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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  October 22, 2020 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>>from the bay area's local news station. watching kron 4 news. now a knight tense time says firefighters in oakland have been busy late this afternoon and tonight feverish lee working to get control of this brush fire. >>that burned dangerously close to homes and drivers along 5.80. thankfully, nobody was injured tonight and the damage appears to be minor good evening, thanks for being with us at 9 o'clock everybody i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis took more than 50 firefighters to answer the call and although the fire is contained tonight, it's still a very active scene for us taylor sackey joins us now she's. >>live in oakland where crews are still working to make sure hot spots still flare up. >>taylor this was really scary. >>earlier today, gran, yes again lot of these neighbors, a large scale scare because the fire was getting close. but thankfully, we know now
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that that fire is contained and you can actually see behind me that many of these firefighters are packing up in this intersection is now cleared it's good to go. but earlier they were clearing the debris looking for those hot spots at a homeless encampment site near the gas station where the fire first started again though no injuries and only minor damage so that is great news. now firefighters tell me that the call came in around 05:00pm then they got a good handle on this fire in a couple of hours as a huge relief because this fire was dangerously close to the freeway earlier it quickly spread to the vegetation nearby. firefighters say the fire started moving quickly because of winds up to 15 miles per hour. they're pushing it along the side of the freeway and threatening a gas station and homes nearby some of those structures threatened 5 apartment buildings that were burned by the fire, but again no major damage. we spoke to a witness who describes the scary moments and challenges from earlier. >>lot of homeless people back there and also a lot of people's homes as well. so just a lot of debris that doesn't get cleaned up by the
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city. and so i'm just very because i just needed a neighborhood not too long ago incredible to see the response you know, i know that there's a fire house on high street. there are always there is responding in the particular but i do know that as they came down from that car there down 35th to the side of exxonmobil that you know there is no entryway there are no streets there's no sign access to get there and so the fire was able to spread. >>firefighters say this incident is a reminder how quickly a vegetation fire can spread, especially when it's given some pushed by the winds which is something we should all keep in mind ahead of this weekend. because there's
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already a red flag warning for the east bay hills firefighters say they had preposition state resources which were a huge help in getting a quick control over this fire for now live in oakland tillery sackey kron 4 news. >>thankfully that didn't get created taylor as we get a check now on the 4 zone forecast, yeah, the worst time is i guess just ahead. meteorologist lawrence karnow here to give us idea what we can expect. yeah it's scary stuff ahead, guys of a sudden like this a fire breaks out a lot of part of this weekend we could be talking about a firestorm so going to be very very careful ahead here you can see all the areas shaded now we've got the red flag warnings up across parts of the bay area you've got weather watch is in other parts as we're going to see some very strong gusty winds, developing outside and so here we go around the bay area this what we can expect as we get into for this weekend sunday through tuesday. you can see
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the a fire weather watch already up of the santa cruz mountains going to see some 3045 mile an hour probably even stronger than that over the mountain tops the humidity even near the coastline 5 to 15% red flag warnings in effect as you make your way into the east bay all the way down into the valleys, the hills everywhere you're going to some gusty winds over the next few days say fire danger running high through at least friday and then all the focus is going to shift toward the weekend. you can see a little bit of that in the north bay see the red flag warnings up above a 1000 feet in the we've had some gusty winds are 2030 miles an hour certainly some stronger gusts in the forecast see all the areas in brown all the urban areas that petaluma rohnert park santa rosa healdsburg windsor nap up those areas are going to be looking at red flag warnings this weekend we're expecting much stronger winds developing overnight tonight, you know to some of the colors in the north bay and so far that has been more we've seen most of the wind going to pick up again tonight some of those winds gusting over 30 miles per hour. then as we head
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through the day tomorrow going to be interesting more of a sea breeze kicking him to more of a westerly component that when you see that moving on shore but kind of a blustery afternoon around the entire bay area that repeats itself again on saturday as a cold front comes through, but then watch what happens as we get into sunday sunday night the winds really begin to pick up you see all those colors developing the reds and the purple those winds blowing over 40 miles per hour over the mountain tops and if the models are correct we could see the much higher winds and that that will continue also as we head in toward monday. maybe tuesday morning but if this all comes together like the models are painting right now. we're talking about 60 maybe 70 mile an hour gusts over the mountain tops down in the urban areas, maybe some 40 plus mile an hour gust to so certainly some scary fire. weatherhead loud got to stand by with your water hose yes, absolutely ok thank's lawrence all bay area counties were removed from pg e's power safety. >>a power shut off event last night the utility company warned the thousands of folks in the napa county and some
