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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  October 23, 2020 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>>from the bay area's local news stations. watching kron 4 news. now a fire crews are scrambling in napa county tonight trying to contain a fire that started this afternoon. >>as the whole bay area tonight is bracing for extreme fire danger later this weekend. thank you for joining us on this friday night. i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis that fire is burning in the area of lower chiles valley road and chiles pope valley road that's near saint alina. >>now cal fire says that this fire burned about 67 acres so far it is about 50% contained fire started as yet another
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red flag warning is set to go into effect later this weekend to parts of the bay area are bracing for what is expected to be the strongest wind event of the year. let's go to chief meteorologist lawrence karnow who is tracking the dangerous fire conditions certainly don't like to see an active fire we're forecasting a potentially some of the strongest winds. we've seen in quite some time at least this year maybe even longer, but certainly a possibility some firestorm events we continue to see this but. >>the winds out there right now in and around this active fire. the pope fire we continue to see some of those winds out of the west that's not a bad wind that's a more moist when that's developing right now. we saw as high as 80 miles per hour this afternoon now to 8 to 10 miles per hour. so just some light winds blowing now on likely going to see those winds pick up a more out of a westerly wind as we head toward tomorrow, but. then things begin to change and so that's what we're concerned about red flag warnings going up across the entire bay area as we head in towards sunday and monday as we're expecting and extreme
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wind event and of course we already know we've already the fires developing around the bay area. so certainly a lot of the force are primed for dangerous fire conditions so here's the very latest as we take you through time here the forecast model showing you tomorrow we start out fairly gentle winds around the bay area just a light breeze by the afternoon little more of a sea breeze got a blustery in spots but otherwise more of a westerly wind which is that moist wind and then as we get into sunday things begin to change that's where we start to see the colors begin to mix in first in the north bay you see those coming down in the red in the purple, those blowing a 3040 miles an hour over the mountain tops and then it just pours in across the bay area as we head into early on monday morning. look at that all that purple even along the coastline, the coastal range is the santa cruz mountains the east bay hills, we're looking to winds blowing 4050 mile an hour gusting that high we could easily see some gusts of 6070 miles per hour with this wind event looks like that worst will come overnight on sunday
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night into monday morning but even by the afternoon on monday afternoon things are still going to be blustery outside we're hoping those winds will begin to calm down but with an active fire going right now and now we're looking potentially the strongest winds of the year certainly scary fire conditions ahead through the weekend. i'm sure the firefighters going throw everything they can to put it out to artists nerve wrecking weekend ahead all right lawrence, thank you for that with these expected high winds and fire whether pg e plans yet another round. >>a power shut off his time in several bay area counties much more widespread than anything we've seen so far it easily. 10's of thousands of customers perhaps when all said and done hundreds of thousands of bay area customers certainly people in places like marotta orinda lafayette. they should expect to lose power starting sometime sunday afternoon. kron four's gayle ong is live in orinda with details there gayle. >>grant and vicki around is
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16,500 pg e customers in the law miranda area is expected to be in the dark beginning sunday afternoon through wednesday, this area experienced a power shut off around this time last year. so have been through that before at the cities of moraga lafayette enter into sent out knicks alert to notify pg e customers about the plant shut off today. residents here in orinda say they have not had their power turned off of this year yet. they are advised to plan ahead and prepare an emergency kit with flashlights extra batteries, storing water nonperishable items. i did speak to people here at this gas station and that is what they do a lot of people have generators are going to move from their main fridge into their coolers and one resident i spoke to is planning to us to skip town to avoid at all. my reaction this morning was one of frustration. >>sort of having post-traumatic from last year when we were off for like 5 days. >>we have a house in tahoe, so
