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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  October 20, 2020 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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county to tell you exactly the details of this and how to be prepared. >>we go again with the red flag warnings we could see another round of power shut offs will break down the county's coming up in a live report. and after seeing a nearly 40% increase in homicides east bay leaders are working now to put an end to the violence will explain. >>you're watching kron 4 morning news at 7. >>good morning and thanks for tuning in on a tuesday, i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher it is october. 20th our big story today of course the high fire danger that the bear would be experiencing a red flag warning is in effect right now and we have the possibility of the power being shutoff the communities once again 3 angles and 3 live reports for our team coverage governor sarah stinson in napa county will tran is live in
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alameda county and john scher able is in the weather center we're going go to you first for the details john yeah guys it is a nice morning but setting us up for what will be a return of hot dry and windy weather that's the 3rd factor there that's kicking back into gear today resulting in this concern yet again. >>a beautiful morning look at this view over see chart our just savor that for one minute right there. we are seeing some clear skies out the distance and a nice little bit marine influence this morning that school bus off overnight now as we make our way through the next few days we have 2 rounds of advisories that are going to take effect in peach. these are areas that will be under fire weather watches starting tomorrow and lasting through friday likely to become red flag warnings areas that are already in red are areas that are under red flag warning starting today and lasting through 08:00am tomorrow. these upper elevations and marin and sonoma counties all of lake in most of napa county and northern portions of solano counties will be subject to some of our strongest winds gusting as high as 25 to 40
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miles per hour. maybe come over all right now, but look at where wind speeds will be picking up into the afternoon, pretty breezy across especially the north bay but also into the east bay and even portions of bayside areas. our highest of winds in those upper elevations of the north bay and that's the highest a fire danger we come down briefly early tomorrow, then winds pick back up into tomorrow afternoon as a second round of advisories kick into gear under windiest of day is looking likely into thursday, although a slightly cooler day by then it is still going to be very dry and very windy. and that's that prolonged concern a fire danger really throughout the course of this upcoming week. right now temperatures are in the 50's and 60's for most spots, although in the north bay you are in the 40's with petaluma and santa rosa each at 46 degrees. nice start beautiful clear skies this morning go ahead get outside enjoy this morning before warm afternoon, san jose in the mid 80's, san francisco holding on to 70's. robin. thank you john let's check in on the bay bridge you want to take a look at the
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trip on 80 heading into san francisco it's a slow and so be prepared to make sure you get out there early. >>this is what you're going to have to deal with the long line of headlights here that spills all the way back you on west grand so it's heavier now compared to the last time we checked in on it's almost back to the bottom of so yes, slow coming in some of the incline toward the tunnel as well, but still no big accidents or stalls to report so at least you don't have anything extra in the way adding to that just a reminder bart is recovering from a delay we went from 20 minutes down to 10 minutes so if you're traveling on the various a line to the dublin pleasanton area they had some equipment problems so a 10 minute residual delay on bart will check more bridges coming up back to you. thanks a lot rob and 7 '03 and happening now communities in the north bay once again facing critical fire danger this week yeah as we mentioned a red flag warning already in effect and will stay in effect through tomorrow morning. >>kron 4 sarah stinson is up in napa county for us with more on what folks should know
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sarah. >>yeah we're seeing some major league concerning conditions up here in the hills east of napa county it's only dry. but we also have low humidity and the concern is major wind gusts that are supposed to burst here. in the coming days that's why there's a red flag warning in effect right now actually went into effect last night pretty late and it goes into effect until tomorrow and take a look at your screen. we put a map up on there for you can see all of the areas in pink we're talking napa sonoma solano and marin counties that are affected by this red flag warning stronger winds are expected to late at night in the mountain peaks and higher elevation areas sort of where i'm at right now actually that combined with those low humidity conditions. >>plus some warmer temperatures not extremely hot. but some warmer temperatures could cause a fire to break out now we're well and october i'm sure all of us are hoping we've seen