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hundreds in alameda contra costa santa clara and sonoma could lose their power as these gusty winds that lawrence talked about increase the risk of a fire sparking in spreading that at least right now is no longer the case. a berkeley family. shattered tonight after a pregnant woman is shot and killed this drive-by shooting it happened last night on prince street near malcolm x high school. the family says the 19 year-old victim and mother died this morning after being shot in the head. kron four's dan thorn is hearing from the family and the community tonight, he joins us now live with more on this very tragic story game. >>vicki the family says that this is a heartbreaking in truly senseless killing and they're hoping whoever is responsible is caught meanwhile berkeley as a whole is dealing with an uptick in gun violence has city leaders grapple with ways to solve the problem. balloons float and candles lane were a berkeley woman was gunned down in a drive-by shooting the victim
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19 year-old serenity henderson, a mother of a 9 month-old who was also expecting another baby just help us find these people killed my net knees. >>she was 11 heritage. she had all heard any lunch henderson was shot while driving along prince street near malcolm x elementary school her family says her mother and 9 month-old child were in the car. police say more than a dozen shots were fired. no one else was hit since this matters is nice time rainy wooten remembers her cousin serenity as an affectionate and caring person i always make you smile always happy to see i always want to be around enough and she younger. >>while embracing family members near the curbside vigil berkeley city council member ben bartlett is calling for the recent rise in gun violence to stop this issue is bigger than this neighborhood and given the city. that's why the mayor and i are launching a regional task force to tackle gun violence because enough's enough. bartlett says the task force would bring
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community leaders in berkeley and nearby cities such as oakland enrichment together to address the gun problem henderson's family is hoping for answers we got to stop the say black lives matter if it doesn't matter because we killing each other so well we gonna do we've got to save each other like. >>berkeley police have not made any arrests in this killing so far this year. >>at least 4 people have been shot and killed in the city compared to last year when one person was killed. reporting live in berkeley dan thorn. kron 4 news. >>all right. dan another big story in the east bay tonight, a murder suspect is behind bars after an hours long standoff. this happened oakland, the scene unfolded here. it was a business on high street not far from international at one point a man was taken hostage cut force theresa reports some very tense moments here and hold when when a hostage situation unfolded on this
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thursday, it was around 1115 thursday, oakland police called to the 1600 block of high street. >>an armed suspect stormed an office building several employees were able to run out, but one man. >>was held hostage. >>and we really are working diligently to ensure that he knows that he is safe there's a safe environment that we had distance we're going to take our time we're not rushing anything will stay out here all night we sat here tomorrow, whatever it's going to take for him to peacefully surrender. we do know that this individual is connected to a double homicide that occurred here in oakland specialty teams were called in including negotiators to try and defuse the situation a shot was fired. >>alarming police but then a break. >>lot about the last half an hour the hostage was safely released unharmed. our tactical negotiations team continues communication as communication is on and off. but this has the release of
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the hostage and that's really the goal is the safe release of the hostage in a safe surrender. of the armed gunman, but then matters escalated a series of shots were heard. >>police say the gunman was shooting through the walls where he was barricaded there was a shelter-in-place order put out in an attempt to keep the public safe. police had said that the suspect was wanted in a double fatal shooting finally after nearly 5 suspect peacefully surrendered. deputy chief lawyer on armstrong identifying the man as a suspect wanted in last week's shooting where 22 shots were fired. 2 people lost their lives. >>i want to thank our officers from oakland police department that really took their time and manage this and everything we could to protect life. today's combination of this continues to show that we exercise patience when it comes to these kind of situations we don't want a tragic event to occur triple shooting in east oakland last
