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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  October 21, 2020 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>>from the bay area's local news station. watching kron 4 news. dry conditions are expected tonight. this is red flag warnings are expected. >>to go into effect within the next hour of good evening, everybody, i'm vicki liviakis and i'm grant lotus says volatile weather here has prompted pg need to notify
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about 37,000 customers. >>across 15 northern california counties that they could be losing power. of the 15 counties 5 hour here in the bay, they are alameda contra costa napa santa clara and sonoma. more than 4,000 customers in the bay area could be affected here. napa county appears to be hit the hardest the most customers in the bay area affected are in napa some of the outages have already started but most of them are expected as we move through the overnight hours pg and e says the hot and dry weather combined with really high wind gusts pose an increased risk for damage to their electrical system that has the potential to start fires can you want to be on guard. we have team coverage for you tonight, lawrence karnow is in the weather center. >>monitoring the red flag warning that goes into effect in about an hour but first we turn to kron four's gayle ong who is live tonight in where people are preparing for another round of shut off scale. >>grant and vicki nearly 3300
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pg e customers are expected to be in the dark in napa county the napa valley rather that is likely going to happen in the early morning hours tomorrow. dry warm winds expected again the national weather service is forecasting critical fire weather conditions as a series of dry wind events coupled with low humidity moved through the region with already dry vegetation. >>prompting a red flag warning and a public safety power shutoff i just got alert on my phone saying. >>napa county is going to have shot off jones raleigh received text alert from pgd just after 06:00pm wednesday crawley lives on top of spring mountain in saint which was ravaged by the glass fire and still out of power. the fire came all the way around my vineyard without power, i have no water. no electricity so. it's not fun for people up there. what they're going
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through what you go to bed early the napa valley just had a series of power shut offs but those who live here are ready for it a job are now also lives on spring mountain he's been living without power for weeks. >>dte crews are still working to re energize that area after the glass fire work in the morning in. >>come back an eye to the mountain and go to sleep in. next they do the same thing over and over same thing. no water not interested this a slight rise no life right now about what you're going to do you have to laugh and it's going on he just lived through whether we have to live through. >>and then. >>hope it all goes back to normal someday. >>once the dangerous weather passes pd crews will inspect power lines and equipment before it is safe to re energize that process could that take hours about 12 hours or less is their goal that is going to begin on friday. reporting live in saint helene gayle ong kron 4 news. thank
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you gayle and for more on that high fire danger we want to bring in kron four's meteorologist lawrence karnow yeah, he's in our new weather center lawrence we have a new home here but. >>we're excited about that unfortunately the same old story in the weather department boy we sure could look for some rain if we can find some right now no rain in sight guys so we're dealing with high fire danger we're at the peak now fire danger in the bay area as you can see those gusty offshore winds developing. so certainly red flag warnings going up again starting tonight continuing through friday expect some 30 to 40 mile an hour gusts across the santa cruz mountains but you could even see along the coastline. those red flags have been extended there as well east bay also you're going to see some very gusty winds not only over the mountain tops. but you can see in the valleys to pleasanton livermore you're under red flag warning walnut creek pleasant hill conquered you're under red flag warning that will continue until friday expecting some winds of 20 to 30 miles per hour gusting as high as 40 or 50 over the diablo range possibly over the
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oakland hills. and you can see how dry. it is 10 to 15% relative humidity during that period as you head to slow county also now all in red expecting some winds there gusting 2540 miles an hour and in the north most of the areas above a 1000 feet under red flag warning expecting some of the strongest winds of 4050 miles per hour. and that will continue through friday. and i think even more as we head in toward the latter part of the weekend and early next week and i'll show you that right here in fact overnight tonight, not bad but the wind so far but things begin to change you start to see all the red the purple begin to invade parts of the north bay east bay as we head toward tomorrow that will be picking up during the middle of the day getting blustery at times with some 30 and 40 mile an hour gusts. then the seabreeze kind of kicks in as we have a weak cold front approach the bay area that will change the westerly winds moving in fire danger not as high, although it'll be pretty blustery in the afternoon much more
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humidity in the air but that all changes as we get late in the day on sunday look at the colors pouring in across the bay area and look at the winds. 3040 mile an hour winds, the models picking up even down at sea level many of the urban areas of course gusting even higher over the mountain tops and those winds likely to continue to persist right through monday as well and unless we get any rain we're going to see this repeat on and off for the foreseeable future until we finally see those rain drops. >>i thank you lawrence can't come soon enough take a look at this pretty wild video guy here seen jumping over the counter this is at a walgreens in san francisco. he takes off with an air mattress among other things a crew from inside edition was actually at the store at the time. this is the walgreens on van ness and eddie there. they were there first or about rampant shoplifting at that location ironically when this happened by the way inside edition.
