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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  December 29, 2020 8:00am-9:01am PST

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minutes, she's going to have anything says she barely felt and most people have gotten the vaccine 10's of thousands of got to say that it was no big deal maybe a sore arm that very few side they're happy to see. well it is good to be here. >>still likes to say there's a big difference between the vaccine and vaccinations. want to get the vaccine. it is relatively painless it happened really quickly it is safe. the the pfizer today. seen my husband is going happen today as well. i look forward to getting back and
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back this is about saving lives. literally that's a i trust the scientists and it is the scientists who created it. approved this vaccine. everyone when it is your turn. get vaccinated it's about saving your life. of your family members. and so thank you and let's all just do what we need to do to stay healthy and safe this holiday season and every day. this this vaccine. first of health care
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providers like an expectation. community and we have. medical centers and clinics like this all over the country. of course act but people who understand the community who often come from the community. minister all year round a trusted helped. in your community is where you can take the vaccine where you will receive a back seat. folks you may know working in the same hospital where your children before folks who are working in the same hospital where an elderly relative received the kind of care they need it so want to remind people. trusted sources. to get the vaccine $2000 check
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and so i would urge my colleagues put my bill on the floor for a vote. >>all right there's kamala harris, not just talking about the vaccine and its safety and encouraging everybody to get talking about the covid relief package that we are waiting to see which version gets past you get a $600 check or $2000 check and that's one of the stories that we're covering this morning. thanks for joining us. i guess i'm robin hanson filling in for james fletcher and one of the things that she talked the reporter talk about what does the fear surrounding the vaccine and she reiterated the same thing that joe biden talked about last week is doing this in public. the vaccine is safe and they want to make sure that american go out and get it when it's available to everyone but until it's available make sure you wear your mask and continue practice, social distancing you know three's a time right now and get a check of the weather looks pretty nice out
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there and looking good yeah, yeah, gorgeous day for getting out and maybe taking the dog on a walk with an extra layer on because not only is it really pretty. >>but it is also really chilly. we are seeing the bay bridge behind me, nice and bright under all that sunshine that you've got out there big change from yesterday's gray skies, an early morning showers that we kicked off your monday with. >>your view from our mount tam camera news camera showing you those clear skies all the way across the bay quiet on radar chile on our current temperatures, half moon bay. palo alto livermore dublin conquered all the 30's, san jose, your back to 40 degrees. you also fell in the 30's earlier while berkeley at 43 now pup petaluma santa rosa among those spots still in the 30's in for santa rosa, you're actually just a touch below freezing currently santa rosa, nevada, livermore half moon bay, each 11 degrees cooler than at the same time yesterday napa down 12 degrees. so definitely bundle up to start i'm talk in the afternoon and new year's forecast still to come robin
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hey the morning commute is looking good john we don't have any hot spots of the trip. >>into san francisco remain smooth and delay free so come on in while you have the chance to beat the rush if there's going to be a rush. i doubt it we haven't had any traffic all morning still on vacation so we're doing fine into san francisco checking in on 92, you just never know what's going to pop up. checking in on 92 the trip across the san mateo bridge much much better compared to the last hour. it continues to fan out so it's a nice drive here between hayward and san mateo with no problems or crashes and we have one more the trip across the golden gate bridge beautiful shot lots of sunshine and smooth traffic. that's a nice combination 25 minutes rolling south novato to the toll plaza. >>8 '05 right now and the governor is expected to make the decision today to extend the stay at home orders in some parts of california including southern california. that's right there watching the numbers and hospitals are bracing for another surge or surge upon surge, let's check
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in with kron 4 sarah stinson who is live in san francisco this morning with an update for us sara. >>that's right don southern california and the san joaquin regions they're seeing still 0% icu bed capacity and that means that their stay at home order could very well extend today, we're expecting the governor to announce something along those lines. but here in the bay area our situation includes having 9.5% of icu beds left hospitals like ucsf still seeing critically low icu bed capacity and that is causing concern we have a couple more days to really understand the numbers of it's going up or down and that will determine if we go into a stay at home or that extends past january 8th now in the last 14 days or state has seen a 37% increase in coronavirus cases
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now we are seeing in some parts of the state. >>a plateau a small of hospitalizations but that does not mean we should get comfortable, it means that we're still expecting. >>yet another post-holiday surge doctor mark galli californias secretary health and human services says the state will likely. >>make a definitive ruling on the orders for southern california areas by today but the bay area is to be determined, especially because we still need to see how the numbers are looking. let's hear from doctor galleon governor newsom now about the current situation. >>we certainly anticipate that the middle of january and it's going to be a pretty difficult time in our hospitals where the chase is from this weekend next week really start to stack on top of one another impacting the emergency rounds or hospital wards and our icu space is it's very sober and doing very proactive in and looking to build more capacity more partnerships and. >>delivers existing resources.