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week on 84th avenue. >>there too. tragically lost their lives as a result of that. this suspect was involved in that crash. the suspect will be taken into custody and booked into the alameda county jail here in oakland. >>theresa kron 4 news. >>us regulators have approved the first drug to treat covid-19 remdesivir you for that name, it's an antiviral medicine given through an i v for patierts needing hospitalization. stanford was part of a clinical trial with the maker of the drug gilead sciences, it's based in foster city offers gayle ong spoke to the lead investigator at stanford. >>here at sanford investigators have been studying rimmed as severe since mid-march and have seen a dramatic response. >>doctor reuna superman ian is leading stanford's clinical trial with rimmed as severe and has seen the drug work with her covid-19 patients that we've seen people get off oxygen quickly get better faster go home faster we use
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this medication so i feel like it's really help people especially when they're on oxygen before intubated thursday, the food and drug administration approved rimmed as severe as the first drug to treat covid-19. >>it was authorized for emergency use in the spring. the anti-viral drug blocks an enzyme. the virus needs to replicate. the drug is approved for people who are at least 12 years old who need hospitalization for their coronavirus symptoms but it comes with a hefty price tag the maker of the drug gilead sciences based in foster city charges $2,340 for a typical treatment course for people covered by government health programs in the united states $3,120 for patients with private insurance out of pocket depends on insurance income and other factors in something that's. >>we we need to make sure patient care comes first and people have access to all medicine so i hope the price point does come down to does happen with other many
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patients president donald trump seen here with the ceo of gilead sciences receive rimmed as severe when he had covid-19 earlier this month. >>infectious disease experts say the fda's approval is an important first step to treat the virus there are people who really question how effective is this dry. but i think that there's more than just mortality to look at right, you have really try to see how fast patients get better getting people out of the hospital. >>for 5 days faster is important enough of seasonal flu season. >>stanford is also looking at another former does appear as an inhaled version, reporting in gayle ong kron 4 news. >>many historic restaurants in san francisco forced to close their doors because of covid-19 there now finally reopening places like the old adage grill, which opened back in 1849 and is considered the oldest operating restaurant in california, it's going to
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begin serving customers next month and then there's tommy's joynt. will also be reopening its doors next thursday, this news comes just a few days after the city announced that it's going to be allowing indoor dining at 50% capacity now some restaurant owners say that operating at anything less than 50% would not be financially feasible. >>we continue to follow breaking news tonight after a court ruled that rideshare drivers in san francisco. are now considered employees kron four's ella sogomonian joins us now live in the studio ella you spoke with the driver what did he have to say yeah he was totally surprised by this breaking news today that came in the form of a tweet. >>from the san francisco city attorney to it basically upholding the 5 which went into effect at the start of 2020 but rideshare companies have been fighting it ever sense. >>the san francisco city attorney made a big announcement thursday that affects rideshare drivers writing in a tweet we just won a unanimous victory for workers in our case against uber and lyft in the court of
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appeals drivers are employees. this is the latest update and a contentious battle between rideshare companies and the state of california that has been ongoing ever be 5 went into effect in january of this year. the law mandates are drivers be treated as employees. but a war was waged in court and drivers say they've been caught in the middle. >>if you break down the numbers, the majority of drivers are part-time, it seems like drivers. for the most part we're kind of ponds in this. when it comes to big tech being new bern lift versus the state of california could be something that you're trying to throw a wrench into this 200 million dollar ballot initiative. at least in some way shape or form. being that it's only 12 days before the election. >>this news comes just days before california voters will cast their remaining ballots to decide on proposition 22, which is a direct response to ab 5 and would continue to allow rideshare drivers to
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work as independent contractors. a statement from uber reads today's ruling means that if the voters don't say yes on proposition, 22. rideshare drivers will be prevented from continuing to work as independent contractors, putting hundreds of thousands of californians out of work and likely shutting down ride sharing throughout much of the state we're considering our appeal options, but the stakes couldn't be higher for drivers, 72% of whom support prop 22 and for the california economy where millions of people are jobless and another 158,000 just saw unemployment support this week i would do like the prop 22 decision a little bit better. >>and being employee but i do think that there could be more improvement and i think that they should have had. >>some more representation of drivers at least helping to make the decisions to help kind of make it a win-win for both uber and lyft and the drivers.
