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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  October 29, 2020 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>>hospitalizations and that will inevitably lead to more deaths plus the nation's top infectious disease expert issuing a stern coronavirus statement saying we need a uniform mask mandate and it should come from the white house it evening, thanks for joining us for kron 4 news at 8 o'clock, i'm ken wayne and i'm pam moore doctor fauci says he has not spoken with president trump in quite a while about the situation with regard to the coronavirus outbreak. we'll have more on that in just a few moments we begin tonight with an election concern out of the east bay.
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>>now 5 days away from the november 3rd election and kron 4 is your local election headquarters this election season. with a record number of people voting early this election season, there are already concerns tonight about missing ballots in the east bay, dozens of voters reported not receiving confirmation that their ballot was received by the contra costa county elections division. >>kron four's justine waltman here now with details and whether or not foul play is believed to be involved justine. >>well contra costa county has 37 drop off ballot boxes. but there's one question tonight, and that's the box that's right outside of richmond city hall, dozens of voters say they dropped off their ballots there on october 12 and the county has not been able to confirm receipt of those ballots so they're lost and the county doesn't know where they are tonight. the county is telling us this according to the contra costa county elections office the ballot box and richmond city all has been inspected by the county and they have no reason to believe the box has been tampered with and they did not
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find any evidence of criminal action by election workers so the elections office is now considering installing surveillance systems at the drop boxes and officials are saying they're actually happy that the sort of happened because it's showing that the tracking system worked it alerted voters that the ballots were missing gave them time to vote again important to note that the system will not allow people to vote twice. we'll have much more on these missing ballots coming up tonight here on kron 4 news in prime time, pam and ken back to you just thank you secretary of state alex the dia says there are many security measures in place now to make sure the next few days leading up to the election goes smoothly after sending a memo to elections officials about the laws and the consequences of voter and intimidation and harassment. >>he says law enforcement is on standby, but as a last resort he says so far there have been no concerning incidents with early voting underway. >>folks there to observe can not in any way interfere with
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the administration of elections. it certainly can't cross the line try to harass or intimidate somebody was trying to exercise their right to election supervisors are trained to make sure that the election goes smoothly, haven't been trained on how to de escalate maybe some tense situation that there are questions. >>with about 40% of ballots already returned the dia says those are being stored in locked ultra high security areas, governor gavin newsome cast his ballot in sacramento today, he praised the number of ballots that have been sent by a california resident so far saying that he is quote very enthusiastic about the total number of ballots that have been returned and about the eagerness for people to be active at the to support our during this election season. if you have any problems casting your ballot. let us know and we will investigate you can e-mail us at voting problems at kron 4 dot com
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health officials have been warning of a twindemic since flu season began in tonight. >>solano county has confirmed its first case of both the flu and covid-19 co infection, citing medical privacy we only know the person is under the age of 65, but as kron four's terisa stasio tells us health officials are saying this should be a loud warning for everyone. >>medical experts say that this case is someone having co id-19 and the seasonal flu at the very same time re emphasizes the importance of getting a flu shot or potentially facing some very serious medical consequences and the risk is that you'll have a worse today, they have a worse disease because you're suffering from 2 at the same time it's harder to your body's immune system to fight off both cyrus is simultaneously doctor balan ma cash is the solano county health officer. >>he says this first case diagnosed in the county of a person having both covid and the seasonal flu at once has
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been a concern statewide and nationally ever since covid swept into the country unfortunately that they co occurrence of these 2 diseases and make some unity. >>increases the risk of some severe health outcome. >>now that it is here he says it is vital to ramp up safety precautions. >>this re emphasizes the importance of getting the flu vaccine, correct does and it really emphasizes the importance of maintaining social distancing all the time. and here's the irony in our county most of our cases are occuring they're being exposed when they get together with family and friends and they let their guard down they're not being exposed at work and not being exposed out there and then in the general public sector in the community when they go to the store at center. they have the incorrect assumption that family and friends are saints. the doctor says wearing a mask is important but he also has this to add about what type and you might find it educational. >>should be we be wearing a
