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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  October 20, 2020 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>>news at 5. >>now at 5 after months of waiting the states as california theme parks and sports stadiums could reopen soon as long as counties meet certain requirements but tonight at least one bay area county says it will not be opening up with those new guidelines calling them quote too dangerous. thank you for joining us at 5 i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne that county question is santa clara county officials there say reopening levi's stadium for fans even at a reduced capacity, would just be too risky. in order for stadiums and theme parks to reopen counties must first
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improve their coronavirus case numbers. >>2 bay area counties move to the next year today, san francisco is now in the minimal category but the positivity rate of point is 8% napa county is now in the moderate category with the positivity rate of 1.7%. tonight sonoma county remains the only bay area county that remains in the widespread category. so meek sonoma currently ranks at one at i'm sorry sir over sonoma county currently has a positivity rate of 5.1%. >>joining us now with more on the city's latest reopening guidelines kron four's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala ashley. >>yeah him the state health officials have spent the last several months coming up with these guidelines to reopen parts of the economy where crowds are typically massive. but state leaders say this reopening process will still move at a slow and steady pace. >>california's top health
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official tuesday released new reopening guidelines for theme parks allowing smaller parks to reopen at 25% capacity in counties that reached the state's orange moderate tier, larger parks like disneyland will remain shuttered indefinitely massive parks can't reopen until their counties reached the state's least restrictive tier yellow into minimal we don't out the crystal ball there is a prop forward we do not know but we do know how. >>and i think we'll continue put in the hard work to get us one county in a time. >>professional sports fans can finally watch their team play in person in some parts of california galley announced tuesday counties in the state's orange moderate here can but fans an outdoor stadium seats at 20% capacity masks will be required seats must be reserved and no walk-up ticket sales are allowed ticket holders must be from within a 120 miles and tailgating is prohibited to interrogating and ensuring that parking is up to stadiums and mocked and parts of the
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surrounding so all of those these are all our requirements. >>so state leaders say there are no plans to release any guidelines on college athletics, but they say that these pro sports guidelines though used to analyze to see how they can use those for college sports in the future meanwhile for youth sports doctor galley says those developments those guidelines will be coming soon. he says stay tuned, reporting live in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>putting an audience in a stadium in large groups. is just asking for trouble. it's like a petri dish. >>as we mentioned tonight, santa clara county health officials are pushing back against reopening theme park the professional sporting events for 4 dan kerman joins us live now from levi's stadium where we're told fans won't be allowed any time soon ban. that's right ken and pam
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county officials say as long as it's up to them they are not going to allow fans to fill any percentage of these stands they call this change in the state's guidelines, reckless. >>a super spreader events will not be allowed within the county of santa clara. >>santa clara county executive officer, jeff smith says the state's new guidelines allowing professional sports teams and orange tier 3 to fill 20% of their stands with fans from as far away as a 120 miles away will not happen at levi stadium, it's just unconscionable. >>basically they're putting lives at risk. people who think that they're safe. herb going to be at risk. people at home, not just the people who attend. the games will be at risk. smith says while santa clara county's covid positivity rate. >>is it one percent other communities are much higher. he says bringing people together in a stadium is asking for trouble.
