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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  October 26, 2020 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>>thousands in the bay area still without power tonight, thanks to the latest round of public safety power shutoff when their electricity could be restored and when the dangerous weather conditions will let up. also amy coney barrett she was sworn in just hours ago as a supreme court justice. >>we'll have reaction from both sides of the aisle democrats a blast, the whole process fall republicans are taking a victory lap and as covid-19 cases surge today, the stock market tumble to its worst day in a mom. why hope is fading for another coronavirus really them. hello everybody and welcome i'm catherine heenan in fork and why and i'm palmore today pg and e started to patrol some of the areas where power lines were shut off on sunday for safety reasons. >>more them 335,000 customers lost power across 34 counties in the state in the bay area 92,000 customers across 8 counties lost power. pg and e
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says power should be restored by late tuesday evening extreme winds were recorded in some parts of the bay area and sonoma county for example wind gusts 3 to 99 miles an hour. >>and we have team coverage on the extended red flag warning on the safety power shutoff our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow in the weather center. he's tracking the gusty winds but first we turn to kron four's to recess to theo who is in sonoma county where a lot of people are still without power tonight, teresa. >>as you're mentioning some of those wind gusts were up to 90 miles per hour plus they had sustained winds of 76 miles per hour. so certainly this area was hit hard. >>and some of those residents still being hit hard because they still are without power. >>as the sun went down the winds started picking up it could be another long night for residents here in the north bay who already faced
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the last 24 hours in the dark we lost power yesterday >>5 o'clock 05:00pm. >>and has been out since and he says that this latest round of public safety power shutoff operation by pg need certainly comes with some challenges super hard because my wife, sandy calm. >>i went one who were beaten needed warnings ahead of time so that's good. so i went out and bought thing to try to power or way for internet. so she has something to do all day and she doesn't walk so. didn't work as comcast lost power to so she's like home which is reading books all day long with >>so anyway by you know, we're we're trying to get to do the best we can my father he lives off of cherry ridge road and they've been without power have no idea when they're going to be with our they give them no estimate of forced oral time. >>he's got a generator and he doesn't know how long that propane and the generators going to last him.
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>>scott picking up some supplies of mike's fruit stand and fulton says that he's constantly checking in with this father who lives near grayton in sonoma county generator. they it's just new installed, so they're unable to keep it pretty much the whole house going they don't have heater and air conditioning. for greater and fees that keep going and the essentials water heater time. >>one that he is an issue supposed to get awfully cold tonight. yes, so we're going to see how well it goes and maybe we can turn off the freezer and turn on the heater will seek pg and e says that they're working on getting power restored to some areas up here in the far north part of the county because we haven't started the patrols yet we have on a clear yet you're some kind of we don't know exactly what kind of damage we will start tabulating all of that of course and sending crews out there to make the repairs and remove any trees or make any wind ripped damage repairs. >>and at this hour, we know guerneville that's just down the way from where we're
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standing here in fulton to they've had their power restored bet as that pg e spokesperson was mentioning the crews haven't gone out to inspect the line so they haven't been able to completely restore the power to those residents so and the temperatures are continuing to drop so certainly some hardships here in the north bay, reporting live here in sonoma county theresa back to you guys theresa thank you. well now, let's check in on our 4 zone forecast and kron four's chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joining us with a look ahead lauren still some dangerous wind. yeah, i know a lot of folks have a sleep in well with all the winds out there the red flag warning said boy we saw quite the event gusty winds out there over the past 24 hours. some of those wind gusts. >>size 89 miles per hour mount saint lena healdsburg and 83 miles an hour a black hawk. >>in the east bay 68 mile an hour gust measured their 61 at hawkeye in the north bay pittsburgh. a 57 mile an hour gust in the oakland hills. we had a 51 mile per hour gust. but all around the bay area some blustery winds. we've got
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red flag warnings up again, although it's not as extensive not down the valleys, but you can see parts of the east bay get over the mountain tops above a 1000 feet, the oakland hills, we're looking at another round of some gusty winds tonight, they're blowing to about 20 miles an hour now, but certainly overnight tonight will start to intensify some 35 mile an hour gusts, maybe even higher than that are places like mount diablo humidity running very very low, you see that a slow county to 18 to 23% that humidity that low gust expected that high red flag warnings posted once again. and in the north bay, those gusty winds going to howl in fact we've seen those on and off throughout the day. they have subsided a bit but again going to pick up tonight maybe not quite as strong as it was last night but strong enough here's lead forecast and you'll see the colors begin to develop as we take you through the night tonight you can already see in the north bay. they're still seeing some gusty winds outside then as we take you through the night they begin to pick up as we get closer to midnight and then really after the midnight hour as we head into early tomorrow morning. that's where
