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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  December 29, 2020 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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>>as health leaders try to better understand the spread of coronavirus researchers in the south bay are turning to an unusual source for some answers one way to put it kron
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four's noelle bellow has more on their studies of covid-19 and human waste. >>it might sound a little strange, but this is not a new concept, it's called wastewater based epidemiology and during the age of covid it's become more widely used around the world to track community spread but it is new is trying to interpret that data in a client public health responses to that information michael is the director of santa clara's department of environmental health. he says your stool is actually quite the tool for covid-19 detection and spread know what we are focusing on is based on the the research done by stanford university. >>is what we call the settled solids and because we know. >>covid is actually in school. our focus is on the from the treatment plant as opposed to the liquid in florida. >>santa clara county is the only jurisdiction in the state monitoring all 4 of its wastewater treatment plants for covid-19 researchers are sent the untreated waste to
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test for any presence of coronavirus rna universities across the country have actually already been monitoring wastewater in dormitories to try and detect covid-19 before outbreaks can begin on campuses but this method is a little different what we're doing is actually looking at it on a community-wide level. >>as opposed to an individual facility or neighborhood level stanford says the rna data they've collected from waste over the last 9 months have matched that of clinical covid-19 data in the county alia says it will take some time before this research can be a main tool for health officials but eventually it should be able to help predict a rise in cases ahead of time that could be time there could be help us prepare for either an upcoming surge. you know make sure that we back to playing or resources to a particular community or in a particular manner. >>the could definitely be more efficient and effective community spread is so high and the concentrations are so
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high that you know we we really have to see. what happens when the community prevalent starts to decrease noelle bellow kron 4 news. >>cash will no longer be accepted at any state bay area bridges that's beginning in the new year. drivers will be billed by a new all electric co system, the system of this like the one being used at the golden gate bridge. customers who pay with fast track or a license plate account. they want to see any difference in statements. cash toll collection was suspended march 21st and again in the new year that change will become permanent. >>california's employment development department says close to a million and a half people in the state are currently unemployed. >>but representative said to local staffing agencies say the jobs that are in high demand tend to be here in the bay area kron four's haaziq madyun has the story. >>although the pandemic has had major impact of the
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overall job market in 2020 bay area job recruiters say the time is right for job, seekers always a good time jo jo verona is the direct hire recruiter for the job shop in san francisco and employment agency that specializes in temporary contract contract to hire a direct higher staffing. he talks about the hot positions that are currently available we are seeing a lot of like. >>legal secretaries. specialized positions that are open we have a lot of paralegal openings we several accounting rules that are open that are specific to an industry nursing positions that we have the here at a t 20 are seeing a huge uptick in hiring laurissa or lack is the head of recruitment services that one of the highest-rated staffing agencies 8020 she says tech related marketing creative and sells positions are also in huge demand here in the bay area where we've a huge increase trade any kind
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of digital marketing. >>anything that's going to be up on the web com or. feels related position technology, your 5 will continue to grow. >>employment recruitment experts advise that while you're in between jobs used the tide to level up your skill set taking advantage of any virtual training opportunities and freshen up that resume resume. >>make sure it's clear make sure you know what you're looking for a good cover letter. you don't linked in profile definitely make their social media screen. people are looking at social media nowadays. >>has it made kron 4 news. >>the justice department says it will not bring charges federal charges against 2 officers involved in that tamir rice case, the department's reason for
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>>the justice department says it will not bring federal charges against 2 cleveland police officers. this and the shooting death of 12 year-old tamir rice. rice who was black was shot and killed by a white officer in november of 2014 within seconds of police responding to a call. rice had been playing with a pellet gun at the time. federal officials say the video quality of the shooting was not good enough to draw any final conclusions on exactly what happened and
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attorneys for rice's family is calling the investigation tainted saying the family has been cheated out of a fair process. >>boeing 7.37 max took off from miami international airport this morning. it is the aircraft's first us commercial flight since faulty sensor readings contributed to 2 deadly crashes last year, a 100 passengers were aboard this flight to new york's laguardia airport. the airline gave customers a chance to change flights if they were uncomfortable on the max boeing made changes to the automated flight control system which was implicated in crashes in indonesia and ethiopia, that killed 346 people if has issued new guidelines on the use of drones allow operators to fly them over people and that night. but don't need to be a clip so they can be identified remotely by law enforcement. most of the drones will have to be registered with the f a a and they'll be required to have equipment that broadcast their identification and their