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>>if we have 800 people who have covid mingling with another 13,000. we have covid we're going to see a super spreader event. no question this is dangerous. this is the worst thing in the world to be doing. at a time period when california's beginning to see some light. this amounts to another step backwards. >>for local santa clara businesses like you go on a spree ocilla who have seen a drop in game day revenue as a result of the empty stands mandate. they're disappointed with the county's decision. >>precaution but at the same time i do feel like we can do something has to say for extend the forty-niners simply issued a statement thanking the governor for his leadership. >>and welcoming fans but ultimately stating our organization will continue to collaborate with local public health officials to protect the health and wellness of all san francisco 49 ers and levi stadium employees patrons and our community. county
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officials were asked what would it take to put any amount of fans in those stands behind me they stopped short of answering the question. >>but they made it clear it is not going to happen in winter months when cases are going up and the risk increases live at levi stadium. dan kerman kron 4 news dan thank you for that well depending on the county the updated guidelines brought good news for some smaller amusement parks, but not so good news for the larger was in the bay area kron four's haaziq madyun >>a real roller coaster fans will have to wait a little longer to experience their favorite thrill rides that's because the updated guidance from california public health officials does not allow large theme parks to reopen until the county in which they operate moves into the yellow tier of the state's blueprint for a safe economy smaller theme the other hand are good to go. >>these will be limited in
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capacity up to 25% or 500 visitors, whichever is fewer. all the other parts the larger of 2 parts. we are waiting here for that big yellow here part of the decision-making bob california public health sending a small team to amusement parks in other parts of the nation to observe or best and they came back with lots of valuable lessons. >>things that we saw that we were very reaffirmed but also some things go to you know raise some concern the level of done without that sued very random things concerning to us the decision to keep the larger theme parks closed is very concerning to the cedar fair company which owns and operates california's great america in santa clara county which is currently in the orange here great america sent kron 4 a statement that reads in part quote cedar fair is extremely disappointed and frustrated with the lack of reasonable consideration given to the opening of california's
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most popular theme parks. >>our company has safely operated 7 of its 13 parks across the u.s. this year with 0 cases of covid-19 being traced back to our properties we feel strongly that california's great america should be allowed to open and to the same guidance afforded smaller parks on quote, california health officials say it is not an real estate for larger counties to make the move from orange to yellow and point to another bay area county has a recent example, we believe possible in san francisco. he is a great day for 4 haaziq madyun kron 4 news. >>and now to another big story we're following tonight pg and e says forecasted high winds may force the utility to shut off power for approximately 54,000 customers in northern california as early as tomorrow night today pg began issuing its one-day advance notifications to customers in areas that may lose power. >>here's a look at the forecast outage areas, those
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are the spots you see in yellow. alameda contra costa. napa santa clara solano and sonoma counties are all currently on the list. and right now pg e says it's expecting more than 7,500 bay area customers to lose power in addition to that public safety power shutoff notice tonight, a red flag warning is in effect in the north bay it will remain. >>until 8 o'clock tomorrow morning time now to check on the fire conditions out there with our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow warrants. yeah it just seems like more these fire warnings coming up in fact we've got this one until 8 o'clock tomorrow morning. then we've got another one starting from atm right until friday or 10:00am right until friday's we're expecting very strong gusty winds developing around the bay area over the mountain top the next few days are going to be pulses of these winds that are going to be kicking in. >>once they do we're going to see the winds whipping across specially the mountains, but maybe even some of the valley, so red flag warnings going up starting tomorrow at 10:00am in the santa cruz mountains 25 to 35 mile an hour winds
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humidity down 15 to 20%. i think a whole lot drier as we get into the weekend over the east bay hills you're talking some gusty winds even in the you're going to see some gusty winds expecting the humidity dropping down to about 10 to 15% still split across long a county you've got part of it and in the brown, those the areas that you're looking at the watch right now the warning to the north in a vacaville and dixon and the north bay, some very strong gusty winds expected but it's going to be polls after polls of gusty winds watch what happens here as we take this to time you'll notice as we get in toward tonight, beginning to pick up in the north bay atlas peak, you start to see some of the orange beginning to show up then we get a stronger and polls that one comes in this one much more concerning as we get to thursday with some winds gusting over 40 miles an hour. and then as we head in toward the weekend certainly a westerly wind beginning to kick in everybody's going to feel pretty good breeze. but i'm concerned as we get specially into sunday. that's when some very very dry air. the bay area look at those winds wrap it up all around certainly fire danger running
