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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  October 28, 2020 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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that way this morning but well throughout the course of the day ahead of us which is certainly a nice change from where we have been here look outside at the sutro tower shows you clear skies with crystal clear day ahead of us before fog does push back in tonight and makes for a much less clear start to the day tomorrow for your thursday, so enjoy the calm clear and cool conditions that we are off to this morning you see winds well towards 10:00am even into the afternoon remaining light even for usually windy spots like atlas peak, al so again sonoma up in the north bay. temperatures are mostly in the 40's and 50's but we have his seen some chilly conditions even cooler than that like in petaluma and santa rosa right now at 3739 degrees one of the coldest mornings we've had in a while so do bundle up if you're going to be outside for more than just a few minutes, especially further north in the bay area while the creek and looking nice and clear this morning as we work our way through the day as i mentioned skies will stay pretty clear 70's 80's for your daytime highs. robin. >>thank you john checking in
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on mass transit getting word of some bark delays we've gone from a minor delay to a major delay, it's up to 20 minutes now because of equipment issue so between west oakland ending a market there in the san francisco. they're having some issues there and that's causing delays on the san francisco line heading to antioch dublin sfo millbrae and daly city so once again equipment issues between these 2 points west oakland and a market air on the san francisco line causing major delays up to 20 minutes, you need to plan ahead not so bad bay bridge toll plaza little bit of a wait here in some of the lanes right down the middle, but this is good 12 minutes and growing into san francisco. we'll check more bridges coming up back to you, thanks a lot rob. it is 6 oh one and our top story more bay area counties. >>are able to reopen and loosen their restrictions because they're changing tears, moving into the moderate tier. yeah, those are counties in orange you can see there. >>it correlates to the moderate level on the ledge and we've got moraine county
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contra costa county and san mateo counties now joining the others in that orange here which means more businesses can start a start to expand their indoor operation cloud for sarah stinson is live in san mateo county with the details. hi sarah. >>yeah, good morning and live here actually in san mateo you can still see all this outdoor seating but now these restaurants can take it indoors has begun that 50% capacity, so that's a lot of people that can now eat indoors here in san mateo county it's because the case rate has gone. 2, 3, cases per 100,000 people as that pushes us into the orange here take a look at what that means that these restrictions loosened at midnight you can see on your screen specifically it says dine-in restaurants churches museums, movie theaters malls all can reopen at 50% capacity gyms at 25% capacity family centers like bowling alleys
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can open at 25% bars and breweries not serving food can reopen outdoor only nonessential offices can reopen but remote work is still encouraged festivals nightclubs and live theater still closed all businesses reopening further must take precaution and follow state guidelines local health officials want to remind people that just because these restrictions are loosening its not a time to just let your guard down especially as we head into the holiday season. this weekend we have halloween coming up before our eyes who knew it was that soon and then we have thanksgivi g after that so time to. >>celebrate in alternative ways that makes you still safe in terms of covid because we don't want to see a spike after that and have to go back and change these restrictions and make him a little bit more strict for now reporting live in san mateo sarah stinson back to you all right, thanks. a lot sarah. >>well sarah was there on the next list of over to the east bay because businesses in
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contra costa county as we mentioned are also able to start expanding indoor operations as well in fact today restaurants will be ready to welcome more diners indoors, proper theresa has that story from lafayette. >>from here there nothing. >>it was heart wrenching that chef and owner snd carrion who owns social bird in lafayette and 2 other restaurants in contra costa county she and her husband had just bought renovated. and held a grand opening of social bird. then the pandemic hit. >>then it happened he had to learn how to the takeout business that we doing to farm. it was a learning process and learning process. >>she should be the trance formed a back patio that can now welcome guess she says moving into the orange phase which will allow 50% capacity inside will be i'm very encouraged by this orange is
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wonderful. >>yellow is going to be even better and more people will go out it's all about being you know where in yeah just like being careful saying i think more people come out to bid for the county generates more revenue indoor swimming pools which is really important to communities like ross war which are in my bars. >>can now begin to sell alcohol without meals outdoors your family entertainment centers. candice anderson is a supervisor and chair of the contra costa county board of supervisors. >>while she says the easing of restrictions helps everyone. >>she warns covid is still here and still very much a real threat musical theatrical productions with up to 50 people there as long they can stay mask the whole time so you still can't have outdoor live entertainment for a bar or restaurant, but at least an open set up. >>my only hesitancy is and where it is i watch what's happening across the country
