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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  December 18, 2020 7:00am-8:01am PST

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vaccination shot live on tv will tell you how he's trying to dispel the distrust and misinformation that's out there. the news station you're watching happy friday to you i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher we've got lots to talk about on this friday, we'll get to the headlines in just a moment, but first. >>you have to get outside right now we should find out about the weather just a little chilly nothing else. john yapp that's about the only thing that maybe even the whole jet for a second as you just get that extra layer on feel extra cozy for your friday morning because skies beautiful in crystal clear bay bridge looking good that especially loving this you from timber on this morning a little bit of a golden glow behind the golden gate bridge and let's let's get a look at that yeah you can see right there not a cloud in the sky overhead nor any fog in the distance either very quiet picture on radar, no fog. no cloud cover not even across the state general. >>the sierra nevada has
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cleared out really nicely to now temperatures right now are cool. we're in the 30's and 40's. so yeah that's cart that extra layer will do you well as you're getting outside the house livermore double in concord fairfield on over through napa petaluma and over to santa rosa which is actually below freezing at 31 degrees. all these areas in the 30's this morning, i'm talking the rest of your forecast still to come rob all right. thank you john we're checking in on the traffic and it's looking great for a friday we remain hot spot free. >>and friday light heading up to the richmond sandra fell bridge or sometimes on fridays. >>the commute will start a little bit later and the early birds taking the day off so we're looking at 9 minutes here from the toll plaza of the richmond sandra fell bridge across the span and over to one on one bay bridge toll plaza, no delays at all until like this throughout your morning drive just smooth and delay free all the way into san francisco, some more freeways for you maybe you take 6 80 south at 13 minutes but take out a danville i don't see issues on the nimitz is picking up just a little bit 23 minutes from to 38 to
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2.37 or maybe you're commuting through the south bay this morning and using to 80 if so you're clocking in at 24 minutes for northbound to 80 from san jose to cupertino back to you, thanks a lot rob and 71 things are not good and we've got a grim prediction now from the governor he says california. >>is experiencing out of control surge in coronavirus and taking an extreme toll on our state's hospitals in fact is predicting that if things don't change quickly. we could see hospitals overflowing with 75,000 patients. >>within the next 4 weeks it's about 5 times the current level right now and an average he thinks a 400 people could be dying each day in our state the hospitalization projections are not good at the current rate of infection. >>things are going to be just dire and that's why everyone is pleading with people to follow these stay at home orders try and prevent the spread, yeah, and they are in
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congress woman and a shoe is staying home, she's quarantining because she was possibly exposed to the virus. she says that a member of her staff tested positive. >>and because of that not experience symptoms but she's quarantine at home. she represents the majority of silicon valley in congress. >>well the entire bay area as we know is under the new state mandate stay at home orders that were triggered when the number available icu beds drop below that 15% threshold you can see them all laid out here, yeah in the l a and they're completely out of bed so the situation is bad and getting worse these restrictions are going to place. >>for at least 3 weeks. i said bad and getting worse because we had the thanksgiving, you covid fallout now and then what's going to happen after the christmas. >>covid fallout. so they're really encouraging everybody to follow these orders kron four's will tran is in san mateo county. with what that means for folks there and everywhere in the bank will. >>we're all in the same gang so to speak because up until
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yesterday in san mateo county did not voluntarily. stay in the shelter in order because they said that there were still about 15%. but now we're not above 15% anymore, so it is mandatory by the state to stay inside your home unless you absolutely have to leave your home for essential work or you can still go to the stores, it's not like complete lockdown but to have to go back in time so to speak like what we saw back in march and april take a look at your screen. these are the things you can and cannot obviously is still can go to the grocery stores. you have to eat right so they were never shut down. throughout this whole pandemic but they're going to limit people that 20% capacity and that's not just the grocery stores, but the retail stores as well you can go to restaurants, get your favorite food. you can't sit down you can't do that because it's only take out moving forward for the next 3 weeks. no haircuts know nail salons bars
