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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  December 8, 2020 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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at ross. yes for less! >>now at 3 the fda releases its report on pfizer's covid-19 vaccine with the riverview reveals when it comes to the safety and efficacy of the vaccine. and joe biden is calling for action on the virus as he introduces his health when his promising in his first 100 days in office. plus warren county is now under stay-at-home orders cases are now considered widespread in that community. >>from the bay area's local news station. this is 4 news at 3. >>now at 3 a big step in the global fight against the coronavirus pandemic us regulators have released their first scientific evaluation.
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pfizer's covid-19 vaccine and they confirm. it offers strong protection, thank you for joining us here on kron 4 news at 3 i'm sanaz tahernia the fda issued a preliminary analysis this morning saying the pfizer vaccine is strongly protective against the virus. this thursday, the fda's review panel will meet to analyze the data and see if it meets the threshold for emergency use authorization that meeting will be live streamed for the public to see pfizer says its vaccine is 95% effective. meanwhile new studies show that a covid-19 vaccine being developed by astrazeneca is 70% effective. however, some experts warn that the results of this study are confusing because of a mistake that allowed some drug trial participants to not get a full dose. researchers claim the vaccine protected against disease and 62% of those given 2 full doses and a 90% of those initially given the half
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dose. however, independent experts say the second group was too small to judge and that more testing is needed this trial was not conducted on people in the united states. but experts say even with the mistake. the vaccine is still likely to be approved in the u k officials with oxford university which is also helping evelop the vaccine say they have no safety concerns about the vaccine at this time. and the first doses of a covid-19 vaccine have now been given out in the uk. these are pictures of some of the first people to receive the vaccine and here is video of the very person first person to get the shots this 90 year-old margaret keane in shia is in the initial phase of the vaccine program. the first 800,000 doses given that initial phase are going to nursing home workers and people over 80 years of age, but the general public in the uk will have to wait until next year. when there are enough doses for everyone. and more than 30 million californians are currently
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under stay at home orders here in the bay area that includes a san francisco contra costa santa clara and alameda counties in today. moraine county joins them kron four's charles clifford joins us live charles where business telling you out there today. >>well you know they're very worried about what could happen in the weeks ahead if they're forced to close down again. just today marin county moved into the purple tier on the state's coronavirus watch list meaning that the virus is widespread here and at noon stay at home order went into effect which essentially means that most indoor businesses have to close down. restaurants have to only serve takeout or you playgrounds and indoor and outdoor now closed and shopping centers are reduced to 20% capacity. schools that were open before the stay at home order went into place they can remain open with in person classes there really is going to affect a lot of people including small businesses.
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>>on tuesday morning. aaron nail and hair salon and strawberry saw as many clients as they could before the new stay at home order took effect at noon. manager tout high says that since the beginning of the pandemic they have spent around $10,000 installing plexiglass barriers and making it as safe as possible here, but with this new closure which could last a month the shot probably won't make any money this year, she's frustrated. >>i don't understand why why d always shut down no and nails business first. >>but we look here. we don't have many people in the shop and the always peep show showed a sense in week many blame the do we followed a we do everything to be so i don't understand that. >>tell also says that without government financial assistance, the salon probably won't survive or employees are already looking for other jobs that you and me. >>when i see my go through
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what is some that really me but at we cannot do anything and we don't have enough customer. >>right back live that stay at home order is in effect until january 4th at the least but for now in the north bay charles clifford kron 4 news. >>all right chad thank you for that report. and just as marine counties, a stay at home order went into effect at noon today the county was also moved to california has the most restrictive tier with this the entire bay area is in the purple tier which also includes a majority of the states. moran san francisco santa clara alameda and contra costa counties are all under lockdown so temps containment of the growing a coronavirus spreading at rapid and dangerous levels since november. and on the peninsula despite being in the most restrictive purple tier of reopening san mateo county is one of the few bay area counties and not issuing an
