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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  October 22, 2020 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>>from the bay area's local news station we begin now with >>that breaking news takes us here to oakland where firefighters say unfortunately they've gotten control of this brush fire that's been burning dangerously close to 5.80 threatening several structures. but again it appears firefighters aggressive attack has prevented destruction and perhaps worse thanks for joining us said 8 o'clock everybody i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis the fire broke along west bound 5.80 east of 35th avenue at the overpass there. >>at one point it was upgraded to a 3 alarm fire more than 50 firefighters answered the call. another the fire is contained as grant said it's still a very active scene. >>kron four's taylor sackey joining us now live from the scene and taylor. what a tense afternoon and early evening for firefighters.
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>>address thankfully things are looking much better and firefighters were able to get on top of that fire very quickly of course it's now contained and behind these fire engines you would see that firefighters are coming through to be homeless. i come with the debris at a homeless encampment where the fire first started looking for any hot spots now thankfully again there are no injuries or major damage that's a huge relief because this fire was dangerously close to the freeway earlier and threatening a gas station in homes nearby some of those structures include 5 apartment buildings that were burned by the fire but again no major damage firefighters say this incident is a reminder how quickly a vegetation fire can spread, especially when it's given some pushed by the winds we spoke to a witness who lives nearby and was worried by the flames earlier today. >>up to 35th avenue actually saw a lot of smoke that was happening. alarmed because right there at actually went to 35th you actually know that there are a couple gas
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stations in the area there is propane tanks but also i know that you know a lot of homeless people back there. >>now firefighters say they already had preposition to state resources because of that red flag warning and they were essential in getting quick control of this fire reporting live in oakland taylor, the psac ii kron 4 news. >>diack taylor, thank you very much. >>i we go now to our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow who is tracking the fire danger in the bay area tonight yes certainly running high outside right now we see those winds picking up at least to the early morning hours in the north bay 20 in some 30 mile an hour gusts there now. >>we are watching for the possibility of even more wind i think as we head toward the latter part of the weekend we're talking about the strongest wind event of the entire year. all right with that being said we are some watches going affect around parts of the bay area and some warnings already and already remain in effect but look at
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the winds as we head out over the next few hours continue to pick up again over the north bay you see the colors there in the red those are winds gusting over 30 miles an hour that's red flag warnings are currently up there now as we head through the day tomorrow, it looks like more of a general sea breeze but only blustery at times mainly of the west. so the humidity will be higher means less fire danger but we're going to be blustery all weekend long, but it's the latter part of the weekend that i'm really concerned about that's what we've got this dry air that is going to begin to make its way into the bay area and you see the collars and you see the winds 3040 mile an hour gusts, maybe some 50 mile an hour gusts by sunday night over the mountain tops and then as we get into monday. this is some scary stuff models are picking up on this could see some 50 plus mile hour gusts over the tops of the mountains. maybe some 6070 mile an hour winds. that will likely be the strongest winds of the entire years guys back to you. >>all right lawrence well all bay area counties were removed from pg news public safety power shutoff event. last
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night utility company warned that thousands of people in napa county and some hundreds in alameda contra costa santa clara and sonoma could lose their power as gusty winds increase the risk of fire sparking in spreading. now that's no longer the case even though they're still a red flag warning in effect for much of the bay area meaning that the fire danger is still intact. >>the story out of these pay tonight, a murder suspect is now behind bars after an hours long standoff in oakland, the scene unfolded at a business on high street. at one point a man was taken hostage, here's kron four's terisa sauce you. i obviously a problem with
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that story will work on getting that corrected in the meantime can tell you about a bay area lawmaker who is aiming to take money out of the equation when you're talking about california prosecutors investigating police the space lehman rob bonta has proposed a new law that would bar prosecutors from investigating law enforcement misconduct. if they've received campaign contributions from that particular agency. a handful of da's including san francisco. dha sabine says they will no longer accept money from police unions. >>to make sure that prosecutors are in their independence and their service and their ability to follow the facts and do their job which to do justice trust in government as well as law enforcement. >>to me. just finally >>under this proposal prosecutors have taken money from a law enforcement agency