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expecting those 30 plus mile an hour winds to begin to gust over the mountaintops once again probably some 40 plus mile an hour gusts. we had early tomorrow morning, those picking up in the east bay too as well then as we head throughout the day tomorrow i think staying rather blustery around much of the bay area at least over the mountains that continues until about the middle of the day and then in the afternoon finally seeing some changes high pressure low pressure move further apart that means we're finally going to see those winds begin to subside and the fire danger will come to an end but that will not be until 5 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. >>all right lawrence, thank you very much in our coverage of the extended red flag warning of the safety power shut offs in the bay area continues of course on our app you can download the kron 4 and the kron on app by going to your phone's app store and strong winds have firefighters on high alert around the bay area again tonight in the last 24 hours. 27 new wildfires have sparked across the state that includes the silverado
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fire in orange county, south of los angeles, it's park today. more than a 100,000 people have had to evacuate. this fast-moving fire has burned more than 7200 acres. crews have not been able to contain it get at least 2 firefighters that we know of have been badly injured. >>amy coney barrett is headed to the u.s. supreme court. the senate confirmed president trump's nominee by a 52 to 48 vote with republicans overpowering democratic opposition a week before election day kron 4 sanaz tahernia has been following the story all day she's in our newsroom now with more on this historic event >>held a prime time swearing-in event at the white house and called it a momentous day for america where it will be the 3rd a
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supreme court justice nominated by trump. now democratic senators urged the vote was being improperly rushed and that the vote should have been up to the winner of the november, 3rd election with the majority voting to confirm barrett republicans prevailed in their efforts to replace the late justice ruth bader ginsburg with a conservative justice. trump's choice to fill the vacancy of the late liberal icon justice ginsburg, potentially opens a new era of rulings on abortion, the affordable care act and even a potential dispute over trump's own election. during her swearing-in ceremony barrett vowed as she will do her job without any fear or favor. >>a judge declares independence, not only from congress and the president. but also from the private police that might otherwise move for. the judicial oath captures the essence of the judicial duty. the rule of law must always control.
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>>vice presidential candidate senator kamala harris issued a statement in response to justice parents confirmation saying and quote saying in part quote senate republicans jam through this nomination in the middle of an election where over 60 million americans have already voted. senate republicans have ignored the will of the people deciding instead to replace justice ruth bader ginsburg who devoted her life to fighting for equal justice with someone who was selected its her legacy. i share the american people's outrage at this rushed process to confirm a nominee who has the potential to do great harm. congresswoman jackie spear posted the following tweet saying quote a vote for justice barrett was a vote to deprive americans of health care, reproductive freedom voting rights civil rights and more barrett office skated and refused to answer basic questions, but her record was clear. the american people will be even clearer in their dissent. the nra also tweeted simply saying congratulations
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justice amy coney barrett that coming up in the next week or so on the supreme court docket a big issue that the justices will review the affordable care act. arguments are scheduled for november 10th live in the newsroom. sanaz tahernia kron 4 news thank you nice and just days before the country elects its next president the u.s. is dealing with the highest. >>average number of covid-19 cases since the pandemic began new mexico that seeing the highest spike in new cases over 2 week 103% spike rhode island had the second highest spike 99%. >>california has a 38% increase over that same period. the country is averaging 29,000 new daily cases over a 2 week period and that is higher than the initial wave in mid july and because of the spike in cases the stock market had its worst day in a month the s and p down nearly 2%, deepening its
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losses from last week. cruise lines and airlines were down sharply meantime hope is fading for another virus relief bill any time soon today house speaker nancy pelosi and treasury secretary steven mnuchin not able to reach an agreement they had talked by phone. deep partisan differences make it unlikely that anything will happen by election day. in addition to new coronavirus cases deaths related to the virus are on the rise globally more than a million people have died now in the u.s. more than 225,000 have died daily death counts are up in 34 states in california more than 17,000 have died in the bay area more than 1700 people have died because of the virus. >>coming up after the break we'll talk with a wealth advisor about the drop in the stock market today and how it affects you. >>and our coverage of the power outages in the bay area
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that continues today 30 we'll take a look at who's still without power tonight and when they might finally get power restored and with only 8 days until the election president trump and joe biden both hit the battleground state of pennsylvania a 45 how each candidate is approaching campaigning during the pandemic i didn't choose this job because it was easy.
