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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  October 20, 2020 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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s the fee have been getting reports of some businesses not following the rules. >>we've seen that there are.
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>>for sure one 34 am until we get a a lid on this thing. it's already said because of that i just kids want do what they do. >>yeah, well school leaders still believe that there was any transmission of coronavirus among those students but the school plans to expand covid testing for students and staff members. >>happening today, a new tool will debut to allow families in marin county to track covid cases in school. >>so we'll cover public private independent schools within the county and the dashboard not will include these little gray dots for each school the school is going to be open to at least 10% capacity. the dot will be green and you can get information on the total number of students attending classes among other details. >>now a related any students who have tested a covid positive more staff and
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whether or not there was any transmission in the school setting that an opportunity to move information into our community in a way that will be easy to access and available to all. >>well if you'd like to check it out you can actually find this dashboard on our website just head over to kron 4 dot com will also detail each school's plan for how you know to respond if and cases reported so that's always good to have well san francisco police have released body camera video from a confrontation with a carjacking suspect who was shot dead by officers last week. well this happened saturday night october 10th. cesar antonio vargas jumped onto the hood of a car near market in valencia street shattered the windshield. police say he allegedly had a knife held a knife to a victim's face and he pulled
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her out of the driver's seat and took her car. vargas and drove that car for a little bit before getting out and pushing a man and who is getting off of a nearby bus. he then tried to carjack another vehicle. surveillance video shows that he still had a knife in his hand during this entire incident when officers found vargas at golf and colton street they repeatedly told him to drop it. well instead they say that he charged at them so they have to shoot him farkas tied right there on scene. well the department hosted a town hall last night going over the latest details in this officer involved shooting. in the town hall express both outrage and support some worry that police are just too often acting as judge and jury and executioner while others believe that illegal actions were met with an appropriate response. >>we have been desensitized to an incredible rate to believing that police of this country get to decide who lives and dies on the street
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without due process without a trial. without jury without a judge. >>if that was your mom your dad or your sister or your brother got her bed that was being charged by somebody with an eye. your perspective would be different. we have laws. and this man made a lot of long decision that night where is his accountability and his responsibility. >>well an independent investigation has been launched by the san francisco district attorney's office along with the medical examiner and department of police accountability. >>having friends over not full. and you're kicking my or your goal. >>this gracious coming up next on the kron 4 morning news a bizarre outburst caught on camera in the south bay. why one family claims that this woman's actions during a gender reveal party. it was racially motivated. plus a los
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angeles dodgers will take on the tampa bay rays in game one of the world series today. we'll take a look at the pandemic precautions that are in place and president trump lashed out at the nation's top infectious disease expert doing a campaign stop in arizona. but here we have to say coming up in just a bit stay with us.
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>>welcome back everyone the time now is for 14 good
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morning and thanks for staying with us we're taking a look at your forecast highs for this afternoon. and i think this looks pretty good. although some of you will be getting pretty close to the 90's this afternoon but we're looking at mostly sunny skies around the bay area if you're along the coast or maybe in san francisco, we're looking at temperatures in the low to upper 70's down south and toward the south bay in places like san jose and mountain view mid to upper 80's 89 for napa 87 for santa rosa and then if you're out there in the inland valleys for stretches like livermore you're going to get pretty close to 90 degrees 89 in antioch 90 expected in concord waking up this morning with some clouds around the bay area as usual. but the major issue is the periods of strong winds that we're going to experience throughout the day and that's going to elevate our fire danger conditions. so we all will be watching that for you and tracking that for you we are expecting a cool down as we head toward the weekend, we'll keep you posted. we'll have another update coming up in just a bit we'll also take a look at that
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7 day forecast. well how about we check in on the traffic we want to take a peek at your commute around the bay area this morning, here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza looking good moving well the drive into san francisco is nice and smooth. and it's all the way across the upper deck right on through the skyway so looking good so far for ad and your major connectors leaving san francisco as well. what about 92 the connection between the peninsula and the east bay there it is i told it was going to get heavier every time we check in we have more more traffic more and more brake lights heading to the peninsula. that's exactly what's happening now so get on out there because you're gonna have a lot of company into foster city and san mateo but no major issues eastbound traffic looks good to check out more purchase coming up a little bit later. president trump is criticizing the nation's top infectious disease expert. the president blasted doctor anthony fauci on twitter asking him to make better decisions and during a campaign stop in arizona. the president also said the doctor fauci has quote made a lot of bad decisions. >>i think really a doctor
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about he's a very nice man. but we let him do what he wants to do gets a lot of television he loves being on television will let him do it. sometimes he says things are a little bit off and they get built up, but fortunately, but he's a nice guy i like him. but he's called a lot of bad calls he said don't wear a mask. and he said don't then china they were bad because he had been set and i don't hold that against him if i did i would have them i think he's a nice don't want to hurt him he's been there for. about 350 years i don't want to hurt him. >>well this was the scene in prescott arizona yesterday afternoon for trump campaign rally look at those people out there. you can see there is a very large crowd with little social distancing. a democratic challenger joe biden responded to the president's opposition to science in the statement released he said quote president trump even criticize me yesterday for listening to the scientists. that's not an
