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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  October 19, 2020 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>>now at 3 today is the last day to register to vote in california what you need to know to make a your vote counts plus not out of the woods for wildfire danger just yet we're monitoring a red flag warning for parts of the bay area when all that goes into effect and businesses be where citations may becoming a pandemic health orders aren't followed in san mateo county. >>from the bay area's local news station. this is kron 4 news at 3. >>thank you for joining us on kron 4 news at 3 this monday afternoon. i'm sanaz tahernia our big story today is the last day to register to vote
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in the state of california. we're just 15 days away from the november, 3rd election turnout this year could be historic. well surpassing what we saw both in 20 16 and in the 2008 presidential election. but before you vote you must be registered and today is the deadline. kron four's dan kerman is live in san francisco with more on this item. >>either we're outside city hall and you see there's also a drive-thru ballot. drop-off if you've got your ballot in the mail. you can drop it off right here outside city hall in san francisco is also a voting center across the street graham civic auditorium but getting to what you were talking about which is registration that is correct. you have to register by tonight now if you don't get that registration in by tonight. you're not going to get a mail in ballot. but all is not lost. you still have an opportunity to register you can go to your county elections office. you go to your vote center you can also go to your polling place and register on election day and
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vote that will count as a provisional ballot, they'll be checking it out before they end up counting the ballots so all is not lost. in that respect so there are some options if you don't get that ballot in today as you mentioned lots of voting going on here at the san francisco voting center lot of people dropping off their ballots and so many ballots have already been turned it. we talked to the director of elections here in san francisco. we have a 124,000 ballots. >>back that our voting. we have around 520,000 registered voters in san francisco, so this point we have around 24% turnout this election. we had a really strong returns going through last week. we had came back to us on tuesday of last week. today we got around 8,000 the mail so that the of the return rates of slow down a bit since last week. so this week when snow really i think where we are as far as potential overall turnout.
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>>and they're expecting a turnout of somewhere in the 80 percentile that matches what they had both in 20 16 and in the presidential election in 2008 they say if the ballot return continues in the upward motion in the upper trend and they will surpass what they had which was an 81% turnout in both of those 2 elections. i spoke about voters very excited about this election. they say it's the most important one they voted in we'll hear from them coming up tonight on kron 4 news at 5 for now reporting live in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >>all right dan thank you for that. now kron 4 is your local election headquarters this voting season in just a friendly reminder again we're 15 days away from the november, 3rd election. also here across 4 we're committed to making sure your vote counts if you experience a problem casting your ballot. be sure to let us know and we will investigate you can e-mail us at voting problems at kron 4 dot com. and now to
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our wildfire coverage areas of the north bay once again facing critical fire weather this week a fire weather watch scheduled to go into effect tonight has been upgraded to a red flag warning kron four's morning kelly talk to santa rosa fire officials about what they're doing to prepare. yeah. >>the center is the fire department is bracing for what could possibly be a very active week of critical fire weather, the red flag warning goes into effect starting at 11 o'clock tonight and goes until wednesday. we are particularly concerned about the north bay mountainous areas of napa county and north eastern sonoma county. they the fight santa rosa fire department says we're not done on wednesday. then we roll into a fire weather watch that last from wednesday until friday and they are tracking the potential of a 3rd a vent for the weekend. so they say they are most concerned about areas like where i'm standing
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this is fountain grove area that burned during the tubbs fire that was 3 years ago. now grasses have been coming back and drying out so they're concerned about the potential for another wildfire in areas that have already burned in the tide fire the nuns fire the kincade fire. right now the. pg e is not calling psps but they do say they are in what's called a watch for a public safety power shutoff. possibly for the north bay, mountainous regions again and also for the east bay hills. they say it the potential is for thursday morning. they'll have more information and they'll be starting to alert their customers as we get closer to thursday. they start notifying people of that potential about 48 hours in advance. reporting from the north and maureen kelly kron 4 news. and talking about the red flag warning let's get a