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we are told our kids were heading up to we're not going to live through the no power. >>differing psps this weekend. the library will have a generator for people to charge their phones of bottled water other resources, they need i'm here on a runaway these gas stations, a chevron and shell they do not have generators so you want to go fill up your gas tanks now in case there's a power outage. reporting live in orinda gayle ong kron 4 news. >>those high winds expected over the weekend some parks in the east bay are set to close the east bay regional parks just park district says high winds could also cause falling trees and branches injuring visitors there's obviously the fire danger that's play into this 11 parks will be closed on sunday and monday. you can find the full list on our website kron 4 dot com. >>today also marks one year since the kincade fire burned through sonoma county that fire burned close to 80,000 acres and destroyed 174 homes,
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cal fire's determine that the kincade fire was sparked by electrical transmission lines that were owned by pg and e. >>another big story we're following tonight. prosecutors are preparing to retry the penalty phase of the murder case against scott peterson peterson was convicted back in 2004 of killing his wife lacy and their unborn son. investigators say that peterson took the bodies from their modesto home and then dump them from his fishing boat into san francisco bay where they surfaced months later, fast forward to earlier this year california supreme court overturned peterson's death sentence then 2 months later that same court ordered a new hearing to re examine his death sentence reporter kay recede now has more on today's court proceedings from status last county. >>in this courtroom sketch an older and mask scott peterson appeared in a stanislaw county courtroom from san quentin prison. he was sentenced to death but that sentence has been reversed by the california supreme court in
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friday's hearing which was limited due to covid-19 precautions. prosecutors said they want to retry the penalty phase of the case the legal move came as a surprise to peterson's legal team made the decision today. >>on record that they are going to retry the penalty face that was not known to any of us at harrah's was involved in peterson's initial trial and will represent him in stanislaw county we are satisfied that we're going get our day in court. if they want to retry. we'll be there. >>boy we will be there bigger and better than they've ever seen era says the process will require a whole new jury then. >>because they haven't heard the evidence you basically have to do the entire trial again for now peterson sister-in-law is getting ready for everything including the possibility of a new trial. she says her fight for justice is for all involved we still need justice we still need justice for lacey connor and scott we don't we don't have justice for lacy with this kind of death row. >>heavy stuff. kay recede reporting there this case of
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course got worldwide attention it is now back in the headlines because of questions about potential juror misconduct during peterson's first trial or kron four's justine waldman is here to where the case goes from here. yeah, it's crazy that this is opening up once again. >>this was peterson's first time in court in almost 16 years here, is wearing a mask. they said he had a buzz cut and it's kind of odd questions of potential juror misconduct during his original trial. defense attorneys pollack and he tells us now this opens the door for the now 47 year-old to get a new trial. >>the california supreme court said the way that the jury was selected was fundamental and there today it's to the point that it rendered the jury's death penalty verdict in he was in court today to deal with the penalty phase they hearing on whether or not he's going to get a new trial is going to be in san mateo
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county. in the next few weeks. >>so separately peterson will appear in a san mateo superior court next month to hear arguments about his conviction and buy up here. it could be virtual once again he was at san quentin state prison for this hearing. we'll see what happens as this case unfolds bikie back to you. >>thank you justine to the east bay now the city of berkeley is offering a $50,000 reward for information. in the shooting death of a pregnant woman 19 year-old sure not a henderson died after being shot in the head. wednesday night now at this time at the time. she was sitting inside her car with her 9 month-old child and her mother it happened on prince street near malcolm elementary school city of berkeley now looking for help in finding in convicting those responsible. >>also in the east bay oakland is seeing a rise in gun violence so far this year homicides are up 38% compared to the same time last year.