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>>we'll some says the state is heading into a new phase, it's been preparing for setting up hospital beds in arenas schools intense, but the biggest concern in struggle, we still faces staffing. we don't have enough staff at hospitals across our state so we're still struggling in that category we'll continue to monitor the numbers will let you know how it's all looking but for now we just kind of wait and see what governor gavin, newsome has to say today regarding southern california for now reporting live in san francisco sarah stinson kron 4 news all right we'll see what the governor had say thank you for the update sarah. >>covid-19 relief package the new one is going to the senate and the house of representatives voted to increase the stimulus tech checks went for the $2000 and set a 600 and the senate is going to consider that measure. it's not clear though if senate republican leader mitch mcconnell is going to put it up for a vote, democratic minority leader
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chuck schumer says he's pushing for his colleagues to support the $2000 checks. asking. >>what's called unanimous consent request and of republicans go along it will happen. we need that money. people are desperate. they need the help. >>if the senate doesn't approve the $2000 check version you'll still get the $600 checks if you qualify and those checks could be going out within the next week. meanwhile, california's employment development department is waiting for guidance from the u.s. labor department on exactly how to implement the new covid relief legislation which is expected to restore the $300 a week benefit through march of next year. well the covid-19 relief package includes a financial lifeline for struggling arts and cultural organizations. well billions have been set aside specifically to help performing arts venues been closed since march kron four's maureen kelly reports. >>tucked inside the covid-19
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relief package is a 15 billion dollar grant program called save our stages. it's meant to help everything from big cultural institutions like the san francisco symphony to small-time music venues. stay afloat during this pandemic. >>the arts have been devastated. >>there are articles coming out every single day about a great cultural the question about the death of theater about the unemployment rates for artists and the number of small businesses that have closed. >>the shutter gates of nightclubs like the chapel on valencia street. we can see the lineup from last february still posted outside. is one example of that devastation deborah cullen and is co-chair of the san francisco arts alliance. that organization work with washington political leaders to help the news like these stay alive with the 15 billion dollar grant program. it's part of the bipartisan covid relief stimulus package that is
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specifically focused on small businesses that are staged granted so these could be music venues are performing arts venues. these are organizations that were closed first. >>and we'll open last and have not been taken care of. >>the legislation also extends unemployment for artists and we'll provide additional forgivable small business loans or nonprofit arts and cultural organizations, the director of rising rhythm in the city's excelsior district plans to apply for an sba loan as the pandemic has pushed her dance company to the brink i reached out to make community to help me pay my rent. >>you know imagine how that feels you know as an adult as a as a business owner someone who's trying to do that for the community not being able to anyone having the community help me pay my rent. you know. it's a little hard that dancer choreographer says that this stimulus money is a move in the right direction. >>but says more support is
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needed to help arts and cultural nonprofits repair the staggering damage done by this pandemic maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>8.11 and today a free pop up covid testing site opens in palo alto it starts at 10:00am and it's in the parking lot of the mitchell park library on middlefield road open until 4 o'clock. and this is going to be the case every tuesday it's the self administered type of test and you don't need insurance but you do need to sign up for an appointment. so do that if you're interested in getting a covid test. drugmaker astrazeneca says that their vaccine is going to be effective against the new strain of the coronavirus that has been circulating around the united kingdom. they're developing a vaccine expected to be approved by british authorities this week. there is some concern that though it's not as effective as the pfizer or moderna ones. partial results of this point say that astra zeneca they're
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shot is about 70% affective as compared to the others which are 95% affective merrill of a vaccine development company novavax has announced the start of phase 3 trials for their covid vaccine in the u.s. and in mexico, they're rolling up to 30,000 volunteers who are 18 years old and older 2 thirds of the participants will get 2 doses of the vaccine and the rest are going to get a placebo. and they'll be tracked for 2 years, this is the 5th coronavirus vaccine in its final stages of testing in the united states. >>it's 8.13 and coming up on the kron 4 morning news. still ahead people struggling with homelessness have a new place to live in oakland we're going to take you inside after the break. and when it comes to bay area bridges what
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>>the 16 is the time and we're checking out the weather behind you looks pretty nice that's a beautiful shot big difference from yesterday right would you rather take the rainy morning or the cold and clear what i'll take hold tuna second oh yeah i would it's going to fun layering up anyway. yes, but if you asked me what take the rain or the snow on the take the snow for oh yeah, the snow for sure, yes, the snow yeah yeah, i don't the shelling. it going
