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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  October 30, 2020 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>>news at 6. >>one is i don't want to see a shutdown like for chicago is just experienced i don't want to see that for us. >>now it's 6 some business owners say they're feeling overwhelmed tonight after san francisco city officials decided to hit the brakes on the reopening process after an increase in covid hospitalizations thank you for joining us at 6 o'clock everybody i'm grant lotus. >>and i'm vicki liviakis see how the city and county of san francisco now slowing down plans to get back to business as usual today. mayor london breed announced covid-19 hospitalizations are up in the city causing city leaders to take action and then slow down these some services that were
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scheduled to increase capacity up to 50%. well instead remain at 25% capacity. kron four's dan kerman is live at san francisco city hall tonight with more dan i guess of your business owner. think in your profits we're going to double this is like a gut punch. >>it is at the same time some of them are looking at this like what's next could have been that they could have closed indoor dining altogether or they could have shut down altogether we've seen that other places across the country they are trying so that doesn't happen here in san francisco and that's why it is a pause it is not a step backwards. >>the virus gets too far ahead. you can't catch up. >>san francisco public health director doctor grant colfax as san francisco isn't there yet but covid numbers are moving in the wrong direction the last 2 weeks are key street has gone. >>from 3 about 3 per 100,000.
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population to 4. that's a 25% spittal of stations have also jumped from 23 to 37 in just a week. >>which is why san francisco is putting a pause on next week's planned reopening of indoor pools indoor locker rooms and showers at gyms and indoor family entertainment activities like bowling alleys indoor restaurants indoor food courts movie theaters museums zoos, and aquariums as well as places of worship will also not be able to increase from 25% capacity to 50% capacity. >>the last thing we want to do is go backwards the last thing we want to do is tell a business or a school or some place that they can open and then tell them that they have to close everybody is relieved that we are not pulling back completely from indoor dining people are disappointed laurie thomas with the golden gate restaurant association says while disappointed the association supports the decision. she says the pause
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still allows outdoor dining and 25% capacity indoors, which is far better than going in reverse. >>we don't want to go to full closure that would be a of death for many of us we would love to have gone to 50% but we understand that we need to take a pause now and just continue to update it. you know weekly and see what's happening. >>now there's no timeline for when this expansion will eventually end up happening it all depends on the numbers, the mayor also indicating today. now is not the time for san francisco residents to let up that means more mask-wearing staying within your bubble, not interacting with lots of people over the holidays. also more mask-wearing as i mention in hand washing and social distancing. live at city hall dan kerman kron 4 news all right dan 2 steps forward one step back. >>today state leaders officially rolled out. the new ramped up covid-19 testing program this program. kicks off next week in southern
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california. the new 25 million dollar lab it's in valencia and part of california's recent one 0.4 billion dollar contract with diagnostics company perkin elmer, the lab aims to significantly boost the state's testing capabilities, adding an extra 150,000 process tests today with the goal of a 24 hour turnaround time. happening exactly the right time. >>when more pressures being placed because of the increase we're experiencing around this nation. this lab represents a true opportunity not just to do things scale that really only california can achieve. >>the latest state data that labs across the state are averaging one 0.2. a rather day turnaround time with about a 100,000 test happening per day. >>some breaking news now this takes us to southern california where police have been chasing a stolen jeep.
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this is in the long beach area started at about. five-fifty so just a short time ago. this white suv was dangerously driving maneuvering speeding on surface streets. this is on the border of wilmington and south long beach things seem to have come to a stop here as you see first responders have all converged on this one specific area. i didn't see exactly how it ended but we'll keep an eye on this end. let you know if anything of consequence comes of that. meanwhile a south bay church is being taken to court for violating pandemic health orders. it is costing the church $5,000 a day. santa clara county is suing the church to put a stop to large indoor services. it says are hindering efforts to try to curb the spread of the coronavirus but as kron four's rob fladeboe reports for us now the church says the health order violates freedom of religion.
