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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  October 27, 2020 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>>shoes and has a typically excited excited because it does new opportunities for so many of our businesses and our activities. >>now at 8 a positive sign for contra costa county business owners and residents, the green light to expand operations, 10's of thousands of bay area customers still without power since sunday because of the safety power shutoffs tonight. the progress is being made in restoring power to the majority of those customers plus we are exactly one week from election day why local election officials are urging you to mail in your ballot as soon as possible good evening, thanks for joining us for kron 4 news at 8 o'clock, i'm ken wayne and i'm pam moore. we begin tonight with some positive coronavirus news for the bay area. >>today more in contra costa and san mateo counties all have moved into the arms or moderate covid tier. this allows for some indoor businesses to reopen with
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modifications well forced to joins us tonight from lafayette in contra costa county where many are breathing a sigh of relief thanks to the reopening measures, theresa >>well pam as you mentioned it is certainly positive news we're here in lafayette to contra costa county i was speaking to the owner of social bird behind me and she says you know of course of business is called social bird was supposed to be social but then the pandemic it and she said that it's been certainly very tough but now. that we've got that move into this new terror. she says she's extremely grateful. >>from here there nothing. >>it was heart wrenching that chef and owner snd carrion who owns social bird in lafayette and 2 other restaurants in contra costa county she and her husband had just bought renovated. and held a grand opening of social bird. then
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the pandemic hit. >>in a cap and he had to learn how to the takeout business that we doing to farm. it was learning process and learning process. >>she showed me the transformed back patio that can now welcome gas. she says moving into the orange phase which will allow 50% capacity inside will be i'm very encouraged by this orange is wonderful. yellow is going to be even better at the restaurant this evening, these 2 agreed moving ahead is great more people will go out it's all about being cautious tone erin yeah, just like being careful saying i think more people come out to bid for the county generates more revenue indoor swimming pools which is really important to communities like ross war which are in my bars. your family entertainment centers. candice anderson is a supervisor and chair of the
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contra costa county board of supervisors. >>while she says the easing of restrictions helps everyone. >>she warns covid is still here and still very much a real threat musical theatrical productions with up to 50 people there as long they can stay mask the whole time so you still can't have outdoor live entertainment for a bar or restaurant, but at least an open set up. >>my only hesitancy is and where it is a watch what's happening across the country and so i just want to remind people we got here by being vigilant we got here by doing things like wearing our masks washing your hands, staying home and we weren't feeling. well avoiding large groups and that's how he got her number so low, so my only had only message is we got here by doing these very simple things we need to keep our guard up we need to be vigilant. >>so the bottom line is that county here is going to be in
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this tier for the next 2 weeks at the state says that the numbers are great they can move into the next year with more easing of restrictions, however if the numbers slide backwards in the county slides backwards of course as well so really is in the residence hands reporting live here contra costa county and theresa back teresa. thank you very much now that san francisco county is in the yellow tier. >>some non essential office workers are allowed to return to work that is as of today. but despite the clearance for this next step, businesses are still suffering. >>i have not seen it like this is crazy even this building right behind me pounding up 12 to 15% of people coming so that's very small amount of people come here. to what we usually have another dot coms and i hear people working from home what is that nobody normal lunch time workday was 80's around 1 o'clock we'll
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have a liner on the corner over him. >>i might be like a 1520 minute, wait and while i don't see that happening for the rest of this year. i believe we are you know well established well loved us from believe by next year. in january february, we'll start getting america. >>the city has given nonessential businesses the green light to bring in office workers at 25% capacity which applies to indoor gyms and personal care services, restaurants shopping centers, places of worship and museums will expand to 50% capacity in one week. this is the first day and only time will tell if workers will start coming back gradually, but right now. a lot of the city is still pretty much the same ghost town has been for many months now. mayor london breed announced a new jobs program to help san franciscans find employment, it's called jobs now and will offer training services to low income residents. the program also reimburse us employers when they hire program participants for permanent positions. breed says the program will make it