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up to tahoe one of those things this year you don't get see this but we will be getting some new snow in tahoe next year which is only a few next people i love going your co-workers it's right around the corner, as it's like 3 days away from now and thank goodness hopefully, 2021 is a smoother sale i have singers cross we're keeping the faith just enough a wash us lee optimistic, that's right still getting those masks and though course that's a given for 2021 still we are looking at at least getting ourselves back on track as far as rain and snow goes. we were definitely starting this fall winter season with some lower levels of snow and rain here in the bay we've been recently seeing an uptick in that and it looks like next year is going to be bringing some stronger chances of rainfall to us which is good news. clear skies from our sutro tower cam as you can see here skies really quiet on
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radar. it's not just free of fog, but alsosa little bit of that haze look at this green you're good to go with air quality is good almost entirely across the bay little pocket, a moderate around the right now but the sides that if you do have respiratory conditions today is your day because there is some crystal clear out there you think yesterday morning for that when we got that rain helping to clean some of that air quality up. >>today skies will remain nice and clear free of any sort of cloud cover and into tomorrow you may see a few clouds passing overhead so not quite as crystal clear today but staying dry for your wednesday at least during daytime hours tomorrow night, a push of rainfall mostly after sunset and into your early morning hours of thursday, a brief head of rain kind of like what we saw on sunday night leading into yesterday morning. it will be just a few showers here and there clearing out pretty quickly for us in tier. new year's eve new year's eve itself will be nice and dry as we transition into the new year and new year's day starts try before some evening showers on friday night as far
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as temperatures go today, it will be a little bit warmer than yesterday. you can think all that sunshine we're getting for that. daytime highs yesterday you remember we're only in the mid to upper 50's today, we're talking some 60's returning whether you're out along the coastline right along the bay or further inland. it's all a share of upper 50's to low 60's that were going to be looking at later on redwood city and san carlos each right at 60 degrees temperatures in the south bay in the upper 50's to low 60's. same for you in the east bay freemont at 59 dublin, right there too hayward through san leandro berkeley and richmond all in the low 60's temperatures in the north bay also upper 50's to low 60's. fairfield at 62 while 3 of our warmest spots youngsville santa rosa in petaluma all up to 63. this is your look ahead at the next 7 days after today, we're talking 50's again for most of our daytime highs. again our chances of rainfall will be tomorrow night during overnight hours kind of like what we saw couple days ago.
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thursday and friday as we transition into 2021 dry skies until friday night. another just slight chance of showers that time around robin. >>all right, thank you for the update john let's update that morning drive into san francisco which is looking good. we're taking a live look at the bay bridge approach, no delays at the pay gates clear through the maze 5 8024 the nimitz and then when you make it into downtown san francisco. it's just wide open on the skyway the central the james look into ad will check more traffic coming up a little bit later but speaking of bridges star, yeah, the bay bridge there will never be a delay to take tolls again the toll takers are never coming back little sad about this. let's check and kron four's will tran who is live at the bay bridge toll plaza with more on what we can expect well. >>we can expect more of the same the toll takers they're gone duryea actually they left this location back in march because of the pandemic the state just didn't want the interaction between the driver and the toll takers so they
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told people keep moving along we'll take a picture of your driver's license, your plate, the plate in your car and then send you an invoice in the mail and apparently has worked so well that they will continue doing the ad so you will never see another human being at the toll plaza as far as the boots. again reason being they like what's going on many people already have fast track. so if you have fast track your life's not going to change already have an account though just take money out of it and if you need to be replenished then they'll just do it from your credit card. >>if you don't have it well they'll send you that in boys and you just pay the exact amount $6 or $5 whatever time you cross say the bay bridge or the dumbarton bridge. not the golden gate bridge does because the state does not own the golden gate bridge. but they've already been doing. electronic taking anyways for years now so that's not going to impact the golden gate bridge but you will be impacted if you are hardheaded and you refused to pay. we're
