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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  November 18, 2020 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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>>in the east bay u c berkeley officials have decided to change the names of 2 buildings on campus for us charles clifford has details and reaction from cow students. >>well this week, the leadership of u c berkeley has decided to remove names from 2 of its buildings. on wednesday crews working outside the now former barrows hall pride, the name off the wall. the building had been named for david barrows a former u c president who also promoted white supremacy in the early 1900's across campus luck on tall will also be re titled that building was named for brothers john and joseph lecomte who were slave owners in the 1800's and who also tried to use science to promote racism on wednesday,
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you see chancellor carol crest posted a message of support for the changes saying the legacy of a building's namesake should be in alignment with the values and mission of the university has expressed in our principles of community that was clearly not the case for either of these buildings on campus wednesday, the few students it could be found were also in favor of the changes i think it's a great idea honestly is is that have a history that we must remember and we can't. >>keep i think it's a particularly good idea, especially doesn't see themself aligning with those man's opinions, the name changes follow a similar move earlier in the year when john henry bolts name was removed from the law building. >>both had supported anti-chinese legislation in the 19th century. cal is also considering removing alford kroger's name from the anthropology department kerber was an anthropologist who studied native americans and finally caught hall will be renamed physics north and south is actually 2 buildings and the borrows hall will be renamed the social sciences
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building. but for now on the cal campus charles clifford kron 4 news. >>a lot going on tonight with the golden state warriors the nba draft and an injury to one of their key players, one of our favorite yeah, this hurts a lot kron 4 sports director jason dumas to break it all down good with the draft bad news with the injury. yeah, you know they got a very talented player in the draft who we'll get to in talk about but the news of the night is klay thompson injury. we don't know the extent. we know that he can put much weight on and that's the last thing you want to hear especially a fan favorite like clay, so vital to the team and trying to get back from the acl injury klay thompson, he was working out with other nba players in downtown los angeles today when he suffered a lower leg injury it was his right leg, not delay where he tore his acl in the 2019 nba finals. he cannot put any weight on that leg we're still gathering more details and waiting for information of course we will keep you updated right here on kron 4 news. now on to the nba
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draft the warriors remained at number 2. and they pick the guy who i have been reporting they pick for the past 2 weeks terry is james weidman the center out of memphis. he fits the mold of the modern day big man super athletic runs the floor like a deer and he can protect the rim credit. he will start immediately at the 5 for the warriors and we hope to hear from james himself later tonight, so good news and bad news just like everyone said for the warriors and we will keep you posted and hopefully hear from james wiseman later tonight. >>and guys hopefully we will hear from bob myers, the warriors gm later tonight. thank >>pfizer and moderna both announcing major progress with their covid vaccines. lawmakers say the next big challenge will be distribution catherine heenan the host of inside bay area politics joins us now live with the details this is good news. it really is in fact the vaccine is the
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only good news in an otherwise a very troubling time as the pandemic just drags on pfizer for example again talking about applying for emergency approval from the fda within days. >>and in washington across the country. lawmakers are turning their attention to how to get the vaccines out to the public. everybody agrees this should not be a political football and there should be clear communication and cooperation getting advice from health care providers. >>and in medical professionals they get that advice and then i would hope they would work together at the administration level that we focus on trying to get as many. 10's of millions of vaccines out there as quickly as possible safely. >>but then i'm sure that they're going look to the states need the local governors to figure out how to get to the right people to our health care workers and first responders will get. >>we'll get first rights as they should. >>our counties across the bay area now of course among those are working scrambling at this point to be ready for a
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vaccine distribution. pam and ken. >>thank you catherine. >>today president elect joe biden held a virtual roundtable with frontline health care workers battling the ongoing pandemic this after biden told reporters that if president trump continues to throw up transition road blocks. >>many more people will die from the virus as washington correspondent morgan wright tells us the roundtable comes as lawmakers still have yet to compromise on another covid relief package. there's a whole lot of things that are just we just don't have available to us. >>too much is made available soon we're going to be behind as covid cases surge across the nation president elect joe biden told some of the nation's frontline health care workers. >>they will be his administration's top priority. >>it's not enough to praise you we have protect you. we have to pay biden charged republicans are delaying more relief to help those on the front lines. reason why my friends in the other side have not stepped up to do
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something. >>is because of their fear of retribution from the president. and hopefully when he's gone they'll be more willing to do what they know should be done the virtual meeting comes as president trump withholds cooperation toward a transition of power which could ensure a seamless response to the pandemic it's outrageous that the trump administration has refused to provide the presidentelect with high level intelligence briefings. >>will brief the tree transition on the bad vaccine distribution plan. the senate democratic leader chuck schumer says getting the virus under control was the only way to get our country back to normal. the country wants us to come together and get something done senate democrats and republicans are still deadlocked over how much relief is needed open to a targeted. >>bill. roughly. >>of the amount that we recommended. >>i have a trillion dollars but biden says he's optimistic can secure more relief. reporting in washington, i'm
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morgan wright. >>fremont police have arrested a 40 year-old union city man as the suspect in a series of armed robberies at gas stations and convenience stores in the east and south bay police said the man nelson rim heiress claim to be committing the crimes for his sick child. he's suspected in more than 20 robberies just since october including 5 in fremont as well as in newark union city hayward mountain view milpitas sunnyvale campbell and los altos officers say they detained ramirez after staking out a car that appeared at several of the convenience stores prior to the robberies occurring. maris apparently has confessed that he did not have a sick child nor did he have any children at all. if you have any additional information on this case you're asked to contact police. coming up good news for boeing how many 7.37 max planes could soon be back in the sky.
