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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  December 1, 2020 8:00am-9:01am PST

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with us on a tuesday, i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher the first day of december. >>good morning welcome to december. sure looks at that we got a lot of and some cool weather around yeah all we need is a little rain and snow not yet. but the fog is certainly there. i wish we had the rain and little snow to will save up for christmas maybe come outside this morning, it's a little gray for some of us we are seeing clear spots for inland areas, but bayside areas definitely not so much. >>look at this fog. that's hovering right over the bay itself u c berkeley is fine and you can see out the distance on the left there the sales force tower sticking up through this thin veil of fog which may be very thin, but it is causing some visibility issues for some of us. temperatures today will rise to the 50's out the coast. well 60's can be expected for some of our inland areas. we are definitely starting this morning cool ahead of those nicer temperatures later on look at where we're at right
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now palo alto double in livermore concord each in the 30's, upper 30's for these areas while santa rose at 31 degrees or one spot below freezing, san mateo and alameda egypt, 45 some of our fog year areas there little bit more moderated because of that marine layer that's hovering overhead i'm talking what else to expect today later on in your forecast but robin is talking about how that fog has had an impact on your morning commute. impact it has had. i don't lost the game, the bridge looking this and driving in these conditions, john is not good it's not safe. it is challenging for sure we're checking in on the bridge right now you can see daria in the midst the to searching it's dangerous on the roads this morning. we have lots of people are doing they're like where am i less of the toll plaza it's going to be like all the way across the span so be careful out there folks headlights and wipers slowdown
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don't tailgate you know the drill but 40 minutes here over to the peninsula. we cannot see it here at the bay bridge toll plaza, but it's definitely on the span it's on the lower deck. we had a major accident inside of the tunnel which is out of the way so the line here is normal it's jam from west grand very foggy across the span 12 minutes into san francisco. >>delay free eastbound out of san francisco will check more bridges coming up james darya you rob i've made over here next to james the big story this morning as what's going to happen to the state the governor is warning that california might have a stay at home order like we did back in the beginning of the pandemic and all has to do with the covid-19 numbers are continuing to climb we actually have a graph that shows the cases and the deaths. >>and you can see in recent days both have spiked in fact in the last week alone. california has averaged over 14,000 cases. >>her day which is pretty incredible so leaders if they look at the projections and remember a lot of people gather for thanksgiving and they weren't supposed to they're worried we could run
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out of hospital beds, even by january kron four's will tran actually following that part of the story for us coming to us live from daley city now with the latest will. >>james darya the beds in the emergency care unit or intensive care unit. i should say they're at 89% capacity right now, and there's a lag because daria you mentioned though with the thanksgiving holiday. so those numbers could come out over the next week or so and with the projections it probably will be worse before it gets better which is why the governor he got his hands on hundreds if not thousands. bets here at seton medical center earlier this year because he realize that covid-19 was going to yo yo but even now it's exploding were hospital beds across california. they are 89% capacity and unless they put that brakes on this according to the projections by christmas eve. it could be at 91% capacity and then for the projections could have it at
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112% sometime late december early january which obviously means more patients than beds and this whole thing was supposed to slow down the spread of covid-19 not to overrun the hospital systems. right now the way it is going it with more than certainly overrun the staff the equipment, the beds at the hospitals which is why in a few hours from now the governor will have a news conference and he could issue a shelter-in-place what we saw back in march. >>to make determinations of deep purple in those purple tier status. that is equipment more in line with the stay at home order. that folks were familiar with in the beginning of this year the high case numbers that we've seen in the last week and 10 days have not even hospitals yet we know that it takes about 2 weeks.
