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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  November 20, 2020 5:00am-6:01am PST

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start to the morning to clear on the bay bridge, the golden gate for inland areas. all the way out to the coast now do anticipate a couple spots out there that might cause you some fog but other than that really all your views are looking good. let's get a look outside right now under siege or tower cam you can see all the way over to the east bay they're all of the bay bridge and you look crisper looking view than what we saw yesterday right at the tip of point raise we are seeing a little dose of fog. but that's all i've got on the map for you right now as we work our way into the afternoon abundant sunshine can be expected really pleasant temperatures later on after what is a chilly start. dublin you're at 38 right now fairfield at 36 santa rosa say alina and napa also right at 36 is a lot cooler than we were at yesterday so go ahead and bundle up this morning but expect a nice afternoon to take the jacket back off and enjoy some sunshine. now of course clear skies means hopefully a better situation on the roads, it's still friday light up there, but how long is that going to last so hopefully all morning is that
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just you know being to wishful it's sometimes it happens all. we have friday light traffic sometimes the entire. >>morning commute. i hope that food case for you today, it's picking up a little bit here on the san mateo bridge taking a live look at west 92 you see the brake lights are filling and indeed friday's you know doesn't mean we're not going to have traffic, it's just lighter compared to thursday's right here in the bay toll plaza to see the traffic flowing into san francisco and it's looking good. no problems no hot spots, no stalls under 10 minutes for the drive time to make it an and i'll give you one more the richmond center fell west 5.80 wide open for your driving pleasure so get out there make that trip to the north bay we'll check more traffic throughout the morning drive and check in on some other bridges and see how it's moving out there but for right now. >>we're looking at roughly 7 minutes off to one o one connecting into sandra fell james darya thanks a lot rob our breaking news overnight 4 people injured in a massive high rise fire in the financial district. >>of san francisco could see was a big fire witnesses reported this on citizen app
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and kron 4 sarah stinson is at the scene now. >>in the aftermath taking a look at what happened sarah what can you tell us. >>yeah we know now that the san francisco fire department has confirmed 5 people have been injured from this apartment fire at this high rise building, it's called gateway and mainly they're injured from evacuating from this fire that happened on the 11th floor. let's take a look at this map though, so you can see where this happened exactly at 4.40 davis court in the financial district right near the safeway on jackson street video shows the flames. the fire started again on the 11th floor around one 30 this morning when crews arrived it quickly grew to a 3 alarm fire. 100 firefighters worked to fight these flames and it took about an hour to put out crews were able to contain it to the 11th floor except for one apartment on the 12th floor. this is a high rise older building with 22 floors
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3 apartments have heavy in extensive damage, 23 apartments have been deemed uninhabitable from smoke or water damage the 5 people injured are expected to be ok this was quite a firefight let's hear from the san francisco fire department about. just how difficult it was really breaks it down for us. >>top to come here. but fire hose into those stand pipes. push water all the way up to the 11th floor and our firefighters on the ground how to take the stairs. all the way up to that location and be able to deploy fire hose on that floor to be able put the fire out because he's a very extensive detailed operation safety is the highest concern making sure that the victims being evacuated is our highest concern as well. >>the red cross is here on scene making sure those who have been displaced are taken care of it's given them
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blankets, water and they're making sure they have a place to go. i'm told that most people though who live in this building because they did contain it to the 11th floor have been able to go back inside for now san francisco fire investigating the origin of the fire as well as cleaning up in the video you can see a big pile of debris. they had to carry that from the 11th floor and bring it down so still a lot of cleanup to do for now, reporting live in san francisco sarah stinson kron 4 news all right, thanks. a lot sarah. we'll check in with you later. >>more breaking news overnight pfizer has announced that it has put in a request to the fda to allow emergency use of its covid-19 vaccine. this now starts the clock now on a process that could bring the first shots as early as next month. the action comes days after pfizer said that its vaccine appears now to be 95% effective at preventing. the coronavirus today's filing sets off a chain of events now has the fda and its independent advisors debate. if the shots already and if they're safe for the vast