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we'll have more on this story coming up tonight on 11 o'clock right here in california, certainly they didn't have to wait very long. >>crawford jonathan mccall live for us in the newsroom with the bigger problem incidents like these rampant, shoplifting you know how are having on stores all across the bay area jonathan grant vicki because of the rampant shoplifting at that one location alone. >>the story venison any will close its doors for good on november. 11th. we're told that the store was losing thousands of dollars in merchandise day. the store will be among half a dozen set to shut its doors this year alone because of the issue. >>caught on camera a wild scene that's being played out at retail chain drug stores across the bay area. scores of shoplifters swarming stores ransacking racks and pilfering thousands of dollars in products off the shelves. this walgreens at van ness and eddie has been hit so many times the walgreens now plans to close the doors for good on november. 11th this video courtesy of inside edition
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shows a man just days ago, jumping over a counter at the store and taking off from it with stolen merchandise. inside the store, the shelves are bare with very few products for sell the store now among at least half a dozen walgreens locations here in the bay area now closing this year because of excessive shoplifting wednesday afternoon kron 4 reaching out to supervisor matt haney who represents the area for comment. but so far we've yet to hear back kron 4 also reaching out to the san francisco police department to see how they're tackling the troubling trend. in a statement sfpd says quote it's working closely with all members of the public we serve including businesses, we're always assessing crime trends in addressing staffing to accommodate for fluctuations in crime. sfpd also said it does have officers on foot patrolling the area kron 4 cameras caught 2 officers at that store wednesday afternoon for a call. this is who didn't want to go on camera so for
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months they've seen groups of people walk in and walk out with garbage bags, full of merchandise. they say they understand why the decision was made. kron 4 also reaching out to walgreens corporate headquarters in illinois today to see if they have any other plans to close any other locations here in the bay area. >>and if those areas or which stores could also be dealing with excessive shoplifting so far we're still waiting to hear back for what they have to say. we're live tonight in the newsroom jonathan mccall kron 4 news. thank you jonathan sad situation there new at 9 dozens of san francisco, small businesses in the inner richmond. >>they're now out of thousands of dollars after vandals went on a spree this past weekend. edging windows breaking down doors and even burglarizing a cafe it is happening to businesses on or near comment street. and that's where find kron 4 taylor bisacky she's live for us now taylor water or business is doing about this. >>the key businesses here on
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clement street are banding together they're sharing surveillance video comparing notes and then sending all that over the san francisco police department. now today they called an sfpd along with their supervisor to go on a walking tour to survey all of this damage and you know you may be surprised, but they counted about 45 businesses that were affected businesses just like this one you can see this here that door here was kicked in and all the glass shattered, but that's not all we're seeing a lot of these businesses were also tagged with harmful p. >>vandals hit dozens of small businesses in the enrichment over the weekend. everything from shattered glass to grow feed windows and even a burglary. >>this is surveillance video from nurse cafe on sunday morning. >>the owner tells me the thief made off with the cash register and several tablets. >>he must totaling $2500. >>san francisco police later responded guns creek was long gone as of pd says. >>they're investigating the burglary in addition to vandalism is on clinton street
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over the weekend this weekend was definitely i think the worst. >>i look at the numbers that took a 2 month period for compstat and last a year-long among the score quarter from $15 call the way down low. it's gone from 3 to 12. but majority happen this weekend as a speedy walked clement street with business owners and the district supervisor on wednesday to survey the tom lee was one of their stops. the suspect recently shattered one of their doors after replacing it they were hit again by graffiti using a very destructive pain. it's a pain that's meant to damage the glass so you have to replace it. >>you can't buffett out. >>and it's just disappointing after you know ever all of the businesses on a street or small independent businesses other business owners like morgan mapes kept a record of all the damage she counted 45 businesses that were affected sentiment of the whole community is really sadness and disappointment and mainly deflation like people are just tired.