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easier for participants to sign up and increases support for small businesses to reopen. >>solano county remains in the red or substantial covid-19 tear but experts say if residents do not shape up quickly they could be moving back into the most restrictive purple tier that is the message tonight from the county's public health officer over the last 2 weeks the county has reported about 40 new cases a day and that puts its state adjusted case rate at 7.1. the county must keep its number of cases per 100,000 residents per day and are 7 in order to remain in the red to year safeway will pay $140,000 to settle a price gouging law suit with alameda and contra costa counties, prosecutors say the grocery chain marked up 2 brands of hand sanitizer by 50% over the wholesale cost after the pandemic started an emergency order issued in april than the
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price gouging during the pandemic as part of the settlement safeway will pay about $81,000 in civil penalties and about 62,000 in restitution. another big story. we're following tonight power restoration efforts are underway this evening. >>days after more than 92,000 bay area customers had their power cut. during the power shut offs as you can see more than half of the bay area counties affected by the shut offs have had their power completely restored crews are still working on restoring power in alameda and sonoma counties and almost 42% of customers affected by the power outages in napa county have had their power restored. pg e says it's hoping to have power fully restored. no later than tomorrow. >>well for the fire danger, let's check in with our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow lawrence so what's going on right now is really windy not so windy, but dry it seemed out very dry out there right now that's cooler temperatures get cold overnight tonight but
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certainly those winds gusty enough to cause some damage last night again and some of those blustery winds blowing over 70 miles per hour across some of our mountain peaks. oh yes, certainly those strongest enough to issue those red flag warnings and then some not as strong as last night but still 71 mile an hour gust to say to leave the diablo 74 mile an hour gust. at hawkeye 61 miles an hour healdsburg 53 the oakland hills augusta 51 miles per hour and black hawk in the east bay, 46 miles per hour now those winds. they were going the right through about noon today still blowing 2030 plus miles an hour over the north bay hills at least and then by the evening hours finally starting to calm down and that's kind of where we sit right now that's a good place to be things begin to quiet down around the bay area more of a sea breeze kicking in late in the day along the coastline. and that trend is going to take us into the next couple days so humidity been very dry out there down to the single digits parts of the bay area but now things are changing gears again high pressure and that big blow to our east that it brought us
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all the gusty winds. well now the time to spread out just a little bit high pressure going bill overhead. calmer winds, warmer days. and it looks like dry weather had guys. thank you. lawrence 2 homes were destroyed in an early morning fire in the oakland hills it happened near crown avenue. >>and mary would drive fire from the home spread to vegetation at one point in less than an hour oakland firefighters were able to contain the fire. and that is the situation there. >>election day is almost here. we are now exactly one week away from the november, 3rd election. and if you have not mailed in your ballot yet the u.s. postal service says it likely may not get counted by election day. fortunately in california as long as your ballot is postmarked by election day and arrives by november 20th your vote will get tallied but kron four's has it might gun talked with local election officials who say you should still try to mail it as soon as possible.
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>>if you are planning on casting your vote by mail for the 2020 presidential election. now may be your last best chance to get it done in fact the u.s. postal service recommends mailing your ballot. no later than a week before the deadline to give it more than enough time to arrive late or before the date of the election there should continue to have confidence in the post office. >>we still have great job return email to us it just has to be postmarked november, 3rd or earlier. >>the contra costa county voter registrars offices in the midst of a record breaking election season receiving over 300,000 ballots already and half of those ballots were delivered courtesy of the usps however with one week to go before the election the assistant registrar cautions against waiting any longer to get those ballots in the mail and i highly encourage voters to do that. >>one thing about 2020. i've learned is you never know what's happening. what's going to happen tomorrow. you know
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today we have our show us there might be power shut-offs on election day might they want fires and evacuations is there might be a covid outbreak where you live. you know you never know so why take the chance vote by bill deadlines vary state to state in california ballots returned by bill must be postmarked no later than november 3rd and received no later than 17 days after the election to be counted. >>has it made you kron 4 news. coming up on kron 4 news today, president trump and joe biden zeroing in on critical swing states in the final days before the election. but biden the setting is bar higher than some expected. we'll explain. >>an east bay officer in charge of payroll functions allegedly falsifying funds tonight that veteran officer has found himself on the wrong side of the law plus a wildfire that spread fast in southern california tonight. >>to first responders are fighting for their lives.
