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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  October 19, 2020 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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statewide elections. thanks for joining us tonight, i'm ken wayne and i'm sanaz tahernia. >>and moore has the night off turnout this year could be historic surpassing what we saw in 2016 and in the 2008 presidential election. but before you vote you must be registered. kron four's dan kerman live for us in the city with more on today's voter registration deadline. dan. >>or in civic center plaza, this is where san francisco's outdoor election center is taking place right now and behind me is a booth which is going to remain open until 8 o'clock tonight. that is if you are not registered you can still get here if you live in san francisco and register before election day otherwise you're going to have to do it in person starting tomorrow or at your polling place on election day. san francisco's after voting center in front of the bill graham civic auditorium. >>was busy much of the day monday as a steady stream of voters dropped off their ballots in person and by car i
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want to make sure that wasn't going to get lost in the mail get down here make sure it counts this is how we have our say you know this is how we change america. you know one vote at time while city officials prefer voters dropped ballots in these us postal service blue collection boxes. >>these voters say this time they needed to do it in person. >>i voted every single election since i've been a i think this is the most important one of my lifetime in order to for change you have to be part of the process so this one yeah there's there's no at the last days >>a lot rides on this a lot. >>for those who have not yet registered the deadline is midnight. but those who missed the monday deadline still have an opportunity to participate, but they must register in person. >>tomorrow people can vote or register to vote at the body center outside of city hall and on election day to go to their polling place and
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research vote and your ballot. >>in san francisco a 124,000 voters have already completed and returned their ballots. that's 24% of all registered voters if the trend continues turnout could be greater than the 81% turnout seen in 2016 and the 2008 presidential election. i think that the turnout will be an 80% house for the selection. >>and i think that they're this upcoming week will give us a sense you wear when that rain. >>others but all questions about the mail service and how that is getting ballots back to the election center. officials here in san francisco say of those 124,000 ballots already return more than a 100,000 of them came to the u.s. mail and had no trouble at all arriving where they were supposed to live in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >>a short is now is san mateo county assistant chief of elections jim irizarry jen is
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here to tell us more about today's voter registration deadline and what the turnout has been like in san mateo jim, i know the numbers have been super high all over the bay area how do things look in your specific county. >>absolutely fantastic. very high risk we're saying it's store records. today we have a 160,000 ballots. senate been returned and press it we have 3,300 where is that it actually come to a vote center. we are 9 times, greater the number of books lawyers we did during the march 3rd election as of today. pretty aggressive. if right straight today's the last day or registration for the november election. and those voters can actually feel out for registration cards and we will then allow iran to receive a ballot in the mail. so they can vote in november election. we're threatened and
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if you do not receive your ballot. you can actually do look center in book at the moda center and also if you missed today's registration day. you give conditionally registered to vote in california all the way up through election day as long as county before election day to give you a condition of voter registration. car and it will also allow you to vote provisionally in that election. >>jim do have numbers say you can compare from presidential election years on how much more enthusiasm and turnout you're saying in san mateo county. >>yes mentioned that 3,300 number of voters that it come. you are yours is literally 9 times greater than the same your time for the march election. the $160,000 is about 3 times greater we experienced in march. so it's been extremely risks almost feels like election day in
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terms of the number of people that coming through our doors. >>are we seeing a lot of first time voters. >>yes we're seeing first time voters and we're also see folks that very interested in the book by me or process you see the hours so they can get them all and then actually of both the pope used being so there it seems california voters have confidence in the voting by mail system because we've been doing it for so long. >>i'm wondering if everybody's voting early in such huge numbers as election day going to be maybe not as big of a day is a typically would be. >>well we're hoping that that is the case we have before a vote is to vote early to avoid the lines. but certainly there's a lot of activity in the early part, but i think that this is such a popular election that we're going to see large voter turnout on election day. what one more point to to what you're a syrian that is that yes.