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>>now businesses here inclement should say they will tolerate this behavior any longer as if the deal also says the same and already they're increasing night patrols here in the neighborhood to make sure that they deter anybody that is coming through in the early morning hours but they also recommend that any businesses that were affected to file a police report if you haven't already for now live in san francisco taylor bisacky kron 4 news. thank you taylor now to a local family who are desperately searching for answers after a loved one was hit and left for dead in a san francisco street. our car for sale so the money live for us in the studio with their story of which you know they hope will lead to some kind of a tip. >>yeah, that's right so they're doing everything they can to get some answers here the families of course and grief stricken because. the paid a visit to the crash site earlier today they hung up momentos and the are of course suffering a major loss, but now even more so hurt because a driver who killed him has not been found. >>it was a loving person. he
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was a good father. he was funny, he was very silly. he had a very good heart and he just sat over out that person. >>born and raised in the city by the bay jeffrey larry also took his last breath in san francisco. >>we don't know just that he was hit his motorcycle was in the middle of an intersection and his body was about 60 something feet away. >>the 42 year-old was riding his motorcycle at hays street and the sonic when a driver struck him and took off at around 04:00am on saturday october 14th, a neighbor nearby saw emergency lights and came down to the chaotic scene that has haunted her ever sense. what stuck with me. and i think about it every day. >>and the more that time goes by the u.s. at or. and more upset again. both about what happened but also the loss. jeff's family so far there are
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no known witnesses who might have seen the hit and run driver, so police have no description of who to look out for i want people imagine that this was their family member that this was there. >>sun. >>kuz and brother nephew just imagine it being your family member left on the streets of guy you want someone to come forward. >>the father of 2 leaves behind a 22 year-old daughter and 7 year-old son, anyone with information is asked to call sfpd. >>it's just so heartbreaking this happened so early in the morning with very few people out there so vicki and grant hopefully they can get some clues. yeah. even that thank left. >>other news now on the peninsula human remains were found this morning at san bruno mountain san mateo county sheriff's office says the bones have been there for quite some time. an investigation is now underway to determine who the person was how they died. no other details were released. >>today us health officials redefined what counts as close
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contact with someone with covid-19 now for months the cdc has said that close content contacts rather mean spending a solid 15 minutes within 6 feet of someone who test positive. well now the cdc is changing it to a total of 15 minutes or more adding that shorter and repeat contacts that add up to 15 minutes over 24 hour period. now count. this news comes as the country has reported more than 8 million cases of coronavirus. >>unfortunately we're seeing a distressing trend here in united states with covid-19 cases increasing in nearly 75% of country. >>i know it's been a difficult year for americans. well we are going to come through this on the other side. also have limited supply. one or more covid vaccines. available for distribution for the end of this year.
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>>the cdc advises anyone who has been in close contact with covid-19 patients to quarantine for 2 weeks. >>now big picture in the bay area despite more than 110,000 coronavirus cases so far in the bay area. the state is allowing more and more counties locally to move to less restrictive tears yesterday, san francisco. he is he the only one young they were allowed to move to the least restrictive tier which is yellow in fact it is the first major urban area in the state to be able to move to that yellow least restrictive tier napa county joined alameda county and santa clara county in the moderate tier labeled in orange, san mateo contra costa solano and marine county they remain in that substantial are pink purple category sonoma county is the only local county that remains in the widespread here which is designated in the deep purple kron four's terisa stasio was in alameda county
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where shops will soon be able to welcome more and more visitors, an indoor gym skin offer additional services. >>we're here in downtown pleasanton where business owners tell me that they are feeling relieved to there has been some pretty harsh restrictions in place because of the pandemic but now there's some lifting of the loan. as the county leucism. >>painful mike connors faa taps in downtown pleasanton 20 years ago during the pandemic there has been some rough moments laying off people. just something you just don't want to go through. and don't look forward ever having to go through it again that's for sure. >>conner says alameda county's progression to ease restrictions can certainly help matters. yes. >>we'll see if people want to come indoors. i'm and i'm a little we're starting book a lot of reservations which is a good sign for indoors. but we'll see going forward how it how it plays out.