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told because the state wants every dollars so after 30 days and you don't pay it as far as the invoice it's $25 for every violation after 60 days at $75 and if you don't do it after that it comes time to renew your car your registration it could be suspended. this we said area because i love coming through here from time to time in the past and talking to the toll workers, some of them a crime for viewers and they say hi or what not and will never see that again and i can tell you doing this story before in the past even at the golden gate bridge, they hated the idea because it meant a loss of jobs. and that is true, but you know what as far as you say hi to the toll taker the guy behind you is happy that it's over like the moment >>say new york the case well. a to the time right now in the east bay people who are
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homeless have a new place to live in oakland funds for the state's project homekey have helped to turn a former college dorm into permanent housing for families and seniors kron four's dan thorn has more. >>to help protect people struggling with homelessness throughout the covid-19 pandemic clifton hall in rockridge is now affordable housing for unhoused seniors and families the effort was made possible through funding from project homekey a program designed to help unsheltered people who are at risk of serious illnesses such as covid-19 this is one example of of one very important example. solution oakland city council member dan called says there are still lots of work to be done in helping the unhoused in his city and his district but taking over clifton hall is a good start we all know we have a challenge throughout our city with many homeless encampments. >>and finding more plate more roofs over people for people's heads over people's heads for families and such. is our
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overall long-term now and beyond most of the residents at clifton hall will be seniors with permanent housing for families this space will be more transitional allowing for some stability to move forward there was some skepticism as to whether this would come to fruition before the new year, but the more than 100 people began moving in on monday. >>alameda county has last reported icu bed availability just over 32% the clifton hall affordable housing may help in keeping that number from getting any lower as the most vulnerable are taken off of the streets in really is truly at 5 this morning and he appeared in the other takes a village reporting
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>>welcome back everyone, a new ruling from the california supreme court will now allow offenders to qualify for early parole. so the ruling is part of a broader state ballot measure that nearly 2 thirds of voters approved about 4 years ago. now it applies to inmates who were convicted of nonviolent crimes with many people including governor newsome excuse me former governor jerry brown who supported the initiative back in 2016. did not intend for to cover offenders, nonviolent offenses in california include pumping, indecent exposure and also possessing child. well coming up next small business owners in san francisco are calling on the city for
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>>8.30 right now and on this tuesday morning we're getting a lot of sunshine. look at that huge pretty good going into the new year we're getting there we keep this vibe john are i know can we just keep today, yeah around it is beautiful out there little cold but we're all used to getting those heavy jackets on this time of year any ways kind of gets in that holiday spirit. >>we're still in the midst of
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it i think until the new year. you are looking outside at a beautiful view from our mount tam cam definitely a lot clearer than yesterday was no rainfall out there this morning, it's just solid sunshine. some pretty chilly temperatures though, so radar it's very quiet temperatures very chilly all the way up to the coast in fact, half moon bay you're at 39 right now palo alto at 36 san jose work your way back into the low 40's after falling into the 30's earlier, dublin at 33 while santa rosa still or loan spot below freezing at 31. a lot cooler than yesterday. so definitely want to adjust your tire a little bit this morning. nevado down 13 degrees napa down 12 degrees oakland down 10 degrees. i'm talking tomorrow's chance of rainfall in the evening and what to expect for new year's as well still to come. robin thank you for the update let's update that morning drive which has been looking good so far. >>into san francisco. we're checking out the bay bridge and traffic removes well across upper deck right on through downtown. i don't see
8:32 am
any problems or trouble it's a great time to come on in if you do have to get to work this morning a lot of folks are still off. they're on vacation we're not seeing the usual volume of traffic out there, especially on our bridges like 90 to 92 the san mateo bridge was pretty crowded earlier this morning, 5 o'clock 6 o'clock we had some heavier traffic but now you're good if you're packing up and rolling over to foster city or send tale, your drive time is still under 30 minutes which is right on time. we'll check more bridges and drive times coming up a little bit later dory 32 and today governor newsom is expected to extend the stay at home orders in areas of our state where hospitals are running low or out of icu beds altogether. the governor expects that were to be extended for most of the state southern california and the san joaquin valley they have 0 icu beds left in the bay area we have less than 10%. icu capacity available at this point. well governor gavin, newsome announced that