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but as kron four's dan kerman reports oakland police say they're making progress. this is some of the fire power criminals in oakland are now using. >>increasing number of high powered and high capacity weapons. >>clearly what see on this table behind are weapons that don't belong anybody's community. >>faced with a 38% increase in homicides this year. oakland police announced friday they've seized more than a 1000 of these weapons so far this year. and if just made arrests in 6 homicides 5 of which occurred this year. >>this is a call to action and a call to notice that we are out there and we will stop this violence we've done at the last 5 years and drove it down 50% with our strategies and we will do it again police say among the more troubling signs they're seeing. >>is both an increase in juvenile victims and shooters as to why the increase in overall violence. they say fallout from the impact of
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covid-19. >>the stress the anxiety, the lack of structure, the lack of opportunities and really the huge spike in group gang conflict is driving this. >>there have been 80 murders so far in oakland this year, but police say community members are coming forward to help police solve these crimes. they say it's making a difference but the work is not yet over. >>51 cases that that remain we have good leads on a number of them i like assistance from our community help us all cases life. era prior to her september 27th of this year a young man than them. >>broad daylight xavier pad who was killed the 65th international. attending a college going away party. >>apd is message they're all in this together. they know there's a problem they're making headway and they will do whatever it takes to protect the community from violence. dan kerman kron 4 news. >>big news, san francisco
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schools announce their reopening schedule when students can expect to be back in class and not every business is jumping the chance to reopen their doors why the future of san francisco's oldest bar and now up in the air and we're checking on the current status of the pandemic here in the bay area. an infectious disease physician at stanford health care will be joining us live after the break. so hopefully.
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>>more businesses are starting to look more normal across the bay area right now restaurants in alameda county are serving diners. indoors for the first time in some 7 months there really a lifeline for restaurant owners a lot of people are excited to get back into that fray to some not so much there's a 25% capacity limit and similar restrictions. >>applied to other businesses things like indoor gyms movie theaters places of worship, yeah, it's still a sign of major progress and to talk about where we go from here doctor dean winslow infectious disease physician at stanford health care. doctor of it sounds like really great news, but we're also being warned about this being really tough winter. when it comes to the flu and coronavirus what's your take. >>yes so i think again it is kind of a mixed bag. you know first all i'd like to just go on the record as saying they're all of us are just so
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proud of way santa clara county in tripoli doctor sara cody unhurt he never responded to the coronavirus pandemic this so i think a lot of the good news that we have locally really can be attributed to the good work that our local public people have done. i do think though that we need to be careful and not make the mistakes that happen. you know some of the other countries are states that had. large resurgences of the stars the 2 infection know when they opened up too quickly so again i think just people should remember that the indoor environment is generally a little bit more risky than certainly being outdoors optimistic though we do this in a measured. that will that will be okay and in addition, you know think good news is that you know hopefully we'll have one or stars the 2 are covid-19 vaccines available by
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the early part of next year so i think cautiously optimistic that things are going the right direction. >>since you brought up santa clara county and doctor cody. what do you make of her decision in part at least to not allow fans at the forty-niners games under the state has given the green light for limited numbers of fans to attend and you mention now outside is safer that of course is outside. why not allow some fans it. >>yeah i saw it again you know i i wasn't aware you know with all of you know data that went into perhaps you know the decision that she and the county made. but you know gain understanding though some of you know sort of super scary especially when the first super spreader events. >>was a related to that large soccer tournament in northern italy. early this year. so i mention that that may have weighed as certainly on doctor
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he said decision to at postponed. you know in attended professional football games as you know the pac 12 in which which says stanford in. we're clear members did make i think the very correct decision to actually postpone. in the basically the playing of the season this year. >>so doctor was low as long as we're talking about we did a i believe it was yesterday about some of the larger theme are upset with the state they're unable to reopen and they plan to fight it legally what's your feeling about those kinds of spaces and how safe they are. >>well you know first of all just you know my my really my heart goes out to people whose jobs have been affected their livelihoods have been affected by so i you know have a lot of empathy i think for people
