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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  October 21, 2020 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>>now at 3 thousands of people in the bay area are bracing for another round of power shut offs how soon the lights might go out and what areas could be impacted. plus why san quentin state prison must release or transfer 50% of the inmates. and there's a mystery this afternoon surrounding human remains were found on the peninsula. >>from the bay area's local news station. this is kron 4 news at 3. weekend >>big a deal this is the other side of me though is there a lot of. times when does not seem like we need to have.
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>>now at 3 frustration this wednesday afternoon as nearly 4200 pg e customers across the bay area are bracing to lose power tonight that number just went down because pg says that the weather has changed but still a lot of people are bracing for their power to be turned off. thank you so much for joining us here on kron 4 news at 3 i'm justine waldman let's take a look right now at the bay area counties that will be impacted. this is according to pg news website, the shaded areas in yellow are the people and the customers who will be losing power. this includes customers in alameda contra costa. napa santa clara solano and sonoma counties all bracing for losing the power. i just talked with pg e and i did learn that majority of the bay area will have their power restored by thursday night. but napa and sonoma counties, the power there will be restored by friday night. and this is all because of a red flag warning the conditions that have been extended into friday. we'll get details now from our meteorologist mabrisa
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rodriguez rees it's not that hot out there so when must be the real concern yeah and that's a critical issue justine in fact not fire weather watch has been upgraded to a red flag morning beginning tonight and even going to include the san mateo coastline. >>you could see gusts upwards of 40 miles per hour or less starting at 1 o'clock thursday morning, dropping relative humidity through friday morning to as low as 12% not going to be as gusty for those of you in the east bay hills and valleys gus there upwards of 35 miles per hour less but humidity levels will drop in the teens at times including solano county and also the mountains for those of you in the north bay tracking gusts in that 40 to 50 mile per hour range dropping relative humidity near the single digits at times so it begins tonight, starting at 10 o'clock all the way through friday morning, let's take a look at current wind speeds out there right now getting a little bit of a break from the winds but right now tracking northerly winds in the breezy
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double digit range for those of you in downtown san francisco and oakland around 10 to 15 miles per hour sustained winds. but it's tonight that the highest peaks could actually see wind gusts upwards of 50 miles per hour less mainly for those of you in the north bay, sustained winds by thursday morning that 20 mile per hour range and that's when winds will really peaked during the overnight hours into thursday morning getting a bit of a break thursday afternoon but stronger winds friday night into your friday morning and relative humidity could drop into the single digits at times but cooler temperatures also heading our way starting on thursday upwards of 10 degrees of cooling inland more coming up in my full forecast in just a few minutes just seen back to you. >>thank of reason a big story we're watching this wendy wednesday, citing the state's failure to stem a deadly covid outbreak at san quentin state prison. a state appeals court has ordered the prison to immediately transfer or release 1700 prisoners this is according to court records and 75% of inmates at san quentin have covid-19 and 28 inmates
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so far have died from this virus. kron four's has he been unit is joining us live now he has the latest on this story good zeke. >>just the the warden used deliberate indifference towards prisoners during an outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic that is according to a ruling by the california court of appeals and now the prison bust released a significant amount of prisoners. this ruling by the california court of appeals states that san quentin prison must release or transfer 50% of the prison's population. >>now this comes in the wake of the prison suffering a devastating outbreak of the covid-19 virus that infected approximately 75% of the inmate population it dozens of prison staff james keene of the ella baker center for justice cause that kind of treatment during the pandemic inhumane. >>any incarceration that does
