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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  November 23, 2020 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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>>from the bay area's local news station. watching kron 4 news. >>died in this incident, it's just horrible the to hear that happened. >>a stabbing spree at a south bay church leaves 2 people dead and a community on edge tonight. thanks for joining us on monday night, i'm ken wayne and i'm catherine heenan for pam moore tonight. >>police say the stabbing happened about 8.45 last night at the grace, baptist church that's in downtown san jose, 3 people were injured and a police have a person in custody. kron four's dan thorn, he joins us live from
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san jose with more on what happened dan. >>a gathering can we can tell you tonight that this stabbing did not happen. at a church service that actually happened at a shelter. that is here at the church and its used to house homeless people we spoke with one man who was on staying here last night he spoke with us off camera and said this all started as an argument that later turned into a deadly fight. however, police still have not confirmed a motive. >>the doors to the homeless shelter at grace baptist church in san jose remained closed monday night. investigators swarmed the streets surrounding the area the night before to come through a stabbing spree of the victims, an unidentified man and a woman were killed 3 others were seriously wounded the church was not conducting any type of religious service last it is also used as a shelter for an housed here in downtown san jose. >>and the people involved in this incident are directly
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related are involved with that and house shelter situation, san jose police say a man has been arrested but a motive behind the chaotic attack remains unclear. >>scott largent says he used to stay at the shelter while trying to get back on his feet. he was devastated by the news is actually a very open arms church and. >>they kind of help me get back on track. so this is a very sad moment >>the church reacted to the stabbings through a statement to kron 4 news reading in part quote we have grace baptist church are deeply saddened by the terrible incident that happened at our church and to our community. our hearts heard as we pray for the dead injured and their families not what caused that i have no idea nobody here really understand what happened advocate for the unhoused geary who is involved with the grace baptist shelter says the unnamed suspect was a volunteer. geary prays for the victims but is also concerned
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this attack will only perpetuate negative stereotypes unfairly attached to the homeless i hope that everyone can put this aside and look look at the good that's been done here focus on that because that's the important thing. >>san jose police department investigators have been interviewing witnesses to sort of piece together what happened here and what caused this outbreak of violence. these 2 deaths, however represent the 40th and 41st homicides in the city of san jose so far this year, reporting live in san jose dan thorn kron 4 news. thank you dan. >>there are more indictments in a concealed weapons permit envolving the santa clara county sheriff's office. the county's d announced formal indictments against the county's. undersheriff for that sir rickson and apple security chief thomas moyer song is accused of holding
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back permits for concealed weapons to apple security team until moyer agreed to donate $70,000 worth of ipads to the sheriff's office. the donation was pulled back once the da's office issued a search warrant under this case. the undersheriff is also accused of getting. $6,000 in luxury box seats to a sharks game from an insurance broker and in exchange for a concealed weapon permit. the da says the bribery allegations cast a shadow on all law enforcement. >>when high ranking members of the law enforcement agency are at the heart of a bribery scheme. it tarnishes the badge. the honor. and the reputations. and tragically the effectiveness of all law enforcement agencies. >>7 people including the county's sheriff captain james jensen they've been indicted in the alleged scheme where some of the money went to a
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sheriff laurie smith, 2018 reelection campaign smith has not been charged. the santa clara sheriff's office issuing a statement it says in part as law enforcement officers were held to the highest moral ethical standards, it is a difficult time for our organization, however, our goal remains to provide the highest level of public safety to residents of santa clara county. >>another big story. we're following tonight for the first time in sfpd history. an officer with ties to that department has been charged in connection to a deadly shooting. police reform supporters say it's a move that has been long today, san francisco dha he announced plans to file. >>manslaughter charges against former rookie officer christopher, this is in connection to the 2017 shooting death of o'neill and kron four's jonathan mccall he's been following the story. so this news was welcome to families of people who have
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been killed by police yeah i really is some of the a bright light for they say is justice as they try to seek justice for their loved ones. >>so you're fired by sfpd after that shooting this is actually the second time in just recent months that an officer here in the bay area has been charged in connection with a deadly shooting. they remember back in september san leandro officer jason fletcher charged in the april shooting death of steven taylor. before that it had been more than a decade since a bay area officer had been charged in the shooting despite hundreds of cases. tonight family members seeking justice for their loved ones killed at the hands of cops. so today's news gives them some much needed help. for the first time an sfpd history an officer with the department now charged in connection to a deadly shooting in the line of duty. in san francisco. >>there's been a long history. and officer involved shootings. leading to no accountability whatsoever. further cementing the idea. police the law. that stops.