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those incarcerated as well as those who work at state prisons may be next in line to be vaccinated now there's been a covid-19 outbreak at several prisons, including at the state's death row prison at san quentin hospital set up inside the gate to deal with covid cases. the california supreme court recently ruled that some prisoners should be considered on on early release in early release program due to their higher risk of getting the virus because of the close quarters. well as a number of covid cases continues to climb statewide barry hospitals are struggling to keep from being overwhelmed with patients. many hospitals are dramatic increase in covid patients after thanksgiving and john muir medical center in walnut creek health care workers have seen the number of covid patients tripled just in the recent weeks, other local hospitals are also concerned about the weeks ahead. the response to the demand for icu beds hospitals are making changes such as delaying elective surgeries. >>we have not even begun to
8:34 am
see the impact from christmas yet so to bring new year's on you know week later could be really really challenging for hospitals in our area to manage. >>well john muir health says that so far about 70% of its staff has received a coronavirus vaccine. the hospital is pleading with the public to avoid new year's gatherings to prevent even more cases. >>a san francisco businesses continue struggling to stay afloat the pandemic many are experiencing break-ins and vandalism on top of that several shops on clement street in the inner richmond district were hit over the holiday weekend. kron four's taylor psac ii has a look. >>police were here and there was just glass everywhere, the door was completely shattered alyssa anderson woke up to an alert on monday that someone broke into her store foggy notion in san francisco's in a richmond district she was forced to close or clement street shop because of the damage it certainly hurts and also we just lost a whole day of business as well during a time people might want to be
8:35 am
out shopping and supporting small businesses anderson says the thief got away with some small bills out of the cash register. meanwhile, the door replacement cost a few $100, a large out of pocket expense for many business owners on clement street over the weekend owner of toy boat by jane amanda michael says someone destroyed her door while trying to break in on saturday and on sunday, the shop next to her was also hit the business next to the bunny shop was hit the next night. >>their front door was broken so there's like this whole week there's just been a rash of things and it hasn't been the same business. multiple times yet as far as i know that we're all kind of in like this zone where there's a lot going on in october dozens of businesses in the same area were also broken into work or feed with a destructive pete. >>the dozen buffer out of glass windows, an expense that costs anywhere from a few 100 to a few $1000 to fix since then. michael says not much has changed when it comes to
8:36 am
help from the city we don't see like increased police presence we don't see support from the city government i would hope that they could just meet us with the services we need and that we pay for. >>so that you know all of us who are working so hard to stay open and keep people employed. and like i said to make it through the other end and make san francisco, a better place are getting that that same commitment from our officials is in richmond neighborhood isn't the only one subject to the break-ins walk around pretty much any other san francisco street and you'll see similar damage is. >>just last week over in the outer richmond, the restaurant. the saga was also broken into over there. the thieves got away with multiple ipads in a company credit card. and san francisco taylor kron 4 news. despite public health warnings, many americans are traveling across the country right now tsa says it screened more than 1 million passengers on sunday. >>at us airports. although it is about 50% lower than the
8:37 am
same day last year it's still the highest number of travelers since mid-march the rise comes despite public health officials urging americans to avoid holiday travel this year as coronavirus cases have jumped san francisco and santa clara county do have a 10 day quarantine for people who arrive to the country from anywhere outside of the bay area region. >>it's 8.37 and coming up still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news, some families in oakland got us very special delivery from. a christmas with the curries we'll tell you what stephon aishah gave them and business is saying goodbye to the bay area where are they moving and how miami's mayor is trying to lure them. and taking a live look here if you're heading out at sfo the kron 4 stu
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a drink with friends can turn into a few. stop! it's easy to lose track. and getting a dui is easier than you think. plan ahead, call a cab. share a ride. if you choose to drink, choose a sober way to go. go safely, california. >>41 move the mayor of miami would love you to relocate there he's california companies to miami mayor francis suarez says discussions in fact are underway. and a number of california companies right now thinking about heading to miami and giving up our beaches for there's california companies. he says are fed up with high taxes and our on friendly business climate as he says in the age of covid where so much is done virtually it's really easy for companies to relocate. >>i and the entered people will go where they find it
8:41 am
easier to residents or it's inexpensive and where they are wanted do was create favorable environment for companies succeed and rolled out the red carpet and let them know that we want them here. >>not rolling out the red carpet for california but also he says he's in talks with the new york. a lot of businesses there to have them relocate to florida. he calls it a global competition cities all around the world are trying to land companies right now john. >>and nice day to be here in the bay this morning for sure you can't be use like this to happen bay right here with crystal clear skies. it certainly is chilly though happen bexar at 39 degrees right now later on today, we got some 60's to look forward to talking that under new year new year's forecast still to count.