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and so i just want to remind people we got here by being vigilant we got here by doing things like wearing our masks washing our hands staying home and we weren't feeling. well avoiding large groups and that's how he got her number so low, so my only had only message is we got here by doing these very simple things we need to keep our guard up we need to be vigilant. so as it stands right now. >>the county will move into this new tier for 2 weeks and if it does well then the state will allow it to move and progress even more, but of course if the numbers start to go up then of course the county is going to have to slide back into a more restrictive again. >>the supervisor said that it really is up to the citizens of contra costa county. here in contra costa county theresa kron 4 news. >>6 '06 and another big story danville is not going to open up their streets weekends for
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people to walk around and stuff anymore. yeah, they're doing that because of covid you up but you know the city says businesses have been repeatedly violating the mask and social distancing rules so now they have to backtrack on all of that kron four's will tran live in danville to explain not so good news for danville well at first it was going well and now people to stop wearing masks. >>well a lot of people just didn't pay attention including the restaurants. they were told over and over to get their act together but that didn't happen according to the city and then their fight so to borrow expression they could not leave well alone, which is why there will no longer be a shutdown at my a particular location. let me pull up a map for you just to show you exactly at at this particular time this is hearts
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starting friday they shut it down they put that tables on the streets and you might even notice in the video that the tables. we're really close to each other that they're not really 6 feet apart. according to the city over the past 2 weeks they've seen 35 new cases of covid-19 and that is not good for the overall health of contra costa county
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because the county is slowly moving into the orange tier which allows the businesses and the restaurants, the same loosening up some of the practices and with this going on they don't want this block to bring down the entire community. back to you. >>all right, thank you very much well. >>6 '09 right now and as more counties are allowed to loosen restrictions. >>solano county could be going the other way next week right now solano counties in the red here. >>but after seeing a spike in cases health officials say they are on track to move into the most restrictive purple tier solano county is averaging about 40 new coronavirus cases per day for them to stay in the red here the county would have to get down to under 31 cases per day. doctors say people in that county has been letting their guard down. >>you know the cause of it is obviously people getting together with family and friends and letting their guard down said that disease spreads and we had several
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weeks ago several large as ants that we believe accounted for that spite. >>health dozens of cases came from a few are all of that involved 300 people and a wedding that was at a home with 40 people no social distancing and no masks at those events. meantime iran contra costa and san mateo counties. they moved into the orange which is the moderate tier yesterday. >>well despite not central office workers being allowed to go back to work surrounding businesses in san francisco art seeing much of a change. for instance or ins thomas in the south of market neighborhood had just a few customers eating outside which is honestly a fraction of what it would normally have during its lunchtime crowd prepandemic. >>normal lunch time or davis 80's around 1 o'clock. we'll have a liner on the corner over him. i might be like a 1520 minute, wait and while i don't see that happening for the rest of this year across
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the street they said because there's nobody in downtown minus will not help because they don't. >>several restaurants nearby are boarded up many small business owners say they hope to get more of their customers back early next year, they're keeping their fingers crossed. >>meanwhile power has been restored to much of the 92,000 pg e customers. >>in the bay area look at the pge outage map and you'll see it's a far cry from what we saw over the past couple of days, those areas in purple which indicate where power shut off us sash, we smaller. then it was there are still a few areas like in alameda and sonoma counties where peachy still up getting the power back on expect everybody to have full electricity by tonight at the latest. >>6.11 right now and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news more states are joining in california has promise to do independent reviews of any vaccine before they get to the public will tell you why. >>it is the final push to election day we're going to have an update from both
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campaign trails as they make their final pitches to voters. plus after the break the latest on the containment efforts of 3 wildfires that are burning in southern california right now nice to see our wildfire danger down today darya after such windy weather lately today a much calmer winds and temperatures in the 70's. i'm talking the details of your forecast. still ahead. and it's getting a little busy and a little crowded out the bay bridge toll plaza now we just about have a full house here at the pay gates are backups stretching beyond 8.80 plus i'm tracking a major part delay will have details coming up. tired of clean clothes that just don't smell clean?