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majority of americans if the panel gives the okay. the vaccine could be sent to states by mid december for early distribution. and our other big story this morning with governor gavin newsome now ordering a statewide overnight curfew 4 counties in the most restrictive purple tier that is set to start tomorrow and that as you can see on the map affects the majority of bay area counties, the only exception would be more in san francisco and san mateo counties, those counties are still in the red tier, but all the others or in purple kron four's reyna harvey is live in alameda with more on the story ran a. >>james good morning, a lot of conversation around this people are having a lot of mixed emotions on scene coming up on this new order with people wondering how the county's plan to enforce this along with why they chose those specific times like you mentioned it starts at 10 o'clock tomorrow, every morning and health officials and state guidelines are coming out saying this is the
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time where they're seeing a lot of social gatherings people getting together and not following those health guidelines so they feel like if they implement this limited order that they're going to able to get those numbers down the here's what you need to know if you live in any of the counties that are currently in the purple tier that starts tomorrow november 21st runs until december 21st again and might run longer. but right now this is what we know about this starts every evening at 10 o'clock at night runs until 05:00am also essential businesses will be allowed to remain open. now if you want to go for a walk or you maybe some other routines like i saw walking your dog, those things are allowed if you want to grab take out to eat in order that to your house you can do that. but they're saying all non essential businesses can not be open and social gatherings can not happen during those times again this affects a lot of people like you mentioned james alameda nappy now now now contra costa
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county. solano sonoma santa clara. also about 40 million residents across the state of california. so a lot of people having to change their lifestyles over the next month or now we're hearing from local businesses and we're also hearing from health experts say talk about what this new limited order means for us here take a listen. >>people are letting their guard down and even though we know masks we know we need to social distance. people are getting tired and then letting their guard down can't let covid 15 take us over because we're going to pay for it to you know all going to suffer because of people have a drink or 2 and they forget about social distancing. so whatever we need to do to keep everyone safe that's what's important right now. >>all right so the question how they plan to enforce this for so many people that live here in the past you know when the first order came down we
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saw warnings and then we saw hefty fines for some people we're going to be following this story again that starts tomorrow 10 o'clock until 05:00am december 21st now reporting here in alameda reyna harvey kron 4 news lots to follow with this story. thank you very much right now. >>course we know why all of this is happening the stricter regulations because of the huge surge in cases all across the country and in the state the governor that's why he ordered the curfew across the country. more than a quarter of a million people have died from coronavirus at this point let's take a look at the numbers statewide now with 1 million 80 thousand plus cases in california and 18,562 deaths in our state and that includes 1880 deaths right here in the bay area because of and as we're getting ready for that curfew to kick in
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tomorrow night. many people. and business owners are still confused about these restrictions rated was trying to iron it out for you one restaurant in the north bay was recently fined for violating the covid guidelines as they were so far kron four's dan thorn talk with the owner who plans to fight those fines that fine was for a $1000 and it was because this mary's pizza shack didn't have its outdoor dining tent set up correctly. >>the owner of the restaurant says the rules have been confusing and frustrating and he seeking better guidance from local leaders outdoor dining has become crucial for restaurants to survive the covid-19 crisis but not setting it up precisely can be costly 11 year owner of this mary's pizza shack found that out the hard losing money. >>i am losing cali williamson's restaurant was fined a $1000 because this outdoor dining tent had 3 sites closed around the tables went under state rules only one side can be down to allow for sufficient airflow rohnert
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park compliance officer warned williamson about the issue and then later find him he's just been very frustrating, nobody's really told me what is sufficient airflow. >>what are they looking for. i don't i don't want to make an unsafe place for my customers and i wanted to be a safe place sonoma county as of thursday remains in the most restrictive purple tier this has forced increased scrutiny of businesses like restaurants in order to move into the next year williamson says with the winter coming and indoor dining not being allowed it creates challenges. he says he's invested in several measures to keep his diner safe but has not gotten much help on how to do this correctly the fine is only adding to what has been an already expensive time to run the business fight waste of money is spent $5,000 on this 10. >>and now i don't know that i have the other uses. >>for now it appears sonoma county will be remaining in the purple tier. williamson says that he just sent out the