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wineries that's not available to you. you can however still go to the playgrounds we did the story last week you know that playgrounds make sure that you ask you and your child up you can still go places of worship but that will have to be outdoors so it's not completely locked down when you can't leave your house, but you have to use obviously common people in burlingame waking up this morning, walking their dogs being very smart like these 2 ladies here having your mask on you're react reaction to sheltering in place now now that it's not surprising great the hospitals are getting crowded. that's a problem we have to do our part. but it's hard it's hard it's christmas we went through where we are home and. >>it's very people and what are people to do about shopping >>are you a little confused because a lot of people are like what can i do what can i not do it's it's it's so fluid that are you up in the air. is
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that even allowed is that not allowed use your phone or from right now and i've seen online i went and >>you know once it was announced that we were going on lockdown what does that mean us a citizen i proactively what is that even are not doing much even we do our off in the morning because nobody's out here this is our time it's quiet. and you know there's less contact with people though you support the shelter in place a lot of people are frustrated. i can see the frustration all for us to fact. if your loved one has to go to hospital and there's no bed for year that's a little frightening. so much place for stopping by know you have a very busy morning. thank you for >>they're in compliance and they were talking to us before on. we were on tv. they're frustrated that others are not following the rules as well. james darya the bottom line is use common sense and you know what has not shut down throughout this whole entire thing that is safe. online shopping. i have a llama
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coming in the next couple of days. back to now thank you very much well. >>time now 7 '06 now what happens in the north bay we said the solano county. they have the fall line with the rest of the bay area everybody from north to south is in the right now. restaurants that spent thousands of dollars for those outdoor dining, you know the tense and all that lamb said all that stuff they're out. businesses are struggling to survive >>we've guard rupaul somehow with more. >>the moments like these are far and few in between first thought was deli and grill. he says and 6 in business is down 85%. and he keeps getting worse. we are paying the price you but the price is already paid is closing down indoor dining and just doing to go orders. >>he says the business doing right now enough to pays electricity bill let alone
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other expenses like rent at the bay area region including solano county goes into this the apple border watch says this will be a critical 3 weeks we've not making it may be another the on brought up in beginning of i think it's no walk and that is the decision many businesses will have to face as the stay-at-home order limits restaurants to takeout and delivery retail shopping capacity reduced to 20% but hair salons personal care services museums zoos movie theaters. wineries and bars family entertainment centers amusement park and card rooms will all close. >>over a vacaville. >>hollywood the barber is getting his last client in a sad situation right now this will be the 3rd time he will have to close on the last night of staying open he had 5 customers on a normal night before the pandemic he had 12 that's a big difference. he says he will follow the order in close but he and others in the barber industry or for d
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and he doesn't believe closing down barbershop to slow the spread of the virus will work lot of people that will go. >>to garages and though begin her cup, you know for somebody in the garage and they're not going to safe. you know the least here you know you could be safe here. >>as soon as deli and watts says they need help from leaders to survive they were they going to be homeless. >>we need to very serious action. >>again that was gopal showing how reporting the stay at home order for the bay area region will last until january 7th at the least. >>how about the other vaccine. the fda is expected authorize use of moderna's vaccine today. we've got a lot of the 200 million doses of moderna coming to the u.s. and so we'll be seeing that roll out. meantime continue on prompter the first shipment of doses will go out on monday meantime pfizer's vaccine is still
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going out they're both about 95% effective, but they're different because moderna's doesn't have to be stored at the crazy cold temperatures and that means hospitals and pharmacies can more easily store it. we also saw vice president mike mike pence get his shot live on tv this morning earlier on the kron 00:00am morning news. we saw him get vaccinated with a shot in the arm, the white house says that they did that and for the cameras to reassure americans and show people that it is safe. if the vice president will get it and the president elect joe biden is going to get his shot in front of the cameras next week. >>well there are significant disparity between california is getting infected with covid-19 and those who have died from the virus. the majority of positive cases are actually coming in from people between the ages of 18 and 48. they comprise about 60% of the cases that are coming in while those 65 and older only make up 10% of the cases but. the largest number of death tolls is in among that older age groups 74% compared to just 7%