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the worst fire season. but we still have these conditions that are causing great fire danger even governor gavin newsome saying the next week is crucial have be monitoring that caught up with santa rosa is a fire marshal assistant fire marshal about the potential for another fire to spark >>and so a lot of those areas have reestablished there's brush their seasonal grasses there's definitely threat for a fire moving back to those areas again. so that is why we continue to ask our community to heed to the warnings and be prepared for another fire potentially an area that has already burned in last several years. >>and you know who you are if you live in an area that has been affected by a fire. you know that you have to have that go bag ready even though the red flag warning is in effect until tomorrow morning. there's also a fire weather watch that's in effect from wednesday until friday so we're going to be talking about this all week, it's important to stay up to date
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and also get prepared now the sun is rising can see behind once it becomes a more light outside can show you some of these conditions that we're seeing up here in the hills in napa county for now we'll send it back to you in the newsroom. >>all right, thanks. a lot that red flag warning by the way forced the closure one road in the north bay the marin county sheriff's office closed fairfax bolinas road between the meadow club and highway one there in bolinas they don't want anybody on that road that could potentially spark a fire. so the closure is going to last until wednesday morning when we're clear of this red flag warning the high fire danger also means pgd could turn off power to thousands of customers and that includes people across. >>the entire bay area kron four's will tran live in alameda county with more on that good morning. well. >>good morning james good morning for everybody here for now, but the power could be out come wednesday night all the way until say friday morning because of the high winds that are expected to come through the bay area and
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high winds not only. just blow things out right can knock things down meaning power lines which is why pg and e they are prepared to turn off lights again take a look at your screen which shows alameda county because of all the. bay area counties, the heart of the bay area alameda county will be hit the hardest with around 3500 customers who potentially will be in the dark the north bay. they have been battered by wildfires over the past couple years so they are extra sensitive to it we're talking napa sonoma and solano counties altogether jean's story about 50,000 customers could be in the dark for this latest round of power shut offs for the safety of the public to prevent another wildfire and this spans 19 counties and to tribal communities here's pga nice take on the latest room. >>we are now out of psps watch which means that pg e has activated its emergency
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operations center and the likelihood psps event happening in midweek about thursday morning in the bay area. the likelihood has increased. >>so what's going happen is they will try to text the customers who have signed up for text alerts to let them know that in the next couple of hours or so your lights could be out i live in alameda county i've gotten those texts and i start to go all. sometimes it does not come to fruition that it might not happen. this is just a heads up for people and if you are not sign up to this text alerts. there are people who will walk around on behalf a pg and e and knock on your door to let you know heads up your power could be out the bottom line is once the danger passes james and area pg knees goal is to check the power lines and then have the power restored to your home within 12 hours. back to you. >>all right, thank you very much well also one we've got these uncertain times where your power could go out the weather is you know going to be spiking in the winds and
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everything else that's the good time to download the kron on app it is free you'll get the latest breaking news there and of course on kron 4 dot com. >>ahead here on the kron 4 morning news, new body camera video shows the moment a carjacking suspect was fatally shot by police in san francisco we're going to have reaction from the community. plus president trump lashes out at the nation's top infectious disease expert during a campaign stop in arizona. we'll hear what he had to say. >>colder weather plus covid-19 people restaurants across the country fighting for their lives this winter, i'm tom negovan on new york's restaurant row rather adapting and what that could cost. >>definitely not cool in california just yet in fact, today's daytime highs will be warmer than we have been yesterday upper 80's to low 90's inland and with increased winds comes increased fire danger yet again. an increase in the traffic as well it's quite busy out there and 80 heading into san francisco here's a live. look here's
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prove that it's going to be a slow trip coming in traffic already backed up wealthy on west grand
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>>7 hole right now and we're taking another look at the weather big news, yeah, fire danger, red flag and everything yeah back to the red flag warnings guys and that's going to be that way for much of the upcoming week ahead of us so. another one too especially if you're