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>>so terry suggested in the future the focus be on keeping fair rates for drivers per minute or mile and allowing an appeals process for drivers if they are falsely accused by a customer instead of immediately being deactivated and essentially fired live in the studio ella sogomonian kron 4 news. >>all of those so-called dreamers those docket kids they're going to be immediately certified again to be able to stay in this country to get rid of catch and release we got rid of a lot of horrible things that they put in and that they lived with. >>but he had 8 years he was vice president. he did nothing. >>tonight president trump and democratic nominee joe biden faced off in their second and final presidential debate. as we're now less than 2 weeks away from the november, 3rd election countdown. both tackled about a half-dozen topics from american families to climate change. >>our catherine heenan host of inside bay area politics joins us now with some reaction from our political analyst catherine yeah, i think one of
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the big initial reactions, everybody agreed it was a far more civil debate, i mean people were actually able to hear what each candidate was saying without the constant interruptions here's part of our analysts conversation. >>i the president benefit from not only members of his base for but potentially some undecided votes out there enough about covid-19 and efforts and strategic a stance that he made to combat the spread of the virus to talk to american families and some of the issues that matter to them. but again you also spoke to issues that matter to minorities tonight. i actually kind of a painted a different vice president joe biden's in saying that you know just remind the american people they call a number of minorities and things like a super predators and things like that and also kind of cast a spotlight some of the previous remarks, the vice president has said the guard to black even suggesting that you were black vote for him. so you know i think that all
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in all the president did his job. joe biden also appeal to his base the way that you need to i think so i believe some this race is going to be one in places just outside of philadelphia in pennsylvania, it's going to be one obviously in places like waukesha county or even in iowa or minnesota. >>and can the president dry out those kind of voters and what we're seeing with the early vote is over 40 million people have already voted that's a big number and democrats have only just started to roll out people like barack obama or even more the former first lady michelle obama with a dwindling amount of time that the president reset the race or change the narrative hard to see that happening out of tonight, joe biden's expectations are different he just had to be. a little bit mellow checked himself a bit on hunter biden and just do fine. >>i think the president has been bleeding heavily ever since the first debate and getting covid i think this debate probably staunch the bleeding somewhat probably stop the defections or that or
9:22 pm
that mean going on, but that's not enough to get him to get elected as david pointed out. and that's the polls seem to as polls seem to show there's a lot of there's a lot of numbers out there that he has to get get back andree convert and i don't know which if this was the performance was going to get it done. >>well people are giving us some of the credit to the commerce adding to the moderator. she did her pretty good job partly to the fact that both candidates had been advised to stay cool tonight, particularly the president we'll hear more from our analysts at 10 grant and vicki. thank you catherine in kron 4 is your local election headquarters this election season just a friendly reminder. we are. >>12 days away from the november, 3rd election. >>still to come after was discovered iran and russia have been trying to interfere with the upcoming elections in the u.s.. us says one country will now have to face consequences we'll explain that after the break. plus as some restrictions begin to
9:23 pm
loosen more east bay churches will now be allowed to hold services indoors and if you plan to travel during the pandemic changes coming to some flights just before the holidays keep it here kron 4 news at 9 we'll be right back. i didn't choose this job because it was easy.