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that are stuck in this position. however i think you know we really are in a in a very precarious position right now where the last thing we want to do is to open businesses and activities too quickly and have cases surge like they have been other places in the united states. i think this would just be disastrous. again remember that this is a very very lethal disease you know we certainly not want to have many thousands more people die unnecessarily. so again i think right now being conservative and being careful in the way that we open activity is is the right thing to do so certainly support doctor cody and her team in this decision. >>big picture here. >>nationally globally it sure seems like this virus. moves in waves you start with new york and new jersey and then over the summer when folks were inside and really hot areas, florida arizona and the
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like they saw a spike now we're seeing it in parts of the midwest. what's your prediction for lack of a better word on where we're headed as a country as it gets cold in most of the ascent and here in the bay area we can be outside more than others but are you worried about the bay area at all and then the country as a whole. >>yeah so again i think you know you made a number of the really good point said you know kind of in your introduction, but you know clearly the indoor environment where small particle air sauls can remain suspended in the air for 3 to 4 hours or more. you know really is that really high-risk environment and again most of the super spreader events that we've seen throughout the united states have been related to crowded indoor type of events very crowded outdoor events for people or not wearing face coverings consistently and that sort of thing. so you're certainly has said you know
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people spend more time indoors certainly he's going to facilitate transmission of sars kobe to as well as influenza potentially so you know again i think that we really need to be very very careful about how we open up businesses and every opener lives despite how distressing that that may be. >>doctor winslow are being advised to get a flu there's a lot of anticipation about a vaccine. perhaps coming out 2021. and then there's a backlnsh of people who are not confident that it will be safe are you concerned about you know the population, you know really embracing this and feeling comfortable with with a vaccine. >>yeah so again you know that a number of issues i think are at play here so first of all you know just addressing your first point about flu vaccine. you definitely everyone should judge should get the flu vaccine. this year i personally got my actually shot about 3 weeks ago at stanford employee health and
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again the vaccine is safe and effective and so you know there's really no downside to getting it, i'm also cautiously octave optimistic about stars will be to that scene setter in the pipeline. and again my sense and i think i speak for probably most infectious disease specialist that we believe that probably all of these vaccines will be safe. they they may vary to some degree and efficacy and the results of the phase 3. trials really show a staff and i also by the way have a lot of faith in the fda that additional scientists reviewers regulatory specialists that they have we'll do a very careful and thorough job reviewing the safety and efficacy data are these vaccines as those data become available. >>i thank you doctor dean infectious disease specialist at stanford health thanks for joining us. >>all right, we're going take a quick break right no
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woman: after covid, my hours got cut.
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so we can't pay our bills. and now our family budget is gonna be hit hard with prop 15. the yes on 15 ads say it only raises taxes on big corporations. that's not true - we're all going to pay. $11 billion in new property taxes will get passed on to small businesses and farms.
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they'll raise prices... ...higher gas, health care, food...even day care. we can't make ends meet now. families can't afford 15. no on prop 15. >>this since learning will continue in san francisco through january the district announced it we'll try to resume in person learning for special ed classes and and then they'll follow that up with kindergarten and first grade the district is also looking for a provider who can conduct regular covid-19 testing oakland school officials are apologizing after a racist term was
8:26 pm
included in a survey that was sent out to families. >>that survey was about turning to in person learning and somehow it included a word that's derogatory toward people of asian descent. district officials say that they have replaced the word they are investigating how got there in the first place. next today, 30 california officials say they are seeing a dramatic spike in overdose deaths all across the state. >>how you can play a part in cutting down on the grim numbers plus a mouthwash maybe protect us from the coronavirus we'll tell you about some new research that is looking into that also a smash-and-grab case here in san francisco, busted win
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>>well sadly to seen way too common in san francisco cars. their windows shattered leaving 10's of thousands of tiny little pieces of glass on the sidewalk in the back of the car. awful you don't have to look far. >>one man says when he saw this morning was beyond anything he's seen before and he's seen some thinks can forces it but you reports. >>van ness between frances. nothing to see here. >>nothing other than close to a dozen vehicles with the passenger windows smashed glove box is open ransacked and personal belongings emptied onto the passenger seat, waking up to the side of
8:30 pm