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early state home order kron four's maureen kelly is live in burlingame morning the county health officer has come not only in force the state's stance. what is he saying. >>i right now am on burlingame avenue where people here can do what they cannot do at this moment in bay area counties right next door that eating outside for one thing. now this is because san mateo county did not follow suit of moran contra costa santa clara alameda and san francisco counties and enact the state's regional stay-at-home order early the bay area's regional icu capacity has still not dip below 15% which would mandate a shutdown and san mateo counties, public health officer came out with a statement defending hit that his position not to go through with it which states in part facing such extreme decisions on non standardized and poorly
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understood metrics seems fraught to me. he believes the county's hospitals are equipped to deal with the surge the icu capacity is currently at 35% here. he says he's not aware of data showing that activities that would be temporarily banned under the order like hear cuts driving cases up one san mateo county supervisor is pushing back on this decision however, and thinks it would be better if all the core bay area counties were in sync. >>look we have 5.5 million people that's around us. and we're in this little island. so we have county called santa clara. which is having extraordinary challenges me. we have san francisco, their numbers all our numbers have increased. so what i'm afraid of is that we become this island. we become an island. we're now everyone wants to come to from the bay area because we're open that's a serious concern one pacifica resident getting her hair cut
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today in daly city supports the idea of san mateo county staying open personally. >>i like that because let's say just for example i i've been i've been asking a lot of people white of have to stop for when businesess follow all the rules follow all the protocols follow everything all the guidelines. >>now now that public health officer doctor scott morrow has said that when the state does enact the regional stay at home order for the bay area region. >>san mateo county will follow it. in the meantime he is telling people that they should act as individuals to do what they can to stop the spread of the virus, including wearing a mask. reporting from berlin game, i'm maureen kelly kron 4 news. thank you for that report maureen. >>california's top health official today said california is seeing significant increases in covid-19 across the state and warned it's
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likely to get even worse california is now handling the most hospitalizations since the start of the pandemic our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala is live in sacramento for us with more on this alarming trend. daschle. >>sanaa's yeah health and human services secretary doctor mark galli shared some concerning data trends as relates to covid-19 across the state hospitalizations the state's positivity rate and even daily case counts are nearly doubling from compared to this time in 2 weeks ago. >>california's top health official tuesday said hospitalizations increased 71% over the last 2 weeks with more than 10,500 covid-19 patients, the most ever for the state we anticipate. >>not just you know the ongoing slope of increase that we've seen now we are worried about a rapidly accelerating increase and pressure on our hospitals. >>the state's positivity rate climbed to more than 10% with
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an average of more than 23,500 daily reported cases intensive care unit admissions also increased by nearly 70% compared to 2 weeks ago state leaders defended the latest regional stay at home order policy expecting the numbers to only get worse if we thought we were sort of peeking at this level some of the regional stay-at-home orders may not have been necessary. concerned that with us. >>the thanksgiving case is beginning to show in our daily numbers that there's a number of other actions and activities at the the month of november that may broader spread 2 of the state's 5 regions are already under the stay at home order hinge ing on available icu capacity, the greater sacramento region inched closer to being the next to shut down with 18.8% of icu beds left doctor mark galli applauded the 5 bay area counties that opted to impose a stay at home order without waiting for state orders than sooner some of
