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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  December 1, 2020 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>>news station you're watching the car. see how fast time flies into 9 o'clock and the first of december about that the finest hour kicking off the finest month of the year i guess it's all matter perspective. >>june's my finest month is my birthday but is the finest hour in the fight of the finest day of the worst year still fine, yeah it's morning. i can't wait we're in the final months ago we got john taking a look at how december is starting off for us on the weather front this morning. john yes, maybe this next month will make up for the wrestler it would have to be the days ago, but that's for sure, but we can always hope right. >>we are starting off a new month and we're starting off with some fog looking outside at your camera. >>let's focus on the embarcadero there that just showed a palm tree know bay bridge insight the fog's blocking that out your view
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from berkeley. well it's a mix of both you've got sunshine over u c berkeley but in the distance, you also see that blanket of fog that's sitting over the east bay, less and less of an expected as we work our way towards late morning here. it has been an unusual morning as fog goes it started a little clear started to clear up and then that fog are really settled into the bay and really has impacted your bridges over the course of the past couple of hours. temperatures right now are mostly in the 40's and 50's starting to rise berkeley you're at 50 degrees. the lay how santa rosa seen some of our spots that are still hanging on to those 30's so still pretty chilly for parts of the north bay. i'm talking where had this afternoon what else to expect this week to as far as robin is concerned it's definitely still all about the fog of the bay still a little gray out there maybe not our foggy esta bridges right but they are you write pretty foggy and its carla right car love the fog i got it now took
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a taking over out there and a number of spots the bay bridge richmond sandra fell 70 oh bridge, not as bad, but it just rolls in and out so earlier we could not see. >>the overcrossing the delay to stand out. so that's my like out the traffic is getting better the fog it's heavier looking at 10 minutes into san francisco, this is the 70 oh bridge behind me we can't even see it sometimes you can see some cars rolling by but it's just that dense here on 92 between the east bay and the peninsula, so you need to be extra careful driving through this because it can be extremely dangerous just want to take you over to the nimitz because we have a new crash in san leandro 80 north. >>at davis street, the right lane is blocked. your backup spilling along the nimitz now on to to 38 which is also stacked up from 5.80 in castro valley, so it's just a domino effect for 5.80 to 38 and the nimitz and then 80 south from 2.38 through the 92 split another stretch of slow traffic so it's heavy on both sides this morning and darya james i will keep an eye on the fog carla fog she's out
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there everywhere pretty dense to like the other nature blame and women as i used to be karl but karl disappear and so they wanted to go with carla writes whatever it are bigger things to worry about is this state and the direction we're heading in with covid to the governor says looking at things. >>the way they are he may have to issue a stay at home order and we're talking about the kind we haven't had since the pandemic and in all likelihood, the numbers will continue to climb because we're coming off thanksgiving. we know that a lot of people traveled and in we know that in a couple weeks of those positivity rates may start to come in which would spike the graph even more as you can see in recent days. >>both of these graphs that show. cases and deaths have been trending upwards here in recent weeks and that's not good news, yeah, and in the last week along we're looking at 14,000 cases a day in california state leaders are projecting think about what
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happened you know during thanksgiving and they think well there could be a surge after that and then. >>a surge upon a surge. luckily so many hospitals and that's the problem luckily, we do have a vaccine on the way but that's not going to help january kron four's will tran is live in daly city with the latest projections and they are looking at that and saying do we need to curb our behavior now. >>governor gavin newsom's possible decision to shelter in place is getting a lot of applause from medical professionals because they say something needs to be done to slow it down seton medical center. they are at the brink of having too many patients at this particular time. there are extra beds here but according to the ceo of seton medical center it's not the beds are are the major concern. it's the staffing. right now many communities, many counties in california waking up to the purple, but the governor could decide as early as today, maybe tomorrow
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to shelter in place to what we saw back in march here's the ceo of seton medical center anthony ramada you and i were speaking. you have plenty of events but that's not the issue. yes, we have a capacity in our medical center for taking care of patients for the community. >>i think the biggest issue right now is the. a number of staff that we can actually get into actually staff are bits as we all covid impacting everyone not including the hospital's staff, but also in the community and so for us to have staff in place staff our bets, the most critical factor right now in order to keep beds. occupied for an upcoming search for right now you're telling me you have a handful of covid-19. >>patients but if it continues to rise. those patients. they won't have the help they need because you can't pull staff off the streets, they have to