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>>san jose's calvary chapel here on hillsdale avenue has been holding indoor church services attended by several 100 people in violation of the santa clara county health order that says no more than 100 people can do so the county on friday announced it is suing the church for violating social distancing protocols claiming the church's been flagrantly ignoring the county's efforts to prevent the spread of the virus as county counsel james williams by phone hands. >>one church said has chosen to disregard all of very basic health and safety rules that have been put place to keep our communities 6. and he was trying to work with them for a long time. >>there isn't any to the and so we're seeking this is something court. >>on friday calvary chapel held a news conference to defend its actions. some 2 dozen church leaders and pastors from other area
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churches all but one not wearing a mask vowed continued defiance of the order insisting it is in violation of their constitutional rights. >>we're going to defend liberty. and this pastor's willing to do whatever needs to do. to defend not only. his liberty the church's liberty. the into every needs to do to defend the liberty of the people who need to come their spiritual health, this is what i'm called to do to help hurting people. and so you know whatever happens happens. >>with with with the county wants to do but i'm gonna keep doing what i know guys community. >>and the county alleges as many as 600 people are routinely attending indoor services at calvary chapel, which is facing fines of more than $350,000 you know the reality just yet almost every congregation regardless of faith tradition in santa clara county. >>has been safely it. he
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compliance with the public health directives in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>well kron 4 is your local election headquarters this election season we are now just 4 days away from election day. and both presidential campaigns are obviously in the homestretch they've been blitzing the battleground states countdown polls continue to show joe biden in the lead with republicans insisting. they'll have a huge 6 showing at the polls on election day. our kron catherine heenan she's host of inside bay area politics talked to our political analyst for some insight. catherine yeah, some democrats are vicki and graham say they are still stressed about what happened in 2016, therefore they don't want to get too comfortable. >>early voting has been staggering with more democrats than republicans requesting ballots. but yes again republicans insisting they will be at the polls in huge numbers on election day. they argue, trump supporters have been undercounted in the polls. i talked to professor
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david mckeown of sonoma state university about his thoughts on the state of the race. things are positions for democrats to do well can they follow through and close the loop here that's important. >>where donald trump he's going to want to be relying on those of quote unquote shy trump voters and whether or not they'll show up let's talk more about that the president does continue to insist the polls are wrong is there any indication of that i mean are there that many shy trump voters shy, trump flocked to nominate may have been a case in 2016 we're not seeing that same dynamic this time out if you will and so we're getting to that place where there should be this surge of voting this weekend and if the republican hopes are on a huge turnout of shy. trump voters on election day proper we can forecast that but there's a lot of error associated with that and it really cuts the margin is razor thin. he did deliver those with less than a 100,000 voters in wisconsin. total 100,000 voters between 3
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states between wisconsin, ohio michigan a little bit of pennsylvania if you want to add that in can he do that again that's not really a strong campaign message that's more lock of the irish if you will reelection strategy. and professor mckeown he will join our team of political analysts on election night. >>and you can watch our entire interview on kron 4 dot com or on kron on grant. >>thank you catherine here kron 4 we've been asking you to send in your election related questions. we've been getting a few that are the same and this is one from grimmie to rule it reads. >>i have my ballot but. >>misplaced my return envelope what should i do. >>well we spoke to a local register voters to try to get that answer. >>so what i'd suggest in that case is that they come down to one of our locations or in person both locations and we can take care of that vote for them at those locations.