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look at our bay area forecast around midday. the fire watch from this morning was upgraded to a red flag warning for the north bay mountains we've got dave spahr standing by with a look at. >>doesn't get we're going to be seeing similar conditions here in the city and other parts of the bay area. >>well actually not in san francisco. it doesn't appear to be but we are as you heard from morning kellie shirley capsule it very very well you could actually say there are 3 events within the next week the we're watching first things first it's the red that you see that's obviously the red flag warning and that goes into effect 00:11pm tonight be with us until wednesday morning around 80's. you can see. now this tan color that's a fire weather watch all this for the higher elevations, this bases like the post-it note to the national weather we'll get back to you on that later potentially for an upgrade of red flag warning so obviously as the east bay hills that is in the watch along with the santa cruz mountains, red flag warning in place as you heard about in northern solano county that covers up to napa sonoma and a
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little chunk here in the are in all included in the red flag warning because some offshore winds that will be a little bit higher they'll be a little bit more a lot going on again, here's the geography that we have going on here. just a quick beauty shot for you the fog came back again how about that we're getting some cooling influence from karl, the fog coming back in completely covering up the bridges at the center of the golden gate. but there you see the flag flapping a little bit of an onshore flow. we like that upper 80's right now. we start 90's and we see the same up to the north bay we'll get into more of your forecast in just a bit snouts. all right dave in just a reminder karl, the fog i believe has retired we now have carla the fog so just something to keep in mind. >>now starting today, mateo county will begin cracking down on businesses that are defying coronavirus health guidelines. it's all part of a new effort by the county to try and slow the spread of covid-19 kron four's charles clifford joins us now from san mateo with the details. hi charles.
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>>hey there here in san mateo county the number of new coronavirus cases per day kind of peaked in august has dropped and is now back to where it was made early summer and they want a county wants to keep it that way and what they're doing is be being proactive about making sure that businesses are following the rules. >>on monday san mateo county begin sending a covid-19 compliance unit to businesses across the county to make sure they are complying with county health orders. all businesses must make sure that masks are being warned social distancing is respected and that employees are given a health and safety plan we've seen that there are people out there. >>businesses who are not compliant. and so we would we're going to go out there again through a team a person team. they're going to go to these businesses on monday we talked to shoppers in san mateo who say that for the most part everyone is doing what they should but admit that as the pandemic drags on
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they do see people not following the rules could become complacent we've been doing this for a long time now the county compliance unit will mainly focus on getting businesses to comply voluntarily. >>but they do have the authority to issue fines of up to $3,000 and repeat offenders could face criminal charges owes to. >>more operating illegally. now there's really going to be a penalty. >>all right back live now the county is also set up a tip line, it's 2, 1, 1, if anyone sees a business not following the rules you can send an anonymous tip that way you can also send the county and email anonymously if you want. but for now in san mateo county charles clifford kron 4 news. >>all right i thank you for that. and san mateo county currently falls into the red substantial tier on the state's color-coded terror system meaning some nonessential businesses are allowed to operate indoors but
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with restrictions. here's a map of where each county in the bay area currently stands contra costa. solano napa and marine counties are also in the red a substantial tier, san francisco. alameda and santa clara counties are coated in orange for the moderates here and sonoma county remains the the only local county in the most restrictive widespread purple tier, the state health department will provide an update on the latest status of counties tomorrow. and once the fda approves a covid-19 vaccine californians will have to wait a little longer just to get it. the governor announced steps but he's taking today to verify the safety of what will eventually be an approved immunization kron four's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala joins us live from sacramento with details on that ashley. >>highs not yet governor gavin newsom announced today, he's put together a scientific safety group to verify that
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whatever fda approved covid-19 vaccine comes out is in fact say for californians, he said he's doing it. no matter who the president is. >>we don't take anyone's word for it we will do our own independently reviewed process with are world class experts. >>the new scientific safety group is made up of 11 health care leaders and researchers from across the state. when exactly the group's work will begin depends on how soon the fda approved the covid-19 vaccine. the state is eyeing a likely mass distribution in 2021. and this is the sober reality, the expectation should not cannot be this calendar year. >>for the overwhelming majority of us to get to where we need to go as a nation as a state that will not happen until 2021 with limited supply in storage capacity expected once a vaccine is approved newsom's administration has already decided who will get first priority will go to those most vulnerable to the
