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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  October 27, 2020 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>>back on for your local election headquarters this election season we've been counting it down right vicki. yeah so today, i'm next week cool. we have we are just 7 days from election day. it's obviously. november, 3rd next tuesday, excited to see what happens then tonight just as amy coney barrett is the newest member of the supreme court after all, but one senate republican voted for her to take over the new vacancy yes, susan collins, meanwhile, a democrats they're
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actually pretty worried about the country's future. >>our washington correspondent basil john port. >>with amy coney barrett officially, the newest justice on the supreme court. >>west virginia republican showing more capital says she will act as a role model for the country she understands respects the role of supreme court justices west virginia democrat joe manchin doesn't question bears qualifications but questions the timing of this process so close the election because all it does is further divide. >>one week before the election of a very very contentious election. i might say. >>mansion and other democrats say they are worried about what will happen to things like the affordable care act. >>and now we have a landmark case coming up that could throw the baby out with the bath water, virginia senator tim kaine expects republicans will get their way and overturned the a they did it for one reason which is they smell blood in the water in their effort to finally kill the affordable care act cain says only one thing can be
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done now the only real solution is for people to engage as never before so there will be a congress that can provide additional protection should the supreme court. >>take a step in. seems likely the supreme court hears arguments in the ac a just one week after the election. >>reporting in washington, i'm be-all john and as we get ever closer to next tuesday's election just about everybody is hoping for things to go smoothly but there's also concern that extremists and both sides could cause trouble or katherine heat at host of inside bay area politics. >>says one of our political analyst says some surprising thoughts on the subject catherine yes, uprising and kind of dramatic. this is interesting advice are political analyst michael yaki says that he has a message for some of the governors of the swing states, including michigan and that includes the use of the national guard. >>they should consider having the national guard are ready to deploy on election night
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not not at the polls. >>action night for the purposes of protecting the local county clerks and registrars and the search state's office where the ballots are going be going to be tabulated and county because of this count drags on. by some social media could be for an interaction could be the president word gets out that those ballots being counted are all fraudulent manipulated or illegal. there there's a very substantial real likelihood that people. my train take matters into their own hands and local county clerks and registers are just not equipped to deal with that north. neither local police i'm i'm concerned i think that governor should be ready. and and i i call it deployed to the church to let the ballot kerik going peacefully without interruption. >>and michael is acknowledging tension surrounding the election they could go beyond an interruption of the ballot count to other kinds of civil unrest, bottom line he is
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calling this a very different election season. vicki and grant thank you hear it on for we've been asking you to send in your. >>election questions in there, quite a few common questions that we've received including this one from tisha nichols. she wants to know what you should do if you haven't received your mail in ballot. yet even if the ballot tracker online says is on the way. elections officials say if you still haven't received your ballot. contact your local registrar office immediately. >>we don't want through the different options for you. we have programs where we will still mail a ballot so in the day today to voters you can pick up about our office in person we have ballot runners that are delivering palace out certain circumstances and depending on what the situation so we're doing everything we can to try to get outs out to folks we also have saturday hours this weekend. our office will be open for just cases like this. >>which now officials say that if you're planning to send your ballot in through the usps will actually today was
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the last day to guarantee ballot arrival by november, 3rd par fours committed to helping make sure that your vote counts if you experience a problem casting your ballot. let us know we'll we can e-mail you can e-mail us rather at voting problems at kron 4 dot com. >>well certainly nice out there right now we've got beautiful conditions finally those winds calming down still a little blustery over the mountain tops, but hey it is looking good out there right now in fact look at the coastline yet looking nice out toward half moon bay right now you've got clear skies. it's going to stay that way all night long. it's really nice temperatures likely to come our way to we're still talking 60's near the coastline, but you get inside the bay. we're still got a lot of 70's outside around the bay area clear skies and just a gentle breeze across most of the bay area but things are going to start to change a little bit said the get those gusty winds we're going to be talking about those winds calming down but the air still very dry. so
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the temperatures at night going to get a little chilly overnight lows in the 30's and some of the north bay valleys 40's elsewhere around a good part of the bay area. so certainly start to feel a little bit like the season least at night by day enjoying a beautiful sunny day in the san francisco, some 60's and some 70's there along the coastline lot of 60's. beautiful weather along the coast. as you head inside the bay, the temperatures going to start to warm up and looking good as you work your way down the peninsula running into a lot of 70's tomorrow into the south bay and sunny skies all day long after a cool start to the day as the east going to crank those numbers in the upper 70's, maybe couple low 80's in a place like conquered lot of sunshine all around it looks like and that is going to hold not only tomorrow but for the coming days, we'll see those temperatures warming up nicely high pressure taking care of us overhead. that means we'll see sunny skies right through the holiday on halloween. and then keeping things warm above normal even into next week guys. all right, thank you. lawrence tonight kron 4 is always tracking local stories, here's
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a look at what's going on in your neighborhood right now. >>in the east bay, the oakland fire department responding to a 2 alarm fire this morning. >>this fire located up in the oakland hills, a crown avenue and merriewood drive. officials have reported that there were 2 structures involved in this fire. >>and it spread into the vegetation near the fire was largely confined but crews the they're still fighting it evidently the east bay hills course. i still under a red flag warning due to dry conditions and strong wind gusts also in oakland, a man was found shot to death inside a car that had crashed into a pole, this is near 89th and macarthur police say they got a shotspotter notification right before 11 o'clock last night. police were able to interview a few people in the area, but no one has been arrested. if you have any info about the incident you're asked to call apd. >>the south bay now a man who died after his car careened off a cliff in santa clara county has been identified. according to the santa clara county medical examiner's office. the man is 58 year-old
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felton resident, his name is christopher chambers that crash was first reported at 08:00am friday on highway 17 just north of hubbard road in lexington hills community. chambers car fell about a 150 feet from the roadway. that's according to the >>coming up there's a 2020 story for you about 100 murder hornets have been removed from the nest in washington state. how scientists were able to pull this off without any injuries. >>and 3 out of 4 parents say they're spending more money on halloween this year. why they say the holiday is extra important in 2020 plus a disgraced self-improvement guru has been sentenced to more than 100 years in prison. >>why the judge says the harsh sentence is appropriate for them.