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california is an experienced a report by mail particularly county we held our first election in 2015. and we fell elections are the voters choice act we're bush takes a selfie which means that our elections are conducted vote by mail so our lawyers are very season that experience in the process and going to use a secure peace i understand it go. >>all right jim, it's always good to people fulfilling their civic duties, thanks so much for joining us today. >>we wish you think meantime president trump and joe biden are set to meet on thursday night in nashville for the second and now final debate. catherine heenan host of inside bay area politics joins us with catherine i some can well you know things could change that's always true. >>the president's campaign for example now asking for debate topics to be adjusted they want foreign policy to be a focus. but if there is a
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debate thursday looks like there will be it could be the president's last chance to change the conversation. i asked a political science lecturer from san jose state university what it would take to make that happen. >>and this last debate first of all i think if i were working for donald trump tell him he's got to go. you can't miss another opportunity to miss this opportunity i think it was a mistake for him not to attend last week's debate and so it got canceled. i think he's got to go and i just don't think there's much you can do at this late date but if there were something he could he could be showing new policies of covid remains top of mind for all voters really he's trying to take some bubbles around the edge of this covid lc but no he's not changing anything fundamental about his approach which most people do has failed. so if you were to do something troy hill. mary pass that's what it should be all mister biden needs to do really is make his
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closing argument not make a big mistake. appear presidential. appear credible and i think those are his those are his assignments for this week's debate. >>and we have an update on the debate the president i'm biden they will have the microphone muted as the other person is talking if there are still interruptions that wouldn't shock anybody. they will count towards their total time to speak. this is just one of the changes the debate commission is making and the hopes it will not have another chaotic debate like the first one and another development today, the president says he will take a coronavirus test before the debate sanaa's and can thank you for that catherine now here at kron 4 we are committed to make sure your vote counts. >>if you experience a problem casting your ballot just let us know and we'll investigate you can e-mail us at voting problems. kron 4 dot com. >>now once fda approves a covid-19 vaccine californians
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will have to wait a little bit longer to get it. >>today the governor announced steps that he's taking to verify the safety of what will eventually be an approved immunization kron 4 capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala has the details governor gavin newsom announced monday his administration will require an independent group to verify the safety of an eventual fda approved covid-19 vaccine before canpbe distributed in california. the governor said this is happening regardless of whoever is president course. >>we don't take anyone's word for it we will do our own independently reviewed process with are world class experts. the new scientific safety group is made up of 11 health care leaders and researchers from across the state house sooner work begins depends on how soon the fda approves a vaccine. >>the state is eyeing a likely mass distribution in 2021. >>and this is the sober reality, the expectation should not cannot be this calendar year. for the
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overwhelming majority of us to get to where we need to go as a nation as a state that will not happen until 2021 with limited supply in storage capacity expected once a vaccine is approved newsom's administration has already decided who will get first priority will go to those most vulnerable to the virus, including the elderly or those living in long-term care facilities. >>the disabled essential workers minorities, rural communities and those who are incarcerated newsom's administration did not say how long it would take the group to review the vaccines, reporting in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>across california and here in the bay area new covid-19 cases have been on the decline but there's concern that a second wave of infections is coming with the winter in san mateo county leaders are working to make sure businesses continue to follow covid-19 guidelines. today officials began sending out covid-19 compliance people to businesses across the county to make sure they are complying with county health
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orders. all businesses must make sure that masks are being warned social distancing is respected. employees are given a health and safety plan. county supervisor david campos says they've been getting reports of some businesses not following the rules. >>we've seen that there are people out there. businesses who are not compliant. and so we would go we're going to go out there again through a team a person team. they're going to go to these businesses. >>the county compliance unit will mainly focus on getting people to comply voluntarily, but they do have the authority to issue fines of up to $3,000. repeat offenders could even face criminal charges tip line has been set up for people to call in and remain anonymous. if they see a business not following the guidelines. >>health experts warn colder temperatures could lead to a serious surge of covid-19 cases but doctors say you can do to protect yourself during
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the fall and winter months. >>plus one east bay city has seen nearly a 40% increase in homicides this year here what one city officials recommending to stop the violence. >>and areas in the north bay once again facing critical fire weather this week we're what fire officials are doing to prepare. and it's those warm temperatures. those gusty offshore winds fire danger i didn't choose this job because it was easy. but i can't say i expected this. to fight these fires, we need funding - plain and simple. for this crisis, and for the next one. prop 15 closes tax loopholes so rich corporations pay their fair share of taxes. so firefighters like me, have what we need to do the job, and to do it right. the big corporations want to keep their tax loopholes. it's what they do. well, i do what i do. if you'ld like to help, join me and vote yes on prop 15.
