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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  October 20, 2020 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>>welcome back everyone, the time is 4.29 good morning and thanks for staying with us we're talking about the weather forecast. the red flag warning that's in place. the strong winds that are expected john trouble standing by to break it all down hey john hey robin we're not out of the woods yet as far as that fire danger is concerned as you just mentioned as we are still seeing some red flag warnings in effect. >>winds picking up last night lasting through the day today causing concern, especially for the north bay now we do a submarine influence still in san francisco you can make out that thin veil of fog that is still hanging out along the coastline and trying to push its way in so impeach these are fire weather warnings actually take effect later on this week from wednesday on into friday, but red flag warnings up in the north bay are actually in effect from now until 08:00am on wednesday. so much of the week. we are going to have warnings lighting up the region as for these conditions right now upper elevations of marine and sonoma counties all of lake in almost all of napa and the northern portion of solano county lit up in these
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red flag warnings as upper elevations could see winds gusting as high as 25 to 40 miles per hour with these dry winds these warm temperatures yet again and then of course just the dry conditions that we've seen so far this winter cesar of summer season past winter season. this is where that fire danger comes into play so be mindful of that not out of the woods just yet as far as fire danger goes fairfield in concord are off to a breezy start this morning and as you look at the sky scan of the day today as far as winds go. we're going to remain windy. well through the course of your tuesday, even into your wednesday morning and thursday morning after that point as for temperatures right now we are in the 50's with oakland at 56 degrees alameda hayward and livermore each of 58. while the north bay 40's in petaluma and santa rosa napa and saint helene in the mid time meantime at 51 degrees right now upper 70's in san francisco, oakland and san jose in the low to mid 80's for your highs later on today will be a pleasant for afternoon towards the coast
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will still warm for inland areas. i'm talking really from even those 80's still to come in your forecast robin are right we like relief from the heat. thank you john checking in on the traffic. >>no heat in traffic. we're hot spot free and that's a great way to start your morning drive. here's a live. look at 80 rolling into san francisco looking good right. i don't see any problems any folks out there causing trouble so far from the bottom of the maze over to the fremont street exit so all is well come on and while it's nice and quiet. let's check 92, our busiest bridge as usual look at the bright lights, they're filling in more and more every time we check and little crowded here on the flat section, but no big problems up and over the high rise so we're off to a great start and to foster city and san mateo and we have one more which is west 5.80 to the richmond sandra fell there. it is one truck rolling through the pay gates, couple of cars right there behind it. no big problem so easygoing you have a couple more hours before we really start to see some heavy traffic so now's the chance to beat the rush. under 15
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minutes to make it into the north bay we'll check more traffic coming up a little bit later. >>and having friends over not full. and you're kicking my or your call. >>oh my goodness it got violent, this is a bizarre outburst caught on camera in the south bay. a woman is seen kicking and screaming and punching to shut down a family gathering now that's right the outrage stunned family members who say that this was likely racially motivated kron four's dan thorn has that story from saratoga. >>the strange outburst happened just before a gender reveal party on saturday the family coming together for a small backyard get-together but they didn't own this home. the host invited them to have this party there but a neighbor did not want this to happen and got violent trying to prevent it from happening. >>for your call. >>striking a phone out of her neighbors hands, a woman gets violent over a gender reveal party. she's also seen running
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full speed toward the home. and then kicking the front door. this scene unraveling as alijah johnson was arriving for the family it's a very very crazy situation that i did not plan to be did not expect. >>for me to be a part of the woman also kicked johnson's car telling him in the home owner, the party was a legal car. >>this party is elite is not legal johnson believes part of the woman's actions were racially motivated if you believe the party is illegal for whatever reason for covid restrictions okay that's but i'm sitting here looking at this not my wow i can't believe someone is so infuriated so enraged at something that has nothing to do with her. >>the party was being held in the backyard of this house on saratoga glenn court. the homeowner who did not want to be on camera says the neighbor was being difficult because of the covid-19 pandemic santa clara county deputies visited the woman's home on monday
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afternoon but she was not arrested the woman turned down our requests for comment. the outburst was upsetting and traumatic for johnson and family, but he's just looking for an apology i would like to hear an apology just saying sorry you it was my business if i felt like something was wrong not going call the police are going to acted i didn't have to keep your vehicle. apologize for my actions. >>it's unclear if this woman is going to be facing any charges in this case the homeowner tells us he's been talking with the santa clara county health department about the legality of these gatherings. meanwhile the state of california allows up to 3 households to come together for parties and the like its preferred that they are outside and just a few hours long. reporting in saratoga dan thorn kron 4 news. >>well to the south bay, the city of san jose is testing out a new gunshot detection program and efforts to reduce violence and help police respond faster. so the program