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documents for the appeal and he's hoping to come out on the winning end, reporting in rohnert park dan thorn kron 4 news. >>still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news, san francisco police working right now to keep shoppers safe this holiday season. we'll have details on a new campaign that's bringing back retired officers to help make it happen. like 2 to 3 years. >>and 30 years later, this oakland native now making history we're going to meet the first woman to lead the california highway patrol and it's friday, good weather to be getting out there today as a foe is nice and clear and that's the way the bay area stays this afternoon abundant sunshine expected 50's and 60's for your highs, your forecast is ahead. >>good weather, good traffic all say that's a winning combination right. no problems here at the bay toll plaza
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>>5.14 right now and i don't even care what is going to be like. we've been working together a long friday friday makes everything but it looks like we're doing pretty good outside weather wise not near as much fog job, yeah,
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definitely looking at some clear skies whether it's raining whether sunny. >>it just feels right that it's friday i completely but yes, it's always the cherry on top your friday, when the weather is nice and that's exactly what we're looking at this morning clear skies much clearer than yesterday you're berkeley camera here, no fog to really be blocking out your view as you're making that drive into work this morning and skies are going to remain pretty sunny throughout the weekend to so good chance to get outside stretch your legs after the rainfall that we had earlier this week just enjoy what will be a much more mild forecast in the days to come looking outside across the bay area right now a few clouds of on the very southern edge of the bay, but most of us are looking at really clear skies to kick this one off a few showers up along the oregon washington coast lines. but that's where those showers are going to be held up through this forecast. no significant chance of rainfall ahead of us all the way through thanksgiving. we are going to be seeing dry conditions through the holiday very likely with the sunny and mild conditions taking us through
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the weekend well into next week. today's daytime highs already showing a slight bump in temperatures from yesterday will still be hanging out in the 50's right along the coastline, but elsewhere in the bay area expect a range of 60's for the most part parts of the peninsula actually into the upper 60's with side at 67 saying carlos at 66 yesterday you were low 60's in the south bay today a little warmer than that in the mid 60's. temperatures for the east bay, you guessed it some more 60's hayward at 63 degrees today san leandro oakland danville san ramon at 64. well are warm spot in the bay today that will be for you in fairfield at 68. close the spot to 70 degrees followed not too distant lee by sandra fell at 67 degrees today, let's get a look ahead at your next 7 days, this is a pretty important 7 day forecast because now it leads all the way to thanksgiving on thursday and as you can see there is no chance of rain in here, we're looking at sunshine and 60's seasonable 60's that is all the way through the forecast. inland
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lows will get pretty chilly with these clear skies we have overnight lows often do get colder. that's exactly what we'll be seeing tomorrow morning another morning in the 30's. much as our inland spots are seeing as we speak. robin hey that's my kind of forecast sunshine and mid 60's, mild like a john thank you we're off to the golden gate. we're checking in on one on one which is looking good so it's not going to be a problem here for both directions were at the limit and nice and smooth. so far with 18 minutes nevado to san francisco. we're checking in on 92 is one of our busiest bridges right now so the trip from hayward off to the peninsula is filling in but it's not bad reds at 12 minutes and growing making it off to the peninsula here are some drive times and freeways around the bay area and they are hot spot free highway for picking up just a little bit 16 minutes antioch to concord. >>wide open on 6.80 south through pacheco conquered walnut creek danville alamo, no problems for the nimitz and no problems on one oh one heading north from san jose to
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menlo park met drive time still under 30 minutes back to you. >>all right rob, thank you very much 5.17 is the time some familiar faces are hitting the streets again. the san francisco police department is bringing back retired officers to patrol union square this holiday shopping season and as kron four's maureen kelly reports it's a pilot program that could spread to other neighborhoods. >>these 2 retired police officers are back on patrol in union square. but their uniforms are different. now reading sfpd community ambassador. they're walking the beat checking in with people who look like they might need a little help and chatting with merchants but now this time around they are unarmed sf police chief bill scott says the retired officers have undergone refresher courses in de-escalation and crisis intervention. training but when they hit the streets they will be armed only with their years of experience and he's a sfpd officers both command staff officers up and down the rain.
