not released the names of the victims. >>while there are several issues that are key to the 2020 presidential election for some voters, the biggest issue is police reform will take a look at how this is playing out in the city that ignited this summer's protests over social justice and policing. >>and experts are concerned that less people are getting their vaccinations is especially children. why experts say students could
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proposition 16 takes on discrimination. some women make as little as 42% of what a man makes. voting yes on prop 16 helps us fix that. it's supported by leaders like kamala harris and opposed by those who have always opposed equality. we either fall from grace or we rise. together. proposition 16 provides equal opportunities, levelling the playing field for all of us. vote yes on prop 16.
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>>i health experts are concerned that fewer folks are getting their vaccinations especially the kids kareen vargas spoke to health officials about the consequences. >>students can face if they're not up to date on the immunizations. >>this is something that parent-teacher we should recognize that they need to get vaccinated so that they can be compliant with the world's cameron county health administrator has now that will have those says they're seeing a trend of students not getting their immunizations and even through remote learning will have those says
9:25 pm
it's a requirement for students to be up to date on their vaccines if not they can be removed from school any given time. >>that a child is enrolled in school remote or not. and there don't have the vaccines they can be withdrawn from from the school system. >>that's that's those are the rules in a way to written up. >>we'll have gusts as a reason why parents are putting off getting their kids vaccinated is due to the fear of going into a doctor's office and school nurses are also seeing this trend that harbinson important is that you know i'm not going get my car back that ok. >>which was your which we don't want we want him that the fact we did but we do understand that concerns us very well covid-19 is a concern health experts are urging that parents and children get the flu there's concern that all night that her dad and the kids are at this it's better to get back in it with against the flu. that's not how it is what i'm hearing the flu vaccine is not on the list of required vaccines for students to be enrolled in school but it is
9:26 pm
being highly recommended. >>now as kareen vargas reporting for us tonight. if your child needs there in union station vaccines or the flu shot, you're urged to contact your healthcare provider. >>house speaker nancy pelosi is setting a deadline to get another covid relief package through congress before the election. but democrats are now asking for that's next. >>just 16 days to go until election night we'll show you how president trump and joe biden are hitting the campaign trail. in a number of key battleground states including joe bid
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>>for your local election headquarters we're now just 16 days away until november, 3rd election night. let's get crow for your local election headquarters this season. a busy day for president donald trump who made a very rare appearance to a church in las vegas this morning before hopping on a plane to california for a fundraiser for the president it was a chance to return to a church he had first visited as a candidate back in 2016 california, thousands of american flag waving trump supporters descended upon newport beach. >>as they waited for the presi ent's arrival, read mag hats were there in the crowd masks though not so much the
9:30 pm
sound of country music mingled with shouts of former years the president was in newport beach today for a private fundraiser meanwhile, his democratic rival joe biden on the offensive tonight during a campaign stop in north carolina. >>the last time a democrat won the tar heel state that was president barack obama and that was back in 2008. during a drive in raleigh today, he addressed african-american voters where he promoted criminal justice reforms to combat institutional racism. he also promised to help build wealth among the african-american community. >>i know this nation is strong enough to do both honestly face systemic racism and provide safe trees street for families small businesses that too often bear the brunt. >>alluding to bernie. >>we have no need for our militias roaming america's streets chris united states of america. we should have no tolerance for streams white-supremacist group marching in our medicine, our