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will be tested in the cadillac winchester neighborhood or city officials say violent crime has been an ongoing issue. the new technology will use artificial intelligence and acoustic sensors to identify the location and the direction of gunshots. well police will then have access to audio files in google maps or video from the jet detection device. tech company v 5 systems devices and it's expected to be ready in the next few weeks. to the east bay dow oakland city council president is recommending a pair of resolutions to stop gun violence. the city has experienced a 38% increase in homicides just this year. but the president of the oakland police union says the resolutions won't work kron four's has it been you explains. >>when it comes to violent crime. the city of oakland is on pace to have one of its worst years in recent memory says the president of the oakland police officers association barry down some of numbers are incredibly over
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more than 400 people shot this year and city a murder so far this year. we 75 for all of last year it is incredibly important recognize. >>that shutting down the sources of illegal guns is vital to stopping gun violence this week oakland city council president rebecca kaplan is introducing a resolution declaring the violence prevention, a top law enforcement priority hiring someone to trace bullet shell casings left at crime scenes, a position that has been vacant for 2 years even though it has been budgeted the money to hire the position. >>to trace the illegal guns is in the budget and we're saying they need to go ahead and fill that position, however donna lynne says the position remains unfulfilled because he believes no one wants to work and what he calls a hostile work environment. >>she's talking about hiring one person to do tracing which is a very noble and every technical jaw. but the challenges song with those kind expertise there soon
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coming to open. we need to laid off week as they are on the police department captain it is also recommending the city council adopted resolution to terminate opd is participation with the fbi's joint terrorism task force of the 3 bases >>the bay area oakland has been the one this year that's been struck by terrorism we are white supremacist kill up for security building the city council president sites that same incident has reason to sever ties with the fbi's joint terrorism task force. the federal government has refused to go after white supremacist even those white supremacists who committed a murder in oakland. >>both resolutions will be presented at the next oakland city council meeting has it made you kron 4 news. >>well to the south bay financial relief may be on the way for small businesses santa clara county supervisors are proposing a major loan program for small companies negatively
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impacted by covid-19 a 100 million dollars in low interest loans if the proposal is approved today. there will be a report outlining the program options during budget hearings which is going to happen next month. the county's largest city of san jose ranks 5th in the country with the largest number of small business closures since the beginning of the pandemic according to a study by yelp. governor newsome says a california won't allow any distribution of a new coronavirus vaccine until it is reviewed by the state's own panel of experts now once a vaccine is approved the administration has already decided who will get it first. ashley zavala reports. >>and so governor gavin newsom announced monday his administration will require an independent group to verify the safety of an eventual fda approved covid-19 vaccine before can be distributed in california. the governor said this is happening regardless of whoever is president course. >>we don't take anyone's word for it. we will do our own independently reviewed process
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with are world class experts. the new scientific safety group is made up of 11 health care leaders and researchers from across the state house sooner work begins depends on how soon the fda approves a vaccine. >>the state is eyeing a likely mass distribution in 2021. >>and this is the sober reality, the expectation should not cannot be this calendar year. for the overwhelming majority of us to get to where we need to go as a nation as a state that will not happen until 2021 with limited supply and storage capacity expected once a vaccine is approved newsom's administration has already decided who will get first priority will go to those most vulnerable to the virus, including the elderly or those living in long-term care facilities. >>the disabled essential workers minorities, rural communities and those who are incarcerated newsom's administration did not say how long it would take the group to review the vaccines. reporting in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news.
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>>and of course we're still tracking the coronavirus numbers across california and right here in the bay area took out the numbers on your screen so far the state has recorded more than 880,000 cases with more than 16,000 deaths and then right here in the bay area we now have more than a 109,000 reported cases and more than 1600 deaths. >>coming up next on the kron 4 morning news health experts warn colder temperatures could lead to a serious surge of covid-19 cases, what doctors say you can do to protect yourself during the fall and winter months.
