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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  October 22, 2020 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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>>news station you're watching >>i'm james fletcher it's october 22nd. the big story this morning once again is the fact that power is off for some folks, more parts of the north bay could see power shut-offs again today as well, the red flag warning is in effect we have team coverage will tran is in napa county and sarah stinson is in san mateo county the first want to go to the weather center with john trouble because it all depends on the weather it does unfortunately has been those winds lately that have resulted in the consistent red flag warnings that we just can't shake your across the bay area yet another day to be affected by those and just as widespread as they were yesterday. >>you're live camera looking
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at suture tower down at san francisco does show some nice fog this fog actually sparing us this morning from xover highest a fire danger little window of opportunity for some marine layer to scoot inland before winds pick back up tonight, forcing that fog out of the picture right now red flag warnings in effect for portions of the coast in san mateo county up into the santa cruz mountains all of the inland east bay all of solano and lake counties most of napa and upper elevations of sonoma and marin counties this is where we've been the past few days consistently, gusts of wind as high as 40 miles per hour yet again and we see no signs of breaking that pattern in the days to come 50's for most of our current temps at this point. oakland at 59 hayward 58 while conquer dublin and livermore little bit cooler in the 50's and from the low to mid 50's while pittsburgh and fairfield 2 of your warmer spots this morning in the low 60's. as we make our way through the day today daytime highs do eventually still rise into the 80's. but it is our last day doing so after today we see some much
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cooler weather into the upcoming weekend that brings full-fledged fall feelings back to the region. now that's a look at your forecast of course got to get a look at traffic this morning, robin winston is standing by its sunny out there for most areas at least and that makes for at least a decent commute right. it does indeed better than driving in the dark checking in on the traffic taking a look at the peak into san lots of sunshine here at the bay bridge toll plaza for the trip in but the commute is already thinning out so we're starting to see traffic improve here on a t. >>12 minutes that's a great trip from the bottom of the maze over to the fremont street exit we're checking in on some drive times for you and they look really good. we've had some minor trouble spots out there but nothing no major hot spots right now so we're checking on highway 4 that still looking good 22 minutes to make your way through contra costa county, no problems for 6.80 no problems for the nimitz freeway and one oh one still clocking in at 32 minutes from san jose heading into menlo
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park so daryn james is picking up in some areas. those spots don't look so good we'll check more traffic coming up in a bit back to you, thanks robin, let's get back to the red flag warning that's in effect for big part of the bay area right now. yeah, it's going to be dry. it's going to be hot going to be windy. those are the ingredients that spell potential disaster we have kron 4 sarah stinson live in san mateo county with more on how they're preparing. >>they're good morning sara. >>good morning, the red flag warning even extended to san mateo county but also extended until friday member. it was supposed to be until wednesday and then extended it last night 10 o'clock and they're continuing until at least tomorrow but those winds are exposed to continue supposed to continue throughout the weekend. so i didn't expect that to go away anytime soon. take a look at this map you can see all of that red those are the areas in the bay area that are affected by the red flag warning that's a lot of the bay area, not only the san mateo county coast. but also
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the north bay mountains east bay hills and interior valleys. >>as well as the santa cruz mountains we have more wins in the forecast up on the mountains and the bridges of 10 to 25 miles per hour with gusts up to 40 miles per hour now is could see gusts up to 35 miles an hour and the coast could also see some gusts up to 40 miles per hour that combined with extremely dry conditions historically dry conditions causes potential for a fire to spark not only easier but also cause it to spread more rapidly now there's also a fire weather watch in effect until tomorrow both of those combined just really causes for concern and it means that we all need to prepare if you live in one of those areas that is known to have fires prone to have fires who want to have go bag ready and also we all need to do everything we can to prevent a fire from sparking that will continue to fall as red flag warning as i said john troubles been tracking the