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virus, including the elderly or those living in long-term care facilities. >>the disabled essential workers minorities, rural communities and those who are incarcerated. so how long it will take this working group to review any vaccine is not clear really there's no set timeline here for anything having to do with that the vaccine until the fda approves it. >>now tomorrow sun i know you mentioned that we would get an update on the county to your status on the on the bloom at blueprint for reopening also tomorrow doctor galley the state's top health officer supposed to announce reopening guidelines for theme parks and team sports so we're also looking forward to that for tomorrow, reporting live in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>it's exciting to hear that that will happening thank you. ashley. maki these stolen lemur is now back at the san francisco zoo and this man is now behind bars, his name is corey john mcgill away and police say he was arrested in
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the north bay on thursday for an unrelated issue. authorities say he'll be booked in san francisco for burglary grand theft of an animal looting and vandalism. and coming up here on kron 4 news a 3 one bay area city is testing out new technology to try to reduce crime in their neighborhoods will explain how it will work. plus researchers are working on a new way to find out whether people are infected with covid-19 the unconventional methods they are using and that next violent crime continues to rise in the east bay of the local leaders are at
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>>the city of oakland has experienced a 38% increase in homicides in the year the city council president has a resolution aimed at stopping gun violence that the president of the oakland, a police union tells kron four's has he come on why that resolution will out when it comes to violent crime. the city of oakland is on pace to have one of its worst years in recent memory says the president of the oakland police officers association barry down some of numbers are incredibly over more than 400 people shot this year and city a murder so far this year. >>we 75 for all of last year it is incredibly important recognize. >>that shutting down the sources of illegal guns is vital to stopping gun violence
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this week oakland city council president rebecca kaplan is introducing a resolution declaring gun violence prevention, a top law enforcement priority, but priority, she means oakland police hiring some would to trace gun casings left at crime scenes, a position that has been vacant for 2 years even though it has been budgeted and i want to be clear the council funded this position the money to hire the position. >>to trace the illegal guns is in the budget and we're saying they need to go ahead and fill that position, however donna lynne says the position remains unfulfilled because he believes no one wants to work and what he calls a hostile work environment. >>she's talking about hiring one person to do tracing which is a very noble and every technical jaw. but the challenges song with those kind expertise there are soon coming to open. we need to laid off week as the phone. the police department has it made you kron 4 news. >>and in the city of san jose they're testing out a new
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gunshot detection program in an effort to reduce violence and help police respond faster the program will be tested in the cadillac winchester neighborhood where city officials say violent crime has been an ongoing issue. the new technology will use artificial intelligence and acoustic sensors to identify the location and direction of gunshots police will then have access to audio files and google maps or video from the detection device. the program is what the tech company v 5 systems and it's expected to be ready in the next few weeks. turning our attention now to the weather with a live look outside at san francisco international airport we are monitoring a fire weather watch this week kron 4 meteorologist dave spahr he's tracking all of those details for us and it looks like no rain no rain in sight hyundai. >>oh no not for the 7 day forecast we love the deliver some here we've been waiting and waiting waiting for something we're getting a little tease over the weekend so to speak, but basically nothing really upstream live
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shot comes in from half moon bay, at least a fairly clear shot until some of that fog comes back again which it will do for tonight. of course locking up as you can see the golden gate really never did clear out. throughout today we like the direction of the winds though keep that up which will probably not happen as we get later in the forecast period now the fire talk here. the tan colors the fire weather watch as it is for right now this may be upgraded to a red flag warning later on but that red flag warning is up here in the north bay note it's the higher elevations this can change, but it's the higher elevations for now because even of the service we're not seeing heavy winds going on necessarily so it's a little bit a lot going on, but the danger zone is there all the way into about 8 wednesday morning then the next thing to look for is the second event and that's where all those tan colors are with the fire weather watch then there's a 3rd of them to look out for as we head on into the weekend. those temperatures are holding the upper 80's to the east bay north bay as well 81 san jose in the east bay shoreline is into middle 70's
