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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  October 19, 2020 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>>news at 5. this is how we change america. you know one vote at time. now at 5 we're just 15 days from the november election and today is the last day to register in california thanks for joining us tonight i'm ken wayne and i'm sanaz tahernia. >>voter turnout this year could be historic well surpassing what we saw both in 20 16 and in the 2008 presidential election. >>but before you vote you must be registered and today is the deadline to get that done kron four's dan kerman is live in san francisco with more on that >>that's right right across from city hall near the bill graham civic auditorium, this is where the outdoor election center is taking place this is
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also where you can register tonight up until 8 o'clock. a steady stream of voters dropped off their mail in ballots in person and by car monday adjacent to san francisco's outdoor voting center in front of the bill graham civic auditorium wanted to ensure that it got in safely so i want to do it in person city officials prefer voters dropped them in these us postal service blue collection boxes, these voters say they had to do the in person dropped off. >>due to the gravity of this election. >>how important is this election to you. like my life depends on it it's extremely important to me we can't take another 4 years of this nonsense for those who have not yet registered to vote the deadline is midnight. >>but those who missed the monday deadline still have an opportunity to participate. >>after today people can still register and vote in this election. it just must do so in person that in person registration can be at a county elections officer vote center or at your polling
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place on election day in san francisco 124,000 voters have already completed and returned their ballots. >>that's 24% of all registered voters. if the trend continues bulk of them came so the u.s. mail and they say there has been no problem at all still they say if you prefer you can come to this voting center and drop them off again if you're not registered to vote you have until 8 o'clock tonight. you can come here right across from city hall and do it. otherwise we'll have to do it in person at the votes center tomorrow or at your polling place on election day live in
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san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news and thank you for that on the campaign trail president trump continues to criticize the nation's top infectious disease expert, that's right the president blasted a doctor anthony fauci on twitter. >>asking him to make better decisions and during a campaign stop in arizona today, the president also said doctor fauci has quote made a lot of bad decisions take a listen. >>and doctor fauci is a very nice man. but we let him do what he wants to do gets a lot of television he loves being on television will let him do it. sometimes he says things are a little bit off and they get built up, but fortunately, but he's a nice guy i like of what is called a lot of bad calls he said don't wear a mask. and he said don't then china they were bad calls he had been set and i don't hold that against him if i did i would have them i think he's a nice don't want to hurt him he's been there for. about 350 years i don't want to hurt him.
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>>and this was the scene in prescott arizona this for a trump campaign rally as can see there is a very large crowd with little social distancing. and here kron 4 we're committed to helping make sure your vote counts and if you experience any problems casting a ballot. let us know and we will investigate you can e-mail us at voting problems at kron 4 dot com. >>moving on a covid wants the fda approves of covid-19 maxine californians will have to wait a little longer to get it. >>today the governor announced steps, he's taking to verify the safety of what will eventually be an approved immunization kron capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala has details. >>and so governor gavin newsom announced monday his administration will require an independent group to verify the safety of an eventual fda approved covid-19 vaccine before can be distributed in california. the governor said this is happening regardless of whoever is president course. >>we don't take anyone's word for it. we will do our own
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independently reviewed process with are world class experts. the new scientific safety group is made up of 11 health care leaders and researchers from across the state house sooner work begins depends on how soon the fda approves a vaccine. >>the state is eyeing a likely mass distribution in 2021. >>and this is the sober reality, the expectation should not cannot be this calendar year. for the overwhelming majority of us to get to where we need to go as a nation as a state that will not happen until 2021 with limited supply and storage capacity expected once a vaccine is approved newsom's administration has already decided who will get first priority will go to those most vulnerable to the virus, including the elderly or those living in long-term care facilities. >>the disabled essential workers minorities, rural communities and those who are incarcerated newsom's administration did not say how long it would take the group
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to review the vaccines. reporting in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. and more schools, students back up for in person instruction school districts are coming up with new ways to keep families informed starting tomorrow marin county schools will have a new online virus. tracker. >>it will cover public private independent and parochial parochial schools within the county dashboard math will include gray dots for each school. if the school is open to at least 10% capacity, the dot will be green and then you'll get information on the total number of students attending classes among other details. >>have local related any students who have tested. i often in more staff and whether or not there was any travelers know in the schools an opportunity to move information into our community in a way that will be easy to access. >>and available to all. >>the dashboard will be available on them are in schools dot org website and