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>>welcome back everyone, thanks for staying with us health experts worry that the number of covid-19 cases will rise as we head into colder months and begin to spend more time indoors. courtney crown house reports on the precautions that health experts want us all to take. >>covid-19 is not going anywhere quickly and health experts want to prepare you for the approaching winter months when we all spend more time inside there's nothing magic 6 feet inside and such as 6 feet apart and have face mask off. there's still a risk of getting the virus transmits somebody else doctor rami levy chief physician executive the community health network recovered from covid-19 this spring. he reminds us we all have a role to play once again in preventing a surge of cases so we don't overwhelm
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hospitals and faceless are still important indoors because lot of places to have poured in les tions so people remember being indoors said to me take your face pass off iu health's nursing director of infection prevention points out vitamin d might play a role in covid-19 symptoms there have been a couple studies center show not lower vitamin d levels result. >>in more severe covid but more research is needed so we want we do want to caution kristen kelly advises people to talk to their doctor before adding any vitamin d supplement to the regiment she also encourages people to work toward a healthy weight indiana's obesity rate is just over 30%. but we do know what covid is obesity. >>is a risk factor for more severe covid disease. >>well that was courtney crown reporting doctor you letter reports that 80% of people getting covid-19 are catching it from people they do not
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know happened. we were just talking about that. well let's check in on the weather forecast john i know that a lot of folks may want to hang out outside because the weather is going to be quite nice but we do have some red flag warnings that we have to talk about in high fire danger still a concern is that it is robin, i know we work our way through a cooler past couple of days, but we're back in the fire danger territory. we're still dry and we do have an uptick in wind speeds today which results in that i didn't fire danger. >>this morning conditions are pretty calm and overall a nice start for san francisco, little touch of fog out there but nothing too much to know also seeing just a thin veil of fog right over berkeley this morning. some of her breezier spots to include fairfield in concord but winds will pick up especially later on today since 3 o'clock pm in a pretty widespread wind event especially across the north bay calistoga looking at winds regularly in a 22 mile per hour range. gusts in the north bay will be more significant on into the late part of the day today and into the evening
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tonight, red flag warnings in the north bay expire tomorrow, but it does look like winds will increase yet again late wednesday on into even thursday which could result and an expansive even more advisories which will be the speech areas but you're right now fire weather watch is likely to become warnings later on in the forecast what we're in the midst of right now are the areas in red which are the red flag warnings just for the north bay and upper elevations like moran and sonoma counties. all of lake county and most of napa county and northern portions of solano county where winds will gust as high today as 40 miles per hour in some areas. so we may be cooler than we were last week but that by no means does it mean that we are out of fire weather season. just yet. today's daytime highs in the 60's and 70's for san francisco as well as along coastal areas of the peninsula. while 80's for most of our besides cities. this is a little warmer than yesterday was palo alto in foster city each up to 82 degrees today, the south bay temperatures in
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the mid to upper 80's. this is 3 to 4 degrees warmer for most of these spots. the east bay 80's for most areas still holding on livermore and dublin to 89 degrees each while walnut creek danville in concord actually work your way back up into the low now. this berkeley enrichment holding on to upper 70's while oakland and san leandro in the low 80's today. sonoma vacaville and fairfield also in the low 90's with santa rosa down through center fell in the mid to upper 80's. tomorrow's temperatures similar to today's before we begin to cool down that will the scene getting even cooler and cooler on into the weekend ahead by friday saturday and sunday inland areas in the 70's to even 60's by sunday, even cooler yet closer to the bay and the coast conditions are to stay dry for the rest of the month, it's looking likely with gusty winds carrying us the rest of this week meaning the heightened fire danger continues. >>robert all right. thank you john. we are checking in on the traffic for the early
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birds. i think you'll be fine heading into san francisco. the hard part is just rolling out a bit getting up early trust me we we understand the struggle, but if you want to beat the rush that's what you're going to have to do right now it's delay free heading into san francisco wide open on the upper deck smooth sailing through downtown san francisco and the skyway and one oh one 2.80 and the central checking in on the golden gate fog is the only issue here karl, the fog taking over the golden gate bridge which means you may be the headlights and wipers right, no big problems here but that means reduced visibility as you drive across the span and some folks don't drive too well in the fog they drive too closely so be extra cautious out there we're checking the richmond sandra fell bridge, west bound 5.80 leading up to the toll plaza, the fog is not an issue here traffic looks great so far no problems under 15 minutes to make it into the north bay. well happening tonight, a first modern baseball history, the world series is set to play out at a neutral site because of the pandemic the tampa bay rays in los angeles dodgers will play at