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>>changes go into effect the hope that the impact is greater and then we can shorten well time that these orders are in place. >>state leaders say for now there are no plans to add even more research facilities into the state's portfolio which has already 12 prepared. in the event that there is hospital space that's needed in certain regions. now in as far as efforts to under to boost to hospital staffing. officials say there are several efforts underway to make that happen reporting live in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. thank you for that report, ashley. >>switching gears now to talk about our we have our weather forecast as we take a live look outside of the bay bridge. it's mild out there we've got kron 4 meteorologist dave spahr standing by with a look at all the details surrounding gorgeous sunshine as soon as good afternoon, everybody we've got some scattered clouds trying to make their way and you can see over the golden gate bridge off towards the distance, base
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of the mostly sunny skies, most temperatures. >>still holding in the lower 70's along the east bay shoreline plus take a look at this half moon bay popping at 75 that usually little sign that tells us we're getting some leftover offshore winds that are providing some leftover heating but they are waiting 73 going on for santa rosa and 73 also for san jose. here's a quick win check we can see some single digit winds going on still kind of favoring a little bit offshore again that will be changing. a look ahead as we go into the evening about 52 at 7 o'clock a few little scattered clouds 47 for you by 10 o'clock but the drier don't forget we lose the winds with the dryer clear skies temperatures plummet we're going to 44. san francisco, 44 open 41 san jose. this is a better effort than what we saw from yesterday so not quite as cold going on here, here's the wider bay area you will see temperatures approaching her flirting near freezing in some of those inland valleys 36 antioch in concord 34 up to santa rosa 37 for in a bottle and 41 san jose by the way
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half moon bay coming in at 43 now upstream, we're looking for some changes starting this weekend and into next week. it looks like the pattern from the pacific is going to be different. cover that in just a bit to thank you for that dave. >>here at 3 a new approach to covid-19 testing in the south bay. we'll have a live report for you from san jose. and after the break president elect joe biden just introduced key members of his health team today and laid out with his first 100 days will look like to tackle the pandemic we'll have are we turning our cameras on for this?
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>>this morning president elect joe biden announced his health care team saying they are ready on day one to tackle the pandemic and improve the country's healthcare system kron four's noelle bellow has more on today's announcement in a while i sanaa's yeah the team features some well known names a couple of folks reviving the roles they've previously held for past presidents as well as some new historic choice as during the announcement biden urged the american people to also do their part to slow the spread of the virus. >>we need your help. wear a mask for just 100 days more than a month before he's sworn in as commander in chief president elect biden got a jump-start on his preparations to handle the pandemic in a news conference tuesday said he'd sign an executive order on his first day in office to require masks in federal
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buildings and on planes trains and buses. he also talked about the need for congress to act so the country can acquire at least 100 million covid vaccine doses and funded the rest of the distribution efforts. a 100 million shots in the first 100 days developing a vaccine is only. >>one herculean task distributed is another herculean task biden said the people he's nominated to his health team are well qualified diverse and ready to execute a plan to contain the ever worsening pandemic. >>california attorney general javier becerra leading the pack as biden nominated him to lead health and human services hhs. >>tackling pandemics saving lives keeping us healthy should be our calling card. and we won't forget that there is a second h in hhs the human services, the work we do for children seniors and disabled. they will stand tall in a biden harris hhs doctor vivek murthy was nominated to reprise his role as surgeon general. >>which he held under the
3:18 pm
obama administration and doctor anthony fauci will continue as chief medical adviser to the president on covid-19 also on the team doctor rochelle walensky who was named director for the cdc and doctor marcella nunez-smith who was named as chair for the covid-19 equity task force and jeff sites will act as coordinator of the covid-19 response president-elect biden and along with this world class team. >>we'll make sure we are doing everything we can to save lives and contain this pandemic once and for all. >>now murphy and basara will both require senate confirmation for their roles in going to have more on this coming up on kron 4 news at 5 as well as our streaming service kronon you can download that for free in your app store back to you. thanks noelle. the supreme court has stopped the republicans last gasp bid to reverse pennsylvania's certification of president elect joe biden. >>the court refused to call into question the
