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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  October 29, 2020 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>>from the bay area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:04am morning news for good morning, everyone and thank you for waking up with us on the kron 00:04am morning news, it's thursday october 29th. >>i'm robin once and we appreciate your company or waking up together the un john let's start this morning with a check of the forecast speaking of john tribal he's standing by with a look at what thursday has in store hey there john hey robin thanks so much. we are looking at a nice thursday ahead of us today much like we did yesterday in fact, calm winds comfortable temperatures. >>and abundantly clear skies across the region bay bridge by me not looking too bad itself and we are looking at clear skies on our other bridges too. you look outside from see church hour this
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morning shows you just how crystal clear those conditions are we do have an marine layer, but hasn't resulted in the fog blocking out the view so we're thankful for that winds definitely come again and i would say we're probably most thankful for that actually because after windy start to the week in the high fire danger that brought us. today's calmer conditions much like yesterday will bring favorable weather for stepping outside now air quality isn't quite as crystal clear as it's been we do have good areas towards the coast. but also some moderate spots returning for the north bay and portions of napa moran and even sonoma counties to so do watch that air quality is definitely not as bad as we had seen in previous days. but it is an ideal today either 40's and 50's for your current temperatures not quite as chilly as yesterday for most areas, we're in the low 40's right now for petaluma and napa each at 41 degrees while saint helene and nevado each sitting at 45 degrees to kick off the morning. now as we work our way into the afternoon today, you'll notice a lot of similarities to yesterday, lots of sunshine.
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calm conditions and seasonably warm daytime highs, mostly in the 70's for the bay area, although a few low 80's return inland. i've got more about that all still to come out been all right thank you for the update john. >>well there are now new safety concerns in san francisco over the better market street project so back in january the project close the streets to private cars of course making it safer for pedestrians and bicyclists. but now project leaders have to scale back due to the pandemic kron 4 s taylor bisacky reports. >>by now you've probably noticed parts of market street shut off to personal parks as part of the better market street project however, other changes in its 2019 plans to make it more walkable and bike friendly are now lost 2020 plans. it's all in an effort to cut costs during the pandemic. >>addressing fees and bicyclist now. >>just in the last couple weeks they've presented a redesign which changes the entire thing and people who
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buy people who people who take transit now or an supportive of a plan that had so much excitement and so much celebrations supervisor matt haney says there's been notable changes it changed waited the transit lanes or design it taken away the protected bike lane and they've taken away some of the pedestrian improvements and all we want for this street is for it to meet its potential for it to be safe and accessible some of those changes compared here instead of a sidewalk level dedicated bikeway seeing green on the left the 2020 plans on the right foot bicyclists back in a larger roadway shared with other vehicles separated plan is caught. >>and my back where they are today. sharing states faced with taxis and delivery so that's a it's easy this brian weeden meyer has the executive director of the san francisco bicycle coalition, a group
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that says a dedicated bikeway is necessary to keep bicyclists safe. >>by dropping that component project leaders say they're saving 63 million dollars. >>however, the 2020 plans for this first phase of the project will still cost roughly 121 million plus an additional 7 million dollars to the redesign every recognize the need. >>to attain cost savings and this provides design but for over a 120 million many of the were in the original proposal are gone i have trouble. we're having trouble seeing the value of that remains in san francisco taylor bisacky kron 4 news. >>well also in san francisco down near geary boulevard in golf streets. the city is reducing the speed limit from 35 miles per hour to 25 miles per hour this happened along portions of gary from laguna to golf steiner to scott and baker to saint josephs the
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changes come after a deadly crash that happened between a car and a pedestrian back in august. well the fbi is now involved in a possible hate crime investigation in the east bay, a lafayette family discovered a swastika and the word trump spray painted on their home. the family reported the graffiti to the police tuesday morning and the mayor of lafayette mike anderson wrote a statement saying that there is no place for hate in lafayette. well neighbors and the victims themselves believe that the vandalism was politically motivated. biden harris flags and black lives matters posters are visible at their home. >>these are some dark times. and we're going through you know it's manifesting behavior in our community we're. >>above that it obviously it's not case. >>well so far police have not shared any information on who may be behind that graffiti. to the north and now fairfield