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higher if you are in high of higher fire danger areas to be very aware of that at the coast not so much high fire danger just yet something was just moving across the screen there but you're definitely noticing fog more than anything else right along this coast, a half moon bay. and right through the golden gate bridge submarine influence is certainly present for some bayside areas and coastal areas that's going to spare these areas. the highest of temperatures and that's the highest the fire danger today, further inland you get has wind speeds pick up we've got some dry conditions this afternoon winds pick up especially for the north bay and that will result of the heightened fire danger returning. for upper elevations of the north bay, especially winds briefly come down tomorrow and then right back up they go into wednesday afternoon and that's our second round of advisories thursday will actually be the windiest one in this forecast, especially for the north bay and that's likely to be bringing some of the highest a fire danger. beach areas on the map these will be under fire weather watches starting tomorrow and lasting through friday likely to become red
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flag warnings what we're in the midst of today's red-flag warnings that you're already seeing across the north bay like him are in upper elevations, the sonoma county all of lake much of napa county and the northern portions of solano county in these areas will be under red flag warnings through tomorrow morning and we are going to see winds gusting as high as you see it there 25 to 40 miles per hour, especially for those upper elevations, so back to higher fire danger we go and part of the reason for that is the winds but also drier and hotter conditions. inland. at the coast today marine influence still in san francisco, another coastal areas hanging on to the 60's, nice and cool while temperatures right along the bay shore will be warmer than yesterday is now rising back into the 80's after yesterday's break in the 70's, san jose 85 degrees milpitas right there with east bay temperatures mostly still in the 80's but a few 90's to note in areas like danville walnut creek in concord and a few 70's hanging on in berkeley and richmond, north
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bay daytime highs also mostly 80's to 90's fairfield vacaville yacht bill in sonoma, some of our highest a fire danger areas with increased winds and also temperatures back into those low 90's santa rosa through center fell solidly holding on the 80's today now tomorrow's temperatures won't change much from today we will see red flag warnings likely kicking back into gear from wednesday thursday into early friday. after friday is when we can finally breathe a little sigh of relief as daytime high school into the 70's, our warmest by the weekend. skies will remain dry, but winds calming down and cooler temperatures. do you mean a step back from fire danger. robin. >>thank you john let's check in on our bridges because they are filling and quickly lots of traffic out there crossing the bay will not everywhere but most of our getting a little crowded. let's start off with a look at the bay bridge. this is one of the most busiest and we can see why the line here does spill back the on west grand now it's about halfway between west grand and the bottom of
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the maze, so yes, heavier traffic into san francisco and that's going to stick with you right up the incline approaching treasure island it's not until after treasure island you actually get a break in speed start to pick back up but at least you don't have any problems especially like yesterday but those lingering stalls off to the richmond sandra fell it's picking up here it always backs up. later on in the morning. so right in the 7 o'clock hour we start to see that heavier traffic to the north bay. it's stopping all right now from castro right through the toll plaza but a great drive across the span and i believe we have one more and that's the golden gate, the only issue here is karl the fog which is dance and we can see it so a dense fog advisory remains in place take it easy here but just under 25 minutes nevado to san francisco back to you. >>very much robin at 7.16 for much of the pandemic restaurants have been able to stay open by serving food outside, but in many places, the cold now we'll start to make that a lot harder and some owners say they're worried that the winner could put them out of business. tom the govan has the story.
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>>in new york restaurants are bringing out the big guns elaborate dining set ups in the street personal protective equipment plexiglass shields and starting this week, the so-called recovery charge adding up to 10% of the bill cash that can be used for tips, it's supposed to help restaurant survive this is the >>it's not clear yet how diners will like it, but one informal poll found just over half of new yorkers said they'd shell out more. >>to help restaurants get by and the industry is constantly having to adapt from whatever is thrown at it i didn't expect the pandemic been. >>for space. we didn't think they would ever have all this now all this is all that's keeping these places going indoor dining in the hold fast for example at 25% occupancy is just 18 and a half
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customers. news nation affiliates find the restaurant industry adapting from coast to coast. >>from greenville south carolina we're going to follow the rules to grand rapids michigan street seating shape this during the summer to branford connecticut where b y o b suddenly means bring your own blanket you're trying to innovate in every way they can and this is a great innovation, especially with heat lamps on back order across the country we really want to support the local restaurants and keep them in business but make no mistake patrons and proprietors look at the covid numbers. >>and worry we'll see how does and especially numbers keep spiking ice, i noticed that customers are more nervous to come out. >>that was tom the govan reporting for us this morning, some restaurant owners are considering a surcharge as you saw the cover the extra costs of accommodating customers but many fear that adding that charge will keep people away too early to tell how many bay area restaurants will go in for that.