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>>well as we have said the stock market really did have
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its worst a in a month as coronavirus cases are surging. help from washington in the form of another relief bill at this point anyway not happening for more now on the effect the pandemic is having on the stock market and all of us were joined by jordan teddy a wealth advisor with morgan stanley george thank you so you said election years are always volatile, we know that covid cases are going up and that the stimulus is on home do you expect a volatile market through into the new year. well we're expecting volatility. i mean this is the new normal we've had a 100 trading days this year. >>where the stock market is you've either been up one percent or more or down one percent or more. and today was just exactly what happened we saw index is down about 2%. and the reason why it was down really one word. and that's uncertainty. the market, the stock market needs to be confident, but it's uncertain about covid-19. the john hopkins university came out today with the study and said that we're averaging about
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69,000 new cases a day that means that we're hitting new records in terms of covid-19 scaling up market doesn't like that it wants certainty where word where we have a vaccine and where we have fewer cases also the market doesn't like the fact that the that the cares act to has not been signed yet. and because it's such a political football now. it probably isn't going to be signed until after this election. and then we have as you mentioned panned the election itself. and since isn't getting a time elections have always treated volatility because the stock market doesn't care so much about who is elected. just wants to know who that person is and then they can build the market around that. so it's leading up to it it's the uncertainty and then we have unemployment which is the 4th thing and that's important because we are we are creating new jobs every month. but we're also adding new people more people added to the unemployment lines. so those for areas are really key. and was a real catalyst today in the market trading down about 2% george i
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saw some bodies headline today saying something the market crashed because wall street just realize there's an election and a week. >>somewhat facetious but is that volatility really taking hold at this late stage of the game. the election creates vault volatility leading up to it because it's uncertainty but once once they've a candidate. >>is elected doesn't matter who it is market will build around that and become confident because all know what that person is going to do. but it's all the noise leading up to it and you know we've had a lot of noise lately. >>george a long-term investors can likely ride this out going you know going forward for another year or 2, but what about short term investors people who need that money so many people have even had to dip into their 4 o one case to get through this tumultuous time. well certainly not a good thing to to sell when the market is down mean that's the time to really add money if you can. >>and if you have a 4 o one k plan you're doing what is called dollar cost averaging you're investing every month when the market is down you're
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buying low, which is a good thing. and when the market is going high it's expensive and so you kind of want to get an average and then on a percentage basis. there's a few people that you know really run out of funds and have to borrow from their 4 one k that's really the last thing that we ever want to do because that bucket of money is really for the longer term retirement and retirement does come in the paycheck to stop and we have to have some some resources available for that real important date. >>georgia's real fast the stay at home stocks as they refer to them things like god netflix and amazon. they were hanging in there doing so. >>well you know tech is up in the index about 26% year to date even though the past month or so it's been trending h down. but tech benefited a lot when we had to stay at home. but as more people go out. tech will not benefit as much tech is really overvalued you know you want to hold check. but you have to be careful that you don't have too much of a concentrated position because in the in the recovery here. tech will not benefit as
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much as people start to get out to work. but that's that's really subject in condition to us cooperating, you know wearing a mask. this is seeing ourselves not gathering in large groups and also a vaccine which we heard some good news today that we're getting a little bit closer and after can take a long time to really get out there to the 330 million people the united states and the billions of people in the rest of the world so we really have our work cut out for us and that will create volatility in the market because of uncertainty of when all these things are going to happen. sergeant eddie as always with morgan stanley thank you we appreciate your analysis. >>well thank you kim kathryn. all right well it's time for us to check on our weather forecast and conference chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is back lawrence again the winds are not calm. now we're still going to see another blustery 9 fact was just checking some of those observations. >>mount saint that a gust of 89 miles per hour yesterday. >>now starting to ramp up again they just had a gust. 45