3:19 pm
certification process in pennsylvania. governor tom wolf already certified biden's victory and the state's 20 electors are set to meet on december 14th to cast their votes for biden this dash is any hope for president trump of legal proceedings, winning the state for him. and covid-19 testing has taken on a new strategy in the south bay happening right now dropping testing at one site is being conducted via and observed self administered nasal swab kron four's rob fladeboe has more on the story now live from san jose rob. >>and that's right sanaa's a self-administered basal swab that's a fancy name for saying a do it yourself. i'm here at the grace emmanuel baptist pop up to test center here in san jose. we're what that was happening years once inside he simply a drop the mask instead of a allowing a health care worker or nurse to swab your nose you simply do it yourself, let's go inside here and that take a look at video of whole this works as i said
3:20 pm
this is one of the county's a pop-up test centers, a huge demand here today in fact at one cars were lined up for about a quarter of a mile down the key road here not just because of the self administered testing of because of the need for testing itself is that coronavirus cases have been spiking here in the county but a long story now that this a test self and administered test has been approved by the fda has shown some success elsewhere, it's a increasing the amount of testing. it's go inside there after you do your paperwork. you watch a short video and trained observer give you a short tutorial essentially to take the swab and swab out your nose for a lot of them out of time you place the swabbing the solution and feel much your paperwork in you're on your way now i spoke to doctor jennifer tall year the associate medical director of valley medical center she tells me that what this is doing more important than the wrapping up the amount of tests conducted is also freeing up badly needed
3:21 pm
resources. in other words so here at a test center like this they might normally have 16 to trained nurses on the job now that they're allowing a trained observers kind help people do this. that number of nurses not only for needed here today. so eventually they're hoping to rule this thing out other test centers around the county this should speed things up allow more allow the resources to be moved elsewhere and eventually help to ultimately flatten the curve that's the latest here in san jose sanaa's where this a new self administered testing has been rolled up back to you. >>thank you ron everything is ever so involving thanks for that report. and as coronavirus cases exploded doctor anthony fauci says we still haven't seen a predicted thanksgiving surge. >>fauci tells cbs news the data from thanksgiving gatherings, including a rise in hospitalizations is not reflected in current cases, those cases should begin to show themselves in the coming
3:22 pm
week and that those numbers could soon be compounded by upcoming holidays, including hanukkah and christmas. fauci says the middle of january could be a quote really dark time for us. update to our story on the covid-19 outbreak golden gate fields in the east bay. >>and here's our evening is shaping up like about 52 at 7 10 o'clock at 47 still going to be chilly in some of those inland valleys, - hi, i'm steve.
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>>the covid-19 outbreak at golden gate fields and burghley is getting worse before it gets better kron forcefully all reports the hit horse track will remain closed until health officials say the quick spread of the virus is under control. >>right now we have over 300 people who have tested. i to for covid-19 who work at or live at golden gate fields, that's at least 100 additional positive cases to the more than 200 the city of berkeley announced on november 20th. >>the new results were discovered about a week later berkeley public health department spokesperson that i says the city is working with first racing the operator of golden gate fields to control the outbreak. jack oh says everyone who has tested positive for the virus has been moved to temporary housing off-site to isolate until they are no longer contagious. initially those
3:26 pm
who tested negative but may have been exposed to covid-19 were allowed to quarantine in the dorms about the staples on the property. but first racing agreed to the city's request to transfer those potentially exposed off site as well more than 500 employees at the track are being tested twice a week. >>and some 60% have tested positive. we need number of people testing positive at holding it feels the the same numb percent that's roughly being testing positive in the rest of the community. right now that's about 2% of the population is testing positive. until that we're you we're still going to be in very tight. controls at golden gate fields for now live racing has been suspended until december 26th. >>only 71 employees who have not been infected have been cleared to work on property to perform essential duties. >>believe all kron 4 news.