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>>fire crews are still adding up the damage inflicted by the czu lightning complex fire in the santa cruz mountains it's going to cost millions of dollars and take months to deal with the damage to the trees alone as kron four's rob fladeboe reports now work is underway north of santa cruz in the hard-hit community of bonny doon. >>bonnie dune is a
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heartbreaking mess logging trucks whole load after load of dead trees felled by crews working to keep residents in traffic out of harm's way. >>1100 trees have been worked for removal hero swanton road alone since the county steve wizenard so. >>what the county is doing right now as we're going through and doing a full assessment of trees within the public roadway. and just outside the public roadway were trees could fall and impact the public roadway. >>saws echo through the mountains there are piles of logs everywhere virtually every moderate pine on kelly foster's property are being cut down some are falling on their own and that's scary. he says the first week after the fire. >>we heard a big pine come down about once an hour. 4. several weeks and sometimes you hear the crack and then the boom and sometimes is here the kraken that's the scarier situation tall pine for redwoods lean over the winding road in many places they must
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go first. >>45 miles of road where impacted and there are thousands more damage trees on private property across 85,000 acres scorched by the lightning sparked fire that erupted back on august 19th a lot of these trees are shells of themselves as what they you know were prior to the fire incident. >>and so we are we're practice proactively going in seen what kind of shape. these trees are and if they're deemed dangerous. >>we're taking him down. >>it's just the loss of those trees weren't enough there are worries about what could happen when the rains return this winter with little or nothing to guard against erosion and the prospect of war and disaster on top of another what i'm most worried about. >>is the mud debris flow. that's projected this winter. i joke with friends can we please get a quarter inch of rain every other night all winter long. but we know that's not going to happen, we know where you get some some goalie washers and pretty scary to think what's going to flow with all the organics completely burned off. and
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very little vegetation on the ground too to modify the. >>the runoff in bonny doon rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>in southern california 5 firefighters have been hurt battling the silverado fire near irvine, hundreds of firefighters are battling that wind-driven blaze the fire which sparked yesterday and the santa ana mountains has burned more than 12,000 acres. it is only 5% contained tonight, 3 of the first responders hurt had minor injuries and they are ok tonight, but the other 2 suffered second and third-degree burns they are in critical condition about 80,000 homes are still under evacuation orders tonight and it is scary to see just how those winds are howling down there. we have the same problems appear to an lawrence is standing by with more on what's happening with live we're just so fortunate fire didn't start here certainly dangerous fire conditions around the state high pressure. >>yeah off the coastline kind of a classic pattern setting up here, but looks like things
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are going to start to calm down and that is some good news we're going to be left with some nice warm weather but looks like the winds going to diminish so, yeah, i got that ridge of high pressure in the pacific you've got that low pressure just east of las vegas. here's the good news, they start to spread apart a bit and as that low kicks to the east. the pressure difference between these 2 kind of settles them you see these iso bars, they start to why now quite a bit so those winds calm down not only here but also into southern california to help things slow down in that direction too outside we've got some beautiful skies, nice and clear it is going to stay that way all night long now the air is dry. so we'll see some chilly temperatures right now just begin to drop off. you've got numbers in the 50's and the 60's now temperatures today impressive though it was warm one in the san francisco, 75 degrees 81 in oakland 79 degrees in san jose 74 in livermore 77 in concord and check out santa rosa 87 degrees. well above the average overnight lows going to drop it off though tonight, you're looking at some 30's 40's around much of the bay area. kohl's numbers will be
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up in the north bay and then tomorrow, we've got a lot of sunshine coming your way and we don't have to worry about the fire danger of the winds temperatures going to be very comfortable 70's 80's inland around the bay plan on some 60's along the coastline, some places there even near 70 degrees looking out over the next 7 days got some very nice weather for this time of year we start to talk about the chance of some rain that's going to be the 70's across the bay along the coastline are going to see mister 60's and as we get in toward the holiday weekend of course we got halloween, it's hard to believe halloween this weekend but looks dry for the kiddies if you plan on doing anything and on sunday. we're looking temperatures in the 70's probably out near the coast right, thanks lives. >>united states is dealing with the highest daily average number of covid-19 cases since the pandemic started over the past week the country reported an average about 68,000 new cases every day that's a more than 22% compared with the previous week. the average deaths per day across the country are also up 10% over the past 2 weeks to 794 deaths
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per day. health officials say they fear further spread of the virus as we head into the holidays. here's a look at the totally the global a globally there are close to 44 million cases in the u.s. close to 9 million cases, california has reported more than 912,000 cases and the bay area has more than a 113,000 cases well if you're planning to travel to new york you will want to hear this there are new rules that you must follow due to the rising cases of covid-19 the state of new york has now at a california to the list of restricted states people traveling from a restricted state to new york most fill out a health traveler form this form will be distributed to passengers by the airlines prior to and upon boarding or dis him barking flights to the state of new york. >>if you do not fill out that form you could be fined up to $2000 you could be ordered to appear in court and complete a
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mandatory quarantine. >>a veteran officer with the san leandro police department has been charged with embezzlement and misappropriation of police department funds the alameda county district attorney's office says sergeant robert sanchez was assigned to carry out payroll functions within the department but officers say they found discrepancies with funds and overtime requests on his time sheets. an internal investigation an audit found that sanchez was manipulating the system's allegedly for personal gain is now on administrative leave as the county da investigate see has been with the san leandro police department for 19 years still ahead at a not qualifications why some senators are criticizing the newest deployment to the u.s. supreme court. >>and iconic fixture of the san francisco skyline getting environmentally friendly upgrade.