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territory. so having said all that those temperatures backtracked a little bit today dropping out of the 90's the fire weather watch and red flag warning we just walked through it a bit here for you and for this week. it looks like by the time we finish off the week cooling temperatures coming our way yeah we're going to get to fall into the 70's in the next step by the time we get to friday into saturday will be taking a look at some of that in your longer range forecast and in a bit so knots. thanks for that dave. >>the tsa says they screened more than 1 million pat airline passengers on sunday for the first time since mid-march now even with an increase that is still about 60% lower. the same day last year. it is however a dramatic rise from the collapse in air travel those caused by the coronavirus pandemic right now us airlines are collectively burning more than 5 billion dollars a month. and have yet to convince congress to approve a 25 billion dollars bailout. us airlines are operating 48% fewer flights than a year ago and still have nearly one 3rd of their fleet idled. still ahead, it's an
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unlikely pair, but bart is helping people get tested for covid we'll tell you where you can take advantage of those free tests and next how researchers are hoping to track down covid cases among college students. we'll show you how the new appeal and
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>>here's a cool story researchers are working on a
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new way to find out if people are infected with covid-19 through peel and sniff cards scientists say a key symptom of the virus is loss of smell. evan hinckley has the details from penn state university. >>there are all types of smells out there. like a fresh cup of joe and others that may not be as pleasing but no matter what it is if you don't smell it that may be the only sign you have covid-19 the really importance about those sudden loss of smell is that it can often appear when you don't have other symptoms you might not have a fever you might not have a cough john hayes professor of food science at penn state says between 5075% of those with covid lose their sense of smell so to help people identify that we're encouraging people to us to stop and build a smell check into their daily routine. he says that can be anything from your shampoo deodorant or daily food, the message is part of penn state's top smell
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and b will campaign and to help catch potential covid cases the university has developed a smell test of their own with peel and sniff cards for students we're working on how those will be distributed but they've been developed yes tell sniff cards will work it's a multiple choice test so right on the cards we give you a list and part of the job is to identify what you're smelling so i don't want to spoil it for you. >>but we've picked out some really good sense if you fail the smell check the university recommends you self-isolate and contact a medical professional. >>that was evan hinckley reporting for us the release of the peel and sniff cards is currently being finalized. the number of confirmed cases of covid-19 across the world has sadly passed 40 million the milestone was passed early this morning. that's according to johns hopkins university. the world health organization says we have likely entered the second wave of the virus. the u.s. is averaging more
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than 55,000 new cases a day up more than 60% since mid september. we also have a look at the state and local numbers, california has recorded more than 876,000 cases with more than 16,000 deaths across the bay area. there are now more than a 107,000 reported cases and more than 16 100 deaths. next at 3.30 more states began in person voting today that says the number of people voting early continues to shatter records and mayors across the country are concerned about the impact on their communities from ending the census early learn what these local officials want from congress and next one bay area county is set to unveil a covid-19 tracker in schools, we have a live report on what this means for parents and students in the classroom. >>and with that dry air temperatures going into a tomboy 89 by 4 were falling
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>>as more schools, welcome students back for in person instruction school districts are coming up with ways to keep families informed kron four's noelle bellow has more on marine county's new virus tracker and while jason has yeah the new online tool will. >>debut tomorrow former and families and officials say it will be a transparent map and
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the dashboard showing if when and where any coronavirus cases pop up at local schools now the dashboard will be launched on them are in schools dot org web site tomorrow. it will cover public private independent and parochial schools within the county. officials say they wanted to make sure all members of the community had as much information as possible and that families feel confident there's a system in place should any incidents occur. now that dashboard map will include gray dots for each school if the school is open to at least 10% capacity, those dots will then turn green and you can get some information on the total number of students attending classes. among other details than a separate part of the dashboard will give information about virus transmission. the type of transmission and number of cases reported. >>now a related any students who have tested a covid positive or staff and whether
3:31 pm
or not there was any transmission in the school setting that an opportunity to move information into our community in a way that will be easy to access and available to all. >>that dashboard will also detail each school's plans for how to respond if and when there is a coronavirus case reported. there's going to be information briefing tomorrow via zoom at 00:30pm in the afternoon for almer and students and families to get more information. the this entire interview did air live on our streaming service kronon earlier today you can download that for free in your app store back to use us. >>noel. >>and happening now you can get a coronavirus test this week at the union city bart station bay area community health is teaming up with bart to offer free covid-19 testing today. tuesday and thursday. now this is video is the testing got underway today. the testing site of the station will be open from 09:00am to 04:00pm. it is free