5:19 am
>>who know the city like the -pback of their hands, they kno the people they know the culture they know the flavor. >>retired officer lee dahlberg used to walk speak as part of his job on the force. >>we're going to be the eyes and ears up here and try to remedy problems so we don't have to get officers often be and take take your time. knowledge and background. that's pretty much what we can do to help every day the ambassadors will first check in with the central police station then touch base with the union square business improvement district who are happy to have the extra help they know the police officers but yet without the badge and the gun so it's it's definitely a softer approach it's it's re imagining police really the plan is to have a minimum.
5:20 am
>>i'm 19 and look out more women in charge of law enforcement chp has a brand new leader and she's making and array was sworn in as chp is commissioner this week making her the first woman and second african-american to hold that spot. ray is an oakland native. >>originally she said she would could be a dennis this is just a temporary thing and the chp and look at her now she joined the chp to pay for grad school. she said be here 2 or 3 years she thought 30 years later she is now in charge of the biggest law enforcement agency in the united states. while she's not sharing her vision for the chp just yet she does say that opening up the lines of communication with the community is key. >>we'll also be able to improve public trust in public release you know self policies procedures anywhere we can look and see if there's
5:21 am
anything that we can do to improve ourselves gusts will be able to approve relationships. >>ray has served at every level of law enforcement commanding recent high-profile events, including the response to covid wildfires civil unrest and now she is going to lead the department with its more than 11,000 members. as the chp 16th commissioner. we'll take a break here at 5.21 coming up. >>environmental advocates sounding the alarm on covid trash, we'll tell you how they say the pandemic is causing more pollution. here in the bay area.
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>>24 and the pandemic it turns out is threatening the bay area with ppe like masks that you see here they're all now littering streets and sidewalks across the bay area and i've seen my share watchdog group noticed a sharp uptick in covid trash in the water after we had some storms double takes a closer look. >>the pandemic is having a negative impact on san francisco bay. >>look closely and you may see
5:25 am
what may watchdogs say is covid trash. these are just some of the ppe mask gloves and other plastic base trash picked up along the shoreline recently by the nonprofit bay keeper. ses spokesman say choksi shoes increase is really noticeable every time we're out on the shoreline we see more and more of the the gloves and that. >>the plastic utensils and takeout containers and whether discarded intentionally or bone from cars and dumpsters. >>one sees a lot of masks and gloves on city streets. the recent rains may be a factor in watching this stuff into creeks streams and sewers and all of our bay area storm drains. >>are usually connected to the bay or creek sent me to the bay there is no evidence that covid trash may harbor the virus. but much of it contains plastics and does not easily biodegrade. >>and it's not just masks and gloves bay keeper says it's also seeing a sharp increase
5:26 am
in disposable food containers and other packaging associated with take out another pandemic related food services, it's actually really unfortunate because right before the virus hence we're seeing a decline in plastic trash around the bay area that's partly because there are restrictions on plastic bags and coming up all across the bay area, the pandemic has also resulted in fewer cleanup efforts which means some of the covid rash could sink to the bottom but disappear in the weeds before it can be picked up in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>one a getaway for thanksgiving travel if your answer is no you are not alone as so many people are staying home, i'm at sfo this morning and all have the cdc's reaction coming up in a live report.