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>>2 weeks because of that lag and a lot of people they did stay with their immediate family, but let's face it a lot of people did not a lot of people travel they were trying to be careful. but nonetheless it was always a risk to travel, especially with the spike in covid-19 cases which is why governor newsome could issued that order at noon or tomorrow, and it appears that he did not tacitly admits it is as far as doctor fauci approving governor newsom's decision or possible decision but even doctor fauci says unless things are handled on a national level it looks like it could get out of control for the entire united states by late december as well so they seem to be in lock step as far as the projections james darya thank you we'll tell about the numbers, let's take a look at them in california right now we've recorded more than one 0.2 million covid cases. >>california has had more than 19,200 people die of covid and that includes. >>the deaths in the bay area
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1935. >>well let's talk a little bit about the north bay as we mentioned earlier in county is the only county right now in the bay area that's not in the purple tier, the most restrictive tier. it's still in red, but the numbers are trending in the wrong direction we've got more than 5,000 total cases with more than a 189 total hospitalizations these are the numbers provided by the marin county health department on their dashboard and the problem is if these numbers continue to move in the wrong direction then read county to may also slip into the purple category kron 4 sarah stinson live for us there with more on this story tara. >>james murren county has been in the red tier for about 3 weeks now and the worry is that they will go backwards into the purple tier as you said, and that is because the cases are rising here. they are ported 31 new cases on monday still waiting to see if there's any update on the case numbers today. no new deaths or hospitalizations but we're
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still waiting to see the results from what happens after the thanksgiving holiday. we know that people did gather even though that was not recommended and so we're going to be seeing most likely another bad trend of increasing cases now there are 6 cases per day cases per day here in marin county not bad when you compare it to the neighboring counties like sonoma county. but 19 cases per day and napa counties with 28 cases per day both of those of course and purple tier because the rest of the bay area is in that tier. but everyone in marin county is bracing for what is to come as health officials believe it won't long before marine joins the other counties in that restrictive tier, we know more than 71% of schools are back in the classroom for some kind of in person learning whether it's a hybrid or not and one month from now the high school district was planning to go back to in person, but we will see as cases again are on the
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talk to people here in marin county including a man who says he was optimistic that they would stay in the red terror move in the right direction, but now he's worried after seeing what happened during the thanksgiving holiday. >>i'm not certain because i know of people who got together with thanksgiving. know if someone that. a family member it tested positive. and she went to see her friend so. and i think people need to use some some good judgments during the holiday season this much as possible. >>now is the that is so crucial so important to really hunker down and follow the rules really stay home as much as possible as we head into christmas hanukkah because we're already in a surge. but now we're a surge on top of another surge because of the holiday season now not only
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residents worried about the holiday season in the current case right cases rising so is the health department so we have a live report a live interview rather set up with the health department for 8.30 so make sure you stay tuned in and you'll hear the anchors asking all the questions that we have regarding the county in the future for now reporting live in larkspur sarah stinson kron 4 news all right sarah, thank you we'll stay updated on the story. thank you. >>when they do get a vaccine who's going to get it 327,000 doses of pfizer's covid vaccine could be coming to california in the next few weeks right now they're waiting for fda regulators to allow the emergency use and once that happens then the first batch could be here the 3rd week of december. but with the small initial supply that means it will be by priority and they have to decide whose first. >>it seems likely that it will be health care workers who had direct patient contact first.