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for everyone in walk-ups are welcome but appointments are preferred. >>now switch gears for a moment and talk about our forecast as we take a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. i mean it's their right that you can see the tops of towers it's there it's crazy to see that and think that a red flag warning has been issued for the north bay areas. >>climb its size and also you know you got surface and aloft and so forth that science sow weather is just mixing is all is indifferent eating too but anyway. good afternoon everybody, this is walnut creek going on so those inland spots with the dry air watch for temperatures to tumble pretty quickly minus taking those when children areas too. back to the golden gate up close and personal of course, and i was giving a peek above the fog but below you can see the towers are all secured by the fog going on rolling back in the fog weather situation, ok. this is a a fire weather watch we see that and colors that's basically a post-it note national the service will
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get back to you on that as fatwas far as what we're looking at. but it's also county so if this gets upgraded. 2 red flag warning this will all be in the red meanwhile we have a bona fide red flag warning as we speak up to the north bay covering the higher elevations for this event here being offshore the concern and it does include all the counties that we talked about also moran. and those again higher elevations of course they felt mayfield us in later on cover some of the low lying areas potentially later on but there's what we're looking at in terms of the geography temperatures mid 70's to be found off to the east bay shoreline inland of the 80's but again with dry air that will be falling quickly. speaking of which tonight here comes up marine layer back again with the fog including the east bay shoreline better coverage given some cooling tonight, drying out tomorrow afternoon as we go into our next red flag warning business we'll check into your forecast and also that extended and a bit so knots. all right dave. thank you. >>and now to our wildfire coverage is the glass fire
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remains at 97% containment cal fire says it expects to have the fire fully contained by tomorrow. the glass fire burned more than 67,000 acres in napa and sonoma counties destroying more than 800 homes. 6 more us states began in person voting today adding to the huge number of americans who are casting early ballots. kron four's catherine heenan host of inside bay area politics is here with more hi catherine. >>the last time we checked nearly 30 million americans have now cast early ballots in november's presidential election. a sign that people are just an to an election happening in the middle of a pandemic and people eager to vote apparently lots of long lines. so you're looking at a scene in new orleans included in the 6 more states that opened in person voting today. the battleground state of florida. i talked to a political science expert a lecture from san jose state university. she calls the overall numbers astonishing.
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>>it's 8 everywhere, you look at the turnout numbers are breaking georgia everyone saw pictures of those terrifying the long lines at georgia voters cast 1.5 million ballots in just the first week of early voting. that is more than a 3rd of total vote cast in that state in 2016. santa clara county has surpassed 1 million registered voters which is a record and in travis county texas double check this number 97% of all eligible voters are registered, i've never seen anything like it. >>so is this donna more about people voting for somebody or eager to vote against somebody what's fueling this. >>we don't know because most of those ballots have not yet been tallied so we don't know, but my best guess is it's folks that strongly about people there says real pent up energy people have been
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waiting a long time general way they're going to go but they've been waiting and there's almost a sort of first day at the apple store kind of feel to this first week of early voting in a lot of states people want to be first in line. >>coming up at 5 6 o'clock including why she is comparing the presidential election to a cake that's already been baked so >>parts or catherine. thank you so much for that. mayors across the country are concerned about the impact on their communities from ending the census early. supreme court halted a district a court order last week the required the census bureau to continue counting residents through the end of the month. washington correspondent jessi eaton or reports on what these local officials want from congress. >>there's still an attempt to interfere with inaccurate. yeah, i know we're all sharing the same shock anger and disappointment after losing their legal fight to keep the census bureau counting. mayors like atlanta's keisha lance
3:37 pm
bottoms and san antonio's ron nirenberg said their future political power in government funding or on certain undercount will farrell unfairly reduced funding for schools, healthcare services, and workforce development programs are so vital right now post covid the census bureau said it is counted 99.9% of the nation's households. but census consultant terri ann lowenthal said that number isn't good enough now mayors you all know that that is government speak fish. it means we did but we have to do. >>to check off all of the addresses on our master list right now about a 3rd of the gathered information comes from door knocking which lowenthal said is far less accurate than self reporting this fight for a complete count is groups like the ntional urban league have joined these local leaders and calling on congress to pass a bill extending certain deadlines, it's impossible for them to attack really process the data. >>before the end of the year this bipartisan group said
