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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  November 18, 2020 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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>>from the bay area's local news station. watching kron 4 news. the testing rushes on ahead of the holidays, this was the line just yesterday at one of the testing sites in san francisco. well.
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>>city leaders encourage everybody to get tested tonight. there is a catch. thanks for joining us. everybody at 10 i'm vicki liviakis and i'm grant lotus some people say everybody get tested and then it's ok if everybody congregate but there is a testing shortage and city leaders tonight are asking people not to use these government operated covid testing sites. >>before their thanksgiving travel or gathering plans. they say these resources are for essential workers at people who have symptoms or believe they were exposed to covid yeah, one of those government operated sites is on the embarcadero and that's where we find kron 4 taylor bisacky she joins us now live with more. >>about the city's message. >>sign here behind me says appointment only and at last check appointments here are booked up through december second at put that in perspective this site typically tests about 1700 people a day so this is obviously raising concerns for the people that need the tests most the city is now emphasizing that these testing
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centers or not to clear you for your holiday plans. >>san francisco is urging residents not to use its government operated testing sites in preparation for holiday travel or gatherings, thanksgiving plans are of course discouraged as the city seeing a surge in cases and now in testing demands. we also have to make sure that for folks who. >>do we need to get tested because they think they might you see him or they think they may have been exposed that they have first access to testing andewe're worried about around this time around the holidays to have such a surge of people who want to get perhaps to travel or for another reason and as a result. we're not able to get to the people who most need to be tested. supervisor. matt haney says. >>testing sites in his district like the popular city test sf embarcadero location is booking up fast. at last check on wednesday appointments were booked up at that location through december second san francisco's department of public health
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responded to these concerns about the city's 19 free testing locations saying quote the available public testing is for those that are central workers were symptomatic or have been exposed. it is imperative to fighting the spread of the virus. his people need test for any other reason like travel or visiting, they need to go to their private provider see resources can not support testing for behaviors such as travel and visits with extended family. that are currently not recommended during this search doctor, peter chin-hong at ucsf explains other options that several of the sites. >>the most important sites to check is with your primary care physician because you probably won't have to and your health system may have it for example kaiser health. the second way to think about doing this through costco testing a home may cost some money and then there's some new things on the way. >>now this weekend next week supervisor matt haney says that the city is working to
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expand its testing capacity for the days following thanksgiving. he says we should see more pop up testing sites throughout the city but again san francisco is urging residents to go to your private provider. if you can do so now if you head to our website kron 4 dot com. we have a list of those other options now live in san francisco to lead the sec, the kron 4 news i taylor to the east bay now contra costa county is reporting more than 100 complaints. >>related to covid-19 health orders in just the past 10 days. the county is monitoring businesses with the task force. our kron four's gayle ong joins us now live in walnut creek with more on the task force. >>and vicki the task force have been responding to complaints since mid-march and so far a total of a 9 about 900 complaints related to covid they've been trying to educate businesses but as we can see cases are still rising prompting additional restrictions. >>a lot of people were seen as
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a people not wearing their mask. when they're at the business. or to employees of a business not wearing a mask and that is part of the reason why contra costa county has moved back again to the purple tier, the most restrictive phase of reopening in california. >>we spoke with scott alonso with the county's district attorney's office a lot of its restaurants but it can be be you know things like a cross fit the lawn. >>it can be outdoor dining where there's not social they can be indoor which now isn't allowed. >>with that roll-back of the county's covid-19 task force will be focusing on enforcement you know how hard it is for businesses right now. >>we want to support them. but ultimately they need to follow public health guidance that's really important to stop the spread of the virus luis soto agrees people are probably not be safe as they should soto owns hair 2000 salon in orinda and is feeling the impact of seeing fewer clients to hear the news that the numbers are rising so they're getting a
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little nervous about it and they're having a hard time making only one client is allowed inside. so take their temperatures constantly sanitizes and is getting tested himself for covid it's a struggle, but you know it's we've got to do the best that we can and the most important thing is just too. >>be safe and to keep everybody safe. >>in the meantime the county's task force made up of the health department sheriff's office and department of conservation will be responding to complaints about businesses and individuals. >>not following the rules individuals can be $100 in a business can be fined $250 and that can escalate per violation. i'm so business can actually see a fine of up to a $1000 per violation if it's a very egregious. >>and the last thing the county wants to do is find people and businesses but the goal is to bring in these cases down to report covid related violations in contra costa county. you can call a
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tip line or send an e-mail to the da's office and we posted that link on our website kron 4 dot com live in walnut creek gayle ong kron 4 news. >>thank you gayle, another way to help fight the pandemic get a flu shot health officials say getting vaccinated against the flu will not only protect you from getting it and covid-19 perhaps but also help prevent a surge at local hospitals, san jose mayor sam liccardo was among the first to get a flu shot this morning at kaiser and south san jose. he says even a typical flu season could test hospital capacity. >>by ensuring that we're not spreading the flu and that we're not getting the flu were keeping people out of the e r and the hospitals when we know we're gonna need that capacity for the significant surge we're experiencing now coronavirus patients. >>as of right now santa clara county has at least 150 people in hospitals with covid-19. so far the flu has not been much of a factor, but doctors say more cases are inevitable.