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>>we're now just a few hours away from yet another red flag warning going into effect in the already fire ravaged north bay kron four's maureen kelly talked to santa rosa fire officials about how its areas that burned in years past that are the greatest concern now. >>it's the potential for high winds with gusts up to 30 to 40 miles per hour combined with the temperatures low humidity. and critically dry fuel that has santa rosa fire department, adding extra staffing during this red flag warning the areas of concern the mountains of napa and northeastern sonoma county that red flag warning starts tonight and runs until wednesday morning but that's not the end of it then a fire weather watch is in effect from wednesday until friday and they're tracking a 3rd potential wind event over the weekend and while the glass fire is nearly completely contained its areas that have burned in previous years that officials are concerned about
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now like here in the fountain grove area of santa rosa homes are still under construction after burning down in the 2017 tubbs fire and so a lot of those areas have reestablished there's brush their seasonal grasses. >>there's definitely threat for a fire moving back to those areas again. so that is why we continue to ask our community to heed to the warnings and be prepared for another fire potentially an area that has already burned in last several years pg e has not officially said they will cut power off yet to prevent a catastrophic wildfire, but the potential is there we are now psps watch which means that pg e has activated its emergency operations center and the likelihood psps event happening in midweek they will begin notifying customers 48 hours in advance of when they might have to pull the plug. >>maureen kelly kron 4 news this just in pg nice as possible power shut off could come as soon as wednesday night to the north bay mountains. >>and mount diablo in the east
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bay. >>and take a look outside at the embarcadero in san francisco, where it's a beautiful sunset and that wind is still blowing you mentioned or earlier can now chief meteorologist lawrence karnow keeping track of all these things when you say this that time of year i wish i had better news that which we had some rain to talk about. now we can bring into the fire season right now that is not even close. we've got a series of these wind events that are going to take place i think over the next 7 to 10 days. >>we have the honor guard as we've already seen the fires developing those offshore winds, pretty typical develop this time of year you get a cold front row over the top of that ridge that drops just to the east of us to the great basin. high pressure builds in behind it all of a sudden you get strong northerly component the winds and that's what we're going to see him back. we've seen 6 of the last 10 years we've been in a drought. you can imagine all the brush all the limbs all those things building up in the force over that time and now we've got critical conditions outside around the bay area you've got
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extreme fire conditions extreme drought conditions through parts of fairfield into parts of napa valley sonoma you get the idea elsewhere around the bay area we're in a severe drought. so certainly things are primed right now we've got watches going up. extending right into the week as we head through wednesday in the weekend these will likely become warnings that's the winds will start to pick up over the santa cruz mountains there's just give you idea from the national weather service that we're expecting some strong gusting winds develop later on in the week that in the east bay above a 1000 feet 20 to 30 mile an hour gusts, maybe even higher than that maybe some 40 maybe 50 mile an hour gusts or mount diablo certainly a strong enough should a fire got started there could be some big problems solano county kind of split here you have to watch to the south here and are warning as we head toward 11 o'clock tonight to vacaville and also the dixon some of those winds 25 to 40 miles per hour. and you've got the red flag warnings posted starting tonight as we are expecting strong gusty winds developing across the north bay hills above a 1000 feet above the nab area towards say molina angwin get some of those winds
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blowing 25 to 40 miles an hour. and some of that humidity dropping down the 15 to 30% certainly dangerous fire conditions out there right now it looks like those winds will start to pick up overnight tonight see moving in as we head in toward tomorrow. but watch happens we get a lot of part of the week really going to see those winds wrapping up i think as we get to thursday and look at all that purple, those are winds gusting to 40 miles an hour and all around the bay area dangerous fire conditions probably on and off throughout the week. all right lawrence, thank you for that. >>as more schools, welcome students back for in person instruction school districts are coming up with ways to keep families informed starting tomorrow marin county schools will have a new online virus. tracker it will cover public private independent and parochial schools within orange county. the apple include gray dots for each school. if the school is open to at least 10% capacity, the dot will be green and you can get information on the total number of students attending classes among other details.