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mask that surgical masks that we can buy these either from the hospitals where do you weigh in on that. >>you know it's an interesting question because it actually misses the important point. people are using those masks only in the public sphere, not in the persopal sphere, but the personal spears re getting exposed. so if you are nothing more than a bandanna and the personal sphere, most of this disease ago. so you know rather than amplifying protection in the in that rare possibility of incidental exposure at the grocery store you should be focusing on a much more likely exposure in your own family, your friends and your family when you get together the doctor also adds that if you start having flu like symptoms you should isolate. >>get tested and stay isolated until you get the results. he says that you may not ever get very sick, but you could infect someone else even to the point of a hospitalization or dash and you want to want to have that on your shoulders. terry says stasio
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kron 4 news. >>let's talk about halloween normally, san francisco is all in on the party, but not this year officials are worried about a rise in covid cases and they say they don't want to see the city back sliding out of the yellow tear kron four's maureen kelly talked to the mayor about her perspective. >>it seemed like it was going to be an epic halloween this year, it's on a saturday. there's a full moon here in a city where people love to dress up and have fun but now we have the specter of coronavirus looming over us and the city's mayor is concerned that people are going to think just because we're in the yellow tier we can get a little loose, but she says that's not the case. >>we're in the yellows here now but that can change at a moment's notice. the mayor visited businesses today out the excelsior some with their halloween decorations up but was scaring the mayor's that we're starting to see a spike she's concerned about the rise in hospitalizations and the
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number of new cases and and so what i'm concerned about right now is that as we go into the whole halloween weekend and people may feel good that san francisco's in a good place but we're not and it's going to put us in a situation where we may have to make some adjustments and. >>as much as halloween is like my favorite holiday ever to celebrate even i have to take a step back from what i traditionally would want to do to do what is in the best interest of the people of the city because if we'd all and we're talking about future holidays where we won't be able to celebrate in the ways that we enjoy the supervisor of the castro district is also warning people not to come here and party like in years past and that suits. those we talked to in the neighborhood. >>just find the castor is a really fun place. i love living here, but i'm all about safety first so personally i'm going to be staying home this year and i'm glad they're encouraging people to stay home. i hope other people listen to what they're saying the city says go ahead and decorate your house they're encouraging people to still dress up in costumes but they're discouraging of course
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large gatherings and they're also discouraging trick or treating. now the city's public health department does have a list on their website of ideas on how to still have fun on the holiday. but also stay safe during the pandemic you can find a link on our website kron 4 dot com. maureen kelly kron 4 news. and continuing our covid coverage doctor anthony fauci the nation's top infectious disease experts said the u.s. covid numbers are quote stunning with infection rates rising in multiple parts of the nation and hospitals in some areas overwhelmed with patients. >>during an interview yesterday doctor fauci said the country needs a mask mandate to combat the coronavirus now it is very urgent and that's the reason why i have been urgently saying every single day. >>that we've got to do things that have not been done uniformly and consistently throughout the country. the numbers that you put up our stunning. this is going to get worse because we're going more
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into a cold this season. >>as we get through the fall and into the winter with the holiday season going we've got to do something different. >>doctor fauci added if the federal government does not make the decision on a national level he hopes that governors and mayors would implement mask mandates locally. the race for a covid-19 vaccine continues but health experts say don't expect to get one any time soon. >>after initially suggesting one could be ready by election day. the president is now telling followers. it's right around the corner today doctor fauci also said we won't know until december at the earliest if there's a safe and effective vaccine. while a handful of companies are working on vaccines. 2 of them had put a pause on their trials to investigate safety issues that's why infectious disease specialist at ucsf say they believe that timeline is overly optimistic. >>they maybe did string that this effort to cnn vaccine by the end of this calendar year.