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>>the new measures announced wednesday include allowing restaurants like apps to offer 25% indoor dining in addition retail space in malls can operate with 50% are several other. >>businesses that can allowing people inside theaters and. >>also churches steve van doren is with the pleasanton chamber of commerce you know it's a great step i i i'm glad it's finally see that in the county we first lake delton how he was moving a little slower than we'd like to seen. especially when you contra costa county right next to us opening thing sooner and it's confusing to people in the tri valley because we think of ourselves as one region as far as some of the other businesses that are going to be able to open those include bowling alleys climbing gyms. >>and movie theaters as well as indoor gyms they can now. >>increase their capacity to 25% indoor pool so still off
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the list. all of these changes go into effect this coming friday. here in pleasanton theresa kron 4 news. >>citing the state's failure to stem a deadly covid outbreak at san quentin state prison, a state appeals court has ordered the prison to immediately transfer or release 50% of the population. according to court records 75% of inmates at san quentin have covid-19 and so far 28 inmates have died from the virus. the ruling also calls for the release or transfer of inmates over the age of 60 who have served at least 25 years of their services or a former inmate says that many of the older population. there at the prison were overcharged to begin with and should have been released a long time ago. >>yeah, let's just be clear like the majority of people there. have served becuase they morgan service any society. we contacted the california attorney general's office for their response.
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>>to this ruling. we have received no clyde reply as of yet. the judge has given the attorney general 15 days to dispute the decision or it will be final. >>pope francis has become the first pontiff to endorse same civil unions in a new documentary francesco which premiered at the rome film festival the pope said homosexual people have the right to be a family. they are children of god. there's been divided reaction to the pope's comments most lgbtq catholics are praising the pope. well conservatives tonight are calling for some clarification meanwhile the documentary's director is disappointed that the pope's comments on civil unions is virtually the only thing people are focusing on. >>notables discussing the doctor told a judge he will try to change the bill change. he was talking. the people not should be discriminated. and. the community should help the equal rights like everybody else.
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>>in response to the pope's comments local bishop salvatore cordileone says during his last visit to role to visit the pope francis clearly differentiated between civil range months and marriage, adding that civil unions can in no way be equated to marriage which remains unique. while archbishop of buenos aires francis endorsed civil unions for couples as an alternative to same marriages. but had never come out publicly in favor of civil unions as the pope. >>our news continues with new details now in the breonna taylor case why an officer involved in the shooting says she did not have to die. >>and the covid stimulus bill could make it to the president's desk by the end of the week. details lawmakers are working out tonight. >>and the doj has announced a massive settlement with the maker of oxy-contin what will happen to the company is a part of the deal. and rain and
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snow falling in 7 northwest. but by the time that air gets here it's going to be dry very very dry. a lot of picture weather coming up
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>>your health tonight, the department of justice has announced an 8 billion dollars settlement with purdue pharma that's the maker of oxycontin the company says the company is rather accused of fueling the nation's opioid crisis and prosecutors say the purdue is
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responsible for more than 400,000 american deaths in the past 20 years, the settlement resolves several investigations into just how the company aggressively marketed its powerful prescription painkillers if the settlement is approved by the court it will require that family to be dissolved and no longer exist in its current form. >>rick would require that the sacklers must relinquish all ownership and control of the company or any of its successors. and the company's assets would be transferred to a new public benefit company or pvc. owned by a trust. for the benefit of the american public. >>the settlement also does not release any of the company's executives are owners from criminal liability, a criminal investigation is ongoing. >>coming up next kron 4 news at 9 the last presidential debate you remember that one
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well the next one is set for tomorrow and that is going to be the final one before the election will lawmakers say they're hoping to see this time when the candidates face off. >>former president obama hitting the campaign trail for joe biden his message to young voters also coming up at 9 the stark warning for all american voters from the fbi tonight, what the fbi is doing to protect your vote from foreign interference. i'm voting 'yes' on prop 19. nineteen limits taxes on seniors. it limits property tax on people like me. nineteen limits taxes on wildfire victims. it says so right here. if 19 passes, seniors can move closer to family
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or medical care. i looked at moving but i can't afford the taxes. will you help california's most vulnerable? vote 'yes' on prop 19.