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>>the lights of your deli square are back on for the first time after a monthslong the reconstruction project, it's considered one of the most recognizable fixtures of the city's skyline and spend their son's 1915. the sign now features more energy efficient electrical upgrades and it will use l e d light bulbs, san francisco mayor london breed had the honors of turning on those lights. >>san francisco's iconic coca-cola sign which has stood at 5th and brian streets for
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83 years is now well busy now landmark sign that has towered over the city's south of market neighborhood for decades actually started today. you can see that the sign this islam or copper reporter will tran there's a worker who actually is beginning to tear down the iconic sign for historical context, the 112 foot billboard was erected back in 1937. that's the same year as the cold the gate bridge and one year after the reopening of the bay bridge okay. >>next today to disgraced self-improvement guru described as ruthless an unyielding by a judge for targeting young girls and women. nexium leader keith rainier facing his fate. >>braving the cold michigan supporter standing in wet near freezing temperatures with the president in town on a campaign visit plus joe biden spending the day
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>>former vice president joe biden made 2 campaign stops to rally georgia voters today biden for stopped at warm springs and then travel to atlanta where he said georgia is the most crucial state this election reporter arches says john tree has details what biden said to try to convince voters to flip georgia blue. in a speech that lasted about 15 minutes, former vice president joe biden campaign at a drive-in rally inside
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lakewood amphitheater in atlanta momentum inside a little different than the one outside what biden harris, supporters lined the streets on one side with trump and pence supporters crowding street on the other side they held signs they chanted slogans they hawked their cars and they said no show joe 4 more years and meanwhile the biden harris team quickly responded saying trump your time is over biden talked about his plans for president. >>he talked about increase in the minimum federal way to $15 an hour promising not to raise taxes for anyone who made less than $400,000 a year as well as ensuring that health care is a fundamental right for every single american. >>donald trump. the contempt white supremacy. he does he doesn't believe they're systemic racism as a problem. anyone say black lives matter because they do biden also in cars all voters in georgia to go ahead and make a voting plan and cast their ballots early. >>talk about how crucial it is
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in this election with 2 highly contested senate seat up for grabs the final words left to us by your late congressman my first girlfriend. an american hero john lewis. he said the is most powerful nonviolent change asian you have in a democratic society. >>i must say you must use it's not guarantee you can men's georgia has not flipped blues since bill clinton's presidency in 1992 by his campaign team also said he did take a covid-19 test before his 2 campaign rallies and georgia. >>and he came back negative. reporting outside lakewood amphitheater in atlanta march at the charred re atlanta bureau chief. >>president trump also had a busy day of campaigning today starting with a cold rain soaked the rally in lansing michigan. despite most polls showing trump trailing by the president told the thousands of people gather that quote 7 days from now we're going to
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win the great state of michigan. some of his supporters had waited for hours in the wet near freezing temperatures in order to see him. >>i feel so guilty a way to get here and the rain they gave i said you know they've been waiting out here for hours. i shouldn't put on >>they visited sir we have the car is going to take you from the beautiful air force one and then a beauty. >>take you from air force one is that i get to walk it me these people at time. they're from they're >>he talked about the economy which he noted main before the pandemic hit the president also had campaign stops today in wisconsin and nebraska and with one week to go before the 2020 campaign season ends california remains on track to hand former vice president joe biden a victory by the largest margin for a democratic presidential candidate in