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cases continue to rise talking about coronavirus now across the state more calls are being made to further protect california workers a new set of workplace regulations will be decided tomorrow when the california occupational safety and health administration or cal osha. >>is set to vote on a sweeping new proposal kron four's noelle bellow has more on the proposed changes. >>guidance from cal osha have been in place since the start of the pandemic but these new set of standards will give officials more tools to enforce the rules what this should to do is it does expand their authority. >>and it does not allow an employer to play games with that when an inspector comes joe duffel is a union leader and sits on the statewide executive committee with the united food and commercial workers union he says over the last 8 months it's become apparent that businesses are saying one thing and doing another people are dying and hard to help keep workers safe just one the company's lying
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to you won't give you the information or makes you sit in the waiting room for 2 hours before they let you on the production floor doubles as the proposed regulations are not only a tool for cal osha to hold employers responsible. but it's an added layer of protection for workers, not only with a mandate and enforce social distancing and the wearing of face coverings in the workplace, the standards would also require employers to identify and notify all workers who may have been exposed to a covid-19 positive case within one business day. >>the new rules would also require companies to provide free testing to all employees who may have been exposed. and they must keep a record of all cases so they can easily trace potential exposures it's in forcing the hand washing it since forcing the social distancing. it's limiting the number of people in the store it's having the plexiglass is just. >>it's good practice if regulations are passed thursday, they could go into effect statewide in early
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december in san francisco noelle bellow kron 4 news. >>health officials are cautioning against visiting family this thanksgiving, but can a big family celebration get you into trouble at work is sing question right, according to an employment attorney via if your boss told you not to travel. >>the answer is yes, the lawyer we talked to says california is an at-will employment state meaning. >>your bosses can fire you for any reason and without warning as long as the reason is not illegal. but he says there are exceptions. >>in contrast to the situation where you taking time off. i see mom and dad who have contracted covid-19. >>this is going care for them. >>i all the protection orange employees it's a kind of form writes. employers can also require you to get tested to
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determine. >>if you're healthy enough to come back to work and if you do get covid during the holiday. the lawyer says honesty will be the best policy. right now time for 4 zone forecast called for chief meteorologist lawrence karnow always honest and he said we're going to get rain and he wasn't telling a lie. yeah, it worked out very nicely seeing the rain out there. but now that rain has come and gone looks like things winding down but the moisture still left behind so we're going to see some of that ground fog. overnight tonight that some of kind of plays out as we get in part of the year and certainly going to see that overnight tonight we're seeing some of the fog out there inside the bay right now looking from the berkeley hills going to be pretty thick in some of the interior valleys i think early tomorrow morning into the delta be careful if you have travel early tomorrow around 06:00am or so look out for some dense fog in the san francisco. looking very nice up there right now and drying out as most the storm clouds parted and moved on by, but hey turned out to be an ice storm. how about campfield
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just the last 24 hours so over an inch of rain santa rosa over 3 quarters inch map almost a half an inch of rain in the san francisco about a quarter of inch 8 hundredths in oakland, 700 san jose but mountain tops even around the bay area inch and a half of rain. so certainly a nice soaker of course we're behind from where we normally are this time of year here is the very latest on that. half an inch of rain so far total in san francisco for the season that puts us at 18% only 7%. in san jose just 1200's only 6% in oakland, a 1700's and santa rosa you're under an inch and a half that's only about a 3rd of normal for this time of year of course we've got a long way to go. very nice look at storm system the rolling through, but you see kind of breaking up that cold unstable air on the backside the storm system beginning to wind down still see some showers in far northern california but most the bay area drying out now on we even have some lightning strikes this afternoon over the central valley with that unstable air but that beginning to push out looks like overnight tonight clouds