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wind and it looks like it's going to continue throughout the weekend reporting live in san mateo county sarah stinson back to you ok, but you still have the scarf on so little chilly. >>not warm. >>yet still 56 degrees but as john was saying that's going to burn off you know the bay area's growing up they had to wear a sweatshirt or jacket and then by reese says. >>we're wearing t-shirts i know you guys are jackets all the time fun 5 behind me all right, thanks a lot. >>james and don't forget to the other part of the story is the fact that we could have people losing power today because of that red flag warning and pg and e's power shut off program. here's video of them preparing their equipment kron four's will tran live in napa for us this morning because well that's one of the areas that could be hardest hit by these potential power shut-offs. >>3200 customers could be hit very hard when their power gets turned off if the conditions are really bad. now that the sun is up they could see but can you imagine being in the dark. no power and then
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maybe a battery's running low on your flashlights that that is the way it is right now because pg e they don't want to start another wildfire. we are in downtown saint alina businesses are operating just down the road and if you watched us this morning, i was at base camp and pg and e let me show you some video they have hundreds of workers coming and going every hour as 2 reasons james and darya one they are still busy restoring the infrastructure re story, the power poles that transformers that were wiped out because of the glass fire which by the way is still burning. it's contained, but it's still burning the after store that and they have to make sure they're ready to go when the power is switched off and then start the inspection process of the power lines when the power gets turned back on so they have never been busier as far as pg e is concerned because they have taken over that field as far as napa county 3200 which is a
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little bit less than the projected number of 4300 yesterday alameda county you're looking at about 335 customers and then in contra costa county about 200 or so customers could be in the dark starting tonight, depending on the wind conditions i got a chance to talk to a woman about 10 minutes ago, she lives in saint alina she also runs a winery. here's her reaction to having no power. >>i get that it's a safety is super annoying especially the work line and you're not that there's as harvest this year because of the smoke if you're trying to run your winery and the power gets cut it to read all your fermentation said the tank eating everything the figure out a way to do that kind of on your own. so that has other issues in the middle of really busy season. totally understand her safety so i don't know really what the right call. either way.
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>>nobody really knows what the call is either way but they have to tap dance pg and e says they will try their best to send a text alerts to let people know in advance that your power could be out and even though your power is out it is not as easy as flipping on a switch because they want to make sure that their system is ok the whole reason behind this is not to start a wildfire, which means downed power lines so they have to go out there check the power lines and is not as easy as downtown streets. there are some areas that are so remote that are hard to reach. they might even have to use a helicopter to look down to see if those lines are still a lot before they flip the switch james, and darya altogether could be about 12 hours after the danger pass. >>back to you try take some time thank you very much well and don't forget you can always track the very latest on the power shut off any time with the kron 4 app you can find full forecast here interactive radar all the tools you need to stay on top
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of it download the kron 4 app for free today. >>time alameda county is finally letting businesses offer more services indoors. even though the county moved to the less restrictive tier. 2 weeks ago leaders decided to wait until now tomorrow actually to loosen up the new measures allow restaurants to have 25% capacity indoors, same with bowling alleys climbing walls movie there's an indoor gyms 25% capacity. they're not letting indoor pools reopen yet. business owners in downtown pleasanton say they are relieved the county's loosening up. >>laying off people. >>just something you just don't want to go through. and don't look forward ever having to go through it again that's for we'll see if people want to come indoors. i'm and i'm a little we're starting book a lot of reservations which is a good sign for indoors. but we'll see going forward how it how it plays out first lake
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delton. >>county was moving a little slower than we'd like to seen. especially when we contra costa county right next to us opening thing sooner and it's confusing to people in the tri valley because we think of ourselves as one region. >>the new measures go into effect tomorrow. let's take a look at where the bay area counties stand as far the reopening process san francisco is in the least restrictive tier states is minimal yellow tiny doubt that san francisco everybody else is more restricted napa alameda santa clara counties, those are in orange that's moderate san mateo contra costa. solano and ran county are in the red or it looks like pink to me and that's considered substantial and then the worst of the purple and the only one left and that is sonoma county. >>coming up on the kron 00:04am morning news, a big win for california's republican party and the major court ruling and how it could impact november's election and