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the second group i think little bit up in the air whether will be the essential worker group or the older people and people with a medical illness is probably in that first group of healthcare workers will be older people in nursing homes since there such an incredibly high risk. >>in those first 2 groups that doctor things about a 150 to 200 million people could be vaccinated by april that leaves about a 130 million other people who are you know consider just healthier americans that aren't that at risk and they could get the vaccine. the great majority of people by the end of summer. >>as we get closer to getting a coronavirus vaccine to the general public the department of homeland security is warning of new scams that could pop up in the coming weeks, we have jessica managed to explain. >>as californians eagerly await a covid-19 vaccine. some scammers 80 looking to take advantage so to i think that they can capitalize doing we've been dealing with this for nearly what 10 months now and the fact that the scans to start happening is he
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disheartening from all the gals and with the better business bureau of northeast, california is on the lookout for scams, especially after hearing a warning from the department of homeland security about the potential for fake vaccine sales. agents have already made more than 1600 seizures, a phony products claim to prevent or treat the disease. and when real vaccine is approved they worry people may be more likely to fall victim and those that have been living unfortunate my face year. those are the ones that i think they're more susceptible to because again we're all trying to get blocked allies to keep your family and your wallet safe. she says you should always talk with your doctor or licensed medical professional first before seeking any vaccine, stressing that covid-19 vaccines will not be sold over the internet to the general public and to ignore any kind of unsolicited offers for vaccinations through emails calls or text messages what they're trying to do is one day your personal banking information if you buy something online to you. just
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finding ways to hack into your computer systems and 3 just. >>blakely just came out where your computer reminding everyone to have patience as a vaccine will likely not be available to most people for several months to make it the taxiing one day there is protocol that we all have to follow it sounds too good to be true you always verify with better a county health department jessica mensch fox 40 news. >>it all the time and still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news you're not supposed to party because of covid but a bunch of students in the east bay did and now in person classes are canceled for them. but one young california point is doing the right thing we're going to show you why he's cutting his neighbors lawns for free and first in the buzz why steph curry says he feels old and what some star dads are doing that probably embarrassing their kids. ♪
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>>yeah looking at the forecast today and we are looking at a foggy start for some of us. now for all of us though this view from berkeley actually pretty bright to kick things off. fog sitting there in the distance right over san francisco. this is your san jose view as you can see it is not much of a view at all right now we're looking at dense fog from san jose a
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peninsula up one oh one and eventually up into the city of san francisco robins been telling you this morning about the issues that's caused on roadways. so go ahead if you're in san jose on the peninsula, san francisco even up into the north bay. these are your foggiest a spots right now and you leave extra time in your commute don't rush things in that low visibility that we are seeing futurecast shows you that by the afternoon ahead of us we are looking at abundant sunshine overhead, really no issues out there as far as travel or any sort of that is kind of activity goes today. as we will be looking at such sunshiny conditions out there and dry conditions steadily on our way through this forecast. let's see looks like we have a computer issue here and i am come poli plea for roseanne but here talk you through this forecast still it's a little extra so it's staying dry. this is actually not challenging it all this is forecast, so you see of it staying sunny we're going to be in the 60's all the way through the rest of the week and into the weekend
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eventually into next week too. and we're also going to see our evening lows in land falling into the 30's evening lows by the bay and the coast falling into the 40's. that's your forecast right there. if there's a computer day for the computer to freeze it be this robin does have a lot to tell you about traffic so center her way robin what's like on the bay bridge right now hey john you're so good. you don't need graphic the do your forecast still smooth so professional for checking in on the bay bridge traffic and there's more the fog that john has been telling you about it sort of just seized on in over the att over crossing so busy but not bad, it's actually improving. >>compared to about 2030 minutes ago so still under 15 minutes to make it and we're checking out the richmond sandra fell bridge west there's or line. it's peeling back the on richmond parkway that's completely normal so we're at 17 minutes and growing into the north bay we're taking a look at 6.80 in walnut creek because we have this new crash south 6.80 near treat accident working see how it's backing you up through a pleasant hill, it's spilling over to 2.42 in concord and