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communities. >>both candidates trying to make some inroads in those key battleground states that will be pivotal in helping them secure a victory on election night. biden currently has the lead a significant lead according to national polls in a number of those battleground states. >>well there are several key issues that are really important to the 2020 presidential elections. her for some voters in swing states, the biggest issue is police reform michael short takes a look at how that is playing out in the city that ignited the summer's protest. >>over social justice in policing. to marches continue in minneapolis nearly 5 months after the city erupted in riot and protest route in a suburb that normally we don't see protests and. >>so but this time we're waking up i think money colors don't is a black lives matter activist who has seen the fruits of her labor in the current political conversation, i think the
9:32 pm
difference in terms of the election. i see that more can is and people saying buckeyes matter they're saying we need a police accountability. >>up until june of this year this was a fast food restaurant here in minneapolis. but the riots that ensued after the death of george floyd change this neighborhood completely but it also could have changed the politics here people on both sides of the issue the police and the residents say that they need change. >>we have people that are frustrated. we have people that are sad we have people that are angry. >>john elders public information officer for the minneapolis police department there's far more support for the law enforcement for the minneapolis police department then then get shown mccullers dodi sees it differently and that is what has put police reform squarely in the middle of the 2020 election. i believe in defunding the police and that's transferring funds. >>from 90 son show. it items
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or issues or interactions that can go to someone who is more suited who could have an outcome that does not end in violence. >>it's a conversation happening not just here but across the country there are some people that are just a rough few is to have that conversation. they're not ready to have that conversation. >>to share a garraway knows that trauma she lost her fiance the father of her son at the hands of police here in the twin cities in 2009 i'm going to vote differently. >>and i know that a number of other people will as well because of what happened here. >>yes, because of what happened and we need legislators that our for the people. >>we need people that are the positions of power that are for us the community because the community is suffering. >>it does make it like to share a garraway marilyn hill lost a loved one to police here over 20 years ago, they're scared to call the police for help. >>you just feel like they're they're aiming their thoughts is just not right. no more.
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>>john elder sees that suffering and also the other side of the coin. >>people want change people want reform. but they also want to know that someone is going to show up. when you call 911. >>and in the community that was decimated by the unrest in june restaurant owner ab to shut core el ninos, the conflict i believe whitney's goal is we need. all of us. we just half of the 6 on it, but it bothered us we'll call the police only also says that the straight here is motivated people to vote. we have to foot. corsi. i was going on that would float. i think everybody from. and this time. marilyn hill isn't as optimistic about the vote got says don't put trust in may. >>and now is at a point now i have to put my trust in god. >>that was michael shoar reporting for us tonight.
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>>house speaker nancy pelosi says that she and treasury secretary steve mnuchin must reach an agreement within 48 hours. if they want to pass a coronavirus stimulus relief bill before election day. pelosi made this announcement on abc's this week today. the house speaker is putting the pressure on the administration to cut a deal by tuesday because the legislative legislative process in the house and the senate takes time senate majority leader mitch mcconnell announced yesterday that there would be votes on stimulus measures this week but democrats are expected to block those efforts. democrats are pushing for a larger deal to the tune of 2 trillion dollars. >>talking weather this sunday night a live look outside at the golden gate bridge, you're looking for some inspiration for some land is if you're looking for some inspiration on how to decorate a hunted there it is right there bringing a little on what is this stuff called little smoke and the fog.
