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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  October 26, 2020 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>>on this fall. the yeas are 52. the nays are 48. the nomination of amy coney barrett of indiana to be an associate justice of the supreme court of the united states is confirmed. >>just breaking the senate has voted to confirm judge amy coney barrett to the supreme court. >>the vote was 52 to 48 our washington correspondent julie meyer or kelli meyer joins us now live with the latest. kelly, i guess this was a bit of a foregone conclusion hot. >>yeah grant vicki good
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evening. you know republicans knew they go going into this night they had the votes they needed to confirm. judge amy coney barrett to become the next justice on the supreme court. but they are celebrating tonight as they head to. the white house president trump has just made it official that they will be doing is swearing in at the white house at 09:00pm eastern here so we're preparing for that they just wrapped up counting the votes on capitol hill as you said 52 yes to 48 no. all democrats opposing this confirmation and one republican maine's senator susan collins also breaking ranks and voting with democrats and saying no on this confirmation process and she's been opposed to it all along alaska, sen lisa murkowski was opposed to the process but did end up voting with other in confirming judge barrett but like you said it was expected to happen this way democrats tried to derail the process tried to debate
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through the night last night to stall this process and wait until after the election. we are of course 8 days away from the election. but they were not successful in their mission and judge barrett has been confirmed tonight on capitol hill. >>kelly what could. bear its role be should. the election be really close in the supreme court need to have a say in the matter. >>yeah, and that's really what democrats were concerned about with her being confirmed before the election because now she will be seeded in on the bench for any election-related cases are lawsuits that may come up she will also be on the bench when the affordable care act comes up on the supreme court the week after the election. but in her confirmation hearings, she said she would remain on bias and unswayed and she would listen to the constitution in her decisions and she wasn't being there to pull one way or the other on the issue but that is something democrats were concerned about but republicans believe that this was constitutional and in
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their power to do before election day all right, kelly, we'll certainly the court is now the balance is is tipped for sure. >>thank you so much kelli meyer reporting live for us from washington. >>well what a weekend it's been one to 24 hours winds gusting almost 90 miles per hour over the north bay hills and dangerous weather conditions remain out there. you see high pressure off the coastline. this is a surface map right now low pressure to the east of us the iso bars in right those little lines there that either they are together. the stronger the winds they've been extremely tight across the state but things well the probably begin to loosen up but not until tomorrow we're going to still see some very strong gusty winds again overnight tonight around the bay area plan on being windy in the north bay in the east bay, especially and that's we're really worried about that's why red flag warnings continue there. till tomorrow winds outside around the rest the bay area, the urban areas right now not much in the way of wind you can see more northerly component there in
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fairfield at 15 miles per hour 13 in the napa valley and 15 in the santa rosa right now some very dry up above so certainly those gusty winds going to be a concern. it is warm though just warm conditions all the way to the coastline 71 in san francisco, the forecast for tomorrow about 70 in daly city downslope winds about 72 in half moon bay, 73 degrees in san bruno 73 south san francisco 78 degrees in redwood city sir, most folks you're looking at some very warm conditions for this time of year well above the average numbers this high is 82 degrees a little more 82 degrees in walnut creek 78 under kelly's about 80 of lay a windy in the north bay that will be the big concern is those winds continue to kick up, it looks like by tomorrow afternoon, those winds will begin to subside then looks like things will begin to calm down but look at the numbers as we head toward the end of october we're going to keep things on the warm side in fact we're probably going to start to warm up again on halloween and as of right now
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there's no rain in sight. all right lawrence tonight at 5.30 kron 4 is always tracking. local stories, here's a look at what's happening in your neighborhood right now we will start tonight. >>in the east bay, one man has been arrested after police broke up a group of about 25 protesters who had gathered around an suv is in downtown walnut creek friday night. police said 2 or 3 protesters tried to open the front driver's side door of that suv see an image of the scene here while others from the group or yelling at the people in the suv kicking the vehicle. police say some of the protesters then started to walk towards are there trying to get them to disperse. officers say they shot a 40 millimeter foam baton round at a protester who is attacking the suv and he was hit in the torso police identified that person was hit as michael chapman and stuck struck by that foam the time he was later arrested on suspicion of false imprisonment and of obstructing an officer.