8:18 am
then you have the usual crowd out of bay point on west for. >>into conquered, so it's all sort of merging together they a little bit of stopping all traffic a little bit of slowing because of the crash new accident for the nimitz right here 80 south at 10 a son in hayward it's backed up from 2.38 so 80 south los from to 38 to tennis and because of that crash with still under 30 minutes to make it out to milpitas back to you. >>in the buzz. well, the nfl does another covid shuffle with the games, the 49 ers have found a new place to play with levi's off limits, san francisco's next 2 home games will be in arizona santa clara county's ban on all contact sports is supposed to be lifted in 3 weeks but of course that could all change depending on covid changes the name of the game in football. so many baltimore players are on the covid list that the nfl has postponed. the ravens steelers game again. this is the 3rd time. they were supposed to play thanksgiving. they moved it to sunday then to tonight and now it's was to
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happen tomorrow at around noon ravens haven't practiced since november 21st but the warriors come back to business. nba training camps start today. i got to get a new calendar. this one is clearly dated stephone have calais but he will have help from a couple of new guys that he made at summer camp. nothing like going from being a teacher to a teammate to make you feel old. >>james wiseman 20 campers. just might add that might be the only thing that makes you feel as him and they come lose 2 campers 2 years ago and ago. >>so they may have to bring the kerry camp jersey training camp before the staff room floor. we've got a nice perfect grounds of experience opportunity. and when it comes playoff matchup. locked and will be force to be reckoned with. >>it was really a cute interview that he did with a reporter for the undefeated and he also showed off. a new
8:20 am
basketball court in oakland and he handed out, bright yellow ball's to promote his new curry brand for under armour also because he says oakland is still number one his book he wants to help the kids there. however e can speaking of kids. >>can't wait to the new christmas taking the currys in their jammies. >>still it's just another goofy dad, you know to riley and ryan and canon and james if george clooney can even be an embarrassing dad and nobody stands a chance. >>clooney earned the kids after sharing tmi on the cbs sunday morning show. >>look i have my hair is like really like straw law you know and so it's easy to cut you can't really make too many mistakes. years i bought thing called a flowbee which when we were i was a kid, yeah. the infomercial there will be this ingenious device lets you give yourself and family, perfect hair cuts every time the
8:21 am
vacuum, cleaner clippers and i still have it stop it use it my hair %uts take literally. 2 minutes ago is is the this flow be due flooding. that is awesome. >>james is that flowbee is this flowbee i wish it was as easy as that no one of the 25 years that hair looks perfect. i want colonies hair. >>his pocketbook think about it. effect and now we just ease the flow be of so he's on the you know this is the world is saying this because he's on the cbs sunday morning show. >>and i'm kind of like that acre you anything i do on tv is embarrassing to my kids of course i can't breeze without them getting upset i can't even look at tiktok let alone have my own tiktok like you're a curry and dad. >>that's what he calls himself eagle dad in san francisco. he has more than one 0.4 million followers on tiktok who just love watching him do dad
8:22 am
>>dad thanks coming with me on my runs ledger with me at the spent some time together to. >>new air filters a country better. >>and you see >>okay there you go. what am i. it too early for christmas. we tried his non party boat you think the cardinals get jealous. >>korean it was the. if your card today just relax.
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>>here korea and dad, i know you've been waiting a long time for a new phone i guess today's the day here it is it got to the new iphone promise you don't spend too much time on it okay. looking like a green or red one instead. >>i you know it is like he's your his name is nick show just so you know we really as he's a real daddy has 2 teenagers for morning i'm sure he's also the co-founder of wrecking ball coffee and he says he's a proud immigrant is a proud dad. apparently he doesn't care how much you this is this camp, it's first i hearing because the classes the shtick is kind of good it's not a jim, i we'll send the clip the got me, but he sets that have us have a ceo he would look at the sunset that was like i got got quiet and just look what's compelling our producer joan live she it doesn't matter
8:24 am
where you're from she happens to be korean is just i miss my dad to my dad died a long time ago yeah and you don't miss a stupid ad joe wright or you know just dumb things that do tell you don't have your down around and then you've got your career and dad writes got more than a million people following wow i thought it was really sweet so and the fact that he's from san francisco. now maybe you bump that west of our new house is amazing.
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>>in 29 right now and we are checking out the weather on the first day of december and i got all fogged up i went over the golden gate was fine. many hours here and.