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will continue to part of most spots but then you start to see the temperature drop and land mass and that cools down the air right above it that's where you start to see some of that ground fog in the delta into some of the interior valleys overnight tonight watch out for that even sneaking back into the bay winds right now not bad at all of course very gusty winds yesterday now calling down outside at least some of that ground fog too so tonight, clearing skies that patchy dense fog. tomorrow we're talking about morning clouds give way to sunny skies in the afternoon this weekend looking sunny on saturday a few more clouds come our way on sunday. computer models picking up on some that ground for the fog trying to form and by about 06:00am or so seeing some pretty thick fog even by about 7.30 see a little bit of an offshore wind that will bring some of that fog back in for the delta. that watch out early on some of visibilities down maybe less than a mile around the bay area's anybody in the commute early on tomorrow morning be careful going to be a little bit slick out there we don't like that ground fog not state a readout on the app all right thanks a
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6 ports. >>tonight for san francisco firefighter matthews band. released from his hospital bed today more than 2 weeks after he was critically injured on the job. and was responding to a high rise fire near speer and market in san francisco muni bus just drove through the scene in and into the air causing him to land on his head. the fire department says the ban will now focus on recovery at a all the best to him well just said it's tough night to be a warriors fan even as they load up in the nba draft. >>because the jaw dropping news came. late today klay thompson has injured himself again there is fear. it could be a serious achilles injury. he was taking part in a workout with nba players in la today. the obvious hope is he didn't air the achilles but
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reportedly couldn't put weight on it as he had to leave the court. the splash brother beloved who's been so instrumental in all the warriors recent success was of course is getting back to full speed after tearing his acl in his left knee. the season before last 2 days injuries to the other leg. he's going to undergo an mri tomorrow to determine exactly how bad it is everyone of course wishing clay the best here. >>and coming up later on kron 4 news at 10. how this stunning news may or may not have affected with the warriors did tonight with the number 2 pick in the nba draft. >>to the north bay city council meeting goes off the rails and 9 people get arrested for causing a disturbance at tonight city leaders one of the people arrested are all sharing their sides of the story kron four's jonathan mccall reports from fairfield. >>those 9 people are now facing misdemeanor charges in connection to tuesday night's protest at the city council
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meeting here in fairfield the group says they were simply trying to get answers about an officer currently under investigation. while city leaders say they went too far. >>i >>chaos at a city council meeting tuesday night in fairfield 9 people arrested for reportedly disrupting the meeting. city manager stephan chat with giving the order to make the arrest after he says the group refused to leave after making a public statement me. >>they were allowed to speak for a bit. after we allowed them some time to speak. we asked them to please leave an exit. lawfully that's a that's a lawful order. and they refuse to because of that ari buie says it wasn't the case with several steps it could take in there was no de escalation, no one to leave
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the law student and mother of 1 one of the 9 book behind bars. >>she says she was fingerprinted had her mug shot taken and booked into the solano county jail. finally released after 8 hours. it was really disgusting no social distancing. we have to beg for mass. >>in have any hand sanitizers police officers were not wearing masks. >>the group attended the meeting tuesday night to get answers about the status of fairfield officer dustin joseph joseph who's been with the department since 2018 is currently under investigation for his alleged role to the badge been digging scandal that's plagued the vallejo police department where he previously worked. joseph was responsible for 2 deadly shootings while employed by the i will ask for regular updates at the council medians if. >>to get up and tell us where are we now. >>councilwoman kathryn moy says no one has ever been arrested in the 12 years that she served on the council. she
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called tuesday night seen disturbing says leaders had no choice. she's now launching an investigation into what happened tuesday night and also looking for more transparency in the investigation of joseph. but says that tuesday creates yet another tear in an already fragile relationship between the city and its citizens you can apply pressure always remember that they answer us. >>we don't answer to bend. >>it is against the law here in california to interrupt or disrupt a public meeting kron 4 reaching out to the solano county district attorney wednesday to try and find out if she plans to move forward with charges in this case. so far our calls have not been returned also late wednesday night. the fairfield police department releasing new body. cam video footage of the scene that unfolded tuesday night. we'll make sure to post it online at kron 4 dot com. in fairfield jonathan mccall kron 4 news. >>a former manager for san francisco's garbage collection agency is charged with bribery and money laundering tonight,