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would have to recuse themselves from the relevant investigation. but it's not clear who would take over that investigation. some police unions, including oakland's already speaking out against this bill. >>well today in santa clara county district attorney announced that he is dismissing cases filed by officers from a south bay police department. this move is the result of an investigation by the da's office into races post on a social media site that were discovered over the that said apparently they were filled with islam a phobic and anti-black language. leaders from both community say the da did not go far enough. >>police officer joking about violence against women who wear headscarves rights to strangle her with that head scarf covering her face with as as one who wears a headscarf and lives in san jose i was horrified. >>but now i believe this will continue to allow some officers to close the extreme. >>according to the san jose police union 2 of the 4
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officers involved are back on duty after being completely exonerated the internal police investigation and administrative reviews are still ongoing former 49 er star dana stubblefield has been sentenced to 15 years to life in prison for rape earlier this summer. a jury found stubblefield guilty of an assault that happened in 2015 at his home in morgan hill. according to court documents the developmentally disabled victim was interviewing for a babysitting job when the incident occurred. the case was tied up for years saying legal arguments centering on the victim's mental capacity. stubblefield attorneys have called the charges absolutely ridiculous and they say they plan on appealing the sentence. in national news tonight, a minnesota judge has dismissed a 3rd degree murder charge against derek chauvin. >>he's the former officer is accused of killing george floyd back in may. the second more serious second-degree murder charge remains along with a manslaughter charge judge peter cahill also denied
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requests from the lawyers of 3 other officers to dismiss charges of aiding and abetting. the case will now move on to the trial phase. >>as far my relationships with all people i have great relationships with all people. i am the least racist person in this room, abraham lincoln, here's one of the most racist president we've had in modern history. he pours sure on every single racist fire. >>'02 presidential candidates took questions in their last debate, the final faceoff happening in nashville, tennessee. president donald trump and democratic nominee joe biden stayed focused and did not deteriorate into chaos actually yeah, pretty civil debate, especially relative to the last time those 2 are on a stage. now less than 2 weeks
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until the election it's crunch time kron four's justine waldman kicks off our coverage of this final presidential debate she joins us live just seen. the debate focused on 6 topics the coronavirus race relations climate change national security. >>american families in leadership, but when it comes to the virus. the conversation showed the candidates differences. the president's belief we need to learn to live with the virus until there's a vaccine and biden stance that is unacceptable. >>learning to live with it we're dying with it because he's never said he's he said it's dangerous was the last time is a really dangerous still we dangerous tell the people as dangerous now what should they do about the danger. and you say i take no responsibility, let me talk about your choosing and to carry it takes full responsibility. it's not my fault that he came here, it's china's fault, and you know what it's not joe's fault that he came here either it's china's fault, they kept it from going into the rest of china for the most part but they didn't keep it from
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coming out to the world, including europe and ourselves. >>so the mute button seem to work tonight, the voters could actually hear the policy differences between the 2 candidates. this was a far more civil and polite debate. a big difference from the last one and we're just getting started on our debate coverage here on kron 4 news in prime time much more ahead tonight. grant appreciated just teen today, the u.s. treasury announced sanctions against 5 iranian entities for attempting to influence elections in the u.s.. >>the agency accused the country of trying to influence the election by exploiting social issues within the u.s. and denigrating political figures. the sanctions come one day after us intelligence officials said both iran and russia have obtained us voter registration info and iran has been posing as the far right group proud boys sending intimidating e-mails to voters. no retaliation was announced against russia today. >>here at kron 4 we are committed to helping make sure that your vote counts if you
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experience a problem casting your ballot. let us know, and we'll investigate you can e-mail us at voting problems at kron 4 dot com. >>still to come places of worship can finally hold services indoors again in alameda county, how the services are being shaped by the presence of covid. >>plus republicans on the senate judiciary committee approved judge amy coney barrett supreme court nomination. why democrats didn't even show up to vote and a big step in the battle against coronavirus perhaps details on the first drug in the u.s. to be fda approved for. >>treating patients that's next.