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police are offering a $10,000 reward to find the driver involved in a hit and run that killed an elderly woman so this crash happened sometime before 11 last thursday night on summit hill road near laurel creek park officers say 81 year-old namie storage she was hit and just left right there on the side of the road and she died at the hospital, anyone with information to call the fairfield police department. well we're now 5 days away from election day and both presidential candidates made multiple stops on their campaign trail the president was in arizona and democratic challenge joe biden was in delaware. both address covid-19 on their campaign the in riddles breaks it all down for us. >>you're so lucky. i'm your president. >>arizona is a state the president won by just under 4 points in 2016. but we're coronavirus cases and hospitalizations have been trending upward this month, a
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safe vaccine is coming very quickly going to have it momentarily. >>advocates the virus and we're rounding the turn regardless you know that we've got the vaccine. i say regardless they'll say well maybe you don't we have a great companies and quickly ends the pandemic a release from the white house office of science and technology say that it's already been done. >>listing ending the pandemic has one of the accomplishments from the first term. the white house later said the release was poorly worded but former vice president biden was not mollified when he spoke in delaware top. >>accomplishment of trump's first term. at the very moment. when infection rates are going up almost every state in our union. refusal the trump administration to recognize the reality realty through at a time in almost a 1000 americans a day are dying every single day. it's an insult to every single person suffering covid-19 mister
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biden and his wife jill voted many was briefed on the pandemic this is not political. >>it's patriotic. wary a mask where one period that both men were talking about the virus 6 days before the election was a measure of how thoroughly has dominated the campaign if i were president of us sleepy joe as you president it would taking it for years to have a vaccine you would have never had a vaccine. the president made the comments at another of his large shoulder to shoulder rallies which he said are far more impressive than his opponents barack hussein obama yesterday they made the mistake. >>the camera slipped and they showed his crowd he had about 20 people that brought this. which is about 10 people more than sleepy joe had guests, vice president pence campaigned in wisconsin where the democratic governor has urged people to stay home. >>as the virus spikes we see cases rising as the winter approaches i want to make your
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promise we're going to keep moving heaven and earth to make sure. hospitals have all the supplies they need to get the level of care to anyone struggling with the coronavirus that we want a family member to have democratic vice presidential candidate kamala harris was also in arizona in tucson she said she is not some out of the mainstream radical i love my country. >>a values reflect the values of america, our values tell us we have witnessed the biggest disaster of any presidential administration in the history of this country, our values tell us back. >>well that was dean reynolds, reporting for us senator harris will be in texas on friday. and it's an unusual spot for a democratic campaign because texas hasn't backed a democrat for president since 1976 or even elected one to statewide office since 1994.
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well many businesses around the bay area are being boarded up ahead of the election we found these men right here at work hard at work in downtown san francisco yesterday morning. this is owners say they are preparing for potential riots in response to election results. >>i wish that we didn't have to do that but with everything going on high realize again it's i wish we did and i wish we lived in a place where we could just and feel good about our decision and the process and and realize that. whether the outcome is one thing or the other we're all in this together. >>san francisco police tell us that the department will be fully staffed on election night to respond to you know what if any or if if they have any calls about you know suspicious or spontaneous events well to the east bay, there are several options for voting in person in alameda county. now starting this saturday, the coliseum will open to alameda county voters through election day people who go there will be able to
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register drop off ballots vote in person and also do curbside voting right from your car. the oakland a's will be covering the $30,000 price tag the dollar cost for the use of the coliseum the coliseum will follow all public health guidelines regarding you know social distancing and masks so don't forget that and voters will be provided mask if they don't have one. well coming up next on the kron 00:04am morning news. >>and electronic icu it's helping sutter health cut coronavirus treatment times in half. plus a former government official is admitting. he criticized president trump's leadership under the cover up and a new body. and then fire crews in southern california working around the clock to contain all the wildfires that burning we'll have the latest coming up after the break.