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arlington's globe life field and texas markie martin has a preview of what fans teams and local businesses can expect. >>started 8 years old collecting baseball cards and playing little league and has been part of my life ever sense for doug barnes, a lifelong fan of america's greatest past time a last minute drive to texas from tennessee was a no-brainer been all the different major league ballparks now except for the wide field them are complete that task the current again. >>and i've never been to a world series. >>on tuesday night the los angeles dodgers will take on the tampa bay rays the neutral stadium, a first for the world series jared sandler, a radio broadcaster for the texas rangers says this was major league baseball's attempt to control the spread of covid 30 teams all the people that make up one team just too tough to have a bubble during the regular season, the players didn't agree to that. no surprise in 2020 attendants will be at 25% capacity, which
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means about 10,000 socially distanced fans in the seats you're east of loud atmospheres and tailgating and all that stuff and it's just not it's not a thing this year from a business standpoint all these teams during the regular season loss that part of their revenue. >>the traditional mlb season has a 162 games this year each team only played 60 or fewer and without fans in the seats, the league projected a net loss of $640,000 per game and the deficit isn't just being felt in the sea >>we do get a lot of ranger fans here not this time of year right now curtis taylor is the co owner of legal draft beer company about a mile down the road from globe life field. he says the double whammy of covid and a lack of sporting events has been devastating, you know we're probably down more than 50% on our revenue without the government. >>assistance we probably not so for right now honestly it
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so when the world series announced arlington as a toast, it was a win not just for business for the brand new billion-dollar stadium, the dfw now gets to show off and for fans like doug seeing it firsthand in this way pandemic precautions in all it's a real concern, but i think they wouldn't allow fans in unless they saw a possibility for to be safe. he'll take checking off his biggest bucket list item in whatever way it comes i think it's going to did it or or read it my buddies and i also are finishing up their 30 ballparks i think it's just a sense of accomplishment with everything going on or show to make it happen. >>well that was markie martin reporting for its reported that the mlb rank 10.7 or act in 10.7 billion dollars for the 2019 season. their projection this year with fewer games of course, no fans is just sigh a 3 billion. >>a live look outside before we go we're heading over to the airport, let's take a little trip over to sfo icy layer of clouds right there,
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but we'll have plenty of sunshine this afternoon. we'll have your forecast highs coming up in just a bit stay with us.
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>>welcome back for 55 on this tuesday morning looking outside from berkeley, there is a noticeable amount of fog just a thin marine layer though sitting right above the east bay cooling things off for us this morning and keeping things relatively mild
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at the coast today well are inland areas are back into the upper 80's to low 90's. napa livermore in antioch 89 today while conquered right at 90 degrees. hayward oakland in fremont in the low 80's for inland areas, winds will pick up later this afternoon with highs back in the upper 80's for many spots that does result in an increase in fire danger specially for upper elevations of the north bay as for coastal spots a much different situation with those areas of fog and marine influence. daytime highs only in the upper 60's to low 70's with winds also increasing later on. robin. thank you for the update john coming up in the next hour or red flag warning is in effect through wednesday as high fire danger continues to lead to the potential of another round of power shut-offs we'll have details coming up in a live report. >>and the republican controlled senate will vote on a new coronavirus stimulus bill today what's included in that release bill coming up.
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>>more high fire danger, a red flag warning has gone into effect live up in the north bay with the details. >>and with the red flag warnings could be another round of power shut off throughout the bay area.
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coming up we will break down the counties and get the numbers in a live report. >>having friends over home and you're kicking bike or your call. >>a south bay woman attacked a family for throwing a gender reveal party amid the pandemic but the family says her outburst may have been racially motivated. >>you're watching kron 4 morning news at 5. >>good morning and thanks for tuning in on a tuesday i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher it is october 20th. our top story this morning of course the high fire danger in the bay area and now red flag warning is in effect and power outages could happen in parts of the bay area will have team coverage all morning long sarah stinson in napa county talking about their high fire danger and will tran in alameda county where thousands of customers could see the power shut off first want to go to john travolta in the weather center john and guys


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