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for the 18 to 49 age range. 7.10 is the time we'll take a break but still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news, the ferry continues to ramp up vaccinations will have the latest. >>the group to roll up their sleeves. but also why they say the vaccine came just in time. plus can the oldest chinatown in the u.s. survive the pandemic the san francisco community is now pleading with the mayor to step in and do something. meanwhile after the break christmas is just a week away and there's still no agreement in washington on the next relief bill we'll have the possible consequences if lawmakers don't get it done
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>>14 right now and cool but dry start to friday morning. it's not a bad way to wrap up the workweek we've got john trouble stand by the weather center with more on the forecast good morning. john hey good morning guys, yeah, not a bad way at all we saw the rain midweek are right in the middle of your evening on wednesday night. >>and that is a thing of the past now skies of really dried out as they did yesterday and only staying dry and clear today, golden gate bridge in the distance you can see it if you look really closely from your berkeley cam right here. they bridge right there little peek at start to get a little brighter to so skies are crystal clear to start there's no fog. no cloud cover out
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there whatsoever and i'm going switch out this graphic really quick because i'm still 80 is graphic. little look behind the scenes right there. and let's get to our satellite and radar which is showing those clear skies to so in a very is a very quiet picture on radar currently at 07:15am now on we'll be looking at these quiet skies. well throughout the course of the day ahead of us and not just the day, but also the weekend today tomorrow and sunday keeping all that sunshine around and that is definitely going to be something nice for the last weekend before christmas because i know we still got to get out there get some of those errands done at a distance of course and that good weather today will cooperate with anything that you may need to get done last minute leading up to next week which is still going to be one that jam packed with a lot of errands for a lot of people high pressure in place we're dry. we are sunny and we're going to stay that way likely through the holiday ahead of us 50's and 60's for today's daytime highs that's familiar territory. now we've been
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seeing a lot of these upper 50's to low 60's in her right back to it today. daytime highs a couple of degrees warmer than yesterday. but really not a difference you'll notice in that regard. i think what you're going to notice more is the calmer winds. we had a brisk wind that came along yesterday afternoon made it have a chilly feel as you're getting out there. today we're still tracking some of those winds and we're just keeping the nice temperatures around oakland richmond down to castro valley all right at 60 degrees for your highs today will temperatures across the north bay, mostly upper 50's to low 60's. areas like santa rosa petaluma center fell and noe valley each right back to 60 degrees. here's a look ahead at the next 7 days temperatures will remain in the 60's through the weekend a little cooler into next week with highs falling back into the upper 50's christmas eve insight next thursday looking at partly cloudy skies, maybe a sprinkle or 2, but looking pretty unlikely showers do increase in potential likely after christmas itself. robin. >>all right, thank you john. thank you for the update. now let's update your morning
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drive around the bay area taking a look at the richmond sandra fell bridge where traffic remains pretty smooth. so into the north bay so 8 minutes that's a really good drive time from the pay gates over to one oh one here at the bay bridge toll plaza, the traffic remains nice and quiet into san francisco. so far we have not experienced any delays so that's good right. it's friday light coming in we're 11 minutes off to fremont street very quiet on the skyway too by the way quiet leaving hayward it will get busy and you'll notice that off and on for both sides east unless you're on the flat section of the san mateo bridge for the drive times 15 minutes and that's for both directions between the nimitz in hayward the bayshore freeway in some detail, no problems at all so 14 minutes for that connection back to you thanks a lot rob, and it's 7.17 for your money this morning, a new sweater will help you follow social distancing rules. >>and landlords say they're running out of money. yes, or renters jean king is live in new york at those stories came. >>yeah, if you're not the everybody else is landlords
7:18 am
are suffering especially some of the smaller landlords now estimated 9 million renters who have lost income during the pandemic are behind on rent. according to the census data now a national ban on evictions teachers put in place by the cdc to prevent the spread of the virus has meant that the landlords must continue to pay to maintain the properties also any kind of financing that's involved with them, but they haven't been collecting on those during that time mortgage rates fell to another record low last week the 15th this year, the average interest rate on a 30 year fixed rate mortgage dropped to 2.6 7% according freddie mac the lowest in the 50 years i've been doing the survey estimated 6 million packages today are being left stranded sitting idle and retailers warehouses are shipping centers and awaiting pickup by fedex and ups in the postal service. now shipmatrix a software company that helps retailers track shipments has been watching all the delays going on, but this may say another 2 and a half million packages are being picked up