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>>the 44 right now and we're taking a look all around the bay seeing lots of sunshine. yes, i'm enjoying it just letting it soak in because i know there's some rain on the way soon this is true when coming in john yeah you got to soak up the sunshine today because even though we do get a nice dry day again tomorrow won't be quite as crystal clear and tomorrow night another round of some brief showers mostly while we're sleeping so mother nature she has been cooperating with us on the timing of the showers lately looking outside this morning, beautiful view from timber on right here just sunshine overhead we've been this way all morning long now often on these clear mornings
8:45 am
we often do see some of the coldest of temperatures and that's certainly the case this morning so step outside with that extra layer on the sun is up now so temperatures will start to rise incrementally over the next few hours. still chilly though as for air quality take a look at this almost all green out there we've got a little pocket of yellow indicating moderate air quality around the lake tahoe. >>aside from this though if you have respiratory conditions a bit of a sensitivity. you are good to go stepping outside today you can actually think yesterday morning's rain for that helping to lift out some of those pollutants in the day keeping things nice and clear for the day today now skies will remain not just clear any sort of haze out there but also skies just clear with no clouds into the afternoon today. tomorrow there will be some cloud cover pushing through especially later on in the day. then tomorrow night the showers drop into the bay from tomorrow night into your thursday morning a few showers linger on the rest your day thursday which is new year's eve will drive back out and we'll stay dry through new
8:46 am
year's eve itself as we welcome in 2021 and keep our fingers crossed that it will be a smoother year than 2020's, but high pressure is in place now so we're clear we're dry and we're enjoying ace a dry start and a dry finish to your tuesday. daytime highs will even be a little bit warmer than yesterday as we were in the mid to upper 50's across the bay yesterday today though whether you're at the coast right along the bay or further inland. all of us are going to be sharing this range of upper 50's to low 60's. so really quite a pleasant one to be rounding out the year upper 50's in santa clara, san jose will be right at 60 degrees after falling into the 30's this morning. dublin, you felt the freezing you'll be at 59 later today, oakland at 60 degrees for your high along with concord and walnut creek as well as boy how indonesia, some of our warmest of spots will be youngsville santa rosa and petaluma each at 63 for your highs today. tomorrow's temperatures will be quite as warm as today's we're also not going to be quite as crystal clear as today will be tomorrow night a brief chance
8:47 am
of showers that will clear out really quick that sets us up for a dry new year's eve on thursday friday starts try for new year's day might see a sprinkle or 2 friday night. real widespread rainfall not getting here until next week. >>robin all right we always need more rain but we do enjoy the sunshine. thank you john for checking in on the traffic here on 80 the bay bridge heading into san francisco. and it's nothing but good news to report it's been so nice and quiet this morning with so many people still on vacation on of town we are seeing lighter traffic so come on and if you have to get to work you don't have to worry about any delays or major hot spots at least not right now we're checking in on the golden gate we're off to one o one, here's a live. look beautiful shot of the golden gate bridge traffic moving well so far into and out of san francisco, so no problems to report and then we have one more we have the richmond sandra fell no delays here at all just a little busy problems that you have to worry about making your way into the north bay. days here water is an international
8:48 am
award winning magician with several prestigious best of las vegas awards, including best magic show in las vegas he's really good and he'll be a part of our new year's eve show special as christian joyce report, he's found a way to while millions of people even during the pandemic. >>this is a very steadier hand you can touch it in a discussion going. >>is a pure mortimer's love for magic started as a child in the north of he brought that fascination to las vegas combining magik theatre in the arts to tell stories 7 years ago i started with sir disarray and i expect this or saw me answer to say said. >>you should open your training status. i was scared but now not so scary how know we've been working hard and fast years 6 to use year the
8:49 am
show started to really settle and we start to get our own gain scent and have people coming in every day and that's that's beauty of use to something youth you go for it because you don't know what's going to happen. >>after a four-year run the pandemic happened xavier show a magical bally's placed on hold so he improvised taking his solutions to social media i study to published as the tv was on to touch. >>anything stick around and a friend of mine called me and said you should do over to you as you should on the phone lines you see the duct. >>within months he became the most followed magician on social media on the las vegas strip. we see amazing alley sparks as bell by his told her she >>you know said she was around 8 million and it's crazy because i started with 0 basically. >>i think it's so amazing to lift people up because