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>>welcome back kron 4 is your election headquarters this election season just a friendly reminder we're only 13 days away from the november, 3rd election so who's undecided right tomorrow. president trump and joe biden will debate for the final time before the election as raquel martin reports for us tonight, republicans and democrats on capitol hill are hoping cooler heads will prevail after the chaotic debate between the 2 candidates. >>knowles she w what happened in the previous debate, unacceptable american people to deserve better lawmakers on both sides of the aisle say they host the final presidential debate delivered more than just an argument. i hope we will have a this is the most important election of our lifetime, i would democratic congresswoman cindy axne ease says voters want discussion focused on solutions it's always kitchen
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table which states like iowa is putting money in people's pockets, it's addressing health care people are anxious. they are worried michigan democrat debbie dingell says after a failed plot to kidnap michigan's governor civility is more important than ever dial down the temperature leaders need to help bring us together not tear us apart in an effort to limit interruptions the commission on presidential debates says it will move the mikes during the first 2 minutes of each candidate's response. i think you approach in this iowa republican chuck grassley says he expects president trump to be more focused shorts and on try things and he's missouri republican josh hawley who called the debate itself outdated hasn't been changed in 60 years, it's just it's crazy just hold moderators don't interfere about the candidates actually debate this debate to become more and more and more. >>the panelists are the moderators and less and less about discussing any salute
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leadership in washington raquel martin has along with the hopes this debate will be less chaotic is the question of how the president will use this last primetime opportunity to talk to the voters. some analysts are arguing that the president hasn't really done a good job of delivering a strong consistent message. >>even though polls suggest there are only a handful of undecided voters at this point. they say the president needs to use the second and final debate to be very clear with his message. host of inside bay area politics catherine heenan talked with a local republican party official. what he hopes president trump does tomorrow during the debate. >>i think there are 2 things you should make clear to the american public. number one it's going to be on the defense but he's going to have to make the case that is ministrations doing everything possible to slow the spread. this pandemic and joe biden is going to be coming out the gate swinging talking about.
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>>the president hasn't done this the president hasn't done this and and the president has to be able to confidently say. >>that we have done everything possible to any other administration could have not number 2 he's got to talk about the economy's got to talk about unemployment is the increasing and how the number of jobs in this country are growing in spite of a pandemic there are i think he's talked about that to last and too infrequently. and it's going to help the american public to be reminded. but we face a pandemic if you're in california, we face fight wildfires the homeless population is skyrocketing around the country. nevertheless the number of jobs for able-bodied working americans is increasing to unprecedented. >>now as for those microphones that can be muted tomorrow night. jonathan our expert doesn't really expect that we will see a more subdued president he says it's just not his style. and as a
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reminder we're going to be airing tomorrow night's second and final presidential debate. right here at kron 4 it starts at 06:00pm afterwards from 7.30 to 8 catherine heenan will host a post a show with our political analyst. >>all right if you weren't sure if the democrats were trying to close right now. now we know despite national poll showing joe biden leading donald trump, it's still figures to be a close race in swing states in the latest emerson poll, 48% of voters in georgia said they are leaning toward president trump. and 47% said they're leaning toward biden with 6% here. right the middle saying they're still undecided former president barack obama meanwhile he hit the campaign trail today for joe biden in the swing state of pennsylvania. he was in philly urging people specially young folks to get out to the polls to quote be at the table adding the government only works based on those who are at the table.