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be obviously medical professionals and they're in demand right now, yes, even medical centers taking care of covid patients like every other medical center right so there are this year's capacity. >>in the bay area for our different hospitals. again our biggest issue right now is making sure that we have the staffing. you actually staff those bets take care for patients and that to me is the limiting factor right now we're pretty good in ppe sport, a moment. the county has done a great job in supporting us making sure we have the ppe east. but right now nationwide staffing is a major issue, especially for the specialty areas like intensive care and emergency departments do you agree with the governor a lot of people is very controversial some people agree some doubt as far as the community you agree with the governor's possible decision. >>to shelter in place. well i i think for us in the state of california. we have to make do something to. >>reduce some of the search
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right. we have a limiting factor in terms of how many people can take care of patients and how many bets we have and if we exceed those numbers that we would have a catastrophe our hands related to patients being taken care of outside the hospital. >>thank you very much for that great insight. so. 1, 2 punch its beds and staffing and you just heard him say they have the beds but that's not the problem, it's the staffing and he told me he sure he's not the only hospital who is facing that same problem staffing. the bottom line is according to medical experts unless something is being done that the hospitals will be overrun. as far as staffing or but the patients amount of patients by late december or early next year. >>back to you all right, thanks a lot. well. let's take a look at where we stand right now this is why there's so much concern california with over one 0.2 million covid cases and more than 19,200 deaths and that includes the bay area covid deaths which is
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1935 people. >>let's talk a bit about marin county kron 4 they are staying in the red tier at least for a few more days that's according to the county's health officer who spoke exclusively with kron 4 this morning. here's a look at the of the situation here in marin county with more than 5,000 total cases and a 189 total hospitalizations the worry is that that number will continue to climb and that would spell bad news for marin county kron 4 sarah stinson live there for us this morning to talk more about that good morning sara. >>in morning james that's right we heard it here on the kron 00:00am morning news from doctor willesee said that at least for the next week. he believes the county will stay in the red tier and he credits the residents here for being the only county in the bay area to be in that red tier but that's not to say we get a gold star and that we're all good. it means it's time to
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hunker down and it is time to take this more seriously than you ever have before if we want to stop the cases from rising we have seen a rise in marin county yesterday the county reported 31 new cases and if this trend continues especially after we see the results of the thanksgiving behavior and as we head into christmas hanukkah all of the holiday season. that is the concern and we are also waiting to hear from the governor about the stay at home order so a lot looming, but we talked to doctor willis and he explains where route and where we're at and how people can help us from not slipping backwards into the purple tier. >>and because we're talking timelines and you are in the specifically in marin county the last county to move into the most restrictive tier in the bay area i'm going to ask you flat out. do you have a timeline is it tomorrow when are you going to go into that restrictive chair in marin county. >>yeah, i mean it's it's challenging to predict in on
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obviously looking at the numbers closely every single day look at our hospitalizations right now we only have 6 people in the hospital 3 in the icu it's concerning that hospitalizations lag behind case he says you know it's about 2 weeks before we actually see the spike in cases after he sees i hospitalizations after spice up and see spikes in cases i'm concerned about our hospitalizations were looking maybe her. purple tier, this or the week after that if there's not a change in the slope and that's the message to our committee is we want avoid that most restrictive tier. the time take action is now ok sorry and just you you give up her second there so not today or tomorrow, but maybe next week. >>yeah, yes, so we're looking at next week or the of the week after that if the projections continue in the direction they're going up. >>so you heard it there that was our live interview about a half hour ago we're going to re-air that entire interview right here on the kron 00:00am morning news again at 9.30 because there's a lot of good information in there about the vaccine and who's going to be
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prioritized as well as more about what you can do and what they expect to happen as we continue on this holiday season. the last month of 2020 so make sure to us continue to stay tuned for now we'll send it back to you guys in the studio. >>and thank you very much. its 9.11 and still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news, you know you're not supposed to party because of covid but a lot of students did in the east bay and now there in person classes are canceled, but one young boy in california did the right thing we'll show you why he's cutting his neighbors lawns for free and in the buzz why steph curry says he feels all that star dads are doing that probably embarrassing to their kids.