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>>free money this morning hershey's is doing its best to save halloween and walmart are just shared black friday deal plans and they start soon. jane king is live in new york. but those stories and more high j. >>hi daria yes, black fridays are going to look a lot different this year so walmart has a string of 3 shopping events and they're calling in the black friday deals for days at the start on november 4th there's another one on the 11th and the 25th. some of the early items that they got protests will be on sale or the apple air-pods hp chromebooks an instant pots lower by the way will be closed on thanksgiving day for the first time in 30 years dentists are fighting patients hesitant to come back into the office usa today says it's likely to trigger increased fees job cuts maybe even the closing of some family dental practices while 99% of dennis have reopened the number of patients visiting remains 20% below normal levels for the american dental association
7:20 am
analysts as apple's first day preorders for the iphone 12 to pass the iphone 11 tf international securities says apple slowed up to 2 million iphone 12 models in the first 24 hours of the preorder began on friday. the iphone 12 pro so better than expected in china and hershey's invented a creepy contactless rolling door to dispense halloween, candy to kids it rose neighborhoods, a spooky sounds lights and smoke effects it can be remotely operated from as far away as 5,000 feet it only dispenses reese's peanut butter cups, so that the big size which is good live from new york, i'm jane king thank you very and why that's fantastic. >>we and they're pushing it around you just heard behind it with it's it's yeah it's remote control robotic its you can tickle you think they i think they should bring this back post co you think they sell it like you could buy that for your neighborhood. i want i don't know how this is
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going work we're going to be i think they're going be putting in some many ok, thanks a lie. it's like one of the house with full-size that 7.21 is the time coming up on the kron 00:04am morning news. >>we'll tell you where negotiations stand right now in the u.s. senate as the deadline for lawmakers to come to some sort of deal on the coronavirus stimulus package is approaching tonight and here's a live look outside we have our bay bridge approach camera at the toll plaza there you can see traffic is backed up just a bit robin the ups and downs of frequent mood swings can take you to deep, depressive lows. or, give you unusually high energy, even when depressed.
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>>7.23 and president trump is criticizing his own top infectious disease expert, the president is blasting doctor anthony fauci on twitter he talked about how we should make better decisions and on a campaign stop in arizona. he talked about how he felt she was found she was making a lot of bad decisions. >>and doctor fauci is a very nice man. but we let him do what he wants to do gets a lot of television he loves being on television will let him do it. sometimes he says things are a little bit off and they get built up, but fortunately, but he's a nice guy i like him. but he's called a lot of bad calls he said don't wear a mask. and he said don't then china they were bad calls he had been set and i don't hold that against him if i did i would have them i think he's a nice don't want to hurt him
7:25 am
he's been there for. about 350 years i don't want to hurt him. >>i mean he went on to say that fauci and all of these idiots that's a quote referring to the health experts said he's tired of them is tired of the pandemic and what they've done to the country. then this was the scene meantime and what's being done in arizona where by rally that involved thousands of people very close together most of them not wearing masks. >>we're just 14 days away from the election and turnout is already historic surpassing what we saw in 2016 2008. >>the california secretary of state says. >>close to 4 million ballots have been turned in the so far 4 million compare that to 4 years ago, this time was about wow big difference and the deadline was yesterday for online voter registration or by mail but you can still register in person. you can do
7:26 am
that at county elections offices vote centers or at your polling place on election day and we have a link and all the locations everything you need on kron 4 dot com including a way that you can tell us of having a problem all you have to do and we'll investigate as email us at voting problems at kron 4 dot com. >>well happening today, the republican controlled senate will vote on a new coronavirus stimulus bill. it comes as the deadline set by speaker nancy pelosi is approaching tonight. the republicans 500 billion dollar proposal does not include stimulus checks. democrats want to relief package that's worth about 2 trillion dollars and would include $1200 stimulus check for every american. now today's vote is unlikely to have any support from democratic senators. >>what we need right now is emergency relief package with enough resources to beat back this enormous crisis and yet. leader mcconnell this week will once again force a vote
7:27 am
on a partisan emaciated covid bill. so deficient and laden with poison pills that is obvious he designed to fail. >>we're going to pass hundreds of billions of dollars in relief more than a month ago. but our democratic colleagues voted lockstep to filibuster the really even kill the bill. >>on sunday house speaker nancy pelosi gave republicans in the senate and the white house until today to agree on a deal to move forward with president trump has offered a one 0.8 trillion dollar deal that would include stimulus checks but republican senators say that that amount is just too high and they would not support it. still ahead on kron 4 morning news as the quest for a covid-19 vaccine continues governor newsome. >>is building a team of experts to ensure its safety will ex