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today. >>fulfilling a campaign promise to hold officers accountable for their actions. monday san francisco county district attorney chesa boudin charging former sfpd officer christopher for the december 2017 shooting death. a 42 year-old keith o'neill investigators say that semi york who's just on his 4th day on the force fired a single shot from inside the patrol car, he was riding in at o'neill as he ran by officers were investigating a call of a carjacking at the time or as we're aware. >>this is the first ever. time that the san francisco district attorney's office. it has filed homicide charges. against a law enforcement officer. for homicide while on duty from 2009 to 2019. >>san francisco officers found themselves involved in 72 shootings. one of those was
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going with this i'm hoping now and they hear something in 2015 officers fired more than 20 shots at moria woods. >>just moments after they say he stabbed a woman. when woods says that today's news provides the hope that she and other families have desperately been looking for and one thing that me that you know before life that you will need to get in regard and those officers and marshals brooks with the anti-police terror project. >>says monday's announcement should serve as a wake-up call for law enforcement stop killing us. right that there are new levels of accountability in levers of accountability and they've been running rampant, you know for quite sometimes the last be area officer to be convicted in a deadly shooting was bart officer johannes mehserle in the 2009 death of oscar grant. the san francisco police officers association responding to today's news with this statement. >>saying in part quote the criminal justice system will
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allow for the facts surrounding this case to be disclosed. we are committed to ensuring that christopher and his family are supported during this difficult time. and that he is afforded his due process rights and provided with a vigorous defense against these charges. jonathan mccall kron 4 news. it's younger than 18. >>and then 50 years old 18 to 49 age cohort that's now representing 60% of all of our new cases. >>happening now governor gavin newsom says young adults are now responsible for most covid cases in california and if you're between the ages of 1849 san francisco's marina district is one of the popular places to be it was yet another busy night for many restaurants, their residents say they hope to see the surge in cases end soon. >>i actually enters. it seems like this might be the people that are going out a little bit more and acting a little bit riskier. really scary out there right now so it's hard.
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it's hard to tell anyone what to do right now, but you can only you know take care of yourself, let's put our heads on right. >>and think about it and lets us get out of this we're almost there we're right at the summit hopefully you know, let's just let's just make it happen now. >>here's where we stand right now tonight, california has recorded more than one 0.1 million total cases with more than 8,000 new cases in just the last 24 hours. governor newsome says hospital admissions in california were up 77% in the last 14 days in icu admissions within the same period were up 55%. more than 18,000 people in california have died from the virus. >>governor newsom and his family they were quarantining again today at their home a second day after the governor's children were exposed to a chp officer who tested positive for covid the chp provide security to the governor's family. the governor first revealed on
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twitter yesterday 3 of his children had come into contact with that officer that he and his wife had not all members of his family did test negative the same day. the quarantine also comes after one of his children was exposed to a classmate who tested positive. the governor expected to be tested regularly and the days ahead, not clear yet whether that will be daily or weekly. >>the pandemic is hurting the tourism industry right through the holiday season now is the time when san francisco hotels would normally be booking up fast. >>a lot of rooms of course are still empty this is not only hurting of the hotels but surrounding businesses kron four's tale of a second joins us live from the city with more taylor. >>well the hotel council of san francisco tells me that it's hotels normally would have about 80% of its rooms filled at this time of year right now though they're sitting at about 30%. and that's just for the hotels that are open many are still
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temporarily closed. >>while this season normally brings flocks of visitors to san francisco. this year hotel business will continue hurting over the holidays, thanks to the pandemic general manager of hotels and up-market beaver says the percent of rooms filled right now is much lower than this time last year everybody knows is nowhere close where the we we ought to be in the high high 80's. >>low 90's somewhere around this time of year. that take you right now with thanksgiving coming out we should be having a lot of families a lot of connecting rooms being booked out. the sweet spoke towns. you know at this time of year when out in the 30's it's it's a very different scene fewer visitors also impacts the people who live in work in the city. >>evers says he was forced to cut his staff in half we are small business like like anybody and we have. >>our employees have kids who school there. but in food on the table they got more just to pay rent to pay and you know we only have a staff of over 40 and you know what some
