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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  December 28, 2020 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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work through the next 60 to 90 days here in the state of california in a dissipate this surge on top of the surge. >>now it's 6 o worsening coronavirus crisis governor newsom says stay at home orders will likely be extended as cases continue to surge out of control. thanks for joining us tonight, i'm ken wayne and i'm catherine heenan in for pam moore. >>with california becoming the first state to have more than 2 million covid cases, the governor says the pandemic has of course taking a big toll on hospitals. today the state reported more than 33,000 new cases of covid over the weekend. the total number of people in the hospital now close to 21,000 in the bay area roughly 9% of icu beds are available. there are none available in the san joaquin valley and southern california region. but today governor newsom announced that hospitalizations are plateauing in most of the state kron four's dan kerman live for us in san francisco
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with the latest dan. >>i'm in a good news, bad news hospitalizations as you mention plateauing in all but southern california that's the good news. the bad news so much travel over the christmas holiday despite warnings from health experts means they're expecting the numbers to go back up again in january which will put us back in a bad position everywhere and that could mean that stay at home orders could be extended. >>during an online briefing monday. the governor said hospitalizations have plateaued in most of california except for the southern california region indication that regional stay at home orders are working. >>there is evidence they have work substantially so and that's encouraging and i think that's certainly the case is really serious crime these numbers that are part time, but he says heavy travel over the holidays against medical experts wishes will make the brief success shortlived we likely will experience in 2 weeks. 1418 days from now
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search stacked on top of these are searches related to heidi activities and so we're doing everything to prepare staffing alternate care sites with that in mind. the governor says regional stay at home orders which expire in southern california. and the san joaquin valley region, both was 0% icu capacity. >>will likely be extended tuesday as for the bay area region where the icu capacity is below 10% that decision will be made closer to the january 8th expiration date the governor also announced a federal pharmacy partnership with cvs and walgreens to give covid-19 vaccines to residents of long-term care facilities is underway as of today skilled nursing facilities to first. >>part b their second phase of the pharmacy partnership will be assisted living facilities residential care and other long-term facilities, but the health director made it clear vaccines will not impact the current surge only the behavior of californians.
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>>make the decision to stay local stand home, jon outside of their household because i mean everything that we're seeing today is things that were a month ago or 2 months ago. risk activity today are really high wrists because of the level of been circulating in our community. >>the governor also indicated more than 260,000 people have already received there. first dose of the vaccine and another 500,000 or so doses are coming to california before the year is over. we live in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news dan thank you for that and today governor newsom announced that inmates in homeless people in california. >>could be in the next year to get vaccines are kron four's terisa stasio is looking into this story. shovel full report tonight on kron 4 news at 8 o'clock. >>as the number of covid cases continues to climb statewide bay area hospitals they are
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struggling to keep from being overwhelmed with patients a hospital saw a big increase in covid patients after thanksgiving. at john muir medical center and walnut creek health workers say they've seen the number of patients triple in recent weeks and other local hospitals also very concerned about the weeks ahead in response to the demand for icu beds hospitals are making changes like delaying elective and non urgent surgeries. >>knowing that we were headed in this direction we direction we stopped adding on additional non urgent or emergent surgeries. and then last week we actually pull back completely on anything that's not urgent or emergent are time sensitive we have not even begun to see the impact from christmas yet so to bring new year's on you know week later could be really really challenging for hospitals in our area to manage. >>john muir health says so far about 70% of its staff managed
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to get the coronavirus vaccine. the hospital is pleading with people to avoid new year's gatherings of course in an effort to prevent even more cases vaccinations for california's nursing home population began today, senior residents are now able to get access to the vaccine. cbs began administering vaccines that thousands of skilled nursing homes and assisted living facilities today. today we talked to the cbs regional director for details. >>cdc actually made the decision to go to all long-term care facilities and they have the opportunity to either opt in and use cvs or walgreens to do their vaccinations or they could have used to state road program. but i'll tell you a majority decided to go with either cvs or walgreens and so we are actually going to be in 40,000 long-term care facilities over the next 12
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weeks and 15,000 in the in the state of california alone so we're looking to vaccinate 700,000 people in the next 12 weeks this is really exciting. >>that interview first ran in our 24 7 streaming news service. kronon you can stay connected to breaking news on local icu bed availability by downloading the kron 4 and kron on apps they are free in your app store. >>the country's top infectious disease expert described his experience after getting the covid-19 vaccine. 6 to 10 hours following the felt a little bit of an ache in my arm that lasted maybe 24 little bit more. >>then went away and completely other than that i felt no other deleterious type of of affects it was really quite good. it was a even even as good or better than influenza vaccine. doctor fauci received the moderna vaccine. last tuesday.