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>>6.14 right now and the weather is gone really and i don't need the ac anymore you sir get out get out of the window, i think the timing is working out for because of john was saying how it's going to be kind of mild going forward let's double check john good morning. yeah, it's definitely no 90's or triple digits will still have some 80's and there. but i'd say that's pretty mild compared to where we have been for sure you look outside at berkeley right here still dark but nice and clear and that's the way skies will remain today. ahead of what will be a resurgence of fog on into tomorrow now that is the sign of the less dry winds that we had been seeing the past couple of days. and a return of some a cool ocean air that is also going to come along with an increased rate increase in humidity which will definitely be a good thing as far as fire danger goes calm winds across
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the bay area this morning. this is the way we're going to stay today across the region wiids have definitely calmed down compared to yesterday but most notably compared to monday morning we were looking at our very windy conditions to start the week so it's nice to be switching things up in that regard are higher fire danger that we did have that you can see showing up in orange red hues on the map and now we're not looking at any of those he's across the bay area conditions haven't really come down and that continues on into your thursday too. today's daytime highs will rise into the 70's 80's for most spots just a few 80's on the map pretty similar to yesterday areas like conquered walnut creek pleasanton. and snowball into the low 80's while san jose, oakland and hayward hanging on to either mid to upper 70's today. it's a chilly morning for the north bay right now with a few 30's. but those 30's in santa rosa, currently quickly rise into the upper 70's later on by the time we work our way into friday, you'll notice another
6:17 am
little cool down in some cloud cover pushing and that's not going to stick around though, and your halloween weekend. we actually are pretty nice and clear in the halloween weekend with temperatures in the 80's for halloween itself and then as we fall back into sunday morning if that extra hour of sleep and hopefully a better chance to enjoy all that sunshine in the afternoon. 70's right along the bay and 60's for the most part for coastal spots robin. thank you john it's getting busy out there plus we still have a bart delay that's building up its up to 20 minutes now. >>and it's because of equipment problems that are happening between the west oakland station and the embarcadero station in san francisco. so that's causing delays up to 20 minutes. and this is impacting the san francisco live anywhere through san francisco to antioch dublin sfo millbrae berryessa and daly city if you travel anywhere along that stretch get out there early because they are still behind schedule. you'll also be behind schedule if you don't get out here early on 80 into san francisco. we have a backup that's growing. it's not bad. no problems are trouble spots. but it's
6:18 am
stocked up beyond 8 80 we're at 13 minutes and growing into san francisco off to 92, it's been busy since the 4 o'clock hour, no major issues, but just lots of crowding on the flat section 13 minutes off to one on one and then traveling from the peninsula to san francisco. here's a new trouble spot. north one o one right around grand new accident just coming in several lanes are blocked so it's stocking up just before and after that grand exit i'll be keeping an eye on that we also have a crash in downtown oakland, it's northbound north of fruit bell, so you see that heavy traffic building up at least one lane blocked and that's kicking you up to 16 minutes now for your drive time into downtown oakland so take 5.80 instead of the nimitz all stay on top of this and have more drive times coming up back to you, thank you robin 6.18 in crews from san francisco are headed to southern california to help the firefighters there. >>battle these flames this is the silverado fire. it's a wind driven wildfire that has so far scorched more than
6:19 am
13,000 acres near irvine, it started monday morning right now it is 5% contained 5 firefighters have been injured 2 critically battling this fire more than 70,000 homes in the irvine area remain under evacuation order. >>well the other day of big fire that we're seeing in southern california that's currently burning out of control is the blue ridge fire this is the latest video of that. it's burned more than 15,000 acres so far damaged, at least 10 homes. the fire started monday afternoon it's tripled in size and it did that in just a matter of ours kimberly chang reports. >>i was in my room getting everything ready because i was going to evacuate. >>but it's hard to leave your home several chino hills residents were still home when the blue ridge fire came dangerously close to their community off of socal canyon parkway they grabbed hoses and water to rooftops many choosing to stay despite a mandatory evacuation order in effect it's always nerve
6:20 am
wracking you know how when we started to do their jobs as the water drops started happening. >>and got really serious and started watering the house down more. >>and then the flames just came over i was both those really well earlier so that was it was tense down from the war on the hard part is up there. immediately and those of our wildlife running 50 and you're my daughter then to not lie and try and get out according to chino valley fire more than 29,000 people were under evacuation orders in chino hills and in yorba linda where at least 10 homes were damaged in yorba linda workers were installing an ac unit on shady meadow lane when their day took a turn >>realizing the fire was too close for comfort they packed up to leave but not before helping a senior evacuate.