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>>welcome back, it is 7.30 right now and we've got our eye on the weather that's the big news today, yeah john good morning, good morning guys, yeah, at least it's nice right now. but later on today, even though we won't be near as hot as last week fire danger is going to be of concern as winds start to kick back into gear for yet another week of higher fire danger. so see chart our looks beautiful. it's fairly calm right now enjoy the moment, what we've got it. later today, we will see red flag warnings continuing for the north bay and these pictures you're seeing on the mouth. well, these are likely to become red flag warnings as soon as
7:31 am
tomorrow lasting through friday. so we have 2 rounds of advisories and 2 rounds of increased winds here for the north bay, it's upper elevations of marine in sonoma counties all of lake county most of napa county and then northern areas of solano county that are being affected by winds that will be gusting as high as 25 to 40 miles per hour starting this afternoon. you see that were relatively calm this morning but winds generally pick up later in the day will be breezy s across the north bay, especially for those higher more exposed elevations. mountainsides which are also most prone to rapidly spreading fire. so if you're in one of these areas please be mindful of that tomorrow we briefly see winds calming down before an uptick in them yet again towards wednesday afternoon. and it's likely that thursday afternoon into evening. we'll actually be bringing some of our strongest winds and the some of our highest fire potential as for right now we're still cool we're still relatively calm. good morning for jogger just to get out there and enjoy the brisk feel that this morning is bringing 40's for
7:32 am
the north bay while 50's and 60's for the rest of us. so a nice start still a nice afternoon for san francisco in the upper 70's, little warmer for areas like oakland back in the low 80's and also for san jose into the mid 80's. robin. >>all right, thank you john let's check in on the traffic now we're taking a peek at 92 a little busy this morning leaving hayward heading over to the peninsula. the traffic on the bridge itself will be a little crowded, but it's more so the approach to 92, so we have an accident in hayward atv south at whipple that's blocking one lane. the backup on the nimitz goes beyond 92 all the way out to 2.38. so if you think using the nimitz freeway to try and make your way over to 92 you're going to be stuck in that traffic. but when you get on the bridge. it's not so bad, it's just the usual crowd heading to the peninsula so keep that in mind if you have to connect from 80 south all right let's check in on the bay bridge 80 wesson to san francisco. no improvement just yet it's still back to be
7:33 am
on west grand but at least it's a very quiet on the span and right through downtown san francisco back to you. thanks a lot robin. >>to the east bay now where violence in oakland is reaching a sad milestone, the city has seen a 38% increase in homicides this year and now officials are working to find a way to stop the violence from reports. >>when it comes to violent crime. the city of oakland is on pace to have one of its worst years in recent memory says the president of the oakland police officers association barry down some of numbers are incredibly over more than 400 people shot this year and city a murder so far this year. we 75 for all of last year it is incredibly important recognize. >>that shutting down the sources of illegal guns is vital to stopping gun violence this week oakland city council president rebecca kaplan is introducing a resolution declaring gun violence prevention, a top law enforcement priority hiring
7:34 am
someone to trace bullet shell casings left at crime scenes, a position that has been vacant for 2 years even though it has been budgeted the money to hire the position. >>to trace the illegal guns is in the budget and we're saying they need to go ahead and fill that position, however donna lynne says the position remains unfulfilled because he believes no one wants to work and what he calls a hostile work environment. >>she's hiring one person to do tracing which is a very noble and every technical jaw. but the challenges song with those kind expertise there soon coming to open. we may be laid off week as they are on the police department captain it is also recommending the city council adopted resolution to terminate opie's participation with the fbi's joint terrorism task force of the 3 bases >>the bay area oakland has been the one this year that's been struck by terrorism we are white supremacist kill up
7:35 am
for security building the city council president sites that same incident has reason to sever ties with the fbi's joint terrorism task force. the federal government has refused to go after white supremacist even those white supremacists who committed a murder in oakland. >>both resolutions will be presented at the next oakland city council meeting has it made you kron 4 news a big developing story that we're following this received a lot of attention over the weekend san francisco police have arrested a man involved in the assault. >>a trump supporter who was punched in the face and had his teeth knocked out. it happened on saturday at a free speech rally at united nations plaza, 35 year-old at dora anderson of watsonville was arrested taken into custody in oakland on sunday, accused of committing a hate crime. >>well governor newsom says the california will not allow distribution of the new
7:36 am