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california history. that is according to the final poll from the u c berkeley institute for governmental studies it shows biden leading trump 65% to 29% in california. the number of people cast early ballot in this presidential election is at an all-time high 37 ballot. drop-off boxes available 24 7 and. >>located at various points of contra costa county have been the preferred way for people to vote to in that county according to the assistant registrar of voters in the county more than 310,000 ballots have already been returned. and that is more than the entire 2016 presidential election. we still have a week to go. today was the last day vote by mail ballots were being sent out. if you have not received one or have not registered to vote you can still do that you can register and vote in person head to our website kron 4 dot com to get the details. thousands of evacuees from hurricane laura 2 months ago are still in new orleans because of damage done to
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their homes. as tropical storm zeta heads into the gulf of mexico was louis at louisiana again in its sights is is the 27th named storm in a very busy atlantic season, kron 4 chief meteorologist lawrence karnow has details on this latest system large. yes, certainly one for the record books, the 11th named hurricane also on. >>here we go again and the storm system bearing down now what looks like louisiana, maybe new orleans is going to be right there in the crosshairs as the storm system has made its way across the yucatan peninsula now back out in the open water so it is we can summon coming down to a tropical storm system but 70 mile an hour sustained winds start to strengthen just a little bit moving to the northwest at 15 miles per hour. and watch the very latest track here it comes making its way toward the u.s. going to start to strengthen as we head through the night tonight becoming hurricane again and then making its way toward the u.s. as we head toward tomorrow afternoon possibly early afternoon. there it is coming on shore as
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a category one near new orleans maybe 2 to 4 inches of rain maybe isolated places as much as 8 inches of rain that come along with the 2 to 4 foot storm surge as well certainly going to be a mess in the south for tomorrow and as the storm comes through you can see all that cold air coming down the backside see all the blue making its way in the panhandle of texas, mexico that some snow and some sleet. well that's gonna combine with the storm system as we get make its way in the united you have the hurricane all that moisture coming your way all of a sudden you get that low coming right off the rockies and here we go we're talking about a pretty wicked storm that is going to make its way across the u.s. and it looks like into the end of the weekend to so get ready got some got a big storm headed across the united states around the bay nice calm weather though tomorrow plan on temperatures up in the 70's even some 80's well inland and the next few days certainly looking at some very nice weather enjoy some sunshine inside the bay and very comfortable temperatures even along the coastline as we get into the weekend. you're
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looking good. how we look safe, nice and sunny and bright and those temperatures even along the coastline lot of part of the weekend and next week up to the 70's near the coastline, some 80's inland. >>thank you lawrence in national news tonight, disgraced a self improvement guru keith rainier iii who also founded the group nexium has been sentenced to 120 years in prison today sentencing followed more than a dozen former members of the group reading victim impact statements before the court ranieri was convicted in 2019 and a brooklyn federal court on several counts including racketeering, trafficking exploitation of a child and human trafficking. the judge called eerie quote ruthless and unyielding in crimes that were particularly agree just because he targeted young girls and young women. >>still ahead on a kron four's been asking viewers to send in election questions in one common question is when you
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sign your ballot. what signature will it be compared to so it doesn't get rejected the question we have the answer. >>good news for film fanatics after months of covid closures a popular movie chain will be welcoming back customers. >>plus if you haven't been bombarded with election related calls and text consider yourself lucky. but for those of us who have there are ways to stop those are ways to stop those unwanted political message us. the unfair money bail system. he, accused of rape. while he, accused of stealing $5. the stanford rapist could afford bail; got out the same day. the senior citizen could not; forced to wait in jail nearly a year. voting yes on prop 25 ends this failed system, replacing it with one based on public safety. because the size of your wallet shouldn't determine
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whether or not you're in jail. vote yes on prop 25 to end money bail.