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20 and it's it's very difficult amount of myself or fifths of myself and think about it that they're not having a paycheck. >>president of the hotel council of san francisco kevin carroll explains that the has a trickle down effect on her city hotel, so the largest contributor of. >>revenue to the city through both what we call dot tax occupancy taxes. sales taxes. so i think when you look at us bank off so significantly from a hotel point of view that impacts revenue that's coming into the city that used for everything the city would do. >>well fewer travelers is a trend that will likely see for the rest of the holiday season. recent study done by the american hotel and lodging association 72% of americans said that they're unlikely to travel for thanksgiving. while 69% said that they are unlikely to travel for
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christmas. live in san francisco taylor kron 4 news sailor. thank you here's new hope there are there is new hope rather than cheaper and faster type of test for covid. >>maybe as reliable as the pcr tests which currently looked at as the gold standard kron four's dan kerman has more on this cheaper tests which was tried out in san francisco. those getting tested the top the 24th and mission bart station this week are getting 2 types of covid tests. >>the more complex unreliable pcr test and the quicker cheaper by next rapid test it 2 ways to detect infection. one is to look the genetic material. >>of the virus. and the others to look for proteins over the virus. the coach of the virus to infrastructure of the virus while the protein rapid test was previously believed to be less reliable. >>a small, ucsf study conducted during similar testing back in september found they were accurate in 14 out of 15 people who are
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infected what they're saying is on a one time. >>basis they were able to detect. 14 out of 15 specimens that were that were positive by the more standard. method that's substantial advance which i don't think anybody. well it was was predicting. >>ucsf infectious disease for allah just doctor george rutherford says because the protein tests are so much cheaper and the results can be determined so much quicker. it could really make a difference in slowing the spread of covid-19 we want to find people who are the most infectious we want to get them isolated. >>as quickly as possible. the fact that this is far less expensive then standard genetic tests. and that it's didn't get results back. much more quickly typically. i think it brings it as a sort of an added added tool. >>now doctor rutherford was not part of the ucsf study but he says he's encouraged by it.
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so he agrees additional testing will have to be done to determine just how robust this testing method is. >>a ucsf dan kerman kron 4 news. >>time now to check our 4 zone forecast for this thanksgiving race to forget. it is thanksgiving somehow but it just thanks agree that if you're hungry conference rebecca strom here with a look at the week guys time was really flown. i can't believe it's already thanksgiving week. but yeah catherine can we're definitely seeing some chilly conditions out there, but beautiful shots around the bay as far as the clear conditions. >>san francisco international airport so we're looking clear skies. no cloud cover in your way. it's very cold around the bay area tonight and do you can see here a nice clear shot overlooking sfo. but how we're going to be seeing a 40's mainly across the board in 30's during the overnight hours inland tonight. tomorrow we're going to see some sunshine in the temperatures are going to bump up just a few degrees mostly in the 60's
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across the bay area. the rest of the week are going to see a very wednesday windy wednesday afternoon, especially because a cold front's going to be approaching the bay area in the middle of the week and we could see maybe a shower or 2 on wednesday. so just keep that in mind it should be really life though lots of sunshine though for the holiday they were expecting for thanksgiving then into black friday. temperatures right now that you can see a lot of the 40's that i'm talking about 45 degrees right now in napa 46 in nevado low 50's along the east bay shoreline downtown oakland, you're at 50 right now currently at 50 also in hayward and then mid to upper 40's continue across the entire south bay zone. futurecast for showing us all the rains kind of staying away from the bay area and sticking to the far north of us, but then once we get into wednesday that's when that cold front is going to push through maybe bringing us an early morning pop-up shower or drizzle. i should say but really it's going to be mostly dry across the bay area and then thursday, thanksgiving is going to be a sunshine and the
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temperatures are going to just jump up a few degrees and then it's going to remain dry. into this weekend. so no umbrellas needed just yet so far but it is going to be very windy. so just to keep that in mind it's going to feel a lot colder even though the temperatures are going to be cold. going to feel even more so with these winds starting to kick up. we're going to see mainly on wednesday in the afternoon we're going to see those 2025 mile an hour wind gusts even getting into the 30's at some spots you can see all the red orange coloring on your screen there especially across much of the north bay and some are coastal areas like a half moon bay. it's going to be sticking with us they're much of wednesday and finally kind of cooling down thursday, but not a whole lot of movement lows tonight, though those 30's and 40's are on the board we're looking at 38 degrees in santa rosa tonight, low 40's in the and low 40's, especially if you're going to be inland. the livermore valley you're going to get too down to 40 is while the freezing temperatures are on the way over the next couple of overnight, so called