6:21 am
firefighters are urging residents to heed the warning sooner rather than later if you wait to the last minute smoke comes into the neighborhood visibility decreased and it could be a lot harder to evacuate the chino hills residents we spoke with say they've been through this before and it doesn't get any easier. this is a. >>second time 12 years ago we went through the same thing and so it makes it really hard. >>the way we started just one more thing and 20 twen. >>the fire is 0% contained and the cause is still under investigation. reporting in chino hills, i'm kimberly chang for kron 4 news. >>time now is 6.21 and still ahead thousands of dead and dying trees are getting clean up in the south bay after the czu fires how much it's going to cost to do all this. and another night of protests on the streets of philadelphia. after the fatal police shooting. and we'll have the latest on what happened.
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>>24 and another night of clashes between police and protesters in philadelphia after the fatal police shooting a 27 year-old man named walter wallace, you can see in the video here how police and the hundreds of demonstrators that were marching in the street clashed for a second night most of it
6:25 am
was peaceful, it started out that way but eventually it did evolve into the scene that you see behind us here once the sun went down and then police pushed back the crowd all of this in response to the fatal police shooting on monday morning. of this man name wallace who did have a knife and the body cam video you can hear the officers saying drop it, but then they ended up fatally shooting him and well as his parents are saying why weren't there tasers that the police have they didn't have anything they also pleaded with people to keep these protests peaceful. kelsey fabian has the latest. >>we're showing some of the aftermath of overnight looting here in philadelphia this taking place in the port richmond section of the city we're outside a walmart this wal-mart saw hundreds of people inside looting overnight. we are looking at the damage left behind this right here in mt 65 inch the merchandise clearly taken out
6:26 am
of it in the box just left behind you take a look at the items scattered as we walk closer to the walmart you're going to see there are clothing food items more empty merchandise boxes and they're just things everywhere in this parking lot things that people dropped as they were running in and out of the building but we do want to give you a peek inside because this door is propped open it's one of the doors people were coming in and out of overnight. you see all the water rushing and that's because the sprinkler system has been going off for hours. you're also going to notice the noise that noise is the fire alarms that is going off as well and has been for a very long time none of us really know the answer as to why those are going off and have been going on for so long. but it has been happening for quite a few hours we come to the front of the store these 2 windows right here. busted you can see all of the glass scattered on the ground and these 2 windows they lead to a break room, nothing in the break room to steal, but if you look inside the break room, you can see it
6:27 am
gave them an entrance into the building and all the water inside from that sprinkler system going off nonstop. we also have taken a look at some of the other shopping complexes here in port richmond as and lot of the big box stores like this walmart also seeing a lot of destruction and damage kelsey fabian in 6.27 right now coming up still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. we're going to take a look at the record voter turnout that we've seen in the bay area. >>and the numbers are still rising we'll be right back. you're strong. you power through chronic migraine - 15 or more headache days a month,
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>>6, 3, right now and we want to take a peek at the weather and where we're headed as we inch towards the weekend. the up we've got john in the weather center for us to break it all down and it looks like we've got a pretty mild looking extended forecast which is kind nice feeling more like fall going forward john yes, i love it. and finally fall without though really wind that we were seeing that was really getting outside and enjoying it to its fullest we have seen red flag warnings expiring yesterday and winds remaining calm this morning which is all good news for you as you step outside on this wednesday. >>and a look outside of your sensor tower cam shows just how clear it is too. we do have fog returning in the forecast come tomorrow so do enjoy this view and these crystal clear conditions we have this morning as well as
6:31 am