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president trump and democratic nominee joe biden getting ready to square off in tonight's final debate will tell you what to expect and today will be another warm one ahead of what will be cool down this weekend one more day in the 80's for san jose will open in san francisco in the 70 s. >>and it's looking a little bit better out there on 92 a live look at the san mateo bridge where your drive time is down to 13 minutes from hayward off to the peninsula more bridge checks. coming up. bay area homeowners, learn how you can eliminate monthly mortgage payments and improve your cashflow. look, this isn't my first rodeo
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>>sheen right now and we are taking a look at the weather and traffic we are i see john over ball a lot of fog there looks like how we work our way back to do a bit of a foggy night and i know earlier this morning, you know when we'll big live shots that were darken clear-cut lights, you know the nice thing about this fog is the winds come down overnight which actually like left the window open essentially see aug came back cooling us off just a little bit. later today, it's just the office and that's gonna draw them back up again so i mean the fog we can appreciate these days because we've been in the midst of such dry conditions for sure sure does make for the prettiest view you're looking out there from our berkeley >>let's kind of a grey start to the morning for the east bay wasn't that way to start, but it certainly is now and that's because winds are light
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enough allowing that cool ocean air to push in right along the bay which is see up there in the north bay though those inland areas that are in the breezy conditions that's going to spread for the rest of the bay area later on and really result in some pretty warm and windy conditions later today which is why we're back into red flag warning territory for yet another day tomorrow afternoon looks to be windy and again as is the case also on saturday, this is 05:15pm on saturday see widespread winds not just for san francisco, but all the way towards our inland areas, gusting to a 20 to 30 mile per hour range. then come sunday into monday morning and this is what really is especially concerning here not just is it going to be windy but especially windy for spots that are usually seeing winds gusting as high as 50 miles per hour like oakland hayward san francisco sonoma fairfield up to calistoga with this fire danger not only high. but by sunday night into monday morning. we could be seeing some to breeze if the winds do play out as such as they're being seen here with areas of
8:16 am
branches falling on roadways and things so we'll keep you updated on that. but by no means are we done with these windy conditions just yet if anything only getting windy or into next week at least we're getting cooler next week which will help out some as we continue to look at this high fire danger red flag warnings you see them in similar spots as we have over the past few days the inland east bay, north bay, especially upper elevations and now right along the san mateo coast in the santa cruz mountains, gusts of wind as high as 40 miles per hour for many of these spots. now we're trading in this high-pressure ridge with an area of low pressure and the resulting dip in the jet stream that is pushing cooler air in our direction as that happens though winds are going to be funneling in and really only increasing towards the latter part of the weekend which is why we're in the midst of such windy conditions towards the end of this forecast temperatures in the 70's 80's today, no 90's anywhere in sight. we traded those in yesterday in vacaville you're in the 90's today, it's going to be mid 80's for the same spots and as for the next 7 days daytime
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highs will only further cool from the 80's today for inland areas down into the 70's friday saturday and sunday bayside areas also in for a nice cool down with low 80's for the bay today. but 70's and even 60's by saturday and sunday and for your coastal spots, temperatures also further cooling from the 70's to the 60's through the weekend. robin. >>thank you john we're checking back in on the richmond sandra fell taking a peek at 5.80 it's already improving earlier we were stacked up here at the toll plaza way back from castro but now it's just beyond the western drive on ramp to 5.80 westbound so it looks really good it's already winding down 9 minutes for that trip into the north bay with no big problems here at the bay bridge toll plaza check this out and improving commute into san francisco. we consider this a minor way we were crawling back from the bottom of the maze that's no longer the case were still hot spot free 10 minutes is a great average for you off to the fremont street exit checking in on some or drive times we have some construction on the east shore freeway and a minor accident in berkeley, so it's
8:18 am