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>>welcome back it is 5.29 way too early to be out of bed. but if you getting up and moving around on a friday, it shouldn't be that hard and he's a raining out you know we're thank you for joining us by this early early friday considering 2020 it could always be worse is what i have or so fingers crossed the 10 >>keep an eye getting on we've got john in the weather center right now with a look at what is going to be like as you get on with your day today, good morning john yeah guys i'm glad that rainfall fell middle
5:30 am
of the weekend now we get to enjoy some sunshine for the weekend. it's nice when mother nature times it just right for us that as we get off of work we're going to be looking at some sunshine and some pretty mild day time highs in the days ahead to looking outside this morning much more sunshine or much more clear skies. sun just yet than what we saw at this point yesterday you can actually see your view from tower looking down at san francisco. it was shrouded with fog at the same time yesterday. you have a couple of pockets of fog that will point out right at the tip of point raise and then as you head inland right round discovery bay brentwood, those areas for this and are seeing just a couple of patches of fog. rest of us are looking at these clear conditions. 40's and 50's for current temperatures right along the bay, san francisco, the warm spot right now at 50 degrees dublin. fairfield napa petaluma and santa teresa rosa just to name a few areas that are pretty chilly this morning down in the 30's for current temperatures, so it is a noticeably colder start to this morning than what we saw
5:31 am
yesterday. it is clear it is calmer and it is colder out there. napa down 13 degrees from what was already a chilly start for you yesterday nevado in fairfield each down 9 degrees from yesterday. now after a cold start i'm talking a warmer finish to this one and i'll get to that still ahead over to you robin all right, thank you so much on check in on the traffic shall be taking a little peek at the bay bridge toll plaza normally one of our busiest bridges during the morning drive. >>we are doing fine, so no big problems right now for 80 into san francisco wide open up the bay bridge toll plaza an easy quick 9 minutes off to fremont street, here's the trouble spot. this is concord west bound for new port chicago accident wrapping appears right before you get 42 between port chicago into 42 the right lane is blocked, so it's backing you up toward the top of the hill, you know how you come down that hill, a bay point into conquered, there's your line right there so get out there a little early the ante on pittsburgh's side looks different though so we'll say 25 minutes and growing because of that crash from one 60 out to 2.42 we'll
5:32 am
check more slow downs coming up back to you 5.31 friday before thanksgiving. the cdc says do not travel days actually issued an we're all these planes going. >>that's the we've got a lot of folks still planning on traveling for the holidays despite the fact we're seeing a jump in numbers, this is a live look of all the air traffic currently happening right now in the skies of summer move a lot faster than others you see that look like it's going to be coming in from salt lake i mean. >>can you count the college kids that are come because they're being told they have to come back right, you know they're possible carriers all part of the worry right and a lot of schools are testing the kids before they send them back and the whole reason they're sending them back is they don't want them you know in december january they're coming back like mid january, so we've got crawford's will trend out at sfo this morning with more on this hole issue of holiday travel during a pandemic well. well, you know people will travel nonetheless, they are responding at airports across
5:33 am
the bay area and of course we have 3 reports air travel is significantly down this is usually the beginning. >>of the busiest travel week of the year, especially with kids out of school typically for next week families tend to travel today and throughout the week but because of covid-19 places like sfo they expect holiday travel to be only 25% of what it usually is and what it was in 2019 because the fear factor is out there as a foe says they are doing their very best but those who will travel that they have installed plexiglass at the ticket counters. they have but 15,000 markers on the ground that tell you where to stand maintain that social distance. they have hand sanitizer throughout the airport as well just to piggyback what you said about the cdc. weeks if not months ago they projected as many as 7300 americans could die from covid-19 during the holiday
5:34 am
travel starting today. through december 12th, but because we have seen such an explosion and holiday cases excuse me covid-19 cases that it's more than double james and darya they now project unless is considerably handled as many as 16,000. americans could die from covid-19 from now and so the week ending on december 12th. we've got a chance to track down. sfo spokesman doug a cull here's what he had to say on how you will be safe. according to him if you come through as out. >>the airport has been totally transformed to help achieve physical distancing we've installed about 15,000 physical distancing markers to write our airport ticket counter security checkpoints even baggage claim you can also expect to see clear plastic barriers in areas where you still might have a face to face interaction but can information bills or a ticket counter. and plenty of ways to maintain hundreds of
5:35 am
hand sanitizers and also the tsa now lets you take up to 12 ounces in your carry on. >>according to the cdc james, and area they believe covid-19 is passed by people who currently don't have symptoms of many as 30 to 40% of those cases come from people who don't have covid-19 symptoms at this particular time they're discouraging people even to travel by car to family and friends obviously stay home during the thanksgiving holiday which a lot of people of course are listening to normally james and darya you would see so many people at this particular time this is almost a tradition for me to cover thanksgiving travel is you can clearly see it is considerably down this year with only that one family and then just another car, pulling up at this particular time back to you interesting all right, thank you very much well. >>5.35 and hawaii is getting stricter with the they are changing their rules.