coronavirus vaccine until it is reviewed by the state's own panel of experts newsome will require an independent group to verify the safety of an fda approved covid-19 vaccine. the scientific safety panel is made up of 11 leaders and researchers from across the state. how soon their work begins though, of course depends on how soon the fda approves a vaccine. the state is eyeing a likely mass distribution of the vaccine. some time in 2021. >>and this is the sober reality, the expectation should not cannot be this calendar year. for the overwhelming majority of us to get to where we need to go as a nation as a state that will not happen until 2021. >>you know once a vaccine is approved by the state priority will go to those most vulnerable to the virus which includes people like the elderly those living in long-term care facilities, the disabled essential workers, minorities people living in rural communities and those who are incarcerated. in the
7:37 am
north bay marine catholic high schools once again shutting its doors to students because of coronavirus concerns school leaders say they found out about at least one large gathering involving several students over the weekend and so now students are back to virtual learning for the next 2 weeks the school says it will not tolerate behavior outside of school that puts faculty staff and students at risk. school leaders don't believe that there was any transmission of the coronavirus among the students or at least that's the hope right now. the school plans to expand covid testing for students staff members going forward. and a new online tool is available for families in marin county to track covid cases in schools, it covers public private independent and religious schools within the county. if the school is open within the last with at least 10% capacity in this online tool will show the total number of students attending classes and other details the site also details school's plans for how to respond if and when there's a case
7:38 am
reported. >>let's take a look at the cases reported in california. so far more than 880,000 people testing positive and almost 17,000 deaths now in our state including 1000 645 people who have died of covid in the bay area. >>7.38 and still ahead on the kron 00:04am morning news the new rules for the next presidential debate and last debate coming up on thursday. the moderator can you mute the candidate (garage door opening) it is my father's love... it is his passion- it is his fault he didn't lock the garage. don't even think about it! been there, done that. with liftmaster® powered by myq®, know what's happening in your garage- from anywhere.
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>>and after the loud chaotic debate between president trump and joe biden they've decided to change the rules the presidential debate commission. now says there will be a button so they can cut the mike. >>if either candidate tries to interrupt the other when they have their opening 2 minute answer to each debate topic. the 90 minute debate will feature 6 topics and be moderated by nbc's kristen welker the topics coronavirus american families race climate change in national security and the trump campaign wants to add another topic they want foreign policy and id but both sides have to agree to that and the biden campaign haven't said yet if they will. >>well trump's campaign has already come out against the new mike rules host barrie politics catherine heenan spoke with political science
7:42 am
lecturer from san jose state university about what we can expect on debate night. >>a covid remains top of mind for all voters really he's trying to take some doubles around the edge of this covid lc but no he's not changing anything fundamental about his approach which most people do has failed. so if you were to do something troy hill. mary pass that's what it should be. all mister biden needs to do really is make his closing argument not make a big mistake. appear presidential. appear credible and i think those are his those are his assignments for this week's debate. >>we will be airing thursday's final presidential debate right here on kron 4 don't forget it starts at 06:00pm and we'll follow it with analysis from our political experts at 7.30 again all of that hosted by inside their politics. catherine we'll be right
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>>well changes are coming to lake tahoe ski resorts amid the pandemic but those changes will mostly apply to indoor activities capacity limits of course are going to be in place some resorts are also adopting reservation system so you can't just show up you're going to have to make sure you got a reservation masks and social distancing requirements won't face skiers of course, but people are already spaced out on the slopes wearing face coverings mask gloves are already part of normal attire. obviously but where it's not is a yeah, those lodges like
7:46 am
at lunchtime or pack you can. >>always sit on the picnic tables but they're always so inside and so that's why they're they've got a whole new system for like how many people can be at the tables in the lodgers and then heavenly and northstar like you said. they're going to reservations that's a whole new saying when usually you have a you have a season ticket you just got show up any time you want i want to monitor how many people are there so keep an eye think november 20 right is when a heavenly and deer the first ever going to be first open up an h resort probably will have different criteria so make sure you. >>know expected of you before you show and the question is will have you would wonder right, we would love to see some snow or at least just some cooler weather and we have been in the midst of a cool down compared to last week that fire danger as been talking about all morning. still remains of concern for lee much of the remainder of the week skies are beautiful in clear over timber the right up the coastline, you can make up that fog streaming through the golden gate this morning.