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>>new tonight, disgraced a self-improvement group keith rainier iii who also founded the group nexium has been sentenced to 120 years in prison today sentencing came after more than a dozen former members of the group read victim impact statements before the court for nearly was convicted in 2019 by a brooklyn federal court on several counts including racketeering, trafficking exploitation of a child. >>and human trafficking. >>the judge called for nearly ruthless an unyielding in crimes that were particularly
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agree just because he targeted young girls and young women. and take a look at this workers from the washington state department of agriculture managed to destroy its first mass of the so-called murder hornets discovered here in the u.s. without suffering any stings or any other injuries right out of star wars themed nest to his sealed with foam and shrink wrap and they suffocated the hornets in there the nest was located right near the canadian border, pretty concerned because these giant asian hornets nickname murder hornets are large and they're seeing can be lethal, especially if a person is done numerous times the hornets also pose a huge threat to honeybees which is a huge concern because hate to say that they pollinate the hives so many there are pretty too. still ahead a deadly police shoo
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i didn't choose this job because it was easy.
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but i can't say i expected this. to fight these fires, we need funding - plain and simple. for this crisis, and for the next one.
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prop 15 closes tax loopholes so rich corporations pay their fair share of taxes. so firefighters like me, have what we need to do the job, and to do it right. the big corporations want to keep their tax loopholes. it's what they do. well, i do what i do. if you'ld like to help, join me and vote yes on prop 15. >>a deadly police shooting caught on camera this is cell phone video of the moment, philadelphia police officers. shot and killed 27 year-old walter wallace that was yesterday morning. >>investigators say he had a knife in his hand failed to obey officers who were ordering him to drop it shortly after the video of the shooting was posted online protests broke out across that city.
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>>hundreds of demonstrators took to the streets monday night the national guard we're just hearing has been deployed. time said this protest turned violent with clashes between officers in riot gear and protesters. the philly pd says that more than a dozen officers were injured overnight one officer still in the hospital tonight after she was hit by a truck her injuries do not appear to be life threatening. the da announced earlier today that their office is investigating. for your money tonight today, the social security administration announced that the social care security and supplemental security income benefits are going to be increased in 2021. the average retiree will get a $20 increase per month. the 1.3% cost of living adjustment will begin with benefits payable to more than 64 million social security beneficiaries in january of next year and increased payments to more than 8 million ssi beneficiaries will begin in
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december of this year, social security and ssi beneficiaries will be notified by mail starting. i early december about their new benefit. >>tonight amazon says they will be hiring 100,000 people for the holidays, the company said the new hires will help pack ship and sort orders working part time or full time. amazon says the jobs are not related to typical holiday hiring made the record profit and revenue between april and june as so many more people. turn to online shopping during the pandemic buying supplies groceries toilet paper if they could get it. meanwhile a new lending tree survey says nearly 3 in 4 parents with kids under the age of 18. say they're planning to spend more on halloween this year because their kids have already missed out on so many other celebrations this year. in that group this survey said many parents cited the challenges of transitioning kids to remote learning models
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and dealing with so many events and activities birthday parties being canceled in 2020. more than half of the americans surveyed also admitted to spending more on halloween than they can actually afford also good news for film fans that today said mark announced a more movie theaters are reopening here in the bay area. >>5 theaters are reopening in alameda county today to theaters in san francisco plus several in santa clara county will be reopened by the end of the week friday, one change that comes with the openings. is not allowing any eating or drinking inside the theater which is a san francisco and santa clara county enforced restriction of course social distancing and mask requirements are also going to be in effect. >>other movie news talk about a one 80. this is a look at the new slogan for the kazakhstan tourism board they have now adopted the slogan for their most well known fake citizen born at very nice this is the sequel to the controversial movie was
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released on amazon prime this week. it is a big change for that country you may recall 14 in on our 4 zone forecast out the kind of a roller coaster ride the past lawrence is here though with a smile on his face things are looking a little better for us yeah looking better for us other parts of the country guess what we're dealing with yet. >>another potential hurricane making landfall. the united states this one of course we've already gone through all the named storms this year now we're headed to the greek alphabet we've had so many out there you can see this one making its way across the yucatan peninsula there it goes sliding on through weakening as it moves across as you might expect. but now moving back out into some open waters and here is the very