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every day but are not reaching their destinations on time and forget ugly holiday smart sweater that blair's a siren every time someone comes within 6 feet. it is from the security firm simply safe of they call the social distancing sweater has motion center has sensors and it will sense with sunday's within 6 feet of you and then they'll sign this alarm and then the lights flashed as well and festive colors course flakes and padlocks it you can go to christmas songs that the siren. so we've got to live from new york. i can't wait a minute wait a minute hold on second you had me at all they sweat or and now with that how much is that thing cost you know. >>you know what i did not see the cost of it. i was acttally get a look at busy with the radio yeah, so yeah, i don't know wonder if it's machine washable just a couple of details but i liked it because i do like it i would got like it's got electricity and it is motion sensors in lights i would think you know would have to be spot think should i
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do wash my electric blanket, they figure that out so as a takes look that up right now time now 7.19 let's turn to some national news now we have lawmakers on capitol hill working through the weekend trying to finalize a deal. >>on what's turning out to be a 900 billion dollar covid-19 relief package. it could include direct stimulus payments of about $600 to each american. and the deal could also include jobless benefits, business subsidies and money for its vaccine distribution. >>while many if not all of the difficult topics are behind us. a few final issues when must be hammered out if you're a working person. >>you've got kids at home and you're going to actually get some support here when you need it the most coming out of the holidays. any deal is expected to be included in a massive government spending bill which has to be passed by midnight. >>to avoid a partial shutdown. >>there's a growing concern
7:21 am
about the economic fallout of the pandemic in san francisco's chinatown the heart of what's normally a big tourist hot spot. sao ghost town, chelsea hung runs washington bakery and restaurant they recently had to lay off more staff. now the outdoor dining is also out her ppp funding has run out and she's not sure if her family's business is going make it. a survey finds roughly 50% of businesses are worried about the same local business leaders are now seeking for a financial lifeline. >>really heartbreaking to see how many businesses are naked sibley affected by and it's just. this just becoming more difficult to survive. >>the chinatown community development center wrote the mayor this week asking for economic aid including a 5 million dollar chinatown fund to provide grants to local businesses. so they can keep paying their employees and stay open. a spokesperson
7:22 am
for the mayor says quote we know supporting chinatown is an important part of our getting our city on the road to recovery. >>first store workers in the city of l a could soon receive hazard pay several city officials have introduced a motion which would mandate a $5 an hour increase for workers at major grocery store chains. it would remain in effect as long as the city's under the state's restrictive stay at home order. my problem is the city council won't be taking up this proposal in terms of a vote until maybe early. january january 12th, which the state on where maybe over by them. we'll take a break at 7.22 coming up on the kron 4 morning news first wildfires now strict shutdowns will tell you have businesses in the wine country are coping with the latest stay at home with the latest stay at home order. a drink with friends can turn into two, and a prescription can be stronger than you thought.
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>>we're back at 7.25 the new stay at home orders and travel warnings hitting tourist destinations in california hard and this of course includes the wine country napa and sonoma counties this is the second shutdown of the year due to the pandemic restaurants and breweries were. well they're going to only offer take-out and delivery only outdoor dining as we know is banned and while this will be troubling for people like bialy family at robert, bialy vineyards in
7:26 am
napa county they say they are somewhat prepared. >>you know they're always be somebody on property if anybody wants to do curbside pickup, you know place orders online by phone by shooting is still an option. >>matter what happens the optimism glass is always half full for in napa they're still holding out hope because on top of dealing with the pandemic don't forget they also survived the wildfires in the poor air quality that really did a number for their sales and for their vineyards themselves, we'll get through this sheriff. >>well it's one week until christmas but starting today, there's a 10 day quarantine for travelers heading to san francisco. i'm live with the details from the airport. hi, i'm mike. jack hired me to tell you about his bagel breakfast sandwiches with bacon or sausage. jack i thought you hired me to be the spokesperson!