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>>all right 9.14 is the time and as we take a glance behind us here at the current conditions in san francisco. we can see that it's obviously bright little foggy still summing this on the bright side so let's see what's store for later yeah, we're looking at some conditions later today that are going to be clearing out for a whole lot of the bay you can see outside from your berkeley cam here skies are nice and bright over u c berkeley cloud cover still hanging out right above the bay itself all the way over the peninsula and been causing some problems for a few spots across the bay this morning, especially a little bit closer
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to the bay side itself is where we've seen our bridges being affected all the way down to the south bay. so if you're traveling a peninsula in the south bay even in the north bay in a few spots just give yourself a few extra minutes don't need to be rushing through the fog on a morning like this where it is up there particularly dense futurecast shows that as we work our way through the day, lots and lots of sunshine that's something that we're used to lately more so that in this dense fog that has really been gripping parts of the bay this morning. tomorrow morning likely to see some patches of fog showing up again. how much visibility is an issue there remains to be seen, but we'll keep you updated into tomorrow morning to high pressure still sits in place now this very strong ridge of high pressure is still sending any chance of rainfall out across the north pacific northwest that means for us in the bay area and the rest of the state really we're looking at sunshine and some really favorable conditions for maybe some holiday shopping you're some errands that you do need to get done this busy time of year. 50's and 60's closer to the coastline today while
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elsewhere in the bay, it's back to the 60's we go in fact an even warmer range of those 60's than what we had for the day yesterday mid to upper 60's for today's daytime highs for the south bay. that makes a bit warmer than yesterday's low 60's were san jose up to 66 degrees. well temperatures in the east bay, mid 60's for pleasanton sunol and hayward each right at 65, oakland and san leandro at 65 degrees each as well. we have 4 cities at 68 today, one of those has conquered to others in napa and sonoma while the last being santa rosa, up to 68 are close to spots to 70 degrees and certainly closer to the 70's than we ever got yesterday so today just a little bit warmer than yesterday was lots of sunshine to carry you all the way through this forecast. evening lows. inland continue to drop to those chilly 30's we've seen a lot lately under bayside in coastal lows dropping into the 40's. robin. >>all right, thank you john we're checking in on the traffic taking a little peek at conditions around the bay area looking at a very foggy
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golden gate bridge there. it is one oh one looking good in at the limited both directions but the fog is an issue that means poor visibility here into and out of san francisco, but the drive time is holding steady 20 minutes rolling south nevado to the toll plaza. this is the san mateo bridge yeah, it's in there somewhere it sits behind me, it's been difficult to see you can see the traffic a little bit now it's just been rolling in and out but a dense fog advisory remains in place and we see why so be careful here on 92 you're looking at 13 minutes to the peninsula, the bay bridge traffic, no more no longer it's gone we have a backup spilling out to west grand it has thinned out nicely so come on in now is your chance 10 minutes for the drive off to fremont street a little bit of a residual delay on the minutes after a crash in san leandro the street. if you look over to the right hand side of your screen you can see that delay 80 north at davis all lanes open. but you're backed up on to to 38 which is still a little sluggish from 5.80 as you leave castro valley back to you.