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miles per hour. so certainly winds are going to be the major concern the fire danger running high. the area's desert dry out there we've had humidity the measure down into the single digits outside right now this is a surface map of what's going on we've got high pressure off the coastline building in the pacific northwest behind that low that is drop for the south and they're seeing some extremely gusty. santa ana winds in southern california, even the stronger the near the bay area when the enough here, but by tomorrow things are going to be able to switch gears a little bit that low is finally going to kick a little further to the east as it moves for these the difference between these 2 pressure system's going to widen quite a bit and that means things are finally going to start to calm down but not now we've cold night ahead down in the valleys where we're not going to see as much wind that some overnight lows in the 30's if you don't have power that could be a pretty chilly night ahead tonight, 40's and 50's elsewhere around the bay area and certainly by day tomorrow should be some nice numbers we're going to see a lot of 70's comfortable to get those offshore winds and we're in the 70's in san francisco running well above the average. got temperatures
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along the coastline, 60's and some 70's there 72 a month care about 72 pacifica 73. in san bruno certainly some nice weather around the bay area if you don't have worry about the fire danger temperatures in the south bay near 80 degrees in the san jose probably find a couple low 80's begin to pop up in some some spots in the interior valleys. tomorrow, but it's going to be nice away from the mountaintops that's we're expecting those gusty winds and that high fire danger to continue a windy conditions, especially over the north bay we're going to see some of those very strong gusty winds we're seeing that now that's going to testify overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning as you get close to the coastline. still some nice weather lots of sunshine coming your way sunny skies and cooler temperatures developing though into the weekend looking nice inside the bay. look at those temperatures even along the coastline. i think as we head in toward next week, those numbers running up in the 70's in many spots even up toward the beaches looks like some very nice weather guys back to you all right lars thank you have only we can get some rain out yeah, okay, still ahead
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tonight, restaurants in california is suing the state for more than a 100 million dollars by the owners say they are entitled to that money still ahead. >>and so by school officials they're calling for students to get tested for covid-19. this after at least one person on to a big party for somebody tested positive.
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>>some restaurants in california are suing the state
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because they were charged for fees while they were closed due to the pandemic that lawsuit is asking the state of california to refund more than a 100 million dollars in liquor and health permits and tourism assessment fees which the state has already collected the establishment say they were threatened with permanent closure if they did not pay california officials have 45 days to respond to the claims this lawsuit was filed in los angeles. but russian officials expect additional lawsuits to be filed on behalf of restaurants in san francisco and fresno soon. today the city of san francisco announced it is waiving fees and taxes for entertainment and nightlife and you switch the city says. >>is equivalent to 2.5 million dollars and financial support of those waivers are meant to help businesses that were forced to shut down again during the pandemic the city is waiving regulatory license fees and business registration fees for 2 years and they will
8:26 pm
also waive a payroll expense taxes for 2020 about 300 businesses will be eligible for the waivers, businesses will not have to pay those fees back later. >>school and health officials are trying to find out if a big private party helped to spread the coronavirus in gilroy as kron four's rob fladeboe reports, hundreds of students and their families they might have all been exposed there being urged now to get tested. >>students at north christopher high school here on senator risa boulevard and gilroy high school on 10th street are impacted. and it's not clear exactly how many people may have been exposed to the coronavirus but school officials in conjunction with the county health department are encouraging all students between the ages of 1418 get tested. district confirms that at least one person attending a private party has tested positive. there are approximately 200 people at the party at a private residence back on october