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guys stay bundled up and those heaters on advice. thank you. rebecca. >>the new city police department is stepping up efforts to keep roadways safe. the department received a $50,000 grant from the california office of traffic safety try to reduce cases of dui and distracted driving. the grant program is scheduled to run through the end of next september. take a look at this someone tried to steal cash from an atm at a wells fargo in castro valley last night. alameda county sheriff's deputies shared this picture of the atm that have been partially dismantled. deputies say they responded the bank around 9.15 and found the suspect still inside the atm room. deputies say the suspect refused to surrender until a canine was sent in an apparently changed his mind. >>in lafayette city leaders are considering giving a holiday bonus money to a local food bank or 2. the city manager recommended donating $5,000 to the food bank of contra costa and solano counties that money was
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originally set aside for holiday parties. in the south bay, the 16th annual silicon valley, turkey, trot they're going to go ahead with that but it will be virtual the race usually draws up to 25,000 people. this is a past year of course because of the pandemic now everybody will upload their run on an app they can design their own 5.10 k run share the results with friends. the money raised will go to organizations like the second harvest of silicon valley, food bank. organizers say the race has grown to become the biggest thanksgiving day race in the country. >>still ahead from the senate to the white house california senator kamala harris is making history as the first woman of color. and first woman and woman of color to serve as vice president call on governor newsom tonight to make more history was her successor. >>also why pope francis invited a group of nba players to the vatican today. and
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>>despite the warnings from the cdc, millions of people still flying this week for thanksgiving kron four's noelle bellow checked in on the traffic at our bay area airports and tells us what travelers need to know to try to stay safe from covid.
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>>as coronavirus cases surge across the bay area officials from all of our major airports are urging travelers safety above all else. and while they're seeing a surge in travelers this week numbers are still well below normal but we're still down about 75% compared to prepandemic levels a big surge in travelers on friday kicked off the holiday season at san francisco international airport public information officer doug yakel says the friday before thanksgiving is usually its busiest travel day and this year it provided the highest level of activity since the pandemic began we have a little over 21,000 people to part as last friday. >>but again you know last year at that time we saw almost 90,000 passengers so again we are seeing an uptick in activity but it's still far from what we knew before the pandemic and it's a similar story over in oakland and san jose international airports, oakland international is expecting half the amount of travelers they saw last year. >>san jose international says
10:25 pm
it normally sees 178,000 passengers over the holiday week. >>but this year they're expecting just 30 to 45,000 when all is said and done wednesday the day before the holiday obviously it's going to be one of the busiest days are also looking at the weekend sunday and monday in particular mask and social distancing requirements are well marked around the airport's san jose international has even implemented you ve lights on its escalator handrails officials are also reminding out of state travelers of the 14 day self quarantine once they returned to the bay area. >>you can expect to see and hear a lot of messaging that talks about some of the current health requirements, including that quarantine requirement because we really want people to understand and adhere to that in san francisco noelle bellow kron 4 news. >>well so slow down and the holiday rush and is helping this week. this was the same this was a at the sacramento airport today really quiet. people were wearing masks for
10:26 pm
the most part one woman says that she had never seen security lines move so quickly. >>even getting to the airport i was shocked because normally we have to well so much time together to the seattle airport i mean it it it really only took about 45 minutes to get from the house all the way to the game. >>officials at the sacramento airport expecting about. half the thanksgiving travelers at the airport got last year. they say typically that went traveler numbers are been down so far anyway about 70% from 2019. >>coming up next president elect joe biden announces his first cabinet picks as president trump. finally approves formal transition of power. what we're learning about the new members and how they could set the biden administration apart from the trump white house. >>and this is a usually the same one north bay brewery releases a new beer they do in
10:27 pm
february, but what they're saying about the release of ply need the younger 2021. >>and will there be any rain in the forecast i will have your 10 at 10 coming up after the break stay with us.