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not allow for people to physically distance acts to a person's punishment. the judge's ruling also cause for the release or transfer of inmates over the age of 60 who have served at least 25 years of their sentences these are the safest people to be you decided to various studies that show that some are committed a violent crime and their 1718 2122. >>it is now 5560 65. have this great record in prison. this is not a person who's dangerous for public safety. >>now the court of appeals gave the california attorney general's office, 15 days to dispute this decision or else it will be fine. that's the latest slide back to you in the studio. >>thank you so zeke now the case against scott peterson will return to a courtroom on friday, a judge in stanislaw county will determine whether peterson needs a public defender or if he has hired
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his own attorney, the state superior court ordered his murder case to be reexamined due to possible juror misconduct. it's unclear whether peterson will appear at friday's court date in person or by video from san quentin or if he even appears at all peterson was convicted back in 2004 of murdering his wife lacy and their unborn son connor and dumping her body in the san francisco bay. and new now at 3 san mateo county sheriff's office. they have now announced that human remains have been found along the san bruno mountains officials say the bones appear to have been there for quote quite some time. an investigation is underway to determine the person who was involved and the cause of death no other details were available right away. anyone with information is asked to call police. in a historic first the pope of the catholic church has declared support for same civil unions. pope francis made the comments in a new documentary about him in the film. the pope says quote
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homosexual people have the right to be in a family. they are children of god kron four's maureen kelly is live for us now in san francisco's castro district. she has reaction now from those very powerful words good afternoon maureen. >>good afternoon justine i've been talking to people on the frontlines of the fight for marriage equality and no matter what their police system catholic or not they agree that these words from pope francis are a big deal that could translate into positive change for lgbtq people around the world. >>with a few words, pope francis has likely made a major impact in a new documentary about him that premiered wednesday. the pontiff said quote homosexual people have a right to be in a family. they are children of god, you can't kick someone out of a family nor make their life miserable for this what we have to have is a civil union law that way they're
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legally covered he had previously endorsed same civil unions back when he was archbishop. but his most recent words make him the first pope to ever do so this is this could well maybe let me just rephrase that this could be huge john lewis and his husband stuart gaffney have been fighting for marriage equality since they tied the knot, the first time in 2004 while they would have preferred the pope specifically endorsed same marriage rather than civil unions. they say it's a big step forward considering the influence of the pope and the catholic church. >>all around the world on every continent. but you know more than anything today. i'm >>k catholic youth. who might be struggling to come out and their families and in their churches. the difference that this can make in real people's lives, our loving relationships. are being
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recognized in this way this specific a couple who are also practicing catholics. >>got married in 2014 flanked by their twin sons, they hope the pope's words will trickle down to others in the catholic church who are less accepting of and couples i grew up catholic so it is really big it's a big step for white for him be thinking that way. >>and i think that'll change also hold up priest that we have in the catholic church because before we feel that we are being ostracized >>so i have reached out to the archdiocese of san francisco. so far no comments from the archbishop. on these words from the holy father, reporting from san francisco. i'm maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>and quarters this election season and just a reminder we are now less than 2 weeks away
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from november, 3rd 13 days away from the election. already bay area counties are seeing record high voter registration numbers. san francisco's district attorney chesa boudin says that his team is working to fight election fraud. the district attorney's office has set up a multilingual fraud hotline for people to report election fraud or interference. investigators with either the district attorney's office or the elections office will be available to follow up on the reported claims. and here at kron 4 we're committed to helping make sure that your vote counts if you experience any problems casting your ballot. let us know we will investigate you can e-mail us at voting problems at kron 4 dot com. stanford university school of medicine wants to make it a little bit easier for people to get tested for covid-19 crowd force master hernias live for us now in the newsroom with more on this study and how they plan to make this possible good afternoon knots.