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>>good news for boeing tonight, the 7.37 max could soon be back in the air that's after being grounded for 20 months the fda issued an order paving the way for the troubled plane to return to service 72 jets operated by american united and southwest would be the first to return to the skies. the 7.37 max was grounded last year after 2 of the planes crashed in separate incidents in ethiopia and indonesia, those crashes
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killed 346 people the f a a now says boeing has fix the aircraft's faulty software and design flaws which have been blamed for causing those crashes. max pilots will also need to be required to undergo new training. >>carnival cruise lines has canceled cruises from all us ports through the end of january. company has also canceled some sailings from home ports after that date. carnival is still working with the cdc on resuming cruises here in california cruises out of long beach in san diego have been suspended through february and carnival legend cruises out of tampa won't run until after march 26th. carnival says it's working on a gradual phased in approach to resume service. still ahead a solemn anniversary for the bay area. why a survivor of the jonestown massacre says.
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>>a big story we're following tonight on this day 42 years ago a massacre sent shockwaves through san francisco is sure did san francisco in the world more than 900 members of the people's temple, a church that was based in san francisco died in the south american country of guyana it happened in a place called jonestown and outpost founded by reverend jim jones turned cult leader kron four's maureen kelly takes us back through that dark chapter of the bay area's past that. still
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reverberates today, especially among those who escaped she's standing by live with more marine. >>that's right hand right now i'm standing in oakland's evergreen cemetery where behind me are the remains of more than 400 unclaimed bodies from the jonestown massacre for many of these victims, the road to jonestown began at the headquarters for the peoples temple in san francisco's fillmore district. >>the shoulder. >>think it's where the reverend jim jones cast a spell over his followers, some of whom he led into the jungle of south america. it was supposed to be an egalitarian paradise. but it ended in horror 909 people many from san francisco, mostly black died nearly a 3rd were children they were murdered first then the adults some willingly swallowed a cyanide
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least drink but others were forced at gunpoint jones died by gunshot. the expression drinking the kool aid comes from this grievous atrocity. >>it was just vicious the reverend jim jones expanded the peoples temple into both san francisco and l a in the 70's. >>he was seen to be both magnetic and down to earth to his one-time followers. he was just plain old gm. >>that talked about our responsibility to society and how we needed to work together and order to create a a perfect utopias his message of social equality took root among black and brown communities. >>and with their help he became a powerful figure in california politics known for helping leaders like the late mayor george moscone e get elected the governor. >>jerry brown which show up when joan had need of and he had a way of. >>bringing in the votes but stories of abuse began to surface discipline went from talking to people when they did something wrong to then
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becoming physical to the point that it became like the teens, a combination of negative press attention and drug fueled paranoia drove jones to establish a colony in the latin american country of guyana. >>name jonestown after himself. he lured his followers there with the promise of buelding a socialist paradise. yolanda williams followed him with her husband and one year-old daughter. but quickly regretted it upon arrival they were told to hand over their passports and u.s. currency and realizing that a grave grave mistake had been made it was the conditions in jonestown itself that prompted williams to convince jones to let her family leave about a year before the massacre people or being people are being. >>physically verbally abused there was consistent brainwashing going on it was similar reports of abuse that brought congressman leo ryan of south san francisco to fly
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down to guyana to investigate with a delegation, it was a visit that seemed to start well but ended with some temple members asking to go home with ryan it was on this air ship on their way out that the an armed group was ambushed. >>ryan 3 journalists, an escapee from jonestown were killed ryan's then aid now congresswoman jackie spear was one of the wounded, playing dead after being shot 5 times what followed in jonestown at the time was considered a mass suicide, but is now understood to be mass murder, it was a real day of reckoning pastor hugh fortson junior says he was ordered to leave his wife and 4 year-old son in jonestown and head back to san francisco about 2 months before the massacre because of the overwhelming tangle of bodies. his wife was not identified for a week, too young for dental records his son never felt like i was less than $0.2 you know what. >>i gave up on my count rise again all my husband rights i gave up my rights just as a