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but in terms of someone sticking their arm out to get the vaccine probably not until spring of 2021. >>ucsf infectious disease specialist doctor, peter chan, hong says spring is a more realistic timeline for high risk populations, health care workers and seniors because of the trial delays reviews of those trials of the complications involved in distributing a vaccine, but as for the rest of us experts at ucsf say we likely won't have access to one until summer or even fall. >>coming up on kron 4 news tonight at a with only days remaining to shore up any last minute support president trump and joe biden held dueling rallies in an important battleground state. >>and arming arrest after a traffic stop turns up drugs cash and a loaded weapon. >>and plus a rapid rise in crime in one east bay city this summer why police say the covid-19 pandemic has a lot to do with it. >>and we've got clear skies
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out there right now we've got a holiday weekend halloween just around the corner, we'll talk about that forecast coming up.
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>>a dramatic spike in gun violence in the city of alameda, it's a disturbing trend. the police department is trying to control kron four's the lead to go all talked with city leaders who believe that the pandemic has played a role. it alarming
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since june first 14 shootings have been reported in the city of alameda criminals shouldn't. >>the better armed and our police what troubles interim police chief randy fan is that number accounts for the total number of shootings all year long there were 9 for the first 5 months of the year we had 3 shootings in 2019 just 7 in 2018. >>here we are again towards end of october we've got this many arrests have been made in 5 of the 14 shootings investigations. >>though these cases have resulted in an increased workload for a department that is also trying to adapt to the pandemic watching what's happening with more folks not being in jail when they're arrested because of covid people being released because of covid criminal justice reform is just so many factors >>we're taking a look at mayor marilyn ezzy ashcraft understands residents and business owners are concerned about the violent trend
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domestic violence cases are facing rising one of the things i would like to see i think the police would to is this return to community policing. >>where we have officers out and about walking in our downtown districts. >>and in our just you know getting to know what the situation is disability and not just always responding at someone's worst moment that really an area a neighborhood business district more those the kinds of things that. >>i think can help make our community safer city attorney's office says prosecuting any violent or gun-related crime is a priority. >>i believe all kron 4 news. also the east bay, a 26 year-old oakland man was arrested after a traffic stop turned up a large amount of drugs cash and as you can see a loaded gun. >>this happened at 7th and potter streets police say the suspect who are they not they are not identifying at this time was driving on a suspended license. it had several bottles of promethazine which can be used
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as a sedative he also had more than a $1000 cash is arrested on a number of different charges. >>in the north bay sonoma city councilmember and former mayor david cook has been arrested on child molestation charges. the alleged assault was reported on monday cook was arrested tuesday night and released on bail wednesday morning. he has served on the sonoma city council says 2012 and air in 2015 current mayor logan harvey sent kron 4 a statement about cook's arrest that reads quote crimes of this nature are disturbing it is the primary duty of all communities to protect children due to the overwhelmingly sensitive nature of the investigation i ask everyone to show compassion for the victim and families involved in the case and respect their privacy as due process plays out. and the south bay, san jose city leaders partner with the community to raise black lives
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matter batters, a city hall today, mayor sam liccardo was joined by members of the community organization called youth hype to celebrate the unveiling of the new banners. the city hopes the banners will be seen as a symbol of civic engagement and a way to acknowledge all of the important work that still needs to be done. >>on the peninsula popular hiking trails and south san francisco are still closed after that four-alarm fire that broke out almost 2 weeks ago. you may recall back on october 16th that wildfire raced across sign hill burning part of the famous south san francisco industrial city sign. while it only caused minor damage to city says the trails need repairs and until that's done. the area will remain closed off there is no estimate as to when that work will finish. 2 teenagers confessed to starting that fire. >>let's check on the 4 zone forecast a live look outside at the bay bridge toll plaza which is pretty empty tonight and also looks pretty clear our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow standing by with. >>the warmer weather ahead.