8:27 pm
16th, 64 people were tested on saturday at a special test center set up to screen those who attended the party, many of those in attendance at the party participate in sports. the district says all sports conditioning has been suspended going forward. the potential exposures are especially concerning since infection in positivity rates are trending higher in gilroy than elsewhere in the county says the health department with many so mean this is definitely troublesome in relation to that. >>our mission our goal is to limit the transmission of covid-19. >>especially in areas so that seeing a disproportionate impact again the positivity rate higher here in gilroy than elsewhere in the county a city of roughly 55,000 people and so far had some 1700 cases in gilroy rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>next on kron 4 news at 8 o'clock thousands of people are without power across the bay area how residents and the north bay or cope and strong
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winds caused major damage across the bay area last night our chief meteorologist will be back he has more on the red flag warning that has been extended and while we are dealing with strong winds. the gulf coast. they're bracing for hurricane winds. how one community in
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>>or is now being restored and parts of california and the bay area after 355,000 customers had their power shut
8:31 pm
off because of the high fire risk. >>and we have a look at pg and e's current outage map, those purple triangles those are areas where the utility has shut off power and did still out kron four's dan kerman was in san anselmo where thousands of people were without power today. >>since early sunday evening, nearly 14,000 marin county residents have been in the dark today and it is and and is in >>getting dressed in the dark and it is just thinking how much more can we take the outage has impacted nearly 3,000 customers in fairfax. >>but many are better prepared this year than last. >>a lot better prepared. i have lights, you know canned food and water enough food for my dog in case we have to be out for a week again i got books. to keep me occupied. >>still a steady stream of people stopped by the fairfax town hall where a charging station is available. >>i'm here because we don't have any power in our house we
8:32 pm
have no internet connection and our phones are working them, i'm here to charge iphone so that i could some interaction with the rest of world. >>downtown fairfax has a bit of a split personality this time around with businesses on the sir francis drake side having power and those on the broadway side not having power. it's all about the fire risk and people get that i didn't sleep better last night knowing >>i was off because it was very windy. there's a lot of i could hear branches, falling down and i could hear things hitting or daca is like at least i don't have to worry that a line is going to go down. have to leave quickly in the so i do feel safer knowing that the so as of monday afternoon areas such as wood acre and the enforce knowles of received the all clear and that means restoration is underway. >>areas such as sen and in fairfax in mill valley hope to have their power restored by 10 o'clock monday evening. those areas have not received the all-clear by monday
8:33 pm
afternoon and that means it's likely power won't be restored there until sometime on tuesday. in dan kerman kron 4 news. >>because of today's strong winds and the increased fire risk with more of the same expected to say several popular parks in the east bay will be closed tomorrow. here's a list of the parks being shut down by the east bay municipal utility district. additional rangers will be patrolling these areas to make sure no one goes where they are not supposed to go several parks operated by the east bay regional park district were close on sunday because of the fire danger and they too are expected to remain closed through tomorrow. this is the list of those parks, if you would like to get a closer look you can find all of this on our website kron 4 dot com. >>and now to our 4 zone forecast our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow standing by with more on the extended red flag warning lawrence. >>more than a couple sleepless trying to you know hold exactly where we're going to
8:34 pm
see the fire conditions, the right now looks like things starting to ramp up again outside it is clear all around the bay area some very dry air is now settled in some in the single digits for relative humidity, but red flag warnings not up for everybody tonight. they're going to be up in the east bay hills above a 1000 feet to get the oakland hills there see area of red stretching across their the diablo range very strong gusty winds expected tonight, 2035 miles per hour. we just had a near black hawk of over 40 miles per hour. so certainly starting to pick up already tonight's la county also under red flag warning as well expecting some of those winds coming out of sacramento valley, 25 to 40 miles per hour gusts. humidity very very low. and then as we look toward the north bay above a 1000 feet again 25 to 40 miles per hour have seen some gusts now. mount saint helene up to 45 miles per hour just in the last couple of minutes here so it is starting to ramp up