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federal prosecutors say former recology group and government community relations manager paul giusti giusti rather helped public works director mohamed narrow launder more than 1 million dollars to get near route to act and recology is favor in one instance, prosecutors say giusti agreed to give near route $20,000 to get him to support recology efforts to increase tipping fees. it charged for the city for dumping materials at its facility then to conceal the bribes giusti allegedly wrote it off as a holiday donation from recology to the dole's foundation for kids, a nonprofit organization for underprivileged children. run my restaurant or nick moments above us was arrested back in january along with narrow on federal corruption charges. federal prosecutors say bovis a narrow were involved in a scheme to bribe the san francisco airport commissioner. so a restaurant
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tied above us could get a lease at the airport. >>they know where the new twist to a story we've been following now since last week we now know executives of a large california medical group. we're also at this highly criticized dinner party with governor newsome earlier this month there are now pictures of the event to the french laundry restaurant in napa valley is capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains the photos are raising new concerns. >>the california medical association confirmed wednesday, its ceo dustin corcoran and senior vice president janice norman were at the now infamous doesn't person dinner party with governor gavin newsome the party celebrating the birthday of lobbyist jason kinney corporate and norman or not doctors but leaving organization that lobbies for 50,000 of them in california, neither responded to our request for comment cma spokesperson released a statement saying quote the dinner was held in accordance with state and county guidelines newly surfaced photos at the pricey posh french laundry show the diners
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close together on masks and in an area that looks more like a room that an outdoor patio not quite the picture governor gavin newsome painted when he apologized monday for being there it was being restaurant and we started the well the program started 4 o'clock was one of those early. >>reservations, i got there a little bit late at 4.30. >>soon as i sat the larger table i realized was a little larger group then i had and i made a bad mistake, but as we peel back the layers on this dinner. >>what's the message being sent to california and it's not a good message. all even fortunately this was a this is a bad decision stephanie janssen is a political and policy strategist, it's important in my opinion to sort put a hex formation point on this. >>the governor supports place. it's not a rat a science a little bit it doesn't change science right so i know that we need someone to blame right now. perhaps i would even be
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handling things different. but that's not the point the point is is it is about life. during a very bad time. and it probably should have happened we reached out to governor newsom's office for comment. but a spokesperson referred us to his statements monday in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>governor newsom continues to face backlash over the dining outing this restaurant in wine country today. we found several critics among those who work in the restaurant industry. >>who are locked down the call indoor everything is shut down a u n i mean the restaurant business as well so it's a really hard time for everybody really do think it double standard. he has all these expectations for us. >>the governor has said that he made a mistake for attending the soiree we reached out to the restaurant's owner for a comment about the dinner we have not yet heard back. >>still ahead going back to school what the start of the new year could look like for students and teachers as
10:23 pm
districts try to navigate restrictions and a surge in covid cases plus revolutionizing the fight against covid-19 how a new app being developed right now aims to let you know where and when you may have been exposed to the virus and saying no to this out grocery stores around the bay area we're working to prevent yet another round of panic buy. in just a few months, we've learned a lot more about the covid-19 virus. it's real. and it's dangerous. so, on behalf of all of us working on the front lines, please take it seriously. and while we don't yet have a cure or a vaccine, we do know how to keep you and your loved ones safe. wear a mask. wash your hands. stay six feet apart.
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do your best to stay out of crowded spaces. and get a flu shot, it's even more important this year. we can do this. if we do it together.