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>>couple other bridges to we've john following that robin as well because it's impacting traffic but let's start with the forecast good morning. yeah, yeah fog that's the big issue this morning even more so than the chilly temperatures we have inland, we're looking at our live camera from berkeley if we can pull that up on max one it is something that is going to be. issue for much of the morning ahead of us is this fog, especially right along the bay itself, brighter skies are u c berkeley that is something that we are going to be taking a look at. for sure we are not having that camera for some reason so we must not have it. so we'll send it over to robin right now with a look at traffic. robin that fog has caused some issues on roadways san mateo bridge is one of the areas. dense fog out there currently take a look at that dangerous john you're absolutely right san mateo the bay bridge as well, yeah it's like we're playing a game on this morning's edition of where is the 70 oh bridge. it
8:31 am
is dense this morning chp issued a fog advisory for the bay bridge, 70 oh bridge. >>it's hard to see working away across the span here so be extra careful out there makes me very nervous driving through the fog, your drive time is not changing the traffic is moving well we just can't see it so 14 minutes to the peninsula. another example of how foggy it is on 80 wasn't here 30 minutes ago didn't look like this, but it's covering up to 80 overcrossing and we had an accident on the lower deck that could have been related to the fog as well so a minor weights at the pay gates, you're looking at 12 minutes into san francisco and still tracking this crash and one a creek south 6 ad a treat a little happy here leading up to the scene and then we have the typical stop and go traffic out of concord merging from 2.42 on to 6.80 saw keep my eyes on this we'll have another check of traffic coming up a little bit later james darya thanks 31 is the time let's get to our top story. this half hour governor gavin newsome warning that californians could be looking at a possible stay at home order if covid-19 cases
8:32 am
continue to climb and that's what's happening in the fear is that hospitals will get overrun with patients in the last week alone. >>california has averaged 14,000 positive tests per day. and if that keeps up then there won't be room if you get sick kron four's actually zavala has the very latest now from sacramento. >>covid-19 cases are exploding across california now averaging more than 14,000 of them per day this is a new peak for the state state leaders have serious concerns for hospital systems across california if these trends continue we're going to have to take much more dramatic. >>arguably drastic action governor gavin newsome says he's waving the red flag as california sees a surge in covid-19 cases and hospitalizations he warned monday a stay at home order could be coming to make determinations of deep purple moves i in those purple tier status. that is equipment more in line with the stay at home order. that folks were
8:33 am
familiar with in the beginning of this year purple tier counties make up more than 99% of the state's population, the warning comes as state leaders released concerning projections for the state's health care system without any change of behavior state leaders say hospital bed capacity could be filled up to 78% statewide by christmas eve, intensive care units could be overfilled to 112% statewide by early january. we don't anticipate. >>this this is in the absence of. >>making better decisions over the last week the state's positivity rate climbed to 6.2% with an average daily tpcase count at more than 14,00 high case numbers that we've seen in the last week and 10 days have not even begun taking hospitals yet we know that it takes about 2 weeks. >>the governor says he and other state leaders are still working out the details of what a possible stay at home order might look like going forward. he says they'll be making the decision in the coming days, reporting in sacramento, ashley zavala kron
8:34 am
4 news we get a vaccine. >>really the only way to stop coronavirus from spreading is things like california's look at a stay at home order wary mass staying away from other people, and that's obviously something we'll be watching as we head into the month of december with new infections possibly rising in the wake of thanksgiving travel. so we'll have to see where the numbers go but we could be very well looking at things returning to where they were at beginning of the pandemic let's find out more about the state that we're in right now with a hammer in county health officer doctor matt willis good morning doctor. so we're not in a good state by all accounts said the covid cases keep going up hospitalizations are a concern at this point. so is that the only thing the state has left to do to control the virus since there's no vaccine yet. >>right well, you know we've been using the blueprint framework for determining where what policies we should be right now is service also that as a tool because everyone's purple with a few exceptions miranda still in the in the red tier. so it