the much calmer conditions that were also in the midst of and we'll continue to see well into the afternoon. right now temperatures are mostly in the 40's to 50's a cool start. alameda, you're one of our warmer spots at 55. well only in the 30's and fairfield at 37 petaluma and santa rosa each at 39, some of our coldest mornings we felt in a while and summer north bay locales especially by the afternoon day time highs similar to yesterday back into the upper 70's to low 80's and keeping that sunshine around much as we have the past few days. today, we're just get rid of the wind though which is definitely such a nice thing is you're venturing outside possibly to make your way into work and as we head on to those roads robin what can we expect lots of crowding out there and services will bark delays so it's picking help a lot john really busy within the last 30 minutes to one hour starting off with this bart delay we've gone from 20 minutes down to 10 minutes. >>but make sure you get out there early so they're recovering from equipment issues on the san francisco
6:32 am
line that this is going to impact a heading to antioch dublin sfo millbrae or even traveling out toward daly city so all of those stops in areas impacted by this residual delay caused by equipment issue so please make sure you plan ahead checking in on the bay bridge commute all there's are a long line it's a stacked up beyond 8.80 spilling out to west grand so yes, pretty packed into san francisco. but no major issues here 18 minutes and growing to make it in we'll check more bridges coming up back to you, thanks a lot robin 6 32 6 days to go till the election the number of people casting early ballots is at an all time high nationally close to 70 million people have already voted either by mail or in person and here in the bay area all counties are showing more than 20% in early voter turnout from eligible voters in contra costa county most people have been using one of the 37 drop boxes that are available they're out there 24 7 for you
6:33 am
to cast your ballot local officials say they've also seen a big increase in voter registration. in fact this year they have seen more people register than in any previous election. >>in fact we already have received more >>now while we had the entire election in 2016 and the think of election day as the big events. i prefer to think of it now in vote by mail world as big reveal. at 08:00pm released the results. so people are voting now and voters just anticipate voting prior to the to election day. >>if you have not received one or have not registered to vote you can register and vote in person by visiting the elections office in downtown martinez, or one of the 17 regional vote centers that are set up throughout the county. mail your ballot yet. you are being urged ope.
6:34 am
>>i was going to mail it but since i'm reading this they're saying even though california it's still ok in the snail mail. they say just use a ballot box in california and you know your your ballot is ok as long as postmarked by election day so i have sometimes james it has to arrive by november 20th and it will be counted. but since there's less than a week to go now county elections officials are saying really i guess i should go take this to a drop box to make sure absolutely. >>all right well, the final push before election day has joe biden and donald trump on the campaign trail are going to be the battleground states really pushing hard to try and sway any undecided voters that may still be out there with christina pascucci with the very latest from the trail. >>president trump rallying supporters in michigan say large crowds turning out a new covid cases there are on the rise. michigan
6:35 am
>>trump has won this state of michigan. >>democratic nominee joe biden try to win over voters in georgia a state president trump won in 2016 democrats now hoping to win back the peach state for the first time since 1992 today. >>i'm very warm springs because i want to talk about. how are going to heal our nation. over these past few months. there's been so much pain. so much suffered. and so much loss in america. >>and former president barack obama in battleground state of florida campaign for his former vp to head to the white house again as commander in chief making the case the affordable care act which sees the highest enrollment in florida is at risk last week trump said he hopes the supreme court takes your health insurance away. though
6:36 am
according to the new york times battleground states are driving record early voting turnout with a week to go before election day more than 64 million americans have voted already around half of them in the most competitive states expected to ultimately decide this election. >>that was christina pascucci reporting for us this morning, the presidential race heading west today in fact both campaigns are going to be in the state of arizona today. well president trump says the new coronavirus relief bill that includes more direct payments to americans won't happen until after the election. the president told reporters that after the election we will quote get the best stimulus package you have ever seen. the president says that the white house will continue to negotiate with house speaker nancy pelosi. pelosi has already said in the last few days that she is not giving up hope of reaching a deal before the election. >>governor newsom says that his new vaccine safety group will not delay distribution of
6:37 am