roughly 20 minutes from crockett down to the maze, no problems for 24 5.80 looks really good too so coming from 2.38 we're key way to downtown problem and if you're taking the nimitz this morning 15 minutes that's it from san leandro to the 5.80 slip back to you. >>in the buzz covid just knocked out the raiders entire starting o-line they don't all have it only trent brown and grew to use a home in the meantime. well everybody as you can see was practicing yesterday actually they're not worried about taking on tom brady and the buccaneers with a bunch of backups except for derek carr who admits it's bizarre. >>trent brown is not here today. i status is unknown we had to 5 of our starting linemen home because they. >>a tracer i guess they were around trent i can't get into things any more than that you got to have a line in the play
8:19 am
in. well 5 on sunday we'll be ready go it ranks number one in the weirdest things and not. we all know we've seen a lot of where things around here in my 7 years but this is definitely up there with some of the weirdest things ever seen. >>cars like what am i the only one thinks this is crazy. yeah that's covid if you've been in contact close contact with one person then everybody has to quarantine until you're sure that you don't have it. the rays beat the dodgers to even the world series and the best part is the hero of the game is 5 foot 10. i'm with you brandon short, but powerful. run shot in the top of the 5th push the tampa bay. team to the bill that was 5 over la the dodgers and that was 6 to 4 when they were all done in game. one the dodgers clayton
8:20 am
kershaw was king amount but in this game. it was all about rays ace blake snell he only pitched 4.2 innings but not short time he was lights out striking out 9 batters. oh know no lights tonight game 3 is tomorrow. who is going to eat a turkey, this size this year, turkey farmers are worried that they're going to be stuck with too many big birds and not enough small ones and because they had to ramp up production. you know months ago they had to decide on this and they had no idea where the pandemic was going to go kind of like where i'm going right now thanksgiving is going to be different this year, you know he can of a bunch of people over because covid so it's going to be smaller birds, you're not going go out to eat probably. jane think i'd be even 4 months with a bird that was just going to say i'm thinking left over for days, yeah, which is great. >>so it doesn't eat atrazine a turkey boater keys to turkey bowl all in turkey up to here alright, but you know when you
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don't get to eat, yeah and you're crabby hold on one because i have something for you. >>the new hummer actually has a crab walk feature so it lets you look you can move diagonally like a when would you need to do that and lift up 6 inches if you want. i don't know maybe for parking getting into a park is but you can also take the entire roof off and stick the panels in the frank. and because it's a front trunk because it's electric this thing is beefy yeah, yeah, i mean it is electric, but that doesn't mean does have power and goes from 0 to 60 in 3 seconds and a 1000 horse power. give those little horses, a drink. those 300 miles they can't go more than that. >>that has as long as the battery last and i know you like is most let me says got an 18 camera. >>ultra vision thing and i don't know what else is cool about it.
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>>25 and the stage is set to our analysts said that they spent a lot of time because the final presidential debate is tonight between president trump and joe biden yeah and this is the inside of belmont university in nashville, tennessee where the debate will be held tonight. it's the only venue in tennessee that's ever hosted a presidential debate raquel martin reports. >>knowles she w what happened in the previous debate unacceptable american people to deserve better lawmakers on both sides of the aisle say they host the final presidential debate delivered
8:26 am
more than just an argument. i hope we will have a this is the most important election of our lifetime, i would democratic congresswoman cindy axne ease says boulders one a discussion focused on solutions it's always kitchen table which is for states like iowa, it's putting money in people's pockets, it's addressing health care people are anxious. they are worried michigan democrat debbie dingell says after a failed plot to kidnap michigan's governor civility is more important than ever dial down the temperature leaders need to help bring us together not tear us apart in an effort to limit interruptions the commission on presidential debates says it will move to mike's during the first 2 minutes of each candidate's response. i think you approach in this iowa republican chuck grassley says he expects president trump to be more focused short sentence on try things and he's missouri republican josh hawley who called the debate itself outdated hasn't been changed
8:27 am
in 60 years, it's just it's crazy does hold moderators don't interfere about the candidates actually debate this debate to become more and more and more. >>the panelists are the moderators and less and less about discussing any salute leadership in washington raquel 27 is the time and coming up on the kron 00:04am morning we're going to tell you which countries are trying to influence the election by threatening voters. they have to vote for trump or else. let's talk about floors.