8:35 am
makes sense to be considering what additional policies we could use to make make even more of a difference because right now case rates continue to rise in the purple tier so we're you know we're hearing from the governor there may be additional policies and what we call the purple so counties that are even more trouble might have additional restrictions additional hours of curfew and other steps. it's >>you know part of this comes down to enforcement to unless there's a actual meaningful way of enforcing these these directives. you know i it's hard to imagine that. many people will follow them is there any movement on that front on how we might better enforced these restrictions. >>well at the end the day it's important to recognize if people don't really understand this for their own selves and their own we're in because we're not going to be able to ultimately in force their way out of this because we're talking about everyday behaviors in murray county 260,000 residents are expected
8:36 am
becoming the face every time they step out. so yes there are some enforcement efforts know we can offer citations like parking tickets for people that are out public without a mask on. that's that's a less effective tool that i think just i'm having everyone really understand and developing a culture of responsiveness and responsibility to ourselves and one another and that's i think the message we're trying to send from public health right now is that now more than ever. we need everyone to be taking the steps we've been advocating for all we are under threat, you know we we're looking very closely at the numbers, you know 2 weeks after thanksgiving. we're expecting we would see increases in cases we're already seeing a really rapid rise in cases we we cannot afford to see an even steeper incline in our case that will overwhelm our hospitals the scary thing is if people didn't listen for thanksgiving, christmas could be even worse because families are going to want to gather they're going to want to get together. >>nothing seems to be working. we have months and months to go before everybody gets a
8:37 am
shot in the arm. >>yeah, i would i would you know it's it is obviously concerning to see case rates rising. i would say that nothing is working and we know that some of our strategies are working in britain we are in the red tier, currently in that one percent of the population. that is not in purple across the and i attribute that to to our community itself obviously we've free priority you're testing resources contact tracing et cetera, ultimately at the end of the day it comes down to everyone's everyday behavior and if we have any credit or any lesson. for other counties in terms of our ability to maintain here. i think it's again just if we all understand what it from our own everyday recognizing that when when when infection occurs it's between 2 people were too close together one of them may not be covering their face they may not even recognize that they're infected and someone else becomes infected. and protests that with this change of transmission and always have the control to will above by all accounts moran is headed
8:38 am
into this purple with everybody else you're not a bubble. you it's what we have closed borders and everybody in the bay area's kind gotta be in the same boat if you're not already. >>exactly yes, no county has an island you know, and it's definitely faint praise to be you know read you know we're orange couple weeks ago are not defined success that point is as being moved into the nest next most restrictive tier. it is an opportunity i think to reflect on why are rates may be increasing more slowly than others. and i credits behavior of our community. >>so let me ask as we look forward then a and talk a bit about the vaccine. we know that with the operation warp speed. processes are beginning to be formed as to how to distribute the vaccine once it becomes available into the up to the local jurisdictions like the county level to get this out to the people at what point in the process will folks are murray county another bay area counties begin to communicate them with leaders on the national front to try and implement this plan that they're putting together have you heard any word yet.