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>>alameda and santa clara and santa cruz counties will each get 4.1 million dollars in a settlement with apple. the state's attorney general javier becerra announcing today that the state is getting close to 25 million dollars over apple's alleged misrepresentations about iphone batteries pisara says that apple withheld information about their batteries that slowdown iphone performance. all while passing it off as an update. carnival cruise lines has canceled cruises from all us ports through the end of january in california cruises out of long beach in san diego have been suspended through february and its carnival legend cruises out of tampa won't run until after march 26th, carnival says it's working with the cdc on a gradual phased in approach to resume service. >>toiled paper hey get your hand sanitizers and year disinfectants and of course bottled water all these things among items the virtually
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disappeared off store shelves. during that first wave of the pandemic back in march but now with this latest surge of covid cases. some shoppers are doing it again the panic buying, but this time. some store owners say they're ready. >>with everything going on we did decide to today to put a limit on to paper product packages per household. that's something we would not normally want to do especially as a sales retail we do not want to have to limit product. but we feel it's the kind of our obligation as being part of the pleasantville martinez conquered want to create a community here that we want to ensure that there isn't an extreme panic, buying someone's coming in and buying 30 packages of toilet paper which quite honestly unnecessary. >>a guy jason wilson, their owns a grocery outlet in pleasant hill. he says he believes his store can keep up with an increase in demand for products. >>remembering a dark chapter ipin bay area history survivors
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recall the jonestown massacre 42 years later and reaction in the bay area. after president trump announces plans to further withdraw american troops from afghanistan. and the rain has been nice catch a little break now but could that soon change for the holidays thanksgivings next week we'll talk about that with your dentist and coming up next.
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>>about 8,000 american troops between iraq and afghanistan and this week president trump announced plans to for the remove even more soldiers come january, yes, a lot of republicans in congress now are urging him to reconsider that kron four's also the money and spoke with the bay area afghan member. >>to learn how they're feeling about the announcement from washington l a. >>well grant and vicki many people migrated from afghanistan in the 80's to the bay area starting with fremont which serves as a vibrant community it's actually nicknamed little kabul after the country's capital so many of them have family abroad and interest in the future of their motherland. >>president donald trump is continuing his campaign promise to pull u.s. troops after 2 decades of presence in the middle east back in 2018 he visited 12,000 soldiers in his first trip to afghanistan on thanksgiving. today there are about 5,000 left and the president announced plans to reduce the force down to about 2000 come january 2021. a move
10:32 pm
that was met by unhappy lawmakers on capitol hill, including republican senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. >>there's no american who does not wish the war in afghanistan against terrorists and their neighbors had already conclusively one. but that does not change the actual choice. before us now. a rapid withdrawal of us forces from afghanistan now. would hurt our allies and the light. the people who wish us harm. >>well trump is facing pushback from his own party. a member of one of the largest afghan communities in the u.s. which is right here in the bay area believes it will never be truly the perfect time, but the afghan people should be stewards of their own land with a responsible gradual reduction in american involvement we have families that are there. >>and no matter what it's how you the motherland. for for
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many afghans and whether he's an were born here and they still have tremendous amount of to their mother country. and so very concerned that we're seeing uptick in violence that the violence could increase even further earlier this year the u.s. and taliban reached what was described as a. >>first step to a peace agreement but abandoning afghanistan while the country continues to navigate a democracy. leaves room for concern that this could embolden the local islamic state affiliate to regroup and perhaps even try to build another caliphate. >>and before being fired former defense secretary mark esper vocalized his discouragement from removing u.s. military from the middle east instead saying that they should remain in afghanistan as long as it is necessary to support the country's residents live in the studio ella sogomonian kron 4 news alright l a. >>reid hillview airport in east san jose will close in 10 years last night, the santa clara county board of supervisors approved plans to prepare for the closure of the
10:34 pm
airport when federal funds expired county leaders will now begin discussing what to do with the property. some of the popular proposals include affordable housing, social services educational resources and open space stay in the south bay educators in santa clara county are now scrambling again. >>with how to do school like most bay area counties. santa clara is back in the most restrictive purple category indicating widespread covid kron four's dan kerman now reports from san jose about half of the san jose unified school district's 28,000 students. >>where to begin returning for in person learning on january 5th. but a surge in covid-19 cases has dropped santa clara county. 2 spots from the orange here to the purple tier meaning in person learning could be delayed. we will be ready as soon as we are able to open this is the counties in the orange or yellow. >>whether that's going to be in january or not is anyone's guess i would say right and i
10:35 pm