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>>good afternoon. justine that's right. so the study is called the community alliance to test coronavirus at home or catch. and researchers over at stanford medical school are looking for volunteers to participate now if you'd like to volunteer. you'll be asked to fill out a quick survey about your health and any recent exposures that's to determine whether you're eligible now if you are selected to be part of the study you'll receive an at home test kit in the mail at no cost to you you then use of the swab that's included in the kit to take a sample from your nostrils repackage it and the medical courier service would come by and pick it up and take it to the lot for you results are then available on less than 48 hours from the time your kid is picked up. now according to the catch that he website anyone in the greater san francisco bay area may be eligible to participate in the study including those experiencing symptoms or not and children ages 5 and older. you can sign up on the city's website catch study dot stanford dot edu now have more
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on this coming up on kron 4 news at 5 as well as on our streaming service kronon which you can download for free in your app store just in thank you so much sanaa's and coming up here on kron 4 news at 3 after decades of planning the bay area finally has a new shoreline destination for the public to enjoy. >>so we will take you there. and a dramatic rescue caught on camera we will need the northern california police officer who pulled a woman from a burning car just in the nick of time. and in dark and dangerous conditions, san francisco, firefighters rescued a man had been hanging on to a cliffside
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>>intense moments caught on camera at sanford. presidio this morning. this is video firefighters rescuing a man was in his 30's who had been hanging on to the cliffs near marshall's for hours the san francisco fire department says multiple not one calls came in as early as one 30 this morning saying that they heard someone screaming for help in the dark. a rescue crew located the man by 05:00am and the conditions were so rough that crew member the swim out to meet the man at the cliffs and then carry him back. rescue boat. >>this involved paddling this individual on the board for an estimated 200 yards 2 football fields out to our rescue boats
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to get the individual on board. >>the man was taken to a hospital to be treated for minor injuries and hypothermia. we don't have an update on his condition right now, and it's still unclear. what he was doing on the cliffs and exactly how long he was stuck there for and take a look at this the bay area. has been waiting for this for decades, it's open today and it's located along the bay bridge. she was unveiled during a virtual dedication this morning and as kron force we've got reports this new park is now available to all visitors. >>welcome to the judge john sutter, regional shoreline, it's the east bay regional park district's latest park, it's located here at the eastern touchdown of the bay bridge on the oakland side, it is open today and it will be open every day moving forward from 5 o'clock in the morning until 10 o'clock at night includes what i'm standing on right now is 600 foot
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observation pier built on top of the 6 remaining ailes from the old a bridge and it's right along the new eastern span of the bay bridge. so if you're riding your bike that. >>trail and that rides along the bay bridge will actually be able to look down and see this park and this park includes an incredible view the san francisco shoreline as well the port of oakland. caltrans will see session and several other organizations were out here celebrating the end of family. and that includes mayor libby schaaf turnout park is dedicated to as we mentioned john sutter, the former park district, a board member he happened still alive and he's been able to join the celebration which was conducted virtually today because of covid-19 but and the opening of this park is especially important during this time because we're all
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being asked to shelter in place that keep our distance in this regard. now have another outdoor venue to enjoy in very very small groups but it back to those are fighting us of the bay area. in oakland fleet and all kron 4 >>32 people in san jose have been displaced following 2 different fires that happened on tuesday night the first fire started at a west san jose apartment complex in boyton avenue. it spread to 8 units and an attic ultimately displacing 26 adults and 6 children. luckily, no one was injured. the second fire started after a propane tank exploded at the intersection of tavion stevens creek boulevard at about 10 o'clock at night that started a one acre vegetation fire that was controlled around 11:30pm with no injuries or structures damaged. this is all according to fire officials and starting
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tonight people in san jose will be able to weigh in on the search for a new police chief the community conversation is open to all residents but it's focused on people who live in these neighborhoods alamuddin blossom hill and santa teresa it will be held on zoom and attendees will have the opportunity to share their perspectives and concerns. current police chief eddie garcia is retiring in december. we'll switch gears now and talk about our 4 zone weather forecast as we take a live look outside at mount saint this is showing us the conditions that are dry there right now gusty winds are expected for the north bay, a red flag warning is in effect kron four's meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is tracking all of the fire possible weather conditions for us right now good afternoon. i good afternoon just in another really going to pee during the overnight hours tonight you through your thursday morning. >>in addition of that thursday night through friday morning. so we do have sustained winds right now pretty calm. but gusts upwards of 50 miles per hour or less expected so