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attack that's a badge of honor and quote. >>to the east bay more than a 164,000 ballots have been returned kron four's theresa stasi, we'll talk to voters. >>and has the latest. >>i've been doing elections for 25 years this is my 6th presidential election. i've never seen. >>people so. >>excited does he and voting so early. >>that's the assistant registrar of voters on what they're seeing this general election here in contra costa county we expect to go over. >>700,000 voters for the first time in our history or about a year ago we estimated that would be our weather account and here we are on the final day of registration. and we're we're going to hit that target, but it's very very very big this year and everybody should vote do the right thing and outside this people constantly pulling up and dropping off their ballots. >>this mom even turned the whole operation into a civics lesson for her young 3
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daughters recording it all you know what it means. >>to vote today tell you about how we choose people to make decisions for our city and for our county and even for our whole country. so we get to choose the different people. >>a fellow teacher surely would be impressed as she 2 showed up to place her ballot into the official box. i am so excited, especially as a california teacher to be able to participate in the electoral process and as a teacher i'm super busy right now remote learning so i am so excited to be able to come into an election box and drop my ballot others sharing their thoughts about why showing up is so important to them this year i've always kind of just rather just come down and drop it off. >>i mean i've been doing it for a long time and this year just seems like that's the thing to do with everybody. >>we lot of things happening right now tear a difference in
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user ids prisoner opinions with the registrar's office said shut down to 5 o'clock we've been seeing people pull and in the evening hours to drop off their ballot. >>the election just around the corner. here in contra costa county theresa kron 4 news. well happening today, the republican controlled senate will vote on a new coronavirus stimulus bill the 500 billion dollar proposal does not include stimulus checks. >>democrats want to relief package worth about 2 trillion dollars which would include another round of $1200 checks. well, today's vote is unlikely to have any support from democratic senators. >>what we need right now is an emergency relief package with enough resources to beat back this enormous crisis and yet. leader mcconnell this week will once again force a vote on a partisan emaciated covid bill. so deficient and laden with poison pills that is obvious he designed to fail. >>we couldn't pass hundreds of billions of dollars in relief
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more than a month ago. but our democratic colleagues voted lockstep to filibuster the relay even kill the bill. >>well on sunday house speaker nancy pelosi gave the republican senate and the white house until today to reach a deal. president trump has offered a 1.8 trillion dollar deal but republican senators say that is too high and they most likely will not agree to it. well changes are coming to lake tahoe ski resorts amid the pandemic but it will be mostly outdoors capacity limits will be in suffering sorts are adopting reservation system so you got to plan your trip out if you're thinking about heading up mask and social distancing requirements, you know what skiers right are already outside on the slopes. people are already spaced out on the slopes and the left as well, but you have to have your face covering wear face coverings your mass have your gloves, you know that's already a part of normal attire right, heavenly and northstar are the first scheduled to open up. in
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november november 20th. well coming up next on the kron 4 morning news, the next presidential debate is set for thursday we'll have details on the new rules of debate committee is imposing. >>and the change that president trump is asking for those details in just a bit stay with us.
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>>well after their last chaotic debate together the
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presidential debate commission has released the changes that we will see in thursday's debate things are going to be a little different the commission says that president trump and joe biden. >>we'll have their microphones cut off while their rival delivers their opening 2 minute answer to each debate topping. >>the 90 minute debate will be divided into 6.15 minute segments debate moderator kristen welker released the topics on friday and they include the fight on covid-19 they're going to talk about american families race in america climate change will be discussed and national security. but the trump campaign is asking to add another topic they will talk about foreign policy. the topics must be agreed upon by both candidates, so we'll see the biden campaign has not said if they agree on that proposed addition, so we'll keep you posted. there is speculation that there could not be a debate trump's campaign has already come out against the new mike rules. host of bay area politics catherine heenan spoke with political science lecturer
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from san jose state university about the upcoming debate. for this last debate first of all i think if i were working for donald trump but helen he's got to go. >>you can't miss another opportunity to miss this opportunity i think it was a mistake for him not to attend last week's debate and so it got canceled. i think he's got to go and i just don't think there's much you can do at this late date but if there were something he could he could be showing new policies of covid remains top of mind for all voters really he's trying to take some bubbles around the edge of this covid lc but no he's not changing anything fundamental about his approach which most people do has failed. so if you were to do something troy hill. mary pass that's what it should be all mister biden needs to do really is make his closing argument not make a big mistake. appear presidential. appear credible and i think those are his those are his assignments for this week's
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debate. well donna points to the fact that regardless of what happens it all boils down to only a handful of undecided voters and we already know a record breaking number of people have already voted. >>still ahead on the kron 4 morning news as the quest for a covid-19 vaccine continues governor gavin newsome is building team of experts to ensure its safety. we'll
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>>welcome back everyone, the time is 4.29 good morning and thanks for staying with us we're talking about the weather forecast. the red flag warning that's in place. the strong winds that are expected john trouble standing by to break it all down hey john hey robin we're not out of the woods yet as far as that fire danger is concerned as you just mentioned as we are still seeing some red flag warnings in effect. >>winds picking up last night lasting through the day today causing concern, especially for the north bay now we do a submarine influence still in san francisco you can make out that thin veil of fog that is still hanging out along the coastline and trying to push its way in so impeach these are fire weather warnings actually take effect later on this week from wednesday on into friday, but red flag warnings up in the north bay are actually in effect from now until 08:00am on wednesday. so much of the week. we are going to have warnings lighting up the region as for these conditions right now upper elevations of marine and sonoma counties all of lake in almost all of napa and the northern portion of solano county


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