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high humidity. this weekend in some places maybe down about 5% that is bone dry. all right lauren thank you very much so far the red flag warning has forced the closure of a road in warren county. >>marin county sheriff's department close fairfax bolinas road that's between the metal club and highway one in bolinas has just north of stinson beach. they say they don't want anybody on that road possibly sparking a fire. the closure will last until wednesday morning tomorrow morning. >>make sure to download the kron 4 and the kron on app for the latest developments with this red flag warning of the potential power shut-offs you can download those apps right now from your phone's app store and coming up at 5. the department of justice filing an antitrust lawsuit against google why it alleges the company has unlawful monopolies in the online search market and sonoma county is ramping up its number of pop up testing sites which community health experts are. >>targeting in this act. plus pac, 12 football games kick
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off in just a few weeks stanford head coach davis l talks about sports talks with our sp
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>>this story we're following tonight the clock is winding down to kickoff the pac 12 football season, a season that many thought would never happen. yeah ground for sports reporter kayla mills talked with stanford's head coach about the emotional and the logistical roller coaster and took to get here kylen. pam and ken it is been quite the
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ride the pac 12 conference initially announced in early august that they would postpone all sports through 2020. >>then in late september they were first that decision, sanford head football coach david shaw says the uncertainty did take a mental toll on both the athletes and coaches but they are just thrilled to be back. >>and given him all for most coaches planning is keen to boost we know where we're going to be what we're going to be there. >>who's going to be there what they're going to be doing we have all laid out. and all those schedules every other week got thrown in the garbage stanford head football coach david shaw says during the pandemic the only thing he's been able to plan a is constant change so for me. >>it's just a great blessing of being able. looking at the options. >>and not spending a lot of time or emotion on what you hope to have happen shah says it was tough the summer when
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the pac 12 football season hung in the balance isn't working working working, we've got to july they were great place to live in the season's first steps. >>so that's the hope to start school until once football season got the green light in late september shaw says his staff immediately started scrambling to get players back on campus find somewhere that would allow the team to practice and put safety protocols in place them when we're asked lot this when you're out of your room wearing masks still many social distance, we're testing a daily they're now back on campus in full swing have their first game against oregon ducks on november, 7. >>at least that's the plan and you know what they say about the best-laid plans ready for the unexpected. >>and it really prepare so every. >>or as status. as a backup or to anybody just the virus. all
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of our all of our players every week has to be redeployed because you never >>coach shah says the football field has become an escape during this crazy time and his team is really excited about that first game in oregon. it's been a while since they played against someone besides each other back to you. thank you kyra and well tonight, sonoma county remains the only bay area county still in the most restrictive purple tier today in order to try to get a handle on the spread of the virus. the county increase the number of testing sites in areas with the highest rates of infection. >>kron four's ray kelly has the story. >>i'm at andy's unity park in orleans neighborhood of southwest santa rosa. it's one of the areas with a large number of positive coronavirus cases that's why the county of sonoma has chosen to this area
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as a place to begin its doubling of pop up testing sites. the testing is available to residents regardless if they are symptomatic or not it's free. people do not have to make an appointment, although they are encouraged and they also do not need health insurance could 9, 5, 4, 0, 7, much. >>encompasses most southwest center is a sonoma county remains the only bay area county still in the most restrictive purple widespread here in the states ranking system and one way to get out of that here is more testing so they can contain the spread has burned, you know community for the most part there are a social worker isn't so. >>they are exposed they come home a lot of families especially in southwest center is a live in multifamily or multi generational household and so the exposure is just a lot greater. >>she says that overcrowding has gotten worse with the fires as evacuees move in with relatives. the pop-up testing sites are being held at different locations, they'll be in healdsburg on wednesday.
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they'll be back in santa rosa at the roseland library on thursday and in rohnert park on friday, but they will be repeating. the times and locations from week to week so for instance will be back at andy's unity park next tuesday and every tuesday after that for the immediate future. we've posted the schedule on our website kron 4 dot com. maureen kelly kron 4 news and today, the sonoma county board of supervisors unanimously passed a 16 million dollar package of public health strategies to help curb the spread of the virus that package includes offering gift cards to encourage testing and give one-time stipends of $1200 and hotel vouchers to infected residents. that's designed to help them afford to stay home from work. >>and to isolate safely. >>on the peninsula children ages, 5 and older can now get tested for coronavirus for free in san mateo county appointments are available on weekdays from one to 08:00pm by the county website children