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location. the new rules also require the drones used at night include strobe lights it can be seen up to 3 miles away operators will need special training. the rules take effect in about 2 months. >>researchers have discovered a link could save between extroverts and the words they use singapore, researchers say extroverts tend to use positive emotion words like love happy, a blast and social process words like me chair talk extroverts are described as outgoing and overtly expressive introverts saw the officer shot and reserved those findings could be used to help companies improve online personality prediction tools, which boils down of course to selling you things of course an east bay man led police on a 2 day manhunt. >>how
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>>a dramatic video shows the moment an east bay man led oakland police on a car chase victors to pat of pittsburgh. he was out on bail on a manslaughter case in june and that's when authorities say he committed a whole string of crimes. you're seeing part of this here including a carjacking there said kidnapping a head-on collision with a police suv then they say he ran across freeways after falling 20 feet and being hit by a car to pete
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then led police on a 2 day manhunt. he was eventually caught hiding in a shack that was near a water treatment plant. police dogs were used at one point when he initially refused to come out. a witness claims that he had used his thumbs to tried to gouge out the dog's eyes. he is expected to stand trial early next year. >>newly released video shows the extent of the damage in downtown nashville following christmas morning's explosion there video provided by the fbi and atf show streets filled with debris damaged store fronts and signs and awnings hanging down next to burned out cars, the suspect. >>anthony quinn warner killed himself and wounded 3 others in the explosion. authorities say an official motive for the bombing remains unknown at this time. >>a strong 6.3 earthquake in central croatia, this is killed at least 7 people it has destroyed buildings near the capital victims include a 12 year-old girl who died in a
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small town, the same area had been hit by a 5.2 quake just a day earlier store surveillance video that shows the moment the quake hit the central area of croatia was this morning. you see shoppers and staffers running out of the store. and a man was pulled alive from the rubble, his car had been crushed by the 3 looks pretty good people work. >>and yes, he was rescued. he was eventually able to walk away at least 26 people have been injured many others remain unaccounted for back here in the u.s. for the first time in his presidency president trump is facing a veto override in the u.s. senate. this comes as the president refused to sign a major defense bill into law. washington correspondent reshad hudson has the story. >>senate republican leader mitch mcconnell is urging his colleagues to override the president's veto of the 2021 defense spending bill not want some 6 decades of the congress
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lot of differences prevented from completing this work. mcconnell says for america's military men and women failure is not an option so when it's our turn and congress to have their backs failure is not an there were more than enough votes in the house and the senate in michigan senator debbie stabenow says overriding the president's veto is about protecting national security as we have these cyber attacks that are very very real. there's funding in that bill to address that there's also pay raise for the troops, the president said he veto the defense bill because it did not crack down on social media companies and it starts the process of renaming military bases named for confederate generals, he prefers we continue to honor the confederate leaders. >>who committed treason this atrocities in order to preserve slavery. >>both illinois democratic senator dick durbin and senate armed services chair republican james inhofe of oklahoma. so the president's
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veto was disappointing and both urged senators to break with the president have said so many times countless times in the floor of the house to the floor of the senate that this is the most important. >>though that we have some people don't agree with that, but i do the senate is expected to vote on the override later this week in are shot hudson. >>for sports. the warriors on game 4 of their four-game road trip to start the season tonight. it was a date with the pistons in detroit a win would make them to into on the trip which most would consider a win for this squad. >>that is still very much getting used to one another steph curry trying to build off his 36 point effort in chicago and 3 and a half minutes in kelly oubre a junior he's going to knock down the 3 he came into the for 17 from deep tonight, he desperately needed it. 2nd
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quarter now blake griffin what a time in the nba see blake griffin hitting threes pistons up 12 foot. blake had to sit the 2nd half due to a possible concussion after taking an elbow from james wiseman and speaking of wiseman jumper from the top of the key the rookie continues to show nice touch looking like a young but the story of the game tonight may have been andrew wiggins big time dunk they're warriors back within 3. >>3rd quarter. we're used to seeing this staff being warriors led by 2. now some good defense leads to better offense does get to steal staff gets it ahead to want us cano anderson for the reverse layup 17 3 run for the dubs they're up by 9 but they went into the 4th only up by one. let's go to the 4th quarter this was an exciting game. derrick rose got turned the clock back to his mvp daisies for a quick points is to give detroit a three-point lead things look a scary for the