a covid vaccine california is partnering with 3 other western states to review a vaccine before distribution to the public. capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala has the story. washington oregon and nevada are joining california's review group to put a second set of eyes on an eventual fda approved vaccine before distributing it within these west coast states the governor responding to critics who claim this could significantly delay a critical need for californians. >>no it will not cause any delays in fact we would argue quite the contrary it's going to increase transparency and trust state leaders tuesday said as the fda works to approve the covid-19 vaccine, the west coast group working to verify its safety does not plan to continue or replicate any trials. we're looking at. >>information the data that is a lot of it is publicly reported but through the eyes of experts can be strengthened invalidated the approach that
6:38 am
shares and intend to and are going to work very hard to make sure that the trust of the public is what we have and sharing this information in a clear concise way without delay state officials announced an additional group focused on the vaccine. a new 16 person panel will come up with guidelines on vaccine ethics and distribution that they're safely transported that they're safely stored. >>that we're having a mindset of safety related to public data or other private and personal debt and what's that line what's that distinction. there's no timetable for any of this until a vaccine is approved newsom's administration has said it likely won't happen in 2020. planning for the vaccine comes as california is starting to see increases in both icu admissions and hospitalizations related to covid-19. >>both are up about 5% over the last 2 weeks. the governor says later this week, he'll make an announcement on testing capacity. reporting in sacramento, ashley zavala kron
6:39 am
4 news. >>it is the time and if you plan to travel to the east coast. you're probably going to have to quarantine for 2 weeks that's the new rule california is back on the travel quarantine list for new york, new jersey and connecticut. the quarantine applies to anybody who arrives from an area with a positive test rate that's higher than 10 per 100,000 residents and california. we were on that list in june, then we got off at last month because our numbers are looking good and now we are back on the list again. so james you're not supposed to travel anyway, i mean definitely for the holidays is right and you'd be doing and they're saying don't do that regardless you have to quarantine for 2 weeks if you're going from california to one of those east coast states we've got all this is over. >>and i'm sure all the down there by the czu lightning fire will be glad when all this is over to the damage cleanup. there's been a whole lot of it going on in the santa cruz mountains right now crews are cutting down and cleaning up. well thousands really of dead trees fallen
6:40 am
trees that are threatening public safety. this is video of the cleanup effort that's been taking place along swatton road. in bonny doon there's about 45 miles of roadway that needs to be cleared out. thousands more trees are also damaged and fallen on private property across 85,000 scorched acres that the lightning fire damaged when it was so when a spark back on august 19th take a listen. >>a lot of these trees are shells of themselves as what they you know were prior to the fire incident and so we are we're practice proactively going in seen what kind shape. these trees are and if they're deemed dangerous. we're taking him down. >>yeah and wintry crews are done erosion control mitigation crews then have to go in and begin their work so this will take a while they say that phase is expected to take at least a month. and it will cost the county. millions of dollars. we'll take a break it is 6.40 coming up on the kron 00:04am morning news. it's news giants fans aren't too thrilled to hear but the
6:41 am
los angeles dodgers, they are your new world series champs. we'll take a look at the highlights and have fanned reaction coming up after the break. >>and today will be a really pleasant one across the bay area after red flag warnings had been affect our inland areas now free of that daytime highs in the upper 70's to low 80's for inland valleys, lots of sunshine and most notably. >>the calmer winds your forecast is ahead. >>and your morning treats picking up on many of our bay area bridges, here's a live look at the richmond sandra fell it's coming to a crawl here on 5.80 west leading up to the toll so 9 minutes to make it to the north bay. but we have problems on the nimitz and one oh one will have exact details coming up in just a bit. need to find the closest
6:42 am
official ballot drop box near you? just visit to find your nearest location. then drop off your ballot. your vote will be secure and counted. there are other ways to vote too. just return your vote-by-mail ballot at your voting location or mail it back. or you can vote safely in-person during early voting or on election day. vote the way you're most comfortable - but vote by 8pm on november 3rd.