7:47 am
a nice cool marine influence at the coast is going to spare coastal areas, the warmer temperatures that are inland spots are going to tap into today, calm start to the morning winds pick up later on today will be a breezy afternoon just enough that paired with these dry conditions and pretty hot conditions to that red flag warnings are back into effect for portions of the north bay. winds briefly settle down tomorrow and then right back up again on into tomorrow afternoon setting us up for an even windier thursday just around the corner like that to be the windiest one of this forecast and also potentially some of the highest a fire danger so we have 2 rounds of advisories to talk about impeach on this map these are areas that are under. fire weather watches starting tomorrow likely to become red flag warnings and you see how much of the bay is lit up there as for the red flag warnings that you are seeing in red for the north bay all these are areas that are already in the midst of advisories from now until 08:00am tomorrow for upper are in and sonoma counties all of that lake county most of the
7:48 am
napa county and the northern portions of solano county upper elevations more exposed to stronger wind gusts that will be gusting as high as 25 to 40 miles per hour and that's where the concern comes in of any sort of spark resulting in a fast growing wildfire with the already hot conditions and the strong winds on top of that coastal areas as i mentioned do have a marine influence and us only 60's 70's at the coast. so definitely not much of a difference for coastal neighbors. bayside areas will be subtly warmer than yesterday with foster city in palo alto we check 82 for your highs, mountain view and sunnyvale back up to 88 degrees today, so quite the warm up for these areas. well in the east bay, a range of 80's to even low 90's back today. danville walnut creek and concord back to the low 90's while berkeley and richmond still holding on to upper 70's. oakland and san leandro back into the low 80's. a range of 80's and 90's for the north bay were fire danger will be amongst the highest vacaville fairfield sonoma in youngsville low 90's
7:49 am
for you. well santa rosa through center fell all in the 80's. it's going to break down of your next 7 days because there are no shortage of changes going on here tomorrow and thursday not going to be much cooler and these are also some of our highest a fire danger days with especially gusty winds on thursday friday as red flag warnings expire we're going to see and the easing off of winds and pull back on some of our daytime highs too by the weekend or warmest of areas only in the low 70's by saturday and sunday with 60's near the bay and the coast, so we will get a taste of fall come the weekend and at least a break from some high fire danger that we are again in the mid stuff. >>robin all right. thank you john we still have a lot of heavy traffic pouring into san francisco right now your approach to the bay bridge toll plazas just not thinning out not yet we're going to get there i think within the next 30 minutes to an hour. but right now you're gonna have to wait in line it's backed up the on west grand about halfway between west grand the
7:50 am
bottom of the another little stretch on the suspension and then the central freeways all jammed up to and that's normal from the beginning to the end heavy traffic on the northbound central all the way out to city streets, here's a live look at the richmond sandra fell the heavy traffic starts at richmond. parkway that's about 2 exits back. it's going continue to mid span. but no big problems in to the north bay and then checking the golden gate has on one oh one the foggy golden gate it's been like this throughout the morning very dense. we cannot see that hours this morning. so that's why that dense fog advisory remains in place from chp back to you. thanks a lot. it's 7.50 the golden state killer had his first day of testimony in court more than 2 years after his arrest. >>and we want to warn you some of the details in this story may be disturbing roy charles waller is accused of 12 counts of forcible assault during a crime spree from the 1990's all the way into the early 2000 theresa lane says that she was 30 years old when she
7:51 am
was attacked by waller in her home in vallejo in 1992. she took the stand yesterday after opening arguments. >>well the whole time i didn't look at him and you know tried to look straight. and what's also gives when i was done i stared at him, you know. >>lane told the jury she was attacked by a man who was wearing a ski mask when she walked out of her bedroom. she says that he tied her to the bed and raped her multiple times and then left her a note saying don't call the cops with an arrow pointing to her mother's name and address. well it will be back in court today. >>san francisco police have released body camera video from a confrontation with a carjacking suspect who was ultimately shot dead by police last week. yeah this happened on october 10th. cesar antonio