8:50 am
everyone is just you know so down with everything that's going on so it's really important to remind them that there are still has a lot and have fun and enjoy your song. >>until business returns to normal on the las vegas strip savior and his director in the process of upgrading their show to include some of his best online allusions burden it's it's it's great. it's it's a great experience express checkout he can't wait to perform once again live on state it's 8.50 and east bay nearly 2000 families in oakland got a special delivery from the currys christmas with the curries and the oakland unified school district teamed up. >>and they gave people boxes filled with fresh produce meals and books. it was with the district sales force and the learn play foundation that
8:51 am
is founded by warriors star steph curry and his wife aisha. they gave for those meals away to adults plus 3 weeks worth of meals for students were distributed a week before the winter break. and we want to remind you that kron 4 is teaming up with the super bowl of caring to raise 1 million meals for families in need. if you want to donate it's easy you see that qr code on your screen. you can just zap a picture that and text the words and why each donated 2, 6, 9, 8, 9, and you can also visit tackle hunger dot org and pick a local charity to help. >>just seen and ground and our 2 kids and it's that time of year again did you see this fast approaching and even the pandemic isn't going stop us from having fun checking out the fireworks and looking ahead to hopefully a better 2021. that's right. he was spending a lot of time right here on our couch foam and we hope you'll stay safe at home and join us on new year's eve,
8:52 am
starting at 1130. a drink with friends can turn into two, and a prescription can be stronger than you thought. stop! there are a lot of ways to get a dui. and a lot of ways to go-- text a friend, call a cab, share a ride. whatever you choose to do, go safely, california.
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a drink with friends can turn into two, and a prescription can be stronger than you thought. stop! there are a lot of ways to get a dui. and a lot of ways to go-- text a friend, call a cab, share a ride. whatever you choose to do, go safely, california. >>welcome back everyone californians who need health insurance have until december 30th to apply for covered california. well covered california push that deadline back to help people get care during this health crisis. coverage will begin on january first for those who sign up by the deadline. so don't forget and according to covered california about 1.2 million californians are uninsured.
8:55 am
happening today, the worriers are back in action hit the court golden state coming off its first win of the season by beating the bulls and tonight. >>they take on the pistons in detroit took office 04:00pm. it's a 55 right now and coming up in the next hour, the kron 00:00am morning news governor newson is going to extend the stay at home orders today for much of the state. we'll tell you which areas are going to have to keep their doors shuttered. and in all electronic co toll collection system is here to stay. the toll takers are never coming back in person we're live at the bay bridge.
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>>the news station you're watching >>i saw on a tuesday morning, i'm darya folsom, everybody else's off at the but john is here with a look at the weather all important as we inch our way towards the new year john yeah we are looking at a shift in weather as we make our way into 2021 to the storm looks to be opening pretty wide next year which is
8:59 am
now only a few days away. >>as for today that storm doors close so you get a good dose of sunshine. a chilly morning, but a bright one you can see out there now are fake windows behind me and looking out from about sam cam just a beautiful view big change from yesterday obviously we started early morning with some rain and we held on to that cloud cover for a whole lot of monday too. now radar shows the clear skies were already under a lot like yesterday, it's clear skies again this afternoon. temperatures are pretty chilly. half moon bay. you have seen a rapid jump up and temperatures now at 46. palo alto livermore and dublin still in the 30's though as you are also in santa rosa petaluma sand and lena and the fairfield one of our coldest of spots right now at 35. a lot colder at this point than yesterday but we're in for a nice afternoon warm up talking about that still ahead the area. >>thanks a lot john and happening today, the governor is expected to extend. >>the stay at home order for most of california and that's because there's been a surge
9:00 am
upon a surge and who knows what's going to happen now after christmas we're going to see this bear out in the weeks to come kron 4 sarah stinson is live in san francisco. >>he's not extending for the bay area yet but we could be after southern california. >>the area that's exactly right and we have a few more days in the bay area to basically prove ourselves and the numbers will speak volumes. right now as it stands we're at 9.5% of icu beds left in the bay area hospitals like ucsf with critically low numbers of beds left but if that gets worse or doesn't improve then we will also have the stay at home order be extended. now again we want to be at 15% or higher that is definitely the goal as we know though southern california san joaquin regions they're already still at 0% icu beds left and that is why the governor is most likely


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