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>>all right take a look at this the lights of gary delhi square are back on for the first time following a monthslong reconstruction. it was first installed back in 1915 and considered one of the most recognizable fixtures of san francisco you can see it from the bay. it's always fun when you're coming by on a ferry. the sign now features more energy efficient electrical upgrades and will use at lee d like ball 2. they can turn it multicolor they can do all kinds of cool little patterns now so there you go enjoy that while you're out. we also have the iconic coca-cola sign too no longer
6:45 am
overlooking san francisco. crews tore down the sign at 5th and bryant yesterday, the billboard was a fixture of the city for 83 years you always see it when you're driving by on a t but soaring rental costs reportedly prompted the beverage giant to take down the sign. >>time now 6.45 and we want to take a look at the weather heading into the weekend halloween even though my neighbors already have the christmas lights out. >>illegal here and you're just added yes i just saw they had their tree up with the lights on inside i think people just want to get to the of 2020 and yeah, something that feels good time do and there's no way to celebrate other than say go ahead. you get a pass on that i think yeah this year out of all years, i know you know october is a little early in most years, but it's 2020 so cool that lame snoopy tree. >>yeah, yeah it's not up yet
6:46 am
still looks just as bad as it will be definitely next month at some point i mean i guess we'll get in the holiday spirit now even though we were in the 80's earlier this week and will continue to be for some of our inland areas in the days ahead of us skies, pretty clear at half moon bay right now we're free of any fog across the region as we are on another day with very little marine influence but that does change tonight into tomorrow we're going to see a surge of that marine layer pushing back in that means areas like half moon bay, the golden gate. >>are about to see another foggy morning on into tomorrow morning, the first of the week. so that's just a sign of some of the changing conditions were trading in those offshore winds that were very strong the past couple of days with calm conditions to nap today and then eventually tomorrow a push of some light on shore winds that's going to drag that cool ocean air back into the day as we are more familiar with usually in the bay area high pressure ridge to our west that low that brought us the very breezy
6:47 am
conditions continues to exit the region as that happens or fire danger continues to diminish as winds really start to die down we still haven't seen any rain nor do we have any in the forecast so we're not completely out of the woods or strike grass dry brush. things that will contribute to the heightened fire danger should we have more winds ahead of us but as of right now no winds in this forecast. so we can breathe easy for a little bit and that includes today with a very nice one ahead of us 70's and 80's for daytime highs conquered you'll 80 degrees today and certainly not the only one sonoma will be there with you walnut creek areas like double and also to the low 80's, san jose in livermore at 78 along with hayward and redwood city, san francisco and oakland in the mid 70's today. you look ahead at the next 7 days shows you daytime highs, not really moving too much we do have a slightly cooler day on friday with a little bit of cloud cover pushing in across the day. saturday and sunday skies clear back out temperatures warm back into the low 80's inland so we're still warm
6:48 am
enough inland. but no major heat waves nor wind events ahead of us so we can definitely be thankful for that halloween looks like a nice one and sunday looks even nicer just because you get that extra hour of sleep. robin, thank you john let's check in on the traffic a little busy out there but not so bad on the bridges were checking in on 92, this is a trip across the san mateo bridge. >>w see the traffic here still crawling its going to stay like that for a couple more hours heading to the peninsula. but at least you don't have any crashes or problems in the mix so we're at 14 minutes across the span and all to one oh one here at the bay bridge there's line 80 west said the toll plaza crowded as usual. but at least it's under 15 minutes for your average into san francisco on off to fremont street we're checking in on the nimitz because crews are clearing this truck that lost its trailer approaching downtown oakland, northbound at 5th. so it's been a little heavy often on leading up to the scene there. it is there's backup. it goes back to the coliseum so 16 minutes because of that crash there involving a truck that lost its trailing, you
6:49 am
may just want to hop over to 5.80 instead of dealing with the slowdown on the nimitz freeway and then we have one more coming from the peninsula heading to san francisco north 1 one that's going to be tied up right at grand an accident there possibly caused by huge pothole looks like a number of folks hit the pothole they crashed trying to avoid so right at the grand exit. so you're crawling at the scene on north one oh one look at that backed up to the 3.80 split out of san bruno self you know there's always 2.80 we have problems on one on keep my eyes on this we'll check more slow downs coming up back to you, thanks a lot robin 6.49 another reason the 2020 is the worst year in the dodgers. >>beat the cursed yeah after 32 years they are now celebrating their world series championship. you have able to say that since 1988, but. >>they did they beat the tampa bay rays 3 to one yesterday in game 6 the rays scored one home run in the first inning and then the dodgers bullpen went to work pitching a shut out for the rest of the game, here's the final out.