know that super frustrating for families because i it's it's one of the most difficult things about being a parent right now is not knowing what you need child care or your kids are going to be in school or what's going to happen the district's decision to wait until they return to the orange or yellow tier is more restrictive than state guidelines which allow schools to open. >>once they're in the red tier for 2 weeks. but the teachers union supports this more conservative stance, especially with anxiety increasing among members about returning too soon. >>nobody wants to get back in the classroom more than the team more than but we also don't want a situation where we just in this endless cycle of opening and closing schools. we open schools and then you know the virus comes in and we have to start closing classrooms, closing schools. because of it's going to be even more disruptive them them what we potentially could have. today still the district is moving forward dealing with logistics and workflow so once the county
10:36 pm
returns to the orange or yellow tier. >>schools can reopen safely. >>so what we're having to look at is the students that want to be in percent we have to look at their schedules and make sure that we don't exceed that 50% capacity in the classroom during a given period. so there's a lot of looking at scheduling and how all of that is going to work and interestingly enough the san jose unified school district just surveyed parents to find out who wants to come back for in person learning the result just 40% want to come back into the classroom. dan kerman kron 4 news some states are halting in person classes this month all public schools in new york city will go back to distance learning starting tomorrow. >>in kentucky. the state's governor ordered both public and private schools to close classrooms, starting monday. it appears the pandemic is driving some people out of san francisco with every one there are a lot of people be able to work remotely. well we've
10:37 pm
already been telling you about a drop in rents in the city at the city's chief economist ed eagan says that's a clear sign that more people. >>are wanting to get out of an apartment then getting in he also cites a noticeable drop in online sales. >>almost no growth in sales in san francisco. and that is different virtually everywhere else that so it does raise the why are people buying online in san francisco. and when the answer is there are people ever go is there were prior to the pandemic. >>sarah jessica still remains one of the most desirable locations to live and work in the country. the city's top economic minds say that they are optimistic that businesses that are closed or going come back when it's safe to do so. >>all right take a live look outside now this is downtown san francisco. he loved the rain how it kind of clears everything out it just smells better looks better feels better it said the scrubbers major scrubber. chief
10:38 pm
meteorologist lawrence karnow here to give us a look ahead yeah helps to really clear out the atmosphere certainly need that rain and they need the snow up the high country they've been here's a live look at the castle peak there on 18 you can see. >>still a lot of snow out there on the roads but the roads opening up if you want to get up there and enjoy some of that fresh powder things begin to settle down in the high country just a bit now still a little active the far northern california with the bay area starting to calm down now the long-range forecast. >>looks like high pressure building in and looks good as we head to tomorrow afternoon even friday looking pretty than that patchy dense fog that we're going to worry about the cold front gets a little bit closer on sunday afternoon but that falls apart before it gets here next week this will maybe a little more impressive i think that could very well clip the north bay on wednesday the day before thanksgiving then we dry out again looks like a dry. thanksgiving so we're looking good right now if you like the drier weather we're going to see that into the weekend if you're moving about we're going to see nice weather out there looks like we'll stay dry now through next thanksgiving, slight chance of
10:39 pm
showers in the north bay though that next wednesday as well that's forecast. thank you lawrence 42 years ago today more than 900 americans many from the bay area died in a massacre in the south american country of guyana it happened in a place called jonestown an outpost. >>founded by reverend turn colt leader has named jim jones kron four's maureen kelly with an in-depth story now taking as back through that dark chapter of the past that. still reverberates today, especially among those who escaped. i mean oakland's evergreen cemetery where behind me. >>the remains of more than 400 unclaimed bodies from the jonestown massacre are buried. but the road to jonestown for many of these victims began at the headquarters for the peoples temple. >>located in san francisco's fillmore the shoulder. >>think it's where the reverend jim jones cast a
10:40 pm
spell over his followers, some of whom he led into the jungle of south america. it was supposed to be an egalitarian paradise. but it ended in horror 909 people many from san francisco, mostly black died nearly a 3rd were children they were murdered first then the adults some willingly swallowed a cyanide least drink but others were forced at gunpoint jones died by gunshot. the expression drinking the kool aid comes from this grievous atrocity. >>it was just vicious the reverend jim jones expanded the peoples temple into both san francisco and l a in the 70's. >>he was seen to be both magnetic and down to earth to his one-time followers. he was just plain old gm. >>that talked about our responsibility to society and how we needed to work together and order to create a a perfect utopias his mewsage of social equality took root
10:41 pm
among black and brown communities. >>and with their help he became a powerful figure in california politics known for helping leaders like the late mayor george moscone he get elected the governor. >>jerry brown would show up when joan had need of and he had a way of. >>bringing in the votes but stories of abuse began to surface discipline went from talking to people when they did something wrong to then becoming physical to the point that it became like the teens, a combination of negative press attention and drug fueled paranoia drove jones to establish a colony in the latin american country of guyana. >>name jonestown after himself. he lured his followers there with the promise of building a socialist paradise. yolanda williams followed him with her husband and one year-old daughter. but quickly regretted upon arrival they were told to hand over their passports and u.s. currency and realizing that a grave grave mistake had been made it