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do not need to have any symptoms or have been exposed to anyone with the virus to be tested. the test the testing is taking place at the san mateo event center. and advance appointments are encouraged. take a live look outside overlooking the golden gate bridge. we had a lot of fog bow to their earlier books still sticking sure is. >>makes for a beautiful picture, though morris is joining us to talk about the winds we have to be on the lookout for yeah winds are really going to be an issue i think over the next 7. >>maybe 10 days or longer right now you can see the chinese of that fog come with the goal gave there's where it is as you look out in the bay of its kind of spilled in the bay of a thin layer there that has moved in the bay and some of that along the coastline to but here is your in the fog there as you look toward the golden gate bridge cloudy skies out there very similar to yesterday we had some that dense fog but here we go the fire warning say in effect all week long and they were looking to high fire danger into the weekend and least probably tuesday of next week. so we'll see a series of these wind events developing around
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the bay area period of very gusty winds maybe an excess of 40 miles an hour maybe some 50 plus mile hour gusts over the mountain tops strong enough that we could likely some dangerous conditions should a fire gets started and the humidity really going to be running a low to very low, especially as we get into the weekend. right now not much trouble with the winds just a general sea breeze develop miles an hour during the fog in san francisco, 9 into fairfield and 10 in the benicia so nothing too strong out there some warm temperatures to 80 degrees in san jose still 88 in livermore 85 in dublin 83 in san mateo 55 and cooled fog in half will be 80 degrees berkeley and 82 degrees in the napa valley vince 90 degrees in st. louis and about tonight we'll see mostly clear skies inland couple patches that dense fog along the coastline not going to be much and then tomorrow, sunny and warm in spots a little breezy over the mountain tops and the cooling trend taking us into the weekend. the numbers breaking down like this still run in
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the 80's inland, you're looking a lot of 70's and he's inside the bay cooler along the coastline, the 50's in the 60's. >>thank you on still ahead we're just 2 weeks away from the election and kron 4 wants to make sure you are ready everything you need to know before you vote in person or by mail an arrest is made after a man was assaulted a man assaulted a trump
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>>the development in a story
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that received national attention over the weekend san francisco police have arrested a man allegedly involved in the assault of a trump supporter who was punched in the face and had teeth knocked out the incident happened on saturday during a free speech rally at united nations plaza these are pictures from that event 35 year-old a anderson of watsonville was arrested he was taken into custody in oakland on sunday on suspicion of committing a hate crime tonight we know a woman who has been arrested after allegedly trying to kidnap a 3 year-old girl in san francisco monday evening, according to police the kidnap attempt was reported in the 100 block of first street between mission and howard police say the suspect grabbed the little girl's arm and ran off with her, but a witness intervened and police were able to arrest that suspect whose name has not yet been released anyone with information on this incident though is asked to contact police. >>next we are 2 days away from the final presidential debate,
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the changes in format he made this time around and as we inch closer to election day we want to make sure you're prepared to cast your ballots. our top voting tips ahead of november, 3rd plus the department of justice has filed a landmark case against google how
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uber and lyft are like every big guy i've ever brought down. prop 22 doesn't "help" their drivers-- it denies them benefits. 22 doesn't help women. it actually weakens sexual harassment laws, which are meant to protect them. uber and lyft aren't even required to investigate sexual harassment claims. i agree with the la times: no on 22. uber and lyft want all the power. so, show them the real power is you. vote no on prop 22.
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>>now to a big story. we're following the justice department has filed a lawsuit against google claiming that the tech giant is violating
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antitrust law our washington correspondent alexandra le mon has details on why some say the trump administration's lawsuit could be politically motivated. >>the justice department claims google search services and all lawful monopoly in a statement attorney general william barr said this lawsuit strikes at the heart of google's grip over the internet the trump administration's lawsuit says google uses billions of dollars to ensure it's the default search engine people see and that hurts competitors. the justice department says google's practices hurt consumers by limiting options and hurt small businesses by raising advertising places google senior vp of global affairs responded by calling the lawsuit flawed and said the lawsuit could raise phone prices and make it harder for people to get services they want the idea that the google search is the alpha and omega. >>all surge is not just absurd. it's patently false
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net choice is a trade association that represents online platforms, including google vice president calls a bus as search engines like being yelp angie's list and yahoo are consumers have other options they both says the lawsuit could be a political move just weeks before the election political pressure. >>on platforms that google ryan's and political pressure to other platforms saying if you don't fall in line we're going to come after you too if successful. the lawsuit could force parts of tools businesses to be broken off and run separa ely in washington, alexandra le mon. >>industry analysts say there is no question that this move by the justice department has a political subtext but some suggest that is not necessarily all bad our catherine heenan host of inside bay area politics talk to the editor at large at cnn catherine yeah, pam and ken factors there have been by part of some rumblings about whether and how to


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