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>>now to another big story. we're following tonight house lawmakers have voted to increase covid-19 relief checks to $2000. this comes after president trump demanded bigger payments. the bill now heads to the senate where the outcome is uncertain. the covid-19 relief package includes a financial lifeline for struggling arts and cultural organizations and kron four's maureen kelly reports the billions of dollars have been set aside specifically to help performing arts venues closed down by the pandemic. >>tucked inside the covid-19 relief package is a 15 billion dollar grant program called save our stages. it's meant to help everything from big cultural institutions like the san francisco symphony to small-time music venues. stay afloat during this pandemic. >>the arts have been devastated. >>there are articles coming out every single day about a great cultural depression and about the death of theater
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about the unemployment rates for artists and the number of small businesses that have closed. >>the shutter gates of nightclubs like the chapel on valencia street. we can see the lineup from last february still posted outside. is one example of that devastation deborah cullen and is co-chair of the san francisco arts alliance. >>that organization work with washington political leaders to help the news like these stay alive with the 15 billion dollar grant program. it's part of the bipartisan covid relief stimulus package that is specifically focused on small businesses that are staged granted so these could be music venues are performing arts venues. >>these are organizations that were closed first. >>and we'll open last and have not been taken care of. >>the legislation also extends unemployment for artists and we'll provide additional forgivable small business loans or nonprofit arts and cultural organizations, the director of rising rhythm in the city's excelsior district plans to apply for an sba loan
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as the pandemic has pushed her dance company to the brink i reached out to make community to help me pay my rent. >>you know imagine how that feels you know as an adult as a as a business owner someone who's trying to do that for the community not being able to anyone having the community help me pay my rent. you know. it's a little hard that dancer choreographer says that this stimulus money is a move in the right direction. >>but says more support is needed to help arts and cultural nonprofits repair the staggering damage done by this pandemic maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>and coming up tonight on kron 4 news at 6 we're going to talk live with political science lecturer. donna crane on things like when people might get their relief checks and the ongoing friction between the president and some republicans what that could mean for the party. take a live look at the golden gate
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bridge looks fairly nice out there after a rainy christmas weekend and apparently more rain ahead, you know lawrence is going to be a pretty busy man it looks like next couple weeks maybe lawrence i think so yeah getting the new year, we're going to see. >>major major pattern develop a lot of rain headed our way some heavy rain may we start talk about some flooding that still weigh on the forecast. certainly looks interesting right now outside. yeah got a beautiful evening to work on a few passing clouds and some clear skies going to get cold out there tonight. we're on dipping way down in the 30's probably below freezing some of the interior valleys low pressure kind of skirt the coastline. the storm system missing most of the bay area we have some light showers but nothing real heavy most the heavier rainfall now in southern california see the snow piling up on the saying gabriel mountains as well so nice storm for them we are seeing a skies clear out around the bay area maybe some patchy fog to deal with overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning in some of the interior valleys rainfall amounts. yeah, just over a 10th in mill valley 1100's in
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san francisco, a word 1200's of an inch of rain just drop of the bucket there walnut creek, a 10th of an inch in oakland and san jose 3 hundredths of an inch of rain so not a ton of rain from the storm system but outside tonight your skies are clear on out is going to be a cold night bundle up those temperatures really fallen off side down about 30 degrees. in santa rosa, 32 in freezing in the napa valley is he a lot of 30's in a few 40's even around the bay. i think by day tomorrow looks like a very nice day clear skies is going to be a big you can see all the way out the fair lawn for tomorrow. temperatures will stay cool plan on some 50's and some 60's but after that things begin to change here. we go slight chance of showers on wednesday night into thursday we get in the new year chance of rain on the way to win then boy saturday night sunday that's when things look to open up much more stormy weather on the way guys back to you. thank you lawrence coming up a decision today and the 2018 shooting death of a suspect by pittsburgh police
