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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  December 15, 2020 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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>>staff at boston medical center in massachusetts busted out some moves upon arrival of a coronavirus vaccine yesterday health care workers across the nation started rolling up their sleeves to get the vaccine. many have marked the distribution of this vaccine as the light at the end of the tunnel cool video tonight kron 4 continues a deep dive into the covid-19 vaccines. >>in hopes of answering many of the questions we're getting kron four's dan kerman looks at how the vaccine will allow us to return to normal and why that could be affected if you are people then needed get the vaccine. >>the hope is that vaccines will allow us to return to a day when mask-wearing and social distancing are no longer needed and that requires reaching herd
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immunity. the point where enough people are immune that the virus begins to die out. >>we don't reach that point until about 70% of people are immune either through vaccination or through having had prior infection, 70% is about 240 million americans. >>the problem is recent polls show only half of americans are ready to get the vaccine and that could prove problematic if we don't get to the point that enough people are vaccinated and are amused. then we never get ourselves out of the current pickle doctor robert wachter who chairs you see san francisco's department of medicine says with the vaccine in limited supply now resistance to it won't make a difference but come march and april after the high-risk people health care workers first responders and essential workers are vaccinated there will need to be a push to get people vaccinated but wachter is hopeful that by that time attitudes will have changed i think it's going to be different when the vaccine is
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out there people have used that people have done ok those people who've got to feel much more comfortable going about their lives not so worried that they're going to get a terrible infection. so i think the numbers seem to be higher than that but we'll have to see this is what is clear is this vaccine is going to be of no help to people during this current surge. >>that's why people need to double down in terms of mask wearing and social distancing so they can remain healthy until the vaccine becomes available to them. in san francisco dan kerman kron 4 news and you can watch part 3 of our series tomorrow night we will look at how the vaccine will be distributed it the priority list and concern about a shortage. >>the electoral college. spoke so today, i want to congratulate president elect joe biden. >>6 weeks after the november, 3rd election senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has finally acknowledged that joe biden will be the next president comes after a groundswell of leading republicans have said biden
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one and it was time to move on. after the announcement biden called mcconnell to thank you. >>work together on. one another. to work. >>white house press secretary kayleigh mcenany says president trump isn't ready to back down insisting he is still involved in ongoing litigation to stay in the white house reporters also has biden when he'll be vaccinated biden replied that doctor fauci recommends he get the vaccine sooner than later. >>president elect joe biden is expected to nominate south bend, indiana mayor pete buttigieg to be his secretary of transportation the former mayor was at one time but has rival during the presidential primary and then endorse biden when he dropped out of the presidential race. if confirmed buttigieg will be working to pursue biden's promise of new investments in
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transportation and infrastructure while also working to cut green have greenhouse gas emissions buttigieg would also be the first openly person confirmed to lead a cabinet department biden has also tapped former michigan governor jennifer granholm to be secretary of energy if confirmed by the senate granholm is expected to play a key role in binds plan to curb climate change granholm grew up here in the bay area in san carlos and currently teaches at u c berkeley. >>president elect biden hit the campaign trail rallying democrats ahead of 2 georgia senate runoff races, early voting started just this week in that election that will determine which party controls the u.s. senate as washington correspondent kelli meyer reports it all comes down to turnout. >>it's time to stand up. take back our democracy president elect joe biden was back on the campaign trail in georgia tuesday, asking georgians to send democrats jon ossoff and
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raphael warnock to join him in washington come january >>and got a vote in record numbers again early voting started this week in the crucial senate runoff against incumbent georgia senators. david perdue and kelly lessler an election that will decide which party will have control of the senate next year i need 2 senators from the state want to get something done this was biden's first trip since the electoral college cemented his 2020 win now a key republican on capitol hill is acknowledging the results so today i want to congratulate president-elect joe biden but with president trump continuing to question the election results. georgia senator kelly leffler tweeted tuesday that she won't stop fighting for the president and leffler doesn't believe challenging the election will hurt turnout in her runoff race if we vote we will when former democratic candidate for georgia governor stacey abrams says questioning the election process could discourage not only
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republicans but all georgians from voting their attack on the integrity of our elections is deeply problematic vice president mike pence is set to visit georgia again this thursday, his 3rd visit to the state in 3 weeks. >>again as kelli meyer reporting for us tonight requests for mail in ballots in georgia. already topped a million and early voting continues for the next 3 weeks. >>congress unveiled a new plan to pass another covid-19 relief package which americans desperately need it could be voted on by the end of this week, lawmakers from both parties have broken down a 908 billion dollar stimulus package into 2 parts the first bill is nearly 750 billion dollars it provides money for vaccine distribution and an extra $300 of federal unemployment weekly for 16 weeks, the small business paycheck protection program would also be extended and that second part of the bill the tougher sell in congress covers liability protections
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for businesses from covid related lawsuits and money to help state and local governments. >>next on kron 4 covid-19 vaccine distribution continues around the bay area. how santa clara county hospitals plan to distribute vaccine to help workers and as for lawyers in sacramento, but their second game of the free season, one of their newest members talks about his first action for golden state sports director. is up with the latest so much happening also stanford coach tara vanderveer request to quest to become the all-time wins leader in women's college basketball history. that's coming up to.