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stronger off shore winds are underway for this evening for most of our hills and mountains and valleys of the east bay, including the san mateo coastline tonight, let's take a live look outside of the east are noticing clear calm conditions a little bit of a cool northerly breeze around 10 miles per hour less, but overall very pleasant temperatures along the coast mid to upper 60's for half moon bay in downtown san francisco low to mid 80's for those of you in oakland and berkeley mid 80's as well for san jose and some pretty warm temperatures as you make your way inland into the tri-cities and tri valley areas right now livermore 89 degrees seen alina 90 degrees in santa rosa, 88 degrees. so we're about 5 to 15 degrees above average today stormtracker 4 though noticing clear sky but we are tracking changes with this storm out of british columbia where we are going to see it drop into the bay area nothing's going to really help
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cool us down for your thursday afternoon as much as 10 degrees for most of our inland valleys tonight, the low to mid 50's for your overnight low santa rosa, even cooler than that around 46 degrees for your overnight temperatures with tomorrow's daytime highs cooling down into the low 70's for downtown san francisco said near average highs there mid 70's for oakland and even those of you in concord n livermore 83 degrees, san jose very pleasant temperatures at 79 degrees for your thursday afternoon in santa rosa. 83 degrees and taking a look ahead at the extended outlook we are going to continue with that cooling trend friday near average highs return to the bay area with below average temperatures this weekend most of our inland valleys cooling down into the 70's with widespread 60's along the coast and along the bay back to you just staying. thank you so much and still ahead swabbing your nose for coronavirus. >>could soon be a thing of the past. how how scientists say they'll soon be able to test your, instead. and coming up right after the break a dramatic rescue that was
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caught on camera we will meet the northern california police officer.
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>>davis police officers describing the tense moments from when he rushed to the rescue of a woman who was trapped in a burning car. the entire rescue was caught on camera. we want to show tax shows us what happens. >>within that region >>it looks like a scene out of
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a hollywood movie an officer pulling at a helpless woman out of her burning car and into safety, but this really happened saturday night as davis police corporal penley was in the middle of a shift i heard on the scanner through the chp channel. >>that there was an overturned vehicle which was on fire. >>the closest chp officer was at least 30 minutes away at the jail in fairfield and his accident was at a part of i 80 near highway one 13. pang was just a couple of minutes away so he hurried to the scene. >>body intact. not to win. i i get out right now for get out. get out the car. >>you see through pangs body camera video he reaches in and grabs the woman by both of her wrists then polls this lady survival dependent upon my
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actions and my actions alone. so she was depending on me to savor watch now from this angle from this dash cam video now or to be flames are burning so dangerously close that paying says he could feel the heat on his face it was right there and then that's when i realized this is this is very serious fortunately because of his quick actions. it took just a few minutes to rescue the woman she was all right. the chp arrested her for driving under the influence being a models law enforcement officer would 21 years on the job no one in his department realized the magnitude of pangs heroics. he hadn't mentioned it to anyone but everyone was made aware after a supervisor viewed the video that's just the kind of guy that he is i mean he he does this he truly has a deep heart, a love for it and you know, i'm not surprised at all deputy chief paul door shop said penn will likely receive a lifesaving award for his actions had she not been out
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of there within moments you know a car is fully engulfed in. >>i believe she would have been deceased. >>and was it perhaps fate that put him there i think it was of a higher calling for sure. >>wow that was one shaq's reporting for us said no word yet on that woman's condition. we do have some new live pictures now just coming in to the kron 4 news room. here is former president barack obama campaigning on behalf of his former vice president joe biden he is in philadelphia. this is the first in person campaign pitch that he has made for biden let's listen. >>this country out of these dark times and help us build back better. >>because we can't abandon those who are hurting right now we can abandon the children who. >>ark getting the education they need right now we can't abandon those protesters who inspired us we've got to channel their activism in action. we can just imagine a better future. we've got to fight for. we've got out
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hustle the other side. we've got to work the other side. we've got to vote like never before and leave no doubt. >>so make a plan right now. are you going to get involved and vote. do it as early as you can tell your family tell your friends how they can vote. don't stop with joan kabul. make sure you vote all the way down the ticket. and if we pour all our efforts into these 13 days. if we vote up and down the ticket like never before. then we will not only. like joe biden and kamala harris. we will also leave no doubt about what this country that we love stands for. >>we will not leave any doubt about who we are as a people and the values and ideals that we embrace.