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person because i believe that this man had a better plan than myself. and it took time it took time it took prayer. it took me coming to a place of recognizing and realizing that i like everybody else. and important in this world war 2 now believes he was spared the fate of his friends and family to spread god's word. >>and now heads his own congregation in the high desert. while williams eventually joined sfpd rising in rank to acting captain. she says she hears echoes of jonestown repeating today an echo that has grown louder now that she's lost her mother. another former member of peoples temple to coronavirus in july by some time to listen to our commander in chief. he sounds so. >>much and the rhetoric. so similar to that of jim jones said it's just absolutely for me and then to think that. over 200. 40,000 people have
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lost their lives. due to covid when we say that. johnson the most tragic. incident of a massacre of people i say don't forget about the commander in chief. >>most responsible for the deaths of hundreds. >>a plaque but the plaques behind me list all of the names of the people who died in guyana that day, including congressman ryan and the journalists who died. jim jones his name is also on that list as well as other people consider to be complicit. in the killings that does not sit well with some survivors and victims families, a petition is circulating to get those names removed from this memorial. reporting from oakland i morning kelly kron 4 moring great job on a very difficult story you know, but world enough to remember
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clearly what happened back then it's a good reminder for younger people to. >>understand the story what it was all about and just a devastating in effect to have beyond the bay area, the whole world knew about absolutely it was a major story and still resonates so where does all right we're going to check in on our weather forecast. >>all right guys we had a few scattered showers move through the bay area again today things winding down though you see some of those showers moving on through such a valley couple thunderstorms popping up their quieting down though and that moisture left behind going to be more of an issue tonight or seen just a light breeze today compared to some gusty winds that we had yesterday but tonight. yeah we're going to see some of the dance to leave fog that ground fog going to develop out side watch out for that into early tomorrow morning overnight tonight, you'll see that developing inside the bay. and some of the interior valleys. and it will be pretty thick through about 08:00am then it should begin to lift, but certainly know that it's too fog is it will kind of about in spots. next few days more sunshine on the way the temperatures are going to warm
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up as we dry things out in the weekend guys back to you. thank you. lawrence next new advice from the cdc on holiday gatherings why some health experts want you to avoid singing and drinking around others.
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>>the holidays will be different for a lot of reasons this year and now adding to the changes. the cdc is
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advising against alcohol and singing during holiday celebration. the new holiday guidelines say people should avoid singing and speaking loudly, especially while indoors. that means. >>music levels should stay low, so people can hear each other without shouting, yeah, the guidelines also advise limiting the amount of alcohol at gathering since alcohol consumption is linked to behaviors which are more likely to pass on the virus cdc says if you're going to a holiday party they advise quarantining for 14 days before. and after so there's a lot to consider there. yeah may only be november but city of new orleans has already decided there will not be any parades at mardi gras next year and the parades were scheduled for january and february but the virus is surging in new orleans with 1000 new cases in the last 10 days. mardi gras and fat tuesday celebrations usually draws about one and a half million people into new orleans and specifically the city's historic french quarter every year that tuesday is on
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february 16th of next year, but again no parade, yeah next on kron 4 news at 6 o'clock more and more apartments of becoming in san francisco, many people leaving the expensive rent behind as the pandemic continues we'll talk to city officials about how that is affecting the economy plus some good news amid the pandemic a coronavirus vaccine is one step closer to reality. >>as pfizer get some crucial new test results at all coming up next at 6. i'm looking at your mri. your shoulder seems to be healing nicely. i'm sorry baby... i don't want you to play with that... (singing) twinkle, twinkle little star. how i wonder what you are...
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how are you doing? schedule a video visit with your doctor. kaiser permanente. thrive.
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with your doctor. >>news at 6. >>that are population the in computer population down not just that this potential exodus of residents those are all the customers. >>now at 6 it may come as no surprise but many people are ditching the expensive rent prices in san francisco and moving out. but what we now know is city residents are leaving in large numbers. thank you for joining us at 6, i'm moore and i'm ken wayne, the side of moving trucks becoming more and more common across the city. >>kron four's has by noon talk to san francisco's top economic official about how the pandemic is affecting the city's population. >>it has been more than


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