8:39 am
>>absolutely and we've been working you know what the very closely on the vaccine distribution plan. it's looking like that the pfizer is going to be the first to cross the line here and into state and into the local as early as mid to late december. that will be dedicated to are our highest priority, your tier, one a. residents that are essential health care workers and others who are really on the front lines. we're we're working to establish the ultra cold storage unit that the refrigeration that's necessary for the coach and for that particular product and working with the hospitals and clinics, skilled nursing facilities, et cetera to make sure that their their staff are teed up for that vaccine when it arrives as early as as the end december so when it comes as don't. >>we don't need to ask you can we get it can we get can we get it you're going to tell the people who are going to get it first and then we'll all come months later. >>that's right. yeah, it's important to recognize that you know there's going to be a casing to this that will be
8:40 am
measured over and it will start with because the limited vaccine supply it will start with those people who need it most who can help us especially the surges is reminding us how important is that we protect our essential health care workers who are on the front lines first because they need to stay in the workforce and they need to protected because they are being exposed so that's going to the first year. and then over months that follow i would imagine for the general population we're talking about springtime maybe early spring for for the vaccines may not be the pfizer that point the moderna vaccine. there are other vaccines that are coming online more supply. well they ought to get that out to the community as a whole. a couple months later and because we're talking timelines and you are in the specifically in marin county the last county. >>to move into the most restrictive tier in the bay area i'm going to ask you flat out. do you have a timeline is it tomorrow when are you going to go into that restrictive chair in marin county. >>yeah, i mean it's it's challenging to predict in on obviously looking at the numbers closely every single
8:41 am
day look at our hospitalizations right now we only have 6 people in the hospital 3 in the icu it's concerning that hospitalizations lag behind case he says you know it's about 2 weeks before we actually see the spike in cases after he sees i hospitalizations after spikes up and suspected cases i'm concerned about our hospitalizations we're looking maybe her. purple tier, this or the week after that if there's not a change in the slope and that's the message to our committee is we want point that most restrictive tier. the time take action is now ok sorry and just you you give up for a second there so not today or tomorrow, but maybe next week. >>yeah, yes, so we're looking at next week or the of the week after that if the projections continue in the direction they're going okay, thanks so much doctor will as we appreciate your time and your candor this morning as we work our way through this very difficult subject. thank you again. we have the power to harness california's abundant wind and solar energy, but it's not available all day long. use less from 4 to 9 pm and we can protect california
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for generations to come.
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>>welcome back we are at 8.46 on this tuesday morning first day of december now and starting off the new season on a bit of a chilly note for inland areas that are still hanging out in the 30's as for east bay view right here skies, pretty clear over u c berkeley, but there's definite fog and cloud cover hanging out right over the bay itself. that's resulted in some big slowdowns for you see ventured into work on the peninsula all the way down into the south bay where that blanket of fog is especially thick around santa clara and san jose this morning, let's advance the future cast you can see gradually clearing skies into the afternoon. we do have sunshine to be expected later on today tomorrow morning, less of a foggy impact looking likely with a nother nice and sunny day after that. why are we seeing so much sunshine lately wants just as a general set up with a high pressure ridge sitting firmly in place this is sending any chance of rainfall out of the region. this is actually a fairly common set up that we often do see during lineen has which is
8:48 am
the set up this year in the pacific. that's keeping us dry across the southern tier the u.s. while northern areas are getting all that moisture that we would certainly like to tap into and what we did at the beginning of november and the tap dried out towards the end of the month and that's where we're starting december 50's 60's for your highs near the coastline today with temperatures in pacific at 59, half moon bay at 64 temperatures right along the bay and a range of 60's from brisbane to burlingame and further south eventually to mountain view foster city and san carlos each at 66 for your highs well in the south bay. daytime highs range from the mid to upper 60's, you'll notice numbers today just a touch warmer than those we had yesterday daytime highs, especially for inland areas like concord inching to 70 degrees. concord at 68 well, oakland and san leandro each at 65 also at 68 for sonoma and napa well vacaville and fairfield at 67 for your highs santa rosa, another one of warmer spots at 68 for your
8:49 am