7:52 am
vargas jumped onto the hood of a car you see that they're on the right side of your screen this was near market and valencia street and shattered windshield and then held a knife police say to the victim's face and attempted to carjack or you'll see an amenity polls are out of the car. and then after that he jumps into the cause you can see here and attempts to drive away before getting out and pushing a man who was getting off a nearby bus. he then tried to carjack another vehicle. officers found him at cough and cold and streets. they reported the repeatedly told him to drop the knife as you heard in the video. police opened fire. when vargas charged at them. he died at the scene. as we head to break, here's a live look outside at this aftereschool international airport. we'll be back with more news in a minute.
7:53 am
woman 1: get your vote-by-mail ballot?
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woman 2: you can stay healthy and fill it out from the safety of home. surfer: or you can fill it out anywhere. man 1: it's easy to mail it back. you don't even need a stamp.
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man 2: or you can use an official drop box. woman 3: you can even drop it off at the polls. man 3: then, track it to confirm your county got it. see? they got it! woman 4: mail ballots are the simple, safe, and secure way to ensure that your vote is counted. >>welcome back 7.55 and looking outside of timber on here some cloud cover and fog pushing right through the golden gate bridge. clear skies overhead and that's what we're going to be seeing for most of the bay area today as for dayplanner upper 80's for your inland areas this afternoon a few low 90's mixed into winds picking up this afternoon and that's going to be adding to heightened fire danger later on today day planner at the coast indicating 60's hanging on at the coast as we do still have nice ocean cool they're out there. it's going to some coastal spots a little foggy like you're seeing at the golden gate and half moon bay this morning. robin.
7:56 am
>>thank you john we're checking back in on the bay bridge toll plaza where we still have a crowd heading into san francisco hasn't panned out yet just yet. the backup does phil be on west grand it's going to be stolen go in pockets all the way off to the suspension portion of the bridge so come on and make sure you leave early we'll check more bridges coming up back to you. >>are some new rumors about a new marvel movie shang-chi and the legend of the 10 rings apparently is being shot in san francisco this week that's the rumor anyway. people in the city got this notice saying that stunt scenes for a movie being called steamboat will be shot. today and tomorrow on larkin street between bay and beach street. however, the website comicbook dot com says that that is actually shang-chi a movie that's expected hit theaters in july of next year another highly anticipated. marvel film. >>that the 6 and coming up on the kron 00:04am morning news, a red flag warning in effect through tomorrow as high fire
7:57 am
conditions lead to dangerous conditions and maybe another round of power shut offs will have live reports and the republican controlled senate is going to vote on a new coronavirus stimulus bill today, what's included
7:58 am
7:59 am
>>major wind gusts and low humidity has been a national weather service putting out a red flag warning on life grew up in napa county with the very latest details.
8:00 am
>>and with the red flag warnings buckle up bay area we are in for another round of possible power shut-offs we'll have reaction from pg e customers coming up in a live look. >>and having friends over not full and you're kicking my or your call. >>a south bay woman attacks a family after they threw a party amid a pandemic we'll have reaction from that family coming up. >>you're watching kron 4 morning news at the. >>and thanks for waking up with us and joining in to the show on a tuesday october 20th 8 o'clock what took you so and welcome to the party. >>a lots to talk about today of course top of mind is going to be a high fire danger that's existing here across the bay area red flag warning in effect power outages once again a possibility for some coi


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