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>>thank you very much robin 9.17 is the time time to talk winners and losers on wall street financial expert rob black joining us as always to help us understand what we're seeing good morning. rob. good morning. let's talk about the december off to a nice start. >>yeah december's definitely off to a nice november was a great month was one of greatest months ever the s p 500 the nasdaq are all time highs today, the dow is just right behind. >>we're a little bit off where we opened up back. >>but the december rally started now and looks like we may have a good end of the year santa claus rally maybe we call that ford in november, but so far so good. >>tesla's up big they're going to add an s p 500 in late december december 21st. they continue to all-time highs soon down 2 is something we've grown to love a new center right now the house and season for school and work. they're down 10% that great quarter, but the asa said. you going for it it's getting expensive
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to do all these freak outs mix with business. probably our greatest days might be behind us, but there still some play there. i think you're correct enough. facebook has reintroduce the cryptocurrency what was called libra now it's to be called dm a crypto currencies in bitcoin to rock and roll in this quarter. and then you know united states government start to talk about stimulus again which they're looking at about a $900. >>i'm 900 billion dollar package that's bipartisan. but so far they're not saying there's no call our checks come. i think that's what everyone wants know that's of our yes we'll wait to see if there's any progress on that front. i know all year long businesses have been struggling. >>and the worry air the the hope was that maybe the holiday shopping season would help boost bottom lines. if you look at the online numbers. at least that part of the retail space looks pretty good right now. >>and this christmas we're going to be up about 30% year-over-year said chains, good have a good christmas. it
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looks we'll spend a 184 billion dollars on mine this year. cyber monday at 10.8 billion little bit lower than we're expecting a couple weeks ago, but it's such a confusing time because amazon did their prime day in october and we've been basically buying since early october. >>it's no longer black friday and cyber monday cyber saturday or small business saturday. it just seems to be all lumped in no doubt online and curbside pickup or winning big all. so anyone who is able to do that they target walmart amazon. they're cleaning up right now as far as retailers go basically because we're all online due to the pandemic now known around that. >>and at last we got a fun story here to end the segment on a fun fact about me by the way rob i have never had a mcrib i don't know what it tastes like. but apparently is pretty popular in this week, maybe my chance to try it out i guess. >>yeah it's going to have a national rollout previous to
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that it was so rollouts they're very regional app all rebel locator app which was out there for people like you wanted it to notify now it could be in every store in america. crib is a story on taste of millennials he sought hot sauce school public private with cormac earlier in the week as millennials like spicy things is kind of something a little different look at a mcdonald's stock iittle bit off from its all-time high but next back to the den. i would own that stock your give me 1015 2030 35 years, it's very very smart to show you the senate times james they're going to give away 10,000 you can get us right now the commercial. you can go out on social media whether it be instagram or twitter something along the lines of 10,000 sandwiches they could have to say something like shave for mcrib sandwich is you hashtag mcdonald's and the first 10,000 people to do that get a
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free craft i bring that up because i feel bad for abc nbc cbs in the sales people it's tough to get mcdonald's commercials now because they can do most advertising your instagram and through twitter right. millennials like that form of advertising money like spicy food. i think that crevice spicy but up this is what it is a big rigs back so it's a good day. james we're not talking about covid day. yeah, absolutely and maybe you know we're in a bill try one. >>you never doubt all right thank given the crab yeah. much rob as always great apes reach out to rob asking the question connect with them you can find him on facebook and twitter e-mail indirectly and of course if would like to
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>>9.25 is the time a popular local rapper is being remembered as police continue to investigate his death in the east bay, 26 year-old mark antonio alexander also known as lil yase died this weekend after a shooting in dublin. apparently shot multiple times saturday near the dublin pleasanton bart station. he made it to even medical center in castro valley but died from his injuries. investigators still say it's unclear exactly what led up to the shooting. >>we don't have a suspect we don't have a motive really have more questions than we have answers we want to do this you know for the victim for the victim's family for the victims friends and really to make sure that person is
9:26 am