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it will also detail each school's plans for how to respond if and when there is a case reported and an informational briefing is going to be held tomorrow via zoom at 4.30 in the afternoon for all foreign students and their families. health experts worry the number of covid-19 cases will rise as we head into colder months and begin to spend more time indoors. >>courtney crown has reports on the precautions health experts want us all to take. >>covid-19 is not going anywhere quickly and health experts want to prepare you for the approaching winter months when we all spend more time inside there's nothing magic about 6 feet inside and such as 6 feet apart and have face mask off. there's still a risk of getting the virus transmits somebody else doctor rami levy chief physician executive the community health network recovered from covid-19 this spring. he
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reminds us we all have a role to play once again in preventing a surge of cases so we don't overwhelm hospitals and faceless are still important indoors because lot of places to have poured in les tions so people remember being indoors said to me take your face pass off iu health's nursing director of infection prevention points out vitamin d might play a role in covid-19 symptoms there have been a couple studies center show not lower vitamin d levels result. >>in more severe covid but more research is needed so we want we do want to caution kristen kelly advises people to talk to their doctor before adding any vitamin d supplement to the regiment she also encourages people to work toward a healthy weight indiana's obesity rate is just over 30%. but we do know what covid is obesity. >>is a risk factor for more severe covid disease. >>that was courtney crown reporting for us doctor, you
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let the reports 80% of people getting covid-19 are catching in from people they do not now have it. and coming up tonight at 6.45 a rough launch after hawaii begins its new pre travel covid testing program. >>but travelers experienced before they boarded and took off. >>the u.s. supreme court's role to stop the census early now mayors are asking for congress this house, i'm just eaten or in washington and
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>>mayors across the country are concerned about the impact on their communities from ending the census early the u.s. supreme court halted the district court order last week that required the census bureau to continue counting residents through the end of the month our washington dc correspondent jessi turnure reports on what these local officials now want from congress. >>there's still an attempt to interfere with inaccurate. yeah, i know we're all sharing the same shock anger and disappointment after losing their legal fight to keep the census bureau counting. mayors like atlanta's keisha lance bottoms and san antonio's ron nirenberg said their future political power in government funding or on certain undercount will farrell unfairly reduced funding for our schools, health care services and workforce development programs are so vital right now for covid the census bureau said it is counted 99.9% of the nation's
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households. but census consultant terri ann lowenthal said that number isn't good enough now mayors you all know that that is government speak fish. it means we did but we have to do. to check off all of the addresses on our master list right now about a 3rd of the gathered information comes from door knocking which lowenthal said is far less accurate than self reporting this fight for a complete count. >>is groups like the national urban league have joined these local leaders and calling on congress to pass a bill extending certain deadlines, it's impossible for them to attack really process the data before the end of the year this bipartisan group said lawmakers at the federal level should represent the same united front when it comes to the census having full and accurate count is not partisan in washington, i'm jessi turnure. >>still ahead the clock is ticking as many wait a second covid-19 stimulus relief checks how much longer of
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people have to wait for the relief as democrats and republicans continue to battle on and off for him. plus there's a new way to test if you have covid-19 how your sense of smell could indicate a positive result. >>and next at 6.30 violent crime continues to rise in the crime continues to rise in the east bay, but local leaders. uber and lyft are like every big guy i've ever brought down. prop 22 doesn't "help" their drivers-- it denies them benefits. 22 doesn't help women. it actually weakens sexual harassment laws, which are meant to protect them. uber and lyft aren't even required to investigate sexual harassment claims. i agree with the la times: no on 22. uber and lyft want all the power. so, show them the real power is you. vote no on prop 22.
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>>when i had to the east bay where the city of oakland has experienced a 38% increase in
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homicides just this year. >>the city council president is now recommending a pair of resolutions aimed at stopping gun violence, but the president of the oakland police union tells kron four's haaziq madyun why those resolutions won't work. >>when it comes to violent crime. the city of oakland is on pace to have one of its worst years in recent memory says the president of the oakland police officers association barry down some of numbers are incredibly over more than 400 people shot this year and city a murder so far this year. we 75 for all of last year it is incredibly important recognize. >>that shutting down the sources of illegal guns is vital to stopping gun violence this week oakland city council president rebecca kaplan is introducing a resolution declaring gun violence prevention, a top law enforcement priority hiring someone to trace bullet shell casings left at crime scenes, a


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