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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  December 4, 2020 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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>>back to our top story tonight large parts of the bay area shutting down again as covid surging out of control 5 bay area counties announcing today they will enact the governor's regional stay at home order early those counties are in san francisco contra costa alameda and santa clara. this announcement comes as the 11 county region in california the bay area has
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not yet reached the state's icu threshold. but health officials say they need to take action now so hospitals don't become overrun. here's a look at when it goes into effect, san francisco santa clara contra costa counties will all an act to stay at home order starting sunday night at 10 o'clock in alameda county begins at 12 oh 01:00am monday. and in moraine county begins tuesday at noon, here's a closer look at what sectors must suspend operations restaurants can only do pickup or delivery orders no indoor or outdoor dining personal services, including hair salons and barbershops outdoor dining indoor gyms drive in gatherings outdoor playgrounds outdoor family entertainment centers, that includes zoos and museums and open air bus and boat operators and here is what it here's a look at what can continue, but with modifications retail at 20% capacity including grocery
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stores, hotels, but only for essential workers and quarantine small outdoor gathering is limited to 12 people outdoor gyms but limited to 12 people with strict social distancing and face covering guidelines, youth sports with strict social distancing and face covering guidelines no competition or spectators. home and apartment showings but they must be virtual unless impossible higher education, but it must also be virtual and less impossible and in person only for essential occupations and low contact sports such as golf and tennis for more information on the order and what it means where you live check it all out on our website we also have statements from the counties that are not participating in the regional stay at home order. again all kron 4 dot com and on our mobile app the new california legislative session starts next week all lawmakers are expected to gather in sacramento for it on monday, our capitol bureau
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reporter ashley zavala explains how covid and the possibility of a stay at home order could affect that day. >>the start of a new legislative session is considered essential government business so no matter what the greater sacramento region status is this will go on this will be a legislative launch unlike any this legislature has seen. >>all. >>the first assembly bill of the legislative session won't be ringing at the state capitol monday instead, the first role will be called in sacramento's golden one center citing the advanced air filtration system and extra space assembly leaders say the move is to keep everyone safe family members and guests are not allowed to attend that same rule is also applied to the senate's first gathering which will still happen in senate chambers monday after getting the green light from the health services director legislative leaders say strict face mask and social distancing rules will be in place all members and staff are required to get tested beforehand in a statement senate pro tem toni atkins said quote. >>when californians are
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changing holiday traditions and putting off graduations weddings and other important events the senate wants to make sure that we are conducting this essential public business in a way that reflects the seriousness of the times and respects the sacrifices, californians are making monday's organizational session comes as the greater sacramento region inches closer to a state home order depending on the area's intensive care unit capacity, legislative officials friday said regardless of the order monday's meeting is required under the california constitution down to the day in time and an essential government function. monday's event begins at noon in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>and some breaking news just into the newsroom tonight of pg and e is now warning customers of a potential public safety power shutoff this as the. >>dry weather conditions and the high winds cause an increased risk of fire danger here is what we know at this hour the power could be shut off starting early monday morning in the bay area it would affect 6,780 customers
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in napa county and 1797 customers in sonoma county. pg and e says it is not expected to be a widespread shutoff event in the bay area at least not at this time we will of course continue to monitor the conditions and bring you any new information from pg and e as soon as it becomes available. >>this morning at a chance to talk with doctor deborah birx from the white house coronavirus taskforce got her thoughts on governor newsome statewide covid restrictions here's some of that interview. do you think california doing the right thing. >>you know i don't think california has a choice at this moment you know governors and mayors across this great country want to make sure that hospitals are available to every american that needs care. yes, the americans that need care from this serious virus in this pandemic but also americans that need care for their other medical conditions and i think every
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governor and mayor recognizes that although we are moving this vaccine as fast as possible. and it will be immunizing health care workers and a limited number of vulnerable individuals that are and how long term care facilities that leaves still a 100 million or so americans with comorbidities that we know often resolved in hospitalizations are succumbing to this virus and so we're asking everybody to make these changes now how did we end up getting here if we had all warner mask. if we had not gathered outside of our household. your governor will not be making these recommendations at this point and i think our behaviors will determine the next 4 to 6 weeks of what americans survive and what americans don't survive. >>you watch my full interview with doctor birx on inside california politics, it airs right here on kron 4 sunday morning at 6.30. >>in the north bay students