responsible is held accountable. >>alexander songs that racked up millions of views online fact it was considered a rising star in the local rap scene. his best friend released a statement online saying quote he was a rock star and live like one. he had a permanent smile on his face and would give the shirt off his back. everyone felt his presence because he was a genuine guy. >>time now is 9.26 and coming up next on the kron 4 morning news marine county is going to be in the red tier, not the most restrictive purple least for a few more days. we're going to talk with the marine county health officer to give us the very latest on the outlook there. ♪ with love i will build a wonderful thing ♪
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>>9.29 right now and we are trying to take a peek around the bay, some areas are because of the fog. golden gate can give his mines cisco looks sunny. >>we had a little number anything john in the weather center with a look at that fog has started moving around this hugging what the peninsula mostly dry definitely to the peninsula this gun the tightest a lot of other areas of some kind of a 5050 split you're seeing that at the golden gate as you noted aria with some spots a little sunny, some spots definitely more on the gray side while other areas or just downright fogged in like especially the
9:30 am
peninsula down into san jose and santa clara. berkeley is one of those 5050 spots you can see u c berkeley is nice and sunny then you get closer to the bay and you're right and into the great as for rest of the day after this the sky's only grow clear and clear so we have this very thin veil of fog that's pushed to write down into the bay and that's the problem here is very condensed it's very pushed right in and that's why you're having the visibility issues in these very localized spots right now temperatures are climbing san jose you've been in the mid 40's all morning under that foggy blanket. well livermore and dublin in the upper 40's, oakland 1.49 eur, santa rosa in vallejo are 2 spots that are still hanging on to those upper 30's right now. so temperatures are already climbing for some skies are trying to clear 4 others have to wait a little bit longer for it, i'm talking the rest of your first day of december forecast. still ahead. rob. thank you. john we're hot spot free just not free of the fog that's a big issue this morning check it out very
9:31 am
dense across the 70 oh bridge to have to use 92 between the east bay in the peninsula. >>this is what you're going to be driving through so you need to be extra careful out there that fog advisory remains in place for the drive times holding steady it's under 15 minutes off to one oh one here the bay bridge toll plaza the traffic has thinned out nicely about an hour ago if in doubt so it's looking good 9 minutes into san francisco. eleby with a beautiful shot of the richmond sandra fell bridge more sunshine here and a nice trip into the north bay at 7 minutes off to one o one back to you. >>we get a vaccine really the only way to stop coronavirus from spreading is things like california's look at a stay at home order wary mass staying away from other people, and that's obviously something we'll be watching as we head into the month of december with. >>new infections possibly rising in the wake of thanksgiving travel. so we'll have to see where the numbers go by and we could be very well looking at things returning to where they were at beginning of the pandemic let's find out more about the state that we're in right now with a hammer in county health officer doctor matt willis
9:32 am
good morning doctor. so we're not in a good state by all accounts said the covid cases keep going up hospitalizations are a concern at this point. >>so is that the only thing the state has left to do to control the virus since there's no vaccine yet. >>right well, you know we've been using the blueprint framework for determining where what policies we should be right now is service said that as a tool because everyone's purple with a few exceptions miranda still in the in the red tier. so it makes sense to be considering what additional policies we could use to make make even more of a difference because right now case rates continue to rise in the purple tier so we're you know we're hearing from the governor there may be additional policies and what we call the purple so counties that are even more trouble might have additional restrictions additional hours of curfew and other steps. it's >>you know part of this comes down to enforcement to unless there's a actual meaningful
9:33 am
way of enforcing these these directives. you know i it's hard to imagine that. many people will follow them is there any movement on that front on how we might better enforce these restrictions. >>well at the end the day it's important to recognize if people don't really understand this for their own selves and their own we're in because we're not going to be able to ultimately in force their way out of this because we're talking about everyday behaviors in murray county 260,000 residents are expected becoming the face every time they step out. so yes there are some enforcement efforts know we can offer citations like parking tickets for people that are out public without a mask on. that's that's a less effective tool that i think just i'm having everyone really understand and developing a culture of responsiveness and responsibility to ourselves and one another and that's i think the message we're trying to send from public health right now is that now more than ever. we need everyone to be taking the steps we've been advocating for all we are
9:34 am