9:36 pm
>>yeah, dry ice combination that's already here. yeah we have right that's our natural ac kicking into high gear right now jonathan and his team, but we have notice some better lifting they're all golden gate bridge making for safer commute for your sunday night compared to around an hour ago we were pretty socked in with visibility at or near 0 but great to see that lifting on the roads this evening for your sunday night temperatures out there right now widespread low to mid and upper 60's things of that cool sea breeze pushing in that low fog bank along the coast of the san francisco peninsula coastline and overnight lows tonight. >>back in the 50's low to mid 50's so we've been tracking cooler temperatures during our overnight hours and that cooling trend is going to continue as we start out your workweek monday about 5 degrees cooler tomorrow compared to today low 70's for downtown san francisco, 60 degrees for the marina district, mid 60's for daly city and half moon bay winds
9:37 pm
out of the west northwest at 20 miles per hour or less a little bit breezy at times but nothing major there low 70's from brisbane to san bruno mid 70's for those of you know break upper 70's for san mateo redwood city cooling down into the low 80's so enjoy that relieve tracking widespread 80's for those of you in the south bay. san jose 81 degrees in santa clara, 83 degrees. and even for valleys in the east bay you've been in the 90's or triple digit heat for the last couple of days tomorrow cooling down to 87 degrees as that sea breeze is a little bit stronger reaching the valleys tomorrow with hayward 76 degrees by monday mid 70's as well for oakland in orinda in the low 80's. 87 degrees for walnut creek and concord tracking widespread 80's for most of the north bay with nap at 81 degrees. sonoma few degrees warmer at 83 degrees as is petaluma so taking a look ahead at your next 7 day outlook. we do have slight bump in temperatures so we're going to remain above average for most of this
9:38 pm
upcoming workweek but justin and jonathan get ready to pull out those fall sweaters and those boots does those up because you're going to need it starting friday, lasting all next weekend long. tracking below average temperatures in the 70's for most of our inland valleys with widespread 60's along the coast and east bay shoreline so i'll definitely take the psl those days back to you jonathan and his team. right is of a q. >>meanwhile other this week to families got the peace of knowing a what happened to their heroes. both of them dying more than 70 years ago darrius johnson. >>shows us the modern day mission that recently reunited these families with their fallen soldiers. >>amazing emotions are running very high right now. >>almost a lifetime of waiting for an indiana family. now they're getting to welcome their honorable fallen marine home. >>we're very fortunate that this happened to bring bill bringing back home positively
9:39 pm
identified as is core private first class lewis we've behind i 77 years ago during world war on terror one that he passed away. >>they never got his body back. >>the richmond, indiana native lost his life on the second day of battle november 21st in 2014 an organization dedicated to recovering american service members located a cemetery with the remains of 27 people killed in lewis was one of drive in my truck and told my fiance of like a safe at home, thanks to all of us. it's the last thing i expect the year officials used dna from his great niece, kimberly gardner to positively identify him kimberly had never met him. so she made sure she was on the tarmac with 3 generations of her family, waiting to honor her uncle sacrifice. >>and you see that coming off of the airplane. it just takes your breath away. you know to know that your loved one
9:40 pm
that's been missing for 77 years. >>it's a similar story for suzanne on that the niece of marine corps private first class charles miller of albany, indiana miller died on the 3rd day of we talked about him a little bit you know my my mother my suzanne was told her uncle's remains could not be just before memorial day she got the news it was pretty amazing day to dna from his femur it i like 99% it's a that was born 2 years after miller's death though she never knew her uncle the artifacts now in her possession provide a glimpse of the few days he spent on the battlefield i think what really got me was when i received necklace and mccoy said. items from his body. >>great they lights out for us
9:41 pm
in america. >>it's >>an emotional not only to the soldiers and marines who died but to the organizations that work to bring together generations of families. in indianapolis on various jobs. >>still to come in sports all eyes on qb one jimmy garoppolo and his injured ankle last night found some back. special case i didn't choose this job because it was easy. but i can't say i expected this. to fight these fires, we need funding - plain and simple. for this crisis, and for the next one. prop 15 closes tax loopholes so rich corporations pay their fair share of taxes. so firefighters like me, have what we need to do the job, and to do it right.
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no on 22. uber and lyft want all the power. so, show them the real power is you. vote no on prop 22.