8:35 pm
getting blustery out there over the mountain top tonight, not as windy down below. here's a look at some of the current winds right now at speaker that 19 miles per hour, 18 at soda springs, so winds just beginning to pick up now the likely ramp up as we head through the night tonight with those strong discussed as we head into early tomorrow morning. the rest the bay area down below doesn't look too bad just so far some light winds, but those winds will be picking up throughout the night tonight. it is going to gust maybe not as strong as last night but certainly strong enough should a fire start fire danger running very high through tomorrow afternoon. >>thank you lawrence now to the yucatan peninsula. we are tracking hurricane is a doubt the 27th storm to hit the atlantic. this season say is heading towards the resort on the resorts that are on the peninsula and then. >>it will likely move for landfall along the central us gulf coast by midweek. >>and as chad petri is reporting people in foley alabama, they say they're
8:36 pm
beginning to feel hurricane fatigue. >>you don't have to travel far to find storm damage still remaining from hurricane sally and foley in fact this down tree was just a few feet from her foley newsroom. it really shows that while sally was a major storm has been a very active season and people are just getting a bit of storm fatigue and having to prepare for another one sunday i went to the mills community of foley will see the signs of lingering storm damage from the common blue tarps that are on top of homes to the occasional hom of a chainsaw people just don't want to hear about another storm when they're still recovering from the last one. also around a lot of roads in baldwin county you'll still see large piles of debris that haven't been picked up, showing that a lot of people still have work left to do. this is just one of a number of inland areas around baldwin county and beyond where people are still cleaning up more than a month after the last big storm hurricane sally was the first major storm for this area in
8:37 pm
16 years. and that was chad petri reporting for us tonight zeta is the furthest into the greek alphabet, the atlantic hurricane season has gone at least in recent years. >>and the search for the names of storminess as a lot doesn't it there was a tropical storm zeta back in 2005, but the meteorologist notice that they missed one and later called that storm. the unnamed named storm. >>and still ahead it is out with the old in with the new how officials are using ipads to help protect your vote member 3rd and water has been discovered on them those still ahead how scientists think ahead how scientists think those water molecules g uber and lyft are like every big guy i've ever brought down. prop 22 doesn't "help" their drivers-- it denies them benefits. 22 doesn't help women. it actually weakens sexual harassment laws, which are meant to protect them.
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>>the first time scientists are confirming the presence of water on the moon's the sunlight surface. the scientists added that the moon's shadow frigid nooks and caannies may hold frozen water in more places and in larger quantities than previously thought. nasa said the amount of water discovers relatively small as a comparison the sahara desert has 100 times the amount of water that what was detected in the lunar soil yet. >>it is still an important discovery earlier today we asked a nasa scientist about how this water could have gotten there. >>the scientists think that there are maybe 2 potential ways one is to the solar wind that's savage an eye to the
8:41 pm
nurse or face and then that's interacting with oxygen in the to form the this hydroxyl molecule that and react another hydrogen to form drops a lock of storm other ways that the scientists are taking it could be micro meteorite that and the impact the moon as you saw in the video of are bringing water to the but this water is expected to be in in some kind of gasp 8 so otherwise they would not have so white this harsh environment, a little. >>nasa says it needs to learn more about the presence of water on the moon before it's sent the first woman and next man to the lunar surface in 2024. >>with only 8 and continue to break early voting records but one bay area county is doing to protect your vote. if you vote in person. >>and as far as 49 ers head coach kyle shanahan raising money back jeff wilson junior came out of nowhere to have a
8:42 pm
career best game yesterday was director jason dumas says that need to find the closest
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official ballot drop box near you? just visit to find your nearest location. then drop off your ballot. your vote will be secure and counted. there are other ways to vote too. just return your vote-by-mail ballot at your voting location or mail it back. or you can vote safely in-person during early voting or on election day. vote the way you're most comfortable - but vote by 8pm on november 3rd.