under threat, you know we we're looking very closely at the numbers, you know 2 weeks after thanksgiving. we're expecting we would see increases in cases we're already seeing a really rapid rise in cases we we cannot afford to see an even steeper incline in our case that will overwhelm our hospitals the scary thing is if people didn't listen for thanksgiving, christmas could be even worse because families are going to want to gather they're going to want to get together. >>nothing seems to be working. we have months and months to go before everybody gets a shot in the arm. >>yeah, i would i would you know it's it is obviously concerning to see case rates rising. i would say that nothing is working and we know that some of our strategies are working in britain we are in the red tier, currently in that one percent of the that is not in purple across the and i attribute that to to our community itself obviously we've free priority you're testing resources contact tracing et cetera, ultimately at the end of the day it comes down to everyone's everyday behavior and if we have any
9:35 am
credit or any lesson. for other counties in terms of our ability to maintain right here. i think it's again just if we all understand what it from our own everyday recognizing that when when when infection occurs it's between 2 people were too close together one of them may not be covering their face they may not even recognize that they're infected and someone else becomes infected and protests that with this change of transmission and always have the control to will above by all accounts moran is headed into this purple with everybody else you're not a bubble. >>you it's what we have closed borders and everybody in the bay area's kind gotta be in same boat if you're not already. >>exactly yes, no county has an island you know, and it's definitely faint praise to be you know read you know we're orange couple weeks ago are not defined success that point is as being moved into the nest next most restrictive tier. it is an opportunity i think to reflect on why are rates may be increasing more slowly than and i i could
9:36 am
today be of our community. >>so let me ask as we look forward then a and talk a bit about the vaccine. we know that with the operation warp speed. processes are beginning to be formed as to how to distribute the vaccine once it becomes available into the up to the local jurisdictions like the county level to get this out to the people at what point in the process will folks are murray county and the bay area counties begin to communicate them with leaders on the national front to try and implement this plan that they're putting together have you heard any word yet. >>absolutely and we've been working you know what the very closely on the vaccine distribution plan. it's looking like that the pfizer is going to be the first to cross the line here and into state and into the local as early as mid to late december. that will be dedicated to are our highest priority, your tier, one a. residents that are essential health care workers and others who are really on the front lines. we're we're working to establish the ultra cold
9:37 am
storage unit that the refrigeration this necessary for the coach and for that particular product and working with the hospitals and clinics, skilled nursing facilities, et cetera to make sure that their their staff are teed up for that vaccine when it arrives as early as as the end december so when it comes as don't. >>we don't need to ask you can we get it can we get can we get it you're going to tell the people who are going to get it first and then we'll all come months later. >>that's right. yeah, it's important to recognize that you know there's going to be a pacing to this that will be measured over and it will start with because the limited vaccine supply it will start with those people who need it can help us especially the surges is reminding us how important is that we protect our essential health care workers who are on the front lines first because they need to stay in the workforce and they need to protected because they are being exposed so that's going to the first year. and then over months that follow i would imagine for the general population we're talking about springtime maybe early spring for for the vaccines may not be the pfizer
9:38 am
that point the moderna vaccine. there are other vaccines that are coming online more supply. well they ought to get that out to the community as a whole. a couple months later and because we're talking timelines and you are in the specifically in marin county the last county. >>to move into the most restrictive tier in the bay area i'm going to ask you flat out. do you have a timeline is it tomorrow when are you going to go into that restrictive tier in marin county. >>yeah, i mean it's it's challenging to predict in on obviously looking at the numbers closely every single day look at our hospitalizations right now we only have 6 people in the hospital 3 in the icu it's concerning that hospitalizations lag behind case. he says you know it's about 2 weeks before we actually see the spike in cases after he sees i hospitalizations after spikes up and suspected cases i'm concerned about our hospitalizations we're looking maybe her. purple tier, this or the week after that if there's not a change in the slope and that's the message to our committee is we want point that most restrictive tier. the time take action is now ok sorry and just you you
9:39 am
give up for a second there so not today or tomorrow, but maybe next week. >>yeah, yes, so we're looking at next week or the of the week after that if the projections continue in the direction they're going okay, thanks so much doctor will as appreciate your time and your candor this morning as we work our way through this very difficult subject. thank you again.