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>>and if you do not vote you are not at the table and then yes, then stuff is done to you. if you're at the table then. you're part the solution. >>obama admitted to the crowd that he's been quote, mad and frustrated over the past 4 years, but he maintained he never lost hope. >>today sacramento superior court judge rejected the california attorney general and secretary of state's demand for information on the republican party's ballot boxes. the judge ruled that the republican party does not have to hand over the names and addresses of voters who used gop sponsored ballot boxes. today's decision comes a day after the state's democratic attorney general. and secretary of state sued the california gop. >>it will be in home help before the republican party's voluntarily handed over to secretary of state, the names of voters trusted there's out
9:35 pm
to us we believe they're entitled to privacy 3 do intend to respond formally in writing to discovery requests that propounded on us, but they may. they may not be able to get all the information they want but for now it's round one but what to us. >>a spokesperson for the attorney general says that they will continue to review the matter and will continue to take steps including in court where necessary to ensure that every voter who cast their ballot will have their voices heard state democratic leaders claim that the boxes are illegal. well republicans remain confident. they're in line with state ballot collection was a significant new developments tonight. not shocking if you've been following the news the past several years but disturbing nonetheless top us intelligence officials tonight revealing. >>they have caught iran and russia tried to interfere with the upcoming us presidential election, joe khalil has the latest now from washington. >>some of america's top intelligence officials had a
9:36 pm
stark warning for all american voters wednesday night we have identified that to foreign actors, iran and russia have taken specific actions to influence public opinion relating to our elections director of national intelligence john ratcliffe says both iran and russia have obtained some registered voters personal information and are trying to sow confusion and misinformation directly undermining the confidence in the integrity of the election these actions are desperate attempts by desperate adversaries rack of says iran's efforts include sending fake threatening e-mails to hurt president trump along with videos promoting the idea that fraudulent ballots are being cast from overseas radcliffe said firmly. this is not happening. you should be confident that your vote counts head of the fbi christopher wray says his agency is working with the intelligence community and with tech and social media companies to combat foreign
9:37 pm
interference on all platforms we've been working for years as a community to build resilience in our election infrastructure and today that infrastructure remains resilient both officials urge the public to stay vigilant and to trust the integrity of american elections. that was joe khalil reporting for us tonight aircraft for we're committed to helping make sure your vote counts. >>if you experience a problem trying to cast your ballot. let us know we'll check it out you can e-mail us at voting problems at kron 4 dot com. >>well the senate judiciary committee will vote on trump's pick for the supreme court. still ahead the measures republicans are taking this so democrats do not act the high court. >>some temperatures in the 80's 90's around the bay area today much cooler weather coming our way and here comes that when to take a close look at it when we come back and in sports. the story of an athletic trainer in oakland who is much more than just a trainer to the pros and amateurs he teaches sports
9:38 pm
director jason dumas says that story when we come back. uber and lyft are like every big guy i've ever brought down. prop 22 doesn't "help" their drivers-- it denies them benefits. 22 doesn't help women.
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it actually weakens sexual harassment laws, which are meant to protect them. uber and lyft aren't even required to investigate sexual harassment claims. i agree with the la times: no on 22. uber and lyft want all the power. so, show them the real power is you. vote no on prop 22. the unfair money bail system. he, accused of rape. while he, accused of stealing $5. the stanford rapist could afford bail; got out the same day.
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the senior citizen could not; forced to wait in jail nearly a year. voting yes on prop 25 ends this failed system, replacing it with one based on public safety. because the size of your wallet shouldn't determine whether or not you're in jail. vote yes on prop 25 to end money bail. >>if lee hamilton most people have probably never heard of him unless you're an athlete in oakland, see coach aunt, right here you see him is like a superhero in the oakland community. he won't referred to himself as that and you probably rolled his eyes at me
9:41 pm
saying that, but that doesn't mean it's not true. it doesn't matter if you are a millionaire pro athlete or a elementary school kid without anything. coach and we'll take you under his wing as both a coach and a mentor. >>in a little gem tucked away in you can find coach and molding the next generation of bay area athlete or findings, the current crop approved last year for saying quote it's about setting an example of what we are can do to come together to help build and grow community and support the community. so i decided i was going to put myself out there is a leading example the lord and so for the last 37 years old and has been grooming athletes of all ages, not just for their respective sports. but in the game of life watching them grow and realizing that on porter their home growth process to not get to be a part of this. i think that's magical and you know beautiful thing pictures and messages of the athlete he's
9:42 pm
impacted litter, the walls of his game. and this day to pro basketball ivan rabb of the westchester knicks in jamari bird nba i think beyond the fact that we work together as you know coach and players of friendship is a partnership and i've known coach now 16 you know we put in. we're pretty chilly though you can hours with me help me get better know i trust him. he says everybody ought to at least on the law. >>pros college collegiate athletes high school everything so got a like a long history of being around help helping the community i see firsthand my proven over pass before 5, 6, months and on this watch list of >>and while coach and does everything he can to make his athletes the best they can be. he holds himself to that same standard considered one of the best who was able to train all types of athletes. >>and also take train into a whole nother level man has
9:43 pm
been before. >>coach and got to love them. world series game 2 dodgers looking to take a 2 nothing lead over the rays top of the 5th brandon lau goes opposite field off dustin may. that's a 2 run shot race take a commanding 5 nothing lead and they hang on to win 6 to 4 to tie the series game 3 is on friday. and that is your look at sports. we'll be right back after a quick break.