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floors for toddlers. floors for toys. floors for stories. floors for screams. book now and have yours installed by the holidays.
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>>and we're checking out the weather we're still i think in for a cool down look on the fog, yeah, rolling in in some spots, a cool start but i guess john we're still talking about a hot afternoon right yet still going to be a warm afternoon cooler than we have been but warmer than or about to be so we are in the midst of a transition for least we are looking at cooler weather as winds remain with us through the weekend and that does continue to result in some heightened fire danger across the bay to has your view outside shows we do have a fog indeed having pushed into the bay area look at this blanket of fog that has pushed its way to parts of san francisco especially right over the bay air quality is pretty good but we are looking at red flag warnings that
8:31 am
remain in effect we see these pretty consistently this weekend is no different into tomorrow night when they do eventually expire, as least as of right now, upper elevations in moran and sonoma counties all of lake in solano county most of napa inland east bay and then parts of the peninsula, including the coast and upper elevations all affected by this increase fire danger as we continue to look at strong winds gusting as high at times as 40 miles per hour. i mention air quality is good that is a nice piece of this forecast we've seen sunny conditions, good air quality and increasingly comfortable temperatures and that will be the case today to with temperatures still warm but not as warm as we have been 50's for your current numbers and timber on san francisco oakland and berkeley these areas a little on the foggier side than the rest of the base or remain cool a bit longer. while pittsburgh and fairfield in the low 60's right now there's plenty more to talk about in this forecast, including the very windy weekend that we have ahead of us but first let's get a look at traffic out there with robin. thank you john, it's
8:32 am
looking good. it's actually looking better now compared to the last hour so a huge improvement for your morning commute check out this shot at the bay bridge toll plaza a live look at just a minor way here at the pay gates right now if you're with us earlier the traffic was quite heavy backed up all the way out to the bottom of the maze and that's no longer the a great trip into san francisco with no problems no hot spots right now we're looking at 10 minutes for the drive off to the fremont street exit which is great for checking on the richmond sandra fell traffic remains nice and light and quiet here hot spot free. >>it's not even backed up to the western drive on raf anymore so go ahead and make that trip into the north bay while it's nice and quiet and want to cross the golden gate, the fog is the only issue a dense fog advisory remains in place just like these folks here you'll need the headlights you need the wipers and get out there early back to you. >>thanks a lot of say or just 12 days away from the presidential election and the fbi is warning there has been interference from russia and iran. they say that they sent
8:33 am
threatening letters to voters say they had to vote for trump or else kron four's reyna harvey is live in contra costa county. the letters didn't go there i know that they got them in florida and alaska what's going on there. >>you know i've been talking to voters that have shown up all morning, some of them concern about those e-mails and some of them not so much many people still coming out to vote this morning like miss nancy 5 shower. i actually got a chance to watch her cast her ballot this morning. she's very confident she actually works in computers you were telling me nancy we've been talking about everything that happened kind of what are your thoughts. >>well my thoughts are that you can hack anything as far as the computer goes, but that shouldn't stop before casting your vote because i believe our election process. at least up to the point where the election's over and counted is good and especially in california where there's a lot of voter protection. so hopefully can hear me through
8:34 am
this mask, but i'd like to encourage everybody to make their voices heard. this is a very important election as we all know and we shouldn't be held to ransom to politics when there's issues like fires earthquakes natural disasters and other things like that. and that's what's been happening. so think about that when you go to the polls and have a great thank you nancy for stop and talk to me this morning. >>so the consensus is pretty split down the middle you have people who are concerned about the balance and some that are saying they're not allowing that to stop them like the young woman behind me just cast her ballot as well. >>their election officials are urging people just to be cautious about the information that's out there. there is a lot so the next step for the intelligence community is there going to be reaching out to social media giant's working with them to make sure the same thing does it happened near on facebook and twitter and instagram and