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>>welcome back everyone and thanks for staying with us now to our wildfire coverage in southern california, the blue ridge fire continues to burn in yorba linda. and is only 23% contained this morning after scorching more than 14,000 acres. the fire damaged at least 10 homes so far all evacuation orders and warnings have been lifted. then there's the silverado fire that's the one that's burning in irvine, it's now 32% contain a fire charred more than 13,000 acres since it started just on
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monday. well fire fighters have been injured as skews me 5 firefighters have been injured 2 of them remain in critical condition, southern california edison is being criticized for not turning off power in that area before the santa ana winds picked up when sun is investigating whether its equipment actually sparked the fire. well dozens of horses rescued during the silverado fire staying safe at the anaheim equestrian center. the facility has long been a home for horse lovers and also a place of refuge for horses during fire evacuations. but now the days are numbered, you know for the center as it will be torn down to make room for a major construction project kacey montoya reports. >>wendy fury has been a trainer at equestrian center for 26 years, but that's all about to change its heartbreaking this is my home away from home the 7 acre equestrian center sits next to the santa ana river along the 57 freeway but the property will be demolished next year
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turned into an overflow parking lot for a mega development projects surrounding the honda center. part of a project called oc vive 115 acre entertainment office and residential development is the work of anaheim ducks owners henry and susan samuel l e developers say the project would create 3300 jobs but longtime tenants of the stables don't see why they can't be part of it this. >>stable can really help the community. you see the kids writing taking lessons horses do amazing things for people they want to make c 5 is the sports entertainment center. equestrian is a sport we do just size we've had competitions judy right frank says in addition to the history of the equestrian center. it's also become an emergency evacuation center during fires i've been here 5 years and this is about the 3rd time that we've had to. >>take on more says the manager tells me they taken in 70 horses this week from the orange county fires and says they've seen an increase in fires over the past few years.
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many in the equestrian community wonder where these horses will go in an emergency once this place shuts down there's not a lot of places for people to go anymore in orange county. a lot of places of closed down i know that there's an evacuation center in chino hills mccoy park but that's not close. judy started an online petition to ask anaheim city officials and project developers to open the door for communication we have almost 2500 signatures for it. just just asking for alternative plans what can be done if we can keep this we're going to fight to keep it open. and it be a shame to lose this the manager of the equestrian center says she will miss it after 20 years, but it's just not a lucrative industry anymore and she's ready to go. >>that's not stopping wendy and judy and others from continuing their fight to find a way to keep it open. >>and anaheim i'm kacey montoya. well it's time to get a check of our forecast me to see how thursday is shaping up
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and we have an expert who handles all of that for us it's john triple it's around the country are going to be looking at some nice conditions out there today for sure some conditions that will be favorable for stepping outside like i hope you did yesterday enjoying some of that sunshine in the really comfortable afternoon highs that we are in the midst of right now my favorite time of year in so many ways to love the changing colors and of course. >>the not so hot of whether anymore you can see outside berkeley here skies, nice and clear overhead little bit of moonlight shining above the bay over here in the far edge of the screen. so yeah pretty inviting looking morning across the region, especially nice thing about today yet again as we are seeing those calm winds staying with us all the way through the day today so from the start into the afternoon today, no worries about winds fire danger does still remain of concern because of with fact we haven't seen rain in months and months now and with a high pressure ridge built up we are looking at maybe some mild conditions and some calm conditions still plenty of dry grasses and dry brush so just
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keep that in mind. we're sitting well behind of normal as far as precipitation goes under updated drought monitor this morning does show extreme drought for portions of napa solano for this northern reaches of sonoma counties, most of the bay area sits in the severe category but we need to start seeing some rainfall in these next couple of months here in order to help to get us closer to normal in this regard because we are definitely falling behind as far as that rain goes 60's 70's for your highs and san francisco as well as another coastal areas. we may not be seeing any rain but we'll take that sunshine in the comfortable temperatures. well we've got it will be another beautiful afternoon to step out there a few low 80's right along the bay. campbell you'll 80 degrees today saratoga in cupertino as well as san jose each peaking at 79 degrees 70's 80's for the east bay really very minimal changes from where we were at yesterday. we also shared the same range of numbers so if you like the feel of yesterday today is going to be another