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latest so sustained winds really a tropical storm right now 65 miles per hour but is now over open water so here we go wind this up and there you are and guess what it starts to make a beeline would you know up toward louisiana once again. and it looks like it's a category one as a start to intensify probably maintaining category one strength as it gets closer to the coastline. but there you go wednesday almost noon time you're talking a category one hurricane just off the coastline sustained winds of 80 miles per hour possibly making landfall right at new orleans and that means we're talking 4 maybe 8 inches of rain flash flooding there and a storm surge of 2 to 4 people. they have had one after another storms make their way there meantime though that storm system is going to come on shore you got all this cold air snow all the way down in the panhandle of texas new mexico today, some of coldest temperatures they've had in over a 100 years that is going to combine with that storm system as it makes way across the u.s. and boy it's going to be some kind
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of storm headed toward the eastern seaboard back out west. we go those winds beginning to calm down around the bay area just some light breezes down below of course some very blustery conditions up above tomorrow, we're looking at a very nice day the temperatures are going to be running in the 60's and 70's all around the bay area maybe some low 80's inland. the next few days guys that some beautiful weather coming our way temperatures staying warm, no rain in sight. there's a hint may be some changes finally as we look toward next week rain. maybe we'll see another thing right and just yet all right all right lawrence, thank you. still to come bringing joy to his students during a pandemic one central california teacher. >>is using chalk art to make a difference.
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>>and we're back in march when we thought we might they say at home for a few weeks or maybe a month. well, yeah back then a teacher in modesto found a creative way to stay connected to his students while they were just starting that distance learning yet for ever ago. well now that they are back in the classroom, he's bringing his artistic abilities to the blacktop. >>grant hanson has that story. >>hi my name is philip has a veto independence facilitators. waterford elementary school and i work one on one with kids, especially its. at the beginning of the pandemic i
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was in walgreens like everyone else just getting some essentials and as i was walking out there was a little dollar box of chalk. >>i picked it up and i was like this will be fun. in may the kids were going to come back to. >>get their work for the rest of the year and so i wrote them a little message like hey kids i know this year has been weird but we made it through together because we care about you and we care about each other at the beginning of the year when we were doing distance learning. we would have fun friday with mister a where they got to come on and do a direct drawing with me so i guide them through drawing some things. seeing them on the computer screen showing me was really cool. but now having them back in class and you see that genuine reaction immediately where they're like oh my gosh look at my work and they're so proud of it. it just you know it warms your heart.
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>>every year we do red ribbon week here in the waterford school district it's to help raise awareness of. a drug prevention. >>so we are doing a giant mural. >>that's going to be happy be brave be drug-free. >>i've always had a passion for art ever since i was a little kid and then it wasn't until covid happened that i discovered a new love of chalk. the world always is full of beauty, but sometimes it's hard to find and i'm so glad that i'm able to put some beauty in the world for people to find. >>what a great guy yeah important contributions heart in the piece that was graham hansen reporting for us tonight and that wraps up kron 4 news at 5 o'clock this evening but stick around coming up on the news at 6 p g knees still working to restore power to more than 100,000 customers tonight a lot of people frustrated, they're still in the dark well of an
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update. >>from the utility at the top of the hour. >>plus we're just one week away from the election officials are warning you to get your ballots in the mail right now saying that there could be a delay. if you wait to vote. the news at 6 is next.
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>>news at 6.
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>>now it's 6 power restoration efforts are underway this evening. this is thousands of bay area customers are still without their power. good evening, everybody, i'm vicki liviakis and i'm grant lotus on sunday couple days ago more than 335,000 customers. >>lost power this is across 34 counties in california. here in the bay area you had 92,000 customers in 8 counties all except san francisco, who lost power. so here's a look at power restoration efforts in those counties as you can see at least. >>half of the bay area counties affected by the shut offs have had their power. turn back on crews are still working on restoring power in alameda and sonoma county and nearly 42% of customers affected by the power outages in napa county they've had their power restored. the news conference is set to begin any minute now and we're going bring it to you once it starts. >>kron four's dan kerman spent the day in calistoga he talked to us people who are still in the dark.


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