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>>elbow wars are back on starting november 30th southwest airlines will be trying to fill the middle seats, so all the seats impact their planes that means
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holiday travelers could potentially face completely sold out jets, the airline making the announcement today back in april southwest became the first. claim to or airline i should say to not sell the middle seats and they took other safety precautions because of the pandemic. >>alameda county is set to allow indoor church services to resume starting tomorrow officials say services, our limited 25% of capacity or 100 people whichever is a lower. there will also be social distancing requirements, including wearing masks and staying at least 6 feet apart. across contra costa county indoor church services resumed on october 1st. offering a preview of what churchgoers in alameda county can expect. one church leader in walnut creek says that some people were reluctant to come back better now showing up. >>but each week we've notice that there's been a growing number of people attending. we
9:27 pm
have them pre-register so we know how many people we can have. >>father fred also says that after the uncertainty of the past few months returning to indoor services has been a a big relief to a lot of parishioners. >>next police brutality protests in nigeria have gained worldwide attention. we have details on which celebrities are now calling for justice also see this deadly sideshow here in california, we'll tell you what happened there and who won. president tr woman 1: get your vote-by-mail ballot? woman 2: you can stay healthy and fill it out from the safety of home. surfer: or you can fill it out anywhere. man 1: it's easy to mail it back. you don't even need a stamp. man 2: or you can use an official drop box.
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>>less than 2 weeks to go until election day now president trump and joe biden faced off tonight in their second and final presidential debate candidate was given to uninterrupted minutes to discuss covid-19 american families race relations in america climate change national security and leadership a lot of big topics to my bradley joins us now live with the highlights of tonight's was there a clear winner. >>well good evening tonight, the attacks were sharp but the interruptions were kept to a minimum so tonight. the american people could see the differences between these 2 men. >>and tonight's final debate the pandemic took center stage. president donald trump and challenger former vice president joe biden laid out their plans to combat the
9:31 pm
coronavirus which is claimed the lives of roughly 223,000 americans we have a vaccine. that's coming it's ready by been congratulated by the heads of many countries on what we've been able to do anyone is response for that many deaths should not remain as president united states of america people president trump argued that even as the virus rages the economy cannot withstand shutting down businesses biden's jab at the president is trying to wish away the virus. he says and we're you know we're learning to live with. >>people are learning to die with it it's not my fault that he came here, it's china's fault biden opened an attack on president trump and reports he's only paid a small amount of federal income taxes in recent years you have not released a single solitary year of your tax return. what are you hiding. why are you unwilling to foreign countries are paying you a lot i don't make money from china you do i don't make money from ukraine you do president trump threw punches, raising questions
9:32 pm
about biden's son's business dealings overseas, and he didn't have a job as soon as he became vice president. but richmond that did this look but not the best reputation in the world. i hear that paid him a 183,000. a month. there's a reason why he's but the pavilion up all this more key. there's a reason for he didn't want to talk about the the so the substantive issues it's not about his family and my family. it's about your family differences emerged on health care no longer is obamacare because without the individual mandate. it's much different preexisting conditions will always stay when i'm going to do is pass obamacare with a public option. become biden care public option is an option that says that if you in fact do not have the wherewithal to be if you qualify for medicaid. >>and you do not have the wherewithal. the new year state to get medicaid you automatically rolled. >>this final debate comes very late in the process are on a before election day and
9:33 pm
already 47 million americans have voted. we're live tonight from the final presidential debate in bradley. >>and today the u.s. treasury announced a actions against 5 iranian entities for attempting to interfere in our us elections, the sanctions come a day after us intelligence officials said that both iran and russia have obtained us voter registration. information the agency accused the country of trying to influence the election by exploiting social issues within the u.s. iran is also being accused of posing as the far right group proud boys to send intimidating e-mails to voters. here at kron 4 we are committed to helping make sure that your vote count. if you experience a problem casting your ballot. let us know and we'll investigate you can e-mail us at voting problems at kron 4 dot com. >>new video tonight a sideshow in southern california here it
9:34 pm