high temperature today, let's get a look ahead at your next 7 days not a whole lot of change going on here we stay dry all the way to your first 7 days of december and abundantly sunny for most of these days to inland areas will see lows dropping into the 30's with bayside in coastal spots holding on to those 40's and it doesn't just look like the first week of december is to remain dry. but likely the second week models are showing so a dry start to the month, good weather for any sort of holiday shopping or aarons that you may need to get done. robin. thank you john checking in on the traffic announced the traffic is improving the fog is getting worse so the backup has thinned out and nicely at the bay bridge toll plaza, i'm no longer tracking delays spilling back to west grand. but there's more fog which is covered up. >>the overcrossing so that's what you're going to be dealing with on the bay bridge, the richmond sandra fell and the san mateo bridge as well here at the richmond center fell bridge toll plaza you can see it at the pay gates here westbound it's only 13 minutes to make it across but the drive across the span
8:50 am
will be covered in fog so keep that in mind got a look like this the san mateo bridge it's parents just dance this morning. a fog advisory remains in place that was issued by chp early this morning headlights and wipers will be needed in please slow down out there 40 minutes to make it off to the peninsula james darya thanks a lot rob 8.50 and a roseville boy is helping his community with a simple act of kindness yeah we're talking about a 12 year-old his name is naji thomas he's mode over 50 lawns. >>all at no cost and dennis shanahan explains it's all part of a larger challenge issued to kids across the country. >>engineer and the founder reason love this service in this video on his twitter feed rodney smith junior explains how a simple gesture of kindness blossomed into a national movement is minimal to service started back in 2015 only was school one day and i came up was only men outside lawn and looks like he's struggling so i pulled over and helped mold that
8:51 am
night he decided he would start mowing lawns for more people who could use a helping hand after his one 100th lawn he founded raising men lawn care service, encouraging kids aged 7 to 17 to give back to their communities in the same way and wants to move 50. i would drive to where they are in the united states out along with them and also give them a brand more weed eater and the is challenge this is what brought romney to roseville monday morning he came to congratulate and reward 12 year-old naji thomas for his 50th lawn mode for free it was really great was a fun 100 make you feel to do this. >>not expecting anything in return williams. >>it was it yeah. it was a great thing to it may too great. >>we also asked naji if he had some words of encouragement for other young people thinking of giving time in their communities. i would you know do as much as you can because people may not have the benefits that you do. >>they you know. can.
8:52 am
>>they can't do stones that you can do we hope you're only even as moving along are you know getting some wins and 90's mom is so impressed with what rodney started and proud of what her son has learned and accomplished through it i saw my son. >>achieve something he had a goal. he went after it and he achieved it is what we need we need some good we need heartfelt stories we need to see that people are coming together and giving back and that sort of thing and he does that means he showing kids that they can do it too is just it just shows that you know interesting what happens we caught up with rodney over facetime the story of his life is something rodney never imagined, but he is so very grateful for the way it's turning out though that >>it's like a just read the next chapter of the next page to see what else is in store for you so that's what i'm doing in every time something is happening it takes to go.
8:53 am
>>that was dennis shanahan reporting rodney by the way now on his way to houston where he's hoping to reward another 50 yard finisher so more and more kids are achieving this goal may be at this point though with the law as you know we need to move the snow shoveling this you know this time of year it's not bad people need help with hold him. 33 back with one minute.
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
>>the christmas tree shining bright in san francisco's castro district supervisor rafael mandel men share this video. the ceremony on twitter and as you'd expect no big crowds. no carolers this year. and thanked castro merchants for keeping the holiday tradition, a live and it sure does look pretty. take a look at the lake somebody in scotland is going to to remain socially distanced. this house was built. >>20 years ago. but it's perfect now was actually a float a local parade and then after that was over the owner decided to just leave it there on this island until they figure out what to do with it and well the figure that out covid is perfect great place to read for tourists and that's what they had been doing now taking advantage of this remote location. it can
8:57 am
be billed as the perfect socially distance. >>wow talking about getting away. i love that you can want to see if i can search the quick break here at 8.56 still ahead in the next hour with the rapid rise in covid-19 hospitalizations a new study says that stay at home could be ordered in california soon we'll talk more about that. >>and marin county is the only bay area county not in the purple tier as we've been
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>>news station you're watching the car. see how fast time flies into 9 o'clock and the first of december about that the finest hour kicking off the finest month of the year i guess it's all matter perspective. >>june's my finest month is my birthday but is the finest hour in the fight of the finest day of the worst year still fine, yeah it's morning. i can't wait we're in the final months ago we got john taking a look at how december is starting off for us on the weather front this morning. john yes, maybe this next month will make up for the wrestler it would have to be the days ago, but that's for sure, but we can always hope right. >>we are starting off a new month and we're starting off with some fog looking outside at your camera. >>let's focus on the embarcadero there that just showed a palm tree know bay bridge insight the fog's blocking


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