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alright so go show up in a few. >>yeah need to vote in person obviously mask-up don't forget. you have to go to your own county and you can send us other questions you may have related to voting problems that voting problems the kron 4 dot com. >>happening tomorrow, the warriors will be using their facilities to help people vote as a way to help you know use their star power to energize voters kron four's maureen kelly went to chase center in san francisco, where ballots can be dropped off starting tomorrow. >>i'm on the corner of 3rd street and warriors way where starting on saturday at 10:00am people will be able to drive up here along warriors way pull over. >>and drop off their ballots. this is all part of the warriors team effort to get out the vote. the brand-new home of the warriors will soon be a place to make your voice heard this election while there will be no in person voting happening here at the
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chase center that option will be available at both the team's practice facility in oakland and their santa cruz arena. >>the team's vice president of government affairs and community relations says they want to empower their fans to exercise their right to vote and maybe draw in people to the polls that might not have been motivated before we are all in i think everyone from our players to our coaches to our senior leadership and everyone. >>from the entire organization is speaking collectively on this there's no other option for us this year but to get out the vote an exercise that right people who live around the chase facility think the move is a slam dunk for civic engagement think it's a great thing you know i'm going to drop it my ballot tomorrow and i'm really glad it's available i've always voted at city hall early but because it's so close to my work, it's easy for me to drop off my ballot and i think it's great that other people have more can be this voters when t-shirt with the warriors insignia is just one piece of slag that might
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be handed out as ballots are being collected they weren't making any promises. >>they also said we might see some familiar faces amongst the poll workers when i asked if. >>staff might be helping people get their ballot into the ballot box. we'll see was the answer i got reporting from san francisco. i'm maureen kelly kron 4 news i would be a slam dunk and caught 4 has you covered this election for details on. >>where you can drop off your ballot just head to our website kron 4 dot com there again you can find a map of ballot box locations as well as times for when your ballot can be dropped off. >>yeah klay thompson, a rock over there that the court will take it coming up, assessing the risk a study suggests that jobs where workers are more likely to get covid-19 let's price plus they're wrong ready to roll election mode feels are helping out east bay for early voting and even on
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election day. >>and the bay area city preparing for potential protests after next week's election results will hear from city leaders after the break on. now they say they plan to keep people safe. hard to believe, but it's halloween tomorrow will the weather be chilly will it be wet. >>we'll be pretty nice. we'll have the answer coming up next. who's supporting prop 15? joe biden. biden says, "every kid deserves a quality education and every family deserves to live in a safe, healthy community. that's why i support prop. 15." vote yes. schools and communities first is responsible for the contents of this ad.
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who's supkamala harris.5? harris says, "a corporate tax loophole has allowed billions to be drained from our public schools and local communities. no more. i'm proud to support prop 15." vote yes. schools and communities first is responsible for the content of this ad. >>and never to be prepared for
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any potential incident. >>and the east cities are preparing for potential civil unrest on election day forcefully to go explains. >>the cities of berkeley oakland and delay jose plans are in place to respond to potential civil unrest on election day. and the days that followed this despite there being no immediate threats you always want to take an opportunity this to be as prepared in advance for a potential threat as opposed to being caught off guard and. >>the reactionary doing something already occurred on monday vallejo fire spokesperson, kevin brown says his agency will coordinate with police at an emergency operation center set up at a fire station, the police department will have a team of officers on standby ready to deploy at a moment's notice the fire department will staff an extra battalion chief. >>and engine to respond to increased call volume if that's the case really bring people in. >>does streamline that ability
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for the different agencies talk face to during normal everyday incidents, we often operate over the radio over over from communications as effective as those are the slow things down so having a representative of each important agency in the same room as well make sure that we're it will moving swiftly and there's no communication errors. the berkeley police department says it will have extra officers working election night on over time the oakland police department has also increased staffing to address any safety concerns officers will stage at various locations throughout the day to allow for safe spaces for people to peacefully demonstrate. >>us. >>now an update on the wildfires burning in orange county in southern california the silverado fire has charred more than 13,000 acres in the hills just east of irvine. fire now 63% contained looks a lot better today, some 90,000 people who had to be evacuated from their homes earlier in the week have been allowed to
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go back home, 5 structures were damaged 2 firefighters though remain hospitalized after suffering secondand third-degree burns the cause of this fire is being investigated as is the cause of the blue ridge fire burning in the yorba linda in chino hills area that is burned more than 14,000 acres fire officials say they spent last night patrolling and mopping up the fire's perimeter. it is currently 47% contained one structure was destroyed, 10 others have been damaged. this massive fire started monday afternoon and was propelled thanks to strong santa ana winds. time now for our 4 zone forecast as we bring things back to the bay with a look ahead to tomorrow. yeah thankfully those wins appear have died down lawrence karnow joins us with a look at what to expect on halloween, yeah, looking like a very nice halloween forecast actually so. >>yeah we're looking at lots of sunshine coming our way on halloween for the trick or treaters maybe a little ghostly fog begin make its way