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>>senate republicans are ready for supreme court nominee amy coney barrett confirmation that senators are ramping up their public support of barrett was more one on one meetings with her in. they're also delivering speeches on the senate floor. there is also a republican push to prevent democrats from what they call court packing should the democrats win the white house and the senate and have leverage. south carolina's lindsey graham who is in his own unexpectedly tight senate race as we speak is pushing the constitutional amendment to fix the court's eyes at 9 justices keep it a night. democrats including presidential nominee, joe biden have been noncommittal when asked if they expand the court. you'll eventually destroy the judiciary as we know it that the democrats the white house now in the senate and there's a vacancy on the supreme court they can fill that vacancy just like president trump. >>as bill 3 in his tenure.
9:47 pm
>>the senate judiciary committee will vote on barrett's nomination tomorrow with final approval scheduled for monday. >>negotiations are still ongoing over another coronavirus relief deal. several white house officials say they're confident they can reach an agreement on a stimulus bill by this weekend. now earlier this week, the white house increased its offer to nearly 1.9 trillion as a package still short though of the more than 2 trillion dollars that house democrats are asking for white house chief of staff mark meadows was on capitol hill today working out the final details with house speaker nancy pelosi. >>if there's a deal to be it's there for her to do. and if it doesn't get the blame will be totally on speaker pelosi shoulders, not democrats who are blocking a real relief bill to republican senators are playing political stunts. >>with a vitally needed economic relief. >>senate republicans failed to pass their much smaller
9:48 pm
500 billion dollars dollar aid package today senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is reportedly against a new stimulus deal over concerns it would interfere with the supreme court confirmation a judge amy coney barrett. >>more national news now a louisville police officer who shot brianna taylor, so she did not deserve to die. this is video here body camera video from that night speaking out for the first time to abc news and the louisville courier journal. sergeant jonathan mattingly says police at the scene had to defend themselves after taylor's boyfriend shot at that. mattingly was wounded by taylor's boyfriend. the grand jury last month charged an officer with endangering taylor's neighbors but none of the 3 police officers who fired guns that night was charged in taylor's death. a grand jury says they were not given that option. >>and local news now the lighthouse declaration of a
9:49 pm
public which opens the door to police reforms survived a legal battle today, a judge has blocked the police officers association challenge against the emergency. the declaration allows the police chief to implement police and policy changes without first consulting with the association city council unanimously declared a public safety emergency at the beginning of the month. amid rising crime rate was 23 murders in 2020. tonight, the lail is on track for its deadliest year since 1994. >>all right weather time now beautiful night in the bay area as we can see behind in our new broadcast center here. yeah, big giant window out kron four's meteorologist lawrence karnow is here this. >>tell us about those with it when you know it's funny guys we can have all the computers in the world there's nothing like a window to help with forecasting the weather certainly to pay out we're seeing the winds begin to pick up we're going to see more when of course that's the big
9:50 pm
problem fire danger really going to be an issue fire danger running high all week long i think. >>probably going to see these red flag warnings that are now up through friday. they want to see them extended into the weekend and into next week as well so gusty winds going to be all around you can see periods of gusts, especially over the mountain tops of the north bay of first and then spreading around the rest the bay area and intensifying as we head in toward the weekend too and we've some very low humidity is extremely low. i think as we head toward lot of part of the weekend in fact look at these numbers, it's a little bit dry out there now already and of course the long hot season of summer and fall and now we write the peak of the fire season as we head the next 24 to 48 hours we're looking at the level dropping down into the single digits in the north bay and if you can believe it we'll see a cold front come in as we head in toward the weekend things start to ramp back up and we're talking 7090% relative humidity in some parts the bay area then that front goes by and watch what happens. this is amazing all the humidity