turned deadly you can see this. or over turned. happened this morning, a woman was hit by a car. we've see these sideshows here in the bay area quite a bit unfortunately. police say this thing happened about 02:00am when dispatchers started receiving calls regarding a pickup truck that it overturned at an intersection chip yost reports. >>if you look closely at the intersection you can see all good part of the donut. >>2 different street or parking lot takeovers one police say leaves a young person dead while the other easily could have done the same. look at what happened to this 18 year-old woman hit police say she was watching cars do donuts in the parking lot of anaheim plaza. when police arrived they say they found about 200 cars and the unresponsive young woman on the ground not their police and a was the driver of the car that hit or 11th grade. 19
9:35 pm
year-old preston shay of anaheim was later arrested and accused of being that driver. but the bad news was an over that fortunately. a person has died about an hour after that incident costa mesa police were called the sunflower and highland to reports of more cars taking over in doing donuts in the intersection police say while doing a donut this truck flipped over killing 23 year-old passenger sergio murder king junior and injuring another passenger. the driver, 22 year-old minor school followed who police say was the cousin of the man killed was arrested on suspicion of murder. costa. mesa police also say what happened here is connected to what happened in anaheim. we've got a call from anaheim letting us know that there were a group of vehicles coming into our city. >>and as you can see behind us. this is the outcome. this is a county wide issue as you
9:36 pm
can see it has a very dangerous outcome. so you know we want people out there to know that this is not not okay. >>not okay, this chip yost with that report for us tonight. tp>>beyonce idris elba riyana are among the growing numbers of celebrities taking to social media to voice solidarity with protesters in nigeria nigerians protesting against police brutality stayed on the street and law goes last night breaking the government curfew following a night of chaotic violent. shots were fired as demonstrators set up barricades where protesters have been shot at on tuesday night. officials say some protesters were injured. no deaths though have been reported tonight. the nationwide hashtag end sars protest against police brutality have rocked nigeria from more than 2 weeks now they started after a video circulated a man being beaten apparently by officers of the police special anti-robbery squad also known as sars
9:37 pm
beyonce posting a statement on instagram saying that i'm heartbroken to see this senseless brutality taking place in nigeria. riyana added my heart is broken for nigeria. idris elba called for other leaders to condemn the nigerian government. >>still ahead one industry that seems to doing well during the pandemic is real estate why it might be a good time to buy a new home, red flag warnings up fire danger all running high but we're talking about. >>critical fire conditions ahead this weekend we'll tell you more next. >>and still to come in sports niners preparing for the patriots in new england this week qb jimmy garoppolo ready for his return to the place where he started his career as tom brady's backup sports director jason dumas us as jimmy g's thoughts on go back to new england next.
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>>for sports. jimmy garoppolo jimmy gq has many like to it's been a pretty good marriage between him and the niners. >>he's led them to a 23 8 record when he plays of course there's that nfc championship and super bowl appearance as you see right there at hours after that nfc championship game against the packers. but get this the marriage between the 2 almost an happened you see when jimmy g takes the
9:41 pm
field at gillette stadium on sunday. it will be the first time he's returned to new england says the patriots traded him in 2017 and by all reports new england's coach bill belichick one jimmy g badly you see when he takes that field it will be the first time he's returned to new england since they treated him. and yes, yes, yes, jimmy g has been that guy even though he thought he was going to be the heir apparent to tom brady. but patriots owner bob kraft clearly had other plans. both teams have seemed to benefit from that trade. the patriots went on to win a few more super bowls after that and tom brady didn't have to look over his shoulder or get pushed out of the fold by build belicheck and the niners they got their qb of the future who has already led the organization to a super bowl win in his first full season as a starter. >>it's an exciting get that get to go back to where it all started hot from nfl career, but you know, it's a little different investors chicago. we got 2 years ago, you know
9:42 pm
have come a long way learning the offense and things like that so i feel a little different going into this one but the excitement levels i it's this exact citing weak and can't wait for sunday. >>i'm excited to that's going to be a really good game now in nevada see these big fellas behind me here the offensive lineman then raiders starting offensive lineman's who are led by trent brown who is amongst one of the best in the league. well guess what none of them have practiced this week brown tested positive for covid and all the other starters they were sent home from practice for contract tracing. so as of now we don't even know who will and who won't play in the game just 3 days away. the nfl has since moved the game from prime time on sunday night. one afternoon slot. that's presumably the calls in case the game does get moved nfl will still have a game in the other prime time slot but regardless of when the raiders play the players are saying hey we'll be ready.