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>>california wildlife experts have come together to help bears mountain lions and other animals who are caught by the state's devastating wildfires in tonight's flying tells kron 4 anchor 10 wayne shows us the new group they formed called the wildlife disaster network. >>and the unusual treatment to protect and save those injured animals. >>wildfires don't discriminate. people property and animals are victim, the california department of fish and >>so a lot of these animals are coming in shea says byrne fiends they were in here in
9:45 pm
their eyes and charles seat of the firearms. they often have smoke inhalation. >>paul burns are especially damaging. the loss of skin exposes nerve endings making it so painful the animals can't walk in and that's the challenge of the can't walk they can't find water and they can't find prey. and eat and so then they start to decline. >>such was the case with this 370 pound black bear was found in few counties north complex fire. >>he had a minor eye injury and smoke inhalation but the biggest concern was his burned paws. the veterinarians now have a relatively new treatment. >>we can have our animals such as are bears ko from crawling on the ground because it's so painful to lock to literally standing up and be able to lock is being engines. and that's one of them the most rewarding things. >>the bandages she's referring to are made from fish skin and sue church right on to the
9:46 pm
injured paw. >>it's all such an improvement and with using them that will have you some sense on several other animals they found about 13 different speeds these hour. and it's an around the difference for controlling their keen and hitting and killing better and faster as well as you know if get the managers off it's not a big deal at the eat them. >>the idea came from doctors in brazil have been using tilapia skin to treat human births. california veterinarian started using fish skin after major wildfires here 3 years ago. now it's common practice. >>this female mountain lion was found burned in los angeles county and brought to the fish and wildlife facility near sacramento. i think about my and has lost some weight so it's clear that she stock and suffering from those burns for a little while longer than a bear. >>she weighed 68 pounds and couldn't walk. >>and then we put the prepared tilapia skin on and that provides college and to the
9:47 pm
surface of the burn. but it also provides protective outside surface. so that the rock pop ad is he on the ground that it's now the fish skin that's on the grounds. >>so far this year california's wildlife disaster network has treated for bears and for mountain lions plus foxes coyotes. bobcats and other animals. these mountain lion cubs are recuperating at the oakland zoo after they were found burned, but not every wildlife encounter ends in success. >>sometimes if we think that they do not have a good chance of survival. we can actually ease stop their suffering and that's really important to recognize as well because it's not ok to leave these animals on their suffering. >>with that injured 370 pound bear is going home. >>i was trucked back to the mountains is burn injuries healed enough for him to be returned to the wild. >>the bear that could only crawl a few weeks ago. jody is now ready to reclaim his domain.
9:48 pm
>>evening and really inspiring is not only we able to release that we were able to follow along find that and great first day or one bear walked 20 miles. and they went on trial and 6 pass for me back in the wild. >>i was calling for canning kron fork bank or ken wayne reporting tonight. >>time for >>and it's been a long 2 weeks for the niners, no need to get into detail, what's understood doesn't need to be explained. but the good thing about the nfl you can turn things around and this weekend on this night, the niners look like that team that went to the super bowl. back in february the niners trying to get their groove back to do so we'll have to block this guy right there easy or said than done that. aaron donald, first drive of the game jimmy
9:49 pm
garoppolo with the flick pass to deebo samuel. you get to pile on. >>good guy go up 7 nothing. >>early in the 2nd quarter groppa low over the middle to a wide open door how do you leave george kittle wide open 44 yards later he's in for a touchdown, even does a little deion sanders bit and he goes into the endzone gras blow completed 10 of his first 11 passes, it's 14 nothing but here comes around jared goff the bay area native marine catholic cal berkeley great pass 3rd down to robert woods for the touchdown extra point was no good 14 6 foot. jimmy g he remains hot. he had great and for the 2 yard score i its first touchdown catch of his career is 21 to 6. he's had a couple rushing touchdowns. >>3rd quarter 21 in iran looking to make it a game for from goal got this pay off in the end zone by son brett. >>nice to see him on the field golf, you know you haven't been playing on a good face the super bowl year makes
9:50 pm
wonder why 4th quarter still 21 i drop below looking to get his field goal range and he lowers his shoulder to shoulder on the quarterback what a play from the quarterback showing his heart and guess what. rob goals rewards him from making the 49 yard field goal giving the niners a 15 point lead. jimmy g like that ramp need 2 touchdowns and a two-point conversion to tie. los angeles this score to cut the lead to a but on the ensuing drive, 3rd down for the forty-niners way for and they get that flip past again cited he converts the crucial first down see from the niners to run out the clock game over second and they go on to win this one 24 to 16 we'll have more later at now nlcs game, 7 dodgers trying to come back 3 games to one against the braves 5th inning mookie betts does it again. this is after making a great catch last night he makes an even better one here in the same spot to rob
9:51 pm
atlanta of a home run that's doing what la paid for him to do on the biggest stage. bottom of the 7th tied at 3 until. cody bellinger no doubt about this one that's a solo home run the dodgers go up 43, they're going crazy in tinseltown and guess what the bullpen, but keep that lead bottom of the 9th. julio urias gets austin riley to fly out to center to end the game. the dodgers come back 3 games to one to win the national league pennant dan van for their 3rd world series in 4 years, but they haven't won the title. since 1988 break. the try to break through that is against the tampa bay rays. we'll beat the astros in 7 games last night.