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>>back to that big story in the face tonight, the murder suspect who is now behind bars after an hours long standoff in oakland the scene unfolded. here was a business on high street right near international at one point a man was taken hostage can force theresa has the story. >>some very tense moments here and hold when when a hostage situation unfolded on this thursday, it was around 1115 thursday, oakland police called to the 1600 block of high street. an armed suspect stormed an office building several employees were able to run out, but one man. >>was held hostage. >>and we really are working diligently to ensure that he knows that he is safe there's
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a safe environment that we had distance we're going to take our time we're not rushing anything will stay out here all night will start here tomorrow, whatever it's going to take for him to peacefully surrender. we do know that this individual is connected to a double homicide that occurred here in oakland specialty teams were called in including negotiators to try and defuse the situation a shot was fired. >>alarming police but then a break. >>lot about the last half an hour the hostage was safely released unharmed. our tactical negotiations team continues communication as communication is on and off. but this has the release of the hostage and that's really the goal is the safe release of the hostage in a safe surrender. of the armed gunman, but then matters escalated a series of shots were heard. >>police say the gunman was shooting through the walls where he was barricaded there was a shelter-in-place order put out in an attempt to keep the public safe. police had
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said that the suspect was wanted in a double fatal shooting finally after nearly 5 suspect peacefully surrendered. deputy chief lawyer on armstrong identifying the man as a suspect wanted in last week's shooting where 22 shots were fired. 2 people lost their lives. >>i want to thank our officers from oakland police department that really took their time and manage this and everything we could to protect life. today's combination of this continues to show that we exercise patience when it comes to these kind of situations we don't want a tragic event to occur triple shooting in east oakland last week on 84th avenue. >>there too. tragically lost their lives as a result of that. this suspect was involved in that crash. the suspect will be taken into custody and booked into the alameda county jail here in oakland. >>theresa kron 4 news. >>now to a landmark in the fight against covid today just
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hours before the presidential debate. the fda approved the first drug to treat the virus from does the fear is an antiviral medication, given to patients through an i v this is for people need to be hospitalized. the maker bay area based gilead sciences said today the drug is approved for people who are at least 12 years old again who need hospitalization for their infection. it had been authorized for use on an emergency basis since spring. it works by inhibiting a substance the virus uses to make copies of itself. and hear the latest coronavirus numbers as we track the pandemic nationwide there have been nearly 8.4 million cases of covid with nearly 223. 1000 deaths in california, the coronavirus death toll has now topped 17,000 while here in the bay area more than 1700 people have died because of covid and there have been 113,000 cases locally.
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>>to the east bay now another county is set to allow indoor church services to resume places of worship in alameda county can hold services inside as early as tomorrow, they will be limited of course to 25% of normal capacity or 100 people whichever is fewer. there will also be social distancing requirements, including wearing mask and staying at least 6 feet apart. we spoke to a representative from one church today who says that people at first were reluctant to return but slowly, but surely they are coming back. we have them. >>pre-register so we know how many people we can have them. it's a limited to that but. we're growing in numbers and that's a great thing. >>of course after the uncertainty of the past few months amid the pandemic many people are finding returned indoor services. a big relief. >>a historic restaurants in san francisco have been forced to close because of covid some of them now finally allowed to reopen places like at its grill which opened in 1849.
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it's considered the oldest operating restaurant in california. it will begin serving customers next month. tommy's joynt will also be reopening its doors that will be next thursday. this news comes just a few days after the city announced it will be allowing indoor dining at 50% capacity. but restaurant owners say operating at anything less than 50%. it's just not financially feasible. >>yeah, a couple of great old-school restaurants by the see them open up again 8. i now to our 4 zone forecast to come for chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here with what we can expect lawrence really scary and oakland with that fire today. yeah that's just kind of us i'm going to be very very careful in the coming days, fire danger running very high outside beautiful out there right now just a couple of patches of fog trying to sneak inside the bay but we've got. >>looks series of wind events rolling into the bay area. so we'll see some very strong gusty winds developing the next couple of days. i think as we get toward the weekend. maybe the strongest winds we've seen all year long as