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>>what lincoln called the better better angels of our nature. >>those are still in us. we operating every single day. we see him in neighborhoods we see him in churches and synagogues and mosques and temples. we see him. and people helping out a neighbor. we see him inside our own families that way. we see that what is best in us is still there. we've got to give it voice. and we've got to do it now. so let's get to work people. let's bring this home. >>i love your philadelphia hope that your fired up. hope you're ready to go. >>former president obama holding a drive-in rally there in philadelphia for his former vice president joe biden pennsylvania. very significant in this upcoming election that's why the biden campaign is spending so much time there and also putting their closure barack obama in there to
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campaign for joe biden next year to 30 all eyes are on tomorrow's final presidential debate republicans and democrats on capitol hill, hoping that cooler heads will prevail this 3rd and final term and volunteers are going door to door in south america. so they can find the parents of hundreds of children who've been left at border facilities. >>and after the break we're monitoring possible power shut off this afternoon amid some dangerous fire conditions for the bay area. we
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>>did something happen over here. it's 3.30 on this wednesday afternoon in nearly 4,000 pg e customers will be in the dark pg does plan to do some. preemptive power shut offs let's take a look now at the bay area counties that are impacted this is pga's web site the areas that are in yellow will be impacted this includes customers in alameda. contra costa. napa santa clara. solano and sonoma counties all bracing to lose power at some point tonight, but i did just talk with pg e and they say majority of the bay area will be restored by thursday night napa and sonoma counties will be restored on friday night and this is all because of red flag conditions. we know it's dry and it's about to be windy. it's not that hot out let's get details now from our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez she is in our
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weather center with the latest weather conditions, good afternoon. marissa yeah good afternoon justine in fact the fire weather watch has been upgraded to a red flag warning for the north bay mountains east bay hills and valleys even the san mateo coastline starting tonight through friday morning because of wind gusts upwards of 50 miles per hour less. >>dropping relative humidity possibly into the single digits at times. let's take a look at your microclimate thursday outlook 5 to 10 degrees of cooling tomorrow, very dry out there, plenty of sunshine with downtown san francisco warming up to 72 degrees happening they in the mid 60's. so overall very pleasant temperatures along the coast brisbane 72 degrees with millbrae and burlingame cooling down into the mid 70's as a san mateo flirting with a tease for those of you in redwood city overall wind speeds for tomorrow for most of our valleys out of the north so we are going to notice northerly winds at around 20 miles per hour less san jose 79 degrees campbell in cupertino cooling down into
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the low 80's and even for those of you livermore you could see upwards of about 10 degrees of cooling tomorrow cooling down to 83 degrees with the east bay shoreline tracking widespread mid 70's there for hayward and oakland conquered in walnut creek 83 degrees at the napa in the low 80's and santa rosa 83 degrees for your thursday afternoon highs in the cooler weather will continue even on friday near average highs with below average temperatures with most of our inland valleys cooling down into the upper 60's tracking widespread 60's along the coast and east bay shoreline with a very dry outlook for the next 7 days ahead back to you just seen. thank you so much for resign with election less than 2 weeks away all eyes will be on. >>thursday's final presidential debate as president trump and his democratic presidential rival. joe biden will face off for the final time our washington correspondent raquel martin reports. republicans and democrats on capitol hill are hoping now that cooler heads will prevail. >>knows it she w what happened
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in the previous debate unacceptable american people to deserve better lawmakers on both sides of the aisle say they hope the final presidential debate delivered more than just an argument. i hope we will have a this is the most important election of our lifetime, i would democratic congresswoman cindy axne ease says voters want discussion focused on solutions it's always kitchen table which states like iowa, it's putting money in people's pockets, it's addressing health care people are anxious. they are worried michigan democrat debbie dingell says after a failed plot to kidnap michigan's governor civility is more important than ever dial down the temperature leaders need to help bring us together not tear us apart in an effort to limit interruptions the commission on presidential debates says it will move to mike's during the first 2 minutes of each candidate's response. i think approach in this iowa republican chuck grassley says he expects president trump to be more
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focused short sentence on try things and he's missouri republican josh hawley who called the debate itself outdated hasn't been changed in 60 years, it's just it's crazy does hold moderators don't interfere about the candidates actually debate this debate to become more and more and more. >>the panelists are the moderators and less and less about discussing any salute leadership in washington raquel soaps. >>now along with those hopes that the debate will be a little bit less chaotic. the question of how the president will use this last primetime opportunity to talk to voters is also question this afternoon. catherine heenan the host of inside bay area politics is here now with a look at what we can expect on thursday good afternoon catherine tai just some analysts are saying the president really has not done a very good job. >>of delivering a strong consistent message. so a local republican party official i talked to. >>has some advice.