shattered glass on the ground from an overnight smash and grab bottle burglary is not uncommon in this russian hill neighborhood right by the who was live different 12 years says he's never seen anything like this. >>yeah walk my dog to formation any every day and think we see one or 2 broken windows across you know through the lock. that's been going on for more than 10 years, i've never seen an entire block. it like that. >>in response to the ongoing auto burglary problem, san francisco police urge residents and visitors to park smart it's an education campaign on how to limit the chances of the vehicle break and hoping that they're only going to be gone for a couple minutes. >>and we'll be back to our so they leave backpacks or cameras, anything visible on the seat on only takes criminals. second sometimes there's just opportunists who are walking down the street. and sometimes we get crews coming in you think about the amount of time that must have
8:31 pm
taken for all those cars and just absolutely no fear. >>clearly is doing a policing this it's it's pretty frustrating to see this day in and day out he says he would like to see san francisco police do something about putting a stop to it. >>i would like to see. an increased police presence at night when this stuff happens around here we constantly reassess. >>all the crime trends. so one district stations notice that there's more crimes happening in a certain area. >>now readjust their patrol staffing in san francisco has it made kron 4 news. >>police in fairfield tonight are searching for the driver of a hit and run crash that killed an 81 year-old woman. they say the crash happened sometime before 11 last night on cement hill road near laurel creek park. investigators say naimi stewart was found lying in the road she died at a hospital the case is being investigated as a felony hit and run. 57 year-old scott davis you see him here bilbray faces theft charges tonight, he's accused of stealing some $60,000 worth
8:32 pm
of wine bottles, san mateo county sheriff's department says davis burglarized a storage unit in millbrae multiple times since august. they also say he used craigslist to arrange cash sales of the stolen wine bottles deputies arrested him today at his own storage unit. >>turning now to our 4 zone forecast we're heading into a weekend of high firings i a t. >>yet not all red flag warnings are created equal as chief meteorologist lawrence karnow often tells us in lawrence, this is the worst of the year yeah this going to be extreme event headed toward the bay area's we're going to see those gusty winds picking up dry conditions and we are right now at the heart of fire season, all right. here's a map showing the surface here in those white lines. those are called iso bars, those are lines of equal pressure. this is almost a textbook example of an offshore wind event developing. we have an area of low pressure kicking these dropping down the great basin, then high pressure building in right behind it and look at
8:33 pm
those lines how tight they are packed together that is giving an idea of just how strong those winds are going to blow around the bay area. and it is going to howl everywhere down in the valley floors we're going to see some extremely gusty winds now the pacific northwest an idea of that low has seen the showers even some snow showers up there. so this is a cold system now that is going to begin to drop to the south now-and head south. it is losing a lot of that moisture so left behind that cool dry air and here we go sustained winds 2030 miles per hour around the bay area you can see the entire bay area under a high wind watch that will become warning this weekend. expecting gusts of 4050 miles per hour with gusts over the mountain tops of 6070 miles per hour. this all comes together no we have to worry about fire danger but we're going to see trees come down. branches come down power lines come down likely some power outages well, the peak of that will come on sunday night into monday morning behind that of
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course you got that cold dry air coming in we're going get a little shot of some moisture off the coastline that is going to be pushing a little bit closer as we get into sunday and monday look at that almost desert dry around the bay area, the humidity so dry the fire danger running so high and you've got those gusty winds just probably the most extreme conditions we have seen all year long. alright temperatures tomorrow, i'm not going to be bad you're going to see some 50's and 60's along the coastline inside the bay, some 70's inland over the next few days those temperatures going to cool off just a bit looks like we'll the winds calm down by tuesday afternoon, the temperatures warming back up in the 70's and 80's inland, 60's and 70's out of the coast all right lawrence tomorrow is national prescription drug. take back day the annual event allows residents to properly dispose of prescription medications, it's to prevent abuse. >>california's attorney general held a discussion on a rising number of drug overdose deaths all across the state. he says within the last 2 years there's been a 25%
8:35 pm
increase in drug overdose deaths in california. he points to san diego noting a 50% increase in overdose said deaths in july there. in august compared to the couple of months leading up to the pandemic. >>overdose deaths just from covid. for law enforcement for health care providers for public health first. all of us who care about our local communities. this is a major challenge. >>nationally suspected overdose deaths continue to spike since the pandemic started with an 18% increase in march, 29% increase in april and 42% increase in may that's compared to 2019. >>costco is expanding covid testing what it is now offering to its members. the future of san francisco's oldest bar is up in the air why they're not sure if they're going to even reopen next month, city allows it.