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yeah, looking good as we head in toward the halloween weekend lot of sunshine, sometimes this time of year we'll be tracking some storms but not this year looks like it's going to be very nice out there now you see nice clear skies and that's what's going to say most of the night and most of year the exception along the coast line and just inside the bay. actually going to see some thick fog making its way on shore so air quality kind of suffering a bit tonight again as we've seen some of the smoke from the creek fire. in this year that of work its way back into the bay area so a lot of under yellow right now that is moderate amounts of foods outside that was that he's skies as you saw there today and the beautiful sunset with all the colors winds not much you got on a win in san francisco out of the west 3 and oakland right now and 7 in benicia temperature wise not bad outside right now the numbers drop off in a hurry though, as we head in toward the midnight hour 62 degrees in hayward right now 57 a lot to and 58 degrees in santa rosa at this hour. all right speaking of that fog here comes is going to roll in
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along the coastline. it's going to be a dense fog out there tonight and that will start to fill in just inside the bay tomorrow morning. that is going to give way to a lot of sunshine temperatures going to be just slightly cooler i think as we head toward the afternoon overnight lows, 40's and some 50's around the bay area for the most part by day tomorrow. yeah, you get some sunshine coming your way again in the afternoon and temperatures pop and well into the 70's inland. lot of 70's around the bay and that some 60's along the coastline. next couple days as we take you into the halloween weekend of course don't forget this kind of the weekend to get an extra hour of sleep so make sure you enjoy that looks like it'll be sunny and bright most parts of the bay area by the way your halloween forecast. yeah, looking good for the trick or treaters yeah we do have some ghostly see fog that is going to start to make its way into the bay and the temperatures are going to be in the 40's in the 50's so dress warmly and be safe if you're going get lots of good candy that all right, thank you darren some are still ahead tonight at 8 advertising taking on a new creative form during the pandemic how some small
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businesses are using a popular social media app so they don't have to break their budgets. >>a brand new school named after former first lady michelle obama is now open in the east bay we're going to take a look inside the major upgrades enrichment.
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>>students and staff held a virtual ribbon cutting ceremony for the grand opening of the michelle obama school in richmond, the school is the first in northern california to be named after the first lady kron four's haaziq madyun brings us a look. >>these elementary school protests a painting in a virtual ribbon cutting ceremony for the grand opening of the michelle obama school enrichment the site was formerly the location of the woodrow wilson elementary school buildings were unsafe and falling apart. >>the new school is see through the fear and little over 6 years ago the innovative rebuild project began march 21st century school design features a multitude indoor and outdoor spaces, the school principal cloudy of the lead as explains how it works like civil design the school environment allows grade levels to share in earnings were all adults and students learn together the teachers can close up.
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>>all the doors and being very traditional spaces with their 30 students they can open it up they can teach a 100 kids at the time that can move and overhear 90 over there once the review was underway. we realize. >>part of taking ownership in this new school was having the opportunity to name or said we wanted to choose a name that resonates with who we were as a community when the search for david did the west contra costa unified school district chills, michelle obama for multiple reasons, including her growing up on the south side of chicago in the community similar to richmond from there she would go on to graduate from princeton university, she's also a graduate of harvard law school later she joined the chicago law firm sidley austin where she would ultimately meet her husband did the rest is history meaningful support to keep students and teachers safety michelle obama school has 2 floors a multi-purpose room a community room a
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spacious playground and a green garden. >>has it made you kron 4 news next today taro striking overseas when a man goes into a church and began stabbing people shrimp boats washed ashore along the gulf coast just part of the damage has millions are left in the dark in the aftermath of hurricane zeta plus the pres
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>>2020 presidential candidates
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hitting the road in florida state key to each campaign's success on election day our washington correspondent kelli meyer has a recap as both candidates find themselves on the same turf. >>dueling rallies in the same battleground state in. >>stay. >>president trump and former vice president joe biden both competing for votes in the all important battleground state of florida the florida goes it's over florida is up for grabs on tuesday with each working to seal the deal we didn't know what doing it again. my first lady wants to do it again president trump is banking on his home state advantage and surprise supporters with a speech from his wife first lady melania trump on my husband me to our nation is expected to gain both candidates brought up the coronavirus crisis facing the country but share different approaches to defeat the pandemic i'm not going to shut