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>>president elect joe biden finally getting the green
10:30 pm
light today to officially begin his transition to the white house 3 weeks after the election the gsa general services administration, formally designated biden as president elect and the president president trump tweeted that he approved of that move jonthan reports. >>more than 2 weeks after joe biden won the presidential election, the head of the gsa, the general services adminisdration emily murphy says the biden transition can formally begin. murphy who was appointed by president trump has come under fire for delaying the transition by withholding the funding and information needed for the president-elect to hit the ground running once he takes office in january the president is still refusing to concede the election tweeting rk strongly continues, we will keep up the good fight and i believe we will prevail nevertheless in the best interest of our country, i'm recommending that emily and her team do what needs to be done with regard to initial protocols and told my team to do the same this as president
10:31 pm
elect biden names his top cabinet members for foreign policy former federal reserve chairwoman janet yellen selected as treasury secretary if confirmed by the senate should be the first woman named to the post. john kerry, former secretary of state has been tapped as a special presidential envoy for climate, a move reflecting biden's promised to make climate change a major focus of his administration. it's the first time the national security council has included in official dedicated to the climate crisis. other cabinet placements include ellie 100 my orcas secretary of the department of homeland security, the first latino and an immigrant to head the dhs. biden's foreign policy team also includes anthony blinken for secretary of state, jake sullivan who will become national security adviser and linda thomas greenfield will be the next ambassador to the u n meantime the president's attempts to subvert the election results in several states continue to sputter out. >>thank you madam chair, you have for idol. that does
10:32 pm
happen. >>michigan election officials certifying the results monday officially recognizing biden's 154,000 vote victory. a similar scene in pennsylvania where numerous counties have certified the results for biden the state supreme court ruled against the trump campaign effort to halt the certification, a verdict, the president's legal team says they'll appeal. team trump has failed to produce any evidence of widespread voter fraud and it's clear even some of mister trump's strongest supporters are done defending his baseless claims if you've got the evidence of fraud presented. >>and what's happened here is quite frankly the conflict, the pr-sident's legal team has been a national embarrassment. >>that was jonathan o'boyle reporting the trump campaign has requested a second recount and georgia. the secretary of state they're certified the first one last week. it showed biden not beating president trump by more than 12,000 votes. roughly a quarter of one percent georgia law allows a candidate to request a
10:33 pm
recount if the margin is less than half a percentage point. >>joe biden's treasury secretary nominee janet yellen has bay area ties before becoming the first woman to serve as federal reserve chair yellen was the president of the federal reserve bank of san francisco for 6 years from 2004 to 2010. she also taught economics at u c berkeley. california senator dianne feinstein says she will step down from her role as the top democrat on the senate judiciary committee in a statement feinstein said that she would not seek the position in the next congress. she did not say why but wrote quote, california is a huge state confronting to existential threats wildfire and drought. that are only getting worse with climate change in the next congress i plan to increase my attention on those 2 crucial issues. the announcement comes after public criticism of her bipartisan outreach center. handling of supreme court
10:34 pm
justice nominee, amy coney barrett confirmation hearings. >>a group of local lawmakers are calling on governor newsome to appoint a woman to fill kamala harris, us senate seat, the group is called electing women bay area posting a letter to the governor urging him to appoint a woman of color saying in part, women of color, the core drivers of the electoral proper process. their voices should be heard in the nation's highest governing body. california fortunate to have a strong pipeline of women of color in elected office who are prepared to serve as some political supporters we look forward to you selecting one of them. and there was a full page ad to the chronicle and in the la times same plea signed by more than 100 prominent donors. joining us now donna crane, donna is a political science lecturer at san jose state university to talk about some of these developments, let's jump in with the transition, donna i mean the president is
10:35 pm