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>>a southern california man tied to the 2015 terror attack in san bernardino will serve
8:39 pm
20 years in prison 28 year old enrique marquez was sentenced today for buying 2 rifles for his friend side rizwan for route one of 2 terrorist suspects. investigators say farouk and his wife took those weapons to a company holiday party and then opened fire on troops co-workers 14 people died, 22 others were injured. the couple also died in a gun battle with authorities the 20 year sentence came after families of the victims pleaded with the judge to give mark as a lengthy sentence. prosecutors had asked for 25 years, the defense suggested 5. the man police say attacked a 72 year-old woman in san francisco is behind bars tonight. >>police say happened here at a bus stop near 3rd and market streets in the city. according to officers, the woman was just sitting there on monday when the suspect christopher dome here. >>ran by and then pushed her the woman was taken to the hospital with serious but non life threatening injuries. damir was also arrested last
8:40 pm
month for allegedly attacking an 82 year-old man. >>it's pretty easy for a lot of people to find a bottle of mouthwash somewhere at home but how often do you use it a possible connection that some researchers are finding between mouthwash and treating covid. >>and coming up in sports. the forty-niners preparing to take on cam newton and the patriots on sunday. kylen mills has reaction from kyle shanahan on containing th at oroweat organic... ...we know that when we take care of the earth, the earth also takes care of us. you'd be surprised by our environmentally-friendly way of baking breads. our ingredients are farmed per strict usda organic standards. our bakeries are powered by renewable wind energy. and we support environmental causes through 1% for the planet. oroweat organic bread.
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>>by mid-november bars that do not serve food in san francisco may be allowed to start pouring drinks again but under the state's restrictions everybody who's being served. we'll have to get the drinks outside cut four's maureen kelly talked to the owners of the city's oldest bar who say they are still on the fence about whether or not to reopen. >>myron new is measuring the parklet outside the saloon currently being used by the restaurant next door to see how he drinkers he can legally % serve in what is essentially the one parking space he's allowed to do business in and i think. >>i could maybe get 8 people in there. and the legal means social distancing established in 1861 the north beach watering hole lays claim to the title of being the oldest continuously operating bar in the city. >>he and his sister have owned it since the 80's and while they want to get back to business. it might not pencil out right now the reason why we're on the
8:44 pm
>>because it's not very cost effective and you open up a business to jess. >>border, see to you know one parking space plus that used to feature live music and while the city now from its outdoor performances in shared spaces, the rules are giving them use the blues but no women's rights and no vocals bomb blues bar. >>i mean blues is all about the words and the singing. and you know during this pandemic people need the words the calm you know this too. >>get a good place in their hearts while the salute owners may wait longer to start pouring drinks again another legendary north beach drinking establishment. >>the ceo is adapting to the new rules to get the party started they put tables down in jack kerouac's alley have a parklet under construction and partnered with a nearby restaurant which allowed them to open october first the manager says next month, the new rules mean getting a fight with your fear will no longer be required. i think some people like having some it is just part of your kids to tell
8:45 pm
people and you know. >>8.30 like they probably already gone to a restaurant has big and see it gets we times so i think that worry him. i've got still operate, but not have the requirement is just better for asking the ceo's manager says they're just trying to do what they can to move forward. we're also following the rules. >>and still trying to have a good time because what else can you do maureen kelly for news. >>costco is now selling covid-19 testing kits online the company posted to test kits on its website along with this video instruction according to the item descriptions both kids. test for covid-19 infection at home without a painful nasal swab it says the test results will be available between 2472 hours one is priced at a 129 99. the other is a $139 and
8:46 pm