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down economy. >>i'm not going to shut down the country but i'm going to shut down the virus would never get a lockdown again we locked down. >>open for business and that's what it supporters crowded together during president trump's tampa rally. >>even though 2 people at his rally last week in north carolina tested positive for the coronavirus president trump super spreader of accident spreading more virus around the country biden state in florida for a second rally in tampa while the president returned to north carolina. both vying for a victory in these key swing states reporting in washington, i'm kelly meyer. >>tonight in santa clara county early voting is running 2 times ahead of where it was 4 years ago the county's registrar of voters spent part of the day today helping to oversee a ballot box where a steady stream of voters was adding to the already record number of ballots received an
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army of workers already processing and counting the first returned ballots from the record one million-plus registered voters and that means there will be much less time county much less county to do on election night. but that does not mean that we will know all of the winners and losers right away the register will have 30 days after the election to complete the county and to certify the results. >>here at kron 4 we've been asking you to send in your election questions and there are a few common questions. we're is we've received including this one from miguel but to khan he asks my wife and i received a second set of ballots after we already voted. what should we do with the second set of ballots we talked to an election official to find out. >>well in this case if they've already voted and then somehow received a second set of ballots. what they need to do is they need to put those second set of ballots. back in the mail stream was a big on the outside of the on below right to click it ballots and
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then that way the registrar in whatever county that is we'll get them back and be able to clear up whatever happened on the voter registration rolls. >>he went on to say that so far the napa county registrar of voters has seen a 44% voter turnout exceeding the voter turnout in 2016. a federal judge has now ordered the u.s. postal service to boost a service to ensure the ballots arrive in time for the election a judge's decision also re sands restrictions that slow delivery during the summer new data show that on time mail delivery continues to drop and some sections of the country. >>the postal service told voters in august that the agency could not guarantee on time delivery for any ballots mailed later than the tuesday before election day. delays have plagued the postal service during the pandemic and worsened under a series of policies implemented by the new postmaster general louis dejoy who took over the agency in june. for all of the
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information on early voting and your local ballot drop box. just check. our web site found 4 dot com. >>now is the people in the southeast are still without power after hurricane zeta slammed into the gulf coast. the storm made a beeline across the south leaving as you can see shattered buildings a lot of debris. thousands of downed trees and a lot of fresh anguish over record setting hurricane season. you can see the damage is in lakeshore mississippi. it even included shrimp boats being washed up on shore and damaged in decatur, georgia, large trees were toppled by strong winds and rain covered normally busy roadways bringing traffic to a halt. at least 6 people were killed by the storm for more details on that story, let's check in with our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow orange about 24 hours ago made coming up the gulf now it's headed back out into the atlantic. but certainly leaving a wave of destruction behind you can see
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that storm is a work its way across actually begin to join with a very cold system that was making its way. >>across the sent united states and there goes making its way our behind that system you can see all these little dots showing up those reports of damage trees down power lines. you name it all kinds of destruction in that way because it moved its way toward the eastern seaboard. and now you've got some very cold air coming in on the backside of this system in fact cold enough that we're talking about snow tonight and tomorrow, maybe as much as 3 inches snow and the parts of massachusetts may be new york new england are going to see that there as well going make for a very cold halloween around that part of the country outside right now we've got mostly clear skies. a hint of some patchy fog trying to form out there near the coastline overnight tonight. i think tomorrow should be a beautiful friday. these temperatures very comfortable in the upper 70's inland, lot of 70's around the bay. then you've got some 60's along the coastline with some of that creepy looking fog out toward the beaches. then over the next couple of days here
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we go looking very nice is we're going to see a lot of sunshine above normal temperatures. i think to the weekend maybe even a little bit warmer as we're going to see some nice weather through halloween and early next week there is a hint though as we get toward the following weekend that there may be a major change in the weather pattern we may actually start to talk about some rain don't forget this weekend roll. those clocks back again next hour sleep. in the sunday morning guys back to you. >>in world news tonight police in france carried out a controlled explosion after a deadly stabbing spree in nice that is being called a terrorist attack. bomb disposal experts detonated a suspicious item in the area of the city's notre dom basilica. officials say the suspect went into that church today where he stabbed and killed 3 people. the suspect was shot and wounded by police and then arrested he was found carrying a copy of the koran. this was the 3rd attack in france in the last 2 months that authorities have attributed 2 muslim extremists.