3:38 pm
lawmakers at the federal level should represent the same united front when it comes to the census having full and accurate count is not partisan in washington, i'm jessi turnure. >>coming up we'll show you how a family is using a fall for to shun of corn mazes to honor health care workers during the pandemic plus some fun fun, but covid safe halloween terror ideas happening right
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>>time now to check in with the news nation on wgn america to see what they're working on tonight, joe donlon joins us live from chicago with a preview. hi, joe. >>hello sanaa's good to chat with you hello to everyone in the bay area there know you guys are focused on the wildfires we're going to take a peek the election tonight course it's 2 weeks from tomorrow, we have a look at a new poll that looks at the state of georgia normally a reliable red state could be in play this year the results of our poll, we'll also talk with our atlanta bureau chief about the record number of vote by mail ballots. and in person early voters as well in georgia plus a great story out of tennessee. a dedicated fan of the nfl team there lost his job, the father of 3 was about to lose his home too when the owner of the tennessee titans stepped in and took care of their entire go fund me page. another great story about a former nba star who is now working on a system that basically heats the air to disinfect the inside of schools and it's already being
3:42 pm
used. in a couple of states will have that will also preview the world series. although i'm guessing those of you in the bay area well i don't know maybe you're i'm sure you're point for the race, but maybe you're not interested at all because of the other team that's involved on there. but anyway, we'll preview the world series that much more tonight on news nation sauce for now we'll send it back to you. >>you so much for that preview the news nation airs on wgn america at 08:00pm our time you can find it on the channel's listed here more details available on our website kron 4 dot com. still ahead president trump lashing out at the nation's top infectious disease expert during
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>>president trump is criticizing the nation's top infectious disease expert, the president blasted a doctor anthony fauci on twitter ask and to make better decisions and during a campaign stop in arizona today. the president also said that doctor fauci has quote made a lot of bad decisions take a listen. >>a doctor about he's a very nice man. but we let him do what he wants to do gets a lot of television he loves being on television will let him do it. sometimes he says things are a little bit off and they get a buildup, but fortunately, but he's a nice guy i like of what is called a lot of bad calls he said don't wear a mask. and he said don't then china they were bad because he had been set and i don't hold that against him if i did i would have them i
3:46 pm
think he's a nice don't want to hurt him he's been ever. about 350 years i don't want to hurt him. >>president trump also talked about coronavirus and is again saying he's immune to the virus. here's what he had to say to reporters. >>positive or whatever what would you call it totally free right. my free time you they say they say if you that you're immune. the question is are you a new performance of for the rest your eye doctors have already given you know my doctors have given more
3:47 pm
information that has been given any human being in the history of the world. >>and this is the scene in prescott arizona this afternoon for a trump campaign rally. you can see there is a very very large crowd. switching gears for a second to take a look at our forecast here in the bay area you're taking a live look at the bay bridge. it is beautiful out there. we are monitoring the fire weather watch however it's been issued for later on tonight. kron 4 meteorologist dave spahr has all the details a good afternoon sanaa's good afternoon. everybody, here's a live shot coming in from san jose state also looking pretty good there to enjoying the blue skies. >>of course close to the golden gate. we're still looking at that fog hanging around it's going to fill up to the bay later on tonight and going help with that cooling we like that now getting to the fire business here. thus far with the watches for later during the week and that may be upgraded to a red flag warning in the coverage area is also in the higher elevations, but what we
3:48 pm
have now that's going to kick in tonight, 11 o'clock through 08:00am on wednesday. is that red flag warning and that's covering northern solano county. it's also in the napa again the higher elevations, sonoma in moran, because of the low humidity levels and also because of some offshore winds building upper 80's at this hour lower 80's up to the north asia will notice 81 for san jose. but the moisture levels here we're going to build tonight bring back some of that marine layer again, but then drying out with some help of an offshore wind, it's very apparent as you can see off to the east and up to the north bay it doesn't get too far to the west but you get a general idea what it looks like 58 will go with san francisco again know that fog maybe some fog making it to open at 5660 san jose expected for a low tonight, mostly clear skies generally speaking our lows, we'll be in the middle to potentially upper 50's along the east bay shoreline, some cool 40's up there to the north bay around santa rosa 60 again for san jose noting this longer-range forecast for you about let's
3:49 pm