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>>i think there are 2 things you should make clear to the american public. number one it's going to be on the defense but he's going to have to make the case that is ministrations doing everything possible to slow the spread. this pandemic i'm joe biden is going to be coming out the gate swinging talking about. >>the president hasn't done this the president hasn't done this and. >>and the president has to be able to confidently say. that we have done everything possible to any other administration could have not number 2 he's got to talk about the economy's got to talk about unemployment is decreasing and how the number of jobs this country are growing in spite of a pandemic there are i think he's talked about that to last and too infrequently. and it's going to help the american public to be reminded. but we face a pandemic if you're in california, we face fight wildfires, the homeless population is skyrocketing
3:39 pm
around the country. nevertheless the number of jobs for able-bodied working americans is increasing to unprecedented. >>and we will hear more from jonathan later tonight, including whether those muted the microphones that they'll be using tomorrow night that they can turn off whether that will mean a more subdued president just team. >>we will be watching and we will air thursdays final presidential debate right here on kron 4 it starts at 6. and then we'll have analysis from our political experts immediately after at 7.30. it will be hosted by catherine. much more ahead here on kron 4 news at 3 including details on the new coronavirus test that could do away with the nasal swab and dramatically improve our ability to fight covid-19. >>and there are more dilemmas with distance learning how some stud
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>>it is time now to check in with news nation on wgn america to see what they're working on tonight, rob nelson is joining us live from chicago with the preview. hi rob. >>hey there thanks so much a lot to get to on this wednesday evening, including her reaction to pope francis endorsing civil unions for same couples have a live report from the west coast tonight about this major shift for the catholic church. also that 8 billion dollars settlement with purdue pharma linked to the nation's opioid crisis that crisis has killed
3:43 pm
more than 400,000 americans in the last 20 years. tonight, we'll talk to a father whose son sadly, his part of that grim statistic. and even with the economy struggling and shutting jobs during the growing pandemic tonight, we'll tell you about which companies out there are actually hiring these days for the millions right now looking for work. all that and more tonight right here on news nation on wgn america. we certainly hope you'll tune in. >>thanks for joining us. rob. sure thank you. news nation airs on wgn america at 8 o'clock our time you can find it on the channel's listed hear more details are available on our website kron 4 dot com. and still ahead tonight, how soon you might be able to get tested for coronavirus just
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>>we'll take a closer look now but could soon be the latest weapon in the battle against covid-19 the cleveland clinic is teaming up with a texas company to develop a device that uses your breath to determine if you have coronavirus and it has instant results reporter jennifer jordan shows us how it works. >>move over nasal swab determining if a patient has been infected with covid-19 could soon be as simple as blowing into a machine. a concept that is nothing new says doctor shaw read wake. chairman of cleveland clinic's respiratory institute we have
3:47 pm
been doing thing in my life for many years over decades now. >>the different disease and the long diseases like asthma only have a tense in lung cancer and now coronavirus doctor delay saying the clinic is now working with texas based breath tech corporation to develop the company's breath test 1000 mass a special meter machines similar to this older model that would rapidly screen for coronavirus or related indicators this is my son using now is portable we can take it to the patients or put it in the drive-thru or something like that so already has so that's that then is doctored wade believes people would be more open to the new breath test. >>since it would be noninvasive its usage. twofold to determine if the patients illnesses affecting the lungs. the nasal swab would then be used to confirm a covid diagnosis as for concerns over false positives or negatives
3:48 pm