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>>7.29 and we have a cool clear morning while look at the gold pretty very at the camera shaking just a tad bit maybe i didn't secure that one is because i went up and i did that and cam right and i drove really just drove that shaking around all over the but this was like they do on my like when they go out with their stick and measure the snow it's so old fashioned the snow stick in the east coast has got to be at least 2 feet tall oh my gosh, yeah. >>especially for upstate new
7:30 am
york just cut so much it happy that you're in california looking at use like this year, tim cam darya is shaking a little bit this morning to see might be to get back up there. but it is absolutely beautiful or views across the bay certainly are. bay bridge looking good and speaking of your view from mount tam it looks so i just let that one we can sit on it for a second but not too long because we got to talk about the cool temperatures that we're in the midst of 2. so obviously crystal clear skies all across the bay, no fog, no cloud cover, but we are in the 30's, sometimes these most beautiful mornings are coldest mornings and that is certainly true this morning double and you're at 34 livermore unconquered in the 30's, the lay how at 38. well santa rose at 31 degrees a bit more mild than alameda and san francisco. each at 45 degrees talking more in your forecast ahead. >>rob all right back to the traffic checking in on your role in your drive around the bay area we're taking a look at the richmond sandra fell bridge really nothing has
7:31 am
changed. i mean folks are behaving. we don't have any hot spots were still delay free and smooth conditions right through the pay gates across the span into the north bay and cost you 9 minutes, not bad at all checking in on the south bay for friends, leaving san jose this morning 80 north from 2.80 to milpitas to 37 up to about an 8 minute trip one on one from south bay to the peninsula northbound that's looking good 31 minutes for your drive in the no issues on northbound 2.80 leaving san jose heading into cupertino its clocking in at 12 minutes star you james. >>all right rob, thank you time now 7.31 the entire bay area region is under a stay at home order and as you can see here it was a triggered by the fact that our icu beds, the availability of them drop below 15% every county that you see highlighted here are part of the bay area region. the entire state of course shut down or broken up into different regions every single state now under this mandatory shut down. there were a couple counties that went up early those restrictions will stay in place for at least another 3 weeks for them this is on
7:32 am
top again of the time they've already been shut down which is really impacting businesses pretty hard. >>something else knew that is going to impact you even if you live in the bay area if you're flying in from somewhere else that you visited you coming sfo. they want you to quarantine you're required to quarantine for 10 days. the trick is there's no real way to enforce this so they're begging you to do it for the safety of everyone kron 4 sarah stinson is live at sfo. the details good morning, sir. >>the travel order that begins today requiring you to do a 10 day quarantine well it goes into effect in they are asking you to follow the honor system now live here at sfo, i've got few questions from viewers and they said was a flying to san jose or oakland, it doesn't matter where you fly into the point is when you're traveling and you're heading in you're going to stay in san francisco. that is where it is mandatory to do the 10 day
7:33 am
quarantine however doesn't seem like they're going to be finding anyone or tracking you down like some parts of the country. they will be asking you and begging us star has been saying to do the honor system now some travelers kron 4 has told kron 4 that they're not surprised by this new travel order they actually plan to stay in san francisco for at least 10 days anyways you know we're one week out from christmas. so some people plan on saying through the holiday through new year's, san francisco health director doctor grant colfax announced the new order yesterday and saying him city officials and the cdc all pleading for people not to travel let's hear from doctor colfax now. >>we in san francisco or new craze situation. other places. you are this means people travel outside of san francisco and visitors who come from other areas are much higher risk being and
7:34 am
spreading the virus. >>the san francisco airport. they're doing a lot to help inform and educate people about the new travel order. they are repeating the new order on their pa system throughout baggage claim throughout the airport there's also a ton of signage so when people land they will be well aware of the travel order if they hadn't seen the news or anything like that now there's very few exceptions in terms of essential travel and this is not in its sec people who work during a connection flight here at the airport but keep in mind 10 day quarantine even if you're a local coming home returning from a trip whether it's worked or for fun. you have to do that 10 day quarantine in their ask you please do it. it's the honor system let's try and help everybody out and make sure we stop the spread of the coronavirus reporting live at sfo sarah stinson kron 4 news, thanks. a lot sarah. >>a long-awaited covid-19