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will also detail each school's plan for how to respond if and when there is a covid case reported information briefing is being held tomorrow via zoom at 4.30 in the afternoon for almer in students and their families. tonight, no one slimmer and county is going back to all distance learning and it's blaming the decision on slumber parties marine catholic says it will return to its hybrid learning model on november, 2nd. all extractor curricular activities and sports are canceled the practices for sports are canceled. the school said the leadership team made the decision after hearing about at least one large party and quote countless concerns about sleepovers. >>and now to our wildfire coverage at this hour the glass fire remains at 97% containment cal fire says it expects to have the fire fully contained by tomorrow. the glass fire burned more than 67,000 acres in napa and sonoma counties destroying more than 800 homes and those
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north bay communities once again facing critical fire weather this week a fire weather watch is set to go into effect tonight. it has been upgraded to a red flag warning kron four's morning kelly talk to santa rosa fire officials about what they're doing to prepare. >>it's the potential for high winds with gusts up to 30 to 40 miles per hour combined with the temperatures low humidity. and critically dry fuel that has santa rosa fire department, adding extra staffing during this red flag warning the areas of concern the mountains of napa and northeastern sonoma county that red flag warning starts tonight and runs until wednesday morning but that's not the end of it that a fire weather watch is in effect from wednesday until friday and they're tracking a 3rd potential wind event over the weekend and while the glass fire is nearly completely contained its areas that have burned in previous years that officials are concerned about now like here in the fountain
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grove area of santa rosa homes are still under construction after burning down in the 2017 tubbs fire and so a lot of those areas have reestablished there's brush their seasonal grasses. >>there's definitely the threat for a fire moving back to those areas again. so that is why we continue to ask our community to heed to the warnings and be prepared for another fire potentially an area that has already burned in last several years pg e has not officially said they will cut power off yet to prevent a catastrophic wildfire, but the potential is there we are now out of psps watch which means that pg e has activated its emergency operations center and the psps event happening in midweek about thursday morning in the bay area. the likelihood has increased right now the potential is highest for customers living here in the north bay mountains as well as the east bay mountains. >>pg e says they will know more as we get closer to thursday. they will begin notifying customers 48 hours
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in advance of when they might have to pull the plug maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>well find out more about that and get a check of the weather as we're getting ready for that red flag warning this starts again tonight at 11 o'clock chief meteorologist lawrence clarke karnow joins us now with a check on those fire conditions. lawrence was hot and then a cool down and then we're going right back up again. yeah boy i did not like what i've seen in the forecast, not the short term not the long term either would like to see some rain getting near of course that starts to bring in your fire says right now there's no rain in the forecast in we're looking at some gusty winds developing around the bay area will have these weak front that go over the top of the system then all of a sudden about behind that you'll see high pressure trying to build in and that's when the winds pick up we've got the fire weather watch over the santa cruz mountains that starts on wednesday that will likely become a warning. >>as we head to wednesday and then on thursday and friday continued warning conditions expecting some gusts, 2535 miles per hour humidity 15 to 20% so pretty dry up there
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right now historically dry up there as well with all the drought conditions and you can see the east bay, you have the oakland hills this all above a 1000 feet that continue the diablo range looking some of those gusts 2030 miles per hour again likely to be upgraded to a warning as we get to wednesday. and this warning probably taking us into the weekend. so we're looking at fire conditions almost all week long as we continue to see these gusty offshore wind just kind of come and go as these a weak systems roll over the top of that continued in this little county you're looking humidity. 18 to 23% some very dry out there and half the county is actually in part of a red flag warnings you get up toward vacaville and also the dixon and the north they of they've had an active fires or watching that very closely red flag warnings up in moran above a 1000 feet you can see toward saint helene and the napa valley you can see all the areas shaded in red here those are all in red flag warning right now we're looking at some winds here possibility, 25 and some 40 mile an hour winds. overnight guys back to you you aren't coming up on kron 4 news at 5
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a record number of voters are casting their ballots. early we'll break down the numbers as 6 more states kicked off in person voting today. >>and coronavirus case numbers have been on the decline for months but there's a concern that a second wave of infections is coming learn how one county plans to keep those numbers down and east bay city has seen in nearly 40% increase in homicides this me yr property tax bill went down? what? never. are you kidding me? for years, the residential burden has gone up.