not exactly conceding. >>but he has been hemorrhaging republican support might this be the closest we get concession is going along with the official transition. >>i think it's very likely that close as we're going to get to a concession indeed he certainly been resistant every single day. but there there there's not much left to hide behind i think he was forced to say that he's expecting this is going to continue to fight plans to continue the fight is another question. >>and the question is what does he do after he's out of the white house and there's a lot of speculation he may run again in 2024 might start to start his own cable channel and what are your thoughts on that. >>i think any of those are possible. i think it's also possible he could just aren't used to be. no sir the leader of a possibly the most valuable real estate property in politics today is mailing list so whatever he chooses to do. i would be surprised to see it that was monetize in
10:36 pm
some way. >>we are beginning to say some president elect joe biden's cabinet picks who said that they would look like america. how is he doing so far donna. >>i would say that represent a lot more than we're used to that's kind of a welcome change a lot more women a lot more people of but layered into that a lot of really deep experience and expertise on their issues expertise experience is something common but diversity is is something that. >>this a big zigzag policy going from. barack obama with joe biden as former vice president donald trump back to joe how do you think this will work out domestically and internationally with the the big changes that people have to adjust to. >>i actually think it's going to work out fine and i think
10:37 pm
the fact that biden has been in service for so long and in the senate for so long and then of course as vice president 8 years he has deep relationships domestically and internationally we can call on that go well call on that experience and it looks least with the purse to point nominations. he's making that the people he's tapping have a similar levels of experience so i think there's i think hopefully going to see the advance of continuity there. >>we've been talking tonight of course about dianne feinstein not hanging on to her role as the top democrat in the senate judiciary committee. some apparently arguing. she's not tough enough. and some people are already speculating that at 87 out her term expires in january of 2025 wondering whether she will finish her term thoughts on that. >>well i watched her career for decades celtainly have a lot of respect for the hard
10:38 pm
work. she's put in and and years of public service so i i i'm sure there's no one who could step into the shoes of the person making a decision like one to retire, but i think it is really interesting to watch the politics who might be appointed to replace or actions succeed senator harris of california has a deep bench, i wouldn't want to governor at the moment, you know is the exact followed by is going so we'll have to california senators that potentially. >>will be within a fairly short period of time. do we have an idea of who kamala harris wouhd like to see fill her shoes. >>oh what a great question. i don't i would be very interested to know if she's going to keep your own counsel on that or he's going to divulge if i were her i would say keep your own this is governor newsom's there's a lot of it there's a lot of talk about california. having
10:39 pm
just a real sort of county at the talent but in particular you know once a kamala harris least the senate there will be no more women and african american women in that chamber, so that would be nice to see it's also we're saying kamala harris was on the judiciary committee and this committee and with senator feinstein's stepping down from the senior seat on that in that it will be interesting to see whether a california and get a seat there. >>hey you said earlier tonight that feinstein said talents are not as valued as they once were what did you mean don. >>well what i meant is that she came of age politically in an era comedy bipartisan work. cooperation. sort of slow but steady. personal relationships, those or all around and in congress these days that is no longer on that
10:40 pm
snow over that home. and so she's still bringing those talents but the conversation has shifted and the activists have changed in my opinion underneath her they senators to take a harder line especially on the issue of judges and that is not her silent. those are not the strong suit. so i think i think there's been growing tension on this issues for 4 years and honor out of time, but one last quick feinstein mention climate change wants to draw attention to that general motors announced. >>that there got to go back to california standards on auto emissions and are looking forward to electric vehicles. >>and john kerry of course named as the climate czar for the u.s. government under the by administration. what do you make of all of that. >>i think those those are welcome developments of its nice to see some progress here is this person because the climate change i think also we're very likely industry and other big sectors of the political world making adjustments now, now that president trump's term is
10:41 pm