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we've got a series of these lows the continue to drop over the top of this ridge, one after another one moves out another one moves in the east of us and that's what's generating all the win and it's going to howl and parts of the bay area fact, red flag warnings are a police probe cross parts of the east bay and the north bay we've got some fire weather watches in the santa cruz mountains this is going to go in effect as we get into the weekend and the sunday into monday and tuesday 30 to 45 mile an hour winds expected then look at the humidity near the coastline 5 to 15% of the very dry near the coast as you get inland, you'll see gusty winds as well 20 to 30 miles per hour. but it's not going to be just over the mountain top this is all the way in the valleys this occur right now and this will likely be updated again as we head through the weekend. i'm sure of it as we're going to see some strong gusty winds there red flag warnings continuing in the slum a county 30 to 45 mile an hour winds a real possibility and in the north bay we've got a little of both above above a 1000 feet you're look at a red flag warnings right now with
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gusts, maybe 40 maybe 50 miles an hour across the mountain tops and then as we get in toward the weekend things are going to change and you can see the area shaded in brown all those areas in the petaluma santa rosa, some basketball. rohnert park sonoma, even down in the valley floor we're talking about some very strong gusty winds and those winds are going to howl in spots they just using a at that when in fact we may see the strongest winds. the season of 60 and maybe 70 miles per hour over the mountain tops to go along with that how about this the humidity very dry air out there already and going to continue to be a problem as we get the first part of weekend not so bad, it's actually going to pick up just a little bit little front that's coming our way and that will bring more of an onshore push that generally raises the humidity level but as we get toward the latter part of the we can't pull it really dries out and into sunday and monday you can see that all around the bay area 3 maybe 4% relative humidity, extremely dry weather in dangerous fire conditions with those winds outside right now the winds really not all that bad we've got some light for the time, but again this will pick up
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overnight at least in parts of the north bay and parts of the east bay, too temperatures, we're looking at some cooler numbers developing around the bay area now the air mass is really start to cool off just a bit we'll see more of that in the coming days and as we get toward this weekend. maybe a 20 degree temperature drop from what we've had early this week. overnight tonight just a couple of patchy dense fog along the coastline, some of that sneaking inside the bay. then we're going to see more sunshine on the way, but the big story will be the all weekend long as we head toward the weekend. these gusty winds are coming and if this all holds together like the computer models are saying we're talking about the strongest wind event of the entire year. yeah don't like to hear that the diablo winds. right. yeah, don't like that florence huge raiders fan he didn't like this are they even going to be able to play this sunday. that's the question now. >>several more players landing on the covid-19 list today where things stand when we come back. >>plus one east bay city taking different approach to tackling the homeless crisis. why officials say enforcement
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woman: after covid, my hours got so we can't pay our bills. and now our family budget is gonna be hit hard with prop 15. the yes on 15 ads say it only raises taxes on big corporations. that's not true - we're all going to pay. $11 billion in new property taxes will get passed on to small businesses and farms.
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they'll raise prices... ...higher gas, health care, food...even day care. we can't make ends meet now. families can't afford 15. no on prop 15. >>in the east bay, the homeless population in pleasanton is growing and it's actually been the case since before the pandemic the police department as an outreach team, it's dedicated to the
8:27 pm
issue but as kron four's phillipe djegal reports for us tonight their main role is not enforcement instead they are advocating for long-term solutions environmental concerns recently led the city of pleasanton to remove the homeless encampment beneath an overpass the pleasanton police departments, homeless outreach team the fighters to help the people living there find housing. >>an example of working toward long-term solutions rather than incarceration. they don't trust you they're not going to communicate with you. >>and they're not going to accept the resources officer nicole evans has been building relationships with the city's unhoused community since 2017 but since january she's been a part of a two-member homeless outreach team, both officers working as full-time liaisons so far they've helped at least 20 people find permanent or temporary housing it's definitely been a challenge the numbers show that at any given time here in pleasanton some 70 people.
8:28 pm
>>our living on the streets every day people living in their vehicles it's of really unseen population. >>they blend in. but they need help as well. the most recent homeless count in alameda county shows the population has grown more than 40% from 2017 to 2019. >>70 people living on the street in pleasanton may not sound like a lot when compared to the more than 3200 people. >>living on the streets of oakland, but it is a staggering number compared to the 8 people living on the street in neighboring dublin we do get a lot of people that travel in a now officer evans says moving forward her department will continue focusing on addressing housing and mental health believing that approach will lead to a decrease in chronic homelessness in pleasanton felipe should all kron 4 news. >>coming up next in a continuing our coverage of tonight's final presidential debate here in 2020. you know the players by now our political analysts will weigh in on what we saw plus we have a live report from nashville,
8:29 pm
tennessee where the debate unfolded and east bay congresswoman barbara lee will join us live to give her thoughts all that right after the break.