$0.99. >>on 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >>the forty-niners fighting to keep their heads above water or in this case record above 500 is a take on the new england patriots on sunday, but the pats haven't looked like the afc powerhouse of years past leaving the door wide open for the niners to get a big road win before tough divisional matchup against the seahawks next weekend. but hey one game at a time this sunday's game will be a bit of a homecoming for jimmy garoppolo who began his nfl career in new england before being traded to the niners in 2017. the 49 ers will be looking to rely heavily on their run game but keep in mind they will be without where he most hurt who we're told will likely go on i r with a high ankle sprain expect to see running backs jerick mckinnon jim michael hasty take on a bigger workload kickoff is set for one 25 pm. and as california
8:47 pm
continues to lift coronavirus restrictions. there's one area some feel is being overlooked many high school athletes, parents and coaches are outraged you sports are still not allowed and they have a message for state and local leaders. >>we just want to see really answers like we. we don't really know when we're going to get to play again and that's really scary. i was a teenager. >>scary frustrating and isolating is how these marine county soccer players described the last few months of the pandemic they're acting having interaction is really. >>really helpful to your personal health and without that it's kind of like harden especially with online learning. now they are at home and on your screen all day. it's just even tougher as california moves forward with reopening, they're still no word on when youth sports can resume its very frustrating knowing that people can go to amusement parks and movie theaters and we can't play. >>sports which is a huge part of our lives, the golden state is one of just 2 in the country that are allowing competition and these high
8:48 pm
school juniors worry it could impact their chances of playing in college. >>it's really stressful. it's really hard seeing teams are on the rest of the country who are playing games. >>and it makes us feel like we're falling really far behind because when we do get to play actual games in college coaches get to be there. the teams have been playing together for months will be so much far further ahead of us mom holly casey says she and other parents have tried to reach county and state leaders with little success. she says it seems like you sports have been put on the backburner. >>and it's gone on for far too long not just sounds absolutely ridiculous to me. so it's really frustrating and the fact that it just hasn't been addressed since august and we're now getting to the end of october. >>it's a failure. i feel like on everybody's part. >>the governor's office announced that they would have an update on new sports early next week and hopefully that
8:49 pm
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uber and lyft are like every big guy i've ever brought down.
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prop 22 doesn't "help" their drivers-- it denies them benefits. 22 doesn't help women. it actually weakens sexual harassment laws, which are meant to protect them. uber and lyft aren't even required to investigate sexual harassment claims. i agree with the la times: no on 22. uber and lyft want all the power. so, show them the real power is you. vote no on prop 22. >>starting next month the downtown disney district will be extended inside california adventure park disneyland resort officials making that announcement today while the theme park itself remains closed fans will be able to shop and eat at the. stores that line would have this history just inside the entrance here guests are still required to follow the health and safety measures put in place to curb the spread of covid of course he got the physical distancing, wear your
8:52 pm
face mask and all visitors over the age of 2 will be required to mask up well. you hear this from your dentist quite a bit right you got a brush but with the soft and you got tough loss and obviously you know floss brush readiness. well, researchers at penn state say the one of those daily hygiene routines could actually help in the fight against the coronavirus evan in clea. >>tells us what that is. >>for many of us, it's build into our daily hygiene regiment we grabbed the bottle with the cap. give it up or and then it's wish gargle spit. there's nothing glamorous about it. but now researchers at penn state's college of medicine that found that using mouthwash could actually enact of a coronavirus is in our mouse which could keep covid from spreading coronavirus is have a membrane around that they actually take it from the cells they infect so they steal it from your own cells. with an anvil of virus if you can break open that envelope.