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>>a vaccination against covid-19 are expected to begin later this week in the south force outside reports now on the arrival and distribution of the first shipment of the vaccine in santa clara county. >>you are looking at the first shipment of pfizer's covid-19 vaccine to arrive here in santa clara county. this first batch is 5,850 doses part of an expected 17,550 doses which will be forwarded on to hospitals and skilled nursing facilities. wrapping up for vaccinations that could begin by the end of the week is stanford health care says vice president lisa shilling we know the first shipment we're going to get 3,900 doses. >>we already prepared for that and we also just heard today
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the press. >>that as of thursday will understand how many doses of the next shipment of pfizer we're going to get the week of the 21st of this month stanford will ultimately need as many as 30,000 doses. >>eventually as more vaccine arrives stanford hopes to vaccinate as many as 1000 people every day priority will be given to frontline workers we start with the people who are delivering care and service right at the front lines. so those are the doctors the nurses, the environmental service workers nutrition workers security guards and so on people who are there to deliver karen service included in stanford allocation is 975 doses headed for people it is affiliate valley care, san jose's hard-hit regional medical center could not say how much vaccine it will get but that vaccinations could begin as soon as tomorrow. another 39,000 doses of moderna's vaccine is set to arrive here next week. broad participation is needed for the best results
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at stanford 80% of people eligible to be vaccinated said they intend to do so says lisa shilling the reason talk about that is because we also want the community to be confident. we can't get past this pandemic until we get a portion of folks vaccinating feel safe that they can do that safely center in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>still ahead a lot of californians are signing up for the state's new covid-19 alert system we're going to have a detailed look ernest hemingway wrote the old man and the sea at 52
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satchel paige was still dominating batters at 59. celia cruz was still winning grammys at 77 john wheeler illuminated our ideas of the universe at 70
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and roger crouch was 56 when he first went into space your best is yet to come we have the power to harness abundant wind and solar energy, but it's not available all day long. use less from 4 to 9 pm and we can protect california for generations to come.
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>>million people have signed up for the new contact tracing smartphone app that's according to state leaders but that's just a portion of the almost 40 million people who live in california nancy loo explains how health officials are going to get more people to sign up. >>right in your pocket, less than 4 days since its public launch activation of the california notify app is already closing in on 7 million for many it offers less fear of the unknown right now it's like everybody's a zombie you know you all have an infection. so you don't know who has it only been exposed or if you have it which is kind of weird right so at least some kind of certainty about what's happening it it's more than just wondering if you've been affected the same technology is in use in almost 20 states but california is the most populous and it's the home of google and apple which work jointly to develop the platform, you opt in or you
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choose not to. >>and there's no tracking since that reassurance from the governor as he introduced the ap last week the opt-in rate of 25% so far offer some new hope this is a situation where something is better than nothing widespread adoption would of course be more useful than what we have but i do think that it's possible that we'll get there and we're forever to not everybody in california as a smartphone that's capable of running the software either because of the system designed developers say there is no exact date on those who have opted in. >>the app uses bluetooth to track when smartphones have been in close range for over 15 minutes. >>users would get a phone notification should someone they've been exposed to test positive for covid and those notifying others of a positive test would be anonymous but many californians are skeptical for other reasons. >>i just don't think it would be accurate enough for me to actually get in my car and go get tested. i'm careful so i
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don't think it would be alerted anyway ideally the apple, it's way more people to isolate and get tested when necessary health officials say every preventative measure helps especially now due to the swell of cases that have icu stretched to the limit when i looked at the dash for this morning are 58 available intensive care unit at a los angeles county. >>where there are 7.8 million adults that's like one icu bad 435,000 adults that's not a great situation for us to be in the right call. >>that was nancy loo reporting for us tonight officials say wider use of the app would obviously improve effectiveness. according to research by oxford university just 15%. uptake of an exposure notification system can cut infections by 15% and deaths by 11% tonight, a bay area city is ranked one of the safest places to raise a child safewise dot com released the results today, the website is known for putting this list out every year san ramon in
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the east bay and coach has a county is ranked 9th in the nation. it is the only bay area city to make it to the top 10 livermore ranked number 47. >>the website ranked cities based on violent crime rates property, crime rates and the number of offenders in the city. the chicago suburb of naperville. illinois right number one as the safest city in the nation. >>for sports. we begin we begin with stanford coach tara vanderveer his quest to pass pat summit for the most wins in women's college basketball history. >>against the university of pacific. right now pacific hanging around the cardinal we're winning winning this game. >>41 to 30 tara vanderveer looking for career win 1099. all right to the pro game the warriors are back in action tonight for their second of 3