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>>a lot of us are bombarded with unwanted political tech. yes, we are according to the afro bo killer americans will have received 3 billion of those text messages this year. but there are some easy ways to stop them. reporter arteries shows us. >>they pop up at all hours of the day more political text messages urging you to help turn the country red or blue to vote for joe biden for president trump. >>i have received text messages from. >>just about every voter has all yes, i got a lot of strings 6 months is really telling you vote for this person vote for that person. the worst is when these ticks distract you from something you should be focusing on just cooking dinner or. >>so how did get your number
8:40 pm
usually from your voter records this when you register to vote your voter files public record usually you do that provide your phone number and it is accessible to campaigners street is really up orders with robokiller an app that blocks both spam phone calls and texts. she says the easiest solution is to text the word stop. >>back to the sender assuming it's not a scam so it is okay if you do feel like this a message from real campaign you actually can reply asked to be removed from a less. >>meantime iphones have an almost secret text blocking feature according to tech site zb next go to settings messages and turn on filter unknown senders. >>finally if you get both spam texts and phone calls. i consider an app like robo killer or several others for a few dollars a month. if these texts are bothering you i don't like some comfortable. the good news is you can stop them. and again that was john mara to restrict porting
8:41 pm
remember there are ways to block unwanted calls or texts this election season and in the past a text message could cost 25 says today most cell phone plans include unlimited texting so at least the messages are not letting up the bill. >>amy coney barrett is officially the newest justice to join the supreme court and these will drive reporting in washington. how lawmakers feel about this appointment. >>and sports a bay area. a star gets a start for the dodgers in game 6 of the world
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>>justice amy coney barrett is now the newest member of the u.s. supreme court after all but one republican senator voted for her to take over the vacancy team while democrats say they're worried about the country's future our washington correspondent basil john reports. >>with amy coney barrett officially, the newest justice on the supreme court. >>west virginia republican showing more capital says she will act as a role model for the country she understands respects the role of supreme court justices west virginia democrat joe manchin doesn't question bears qualifications but questions the timing of this process so close the election because all it does is further divide. >>one week before the election of a very very contentious election. i might say. >>mansion and other democrats say they are worried about
8:45 pm
what will happen to things like the affordable care act. >>and now we have a landmark case coming up that could throw the baby out with the bath water, virginia senator tim kaine expects republicans will get their way and overturned the a they did it for one reason which is they smell blood in the water in their effort to finally kill the affordable care act cain says only one thing can be done now the only real solution is for people to engage as never before so there will be a congress that can provide additional protection should the supreme court. >>take a step in seems likely the supreme court hears arguments in the ac a just one week after the election. >>reporting in washington, i'm be-all john. >>sarah cronk always been asking you to send in your election questions and there are a few common questions that we've received including this one for matt wallace, he wants to know what signature will his ballot signature be compared to so you can avoid getting rejected. we asked llano county assistant registrar of voters john
8:46 pm
gardner who says they are necessarily looking for an exact match take a listen. >>you use the latest signature that we have which in most cases, your signature from the dnc. however, it's not an exact match with your signature soon if you're missing your middle initial or maybe you're a junior or senior and don't have that on your own signature doesn't disqualify or signature. we're looking for your signature characteristics, what do this land so the letters look like how did you do first initials of your first and last name of the letters that go below the line but you know why or change or even a how loosen your a's and o's use look for those consisting characteristics in your signature that's the things that we're trying to solve. >>garner says if there is a problem with your ballot as it's being processed. poll workers will contact you about the issue which is another reason why they say it's smart to vote early if you have any problems casting your ballot lot of snow will investigate. you can e-mail us at voting problems at kron 4 dot com.
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>>well today said mark announce more movie theaters are reopening in the bay area 5 theaters we opened in alameda county today to theaters in san francisco and several in santa clara county will reopen by friday one change that comes with the reopening is not allowing eating nor drinking inside the theater which is a san francisco and the santa clara county enforce restrictions of course social distancing and mask requirements are also in effect. >>tonight we've learned to a play colin kaepernick in the netflix limited series about his early life. colin in black and white is the limited series coming to the streaming platform. tells a story of kaepernick during his teenage years. netflix announced 17 year-old jayden michael is set to play kaepernick's younger self in the series see actors appeared in other netflix shows including get down and wonderstruck.
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i didn't choose this job because it was easy. but i can't say i expected this.
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to fight these fires, we need funding - plain and simple. for this crisis, and for the next one. prop 15 closes tax loopholes so rich corporations pay their fair share of taxes. so firefighters like me, have what we need to do the job, and to do it right. the big corporations want to keep their tax loopholes. it's what they do. well, i do what i do. if you'ld like to help, join me and vote yes on prop 15.