5:36 am
>>for visitors who don't want to do that 14 day quarantine starting this coming tuesday. you have to get a negative covid test result within 72 hours of traveling to avoid the quarantine and if you don't have that negative test result before you fly. then you do need to quarantine for the full 14 days when you get to hawaii or your entire trip. whichever shorter before that change you only had to quarantine on the island until the negative test came in. so now they're not allowing that they're saying if you don't have the test when you fly welcome to hawaii and enjoy that room you're not leaving it. >>these for california lawmakers are defending their trip to widen went to maui earlier in the week assembly members jordan cunningham. and heath flora and frank bigelow plus state senator andreas board. yes, they were among more than a half a dozen state lawmakers who attended a 4 day conference in hawaii. even
5:37 am
though there is that state issued a travel advisory saying that we shouldn't travel to prevent the spread of covid lawmakers say the trip was to show their support for business activity trying to keep the businesses in business during the pandemic. >>joe biden is the winner of the presidential race in georgia, the state election officials confirmed his victory after completing a statewide audit. the final results show that biden beat president trump by more than 12,000 votes. so that is now official with the recount confirming it. still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news sluggish and incompetent that's how one state lawmakers describing the employment development department. >>after exposed millions of californians social security numbers. and a loss for the warriors and the entire nba. klay thompson now out for the season. we'll have details on his injuries.
5:38 am
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yep! get the gifts you love... yesss! ... for everyone on your list. you've got the holidays, and we've got you... with all the gift for less. at ross. yes for less! >>5.40 right now devastating news for the warriors it's bad for klay thompson, it's worse for the team. clay tore his right achilles so he's going to be out for the entire upcoming season that was the worst case scenario how speculating about yesterday so the injury happened wednesday. >>during a workout down in l a
5:41 am
clan already missed all of last season as we know because he tore his acl in his left leg back in the 2019 nba finals and now. >>the right leg so the whole season now coming up he's going to be spent to re having and the warriors are going to limp along best they can. >>we will move on and we will be ok he will be okay, but what hurts the most is the time we put into our jobs. the sacrifices we make. to do what we do. and that to do what he does and for him to have to now. not be able to play basketball. that's the pain as the pain we feel the pain we feel for him. >>that pain they feel for him is nothing compared to the whole scene in that he's hit well they said with the way at tour. he's going make a full recovery so he's going to be back in the 2021 22 season, what happens in the meantime to the warriors so they're going to have to try and compensate some way or another and that will be of course the stories we'll be following they just made a big trade
5:42 am
we're going to have all that in the so stay tuned for that in the meantime let's get over to the weather center good good morning guys it at least is cooperating as far as mother nature is concerned we've got sunshine this weekend and looking at some increasingly warm temperatures too. >>by the afternoon today, we're back into a range of 60's for most of the bay area and all that sunshine that's not going away this weekend. your forecast ahead. >>and i'm tracking your commute around the bay area we're checking out a 92 much busier and heavier here on the san mateo bridge for feeling sluggish or weighed down?