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>>it's quite a beautiful sight. thousands of candles lighting up the night in israel marking the 25th anniversary of the assassination of prime minister yitzhak robin. he was shot dead by a jewish extremist as he pursued peace with the palestinians he hits a pub in center plan to live 25,000 candles in the central tel aviv square where he was assassinated back in 1995. he was killed after addressing a peace rally which is now named in his honor. still ahead data time we're worried about keeping your hands clean a company is warning that its products may do the opposite we'll explain. >>nights of demonstrations leading to meaningful change in philadelphia in the aftermath of a deadly police shooting of a black man plus spending money on advertising has been challenging for small businesses during the pandemic that's why some. >>got innovative turn to a popular social media app for help.
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>>tick tock as you probably know has an app where users post fun and creative videos. but some georgia businesses have gotten innovate and now they are using the app to boost their bottom lines. reporter ashley williams shows us how take talk appears to be taking over social media of the over 800 million people using the popular app many
8:40 pm
have found tick tock success while promoting their businesses some right here in savannah apartment the photography owner went to norman says she was hit hard by the pandemic i lost all my income all my business, no one was booking anything new for about 2 solid mimes and. >>kind of have that moment of panic but then decided that i actually had an opportunity here the wedding photographer started posting behind the scenes and videos on tick tock during quarantine with the newfound exposure. she now has over one 0.2 million views and even some new high and and bananas exploded onto the tick tock seen in february and since then they've been showing off their fun side to local fans and people across the country. now the tick tock has over 4 million likes you could say they're really hitting it out of the park. it's super cool and like inspiring to see that we reach all these other people that don't know about savannah and don't know about the banana so. >>we're kind of showing them are city and giving them a taste of what we we want them to see know which is just fun,
8:41 pm
crazy happiness and just positivity. >>the trick. the trick is finding something that's clever and creative and fun to watch which is like one out of a million right the other kind of like. >>and but even if they watch it i like that she said fun and positivity and lows that was ashley williams reporting tonight from georgia in sports. we have the story of the bay area team that is making. >>a run. their league playoffs while need to find the closest
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official ballot drop box near you? just visit to find your nearest location. then drop off your ballot. your vote will be secure and counted. there are other ways to vote too. just return your vote-by-mail ballot at your voting location or mail it back. or you can vote safely in-person during early voting or on election day. vote the way you're most comfortable - but vote by 8pm on november 3rd.