7:35 am
vaccine is finally in marin county and the first to get the shot were staff members at an assisted living facility. our cameras were there recording the moment where more than a 150 health care workers they're at the redwood senior living facility. we're vaccinated there in mill valley, nursing homes or assisted living facilities are course in the first tier for vaccination distribution, public health experts explain that seniors infected with the virus tend to need hospitalization more often and with icu beds in this low supplies. they are they really need to get the seniors vaccinated. >>this is a historic moment from rain county and for the nation and for the world honestly we have seen this community be or most all we have more than 80% of the death marine county are among residents who live in facilities like the red and so we we knew right away when we see the backing needed to target this afternoon we're going to with the vaccine korea bubble. >>yeah, there are about 300 residents at that facility alone and as far as
7:36 am
vaccinations the murray county plans to continue doing they say they're going to strip these vaccines to other health care workers in the days to come so that more and more people get the shot. >>long-term skilled nursing facility workers in santa clara county got their covid shots. the county is getting nearly 18,000 doses of pfizer's vaccine. it got the first batch of more than 5,000 doses in a second batch is expected today. county health officials also expect to get 39,000 doses of the moderna vaccine. this coming tuesday. >>following health care workers and the most vulnerable who's next in line to get a shot a state advisory committee has just made their recommendations, let's take a look. >>there are 3 broad sectors and they're not any orders just these are the 3 groups that are next teachers first responders and grocery and restaurant workers. they'll be a million and a half doses for education child care providers. just over a million doses for emergency service
7:37 am
providers and more than 3 million doses for food and agriculture workers and all of these should be distributed early next year. >>well a group of state senators are urging governor gavin newsom to allow restaurants to resume in person dining state senator patricia bates wrote a letter to the administration requesting that it re classify restaurants as critical infrastructure. a bipartisan group of 11 senators have signed on to support the effort. >>it's vital to our to our families to our economy so why not give them a path that they can meet on safety protocol they are in conversation with the governor that we want to be. >>as we said science and data-driven want to see the data until we see the data and we'll do we'll do otherwise we really have to be focused around being solution driven it. >>the effort comes as governor newsom faces lawsuits up and
7:38 am
down the state over his regional stay at home rules which shut down many businesses in areas based on icu capacities. >>time now is 7.37 and still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news, the fbi is offering $50,000 if you can help them solve a church arson case right here in the bay area will have the latest. and charges are filed in 3 fraud schemes targeting california taxpayer money we'll tell you what they got at your mri.
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>>and we are back 7.40 is the time for women are charged in schemes targeting california's employment development department. they're accused of taking hundreds of thousands of dollars in unemployment benefits that are meant for those impacted by the pandemic we have eric rucker now with the story. >>what may prove to be the largest fraud scheme ever perpetrated against the taxpayers in california history. >>it's money meant for those who lost their jobs during our pandemic federal investigators are shedding light on a couple of plans where that money was given to people who weren't supposed to receive it authorities say in one case an inmate then a parolee at a central california women's prison provided their names and names of other inmates at the facility to receive the cares act funds. inmates are not eligible for that money the underlying applications for the claims falsely stated that the inmates had work within the prescribed period. >>as hair barbers and other
7:42 am
occupations they were available to work which was not true because they were incarcerated investigators say another case involved this woman from roseville and richard bass, a former edd employee feds say she apply for funds illegally for more than 100 different people the total value of all fraudulent unemployment claims from her residence was in excess of 2 million dollars eventually raising suspicions when officials noticed one of those people was us senator dianne feinstein assembly member jim patterson releasing this statement thursday think about this for a minute a dd issues a debit card to senator dianne feinstein how does that happen. >>we'll tell you how udd is complicit in the fraud by mailing out social security numbers to scammers or they are utterly incompetent by not even checking eligibility before they issued the debit card. either way dd has aided and abetted the fraud.