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>>5.44 and happening today heavenly and northstar are open. there were day this reservations are required to get just wake up and go hey let me get have your full it is out there right visiting the resort, obviously you're going want to bring your mask because not only will you need to wear obviously something on the slopes but that won't be as effective when you're indoors in the lodge they want you to wear. >>done a typical pandemic style masks they let you inside at all a lot of places are saying you have to eat outside. yeah, which is usually find john it just depends on if it's sunny out, it's so funny because yeah you want to be so call while i'm skiing and then. >>i'll be sitting like i'm at the beach a just outside after like a couple runs 2 just shed layers already yeah and this weekend honestly it's going to be perfect as i know we still
5:46 am
have those precautions were obviously taking. >>and you want the sunshine that you know outside we've got the sunshine is going to be a beautiful weekend for opening weekend for some of these resorts so we had the fresh snowfall earlier this week now as you actually venture out onto the slopes you get the sunshine to enjoy them under look at some of our resorts we're going to be looking at heavenly if we look at that a crisp sunshine, fresh snowfall, obviously we just talked about opening day being today for heavenly and you can see new snow falling around 9.4 inches that just coming in yesterday now in addition to that we're also seeing north star opening today is darya and james mentioned, and looking at new snow of 11 inches up their fresh snowfall sunny weekend to enjoy it and are as you are eating outside obviously we have a couple more resorts that will be opening up in just a few days that include squab valley opening date set to be wednesday november 25th so just a couple of days away from now, new snowfall up there around 14 inches while
5:47 am
alpine meadows also set to open on wednesday november 25th, new snow up there also around 14 inches. so it's nice to see that fresh powder up on the slopes and of course it was really nice to see those showers here in the bay area to those were very welcome after the dry conditions we've seen lately showers do continue up in the pacific northwest as for us in the bay area we're on to a dry trend of whether these next few days all the way through thanksgiving. in fact we can expect to keep sunshine and mild conditions around today will be a little bit warmer than yesterday temperature wise still hanging out in the 50's right along the coastline. well 60's can be expected virtually everywhere else in the bay area south san francisco, san bruno at 64 degrees. redwood city right there with you today, south bay temperatures looking at low to mid 60's a few degrees warmer than where yesterday's daytime highs were solid 60's all across the east bay freemont at 61 san leandro oakland danville san ramon each at 64 degrees while
5:48 am
temperatures in the north bay mid to upper 60's fairfield your warm spot today at 68 degrees not far behind that in sandra fell though at 67 for your daytime high. here's a look ahead as i promised we are looking at dry skies through thanksgiving. which is also good news is maybe venture out into the backyard for a turkey for this year's thanksgiving as for inland evening lows. we will be in the 30's consistently, so we do have warmer sunnier days but with those clear skies comes the cooler evenings so do anticipate bundling up as you make your way outside at night. robin thank you for the update let's update your morning commute starting off with a major bart delay, there's a 20 minute bar delay. >>coming from the el serino station out of the east bay heading to berryessa and heading to the millbrae station they're having some equipment problems this morning. so the reporting major delays which could be anywhere between 20 minutes or longer depending on your final destination, so plan ahead, i'll let you know when this clears up the bridges are ok we're checking the bay bridge
5:49 am
80 wesson to san francisco stocking up in the cash lanes in the carpool lanes but a nice trip so far into san francisco richmond sandra fell delay free no problems to worry about to the north bay and our crash on highway talked about that earlier, yes still wrapping up west for at port chicago in concord may still be blocking that right lane you're backed up up and over the hill into bay point to get out there early and one more 80 south at dakota winter in fremont new accident active. there doesn't look like a major one, but it's definitely slow its backing. you up into union city so for the southbound drive looking at 35 minutes from to 38 to 37 back to you. >>in california news now the state auditor says the employment development department sent out forms exposing the social security numbers of millions of californians. the auditor's report says the edd is still mailing out people social security numbers we have kay recede with the story. >>these latest findings by a
5:50 am
state auditor of the employment development department failure to remove social security numbers from mailings leaving millions of californians phone rubble to fraud or just a glimpse of the heartache david robertson's family has been through my son's been ripped off. >>the taxpayers are being ripped off. and there's a criminal out there continuing to do this robertson says so far scammers have stolen at least $15,000 from his 19 year-old son he says his son had applied for unemployment back in july somewhere along the process thieves stole his son's information and pass it off as their own even with recent phone calls only reaching the edd they're mystified of even help us wet with a sluggish. opportunities system this it's the auditor says the edd must take swift action to end its potentially harmful practice and better safeguard the identities of the residents, it stack.