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>>30 with less than 2 weeks until election day president trump and democratic nominee joe biden they faced off in their second and final debate tonight, each candidate was given to uninterrupted minutes
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to discuss covid-19 american families race in america climate change national security and leadership to my bradley joins us now live from nashville with the highlights of tonight's debate. tatum i bet they wish they but in the first time around. >>yeah that might have actually turn down a little bit differently the attacks were still tonight just as sharp. but the interruptions were kept to a minimum so that tonight the american people could hear and see the differences between these 2 men. >>and tonight's final debate the pandemic took center stage. president donald trump and challenger former vice president joe biden laid out their plans to combat the coronavirus which is claimed the lives of roughly 223,000 americans we have a vaccine. that's coming it's ready by been congratulated by the heads of many countries on what we've been able to do anyone is response for that
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many deaths should not remain as president united states of america people president trump argued that even as the virus rages the economy cannot withstand shutting down businesses biden's jab at the president is trying to wish away the virus. he says and we're you know we're learning to live with. >>people are learning to die with it it's not my fault that he came here, it's china's fault biden opened an attack on president trump and reports he's only paid a small amount of federal income taxes in recent years you have not released a single solitary year of your tax return. what are you hiding. why are you unwilling to foreign countries are paying you a lot i don't make money from china you do i don't make money from ukraine you do president trump threw punches, raising questions about biden's son's business dealings overseas, and he didn't have a job as soon as he became vice president. but richmond that did this look but not the best reputation in the world. i hear that paid him a 183,000. a month. there's a reason why he's but
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the ability all this more key. there's a reason for he didn't want to talk about the the so the substantive issues it's not about his family and my family. it's about your family differences emerged on health care no longer is obamacare because without the individual mandate. it's much different preexisting conditions will always stay when i'm going to do is pass obamacare with a public option. become biden care public option is an option that says that if you in fact do not have the wherewithal to be if you qualify for medicaid. >>and you do not have the wherewithal. the new year state to get medicaid you automatically rolled. >>this final debate comes very late in the process are only 12 days left before election day and already more than 47 million americans have voted. we're live tonight at the final presidential debate in nashville, i'm tahman bradley. >>but thank you on certainly a much different affair
8:35 pm
reciate that live report will tonight's debate really did have a totally different feel from the first one it certainly did inside bay area politics host catherine heenan talk to our political analysts to get their reaction from tonight, katherine what were their take a ways well not that the bar was set really high right after the first one. >>but yes, it was a lot more the president was last combat of joe biden apparently did not do anything to in danger his lead in the polls. here's a little of what our analysts thought. >>i mean the president actually did do better actually like well that's pretty basic. there was such a low bar considering the first debate. he did much better this time around. i thought he did it had a very strong 2nd half of the debate quite frankly, and in the end. that one question at that last question may kristen welker about leadership and he just went back to us. it went back to a campaign speech biden took it to the american people it was important for the president to highlight issues for people of color different
8:36 pm
he talk intelligently when challenged by the vice president. >>about issues of prison reform. >>mandatory minimum sentencing. >>you talk about the first step back. is done a number for people of color in african american communities. and so i think he did tremendous job defending himself i expected the vice president to do a lot more especially on the on the top of covid-19 job, the president for not doing a good enough job and didn't have proposal himself when he came down to it. >>all right we don't know that debates move the needle much as they as the campaign drags on and in some ways when you're spending the first 25 minutes of the debate talking about covid and the pandemic it is the weight of that that really upsets everything that's going on with the incumbent because it goes to the economy goes to health care it goes to protest in the streets and that makes it very difficult for any incumbent, not just donald trump. well again we do get back to the
8:37 pm
question of how much all of this really mattered again lot of people have voted most voters have made up their minds. >>but it was a last chance for americans to see the 2 candidates on stage together sometimes elections or want to one around the edges could be happening. we'll hear more from our analysts at 9.10 grant and vicki. >>appreciate a catherine wheel. many lawmakers of course we're watching tonight's debate in some have started weighing it we're joined tonight by representative barbara lee to get her reaction. to what we saw congresswoman, thank you so much for joining us. >>yes happy to be with yes so i think it's not a mystery who you're rooting did joe biden make his pitch to the american people. he absolutely did i think the contrasts was so start tonight. >>first of all the vice president of was presidential. secondly he talked about in detail. many of the policies
8:38 pm
that he intends to move forward on behalf of the american people. thirdly i hear i heard was in a position to talk about what he would do to covid-19 and he put it in the context, attacking the health and economic crises. donald trump of course as that we have to learn to live with in over 220 some 1000 people have died now vice president biden i understand that this can happen anymore. this can't go on and so i think tonight he show that he understands the death and destruction this taking place as the result of the lack of leadership and this election is really a matter of life and death. >>congresswoman lee there are some undecided voters at least if you believe the polls who do you think they are and what do you think there waiting to hear or see as we're now less than 2 weeks from election
8:39 pm
day. >>there very if believe the polls right now in terms of undecided voters. >>i people want to hear what vice president biden intends to do as president how he intends to bring the country together i think is close was magnificent. how explain that he was going to be the president for everyone and i think independence understand that is difference president donald trump, i mean donald did you know independence, i'm sure are looking at the 500 and some children who still don't have their parents with but separated and the parents who knows where they are. tomorrow disgrace and i believe because they care about people and the children see vice president biden.