7:43 am
>>and downtown sacramento. i'm eric rucker. >>some 42 the time we'll be right back.
7:44 am
7:45 am
>>45 right now and they're in feet on the east coast and that means a lot of to to does that skiers on what gets even
7:46 am
deeper here in some of these shots that we're showing you road conditions obviously very dangerous are a lot of accidents were happening yesterday all up and down the new england you're lost and philly all dealing with at least a foot of snow. yeah, it was even in other parts of upstate new york binghamton new york corded nearly 40 inches don't miss those days i don't miss those days. yeah, you know it snows a lot when you have to shovel the roof did you a shovel. the roof i did dad never setting up their job at you actually own snowshoes snowmobiles >>i've been you know, that's what happens when you have a so we are. >>this shot here compared to the shot over josh older it for 6 guys there is a viral picture of someone running through the streets of new york with an ice cream cone in a t-shirt on everyone else's bundled up that ice want us to look there this only their ice cream. so you know they're
7:47 am
making the best of hearty when you us know you you know got to be hard to survive the 30's yes morning, so-called all right we have our own cold weather here, definitely no snow and i mean i think we can handle some 30's at this point just get that scarf and get that extra layer on and get in the spirit because we definitely are approaching that time of year where we get our coldest across the bay area you can see out there this morning that there is definitely plenty of sun going on to kick off this weekend. >>we will be looking at sunshine staying around through the weekend to today tomorrow and sunday all going to be beautiful clear days very quiet picture on radar and we're going to remain that way in the future cast. not a lot going on here very minimal cloud cover skirting the bay area will see just a touch of it on sunday, but skies are still going to remain predominantly blue and bright high pressure built up across the region keeping us dry and sunny good weekend for any sort of air and she got to get done i don't even though it is 2020. we still do have things that we've got to get out
7:48 am
there and accomplish so a good weekend for doing just that 50's and 60's for your daytime highs today at the coast inland right by the bay we're all pretty much in the same boat yet again not very different from yesterday, but it's going to feel a little bit warmer couple. those reasons we are looking at temperatures just one to 2 degrees warmer, but winds have calmed down pretty good so these 50's and 60's that you do have just a better chance to enjoy it. from castro valley on up through oakland to richmond all at 60 same from danville the concord and a lot of 60's up in the north bay to more than yesterday vacaville fairfield sonoma just among a few of those spots santa rosa mill valley, another couple of them to add to the list as for temperatures these next 7 days we do see a slightly forecast come tuesday, wednesday and thursday getting towards christmas. highs fall into the 50's looks like we're going to stay dry through the weekend into early next week couple sprinkles possible midweek but better chances of rainfall after christmas. robin all
7:49 am
right, thank you for the update john let's update your friday morning commute around the bay area nothing to worry about heading into san francisco. >>i keep waiting for backup like i know it's going to get heavier eventually right but it's friday light so far a quick trip into san francisco at 10 minutes from the bottom of the maze over to the fremont street exit we're off to the richmond sandra fell we're just now getting some action here and sing from slowing a leading up to the toll plaza, it's just a minor way i mean once you get through this. it's a great trip across the span. so we'll put it at 9 minutes over to one on one no problems into the north bay from the north bay rolling south on one oh one across the golden gate into san francisco traffic continues to move well so no problems 22 minutes from highway 37 to the toll plaza darya james, thanks a lot of 7.49 the fbi is offering a five-figure award for information to find whoever set fire to a church in san francisco. it was an armenian church that was intentionally torched earlier this year covers ella sogomonian has
7:50 am
more. we are committed to protecting the first amendment rights of everyone in our communities. >>including the free exercise of religious beliefs. >>fbi special agent craig fehr stands in front of what is left of the cultural center of the saint gregory the illuminator armenian church in san francisco announcing that his bureau is financially backing a hate crime investigation. they're offering up to $50,000 for information that may lead to the arrest and conviction of the person or people who intentionally set the structure on fire at around 04:15am on september 17th. thankfully, no one was injured. however this act of violence. >>was not just an attack on a building but on a congregation. this was an attack on a community. >>the church arson was one of 3 hate crimes targeting san francisco's armenian community this year sparking not only flames but fear among the group. 2 days later on september 19th the casey the armenian school was shot at and on july 24th, hateful