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while the corporate burden has gone down. prop 15 reverses that. it closes corporate loopholes and invests in schools, small business, and firefighters. and when the big corporations pay more, your tax bill goes down. that's right. a savings of a hundred twenty-one dollars a year for the average home. give homeowners a break. vote yes on 15.
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>>now to the east bay was city of oakland has experienced a 38% increase in homicides just this year and now the city council president is recommending a pair of resolutions aimed at stopping gun violence, but the president of the oakland police union tells kron four's has he come why those resolutions won't work. >>when it comes to violent crime. the city of oakland is on pace to have one of its worst years in recent memory says the president of the oakland police officers association barry down some of numbers are incredibly over more than 400 people shot this year and city a murder so far this year. we 75 for all of last year it is incredibly important recognize. >>that shutting down the sources of illegal guns is vital to stopping gun violence this week oakland city council president rebecca kaplan is introducing a resolution declaring gun violence prevention, a top law enforcement priority hiring someone to trace bullet shell
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casings left at crime scenes, a position that has been vacant for 2 years even though it has been budgeted the money to hire the position. >>to trace the illegal guns is in the budget and we're saying they need to go ahead and fill that position, however donna lynne says the position remains unfulfilled because he believes no one wants to work and what he calls a hostile work environment. >>she's talking about hiring one person to do tracing which is a very noble and every technical jaw. but the challenges song with those kind expertise there soon coming to open. we may be laid off week as phone. the police department captain it is also recommending the city council adopted resolution to terminate opd is participation with the fbi's joint terrorism task force of the 3 bases issue. >>the bay area oakland has been the one this year that's been struck by terrorism we are white supremacist kill up for security building the city
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council president sites that same incident has reason to sever ties with the fbi's joint terrorism task force. the federal government has refused to go after white supremacist even those white supremacists who committed a murder in oakland. >>both resolutions will be presented at the next oakland city council meeting has it made you kron 4 news. >>also in the east bay, a 25 year-old stockton man was arrested after allegedly ramming a contra costa county sheriff's deputy and danville police officer with his car. this happened in an unincorporated area of contra costa county on sunday afternoon sheriff officials san officer did shoot at the suspect after he hit the deputy and an officer with his car. the gunfire hit the vehicle but not the driver who got away eduardo was found about a mile away who deputy by deputies who took him into custody after a struggle. the deputy hit by the car was taken to a hospital and later
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released tonight, san francisco police have made an arrest in connection to an assault that took place on saturday at un plaza. >>want to show you a picture of the victim 25 year-old philip anderson who said during a free speech rally. he was punched in the face by an unknown suspect the assault. apparently caused anderson to lose 2 of his front teeth. the suspect was identified as 35 year-old a anderson he was taken into custody yesterday and booked on a number of charges right now you're looking at pictures from the rally where right wing and left wing protesters clash while originally showing up to protest big tech censorship this again happened over the weekend. >>maki the stolen lemur is now back to the san francisco zoo and a suspect is behind bars. the man on your screen is corey john and police say he was arrested in the north bay on thursday for an unrelated issue authorities have. they say that he'll be booked in san francisco for burglary
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grand theft grand theft of an animal looting and vandalism. i'll take a live look outside over the golden gate bridge a little earlier there was a of fog and nothing has changed lot of fog out there maki is hanging out at the zoo out there by ocean beach party little chilly right now staying cool out of the coast of that dense fog moving in and certainly right up toward the beaches night see that fog creeping back on shore help them bring now the temperatures lower the fire danger of that's going to change for the week ahead. >>the look to run you can see some of the clouds working their way through the golden gate bridge and on the golden gate. yeah, damp out there as well as we're seeing that dense fog right at the surface, so little drizzle along the coastline as well tonight going to clear out those guys back for the week ahead we're going to be watching high fire danger all week long as we've got a ridge of high pressure that's going to build in we haven't had any rain yet everything is extremely dry outside. and now we're going to throw in some warm temperatures and some more offshore winds. those winds will lower the humidity and some gusts over the