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but the contra costa county da is saying plus breaking down the latest stimulus bill how an economist and restaurant owners feel about the latest really. >>we'll hear from a local doctor on a possible post christmas surge in covid cases and how soon children might be able to get the vaccine. that's after the break. if you have postmenopausal osteoporosis
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covid and you're within 3 month period of time is you know when you bought it then you likely so i have on my knees. >>as frontline health care workers continue to get the vaccine and there are a lot of continued questions will the vaccine is work against the new strain of the virus. when will children be able to get a 10. but if you've had covid and survives should even be getting the vaccine kron four's noelle bellow talk to an infectious disease expert has some answers. >>with every passing day of the pandemic more questions come to mind infectious disease experts like doctor, peter chin-hong with ucsf are working hard to remind the public the science behind the vaccines should be trusted even as a new strain of the virus called into question whether or not they'll work. doctor chan, hong says the new strain isn't so different that it would make the vaccines and effective it is been around. >>and has been described since
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september october so it's it would be not surprising to me that it's around. >>another big question surrounds kids and the vaccine and when they'll be able to get their shots. i think the vaccines will probably be available before next school year meaning after the summer. >>because in both pfizer and do studying kids under 12 another population concerned about the vaccine includes those who have had covid-19 and survived doctor chan hong says more guidance on when those people should get the vaccine is coming soon there right would on the street is that. >>if you've had covid and you're within 3 month period of time is you know when you bought it then you likely so i have on side gives a little bit of cushion i someone definitely need to get it because we're not really sure that that not joanna body would last as long as i've seen and used on so even though the trials have not
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included people who have already had it it is still. >>understandably safe to receive it. exactly we don't think that's it will rafal up the antibodies are you immune system too much to make them overactive. >>in fact does want to be like a booster. >>no matter what category you fall in until a majority of the population is vaccinated you need to continue wearing your mask and keeping your distance in san francisco. noelle bellow kron 4 news. >>a drugmaker astrazeneca says that its vaccine will be effective against a mutant strain of the coronavirus now that strain mostly being seen in great britain. the company is developing a vaccine. it is expected to be approved by british authorities probably this week. there's some concern the vaccine being developed with oxford university might not be as good as the one made by pfizer partial results suggest that the astrazeneca shot is about 70% effective at this point
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anyway compared to the 95% reported by pfizer. there could soon be a new coronavirus treatment this one would help people right after the exposure scientists said university college london hospitals are doing trials. they are seeing whether people recently exposed could get some protection from the virus by getting a direct antibody injection. this is not intended as an alternative to the vaccine. this is for people of either got a long wait or they can't get the vaccine for some reason. results of the trials expected in the spring. >>the cdc has issued new guidance about covid vaccines for people with underlying health conditions. the agency reports say can receive vaccines the songs they have not had a severe allergic reaction to any of the vaccines ingredients. the cds out sisi also says people with auto immune conditions can receive the vaccine, however, there is no data on the safety of the vaccine for them. despite public health
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warnings, many americans are traveling across the country right now. the tsa says it screened 1.3 million passengers on sunday at us airports. that is the highest number of travelers since mid march, the number of air travelers is still about 50%. then the same date last year. but sunday was the 6th day in the last 10 that the traffic volume surpassed a million passengers. the rise comes despite public health officials urging americans to avoid holiday travel this year as coronavirus cases jumped san francisco and santa clara county in fact have a 10 day quarantine for people who arrived to the county from anywhere outside of the bay area region and speaking of travel. here's how it looks right now at sfo kron 4 chief meteorologist lawrence karnow as a check of the work the forecast arts. yeah, you guys we've got a major change in the weather coming away with a show you that in a moment right now outside gorgeous conditions we've got a few passing clouds otherwise lot of stars and it's going to be