coming to an end this is one of them. >>garden a crane again thank you so much for your time thanks for joining us. thanksgiving used to absolutely and speaking of the weather and climate change was set outside seattle looks out there gorgeous on this monday night in the city, yeah, and it is thanksgiving week of rebecca strom is here with a look ahead. >>catherine it is a beautiful around the bay area tonight because it's so clear it's so calm. there's not a lot of lot of wind as a matter of fact and no cloud cover no fog in your way. but it is cold outside so if you're going to be. stepping definitely want to grab those jackets over the next couple of days because we're going to see these cold temperatures stick with us through the holiday week. so just keep that in mind outside right now they're nice shot of the golden gate bridge, nice and clear here as well and also dry on the deck and no rain tonight or in the forecast rather until we get maybe to the middle of the week might be a sprinkle or 2 but for now we're sticking with the cold temperatures,
10:42 pm
40's and 50's and i'm tracking around the bay area right now 45 in napa 43 nevado low 50's in san francisco and oakland we're looking at said those mid to upper 40's across the entire zone, san jose are currently at 47. future cast for showing us yes things are dry around the bay area until about wednesday we could see maybe a sprinkle or 2 pop up because a cold front is on its way to the bay area it's going to be bringing us very windy conditions and a maybe a sprinkle and as some snow in the sierra that we are expecting and then things are going to be nice and sunny for thanksgiving and dry into friday as well and for your weekend ahead overnight lows though we're going to dip down into the 30's in some spots, so i'm tracking 30's across some of the north bay and even for some of our interior valleys low 40's for the lamar valley. 42 in concord so it's definitely going to be chilly and then highs tomorrow we're going to be a few degrees a higher than what we saw. today in fact skies we're going to
10:43 pm
temperatures in the 60's saw a few degrees above average tomorrow those overnight lows going to get really cold you everything almost time to cover plants, yeah it's going to be there for >>what some people won't do for a good beer. this is what usually happens when russian root river brewery releases new triple i every year when the brewery released piney the younger back in february more than 600 fans lined up at the santa rosa tap room, but unfortunately there will not be plenty the younger 2021. the brewery says it's hitting the pause button on the release because of covid-19 it's become clear it will not be safe to gather again at least by february hopefully shortly after still ahead a trip to the vatican what a group of nba players were talking about with the pope. >>and the special gifts they brought for him. >>next sports jason ties to the newest warrior who's going to help out steph curry at the point guard position this season and some history made tonight in the
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>>4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >>we will have a new look warriors come the start of the season, yes, we will still have staff and dream on and guys like wiggins looney and eric paskel are back but there are some other faces you'll get acquainted too like.
10:47 pm
bradley wanamaker the newest member guard at sat down with me for his very first interview as a golden state warrior there he is right there. we spoke at but mainly about what sold him on the warriors. >>the currents of the an organization, you know best was fun, you know, but sometimes the people around and people the police and what you make a new place a mix even better you know just nothing but great things about people reach out want to any team you know goes forward for the casual nba fan, not the guys who have been following you send your at roman catholic may be here who haven't got to see many celtics games. what do you bring to this team what kind of player you just some toughness, you know it's got to the same and just making the right can during a ball up
10:48 pm
to a shot of making the basket you know, i'm a pretty much all around player was go out there and just give all. can't wait to see him suit up for the dubs are ready to the college level all 6 bay area division, one men's basketball teams tip off their seasons wednesday basketball is already here college basketball. at least. >>including usf dons they'll get started as well taking on taos and sports reporter kate rooney has the story from the hilltop. >>there's no shortage of talent on uss men's hoops team, but one to watch this year is redshirt junior transferred to mari milstead them ari was young man that we actually you know rate was able to watch as he finished high school and just someone that we always knew was a good player and so when when he decided to transfer a couple years ago. we've got to make a lot of sense to try to bring him here to san francisco. it didn't make sense milstead grew up just across the bay in oakland and played a you hoops
10:49 pm