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>>the back 9.44 on tuesday morning first and december and starting off the month and a bit of a gloomy note for some this view from berkeley definitely not that we are seeing sunshine overhead all the way down to u c berkeley below look at in the distance, though there's your of fog that's been shrouding a whole lot of the bay area got some of downtown san francisco sales force tower rising up through this very thin layer of fog that has caused some issues on our bridges this morning. so do expect that leaving your house within the next hour or so into the
9:45 am
afternoon we won't be seeing the fog sticking around lots of sunshine returning to those gray areas for those of you sunshine and have been all morning that just continues for now high pressure is built up in place keeping us dry for the foreseeable future. it was a very dry finish to the month of november and that actually set us back even further as far as water goes up for where we're supposed to be collecting that water and of course the snowfall in the sierra that gets us through this drier summer months. and it looks like the started december is going to keep this dry trend going this week and next week both are going to bring sunshine and dry skies, not ideal as far as the hydraulics of the state goes. but pretty ideal for your holiday shopping or whatever you need to get done this busy time of year, we'll be in the 50's and 60's for your highs right along the coastline today. well elsewhere in the bay area, it's back to the 60's we going even warmer range of 60's than where we were yesterday seeing carlos in foster city chat 66. well in the south bay, daytime highs rise from yesterday's
9:46 am
low 60's to today's mid to upper conditions. pleasanton 65, hayward right there with yeah, oakland and san leandro also each right at 65 today, our warmer spots in the state getting close to 70 will be concord napa sonoma as well as santa rosa all at 68 degrees a whole lot closer to 70 that at any point we were yesterday. here's a look ahead at the next 7 days you see working our way well into the weekend and even the start of your second week of december. there are not a lot of changes to talk about we stay in the 60's for your highs we stay sunny and dry evening lows remain in the 30's inland. well by the bay and the coast remain in the 40's. robin all right, thank you john we're checking in on the traffic, now's your chance get on out there all it's looking good here on 18 to san francisco. we remain delay free at the toll plaza, it's no longer backed up like we saw earlier this morning 9 minutes off to fremont street just want to show you san francisco, we're looking at one o one north to 80 both are
9:47 am
smooth and that the coming from the peninsula heading to san francisco. it's going to be wide open even the skyway is looking good so nothing to worry about there a little bit of a residual delay on the nimitz we've had a couple of accidents active in hayward there out of the way so there's your little pocket of slowing 80 south just before and after 9 to 2, but it's still under 30 minutes to make it from san leandro out to to 37 in milpitas back to you. >>in the buzz. well, the nfl does another covid shuffle with the games, the 49 ers have found a new place to play with levi's off limits, san francisco's next 2 home games will be in arizona santa clara county's ban on all contact sports is supposed to be lifted in 3 weeks but of course that could all change depending on covid changes the name of the game in football. so many baltimore players are on the covid list that the nfl has postponed. the ravens steelers game again. this is the 3rd time. they were supposed to play thanksgiving. they moved it to sunday then
9:48 am
to tonight and now it's was to happen tomorrow at around noon ravens haven't practiced since november 21st but the warriors come back to business. nba training camps start today. i got to get a new calendar. this one is clearly dated stephone have calais but he will have help from a couple of new guys that he made at summer camp. nothing like going from being a teacher to a teammate to make you feel old. >>james wiseman when your campus. just might that might be the only thing that makes you feel as far him and they come lose 2 campers 2 years ago in 2 years ago. >>and so they may have to bring the kerry camp jersey training camp for the staff on the floor. we've got a nice perfect balance of experience opportunity. and when it comes playoff matchup. locked and will be force to be reckoned with. >>it was really a cute interview that he did with a reporter for the undefeated