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>>next at 3.30 we'll hear from man in alabama on how he's feeling after participating in the 3rd phase of the pfizer vaccine trial. and covid relief negotiations continue but direct payments are part of the planned american see stimulus checks coming their way we'll have a live report from washington d c. and after the break a step closer in the fight against coronavirus us regulators have released their first scientific evaluation. pfizer's a covid-19 confirmed in a first strong protection. caused by bad bacteria in food? try pepto diarrhea. pepto® diarrhea is proven effective to treat symptoms, and it also targets the cause of diarrhea. the 3 times concentrated liquid formula coats and kills bacteria to relieve diarrhea. while the leading competitor does nothing to kill the bacteria, pepto® diarrhea gets to the source, killing the bad bacteria. so, try pepto® diarrhea, and remember to have it on hand every time you travel.
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call now so you can... retire better >>3.30 this tuesday afternoon and a big step in the global fight against the coronavirus pandemic the first doses of covid-19 vaccine have now been given out in the uk. these are pictures of some of the first people to receive the vaccine and here is video of the very first person to get the shot. this is 90 year-old margaret keane she's urging others to get the vaccine once it becomes available to them. it's it's free. >>and it's the best thing ever happened. at the moment do police go say you know. if i can now. so can you. >>the first 800,000 doses in the uk are going to nursing home workers and people over 18 who are either hospitalized or have outpatient
3:31 pm
appointments most people have to wait until next year before there are enough doses to expand the program. also new today we're getting another look at just how effective the pfizer vaccine may be in fighting covid-19. the fda issued a preliminary analysis this morning saying the vaccine is quote strongly protective against the virus this thursday, the fda's review panel will meet to analyze the data and see if it meets the threshold for emergency use authorization. that meeting will be live streamed for the public to see pfizer says its vaccine is 95% effective. we'll have a full report on this coming up on kron 4 news at 5. and 10's of thousands of people took part in pfizer vaccine trials. earlier today kron on kron four's noelle bellow rather spoke with carson clark, a man from alabama who participated in the 3rd phase of the trial. >>i do want to know exactly what it was that pushed you to join this trial in the first
3:32 pm
place. >>in a month from high school had been in the study and i talked to him and he said you know you think about doing it and i have has diabetes have some other families of some family members of some long issues and so i just decided you know, i'm healthy so why not to roll up my and it takes a shocking turn help other people do you know if you have the placebo or the real thing obviously they didn't tell you that while you were doing the trial but can you talk to me about the process afterwards. right now they do not tell you if you are in the placebo group or in the real group. >>but because i got the fatigue and not armed or lease or it makes me think that i got the real thing and also what kind of went out on my own got everybody it came back i do have to covid antibodies now so i'm pretty sure i got to the real thing. >>ok well that's good that to to have the antibodies obviously and and to know that that when you're going through you nervous at all.
3:33 pm
>>maybe little bit but you know i never really shot away from getting a flu shot or anything like that so i feel pretty confident because i was in the 3rd tier of the study and people in first and second tier had really had any problems so i feel pretty confident that would be ok. >>the full interview aired live on our streaming service kronon you could stay connected to breaking news on covid-19 updates all day long by downloading the kron 4 mobile app and our 24 hour streaming see news service kronon both of which or in your app and they are available for free. and as congress works to work out a new covid relief bill as of right now directs direct stimulus payments are not included. our dc correspondent basil john reports on whether lawmakers see this as a possible last minute addition. >>congress appears to be closer to bringing a covid relief bill to a vote in the house and senate but direct stimulus checks are so far
3:34 pm
absent from the compromise plan there's continued conversation around rick stimulus checks which i think is important virginia democratic congresswoman abigail spanberger fears, including direct payments in the bill could prevent the plan from crossing the finish line i'm focused on getting relief over the finish line and finish line means a bill passed in the house and the senate and signed on the president's desk. so that we can ensure that. >>extended rent support food assistance among other things are delivered american people pennsylvania republican congressman fred keller says another round of $1200 checks is not the answer the stimulus payment is going to run out once that's gone what are they going to do next keller says instead congress needs to focus on jobs. the best stimulus as a job. >>and we love what we need to do going forward to support our small businesses are working families. many republican lawmakers say the u.s. can't afford another round of direct payments for every penny that we spend