9:52 pm
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
>>there's something i'll put a smile on your face tonight, an update to a story that we first brought you earlier this month about the mountain lion cub rescued in the zogg fire recovering, covering nicely over at the oakland zoo his name is captain cow. you see him playing is shavings panned there. >>cup captain callum they say that they're happy to see him feeling well enough to be playing. this is video that they just posted. so here he is with 2 other female cubs that were also rescued from the zogg fire in shasta county and they're having a good time there. you can see they're starting to feel a little bit happier and healthier. they're nursing him back. >>really well at the ones that really are and we saw the.
9:55 pm
story of candid with the bears and some of the other heard in the and the wildfires there and we're talking about the french bulldogs that was stolen and then returned home earlier today so. >>and what doing pretty well run around the bay area they're not doing too bad captain county the bath now yeah. well looks like a 7, 5, that's all that's what peter what can you say no, here's a quick look now at the burka terror here in san francisco. >>the weather is going to do in a couple up and ups and downs this week and reese's going to walk us through it. >>yeah in addition that tracking a fire weather watch that is going to go into effect monday night for the bay area and mainly in the north bay mountains, including napa and sonoma county but we are going to notice wind gusts upwards of 40 miles per hour less of humidity levels dropping as low as 12% at times. so it is going to be fairly dry. but we are noticing a lot more moisture out there. thanks to the return of that marine layer
9:56 pm
and cool sea breeze, widespread 80's along the coast, but some that 40th to 50th percentile range for the north bay mountains and we are going to see current wind speeds out there right now relatively on the calm side, but a little bit breezy for those of you in downtown san francisco. and also future wind gusts fraud, the valleys will be in the north northwesterly breezes by around 20 miles per hour less for most of the valleys but gusts upwards of 40 miles per hour less in the highest peaks in the north face unfortunately not going to make be as breezy for most of our cities in the bay area and golden gate bridge out there right now as we take a live look for your sunday night we are noticing the dense low cloud cover but cooler temperatures out there in fact double digit cooling for nevado near double digits for right now in san francisco in temperatures for the most part in the 60's but starting to cool down though because of the return of that cool sea breeze for novato 59 degrees half moon bay. also in the 50's and taking a look ahead
9:57 pm
we are going to see that monday will be the coolest day of the next couple of days for your work week until we gradually warm up by midweek jonathan just seen back to you, thanks so much for brees and that wraps up kron 4 news at night don't go anywhere though our coverage continues at the top of the hour for kron 4 news at 6.
9:58 pm
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>>news station. you're watching kron 4 news. we have are people out there. businesses were not compliant. >>now there's really going to be a penalty. >>no 10 o'clock cracking down on businesses who are defying coronavirus health guidelines. one bay area county now going the extra mile to try and slow down the spread of covid-19 that's where we begin sunday night here on kron 4 news at 10 o'clock good evening. i'm jonathan mccall and i'm justine waldman san mateo county has formed a new covid-19 compliance task force. >>where team will now respond to reports of businesses that are violating state or local coronavirus health orders as kron 4 taylor bisacky reports for us right now the unit plans to


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