8:40 pm
understand that these children need to be with their parents donald trump just says you know there and clean facilities and they came here with coyotes and you know it's just such a disdain for these children and for immigrants and so i'm confident that independence will also look at is the vice president said about health care here you have donald trump supporting and promoting a lawsuit before the supreme court is going to take away health care from millions and millions and millions of people so i think the choice is very clear many independents who i know care about the people and the values that vice president not see tonight and who he is as a human being. >>congresswoman lee they waited into the waters at joe biden did alternative energy sources and moving away from oil. it seemed. it's a big
8:41 pm
topic of course with the green new deal people but was that was at a bold move for him to do. >>it's a very bold move. but when you look at the democratic party platform. i was on the drafting committee. a lot of times people we don't read the platform, but is very clear in terms of the vice president's position on moving to a solar to wind and he was very clear again in terms of where he thinks the economy is going in terms of the creation of good paying green jobs. he was very clear on on climate change and global warming. and so i think he put forth a very balanced approach to climate change. he put through love but florida but i think a excellent plan for job creation and economic growth based on this new green economy which we in california have led on. forever and so i the country sees the
8:42 pm
difference and i hope going back to independence. i think they see we have to become energy independent and we have to create good paying jobs and that's the says of much of our economic growth and job creation. >>all right congresswoman barbara lee unfortunately have to leave it there. thank you for your time representing the 13th district in the east bay have a good night. thank you congresswoman, thank you very much nice being with you and we've been keeping track hard to believe we're less than 2 weeks away from the big day 12 days to be precise kron 4 of course your local election headquarters this election season. still to come in tonight's flying tails national effort to spread awareness on the importance of caring for senior dogs. >>and 7 republicans pushing past a democratic boycott to advance judge amy coney barrett supreme court nomination. as they say that they will work through the weekend to get her confirmed to the high court.
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>>the story tonight all 12 republicans here on the senate judiciary committee have voted to send judge amy coney barrett supreme court nomination too. >>the senate floor yeah and not a single democrat showed up there empty seats they were filled with them. photos of people that the democrats say have been helped by the affordable care act which many fear could be struck down if barrett is confirmed to the high court this boycott force republicans to change the
8:46 pm
committee rules to. >>even hold the vote so they had to do some rearranging their republicans accusing democrats of playing games instead of doing their jobs. while democrats are slamming a confirmation process that they say shouldn't be happening until after the election. >>this is all for show they're angry that the democrats are not able to stop this nomination, senator mcconnell and the republicans believe the priority for america. >>is there a political move. >>to fill vacancy on the supreme court. we should be passing a massive covid-19 >>senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says republicans will work right on through the weekend and a full senate vote forbearance nomination. our confirmation will take place on monday still to come in sports as the niners get ready for the patriots in new england here. >>number 10 jimmy garoppolo is getting ready to return to the place where he started his career as tom brady's backup
8:47 pm
sports director jason dumas has jimmy g's thoughts on his homecoming.
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>>on 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >>jimmy garoppolo jimmy gq has many like to it's been a pretty good marriage between him and the niners he's led them to a 23 8 record when he
8:50 pm
plays of course there's that nfc championship and super bowl appearance as you see right there. but this marriage almost didn't happen you see when jimmy g takes the field at gillette stadium on sunday. it will be the first time he's returned to new england since the new england patriots traded him in 2017 and by all reports new england coach bill belicheck wanted jimmy g badly, even jimmy g thought he was going to be the heir apparent to tom brady. but patriots owner bob kraft clearly had other plans. both teams have seemed to benefit from that trade the patriots went on to win a few more super bowls after that and tom brady didn't have to look over his shoulders or get pushed out the fold by bill belicheck and the niners they got their qb of the future who has already led the organization to a super bowl in his first full season as the starter. there were many reports that bill belicheck wanted to keep jimmy but bob kraft he had those other plans. however it transpired jimmy has nothing but good things to say about his former team.
