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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  October 27, 2020 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>>when that whole time. so it's frustrating. >>things are different. now at 5 o'clock a lot of angry people has more than 100,000 customers remain in the dark tonight, but pg says power is being restored across the bay area as we speak. thanks for joining us. everybody, i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis pg shut off the power 2 days ago. >>in an effort to prevent a wildfire during these high winds here in the bay area
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they say the majority of power is expected to be restored by this evening. that's the good news. here's a look at pg e's current public safety power outage map and see all this purple areas, those are spots where the electricity is currently turned off. far fewer of them than this time last night but still a lot of outages in the north bay. now we go live to calistoga where many of those customers remain in the dark red cross for is dan kerman is there live with us dan we heard from that gentleman. >>it's been windy for many many years said all the sudden the past couple years people lose their power preemptively they're not happy. well, i'll tell you something really interesting and that's the fact that when i talk to people in marine yesterday, they were a little less willing to go with the power shut off but here in calistoga where you've seen lots of fires, they are more willing role with the tide. now pacific gas and electric has been crisscrossing napa county
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today tried to restoring power, you know about 11,000 people were without power here. right now about 5400 people still without power. pg e crews are out inspecting lines the repairing lines there inspecting polls. they're repairing polls still as i mentioned about a half of napa county is out most expected to be restored tonight. most of the people we spoke with today seem to are taking it all in stride because many of them got a enerator to make it a little bit easier to come. >>keeping one tv going. a light in my bedroom. light in the kitchen. wi fi. and the refrigerator. >>now it's not homes on the west side of calistoga with that woman lives that are still without power also wineries like still a d castillo was seeing some pictures of that right there they are still open for business they're working off
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of the generators, you know. >>they went through a lot of last month when their warehouse building was burned out during the glass fire now they are without power due to the psps but they are still serving line using a generator and it seems like people are coping with this they're getting a little bit more used to this they are willing we'll go with the flow as long as it keeps fire away. again, we haven't seen any major fires here in the bay area over this three-day period some would call that a success others a little bit frustrated with pg e as we mentioned right now 5400 napa county residents remain without power. they're hoping to get most of them back on tonight. but some of them will not be turned on until tomorrow we're here live in the napa valley dan kerman kron 4 news all right fair enough dan want to get a check now on the forecast, you know humidity wind. >>everything here in the bay area yet all conspires either be a problem or help us out kron four's chief
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meteorologist lawrence karnow joining us now with the latest florida historically one of the most dangerous times a year for fires here in the bay area we have one of those events again even last night we still have some gusts of 50 even 60 plus miles per hour. things begin to change a little bit you can see those winds continue to blow out there and that was overnight still those gusty winds but by the afternoon. they started to calm down a little bit and that's where we sit right now we're going to see those winds kind of backing off in fact around the bay area now specially made of the urban areas, pretty calm out there warm day indeed the humidity though starting to come back up the onshore breeze is beginning to kick back in and that's really going to help out over the next couple of days so it's been that big difference between high pressure that low that moved to the east that really brought those very strong gusty winds. now high pressure just kind of all going to lop over the bay area and settle in so instead of getting those offshore winds were left some mild temperatures are warm day. but not those blustery winds outside looks like that's the way it's going to stay but we haven't seen that rain yet of course we can see
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more of these offshore wind events until we get the rain fire deason wildfire season is not officially over guys. all right lawrence will now to our wildfire coverage as we continue to follow the silverado fire that's burning in orange county tonight that fast-moving fire has scorched more than 11,000 acres and is only 5% contained more than 70,000 homes in the irvine area are under evacuation orders. 2 firefighters were critically injured fighting. that fire yesterday that fire started yesterday morning. this morning, san francisco firefighters left the city for southern california to help fight that silverado fire. we of course hope they return safely and hope they get that fire put out as quickly as possible as the winds down there picking up yeah the silverado fire isn't the only fire in orange county tonight. crews are also battling the blue ridge fire that's in the town of your but linda. >>15,000 p15,000 people there w forced to evacuate that fire has burned over 15,000 acres and has damaged at least 10