9:49 am
and he also showed off. a new basketball court in oakland and he handed out, bright yellow ball's to promote his new curry brand for under armour also because he says oakland is still number one is book he wants to help the kids there. however e can speaking of kids. >>i can't wait to the new christmas taking the currys in their jammies. >>still it's just another goofy dad, you know to riley and ryan and canon and james if george clooney can even be an embarrassing dad and nobody stands a chance. >>clooney earned the kids after sharing tmi on the cbs sunday morning show. >>look i have my hair is like really like straw law you know and so it's easy to cut you can't really make too many mistakes. years i bought a thing called a flowbee which when didn't know i was a kid, yeah. the infomercial there will be this ingenious device lets you give yourself and
9:50 am
family perfect hair cuts every time we get to the vacuum cleaner clippers and i still have it stop it it my hair cuts take literally. 2 minutes ago is is the biggest this flow be due flooding. that is awesome. >>james is that flowbee is this flowbee i wish it was as easy as that no one of the 25 years that hair looks perfect i want colonies hair. >>his pocketbook think about it. effect and now we just use the flow so he's on the you know this is the world is saying this because he's on the cbs sunday morning show and i'm kind of like that acre you anything i do on tv is embarrassing to my kids of course i can't breeze without them getting upset, i can't even look at tiktok let alone have my own tiktok like you're a curry and dad. >>that's what he calls himself dad in san francisco. he has more than one 0.4 million followers on tiktok who just love watching him do dad stock
9:51 am
>>dad thanks for coming with me on my runs glad you're with me get to spend some time to get it too. >>new air filters a country better. >>and you see >>okay there you go. am i. it too early for christmas. we tried his non party boat you think the particles get jealous. >>korean it was the. if your card today just relax.
9:52 am
>>hey every korean dad, i know you've been waiting a long time for a new phone i guess today's the day here it is it got to the new iphone promise you don't spend too much time on it okay. looking like a green or red one instead. >>i you know it is like he's your his name is nick show just so you know we really is he's a real daddy has 2 teenagers for more than i'm sure he's also the co-founder of wrecking ball coffee and he says he's a proud immigrant is a proud dad. apparently he doesn't care how much you this is his camp it's first i because the classes the shtick is kind of good not a jim, i you will and then the clip the got me, but he sets that have us have see how he would look at the sunset that was like i got got quiet and just look what's compelling our producer joan live she it doesn't
9:53 am
matter where you're from she happens to be korean is just like my i miss my dad to my dad died a long time ago yeah and you don't miss a stupid ad joe wright or you know just dumb things that do tell you don't have your debt around and then you've got your career and dad writes got more than a million people following his own wow i thought it was really sweet so and the fact that he's from san francisco. now maybe you bump that west of
9:54 am
9:55 am
9:56 am
>>just a few applause in san francisco for the christmas tree that is in the castro unveiled supervisor, a film and a one shared the video on twitter because as you expect an off-piste together so they don't you to go there to check it out, but it still looks great. on video doesn't very colorful which is always. >>what you expect in the castro love that view love that scene and we also have another story here that make you feel good too. this 12 named naji thomas from roseville he was inspired by a national people's lawns free of charge and he's already done 50 lawns already not close to being done. he says he's heading to. the person started this campaign is now heading to houston to honor another kid who did exactly
9:57 am
the same thing there. now she says he's monologue because you just want to help out his community in. yeah, dennis shanahan is going to giving you more look on kron 4 dot com. so check it out. >>and it looks like we'll have a nice week i john you said close encouraging every day maybe the sunshine. yeah kind of boring forecast but a nice important >>i can't wait to wave goodbye not to be
9:58 am
9:59 am
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