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>>is off the charts. i think it's going to be the biggest turnout ever. >>has it made you kron 4 news. >>and here kron 4 we're committed to helping make sure your vote counts if you have any kind of problem casting your ballot. tell us about it we will investigate you can e-mail us voting problems at kron 4 dot com. >>from the 18 t fiber sports tests. the niners road, the best defense in the nfl all the way to the super bowl last season yesterday that unit dominated this same way they did all last year they held the patriots to just 3 points. >>they picked off 4 times 3 of them off former mvp cam newton as you can see with a long day
8:50 pm
for cam it would probably be unfair to hold them to yesterday standards for the rest of the season. another bright spot from yesterday was the running game. the niners ran for a 197 yards in 4 touchdowns jeff wilson junior led the way with 17 carries for a 112 yards and 3 touchdowns unfortunately. wilson suffered a high ankle sprain and will likely go on the injured reserve later this week. i watch every single play the whole game. >>i mean every time he gets hit there's a looks like the goal line is right in front of them and he's doing everything he can to cross that you can see it on the field. i want to try to talk to him during the 2nd quarter barely could communicate with me as he was in that spot side and try to mess a mess it up. but i was very happy for him and how hard he played in this extremely unfortunate got hurt. >>yesterday i spoke about tom brady tormenting the raiders throughout his patriots career starting with that infamous couple robot. maybe the raiders would have better luck
8:51 pm
against tampa time. yeah, wishful thinking as you can see tampa tom had his best game as a buck against the raiders in that porous defense 4 touchdown passes and a touchdown run and you could see him chirping all game long. it was a very humbling afternoon for the raiders who now find themselves at 3 in 3, 2 and a half games behind chiefs, the biggest issue may be that defense only one team in the nfl is giving up more points per game than the raiders is 32.8 points per game that's the dallas cowboys on offense. the raiders had a myriad of issues yesterday. the offensive line had practice all week. and it looked like it they gave up 3 sacks and their car was under constant pressure. he also threw an interception all in all this is a team with a lot of holes and the most glaring ones well they're coming on that defensive we play some really good offense just so you know. >>tom brady's a problem for a lot of people. so is drew
8:52 pm
brees and certainly a lot of the guys that we've seen are very good players. >>we're going to stick together bond together and make some changes in the lineup possibly in the scheme that we use and we're open we change the results that we're getting. >>all righty monday night football. >>bears at the rams now this game is of particular interest for the forty-niners because it the rams had lost his game the 49 ers would little longer be in last place but jared goff with the touchdown pass there and the rams they go on to win 24 to 10 so the 49 ers still in last place in the nfc west but good news is they won 2 straight games. and yeah, you know it can only go up from there they're playing much better some game yesterday. i jason, thanks i like the editor they can think in jason. >>well we are just a few days away from i'll tell you about away from i'll tell you about one next. they all endorse yes on prop 25.
8:53 pm
to end unfair, unjust, discriminatory money bail. governor gavin newsom and van jones. they're voting yes on 25. the western center on law and poverty. the dolores huerta foundation. californians for safety and justice. and the california democratic party. they all agree that the size of your wallet shouldn't determine whether or not you're in jail. so, vote yes on prop 25.
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but i can't say i expected this. because it was easy. whether or not you're in jail. to fight these fires, we need funding - plain and simple. for this crisis, and for the next one. prop 15 closes tax loopholes so rich corporations pay their fair share of taxes. so firefighters like me, have what we need to do the job, and to do it right. the big corporations want to keep their tax loopholes. it's what they do. well, i do what i do. if you'ld like to help, join me and vote yes on prop 15.
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>>just a prince and putting the invisible man and dracula and frankenstein mixed and it looks like for some. >>normal people they did it on a phone board with help from a large printer that the father uses in his marketing job even has an ipad attached to include anybody who wants to be part of they consume wants to be part of a meter yeah. and that wraps up kron 4 news today. but our primetime news continues at the top of the hour thousands of the bay area still without power tonight because of the latest round of public safety power shutoff when those communities can expect to have the lights turned on and how businesses are coping with the loss of electricity. >>also a lifeline tonight for san francisco's entertainment and nightlife industry out you said gina anyone
8:58 pm
8:59 pm
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who's been injured in an accident that was not your fault, you don't have an attorney. >>give us a call right now and we'll let you know how much money you can get for your accident. thanks >>news stations. the pg and e customers remain in the dark tonight as the utility continues to shut off power across the bay area. this comes as red flag warnings for the north bay mountains and the east bay hills continues until 5 o'clock


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