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and faculty in the larkspur corte madera school district received covid test today most elementary schools in moraine county have already resumed in person classes on a limited basis high schools are still doing distance learning only the school district has had limited in person classes for several months, but for the week after thanksgiving the district switched back to distance learning only before returning to the classroom next week the district will have all of his faculty tested and has encouraged students to get tested too for parents the return to distance learning was not ideal, but they understand i've talked to a lot of parents and it's just stressful. the kids don't really enjoy being on zoom calls but again we're all in it together is doing what we can do. >>the results from today's testing expected to be released over the weekend. the school district has not said if it will require a similar distance learning period after the winter break around christmas time. that decision is expected to be announced by
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december the 11th pfizer says it will only ship half of the covid-19 vaccine said it originally planned to distribute this year because of supply chain issues. >>according to the wall street journal pfizer plan to ship a 100 million vaccines worldwide by the end of 2020. well now ship around 50 million. the fda is currently reviewing the vaccine authorization and distribution is expected to come before the end of the year. britain became the for the united kingdom rather became the first country to approve distribution earlier this week. in the north bay a peeping tom is wanted for recording women in public restrooms in vallejo we want to show you a picture of the person who police are looking for in at least 2 incidents women reported seeing a cellphone slip underneath the partition of their stall before the suspect got away this picture of the suspect was taken on tuesday during the second incident, not much to see there it is he did get away. >>in the south bay firefighters in san jose put out a large warehouse fire
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that fire happened in the 1600 block of 7th street, this is between east elma and failing avenue right now there are no reports of injuries, no word on what caused this fire. all right, let's check in on the 4 zone forecast a live look outside along san francisco's embarcadero chief meteorologist lawrence karnow has the details for us >>mostly clear tomorrow we'll see a few clouds moving into our skies. there's even a slight chance you may see a couple of sprinkles by later on tomorrow night but in the meantime though out the door tonight. is clear it is going to be chilly tonight maybe couple patches across the north bay but watch what happens models going start think about that cold front approaching the california coastline unfortunately we're on the south edge of that front. so we're not going to see much in the way of moisture we see any at all there you go you can see late on saturday night early sunday morning is that passes through then we clear out your skies. then we start to talk about some gusty winds. the possibility of fire danger as we head in toward monday so that in mind tonight going to be a cold night overnight lows
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will be in the 30's 40's tomorrow by day we'll be up in the 60's guys. >>thank you lawrence coming up next why chefs and restaurant owners say they do not support the new compromised covid relief bill that congress is considering what they are proposing instead says force 49 ers gearing up for their monday night matchup against the buffalo bills but now in their temporary new home in arizona. >>it just for some friendly jabs on twitter between the niners and the cardinals kylen mills has reaction coming up next. >>and researchers shedding new light on the moderna vaccine. how long people jackie, i'm looking at your mri. your shoulder seems to be healing nicely.
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>>the news on the covid vaccine front moderna says is covid vaccine causes the immune system to produce antibodies which last for at least 3 months but is based on people getting that second shot moderna's vaccine is administered in 2 rounds 28 days apart. the company says its vaccine is 94% effective the fda will review the vaccine on december 17 it could get the greenlight for emergency approval shortly afterward. >>still ahead in your place of work force you to get a covid vaccine once one is readily available we'll hear
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>>there of course has been a lot of buzz surrounding the promise of covid-19 vaccines but there are some people who really don't want to take that vaccine a lot of people wonder if covid vaccinations can be forced by employers by businesses or venues. markie martin looked into your rights and whether companies can require employees to get vaccinated. >>americans are on the brink of the first covid vaccine getting the green light on december 10th the fda will review pfizer's vaccine for emergency use a week after that it's moderna's turn both
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the cdc and doctors across the country recommending the shot as your best chance of protection and society getting back to normal but it's going to be a combination of rolling back seen how quickly and effectively which i'm confident we have good plans to do. >>seeing good uptake of the vaccine which i think is a bigger question. the latter part of that plan the good uptake has some people like chelsea per as saying not so fast this virus is barely a year old the fact that we already have a vaccine is exciting but also terrifying. >>she works in oklahoma city and she worries about the unknowns of such a novel virus. >>and whether employers could force their employees to get i think we said the highly recommend particular groups of people do get it but until we know the true effects of it i don't know that it's the best idea to force anybody to get one. >>but will it be legal for your employer to require vaccination university of
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california law professor rice who's been speaking on legal issues surrounding vaccines since 2013 says the short answer is yes, employment and united says he usually it will be a player can fi become much for any reason they don't like should we can rice as employers in the united states have broad leeway to impose workplace rules 2 major exceptions however come into play americans can refuse vaccines due to disability or religious reasons both are protected by law rice also says outside of those exceptions business owners will be legally allowed to deny service or employment to anyone who was not covid vaccinated you have rights that not align people either one the firm says. >>and look people even your rights are as protected by our constitution the rights adults. >>on wednesday, the department of defense releasing the first images of what the covid-19