9:51 pm
dropping down across the bay area 3 to 4 to 5% that is it that is does are dry outside and of course you throw in the winds some very dangerous fire going to exist as we headed toward a lot of part of weekend right now high pressure building in overhead you've got a couple easy systems a roll over the top of the ridge we've got another one right now that has moved in the pacific northwest that is going to drop down the backside of that system as it drops all of a sudden we start to talk about those winds. the difference between the high and low pressure really get those winds going and so we're going to see the kind several bursts of these winds developing as we head of the coming days as those winds are going to pummel some of the mountain tops around the bay area some 40 and some 50 mile an hour gusts, beautiful shot outside right now looking good nice and clear over san francisco not much in the way of wind right now, here's a look the east bay hills of capturing the moon outside out there as well and looking mostly clear air quality moderate amounts of pollutants now building up you can see it
9:52 pm
in the yellow there from santa rosa in the bottle san francisco all the way down the mountain view and even san jose right now so certainly seeing beginning to build up of those winds going to mix that out quite a bit. back temperatures around the bay area today it was a nice day out there with 75 degrees in san francisco that was above the average 85 in oakland 87 degrees in san jose 90 in livermore 91 in concord in 89 degrees in santa rosa, certainly these numbers running above the average. but that's all about to change. look what's happening up in the pacific northwest you can see the rain you can ease even see the snow across the northern rockies that air mass is going to dry out and drop right into the bay area so it's bringing all that cold air in our direction that's going to send the temperatures way down maybe 20 degrees cooler over the weekend. and the winds are going to be kicking up and it's going to be very very dry. numbers around the bay area now you've got 71 degrees still pleasanton livermore 73 in concord you're still looking 59 degrees in the bottle 60 degrees in the napa valley. so certainly some pleasant
9:53 pm
numbers out there but things beginning to change over the next couple days. we're going to see those temperatures coming down across the board much cooler temperatures over the weekend and much higher fire danger to i'm afraid. all right lawrence well if you have a pet listen up what you do if you or your furry friend gets covid. >>the steps you can take to see what happens after the break.
9:54 pm
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9:56 pm
>>i think of everything right can the coronavirus spread to pets that is a question that the cdc is still trying to figure out reporter sarah israel caught up with a 16 year-old cat in pennsylvania. who apparently contracted the virus. >>animal health and human health or intricately connected so connected that a 16 year-old cat living in cumberland county tested positive for covid-19 earlier this month after its family took it to the vet it was in respiratory distress and they had to euthanize that so unfortunately didn't have that we don't have final definite cause of death but before the news brings you paul's there's no evidence to suggest that cats can spread to humans in every cat case there was one common factor in all of the other handful of cases across the country it was an animal that had prolonged contact with people who had the virus which means humans need to
9:57 pm
take care of their kittens know kittens you want to treat your animal with care to you if you know you're sick if you tested positive or you have symptoms. now take care around your pets, the warning signs are very similar to humans call for us pretoria issues and fatigue don't spend a long time and prolonged contact with them wear masks, maybe have someone else take care of them for a while and feed them because our firmly needs the same care as or human companions treat your cat like you would. another member of your household if you're sick. you don't want to spread what you have to your cat. >>and. >>good advice though is sarah israel reporting for us tonight in tears, not of afraid upon upon or to 2 or and that wraps up kron 4 news at 9 thanks for being grant and i will be back at the top of the hour nearly 4 dozen san francisco, businesses vandalized and broken into during a weekend crime spree. >>coming up the surveillance video police hope will help
9:58 pm
them catch whoever is responsible plus the latest on the preemptive power shut offs for thousands of bay area pg e customers overnight. >>those
9:59 pm
10:00 pm
>>from the bay area's local news stations. watching kron 4 news. a red flag warning is now in effect across the bay area as the region braces for.


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