5:51 am
>>what's assembly member jim patterson showed reporters the piles and a td letters from constituents scammed out of unemployment money and fed up with the state agency. >>they're essentially an enabler whether they know it or not. the that has been. trainer dawn points patterson also called on governor gavin newsome to fix this mess. >>as for dave'on he's now worried about the security of his personal information and at a loss as to who or what can help. >>well let's september or october was like 3 months later and nothing has changed. >>kay recede fox, 40 news. >>well nearly 750,000 californians will stop receiving their unemployment benefits by the end of next month. that's because 2 key provisions of the cares act are set to expire one of them. the federal pandemic unemployment assistance program also known as pool will and on december 26th and
5:52 am
a separate provision which provided an extra 13 weeks of extended benefits to unemployed workers is also expiring this is set to happen unless congress passes a bill to extend them. and the president signs it. but at this point that doesn't look like that's going to happen, but we'll let you know if that changes. >>we'll be right back time now.
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>>welcome back 5.55 it's friday morning and mother nature cooperating to start the weekend. we've got clear skies and we saw yesterday morning we're certainly not rainy like we were tuesday and wednesday mornings finally just a smooth drive into work as we finish the week you're looking outside across the bay at san francisco from our sausalito cam and you can actually see the moon out there in the distance, it's just looking, nice bright crisp and clear as we work our way through the day or coastal areas will hold on to 50's for your daytime highs cool afternoon much clear day than where we were yesterday as for inland valleys expect abundant sunshine in the daytime highs back into the mid 60's. a nice and cool afternoon. but seasonably cool right where we should be for this time of november. robin. >>all right, thank you john we're checking in on the traffic taking a little peek at bard martin reporting major delays. this morning 20 minutes or longer the having some equipment problems this morning and it's on the else or eagle stretch so felt a
5:56 am
real del norte a station but it's impacting traffic heading to berryessa and your commute out to millbrae so ac transit will provide a bus bridge to get you between those points i want to make it out to the el serino del norte a station so make sure you plan ahead once again major bart delays up to 20 minutes because of these equipment stay on top of this will have more traffic updates coming up in a bit back to you thanks a lot rob, and it's 5.56 and coming up in the next hour for people hurt in a high rise fire in san francisco we're live on the scene. >>telling you what happened and starting tomorrow. you can't go out after 10:00pm the curfew takes effect in counties in purple covid tier. we'll tell you what you can and can't do. plus you are not supposed to travel for the holidays, but obviously people are we're live at the airport we can see them. ♪
5:57 am
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at the perfect price in whatever way is perfect for you. floor and decor, now open in san leandro for safe in-store shopping and curbside pickup. also open in milpitas and burlingame. >>you're watching the cone. friday to you i'm and i'm james fletcher we've got some pretty interesting news to talk about this morning got a high rise fire in san >>latest on the election all that coming up an covid and covid traveling or not during thanksgiving. it's all a mass, so we'll talk all about that first though let's get you
6:00 am
updated on weather and traffic we've got john trouble in the weather center to start things least mother nature has given us an easy go this morning guys and we have a busy news day. but. >>well as far as weather goes. it is going to be beautiful we've traded in the showers in the fog for some clear skies but some crisp conditions this morning so as long as you've got the extra layer on for your friday, you are good to go. >>looking outside from our sutro tower cam beautiful clear skies all the way out to the words the bay bridge you can see the east bay in the distance there as well. we do have a couple of foggy spots but that's just the very tip of point raise and then as you head inland into the delta couple of foggy areas too bay itself looking really clear 40's and 50's for besides cities well elsewhere, it's the 30's double in concord fairfield san anselmo petaluma and santa rosa just to name a few spots, they're down into the 30's this morning this is definitely making for a cooler field and we haven't had yesterday napa nevado down 10 to 11 degrees from where we were 24 hours ago fairfield


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