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vaccination record card will look like a proof of vaccination americans will be issued to keep in their wallets as part of operation warp speed. rice says it will be legal for bosses businesses or venues to ask for it, but it won't be practical they have to being a vaccine bigger what does it the people to i went to think there were them. >>if so how do you prevent people who might. >>that was mark martin reporting a professor rice says she predicts the legalities surrounding a new covid-19 vaccine will turn into a lawsuit hotbed especially if mandates are put into play by the government or individual states. >>for sports. a lot of those are things that happen in 20 20 now at the social media interaction to the list. >>the 49 ers in arizona cardinals twitter accounts have been going back and forth throwing out jokes about now sharing a stadium. the cardinals instructing the niners to never touch their drum set the niners responding
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with a video from the step brothers movie about sharing bunk beds so there's more room for activities. it's all fun and games until these teams face each other in week, 16 with a wild card spot on the line. but before we get to all that the niners have to get past the bills in their first game in the desert on monday night. >>they're very very very when you look at stuff and exam beasley in other backs are very talented and then the quarterback is just he is a he was he is much more than i was expecting a foot on the tape and it's it is a tremendous challenge of leading up to monday night. >>on to the nba. the warriors are set to begin team training on monday after several days of individual workouts this week, their training camp was pushed back a day after 2 players tested positive for coronavirus upon arrival. now this year's team features a mix of familiar and new faces so monday begins a crucial time where these players have to learn how to play together and start building team
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chemistry. today, new addition kelly oubre junior talked about how he's been adjusting so far. >>are they just coming get acclimated with staff you're not a mated with the system learning as much as possible in such short little time but you know been really fun to be a student at a game. you know learn a whole new system but it's so easy to learn what these group of guys because no they make land ask ball, super fun and you know just happy to be around. >>the san jose earthquakes, 2021 roster is already shaping up just weeks after the team came dangerously close to knocking off one of the top seed in the mls playoffs was the quakes first postseason appearance since 2017 the club led by second-year coach mathias omega now hoping to keep that momentum going the organization has resigned a number of key players, including defender, tommy thompson, the loomis california native was the club's first homegrown player meaning he came up through the quakes youth system. thompson says mathias is a big reason for why he decided to stay.
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>>a new piece of legislation is in the works for covid relief, but it does not include direct aid for restaurants which account for some of the most businesses affected by the pandemic the independent restaurant coalition says it won't support the 900 billion dollar compromise covid bill now being discussed until the restaurant's act is included. >>that will allocate about 120 billion dollars in grants for all types of eateries members of the coalition say that money is greatly needed since one in 6 restaurants had to close permanently and more than 2 million people lost their jobs. >>it spent $20,000 building fencing in our parking much create an outdoor dining experience with that and sort of. coming to us you will see
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a much larger number of restaurants close like a mass extinction event. >>democratic leaders are considering the package that does not include the restaurant acts but they promised help next year. our 4 zone forecast and laurissa got a spare the air and pg and e now saying because of the winds and the dry weather we might have problems with power shut off 2 for reasons we're going to the segment there for tomorrow not much movement in the winds but that. >>is all going to change as we get into a late sunday into monday that's when we'll see a cold front slid through the bay area on the backside of that high pressure starts to build in and then here comes some of those with an offshore winds out there tonight. quiet night out there beautiful out there clear skies and we're going to see some cold temperatures around the bay area overnight lows again going to be dipping down into the 30's and some of the spots watch what happens as we take in your weekend now saturday looks pretty good you'll see some increasing clouds especially late in the day and you begin to see some green showing up just to the north there watch what happens as we
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put that into motion we head through the night there boy not much is it just going to push on through kind of falling apart as it comes to the bay area slight chance you could see couple sprinkles as it comes through not going to be much then you start to get the sense that offshore wind kicking in so that being said the temperatures tomorrow going to be up in the 60's around much of the bay area 50's along the coastline this weekend, there's a slight chance you might see a raindrop or 2 late saturday night into early on sunday morning all right we hope so thank you lord, thank you for being with us tonight i have a good night more news coming up at 8 o'clock.
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nths, we've learned a lot more about the covid-19 virus. it's real. and it's dangerous. so, on behalf of all of us working on the front lines, please take it seriously. and while we don't yet have a cure or a vaccine, we do know how to keep you and your loved ones safe. wear a mask. wash your hands. stay six feet apart. do your best to stay out of crowded spaces. and get a flu shot, it's even more important this year. we can do this. if we do it together.
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>> black market covid-19 vaccines? >> concerned that the rich and powerful are jumping to the head of the line for the vaccine. >> and then completely isolated stuck on a deserted island during the pandemic. how they came back and found a world changed. then melania's new life renovating mar-a-lago and her search for a new school for baron. then whistleblower gone viral. then what happened to


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