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>>on 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >>world series game 6 season on the line for the tampa bay rays and they put their ace on the mound, they seem blake snell he had a 3.2 4 in this season now on the mound for the dodgers, the local kid tony gonsolin the vacaville
8:51 pm
high and saint mary's grad great local story there. but this was not a good start for goose second rains batter of the game, randy or is arena takes the pitch to the opposite field for a solo home run his record 10th home run of the postseason it's one nothing raise but goose he settled down he finished with 4 strikeouts in one and two-thirds innings pitched great stuff from him just go to the bottom of the 6 now surprise of the night. kevin cast aside to pull snow even though he was throwing a shutout with 9 strikeouts his replacement nick anderson gives up a double them bounces the wild pitch and the dodgers tied up and guess what next batter corey seager grounded the first new mookie betts comes home on a fielder's choice is 2 to one dodgers us 8th inning now it 2 to one dodgers still mookie betts and just solo shot right here the care right. that is gone. the team goes crazy in the dugout
8:52 pm
and like closing in on that elusive title that has escaped them for so long and guess what folks here is the final out. the dodgers win their first world series since 1988. the wait is finally off of their backs. 3 to one your final score again their first world series title in 32 years when guess what they defeated the oakland a's. mookie betts went 2 for 00:04am tonight with an rbi obviously that solo home run sealed it for the dodgers, so there you have it there finally your world series champion. we have kylen mills who is out at san francisco athletic club will have her in the show at 9 o'clock but as a wild night while run, i know it is not what the san francisco giants wanted to hear. but their rival. it's a world series championship. but that is all i have for sports back to you guys all right, thank you very
8:53 pm
much jason 80 van halen's southern california hometown. >>will memorialize the late guitar legend, but it's still not clear what form the tribute will take the pasadena city council has directed officials to come up with some ideas and report back on how to best remember the rock and roll icon who died of cancer on october 6th at the age of 65 want to show you some memorial set up for van halen in l a and pasedena in the days following his passing pasedena may consider renaming a street or an alley near one of his rehearsal spaces. other ideas are building a statue installing a plaque or re christening a city building for your money tonight, the new iphone 12 will be available november 13th and it will feature 5 g and a brand new type of glass called ceramic shield reporter samarra gives us a preview of just how much damage this iphone can take. >>you drop tests revealed that the iphone 12 is significantly more durable than previous
8:54 pm
models. >>allstate protection plans did the tests as they typically do each year. now on facedown drops the 12 only got some small cracks and scuffed edges on backdrop tests that well survived easily and onside drop tests both phones got scuffed but still worked just fine now the iphone 12 pro seems to pick up a bit more damage when but it still does function. allstate says the combination of ceramic shield and the flaps side design are definite improvements, although they still do recommend that you put a screen protector and a case on your device. >>that wraps up kron 4 news at 8 o'clock but our primetime news continues at the top of the hour while much of the bay area moves into less restrictive covid-19 2 years one county is in danger of going backwards by businesses and the llano county could be forced to shut down again plus
8:55 pm
we're now just one week away from election day and if you still need to mail in your ballot we're going to explain why election officials in the bay area say you should do it asap stories and more coming up on kron 4 news at 9.
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>>from the bay area's local news station. watching kron 4 news. now at 9 more businesses
8:59 pm
will be open to will be able to reopen indoors in the bay area with 3 counties now moving in the state's reopening tier system moving up in that system. >>moran, sam, a tail and contra costa counties all have moved to the orange or moderate here meaning more businesses will be allowed to reopen indoor operations with safety precautions and modifications good evening, i'm ken wayne and i'm pam moore, thank you for joining us tonight at 9 that is really great news for business owners in those counties but. >>there are others which are still in more severe risk to years, including sonoma and solano counties run for state of psac ii talked to the county health officer today she joins us now live from downtown benicia with more on the story taylor. well over the last 2 weeks a lot of county saw a spike in cases averaging about 40 cases per day. >>and for them to get or stay in the red here which is where they are now they need to get under 31 cases so obviously
9:00 pm
having a spike in this case is very concerning for businesses here and then he should they say it's crucial for their survival to get those cases lower. after seeing a rise in coronavirus cases. >>solano county is moving in the wrong direction, heading backwards from the state spread tier to its most restrictive purple tier it is definitely disappointing because i working in to see people is misses in benicia say the jump in cases is disheartening not only for the community, but also for the lifeblood of the local economy purple tier prohibits most not essential indoor business operations and would cause some businesses to close or change their current plans, everybody does need to do their and be diligent and. >>especially right now we are in normals flu season and so taking just extra is going to help our little businesses in town stand business solano co


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