under his father with the oakland rebels oakland soldiers at moreau catholic high school in hayward he started to catch the eye of some d one college is the crazy thing about the mars we see you don't think he's good. >>and that's the biggest thing of that that's coldest trap about tomorrow because he's going to come and worries that debris is hammer. it is far ahead of his lunch every day and you know if you're not if you don't bring that same intensity as it gets. >>milstead chose to take that intensity to grand canyon university in phoenix his sophomore year he averaged 10.3 points per game while leading the team in assists and steals but after 2 seasons milstead felt ready for something new when i came to my you know talented players and. >>it's the culture use of the coach said that's a great job with the culture. we have great guys and they buy like each other this is a family atmosphere. >>and the family is ready to show what they can do on the court. the dogs were picked to finish 5th in the west coast conference giving them extra motivation to prove they
10:50 pm
belong closer to the top will be we're going to be exciting. >>but i would always had that good great that usf is known to have. >>usf season starts wednesday, they'll play tauson is part of a tournament in connecticut and san francisco kate rooney kron 4 sports. >>great reporting cain r d some history made in the nfl tonight. the very first all-black officiating crew in nfl history. you love to see it as for the game. tom brady. threw the ball to the other team at the end of the game sealed the victory for the rams day when 2724 over the bucks get this the rams are now in first place in the nfc west while the san francisco 49 ers are still at the bottom of that division might be the best division in football. that
10:51 pm
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
>>a group of nba players they're on their way back home after meeting with pope francis at the vatican, the pope invited the players to talk about social justice dekalb early reports. >>a delegation of nba players and officials from the national basketball players association meeting today with pope francis at the vatican to pay city you'll need the support helps us to be more human and humanity. the premise of the meeting the pope wanting to learn more about the players social justice activism and the players in turn getting an
10:54 pm
opportunity to bring worldwide awareness to their efforts to shine a light on racial injustice and the deaths of black americans at the hands of police looking at the problems in society especially those of social justice sport can be a means of a good of international catholic speaker damon owens says today's meeting should be a clarion call a look at his pontificate his leadership as one of this constant urging. >>for a culture of encounter. and that encounter is encounter with everyone whether we're different beliefs different life experiences, different language vocabulary germ the goodwill sports. >>mike a he keep. >>that also working together as a team and it is a challenge to people who profess a christian faith catholic faith in particular to look at issues that have strong political overtones they're strongly in one
10:55 pm
particular camp or another and put a new lands on group also presenting gifts to the pontiff, including a golden basketball in orlando magic jersey, this is effort. >>a book highlighting some of the players social justice work you need to think flu is you know done. >>you know use our voice and. and just as i will say this that american catholics. the message is clear that racism. >>it's not a fad it's not a trend. it's not something that simply has public policy. solutions but it has something to do with the core of our faith that if there is an injustice that we're not call just to bring justice to mercy which you think i'm >>your champions but getting there is also giving the example of teamwork you become a model but always remaining humble that's a beautiful example.
10:56 pm
>>and that was nichole berlie reporting the players they had to be tested for covid before they arrived in rome, they will be tested again when they get home and they're expected to land back in the u.s. tomorrow morning. >>take a look at this series. the boss baby he's going to be flying over manhattan this week for macy's annual thanksgiving day parade. macy's added the boss baby and red titan from ryan's world to its annual float because of the pandemic the public will only be able to watch the parade on tv new york city police will be keeping out anyone who tries to gather at the production location at herald square in manhattan. this makes the 94th year for the annual event. and let's check in now rebecca strom to get the latest. >>and guy's going to be cold around the bay tracking in the 30's in some spots during the overnight hours tonight and then over the next couple of overnights it's going to get even colder. but hey at least it's clear it's a shot around the bay area in fact all of our live camera shot showing
10:57 pm
clear conditions, no clouds no fog under tower camera showing us some really nice shot of downtown san francisco. >>looking ahead is there going to be any rain in the forecast going to see a weak cold front coming to us on wednesday, maybe it could drop a sprinkle or 2, but this is a quick look. >>your tenant 10 we're going to see 60's pretty much around the inland spots and across the bay, the coast though we're going to see a mostly in the 50's but it does look like mostly dry conditions just cold thank >>and good night.
10:58 pm
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