8:53 pm
you've been activated the virus and it cannot in fact doctor trade myers led penn state study on mouthwash in covid he says that something in mouthwash is essentially breaks through the envelope of the virus effectively shutting it down though he says this alone is not proven to totally stop the virus is definitely not a cure. it's just a way to maybe to lower the spread and does the brand of mouthwash you use matter will researchers say yes indeed it does so you can afford to be a bit selective in what bottle you take off the shelf. they found all brands of listerine worked or anything with identical ingredients. crest pro health work too, but none of the hydrogen peroxide mouthwash is where affective it shutting down the virus. doctor myers says how long you rents matters to telling us you should switch for at least 30 seconds i personally would recommend you try to go for a minute, you know that way because most people if you're like me. you think it's 30
8:54 pm
seconds you know because it seemed like a long time, but it's not the next big step of penn state's research is going into human trials where they'll study of someone positive for covid can use mouthwash to stop coronavirus is in the mouth. well i mean do what it takes and even to the dentist since the pandemic there yeah they had gargle peroxide for 30 seconds but according to that new study that said peroxides welp rockside as for other. >>dental sure illnesses goes to show how much we're learning though as we go right, yeah that's great, whatever next time mastering i suppose and what a commercial for listerine right thing that evan hinckley reporting as of right now researchers say they're just not sure what ingredient in mouthwash helps inactivate the virus be plain old but they do say that if they can find out that would certainly help create a new solution for covid-19 anything that works member maki well he's getting back in the groove being a lemur any is
8:55 pm
old for lemur san francisco zoo officials sent as new pictures of the 21 year-old ring-tailed lemur in this photo here you see maki on the left there hanging out with another lemur a buddy named barry on the right like he's no worse for the wear maki was of course stolen from his habitat last weekend. was found a few days later in daly city a youngster. >>a zoo officials say key is getting stronger every day likes to just chillax chillax will exit chill and relax chill and you know it's i am so not hip, but i can use context clues, sometimes. >>happy the hockey is back in the groove in. thank you for watching kron 4 news at 8 o'clock keep your grand i are not going anywhere coming up at the top of the hour urgent warning tonight. >>from weather experts fire officials lawrence says extremely high winds and low
8:56 pm
humidity levels. >>our prompting pg need to tell people about likely widespread power shut-offs over the weekend when the fire danger is supposed to be the most dangerous plus in person school set to resume in san francisco. >>but not any time soon if the timeline and what the district is still looking for got 4 news at 9 is next. i didn't choose this job because it was easy.
8:57 pm
8:58 pm
but i can't say i expected this. to fight these fires, we need funding - plain and simple. for this crisis, and for the next one. prop 15 closes tax loopholes so rich corporations pay their fair share of taxes. so firefighters like me, have what we need to do the job, and to do it right. the big corporations want to keep their tax loopholes. it's what they do. well, i do what i do. if you'ld like to help, join me and vote yes on prop 15.
8:59 pm
>>from the bay area's local news station. watching kron 4 news. now tonight, we begin with a live look tonight over san francisco's embarcadero. >>things very calm now but soon winds are expected to really ramp up over the weekend. really bad fire danger of to be frank across the bay this is the height of fire season and this looks to be the worst red flag warning we have had thus far this season by a long shot. thanks for being with us at 9 o'clock everybody i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis that red flag warning has already been issued beginning sunday morning through next tuesday
9:00 pm
morning due to the expected dry and extreme windy weather conditions. >>and that is triggering potential public safety power shutoff all across the bay area pg and e says more than 139,000 customers in alameda contra costa. >>san mateo santa clara sonoma. knapp and warren counties could be affected. >>we will have more on this developing story in just a moment tonight, we're also tracking the ongoing fire threat as fire crews are scrambling in napa county to contain a fire that broke out this afternoon that they jumped on it the pope fire burned about 67 acres though containment is 50% that's good. cal fire's assistant deputy director daniel berlant joins us now live with the latest on this firefight. it doesn't sound like a lot of acreage but again with the fire conditions out there. we all know this could get out of hand quickly. how are you going to put down. >>yeah crews are making good towards full contant


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