7:51 am
graffiti was found on their campus walls. we're hike about the daughter graduated last year we're hopeful what's been offered by the fbi as well those are. >>what's offered by the community entice the people that know something about the forward and spend terrifying thing to have to deal police have not identified any suspects. >>and these incidents have not officially been linked, but the fbi wants any details on all 3 of the crimes in the meantime the armenian community cannot help but fear, this may be connected to yet another devastating war waged once more between turkey-backed is there but john and their homeland this fall. >>and was it almost seems like july. and this number of months for precursor to the devastating a military assault was launched against their mean a nation. between september 27th of november. 10 of this year. while much of
7:52 am
the world's attention was turned away. on and a knife to presidential elections here in the u.s.. descendants of very same people perpetrated the armenian genocide 100 years ago if you have information call the fbi san francisco division. >>at 415-553-7400. >>or go to tips dot fbi dot gov. you can also call the sfpd anonymous tip line at 415-575-4444 or text a tip to tip 4, 1, 1, >>and a reminder the kron four's teaming up with the super bowl of caring to raise a million meals for families in need if you'd like to donate all you is take your phone scanned the qr code there on the left side of your screen or you can text and y e donate to 2, 6, 9, 8, 9, and there's also 3rd way too you can visit tackle hunger dot org. pick a local charity. >>and donate what you can.
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
>>5 and health care workers who got the covid vaccine are going to be honored. >>at the super bowl nfl commissioner roger goodell says that he wants to thank them for their service and the pandemic. >>and also it's a way to promote vaccinations the
7:56 am
league is planning to have fans be at the game on february 7th, but they have not said how many fans will be there of course they're going to have to wear masks. >>coming up in the next hour, kron 4 morning news, the entire bay area now under that stay at home order will tell you what you can and can't do under these new guidelines. plus anyone traveling outside the bay area, san francisco will need to quarantine we're going to be live at the airport with the latest on these travel advisories. and vice president mike pence got his coronavirus vaccine earlier this morning. we'll tell you why he decided to do it so publicly. two medical societies have strongly recommended to doctors
7:57 am
to treat acute, non-low back muscle and joint pain with topical nsaids first. a formulation they recommend can be found in salonpas. a formulation they recommend can be found in salonpas. salonpas. it's good medicine. hisamitsu.
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7:59 am
>>area now forced to shelter in place now that we are running of icu beds coming up we'll have reaction from people and tell you what you can and cannot do. >>we're also going to tell you about the new thing you have to do if you land at sfo even if you're from the bay area we've got a quarantine. >>and earlier this morning we saw vice president mike pence received his covid-19 vaccination live on national television. this as he tries to combat the distrust and misinformation surrounding the vaccine. the news station
8:00 am
you're watching the friday to you i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher we have a beautiful morning shaping up here on this friday with a lot of sunshine out there looks fantasma maybe a light jacket is only a name will it stay that way for the weekend yes, staying sunny at least definitely not staying in the 30's thankfully, because that's where we're sitting this morning for a lot of us. >>bay bridge, nice and bright you're going to see a lot more sunshine on the bay bridge into the afternoon too as you will at the coast as well let's take a look at your half moon bay cam and what we've got going on there is also ample sunshine right along the coastline today. now skies will remain clear from the coast all the way to our interior valleys. so really the state in general is calming down after we saw rainfall wednesday night into early thursday morning, not too long ago. concord livermore dublin up into the north bay all in the 30's santa rosa yo


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