3:35 pm
borrowed kentucky. republican congressman brett guthrie hundreds of billions of dollars is far from our children and grandchildren is stimulus checks are not included in the compromise. some lawmakers say they will work on a stand-alone bill. >>although that would be unlikely to pass until after the first of the year, reporting in washington, i'm basil job. >>and here locally 3 new measures are in place to help small businesses in san francisco. the city will further defer the united unified license fees until october 31st of next year provide up to 1 million dollars and support for operators of shared spaces and release an additional 3.2 million dollars in 0 interest loans for latin x own businesses. and over in the north bay, the multicultural center of marin is in need of volunteers to help distribute food to people in need the organization hosts community food distribution every saturday in the canal neighborhood of sandra fell with christmas right around the corner, they're also eplooking for volunteers to
3:36 pm
donate and wrapped christmas presents that will be handed out to children their goal is to collect 500 toys and wrap them up next week and if you'd like to help we have a post a link posted on our website with the information that website is kron 4 dot com. and this new year's eve this year's new year's eve. kron 4 will be counting down to 20 21 live in las vegas and we're doing it all for a good cause. we partnered with our super bowl with the super bowl rather of carrying to raise 1 million meals to help people in need and if you'd like to donate to that scan the qr code on your screen or text the word. n y e donate to 2, 6, 9, 8, 9, to give it to a bay area food charity of your choice. us let's switch gears for a moment and talk about our forecast as we take a live look outside some people here in the bay area may see to 7 degree 70 degree weather in december but for this so cowgirl i am loving it we've
3:37 pm
got kron 4 meteorologist dave spahr standing by dave is there a chance of rain coming our way i know i'm enjoying the warm weather, but we definitely need rain in the state's sure we are looks like this weekend we're getting some of that opens up kind of also the floodgates were opened up the door for more systems coming in off the pacific and. >>looks pretty nice full for a side going forward so we're going to get into that right now let's check out these winds not a whole lot going on we have come leftover offshore winds. it kind of variable you'll see all the single digits now short term not much happens. we have some traffic that's going to change our forecast a little bit as we get it out to wednesday thursday little cooler more cloud cover all that jazz so sorry soon as we lose in the 70's but go in the 60's and even some 50's in the inland valleys later on that will be as we finish off the week. then by the weekend it gets even more interesting of those winds now let's go out to thursday morning afternoon. here are those strong onshore winds indicating this flow pattern shifting and this may be enough for a wind advisory to be issued a little bit later on so stay tuned for that first of all the traffic
3:38 pm
we're getting from the pacific first of all some scattered clouds midweek little cooler temperatures come our way here comes the hit might see maybe a passing sprinkle the north bay saturday but sunday looks like everybody has a shot this will be cold air. so it means some thunder showers maybe some hail with it more to come on tuesday wednesday zone and even more juicy upstream. oh come on, it's so close well, maybe perhaps by thursday friday, soon up 3 shots of some earnest rain chances coming our way into next week to knots. >>coming up how highest stress levels during pregnancy can negatively impact your baby's brain. a new study says worrying about side effects of the drug may actually cause you to feel them, but we know about the so-called most evil effect stay with us.
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>>time now to check in with news nation on wgn america to see what they're working on tonight morning news joins us live from chicago with a morning. hey there thank you tonight on news nation will be talking more about the accusations of violence at fort hood after 14 army leaders were either fired or punished at the texas base. what the family of vanessa guillen is same she's the army soldier killed earlier this year also over a 100 people arrested at an underground party in l a how police are now cracking down on super
3:42 pm
spreader event and the impact of remote learning i'll be talking live with author ellen galinsky about some ways that we can support our kids right now, and the 7 essential skills. she says that we should all be focusing on and to wisconsin lawmakers defy the governor's order and they put up a christmas tree in the capitol rotunda. one of them will join us to talk about why this tradition we're so important for him to keep, plus we'll be having a little fun in the studio tonight naming our news nation elf on the shelf and we have 4 choices that we want everybody to vote on so we've got scoop just in news e and flash so you get to vote to an end for your favorite i will definitely be tuning in voting with thanks so much money. >>thank you. nation airs on wgn america at 08:00pm our time you can find it on the list of channels on your screen. >>more details available our website kron 4 dot com we'll be right back. ♪ gillette proglide and proglide gel.