10:42 pm
was the conditions in jonestown itself that prompted williams to convince jones to let her family leave about a year before the massacre people or being people are being. >>physically abused there was consistent brainwashing going on it was similar reports of abuse that brought congressman leo ryan of south san francisco to fly down to guyana to investigate with a delegation, it was a visit that seemed to start well but ended with some temple members asking to go home with ryan it was on this air ship on their way out that the an armed group was ambushed. >>ryan 3 journalists, an escapee from jonestown were killed ryan's then aid now congresswoman jackie spear was one of the wounded, playing dead after being shot 5 times what followed in jonestown at the time was considered a mass suicide, but is now understood to be mass murder, it was a real day of reckoning pastor hugh fortson junior says he
10:43 pm
was ordered to leave his wife and 4 year-old son in jonestown and head back to san francisco about 2 months before the massacre because of the overwhelming tangle of bodies. his wife was not identified for a week, too young for dental records his son never felt like i was less than $0.2 you know what. >>i gave up on my count rise again all my husband rights i gave up my rights just as a person because i believe that this man had a better plan than myself. and it took time it took time it to prayer. it took me coming to a place of recognizing and realizing that i like everybody else. and important in this world war 2 now believes he was spared the fate of his friends and family to spread god's word. >>and now heads his own congregation in the high desert. while williams eventually joined sfpd rising in rank to acting captain. she says she hears echoes of jonestown repeating today an echo that has grown louder now
10:44 pm
that she's lost her mother. another former member of peoples temple to coronavirus in july by some time to listen to our commander in chief. he sounds so. >>much and the rhetoric. so similar to that of jim jones said it's just absolutely eerie for me and then to think that. over 200. 40,000 people have lost their lives. due to covid when we say that. johnson the most tragic. incident of a massacre of people i say don't forget about the commander in chief. >>most responsible for the deaths of hundreds of >>one startling fact about jonestown it had been considered the largest number of american civilians killed in a deliberate act up until 9.11 maureen kelly kron 4 news.
10:45 pm
>>congresswoman jackie spear is remembering the jonestown massacre tonight she tweeted 42 years ago, i survived a mass shooting in massacre at jonestown she also urged people to embrace life and to wear a mask. >>breaking news in berkeley firefighters on the scene of a deadly house fire on 8th street near james kenney community center crews say they got the call around 08:30pm tonight. >>they say the fire was on 3 sides of the home when they got there caused the roof to collapse. it took firefighters about an hour to get the flames under control and they say a man inside died. cause is still being investigated crews will be back tomorrow too inspect the building. and coming up next in sports. you think it would be a celebrate tory night for the warriors but. gm bob myers grew up the dubs fan. he's down in the dumps tonight, one of the stars klay thompson battling back from that torn acl gets
10:46 pm
hurt again. i just talked to too says did you know that geico's whole 15 minutes thing... that came from me. really. my first idea was "in one quarter of an hour, your savings will tower... over you. figuratively speaking." but that's not catchy, is it? that's not going to swim about in your brain. so i thought, what about... 15 minutes. 15 percent. serendipity. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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>>4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >>the warriors had an eventful day today but not always good-enough start with how i would want someone to start with me give me the bad news first. well the warriors may be without klay thompson for
10:49 pm
the foreseeable future. he was working out with other nba players in downtown los angeles today when he suffered a lower leg injury it was his right leg not be a cla from the nba finals. he cannot put any weight on it and early reports by multiple outlets are they it could be a torn achilles warriors general manager bob myers was asked this evening about getting the bad news and what you knew so far concerning klay thompson. >>got a call this afternoon and me i don't know what time it and i spoke to clay pretty shortly after a gun or trainers involved the phone with them they talk to him and then started setting up a way to find out more information i tell you guys play know as much as i do to be hopeful. concerns i've all those things combined and until we know more tomorrow. i just hope for good news so if you can wait one day jason, we'll answer
10:50 pm
all these questions for you and then that i could i could do a better press conference or worse. what one day from now we'll see. >>had to have been a long day from myers now let's get to the draft or the good news after a lot of speculation the warriors remained at number 2 and they pick the guy who i always thought they would center james wiseman you can see him right here with his family clearly emotional. he fits the mold of the modern day big man super athletic runs the floor like it here and protect the rim. he should start immediately at the 5 and after the draft we spoke to james about his journey to this 0.6 get a rough year at memphis. he was ruled ineligible after only 3 games, not too much to look into their the nc double a their kind in the business growing kids over when they simply trying to profit off their own talents that's whole different story but anyway back to the point wiseman is nothing but smiles right now when it comes to playing here in the bay area and with someone who he calls a mentor.