8:35 am
those platforms so we'll be following this up until election day for now reporting out here. martinez reyna harvey kron 4 news, thanks a lot of >>james but the 34 we have california's republican party saying it does not have to hand over the names and addresses of voters who used the party's ballot boxes. now sacramento. superior court judge rejected the state attorney general and secretary of state's demands for that information. the legal battle stems from the unauthorized ballot drop. drop-off boxes that the state's gop party initially placed across 3 counties, including setting some up at gop offices and your gun shops and churches. also new this morning republican senators on capitol hill took a crucial vote moving judge amy coney barrett one step closer to becoming. the next supreme court justice. they voted to advance judge parents nomination to the full senate democratic senators refused to show up in protest of republicans voting in favor of a conservative judge senators plan to meet over the weekend for procedural actions ahead of a
8:36 am
final confirmation vote which is expected to come on monday. >>35 right now breaking news, a judge has dropped a 3rd degree murder charge against former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin in the killing of george floyd chauvin's still faces charges of second-degree murder. and second degree manslaughter for floyd's death on may 25th children was released on 1 million dollars bond earlier this month. he was seen in videos as the world saw kneeling on floyd's neck for almost 8 minutes. while he told officers i can't breeze all 4 officers involved. >>in that killing were fired. dozens of small businesses in the inner richmond in san francisco are spending thousands. >>to fix up work done by debt vandals take a look at this. vandals spray painting the windows of businesses. this happened all in one weekend along clement street 45 businesses were affected. and
8:37 am
we have surveillance video from one place this is inside nourish cafe on sunday. it's just a small vegan restaurant in a thief went in took the cash register and several tablets in that 2500 buck loss is a lot to them san francisco police got there but the crook was long gone you can see them walking in now looking for the thief sfpd says they're investigating and they're also upping their patrols. >>and then take a look at this a man caught on camera jumping over a counter at a downtown san francisco walgreens store and taking off with an air mattress there you and what's interesting about the stories fact that a crew from inside edition was at the store at that store doing a story on shoplifting along van ness and eddie and it all broke out as their cameras were rolling now this is one of a number of shoplifting case is happening in the bay area because of rampant shoplifting at this particular location. the story's going to be closed for good now on november 11th. >>8.37 still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, the covid crisis continues, but doctors
8:38 am
are learning more about the long term affects what can happen to you even after you recover from the virus. and one bay area family is searching for answers after their loved one was hit. and killed in a hit and run we'll have more on them.
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>>age 40 is a time of big story a bay area family desperately searching for answers after their loved one was killed in a hit and run in san francisco that happened on october 1442 year-old san francisco native jeffrey larry, he was riding his motorcycle on hayes street masonic when a driver struck him and took off. >>we don't know just that he was hit his motorcycle was in the middle of an intersection and his body was about 60 something feet away more of that time goes by the u.s. at are. and more upset again. >>both about what happened but also the loss. to jeff's family. >>the father of 2 leaves behind a 22 year-old daughter and a 7 year-old son. so far police don't have a description of the driver.
8:42 am
>>missions out there today a season of transition for sure working our way into what will be a much cooler next couple of days little bit of fog right along the coastline from teheran but sunshine overhead 50's to start the morning by the afternoon ahead of us look at where we're at 70's and 80's. for one more day talking that big cool down their forecasts. >>tracking your commute around the bay area this morning a live look at 92 traffic is getting out and looking good 13 minutes to the peninsula will have more bridge checks coming up.
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i'm jerome gage. i'm a full-time lyft driver. when this pandemic first started, i bought my own ppe because uber and lyft didn't provide it. these companies have been exploiting drivers like me for years. now prop 22 denies us basic rights like unemployment benefits and sick time. uber and lyft are billion-dollar companies, and they still won't let drivers get access to unemployment benefits. that's just wrong. tell uber and lyft to stop exploiting their drivers.