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>>trump has been ministration says the economy has rebounded and the record 3rd quarter gdp, growth numbers show that but our washington correspondent alexandra le mon reports because of the new daily records of coronavirus cases, there's concern the economy could tank again. >>the trump administration says the 3rd quarter gdp growth is a sign of a strong economic monster 3rd quarter gdp number 33.1% growth of the last 3 months which is record breaking and historic weekly jobless claims also hit a 7 month low president trump predicted as many months ago as we started to reopen the economy. he pointed to the tremendous pent-up demand after the wholesale national shutdown of the economy, but speaker nancy pelosi is not impressed. we had lost ground in the 2nd this fairly makes
8:45 pm
up for that in september more than 12 and a half million americans were unemployed and now even some who are back at work or on the brink of homelessness because they fell behind on rent and local eviction moratoriums around the country are expiring in a tweet joe biden said visits to food banks haven't slowed and poverty has ground 8 million people. >>more people have fallen into poverty on friday, the u.s. set a new daily coronavirus case record and states and cities around the country say their hospitals are quickly running out of space. democrats say because there's no national strategy to stop the spread of covid-19 the economy could take again in washington alexandra le mon. >>a woman shot by police in a chicago suburb last week is suing the officer who injured her and killed her boyfriend to pharrell williams filed a lawsuit last night she is also suing a second officer and the city of waukegan where it all
8:46 pm
happened. williams says that there was no reason for officer james keating to stop and question her and her boyfriend marcellus student and she says that there was no reason why officer dante salinas shot at them because they were unarmed and did not provoke the shooting salinas has been fired largely because he did not activate his body camera until after the shooting. portland's city council has delayed a vote on additional police budget cuts until after next week's presidential election. >>mayor ted wheeler said in a statement that 3 council members, including himself needed more time to evaluate the effect of cutting 18 million dollars from the police department budget in oregon's largest city city lawmakers over the summer already slashed almost 16 million dollars from the almost 230 million dollar budget. >>the philadelphia city council joining leaders of other cities and it has voted to block police from using tear gas rubber bullets or pepper spray on peaceful
8:47 pm
protesters that's after hearing hours of testimony from people injured or traumatized by the use of those weapons. the moves followed days of protest or break ins and atm thefts that followed the death of walter wallace, a black man shot by police that led to the mayor to lock down the city last night with an overnight curfew. >>for your house tonight, said joe hand washes are being voluntarily recalled for possible bacteria. they're sold at san francisco target and albertsons stores, certain 12 ounce jail hand washing the sea minerals fragrance are the ones causing concern method says that quote while this bacterium rarely causes harm to healthy individuals. there is a risk of infection for individuals with a compromised immune system find out if you bought one of the affected products head to our website kron 4 dot com. >>on 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >>the niners defense has been
8:48 pm
doing its part this season, they are a top-five defense in the nfl by pretty much every metric they are only giving up just 19 points per game but if the team wants to take that next step it will have to be the niners offense that steps up more specifically this guy jimmy garoppolo outside of that game against the dolphins their egos right there to the little bit. they're after that dolphins game. you haven't been all that bad but in a year where injuries are piling up in the division is the most competitive it's ever been you need to be a little better. jimmy has 7 touchdowns to 4 interceptions this season. his qutrterback rating is 97, but jimmy g has had his share of setbacks this season, including that high ankle sprain in week 2 against new york jets that sidelined him an additional 2 games when he came back in week 5 against the miami dolphins. kyle shanahan benched him a halftime with jimmy thinks he can turn a corner and is
8:49 pm
confident that he can keep up with that seattle offense. >>always confident i think that's one thing we do real you know whether it's running passing whatever it is that this offense got to pick your poison cell. so we've we've a number of last season this season so it's really just about i you know see what the defense is doing and just being able to adjust during the game. >>the mls regular season is almost over and the quakes are in the midst of a playoff run. the league was among the first professional sports leagues to resume play in the u.s. and san jose has managed to stay covid free kron 4 sports reporter carley mills talk with players about the bizarre season in competing for the mls cup. >>the sights and sounds that earthquake stadium much different i was screaming all tries in north america's largest outdoor barnes. >>it's an you know i to lost a
8:50 pm