retire the 90's give them a tease a shot here we'll have the 80's going on for most of the week don't forget a secondary system we're going to watch that that fire weather watch is later this week, although we are cooling. and you heard earlier in the broadcast maureen kelly was referring to this here sunday's yet a 3rd event to watch out for even though temperatures will be fairly mild so knots dave thank you for that. >>now the covid-19 heading into the 8th month in the united states quarantine and a lack of travel are resulting in people venturing out of their comfort zones and trying new things while some businesses are reporting a decrease in business one industry is seeing more customers than ever or before rather france's linda's about how more people are trying out the sport of skydiving amid this pandemic. >>pandemic is exciting things specially says everybody's been cooked up for so long it was nice to get out and be able to do something in the south there's not a lot of things that our fun i can you
3:50 pm
can do just out dozens of first time skydivers get ready to go up to the sky we've had a quite a surge in business operation like we've been doing more jumps in the last few months and we then than ever we have had record weekends as far as people coming out to make in tandem skydive kansas city owner chris paul explains why there's more people out skydiving this year this is something close to home and affordable that >>definitely get your heart pumping and it's made people really re evaluate life and priorities. he says there are many myths surrounding the sport a skydiving and the obvious one is that it's unsafe for him, everybody is going to die, but skydiving instructors say this is not true skydiving is safer than riding in a car and a lot of times the fatalities are actually self-induced it's an equipment malfunction, it's not nothing like that it's somebody that. >>puts themselves in the position to actually hurt themselves skydiving instructors described the safety procedures they go through that coming out just doing that the safety measures we have is a harness system we do inspections on the airplane
3:51 pm
a >>checks or equipment a lot they double checked triple checked the inspected regularly. all of our stuff meticulously gone over fire owner is actually very very safe sport plus extra safety procedures now during the covid-19 pandemic we have more hand sanitizer around we try to clean things more often than the obviously in very close quarters with 14 people in the airplane. >>so why were in the airplane, we wear a mask. once the door opens getting ready to go then we can take the mask off because air circulating a lot better skydivers and first time jumpers say now during a pandemic skydiving is something that can bring back some of the fun and happiness and life is freeing its therapeutic you are so focused on what you're doing you actually. >>you kind of forget what was going on during the day and all your troubles it's very liberating so state could just let all that go in hall hopes more people will continue coming out to get a taste of the sky we have people 18 to
3:52 pm
93 that have come out and jump with us you never never too old you can't really explain unless you go through it and do it yourself is nothing like it on the air so we got to the sky. think there's a lot of things that drive people want to jump out of a perfectly good airplanes you can jump out of an airplane there's really not much you can't relax. >>i can vouch it's actually a very very fun experience that was frances lin reporting for us. >>coming up next how a family farm is honoring healthcare workers with
3:53 pm
3:54 pm
3:55 pm
>>now take a look at this a family orchard and michigan is paying tribute to healthcare workers with their corn maze what a beautiful shot the maze says we love health care workers. the family showcases a design every year and this year, the owner says that with everything going on with the pandemic the message is much much deeper. and wein is going to be different this year as you can imagine because of the covid-19 pandemic so instead of a traditional haunted house how about a haunted drive this is a video to drive through at the pirates of emerson attraction in pleasanton i guess you do drive-in movies went on a drive-in to drive through now cars are spaced out by at least 30 so guests get their own individual experience. they're not
3:56 pm
driving past things and looking what you're doing as well but you're driving through the 100 houses we have. >>trick or treat townsend hillbillies and pirates in counts in prisons and zombies and cemeteries in it's all >>and help pirates of emerson runs until november first and it costs about $94 per car dave. don't know if i can do i don't do this kind of stuff we're going to turn things over to dave's barber, a final look at our weather would you do this dave. >>if it's on a car maybe you'll feel little better and i think will scare crank up the radio, whatever gets into your eyes. well my donna okay, the next right thing scared me that you should get out anyway fire weather watch here the business here is a fire weather watch that and colors remember that that's for later this week but more importantly what's coming up the soon future is a red flag warning that kicks in tonight, 11 that's gonna be with us until mid-week at about 8 o'clock on wednesday. and again the fire weather watch we just talked
3:57 pm
about that's the next thing to watch out for and then sunday may have another repeat performance as well to look out for those moisture levels, let's bring in the fog tonight, marine layer good to see then mixes out we have that red flag warning up in the north bay offshore winds kick in. our forecast tonight, 58 san francisco 56 for oakland in 64 san jose sanaa's food. >>well that wraps up kron 4 news at 3 our coverage continues at the top of the hour on our kron on app which is for free going download it i'm so sorry i thanks for joining us.
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