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>>to the south bay now santa clara county residents impacted by recent wildfires can pre-register for disaster calfresh starting today disaster calfresh provides food benefits in the form of an electronic benefit transfer or ebt card that can be used to grocery stores and other qualifying locations, individuals or families who lived or worked in santa clara county between august 14th and september 12 may be also eligible for food benefit. if money was lost from work because of the wildfire or related power outages. >>also in the south bay, the man on your screen is accused of sexually assaulting several. people while he was a house manager at hopes sober living in san jose. according to the report at least 4 victims have reported assaults allegedly committed by the 32 year-old suspect justin abraham lopez police arrested lopez down and sherman oaks southern california. he is now
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waiting. extradition to santa clara county anyone with information involving lopez is asked to call san jose police. still to come we're keeping an eye on the fast-moving wildfire in southern california will go live next to orange county. >>where the silverado fire is threatening thousands of homes.
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>>now to southern california
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where a fast-moving wildfire has already forced more than 60,000 people to leave their homes. this is an orange county. yeah, the silverado fire broke out really early this morning just outside of. irvine and at this hour. we do not know what sparked this blaze. >>reportedly. >>this thing has exploded in size again started just this morning but by 01:00pm the fire had already scorched 4,000 acres by 04:30pm 7200 acres 2 firefighters critically injured both intubated after suffering. second and 3rd degree burns on at least half their bodies a 26 year-old and a 31 year-old in critical condition. the other fires freeways and schools in the area. >>apparently it's only 0% containment and at one point they were trying to get those water dropping helicopters, you can see there. they were
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doing their job at the moment, but then they were grounded because the strong winds just made it really on safe to fly, let's go ahead and listen to some sound we have. >>you know these firefighters in your thoughts and prayers. and their families we're going to do the same. this is this is tough fire. we're we're experiencing winds very high winds very low. humidities are firefighters are some of the bravest that the bravest in the world. this is a very hazardous job. and again, i'm just so proud of all my firefighters. my hand crew. again please keep them in your thoughts and prayers. >>i was obviously a volatile situation you you wish it and hope all the best for those 2 firefighters again critically injured battling this fire that is really growing at a rapid rate will keep an eye on this throughout the evening and bring you updates throughout our broadcasts.
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still ahead tonight, the average daily coronavirus cases in the u.s. has hit an all-time high we'll speak with a local doctor about
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>>tonight another grave record broken in the covid-19 pandemic according to johns hopkins university, the 7 day average of daily new cases has reached an all-time high of 68,767 previous record was
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67,002 93. >>that was broken in late july joining us now via zoom is doctor dean winslow with stanford health care. doctor winslow thank you so much for your time are we entering the second wave so to speak in are you concerned about where things are headed as the weather gets colder. >>absolutely i'm concerned it in fact that she we're not in the second wave we are actually well into the 3rd hopkins bloomberg website that you mentioned is a really good source washington post also has you know very nice for addicts you know that show the trend in cases both in the united states are large and by state. but if you look at those are experience we had the first wave which really began late march to april into may and there was a leveling off in a second wave in july and august of this year
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followed by leveling off. and now we're clearly into the 3rd way which really cases dramatically spiking over much of the upper midwest and concerning some the slight increase in cases in the northeast as well. >>a couple of are we out of the woods yet those of us here on the west coast. and particularly the bay area we are seeing that in san francisco. we're now in the yellow tear which would be good news, what would be your your cautionary. tale to give give folks here. >>absolutely i think really that the san francisco bay area california in general particularly the bay area deserves a lot of kudos for its response to covid-19 they're very aggressive with you know specially complete lockdown the earlier this year followed by i think a very measured and reopening the that is a data-driven so i think we're in better shape.