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one that you want to venture outside and enjoy that sonoma youngsville fairfield all in the low 80's. well vacaville and pittsburgh as well santa rosa, each at 79 degrees for today's daytime highs, let's get a look ahead at your next 7 days. so we do have halloween this weekend as well as that time change that's going to give us that extra hour's sleep. skies will remain pretty clear through all of this friday you will notice a few high passing clouds and temperatures just a few degrees cooler. both along the bay and for inland areas as for the coast will be staying in the 60's so definitely some nice conditions from start to finish in this forecast. no wind events, no heat waves unfortunately, no chance of rainfall as we just remain steady and comfortable. all through the forecast robin we light steady uncomfortable. thank you john the commutes comfortable to at least for now. >>here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza we're checking the trip into san francisco and we are delay free so for those of you have to have to use 80 now's your chance to come on in and i
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have a nice smooth trip across upper deck all the way through downtown san francisco. all right. we are off to 92 checking in on the san mateo bridge. a little busy as expected. but no major issues were just a little crowded here on the flat section west of the toll plaza, but no major issues heading off to foster city or send the tale. we're also checking in on the golden gate bridge, one oh one nice and smoothly don't see any maintenance work underway. so so far so good here into and out of san francisco under 25 minutes rolling south nevado to the toll plaza that's the commute direction. we'll check more traffic coming up a little bit later. a former chief of staff at the department of homeland security miles taylor is now acknowledging that he is the one who wrote the scathing anti trump op ed and book under the pen name anonymous. well in a tweet taylor says quote donald trump is a man without character, it's why i wrote a warning taylor has been an outspoken critic of trump in recent months. the anonymous essay was published in the new york times back in
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2018 if you remember. taylor has been an outspoken critic of trump in recent months and has a contributor contract with cnn. well back in august taylor denied being anonymous. well coming up next on the kron 00:04am morning news. >>safe is it to fly during the pandemic that's a big question. we'll talk about what a new study is saying about the risk of getting covid-19 as millions of americans plan for the holidays, stay with us.
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>>welcome back everyone and thanks for staying with us while traveling during the pandemic might be safer than many people think so a new study released by harvard suggests that airplane passengers have the same risk of contracting covid-19 us people just going to the grocery store eating out at a restaurant lonnie wong reports. >>air travel passenger numbers took a nosedive at the beginning of the pandemic but made a comeback during the summer months leading industry leaders hopeful that it could reach 85% of prepandemic levels by the end of the year it didn't happen. it went flat of the tortilla michael boyd has a leading airport an airline planning and consulting firm. although the harvard report was sponsored
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by the airline and airport industry. it mirrors previous studies that show that commercial airplane filtration systems can eliminate viruses you can get to see grandma. this thanksgiving but the feet and go but such reports are counted by last week's revelation that 13 of 49 passengers in an irish airlines flight contracted the virus during a 7 and a half hour international flight. 9 of them will win mask and several were distance from other passengers. there's still some question whether the virus was contracted on the airplane. but such incidents don't bode well for holiday travel this year. >>a sacramento international passenger capacity will be down 33% over last year that's better than the 40% or more at other airports airports may be less crowded but because of a reduction in the number of flights expect full airplanes. >>and virus protection protocols like social distancing in lines along with infrequent travelers you've got more kids more strollers that sort of thing so i think we can probably look forward to almost a normalized
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experience for thanksgiving which could be total chaos on the labor day weekend activity at sacramento international was steady. the mess together travel held up better than long distance and international travel in recent months industry analysts say is the destination that the travel that worry air passengers it's getting there and finding out that you know the mayor and the governor something says getting you're going to quarantine and that. >>that's really hurting everybody we got to get around those things as quick as we can as eager as the airline industry is to get the message out that flying is safer than ever. we fully realize the many airline passengers and potential passengers will not take that message to heart at least not right away these people would tell you that when we'll be back to 2019 levels to like 2024. i'm sorry i think they're right and our forecasts show the same thing in sacramento. >>lonnie wong. >>still ahead on the kron 4 morning news for leggett tiller's that's how some are describing feral pigs that are
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just causing damage to south bay golf course, we'll have more on this story coming up after the break.
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>>welcome back to the kron 4 morning news, everyone, the time is 4.30 good morning to you and thanks for staying with us sir, thanks for waking up with us if you're just now turning on your tv or your app


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