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check out he gets the block there on the other and he takes it coast to coast for the dunk. that is what golden state imagine they took him number 2 overall to stem wiggins he was on fire tonight, he hit 5, 3, pointers the dubs take a 10 point lead he had 17 of his 27 in the 4th her in and a minute later kerry. the gets the shot right there was used seeing that as i said stephan issue with 31 points. louis pistons player back within 5 with 2 minutes left but he came in lee the hero from the other night males another big time 3 and its warriors win one 16 one '06, 2, 2, on that road trip pretty good considering their first 2 losses to start this season. we will hear from steve kerr in company later tonight. now switching gears carolina panthers offensive. tackle russell, a coon has become the first nfl player to be paid half of his 13 million dollars salary and bitcoin
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will receive half of that 13 million the panthers partnered with the bitcoin platforms app in order to split his 2020 salary. he was selected with the 6th pick in the 2010 nfl draft. 2 time pro bowler and he won the super bowl in 2013, so. 2020 not my preference given me some us currency, but a cold get i guess that's what he liked, but it was a heck of a win for the warriors tonight yeah finished up before i came down in the studio so. >>we'll get some post game sound at a 8. yeah, 2nd half of the road trip because like you said those first 2 games we're not looking good it's very ugly to want to come home for 2 games against the blazes started friday night. >>thank you thanks coming up for the dismay movie now set to become a musical going to tell you more including details on the cast after the break.
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>>and a cold clear night ahead around the bay area but storm clouds gathering maybe some rain by tom
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>>disney's popular animated film rata to he is officially becoming a musical this should be fun tik tok's one night music hall of the movie it's going to star some of broadway's biggest names. >>and ella small twist of
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lemon you can see now all that. >>you have a gift. >>goodes adam lambert titus burgess wayne brady ashley parker, smart the cast. the one night only charity event is going to benefit the actors fund burgess will play remy the rat lambert his older brother meal, begin at $5 they are available on today to expects to iex dot com. i foresee a broadway show once everything gets back up probably yeah when i found out our 4 zone forecast all right a lot of more rain coming. yes, we're going to really start getting things going even tomorrow. i think. >>go to notice those changes coming our way outside tonight though get ready for another cold night, some of the temperatures. i think some of the north belize dipping into maybe the upper 20 so get ready cold night out there again skies going stay mostly clear, although by tomorrow morning we may begin to see a few high clouds start to trickle into your skies but right now looking good out
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there and it's going to stay that way for quite a while back next few hours the temps going to drop off a starry skies out there beginning cold as we head in toward 9 o'clock. so those numbers dropping down low 40's inland but things changing on the right you'll notice here in the the clouds start to drift in by tomorrow morning you see some clouds moving by the front still up the far northern california then that slowly drifts in the bay area by tomorrow afternoon by about 8 9 o'clock. i think the front will be laying across the bay area not a huge storm system probably a 10th of inch of rain maybe a little more than that some parts of the north bay, but this really kind of opens the door to some much more stormy weather that system kind of rolling right on through about as we headed toward early on thursday morning that kind of drifts on through so thursday looking mostly dry. but another storm system headed our way as we head into our friday all right, let's go tickle 29 in santa rosa 32 in freezing in the napa valley, if i'm 30's and 40's around the some chilly temperatures out there and well the next couple of days everything changes we get the new year here we go thursday night into friday not
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bad then the clouds come in friday night into saturday with a slight chance of showers early on saturday morning. next week looks like the big deal that we see a series of storms headed way starting on saturday in the early on sunday morning, the bigger storms expected on monday and tuesday and wednesday, maybe only drive can find next week was probably friday. so you've got these storms coming so close together of course that makes more dangerous harder for the rivers tributaries said that water back of the ocean so could see some flooding all right. thank you lawrence. that's going to do it for news continues at 8 o'clock tonight. at novartis, our goal is to help keep cosentyx accessible and affordable. if you're taking cosentyx and your insurance
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call us or visit us online. ♪ >> announcer: that just released cam video. count down the bombing. then, jet pack mystery explicit. a pilot who encountered a flying jet pack speaks out for the first time he time he would speak up saying no way, no way. >> covid hits home. >> i feel ten times where's then i did yesterday. >> announcer: and "inside edition" producer and his wife. then, are the trumps house hunting in palm beach? >>


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