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you know cautiously optimistic that the trend will continue but i think that we all need to be very very you know as we go into this new environment. >>covid fatigue. i think is a real thing doctor winslow and people are over this. you have thanksgiving coming up people are talking certainly about what to do. how many people to get together with outside of your family. governor newsom is being criticized by some for his guidelines for thanksgiving, what is your recommendation for how people can sort of balance the issues here. >>yeah, it really is a new world you know what i consider myself at least as much of an expert as probably anyone. even those of us are you know wrestling with what do we you know with our you know i have dren we're friends and obviously we'd love to get together but
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how do you do it in a relatively safe way again are not giving you any official guidance but limiting the number of people in your house it's hard to do to wear face coverings yes, certainly when you're eating and drinking trying to maintain a minimum social distance is a good idea and get a few folks have the resources to do it. one thing think people should consider would be if you're having a overnight guests particularly if you consider actually having everyone tested but saying within 72 hours is showing up. you know again that's not an official recommendation that i'm giving but just again we're in really unprecedented times there there really are this point no. you know clear guidelines about how to make thanksgiving perfectly safe all right, thank indeed unprecedented times doctor. >>winslow thank you for joining us. switching our 4 zone forecast and chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is with us. >>lawrence what are we out of
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the woods. yeah we've got another 24 hours to go here before things begin to calm down at that red flag warnings that have been posted for the entire bay area now confined mainly to the north and east bay hills we're still. >>seeing some strong gusty winds in some of those gusts 3040 miles per hour right now they're likely going to pick up but the stronger winds it will continue to kind of blow on through the bay area here we go 20 to 35 mile an hour gust. we'll see stronger gust over the mountain top the diablo range the oakland hills can certainly see some 40 plus mile an hour gusts. there slama county also looking strong gusty winds, you are still in a red flag warning until 5 o'clock in the afternoon on tuesday with very low humidity. and very gusty winds over the north bay hills we have a same lena, the mountain tops there over 80 miles per hour 89 miles per hour to be exact certainly going to see another round of some gusty winds overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning, some of those gusts again over 40 miles per hour. maybe some 50 plus mile an hour gusts over the mountain tops all right robert thank
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you well, you know a lot of the halloween traditions that have been canceled this year the temp make sure didn't stand in the way of chicago's annual up. >>we're going to show you the best human and canine.
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>>all lot of smiles in chicago this past weekend. you know you have these pandemic weary people right just looking for anything that's safe and fun, a lot of people turned out for
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a popular event yeah because dogs make you it was the annual pub crawl that's you know pop with a p. >>sean lewis takes us there. >>in a spooky season alongside the decorations on north homestead colin kroll on 4 paws is just perfect this 6 year for this pub crawl came in a variety of costumes both canine and human who am ronald his dog patty irresistible as french fries she loved to gain strength all along the way from belmont up to cornelia operated pots stressed up from doctors on the frontline. >>to a family of sharks, even the postal service will do anything for a treat. kimberly ross made sure that cvs outfit was fit to the times yes, she is she's delivery ballots. he's delivering the mail i figured they needed all the help they can get this year is breathtaking it's incredible. >>to see so many people out
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and you know stay in their distance and you know bringing the little dogs and they're all dressed up they look so cute organizers say so many halloween events were canceled this year in lakeview alone. it is good to have this people just have a blast. i think everybody really likes to get out with their dog we always do a really good job of keeping the from getting too overwhelmed and trying to make sure that they have enough distance between them they took all sorts of precautions to make it safe. >>and it's just fun to seat to go visit all the local stores that we haven't necessarily been visiting during the pandemic among those stores is sapphire nail salon is shutdown like the montz. >>it's been a tough time whose owner tells me having this event is brightening things up it feels good seeing all the pop is walking around with his is such a great game had likely is a day to get out and take a costume walk on 2 feet and an for. >>it's pretty cute there. sean lewis reporting for us tonight from chicago tonight at 6
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we're going continue to track the high winds and fire danger across the bay area thousands of people are in the dark as their powers cut to try prevent a large wildfire. we'll have an update. >>from pg at the top of the hour. yeah, they have a live press conference said judge amy coney barrett. >>has been confirmed as a supreme court justice her swearing-in ceremony is happening live just moments away will the live to dc as she gets ready to take the place of the late justice ruth bader ginsburg, the news at 6 bader ginsburg, the news at 6 is next. they all endorse yes on prop 25. to end unfair, unjust, discriminatory money bail. governor gavin newsom and van jones. they're voting yes on 25. the western center on law and poverty. the dolores huerta foundation. californians for safety and justice. and the california democratic party. they all agree that the size of your wallet shouldn't determine whether or not you're in jail. so, vote yes on prop 25.
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>>news at 6. getting dressed in the dark and it is just thinking wow like. how much more can we take >>now it's 6 thousands of pg e customers remain without power tonight is dangerous winds continue to blow in some parts of the bay area. thanks for joining us at 6 everybody i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis the utility company initiated a public safety power shutoff over the weekend it's all in an effort to prevent possible wildfires that from happening. >>this is the red flag warning has been extended through tomorrow evening at 05:00pm. it was originally scheduled to win this morning at 11 p


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