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vote no on prop 22. >>and 44 right now well we're looking at our brand new set. yeah letting you see behind the scenes before look pretty in that beautiful live shots behind us. yeah, it's been a work in progress and it's been a long hard slog for a lot of folks that have been. >>working to tear down the old set and build a new one here sort of a little. under amick view of their new digs it's a massive set compared to the our old home here at kron 4 the studios, incredibly large now yeah building from the ground up want to check it out take a look. just like that in
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45 seconds i feel like something's going to blow up at the we're still here said like a motivational video didn't believe strength perseverance is still the best part about it for you as you have more windows as we like to as these are all live shots. >>john you've got more cameras to show people which is great love it so much especially when they do looks like this actually it is too bright out there for this one right now i'm gonna keep up with this camera right here this fun things about a new set of we're going to be seeing out
8:47 am
there today very nice conditions this afternoon definitely a little bit on the bright side over in walnut creek more sunshine over there than you what you're seeing on top of the bay right now. >>there's a little bit of fog. that's actually push right into the bay itself currently as for our temperatures we are going to be on the warm side today ahead of a cool down for the rest of this forecast. one thing that does not change though wind speeds we remain windy through this forecast relatively calm winds across the bay this morning allowing fog to push back in but you do see how our inland areas are quite breezy to kick things off we remain windy on into the afternoon today with winds further spreading closer to the coastline. san francisco's gusts up to 20 miles per hour same for you in mountain view tomorrow afternoon another day with widespread afternoon winds gusting as high as 40 miles per hour in mountain tops 20 to 30 miles per hour for those lower elevations, then come saturday little bit on the wind your side but sunday night into monday morning is a likely to be the windiest in this forecast right now models are showing
8:48 am
gusts as high as 50 miles per hour for areas like san francisco calistoga oakland and hayward now 50's model runs do come to play out not only are you going to have high fire danger here, but the potential of the breeze on roadways as branches will be susceptible to breaking off the trees when you're talking winds as strong as that is so we'll keep you updated through the weekend as of right now, though it's the red flag warnings that are the greatest concern with fire danger still remaining high of course we still have dry grass is very low humidity. strong winds and temperatures in the 80's today this afternoon for some spots, red flag warnings for similar spots as we've seen them upper elevations across the north bay inland east bay at the coast in san mateo county into the santa cruz mountains. we are trading in the heat because high pressure is actually being nudged out of the region by this descending low what's coming along with this low unfortunately, though this those continued windy conditions. the winds of change this time around daytime highs today will be in the 60's and 70's at the coast while 70's and 80's for bayside areas still in the
8:49 am
80's for inland spots antioch livermore each 81 degrees for your highs napa 82. oakland is 79 along with 3 month sharing that same number with you. here's a look at your next 7 days will start with our inland areas, daytime highs today in the 80's but only for one last day before we cool down into the weekend. look at where we're heading this upcoming weekend low 70's by sunday and monday at our warmest. well low 80's by the bay today it will be 70's and 60's come the weekend for a bayside cities and for the coast from the 70's to start to only the 60's for really much of the rest of the forecast after this so quite a cool downs in the works. no at this time though we're still going to be looking at winds consistent through the weekend. robin. >>thank you john let's check back in on the traffic and the folks have been behaving this morning. we've had minor issues they are quickly clearing. we don't have any hot spots crossing the san mateo bridge. so the traffic is looking good get out there. this is what you going to be dealing with heading from the east bay over to the peninsula, it's wide open is
8:50 am
trouble free that's how we like it 13 minutes to make it off to one o one we're checking in on the bay bridge p% and finally we are delay free into san francisco, the backup no longer stretches out to them a full that's great a little busy coming off the suspension, but no big problems here so 10 minutes to make your way off to the fremont street exit we're checking in on more freeways and drive times and if you take a 5.80 or the nimitz both are moving well from 2.38 working your way into downtown oakland. so that's not going to be a problem and then the south bay looks good 2 to 8085 leading san jose 21 minutes to make it to mountain view and to 37 also nice and smooth a quick 6 minute trip from milpitas heading out to sonny bill back to you. thanks robin 8.50 right now doctors are learning more every day about covid including the possible long-term affects on your organs after you get it and recover we've got shannon o'brien now with the very latest on this new health warning. >>university of kansas health system infectious disease