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homes. we will of course continue to bring the you the latest on these fires and many others throughout the states. and now to the south bay the mammoth effort to deal with the devastation brought on by the czu lightning complex fire. they have thousands of dead and dying trees that are a real threat to public safety they're coming down right now kron four's rob fladeboe. >>has been touring some of the hardest hit areas. he joins us live from santa cruz, a nice scene behind you there rob. >>and that's right fred, i'm here along highway between santa cruz and that davenport over the hill there bonnie dune one of the hardest hit areas here as heartbreaking as it was to see all the damage inflicted by the czu lightning complex fire on homes and properties, no less troubling to see what it did to trees and now as you say many of those trees have to come down, let's take a closer look. >>bonnie dune is a
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heartbreaking mess logging trucks whole load after load of dead trees felled by crews working to keep residents in traffic out of harm's way. >>1100 trees have been worked removal hero swanton road alone since the county steve wizenard so. >>what the county is doing right now as we're going through and doing a full assessment of trees within the public roadway. and just outside the public roadway were trees could fall and impact the public roadway. >>chainsaws echo through the mountains there are piles of logs everywhere virtually every moderate pine on kelly foster's property are being cut down some are falling on their own and that's scary. he says the first week after the fire. >>we heard a big pine come down about once an hour. 4. several weeks and sometimes you hear the crack and then the boom and sometimes is here road in many places they must
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go first. >>45 miles of road where impacted and there are thousands more damage trees on private property across 85,000 acres scorched by the lightning sparked fire that erupted back on august 19th a lot of these trees are shells of themselves as what they you know were prior to the fire incident. >>and so we are we're practice proactively going in seen what kind shape. these trees are and if they're deemed dangerous. >>we're taking him down. >>is it the loss of those trees weren't enough there are worries about what could happen when the rains return this winter with little or nothing to guard against erosion and the prospect of war and disaster on top of another what i'm most worried about. >>is the mud debris flow. that's projected this winter. i joke with friends can we please get a quarter inch of rain every other night all winter long. but we know that's not going to happen, we know where you get some some goalie washers and pretty scary to think what's going to flow with all the organics completely burned off and very little vegetation on the
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ground to to modify the the >>and when the tree crews move out the russian control litigation crews will move in this work expected to go on for months it will cost the county millions of dollars live in santa cruz rob fladeboe kron 4 news all right rob kron 4 is your election headquarters your local election headquarters and tonight. >>the u.s. postal service is recommending that people voting by mail to do it today. tonight in order to meet the state's deadline. >>and if you can't do that tomorrow i cast waiting any longer than today, they say could put your ballot at risk of not being counted. kron 4 says he quit eu has that story. >>if you are planning on casting your vote by mail for the 2020 presidential election. now may be your last best chance to get it done in fact the u.s. postal service recommends mailing your ballot. no later than a week before the deadline to give it
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more than enough time to arrive later before the date of the election there should continue to have confidence in the post office. >>we still have great job return email to us it just has to be postmarked november, 3rd or earlier. >>the contra costa county voter registrars offices in the midst of a record breaking election season receiving over 300,000 ballots already and half of those ballots were delivered courtesy of the usps however with one week to go before the election the assistant registrar cautions against waiting any longer to get those ballots in the mail and i highly encourage voters to do that. >>one thing about 2020. i've learned is you never know what's happening. what's going to happen tomorrow. you know today we have our show us there might be power shut-offs on election day might they want fires and evacuations is there might be a covid outbreak where you live. you know you never know so why take the chance vote by bill deadlines vary state to state
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in california ballots returned by bill must be postmarked no later than november 3rd and received no later than 17 days after the election to be counted. >>zeke matthew kron 4 news. >>and meanwhile in the east bay kron four's phillipe djegal is tracking early voting in contra costa county and he has this report for us. >>comparing the turnout for the presidential election to the march primaries, the contra costa county elections office says the number of vote by mail ballots cast has already been surpassed and overall more than 310,000 ballots have been returned so far that's just 20,000 less than the total number of ballots turned in back in march and there's still a week to go to the general election in fact we already have received more >>now that while we had the entire election in 2016 scott quarter past sick is the assistant registrar of voters, he says for the first time in