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>>a former body builder in indiana is describing his coronavirus effect still lingering 9 months after his diagnosis, courtney crown brings us his story. gary nance transformed his body several years ago. >>his hard work paid off in august 2019 i won the men's masters, indianapolis city championship and then 2 weeks later and won the men's masters for 16 up indiana
3:46 pm
state championship covid-19 transformed his body again and therefore get they came back in about an hour and half later told me i was just flabbergasted you know that my left was collapsed and 24 hours earlier, i knocked up 50 push-ups in 30 seconds a week after recovering at home an ambulance rushed into the hospital a ventilator helped keep terri alive from march 29th through mid april. his mother passed away during that time at some point his family feared they would lose him to its family and faith and friends that will get you through an ordeal like what i did from safeties he went to the rehabilitation hospital of indiana with the covid-19 ph what have you all experienced is their greatest need exercise and activity tara says declined tremendously it's just even hard for them to address go to the bathroom walk short distances rhi cares for patients having a hard time doing basic life tasks following covid-19.
3:47 pm
>>this includes those who then had a stroke or nerve inflammation, the entire body is weak. >>but it's because the are not communicating to the muscles as well and then not contribute a cascading of symptoms of also atrophy muscle weakness and doctor angela carr bony notices every patients recovery is different very very weak all the way to mildly week. >>and the mildly we could have a lot of respiratory >>gary still struggles with 3 gaining strength after leaving the hospital. he hopes his story will influence others to stay safe, don't let your guard down yet. >>that was courtney crown reporting for us. and on some health news, the stress a woman feels during pregnancy can actually affect the developing developing brain of her unborn child this is according to a new study published in the medical
3:48 pm
journal jama open network mothers with toxic levels of the stress hormone cortisol can pass the stress to their child through the placenta stress can cause premature birth and other social or emotional behavioral problems later on in life of course the covid-19 pandemic has increased stress levels and many women. so researchers encourage women, pregnant women rather to think about their mental health. and a new study finds worrying about side effects associated with the drug may actually cause them researchers at imperial college london call this the no siebel effect they say it's similar to the placebo effect that's when the belief that a pill will help you feel better which leads to the patients feeling better even if it's just a sugar pill. researchers say than the cbo effect is if we expect a tablet to make us feel ill and cause side effects and me well do so even if it's only a fake pill. they say than to see both that can actually cause some patients to stop taking medication because of concerns over side effects. and kron 4 is always
3:49 pm
tracking a local stories so here's a look at what's going on in your neighborhood right now happening now police in san francisco are searching for 2 men involved in a home invasion robbery last night. it happened near 3rd street in key avenue in the city's bayview heights neighborhood not far from highway one oh one. police say at around 7.32 men armed broke into a home and held a 45 year-old woman at gunpoint they say the man made off with jewelry the victim's wallet her cell phone and other items. police were not able to find the men and do not have a detailed description of the pair, however anyone with information is asked to call police. and over in the east bay and unfortunately common sight around the holiday season, a package thief was caught on camera in concord this video is from a kron afford viewer. the theft happened around 10 o'clock this morning you can see the man wearing a black champion top and a grey hot he walks up
3:50 pm