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chilly night around the bay area tonight with some of those temperatures dropping probably little bit below freezing in some of the cherry valley so outside tonight quieting things down now we did have a few showers as a weak system kind of roll on by mainly missing the bay area we cut just a few showers out of it. >>not a whole lot making its way down the santa cruz mountains the monterey bay and further south outside looking good right now that's why it's going to say here's that swirl that area of low pressure all the way down point conception now moving in los angeles and san diego bringing them some rain but we dry things out here now for short at least a short range anyway after that things get very active tonight a few clouds a little star light out there tonight some patchy valley fog real possibility get some of that moisture on the ground now and so the temperature has dropped off to see some that moisture form in the some clouds the interior valleys tomorrow, sunny and bright though, and should be a cool day and then things really get unsettled as a pattern is really going to shift gears temperatures outside right now we've got 40's and 50's already seen or go from here all right lauren forecast this work it's really interesting as we head to the
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middle week we had a weak system that's going to kind of clipped the bay area maybe bring some showers in the north bay on wednesday, another one right behind that on new year's bringing a chance some showers and then things get really interesting that's when the pattern starts open up as we get into sunday you see that storm system come through see more of a zonal flow years us comes ration across the pacific bring some heavy rain into tuesday and wednesday get the idea they start lining up some of the computer models start to paint some very impressive rainfall totals, maybe we start talking 3 maybe 5 inches of rain in the bay area so flooding could be the issues we get in the first week of the new year of course we'll keep you updated right here kron 4 k lawrence, thank you. >>in these papers for police officers involved in a 2018 shooting that killed a suspect will not face criminal charges. contra costa county district attorney's office ruled today that the shooting was legally justified. this is body camera video from october of 2018 police say salvador
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mirallas held his ex wife and baby son hostage at gunpoint and shot his brother-in-law in the neck. when he tried to intervene bra was then forced his wife and son into a car and drove away. leading police on a chase to concord and then back to his home in pittsburgh. and he refused to surrender for more than 2 hours and officer ashley fired a beanbag round at morales that is when police say mirallas fired his handgun, 5 officers immediately opened fire in return killing the suspect. according to repeat a report released today by the da's office prosecutors determined that under the circumstances, a reasonable juror would find that the officers were justified in using deadly force. >>in national investigators are still trying to determine the motive behind the christmas bombing that damaged dozens of buildings, you're looking at body camera video showing the moments before the
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explosion and the explosion itself. authorities say 63 year-old anthony quinn warner is responsible it is believed he acted alone and it was a suicide bombing. investigators linked his dna to human remains found in the debris. warner did have experience with electronics. the explosion damaged more than 40 buildings in the downtown area there and injured 8 people. a special forces soldier has been charged with murder in connection to a mass shooting this was at a bowling alley and rockford, illinois. police have identified 37 year-old duke web as the gunman, they say that he opened fire at a bowling alley last night just before 7 killing 3 people wounding 3 others. but they think the shooting was random they do not have a motive at this point webb has been charged with 3 counts of murder 3 counts of attempted murder. >>that we have tonight at 6.45 a warning to those who have undergone cosmetic surgery,
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we'll tell you about a unique side effect some of them are dealing with after getting the coronavirus vaccine. >>also california offenders can qualify for early parole, we've got details on a
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almost 2 thirds of voters 4 years ago, former governor jerry brown who champions, the 2014 initiative has a way to reduce prison populations in costs has repeatedly said he never intended for to cover offenders. a lower appeals court ruled that the plain language of the initiative mean said they cannot be excluded from consideration as nonviolent offenders and the high court agreed. >>coming up next will this next round of stimulus checks a boost economy we're going to hear from people hit really hard by the pandemic on what the next round of checks will mean to their plus art work vandalize the latest sign house culture breonna taylor was defaced in clint and house lawmakers may vote to pass a plan to send $2000 stimulus checks to families will talk to political science lecturer donna crane on
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>>that's our top story tonight house lawmakers tonight passed a plan to increase stimulus checks to $2000 just plan passed with a super majority vote 44 republicans joining the efforts in the house the president had demanded that increased democratic lawmakers, jumping at the opportunity the bill would send people making up to $75,000 to


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