little bit from sort thing missing them and we're hoping they come back soon the only outside voices, the haunting of drive of fans watching from their >>the san jose earthquakes are in the final stretch of a strange season. bma last first resumed in july for the mls is back tournament held in orlando bubble. >>teams then returned home to begin regular season play with strict protocols. so far the quakes have remained covid free we talked to the team wanted to. >>not. be one of the scenes to add the council anything and so we took it upon ourselves to this psa from can take on the right measurements star midfielder and u.s. national team player jackson year-old says the team is coming together under second-year coach month the u.s. all made >>and not only on the field we enjoy each other, but off the field you know the coaching staff and the group you know really chosen a time and you know keeping the friendship and the bond going as much as possible you know believes g to
8:51 pm
on-field success the quake speak well, salt lake to nothing last night up next are lfc in the seattle sounders in their final 2 games. >>western conference playoff spot on the line the right to use these games we have to go into the final so this is time to make the make all this effort and hard work worthwhile island >>great >>reporting tiling we will keep you out with the quakes journey as the season, progresses and a surprise higher in baseball, the chicago white sox have hired 76 year-old tony la russa at their new manager that's right 76 years old la russa will be the oldest manager in majors by 5 years. the astros dusty baker is 71 so good for him, you know coming out of retirement he's already in the hall of fame now coming back, i guess to share his wisdom the younger guys in major league base and he's been a fixture in the bay area for many years people love them here, but there been any
8:52 pm
blowback though because there's a lot of you know, yeah journal potential or higher shore you know, especially in this day and age when people really are stressing. equity and equal opportunity is a guy who's had. so many opportunities had a great career right but you know some people say hey there's so many people working hard to get the shot only 2 black managers and yeah, i love baseball leagues act already coming up next well the adorable twins are ready for halloween and full of the election thanks to their creative mother how as a nurse, i've faced the fear of being stretched too thin to do my job right. and it's not just health care workers. our teachers and school staff are going the extra mile for our kids. our firefighters are taking on unthinkable missions
8:53 pm
to keep us safe. how can we keep giving billions in tax breaks to rich corporations when our communities need that money? prop 15 closes corporate loopholes and invests in our schools, health care, and public safety. help us do our jobs. vote yes on 15.
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>>well it's a house that's still loving but also divided in oklahoma look at these precious little twin girls dress to give president trump an joe biden a run for their money that the joe sunglasses and a look on the face says it all emily atkins report sees hollowing costumes are not only going viral. but so is their message. >>they're not quite old enough to vote, but they sure know who the candidates are done on that turn and browning meat 4 year-old edman twins cody and havens. every year their mom atria garza goes all out for halloween, but this year they had a larger audience every can you guess who they are.
8:56 pm
>>i never imagined we'd have 2.6 million views on this millions of views in a matter of 2 days, they know they were joe biden and donald trump and they see them on tv talking all the time so they know there's somebody i don't think they understand quite yet who they are the twins were born right before the election 4 years ago, and that's where this idea came from i had to hunt down some boys suits for them their costumes complete with campaign signs and even some facials garza says her intention was just to have fun. but the underlying message was profound lot of people and to talk we're going back and forth with their opinions and views and actually kind of ended up being like ago vote message teaching her girls along the way there's nothing they can't do i want to teach my girls to aspire to be the president of the united states one day not to aspire to be a fairytale princess that doesn't exist. the twins encouraging people all over the nation to get out
8:57 pm
and vote. >>no >>love this mom and those girls that was great that was emily akens reporting tonight and that mother may have started something she says her twin girls already want to dress up as the candidates for the next presidential election in 2024 and who knows who that will be like that wraps up kron 4 news at 8 o'clock our prime-time news continues at top of the hour dozens of ballots missing in the east bay. >>one election officials are doing to try to make sure doesn't happen again hundreds of homeless people are about to be moved out of the hotels they've been staying in during the pandemic but city leaders in san francisco have plan to keep them from ending up back on the city streets, thos
8:58 pm
8:59 pm
9:00 pm
>>from the bay area's local news station. watching kron 4 news. now 9 its campaign crunch time we're just 5 days away from election day with the race for the white house in the final stretch. >>millions of voters are casting their ballots in record breaking fashion. good evening. i'm ken wayne and i'm pam moore, thank you for joining us tonight at 9 both candidates spent their time campaigning in the crucial battleground state of florida today and we will begin in tampa that's where the president and the first lady melania trump were. >>this was their first joint


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