8:51 am
doctor dana hockenson says organ damage from covid-19 isn't necessarily from the virus alone rather from inflammation as a result of the immune systems fight against it, causing blood clots fluid and scarring in the lungs brain fog and inflammation of the covering of the heart even mild people can have changes in their heart. >>now the big question is how long do all of these changes last my heart race i would get up into like one 20's and low one 30's lynn florida is recovering from a very serious case of covid-19 in the hospital for 79 days on a ventilator for 45. she says her heart brain and lungs have been affected not to mention she had to learn to walk again it's just your whole body has to go through. we have almost you know it's still so many unanswered questions about the long-term affects doctors say one of the biggest risk factors of the virus and the damage it can cost a vital organs is covid fatigue whether you would like to ignore the actual data and the
8:52 am
reality of what is going on. we continue to have to do the things that will help decrease the spread of the disease, i have 4 grandchildren and they're so happy to have me back. >>i'm so happy to be back. so yes, i'm a living miracle. >>shannon o'brien reporting yet to avoid catching covid health experts recommend that you of course wear a mask maintain social distance and avoid large groups and they say we're going to do this just for the foreseeable future because you just don't know what could happen down the road. >>if you get recover. 50 we're back with more in just few minutes.
8:53 am
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>>welcome back 8.55, let's get a quick check out where we're heading this afternoon now temperatures will be warming up into the 80's but only for one more day after this we're actually in for a pretty cool fall weekend. daytime highs today will be in the 60's and 70's for san francisco as well as for your other coastal spots. most of our bayside areas today either in the upper 70's to low 80's burlingame a 82 palo alto you'll be at a nice 78 later on well in the south bay low 80's for today's daytime highs
8:56 am
east bay temperatures in the 70's to 80's for free might union city oakland berkeley and richmond. it will be the upper 70's later on. >>thank you john the traffic looks fantastic. it looks like the morning commute is pretty much over here at the bay bridge toll plaza because we are delay free and that's how we like it right no problems here through the pay gates, the backup has thinned out it's going to be a great trip across the upper deck and i don't see any big problems on the skyway so we're under 10 minutes from the bottom of the maze off to fremont st. james all right robin thank you time now is 8.56 coming up next on the kron 00:04am morning news pg e power shut-offs our looming across the bay area with napa county being the most affected will have a live report for you coming up. >>and find out which countries are trying to influence the election by threatening voters to vote for trump or else, we'll explain.
8:57 am
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i think you owe us $48.50... wild thing. if you ride, you get it. geico motorcycle. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. 100% beef and hearty chili. try my $5.99 chili cheeseburger combo. it's pretty delicious. >>news station you're watching >>thursday at 9 o'clock i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher it's october 22nd, we're rounding the corner here for the month of october halloween. right around the block. so yeah i and i'm talking about thanksgiving in the buzz is just wait for that.
9:00 am
>>in the meantime the buzz is red flag. i guess we've had them repeatedly this week even though we're going to be facing. >>like nice cool weather by the weekend. i know the possibility of power outages to that's why we have team coverage once again on all of this for you we have will tran standing by live in napa county. we'll have more on the power shut offs sarah stinson is standing by as well she's going to be taking a look at the situation from her perspective and of course john trouble in the weather center john yeah guys i know it's getting cooler sea think to yourself well fortune fire weather be diminished and that will definitely help out or just so dry and conditions so windy. >>that's why fire danger remains of concern even as we continue a cooldown on into the upcoming weekend and actually pretty nice foggy morning for some parts of the bay blanket of fog covering areas like berkeley, this morning in portions of san francisco as you can see from your seat or tower cam red flag warnings remain in effect as they have a home weeklong for most areas the north bay continues to see them in upper elevations and it's a and lake counties all across the county


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