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along the coastline but that will be mainly near the coast, the temperatures are going to be a little bit chilly out there we felt that. >>all week long night we've had those cooler temperatures on tap for the bay area but looking good if you are headed out trick or treating be safe be careful. keep your distance temperatures running in the 50's outside. and it looks like it'll be a nice dry night indeed end a full moon blue mount blue moon up there once again out there across the bay little hazy little smoke from the fires burning across the sierra nevada otherwise beautiful sunset here in the bay area temperatures today cooled we have that fog comeback in along the coastlines san francisco. yesterday 74 today, 61 degrees 70 in oakland 73 degrees in san jose 81 in livermore 79 degrees in concord and 78 in santa rosa tonight, we're looking at mostly clear skies. a couple patches of fog along the coastline, some of that making its way inside the bay be careful this weekend got some big waves moving in along the coastline of course we haven't seen much in the way of storms with their role in in in the pacific. so we'll see who is much 69 footers
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along the coastline could get as high as 12 feet sunday into monday. temperatures on halloween looking nice during the day enjoy those 70's navies around much of the bay area, some 60's maybe some 70's near the coastline, staying dry through the weekend. but you notice this as we get into the last part of next week. actually put a chance of rain in the forecast how about that wow looks like those clouds are not real full, but little drip drip will take thanks a >>a new study finds construction workers are 5 times more likely to be hospitalized because of covid compared to people working in other fields advocate show kevin clark, what is working and what hasn't been working to keep construction workers safe. >>by nature many jobs in construction contradicts social distancing guidelines for construction workers. >>you know that those things may be hard to do with shared tools. you know definitely
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shared space that's what covid-19 researchers at u t said along with the release of a new study the model found that construction workers have a much higher risk of being hospitalized with the coronavirus than on construction workers. it's not surprising. the research was based on hospitalizations in austin between march and august. >>but franklin tis of the u.s. hispanic contractors association is hopeful that gap may be closing thanks to better message and you've got to be quick going crest we've got to be clear flinty says a majority of austin construction workers are immigrants who may not speak english. >>the hispanic contractors association has created several videos about different topics like masks and testing. >>look at the u.s. that the e3fect that the funny 40 says the ads are more related will then for example simply having covid-19 worksite protocols translated to spanish and then a few culture family is everything gives them that. >>that extra level of concern that is on a careful eye might be the reason my grandma, my
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austin public health says from june 25th to july 9th there were 6 covid-19 clusters within the construction industry meaning 6 i had 3 or more cases that was when hospitalizations were peaking but recent data we obtained chairs the city hasn't found any construction virus clusters in october, it's important. >>that we continue to put the you know keep the foot on the pedal and well this is not over yet. that was kevin clark reporting for us this evening. >>coming up tonight at 6.45 between the election the health crisis in civil unrest, boy has it been a stressful year. how you can get away and practice self-care though through the coming weeks. >>you ready to say all aboard. cruise lines will soon accept reservations again the latest on the cdc's decision to lift
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>>cruises will be able to set sail once more the cdc has just lifted the ban on cruises in the u.s.. a no sail order you may recall was issued back in march at the onset of the pandemic and then they re up that a couple times when this thing started dragging on in order to actually have people on board companies will have to meet strict cdc guidance. that includes having testing laboratories for passengers on board. >>actress lori reported to a federal prison in dublin today where she will serve a 2 month sentence for her role in a
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massive college admissions cheating scandal, lockland surrender to authorities at the federal correctional institution in dublin. just 40 miles from a san francisco she wasn't expected to report to prison until november 19th. it is also the same facility where actress felicity huffman served her time last october criminal defense lawyer pollack and says it's about as good as it gets when it comes to prison. >>it's not like orange is the new black it's it's pretty cushy out there and as i said, but that it's his cushy as in jail is you have fresh air you can see birds and trees and have a fair amount of movement. >>euro prisons coronavirus protocols locklin will be screened and tested for covid and will be placed in quarantine for 14 days. >>up next surveying the damage we take you to louisiana where cleanup has begun. after
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hurricane setup flooded much of the gulf coast, plus the san francisco zoo is celebrating world lemur day. >>remember this guy here on the left yet there is a pro labor day. how the most famous madagascar native spent his friday and election mobiles are helping out the east bay during. early voting and also on election day where they (garage door opening) it is my father's love... it is his passion- it is his fault he didn't lock the garage. don't even think about it! been there, done that. with liftmaster® powered by myq®, know what's happening in your garage- from anywhere.
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