and takes the box right off the porch. the residents say the package was a gift it's not clear if the man targeted other homes in the neighborhood. and switching gears talk about our forecast as we take a live look outside at sfo this afternoon kron 4 meteorologist dave spahr is standing by with details on that chance of rain that's coming our way as of this weekend dave. >>yeah looks like that's going to cover first shot as we get into the weekend. but it's what's nice is that that starts a nice trend into next week an unsettled pattern with more chances for rain you got that some scattered clouds at half moon bay. we can note here but basically on balance we're going to be pretty much mostly clear. i think we'll see probably a little bit more fog as we get later in the forecast period through to some whether traffic coming our way holding on to lower 70's along the east bay shoreline 68 conquered manioc up to the north bay 73 santa rosa, 64 though nevado and 73 by the way speaking of half moon bay also matching that san jose we have a little bit of a drift still that's been kind of offshore. lows
3:51 pm
tonight, we've got the mid 30's in the far east bay pretty close to that up to the north bay too but we may dip in some areas right around freezing or so because we're losing the effects of the winds and we still have the dry air and clear skies they will work in tandem to let the temperatures fall. we do have winds re entering our short term forecast of advances all the way to wednesday because then as we get into thursday morning. we're looking onshore wind event i suspect this will be enough to get some wind advisory talk as of now the national weather service has issued anything but stay tuned for maybe some changes on that and jump into the all important 7 day forecast its to quiet finishing off this week, some scattered clouds cooler temps the 70's are gone as we go to the upper 50's then this weekend we start to get some unsettled weather into next week, our lows meanwhile in the 30's until we get some moisture in here then into the 40's for the inland valleys we stay in the 40's for the coastal areas thank you dave. >>coming up next a missouri man was frustrated after not so pleasant item was left behind in his neighborhood following a city project now
3:52 pm
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>>when you think of holiday displays you think of twinkling lights may be a christmas tree or santa claus. but that's not what you'll get in one missouri neighborhood generally people try to avoid port-a-potties but this port-a-potty in lee summit is so popular people make a point of stopping by 4 years ago, troy jackson got frustrated
3:55 pm
because it was left in his neighborhood after a city project. he decorated it with christmas lights larry's new tradition was born. >>they accidentally just left here and so i got frustrated one year with the. the lights on my house and my daughter and i were out doing the lights and. i got a angry and said forget, let's just decorate the port-a-potty and call it a day. >>that's one way of making a a good situation out of a bad one all the neighbors call it the magic party in this year, the jackson family is taking donations of canned food for charity. and good news for dance fans break dancing is now an official olympic sport, the sport will debut at the paris 2024 games. skateboarding sport climbing and surfing are set to make their debuts at next summer's olympics in tokyo. and we'll stay on the program for paris. organizers say they want to showcase events that will help attract a new and younger audience. and before we sign off or take one more get one
3:56 pm
more check of our be your forecast with dave spahr we have a beauty show you as we get into the weekend and next week. >>when we got going on we have some traffic as i mentioned earlier it's going to cool us off for the middle latter portion of the week scattered clouds we have some winds to look out for. >>as we get into thursday but let's get into the weekend which starts to get interesting saturday. there is that chance to pick up some showers it looks like that's going to be pretty much far north bay. but the next dose, the comes on sunday is going to come with some colder air aloft. so that means watch out for maybe some hail strikes of lightning all that kind of program but into next week there some more opportunities into wednesday, usual notice and maybe as we get to finish off week by friday, so a couple opportunities, opening up close tonight. still holding on to those middle to lower 30's in the far east bay and up in the north bay as well 40's around the perimeter of the bay 7 day forecast reflects a drop in temperatures 70's, goodbye we're into the 60's and 50's as we head on to the weekend lows get out of the 30's at least and we're into the 40's as we get more moisture in the
3:57 pm
atmosphere more cloud cover and the coast will be into the 40's can you break dance chance us nice to i i can't walk straight without hurting myself days so we can avoid well that wraps up kron 4 news at 3 our coverage continues at the top of the hour. >>on our kron on app i'm tahernia thanks for joining us.
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