8:51 pm
>>it's an exciting get that get to go back to where it all started hot from nfl career, but you know, it's a little different investors chicago. we got 2 years ago, you know have come a long way learning the offense and things like that so i feel a little different going into this one but the excitement levels i it's this exact exciting week can't wait for sunday. >>all right i see all these big fellas behind me they're all very big those are the raiders starting offensive linemen bigger to me led by trent brown who of course is amongst the best in the league. well guess what none of them have practiced this week brown tested positive for covid in all the other starters were sent home for contract tracing so as of now we don't even know who will and who won't be allowed to plan this game just 3 days away. nfl has since moved the raiders game from prime time to sunday prime time on sunday night to an afternoon slot. that's presumably because just in case the game does get
8:52 pm
moved. nfl will still have a game in their prime time slot. but regardless of when the raiders play the players are say they'll be ready for it all. >>and then today we all knew that it was going to be some ups and downs and you have to do bit of b s you know way going into the season but you know as far as the game we got a lot of play tomorrow really on a minute that we love our guys trust in the guys we got here. we're all us whether you know. those 5 guys play or not. >>so you >>we don't know who is and who isn't playing for the raiders a sticky situation. we don't know the game is going to postpone or not the nfl and pretty tight just one of those situations where you got to do hope everyone remains healthy and safe and hope for the best a real quick when you think about former aide or antonio brown saying he might sign now with i think i'm happy i'm not
8:53 pm
covering him and him anymore because made my life very hectic and called an on off days. >>he tweeted that he could have that covered it. he can play for a whoever he wants is not a it's a good one yeah. thanks jason. >>giving old dogs a new chance in tonight's flying tails report, ken wayne takes us to a savior dog sanctuary in the north bay all full. details on a national effort to spread
8:54 pm
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>>a special week is coming up for some pet lovers tomorrow is the start of saving senior dogs week that is a social media campaign to spread awareness about. >>older ducks just as lovable although more than a million dogs are adopted from us shelters each year, many of the senior dogs are left behind but in tonight's flying tails. >>ken wayne talk to the founder of the campaign. yes. >>rich and juliet are here to meet their potential new family member. >>the picture of him. and said you have to check out this. >>hank is 11 years old and was given up by his family in washington state. while some surrenders are unavoidable often over covid related
8:57 pm
finances. there are plenty of older dogs are a given up because they're just old. >>a lot of people just get to a point where they think you know the older dog can keep up with family in and so they traded in for new is not just you know that's really hard to deal >>alice main founded lilies legacy senior dog sanctuary in sonoma county about 2 years ago to give the senior dogs a second chance would you treat your grandmother that way would you kick her out because she can you know us can't keep up can't go on hikes and more know you and i mean hopefully would be >>there are thousands of animal rescue organizations across the country. but only a small fraction of them focus on senior dogs there probably are more than 5040 or 50 in the united states and you're like 14,000 rescues. >>so it's a very small percentage very small percentage. >>saving senior dogs week is a national campaign to raise awareness about homeless senior dogs in the u.s.. it's estimated about 670,000 dogs are euthanized each year in
8:58 pm
this country and with senior dogs often the last choice for adoption. they can be the first to be put down. >>see your dogs are perceived to be very difficult to top down which in fact they're not. >>alice has a stable of dogs were living happy lives despite some with medical conditions even life threatening illnesses. she shouldn't be a reason to give up on them. she points to a dog named faraday that was adopted out. >>that said he would be probably lived for maybe 2 to 3 months that was a year ago september and he's been a phenomenal hospice home he's getting very good medical treatment and he's just a happy >>the proceeds from saving senior dogs week will be divided among participating rescue organizations to support their efforts and to help establish new senior rescues they are incredibly grateful. i think this thing that i have learned the most from these talks over the years is gratitude. >>every single one of them just exhibits incredible gratitude. which brings us
8:59 pm
back to hank he looks like he's strong and healthy and in good shape. >>and we're happy to take care of him in his later he wasted no time a the next >>going home by in paradigm. thanks for your role that wraps up kron 4 news today, grand i are going to be
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