business done trials of this device to look at 9 covid basins. >>to make sure that can different compounds in the breath of individuals. >>the next phase of testing. he says will test actual patients currently battling the virus to determine its accuracy and compare it to the gold standard of nasal testing. but the ultimate advantage the results instantaneous you know within a minute but then positive or negative. the goal is to have the device readily available before the end of the year the more we do that then as the pandemic. >>that was jennifer jordan reporting for us this afternoon, the ultimate goal is for the breath test machine to replace the current standard of nasal swab testing probably won't hurt as much. let's talk now about our 4 zone forecast as we take a live look outside here at san francisco international airport. a red flag warning has been issued for the bay
3:49 pm
area coastline. so we'll talk now with our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez for a look at where the red flag warnings are in place and what this means for our weather for the next couple days good afternoon. worrisome. i just seen yeah very dry, windy conditions starting tonight continuing through friday morning also included in this red flag warning the san mateo coastline starting at 1 o'clock for your thursday morning through friday morning. >>could see gusts upwards of 30 to 40 miles per hour for most of our hills and valleys, including those of you in the east bay relative humidity dropping as low as into the teens and we also have a red flag warning for solano county bay could see gusts upwards of 50 miles per hour or remember this is the peak of our high fire season. so no surprise that we have another round of red flag warnings going into effect starting tonight but we are noticing calm conditions from now until then that red flag warning will go into effect starting at 10 o'clock tonight, mainly impacting the
3:50 pm
peaks and ridges of the north bay hills and east bay hills and mountains but future winds in the valleys for the north bay, including glen ellen and calistoga could be around 20 miles per hour early thursday morning. and we will notice calm conditions by thursday afternoon until another round of gustier and drier winds because of those offshore northerly breezes continue again for your thursday night into your friday morning so relative humidity tonight, upwards of 50% relative moisture but they will drop into possibly the teens by thursday morning because of those northerly winds. i showed you in the north bay valleys, even as low as a single digits by thursday afternoon and no rain in sight just seen for the next 3 days, cooler temperatures ahead with below average daytime highs this weekend back to you. >>thank you more than 500 children who were separated from their parents at the u.s. mexico border are still not back with their parents. these children were all taken from their parents in 2017 or 2018
3:51 pm
this is according to the aclu. and about 2 thirds of those children's parents are believed to be back in their original country. volunteers have been looking for the parents by going door to door in countries like guatemala and honduras thousands of families were separated in the first 2 years of the trump administration in 2018 a judge ordered an end to that policy. there's new concern now for teachers and parents in the world of virtual learning it's making a lot easier for students to cheat erin cargo spoke to a teacher in texas who recently caught students, cheating during a virtual test. >>it's something that i was fully aware was going on she was aware because of comments from her own 2 teenagers now this around a parent has proved some students are cheating during virtual classes as a word of warning. she says parents for did her this letter from around iraq high school teacher sent to that teachers class that said some of you are under the assumption assessments are a group effort. the teacher said
3:52 pm
she saw screenshots of students taking pictures of questions and discussing the answers in a group text your child is. >>you know being impacted when the classmates are scoring higher and you know raising up in their class rank regardless of whether they're the one who is actively cheating or not way a fight at round rock isd says they've been redesigning assessments with open ended an essay style answers and mixing up the order of multiple choice questions. they're also turning to higher education had spurts for more tips. >>university of kentucky professor emeritus doctor thomas caskey recently wrote this blog post in education week about this very topic he recommends some of the same strategies round rock is using the teacher but this is a remarkable skills. >>and then access to google and birds and that sort thing. >>because the river teachers learning alongside their students.
3:53 pm
>>that was erin cargo reporting for us. this afternoon and coming up next we have something really exciting to share with you some big changes we've been working on here at kron 4. you're looking at it live right now. so after the break, we'll have a sneak peek as we prepare to debut our new kron
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