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mountain tops maybe as high as 40 miles per hour plus the higher peaks so we're watching this not only the next few days. i think the better part of this week we're going to talk about fire danger here in the bay area temperatures outside right now it is 85 degrees in san jose and 74 in hayward 74 also in 7 tail cool 55 in half moon bay with the fog 71 in oakland sunny in brighton 89. in concord currently 84 in dublin 81 degrees in the bottle then overnight tonight, we'll see mostly clear skies. the interior valleys still some of that patchy fog some of that very dense along the coastline and slipping inside the bay tomorrow, sunny and warm little breezy too specially over the mountain tops in the north bay above a 1000 feet that's where the red flag warnings have been posted above normal temperatures. i think the better part of the week and fire danger may be all the way into next weekend. i think next week 2 we may see some offshore winds kicking in and fire danger again returning to the bay area. it's going to repeat itself. you've got these weak cold front stuck over the top of this ridge as they move on by high pressure builds in behind it that's when we start to see those northeasterly winds that
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said offshore wind pattern until we get any rain in here that means of fire danger is going to stay elevated nothing really to stop until that happens temperatures for tomorrow plan on 70's and 80's inside the bay, almost 90 degrees of the warmer spots in the 50's and 60's at the coast. >>still ahead the san mateo county is working to make sure everyone continues to follow coronavirus health
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>>across california and the bay area. the number of new coronavirus cases has actually been on the decline for months. but there is concern that a second wave of infections is coming with the winter months still ahead and san mateo county the county is working to make sure the businesses continue to follow county health rules. >>kron four's charles clifford has the details here in san mateo county businesses and schools are starting to reopen as the number of daily coronavirus cases has gone down and the county wants to keep it that way and they're being proactive about making sure everyone is following county health guidelines. >>on monday san mateo county begin sending a covid-19 compliance unit to businesses across the county to make sure they are complying with county health orders. all businesses must make sure that masks are being warned social distancing is respected and that employees are given a health and safety plan we've seen that there are people out there. >>businesses who are not compliant. and so we would we're going to go out there
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again through a teen has a person team. they're going to go to these businesses on monday we talked to shoppers in san mateo who say that for the most part everyone is doing what they should but admit that as the pandemic drags on they do see people not following the rules could e been doing this for a long time now the county compliance unit will mainly focus on getting businesses to comply voluntarily. >>but they do have the authority to issue fines of up to $3,000 and repeat offenders could face criminal charges owes to. >>more operating illegally. now there's really going to be a penalty now the county is also set up a tip hotline anyone who sees a business not playing by the rules can call 2, 1, one you can also send the county and email you can do either of those things anonymously if you prefer. >>but for now in san mateo county charles clifford kron 4 news. >>in the east bay where you can now get a coronavirus test
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at the union city bart station bay area community health is teaming up with bart to offer free covid-19 testing through this wednesday. the testing site at the station will be open from 09:00am to 04:00pm it is free for everyone walk-ups are welcome but appointments are preferred. next a new way to test if you've been infected with coronavirus we'll tell you how your sense of smell could indicate a positive results since freshen military officers accused of hacking campaign. >>and drummer putting in washington with the department of justice says this group is done. also heading to the done. also heading to the polls in big numbers record they endorse yes on 25 to end money bail. governor gavin newsom. congresswoman karen bass. the western center on law and poverty. the dolores huerta foundation. californians for safety and justice. and the california democratic party. yes on 25.
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accused of rape. accused of stealing $5. the stanford rapist could afford bail. got out the same day.
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the senior citizen could not. forced to wait in jail nearly a year. vote yes on prop 25 to end money bail. >>welcome back. we're now just 15 days away from the november election and kron 4 is your local election headquarters 6 more us states began in person voting today, adding to the huge number of americans who are casting early ballots. kron four's catherine heenan host of inside bay area politics is here with more catherine. >>yes in oz and can nearly 30 million americans right now have cast early ballots in november's presidential election. the number just keeps growing assigned people are adjusting to election happening in the middle of a pandemic a sign they are eager to vote apparently there are lots of long lines. this was the scene in new orleans included in the 6 additional states now opened in person
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voting the battleground state of florida. i talked to a political science lecturer from san jose state university today. she is calling these overall numbers astonishing. >>it's everywhere you look at the turnout numbers are breaking georgia everyone saw pictures of those terrifying the long lines at georgia voters cast 1.5 million ballots in just the first week of early voting. that is more than a 3rd of total vote cast in that state in 2016. santa clara county has surpassed 1 million registered voters which is a record and in travis county texas double check this number 97% of all eligible voters are registered, i've never seen anything like it. >>so is this donna more about people voting for somebody or eager to vote against somebody what's fueling this. >>we don't know because most of those ballots have


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