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the county's history more than 700,000 people have registered to vote to that represents about 65,000 more voters while we have for the march primary election. he also expects. >>there are some 600,000 of those ballots will eventually be turned in that's more than 85%. he says that is also a historic number only surprise we we've had is how many people are voting early. >>we don't have anywhere near this percentage of voters participating. week before the election tuesday is the last day vote by mail ballots are being sent out if you have not received one or have not registered to vote. >>you can register and vote in person by visiting the elections office in downtown martinez or one of the 17 regional vote centers set up. >>throughout the county people are voting now and voters just anticipate voting prior to the to election day past 6 has
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about 45% of the ballots received were turned in at the more than 3 dozen 24 7 ballot drop boxes. those will continue accepting ballots through the election. in martinez phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. still to come. >>amy coney barrett is officially the newest supreme court justice we have reaction from lawmakers on her appointment. >>and non essential offices are now allowed to bring employees back to work in san francisco. the latest reopening developments in the city. >>plus 3 more bay area counties have been to that orange or moderate coronavirus here that is good which businesses are now allowed to
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>>good news for 3 bay area counties are in san mateo and contra costa counties have all moved up in the state's reopening tier system. all 3 of move to the orange moderate tier meeting more businesses will be allowed to reopen indoor operations of course with modifications the newest move leaves solano and sonoma counties in the more severe risk tears with sonoma still in the most restrictive widespread purple phase and solano in the red substantial risk here, san francisco is the only bay area county in the lowest risk tier yellow a county can move to the orange here once the test positivity rate falls between 2, 4.9%. so
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because san francisco has done so well and is in that yellow tear some non essential office workers can start showing back up to work no more zoom but as kron four's maureen kelly reports she was a downtown around lunchtime today and she didn't see much of a change. the valerie chain has been selling bouquets here at the flower cart off market street downtown for close to 30 years. >>she says business is still way down. and while the city has now given non essential businesses, the green light to bring in office workers at 25% capacity. she has not seen much of a change today at this is time for us and let them know used to be. >>and that is having a major impact on mom and pop businesses that rely on foot traffic is really high to start to my neighbor across the street, they said because there's nobody in downtown
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minus will not help because they don't. >>surprised i was going to bring healthy have to bring him. better off close and instead of coming in. >>south of market, the manager of orange thomas had just a few customers eating around lunchtime, a small fraction of their prepandemic crowd on nomo lunch time or davis 80's around 1 o'clock we'll have a liner on the corner over him. >>i might be like a 1520 minute, wait and while i don't see that happening for the rest of this year. i believe we are you know well established well loved us from believe by next year. january february, we'll start getting there. >>several restaurants nearby are boarded up sitting outside a shuttered lunch spot, i found one man who works in commercial real estate, he says he and most of his co-workers are coming in about once a week. >>and does not think this new phase of reopening is going change that yeah no i think all the work from home 3 to 4
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days out of the week in perpetuity. >>so obviously this is just the first day and only time will tell if office workers gradually start coming back to work downtown. but right now this place appears to be just as much of a ghost town as it has been for many months maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>the bay area reopenings calm as the u.s. is dealing with the highest average number of covid-19 cases since the pandemic began over the past week the country reported an average of 68,000 new cases every day that's up more than 22% compared with the previous week, the averare deaths per day across the country are also up 10% over the past 2 weeks to 794 deaths per day. health officials fear further spread of the virus as we head into the holidays. and tonight governor gavin newsome says his new vaccine group will not be delaying distribution of a
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covid-19 vaccine has 3 more states are you california safety effort to kron four's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala reports. >>washington oregon and nevada are joining california's review group to put a second set of eyes on an eventual fda approved vaccine before distributing it within these west coast states the governor responding to critics who claim this could significantly delay a critical need for californians. >>no it will not cause any delays in fact we would argue quite the contrary it's going to increase transparency and trust state leaders tuesday said as the fda works to approve the covid-19 vaccine, the west coast group working to verify its safety does not plan to continue or replicate any trials. we're looking at. >>information the data that is a lot of it is publicly reported but through the eyes of experts can be strengthened invalidated the approach that shares and intend to and are going to work very hard to