9:43 pm
>>and then today we are a new day was going to see some. some ups and downs you have to do bit of b s you know way going into the season but you know as far as the game we got a lot of play tomorrow really that we love our guys trust in the guys we are here. we're all us whether you know. those 5 guys play or not. you know the saying,
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>>almost every single industry has suffered a major hit right because of the pandemic but one industry this seems to be doing just fine real estate kron 4 sanaz tahernia gives us a closer look at housing reports that were just released. >>a big ray of sunshine that's what financial advisor george and his charity is calling the current housing market he says well covid-19 has created a volatile economy. the housing market has remained on impacted the building permits were up 5% and new home starts were up 2% home prices in the bay area are still high because supply is low, but chevy says with new building permits new inventory will be created we have about about 3 months of inventory. >>really need about 6 months plus of inventory that means we're increasing our supply and when we do that the cost of housing is goes down which is really important for first time homebuyers and while prices are still high buyers are still buying according to another report. >>home sales soared in
9:47 pm
september 7 in 10 homes were really in less than a month. and total home sales of existing homes. rose about 9.4% so the big question. should you wait until prices go down before buying a home or by now. >>if you can. she says that if you wait for new homes to be built. it might be a while since space in the bay area is so limited. but that's not the only reason you may want to consider putting in an offer now you could find a better time for buying because of the fact that the interest rates are so low we do project the interest rates to start creeping up in fact they be be a 10 year bond. >>has actually creeped up a little bit so we're starting to see where the rates could go up so you know you really want to secure something he says that you can choose to wait until inventory goes up. but you may be paying much higher interest rates. reporting in san francisco sauce tahernia kron 4 news. >>the california attractions and parks association is now considering legal action in a
9:48 pm
bid to reopen theme parks to the public you know this comes after the state laid out some pretty strict reopening guidelines. prevent major theme parks like disneyland universal studios and 6 flags from opening anytime soon that is because l a and orange counties would have to be in the least restrictive yellow tear to reopen which indicates minimal spread of the virus, but right now. both counties are in the more restrictive purple and orange tears, not get smaller theme parks though, can reopen outdoor attractions at limited capacity if their county is in the orange here. and now let's take a look at our 4 zone forecast back on for chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joining us he's tracking the winds and the temperatures tonight. >>we are just hoping that we a scape october november without another major fire. that's what we're hoping for this pretty serious weather pattern coming our way right now that's we're waiting for is those winds to pick up outside it is going to get blustery extreme fire danger. >>expected as we head into the
9:49 pm
week in fact this next week we're going to see it as well so we're going to see those winds gusty from times offshore winds blustery winds continuing in fact those winds especially over the mountain tops gusting 30 to 50 miles per hour very low humidity to go along with that fact i'll show you that in a moment simply amazing even desert dry outside, but those gusty winds so we've got a couple things going on right now we've got red flag warnings up right now in the east bay and also the north bay. in the east bay that's all the way down in the valleys in the north bay that's above a 1000 feet and you can see the brown. those are the fire weather watches that will go into effect becoming mornings as we had lot of part of the weekend national weather service trying to give everybody a heads up to get ready for this wind event that's coming this weekend that will be maybe the most significant wind event that we've seen all year long so high pressure overhead that ridge of high pressure in these storms continue to drop over the top of that ridge, so after each one drops pile of a
9:50 pm
sudden we get these gusty wind events developing in these bursts of wind developing as we head through the days here we'll see that again especially over the weekend right now pretty dry out there and it will remain dry throughout the night tonight and tomorrow things change we'll get a little westerly wind and that will bring the moisture up in the atmosphere so things actually going get a little more moist outside fire danger going to decrease a little bit by things are going to change quite a bit a sunday night and into early on monday morning, very gusty winds low humidity down into the single digits look at that down a 1, 2, 3%, that's extremely dry for this model be banning that but we're going to see some of that cold air working its way in as we head in toward the next few days so not much wind out there right now but that will likely soon change tomorrow, we'll watch those temperatures coming down just a little bit plan on 70's in the valley, you'll see a lot of 60's 70's around the bay and 60's along the coastline, but guys this weekend very very careful fire danger running high probably through least tuesday of next week. >>all right lawrence and yeah