6:50 am
>>hey could be down there all jump in and again and i 5 and all that saw the crowd magic everybody was excited. dodgers shortstop corey seager is crowned the world series mvp. he has an attorney for the national league championship series too. 2014 was the last player to do that and the peace for league championship and wheelchair. yeah, it was also worth noting the dodgers pitcher tony gonsolin. >>who started this game is the son of oakland firefighter scott gonsolin so congratulations to both of them i like that they all have their masks on like her shot under the chin. yes why bother we're all exposed. you are all exposed because 3rd baseman justin turner. >>has covid any played for almost the whole game. he wasn't pulled until the 6th inning when they found out that his test was positive. yeah first one was inconclusive. the second one came during the game. yeah, so
6:51 am
not immediately on the field as the team's team, somebody the world series, but he did come out afterwards. >>and did pose for pictures. as you can see here holding the trophy and not always in the mask by the way they're not only of pictures of him, kissing his wife and while here's one of them with the world series right next to the with no mask and he said on twitter i feel great. no symptoms at all as you know it doesn't you could still be spreading it and that's why you're supposed to maybe they'll all be quarantine now the better we'll at home because season's over the world series title. the 32 year championship drought for the dodgers of course if you're a dodgers fan, you're ecstatic if you're a giants fan, maybe not so much from 4 sports reporter kayla mills cut out with fans for both sides. >>some happy dodger fans here at the san francisco athletic club partying like it's 1988 because that's the last time the team won the world series on the other hand some discussed in san francisco giants fans are really bummed
6:52 am
out about the outcome of this world series fans of both teams gathered outside bars and restaurants, and giants fans cheering for the race to come back in this series. the giants dodgers rivalry is about as intense as it gets now, we also caught up with some great dodger fans out there here tonight, they say it is tough living enemy territory. it was just our air from the start it's it's radar it's pretty waiting a long time. >>how it happened. i >>dodger blue out here in san francisco, it's the one thing you don't put up with so it's really tough to see it and enjoy it while lasts it was they had to be a 60 game season go through a pandemic to be able to win a world series. so i'm sure that next year things will be the same the dodgers spent the money to become the best team in baseball this year their payroll is the second highest in the mlb the raise payroll, the 3rd lowest and in this case money talks in san francisco kylen mills kron 4
6:53 am
sports our fans their qualifying season the same thing with the nba one giants fans will tell you exactly what warriors fans will tell you in the here 6.53 is the time we've got lots more ahead here on the ground for morning news, we'll be right back. time. ...less is more.
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>>back 6.56 on this wednesday morning. we are thankfully out of red flag warning territory today and back to some calmer conditions. good chance to enjoy some of the sunshine will eventually get to you can see the clear skies of the golden gate bridge right now and the flag on the right side of your screen noticeably not blowing around near as much as it had been today's daytime highs will mostly be in the 70's with a few 80's for inland valleys like conquer right at 80 degrees. in the meantime areas like oakland, san francisco and san jose only in the 70's for your daytime highs today making for a pleasant one back to you. all right, thank you john time now 6.56 coming up in the next hour, the kron 00:04am morning news, san mateo county. >>has entered the orange tier of reopening, which means looser restrictions for businesses that have indoor operations will break it all down in a live report. but it's a very different story though for solano county a
6:57 am
spike in covid cases there could backtrack the reopening process, we'll talk more about that and streets will no longer be shut down in danville and open up for pedestrians after people went against covid-19 rules and started gathering in large groups we'll be back at these stories and more just a minute. how's everybody doing? hey you guys. hi! it's time to lean on each other. all of you guys, so much great support. and laugh with each other. (laughs) cheers! let's do it together. with caregiving chats and more. come find us at
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that's very common to have a gum health concern as well. you know, i talk to dentists every day, and they're able to recommend sensodyne sensitivity & gum. it's really good dentistry to be able to recommend one product that can address two conditions.
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>>news station. you're watching the kron 00:04am morning news. >>and thanks for joining us on a wednesday and waking up with us at 7 o'clock i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher yeah we've got a nice morning to wake up to you can see the view behind us here in san francisco as the shots getting a little brighter. the live feed there but it's nothing compared to the corner view the johns and should we go to the corner office. my side, i look at this guy's so pretty out there at the bay bridge right now nice glow over san francisco in savor it. >>because tomorrow morning, i'm anticipating the return of some fog and some of these views that are so crystal clear this morning. so this morning as one to be appreciated for sure not just because of the beautiful sunrise, but also because we're out of red flag warning territory now we saw winds come down overnight and that's our conditions so much nicer than they were last night re


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