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preseason games. the look to build off saturday's win in a big reason for that win was the play of their bench particular least bradley. wanamaker you see him right here knocking down the jump shot, brad came over from the celtics and will anchor a second unit that also features can phase more and erik hassle energy and defense is something they'll bring to the was fun know just go out there through the guys, especially >>but first take a ways. for us just to begin together just thought out there i think we play really well on defense. and i was going on when a stretch to but first defense i was a pretty pleasant. >>that guy's philly tough right there. now for over a year now the warriors fan base has had this pipe dream that yonnis antetokounmpo was going to eventually become a warrior kind of like how the organization was able to get kevin durant's seemingly out of nowhere well the lightning did not strike twice the greek freak signed a 5 year
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228 million supermax including an opt out after the 4th year with his current team, the milwaukee bucks. he said he looks forward to continuing to compete for championships with the the nation i am sorry. now down to the g league big night based out of one that creek had their first scrimmage today they lost to the g league veteran one 13 to one '07 gonna think went 11 for 15 for 26 points and 8 rebounds jalen greene for 15 for 22 points and 7 rebounds. both are potential top 5 picks in the 20 21 draft of course you can't go check them out yourself right now because they aren't allowing any fans in the stadium. a lot of talent up one a creek but back to tara vanderveer closer game. then we realize right now there 11 so pacific is hanging around but assuming, stanford wins we'll hear from tara after the game will have that in our sports cast later
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tonight, isolated gray coming up. >>what is your favorite christmas movie. well we're going show you a new map that shows favorite christmas characters by state. >>and we got a little rain coming our way we're going to time out that storm that's headed
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>>get a favorite christmas movie like to watch this time of year a big debate about this yes and that i didn't
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like her frightened, well, i mean we like a lot of the same ones there so many a new map shows favorite characters from christmas movies by state and you can see buddy the elf from the movie elf was the most popular character here in california. the map was developed by for ever moments dot com and used geo tag twitter data to track tweets and hashtags about popular christmas movie characters. more than 220,000 tweets were tracked pretty amazing. i'm just new york is also where you know because he ended up wonderful life in inches arizona, new mexico texas itself fun to watch and see what people like in different parts of the a 9 year-old kansas boy is turning heads for his incredible streaks jackson boat jensen set state records in power lifting this week and he'll compete next month on an even bigger stage the national weightlifting competition. power lifting
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includes bench. squat and deadlift but despite all the accolades jackson remains humble says he appreciates all the support he gets from others. >>eason left. thank you. everybody. good job. >>jackson is also a baseball prodigy spent this spent some time this summer playing on a use all american team and as you can imagine, hitting home runs is his specialty. when he's not on the baseball diamond or in the jimmy else finds time to hang out with his friends and play some video games which doesn't require as much strength amazing little boy now still on my little hand weights him say with the waiting is all right let's check on the weather forecast all right chief meteorologist lawrence karnow standing by laurent, yeah certainly it looks like a nice change in the weather again today a break from the stormy weather but that will soon make a return, clouds just lingering off the coastline. i think by tomorrow we start talking about at least a chance of showers in
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the north bay during the day and maybe some that works its way a little bit for the south will be prepared for that and i think the main event comes in tomorrow night as it moves on shore beautiful look out over the bay right now you've got some partly cloudy skies time in the south korea as we have the day tomorrow you start out tomorrow morning, fairly dry and then as we head through the day certainly chance some pop-up showers sliding on through watch what happens as we go through tomorrow night that looks pretty good pretty good system here you see some yellow orange developing as the front moves across as we head toward the middle of the night tomorrow night then a kind of sweeps through overnight into early in the morning, maybe a couple lingering showers early on thursday morning, not to be rain out on thursday, but a chance of a couple of scattered showers behind them we start to dry things out and get ready for cold night ahead late thursday night into friday. >>temperatures around the bay area tomorrow will be cool plan on highs generally in the 50's maybe couple low 60's and that is it we're going to cloud up throughout the day tomorrow. then we start talk about some of that rain moving in tomorrow night we'll be tracking it right here on kron 4 showers continuing into early on thursday morning, then we dry things out on the
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weekend next week we begin winter looks like on the dry side but the second day of winter back to some rain in the bay area that looks to be a pretty good soaker to so good news is we've got the rain going nothing too heavy just yet, but certainly the doors open for more help us catch up we need to catch up we're running about 2030% of normal now, but we're going to be catching up we'll start adding on these totals starting tomorrow night on and off on and off as good that's perfect. we don't want to the flooding. yeah, very good i thank you lord, thank you for being with us tonight more news coming up at 8 o'clock with grant and vicki. >>a night.
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msrp on this equinox. ♪ >> she just got the vaccine on her birthday. >> happy birthday. [cheers and applause] >> and the history-making nurse the day after. any side effects? for god took my temperature this morning. >> and a christmas carol lean protest. [singing] >> not a mask in sight then, the e.r. who has gone without a day off for 270 days. then -- what's up with joe biden? what he is s


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