9:51 pm
they've got a fast-growing wildfire in northern colorado, it's forcing emergency crews to do door to door, letting people know that they need to evacuate. this comes of course is those flames are threatening to merge with what's already the largest wildfire in that state's history should they merge it would just be an enormous fire. they're calling it. right now the east troublesome fire the one that started october 14th grew more than 100,000 acres last night. containment just 5% meteorologist say the growth of this fire is equal to roughly 70 football field of forest burned. every single minute. fire officials warn today that it it could merge with the cameron peak fire and that's the state's largest wildfire on record so far which is. >>only 55% contained. >>now to southern california where investigators say damage to electrical equipment ignited. what was known as the easy fire last year you might remember that's the one the cause. but a half million dollars damage to the ronald reagan presidential library
9:52 pm
museum. the ventura county fire department says. the blaze started when an insulator attached to a high voltage power line swung into a steel power pole during winds that was a callous it issue up next the late actor chadwick boseman's legacy is still living on how his hometown community is honoring his life. i need a smaller house that's close to my son, but that's tough to do on a fixed income. i'd be hit with a tax penalty for moving to another county, so i'm voting 'yes' on prop 19. it limits property taxes and lets seniors transfer their home's current tax base to another home that's closer to family or medical care.
9:53 pm
being closer to family is important to me. how about you? voting 'yes' on prop 19.
9:54 pm
9:55 pm
>>the work of 21 artists is now on display honoring the life of black panther star here chadwick boseman the community and anderson north carolina bozeman hometown came to pay respects earlier today course those men was a big part of the anderson community when he was growing up. so if you're right about has the story. >>right behind me at rend park you'll see the work of 21 a local artists all of them featuring what some call. anderson's ultimate artist chadwick boseman bozeman was a big part of the anderson community growing up and since his death in august from colon cancer. >>the city has found different ways to honor him even while mourning his loss and thursday this grief met a glimmer of hope a new gallery of chadwick boseman artwork all painted in donated by local artist was unveiled petroleum dawson whose one of those 21 artist says it's an honor to have his painting of one of his heroes
9:56 pm
displays as him as a person local them a person. i was you know, sean love respect his family in for dawson his respect for bozeman goes deeper dawson is a colon cancer survivor it connects us from spiritually inside because i know he's looking down and seeing that i went to color cast he publix and be strong. >>you know chronis you for life, you know you go some this. >>be strong for him and safe with family this gallery is just the beginning of a new wave of change coming to anderson after boseman's death of the city implemented a public art and aument to bring more artwork to the city in his honor we want to continue to push that momentum. >>when you come to downtown new sale or mayor of anderson terrence roberts says this is just one way to give back to him after both men gave so much to what those men was of the >>we think is important. push in this direction. coupled of
9:57 pm
reasons to honor his legacy but to continue the momentum that we have and i mean. >>i was sophia reporting for us tonight that does it for kron 4 news at 9 thanks for being with us this hour but keep it here primetime news continues coming up at the top of the hour talking about terrifying moments for so many people in oakland today, firefighters folks who live there drive along 5.80. flames dangerously close to homes actually damaging some firefighters say this could be a preview hopefully not of what's to come this weekend and a pregnant woman senselessly murdered in berkeley coming up her family's desperate plea to end gun violence there and what city leaders are doing to make that happen those stories and more coming up on kron 4 news
9:58 pm
9:59 pm
10:00 pm
>>from the bay area's local news station. watching kron 4 news. it didn't you. we just need answers. >>berkeley family is shattered after a young pregnant woman is shot and killed in a drive-by shooting thanks for joining us at 10 everyone. i'm vicki liviakis and i'm grant lotus this drive-by shooting it happened last night on prince street near malcolm x elementary. >>the family says the 19 year-old woman died this morning. after she was shot in the head. there is a memorial set up in berkeley


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