10:51 pm
>>very much also campsites on like a lot our school we a lot about the game best bargain lot of information. ice took a picture with start smart guy are really going to the same as a great team to1be on specially called proposition rates are going they're just wrong and death as a player, learn as much possible and a great sort every day to stay home. >>the raiders are gearing up for a big time divisional matchup and they could be shorthanded according to multiple reports, 9 players on the raiders defense are currently on the covid list, but they still could play if they test negative twice before sunday as for the game it will be a tough one there playing the chiefs defending super bowl champs, but the raiders they won the first matchup back in october but they ticked off the chiefs in the process after the game las vegas took a nice little victory lap around our heads stadium. >>and andy reid made a point of mentioning it twice this week so clearly he was
10:52 pm
agitated. jon gruden on the other hand he is not taking anything from that first game. he knows the chiefs will be ready to play. they're the world champions >>you know you gotta do it whatever it takes try to win the game that particular day just seem to be you know shoot out. there's no guarantee we're going make first down this time. so we'll see how it goes. we'll try to put our players in the best position to win. >>look i'm all for being confident having a little bit of bravado but sometimes that you just leave the bar alone don't poke the bear you got to inspire chiefs team that will
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
10:55 pm
>>happ i notify students and staff at u c davis when they come into contact with somebody who has covid-19. >>tell school right the app has been rolled out by the state public health department at 7 you see campuses in trial run lonnie wong shows us how it works. >>contact tracing is the best way to slow the spread of covid-19. but it is a labor intensive process and often slow this system that we've launched those exposure notification is very different from contact tracing developed jointly by apple and google cell phone users to opt-in only by bluetooth random codes generated every few minutes the legend activated when you're within covid-19 exposure distance this apple. google video tell us what happens next and he finds the head exchange random numbers in the last 14 days marcy
10:56 pm
notification that they may have been exposed to covid-19 that notification will include what to do next whether it's testing isolating or visiting a doctor. >>infected subjects don't have to rack their brains over who they were close to and when and explosions could happen even if you don't know the person or their contact information. >>and talk about contact information similar apps use gps to keep track of identities locations and times huge privacy concern them i keep a lot of people from signing up for exposure notification and these apps are only effective them a lot of people sign up but apple and google engineers are trying to reassure potential users at using the systems cannot track your location. >>and second this system does not share your identity with google apple or other users we don't know who you are we don't know your cell phone number we don't know your e-mail we on and name. and when you have potential exposure. we're not going to tell you who that person was which is probably why the first to use the campuses to start the ap a month ago.
10:57 pm
>>generated over 20,000 responses expansion of the test this week is confirming interest of i campus is that launched on already in the first day we have far exceeded that so we don't even have numbers on the second day yet in sacramento. >>lonnie wong. >>yeah, well the way things are in the future. they're technology taking over. that's pretty cool. and that wraps up kron 4 news at 10 thanks for being with us the kron 00:00am morning news starts at 04:00am have a good night everybody.
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>> crippled by covid did she catch the virus at street demonstration? can keep my body feels like a thousand pounds for it to get the super spreader wedding part. >> almost half the guests stricken with the virus. >> including the bride and groom . how this hostess is requiring her friends to get tested befor coming to her house for things giving. >> negative for covid, you are free to have dinner at. >> 's c-18 things giving trumped mar-a-lago things giving canceled. what was he thinking, the knucklehead with a flamethrower on top of a bus ca


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