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make sure that the trust of the public is what we have and sharing this information in a clear concise way without delay state officials announced an additional group focused on the vaccine. a new 16 person panel will come up with guidelines on vaccine ethics and distribution that they're safely transported that they're safely stored. >>that we're having a mindset of safety related to public data or other private and personal debt and what's that line what's that distinction. there's no timetable for any of this until a vaccine is approved newsom's administration has said it likely won't happen in 2020. planning for the vaccine comes as california is starting to see increases in both icu admissions and hospitalizations related to covid-19. >>both are up about 5% over the last 2 weeks. the governor says later this week, he'll make an announcement on testing capacity. reporting in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>all right time now for 4
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zone forecast chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is with us large beautiful day out there for most of us. yeah, you know it wasn't gusty certainly some very nice weather around the bay area and that's where we expect to see heading for a would love to get some rain in the forecast but right now doesn't look like that's going to happen so we've got some clear skies out there it is dry though, so we'll see those temperatures really fallen off tonight, they cold in some spots, we'll likely see those numbers moving down into the 30's and some of the north bay village but a beautiful shot outside in san francisco right now across the bay clear skies there and that's the way it's going to stay all night long. the winds over the past 24 hours yet we had another round of some very gusty winds over the mountain tops check out seeing alina they had a 71 mile an hour gusts. mount diablo a 74 mile an hour gust. hawkeye in the north bay 61 miles per hour just above healdsburg to 53 oakland in the hills there a 51 mile an hour gust and black hawk. gust of 46 miles per hour looks like those winds, beginning to calm down though now around the bay area red flag warnings
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have come down high pressure out there right now that ridge going kind of his work its way overhead i think in the next 24 hours. it's going settle in so we're not going worry about the wind we're going to talk about all that sunshine and the nice weather boy it is going to be beautiful out there humidity also going to start come up that is great news, the sea breeze kicking in and so that's going to drive the humidity up quite a bit tomorrow plan on lots of sunshine coming your way into these numbers about 80 degrees and lael 80 in concord 69 degrees in san francisco. you get the idea some nice weather had nice and toasty even along the coastline. i think we may be talking about some 70's as we head in toward halloween. well i haven't seen you smile like this is 9 fired a jet worry about today moving over and over a leaf okay, thanks lauren. >>still ahead health experts are now recommending adults start screening for certain type of cancer at a younger age how they say checking just 5 years earlier could save your life.
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i agree with the la times: no on 22. uber and lyft want all the power. so, show them the real power is you. vote no on prop 22.
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>>for your health, a panel of health experts are now recommending that adults start getting colon cancer screenings at the age of 45 now doctors had previously recommended screenings start at 50 but the u.s. preventive services task force says there's growing concern over rising rates of colon cancer in people under the age of 50 they say that earlier testing will help detect precancerous polyps. early cancer in younger patients. >>still many more options for
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treatment. they're much less invasive for the peace and security on that side of events. we treat the cancer at stages rather than later stages. and also the outcomes are significantly better when we when we treat stage cancer. >>colon cancer is the 3rd leading cause of cancer deaths here in the u.s. that these recommendations are finalized screenings for younger people would be covered by most private insurance plans. >>coming up next nexium leader keith raniere e sentenced to 120 years in prison. you see him here to sketch from the sentencing hearing today. why the judge says he deserves to spend his life behind bars and caught 4 is your local election headquarters we'll be answering all your voting questions whether you're mailing your ballot or planning to show up and vote in person and amy coney barrett officially the newest
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>>back on for your local election headquarters this election season we've been counting it down right vicki. yeah so today, i'm next week cool. we have we are just 7 days from election day. it's obviously. november, 3rd next tuesday, excited to see what happens then tonight just as amy coney barrett is the newest member of the supreme court after all, but one senate republican voted for her to take over the new vacancy yes, susan collins, meanwhi


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