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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 5, 2021 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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fraud concerns growing after several edd letters are delivered to wrong addresses around the bay area what you should do if one arrives in your mailbox posters are tallying up the results of 2 big senate runoff races in georgia tonight. >>the outcome could can the outcome will control the u.s. senate and the impact of joe biden's presidency so shocking declaration in southern california by ambulance crews are being told not to transport patients who have little chance of survival from the kron 4 news on this tuesday night i'm jonathan mccall in tonight for can way and i'm pam moore tonight, there are more problems plaguing california's unemployment system. that's right that's our top story. this tuesday night kron 4 has learned that the economic development department. >>has been sending out several letters to folks letting them know about important pandemic relief. >>the only problem though is the folks while they don't live with those addresses. it comes as the department faces more criticism for withholding money to nearly 400,000 people
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and making payments to prisoners who are not eligible for unemployment. kron four's terisa stasio has the very latest you know jose alvarez reached out to kron 4 news after receiving not one. >>not 2 not even a dozen, the nearly 20 letters from the employment development department, the california state agency responsible for helping millions of unemployed, especially these days during this pandemic crisis center on september november high >>he exact address exact number. >>just got my jose manages several apartments in the south bay putting him in unique position. >>i just looked up to see past feet. i do the right thing is
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you can you can almost surely very very here. >>jose situation not an isolated kron 4 news employee received 5 letters addressed to a person with no ties. current or in the past to the home. and another kron 4 of you are reported that she received nearly 60 letters from the edd governor gavin newsome has already stepped in to deal with the department's woes and september he launched a team to examine a backlog of claims another eyesore a bay area law enforcement agency or ravel dusky more millions of dollars are being sent to incarcerated prisoners and now jabal for benefits and just this week 400,000 accounts placed on hold over concerns of legitimacy leaving many in a lurch for vital financial help. as for the agency they
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declined an interview to address this latest reported glaring error in a statement to kron 4 news they wrote quote the edd warns californians of the department will not send representatives to your home and encourages you to help the department combat fraud by reporting it and using one of the following steps with an e-mail you may receive that does not pertain to you unquote they went on to say that you can mail it back to them or simply right reply to sender on the pesky pieces of mail sent to the wrong household. as for jose he says that he hopes this is all settled and corrected for everyone's sake used to be a better system he really i catch these quite understand >>is there are people out of that truly does this is right now on the refugees and he's like this are you just giving money away to people that
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don't to reassess stasio kron 4 news. they >>so freezing some payments over concerns of fraud. sunday the agency tweeting out that the suspended payments on claims considered to be high risk. those affected will now have to verify their identity gets before payments can resume. the agency says it will post more details this week. >>meanwhile, a number of taxpayers who use tax preparation services such as h and r block and turbotax say their second covid relief payments were sent to the incorrect bank accounts. the irs and the treasury department started issuing the economic impact payments last week, newark resident alyssa constantino is one of a number of prom for viewers to reach out about the stimulus money going to the wrong place. >>and be using it pay bills, you know just doing the normal car shopping does any little bit helps. >>in a twitter response to kron 4 h and r block says quote the irs determines where a second stimulus payments were sent and in some cases
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money was sent to a different account then the first stimulus payment last spring we immediately deposited millions of stimulus payments to customers banks and all direct deposits are being processed unquote. the company is directing other clients with the same problem to call the company hotline and you can find that number on our website kron 4 dot com to check the status of your stimulus check the irs has set up a get my payment tool and you can find that also on our website kron 4 dot com. >>right now big story. we're following tonight 2 senate runoff races in the state of georgia currently david perdue leading john ossoff by more than 100,000 votes. kelly loeffler is ahead of raphael warnock by more than 80,000 votes. those votes still being tallied up and coming in tonight. if both results do hold and so far the race still too close to call it would mean if they are able to hold on. republicans will maintain their control of the u.s.
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senate and that could mean that joe biden's presidency could face some legislative troubles dee reynolds, bring us the very latest. >>all the republicans have to do is win one of the seats being contested today to retain senate control 51 to 49. the position of power that could have big ramifications for the biden agenda. according to emory university political scientist alan abramowitz think is a strong likelihood. >>that a republican majority led by mitch mcconnell would attempt a ups truck. most of his most of biden's agenda the president elect has proposed major initiatives on a number of topics that mayweather he says. >>if republicans are in charge because they know their base would rebel if they compromise abramowitz says there might be some cooperation on an infrastructure bill or a scaled down pandemic relief package but nothing is certain
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given divisiveness of politics right now. >>given the degree of polarization that we see not just in the senate but in the country. i think would be very reluctant to go along with a much biden's agenda a republican majority could also spell trouble for biden's judicial nominations and even his cabinet. >>both of which require senate i think some of them could find themselves in trouble. we know that some of the people that biden has already nominated. >>not popular with republicans but president has many tools including executive orders to fight obstructionist i think what you're going to see in the first days a biden administration in any of that is that he's got a very quickly reversed a lot of the executive orders that were put in place by president trump that's something he can do very quickly. >>there was reynolds reporting
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tonight, stay with kron four's our coverage of tonight's 2 big races in georgia continues throughout the evening. >>tonight, the alameda county sheriff's office says there are nearly 90 active. covid-19 cases at the santa rita jail. the sheriff's office says that 80 inmates and 9 staff members currently infected 8 inmates are suffering symptoms, but none of them have been hospitalized. so far that gel has seen more than 400 inmates and more than 90 staff members infected from the virus. no deaths have been reported at the jail. >>we had looked at what happened over 72 hours. it was a million and a half. vaccinations that will put into people's arms which means about a half a million a day. so if we could get to a half a million a day on their non optimal circumstances of a new program and the holiday season. i think once you get rolling and get some momentum. i think we can achieve 1 million a day or even more.
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>>despite the sluggish start the united states could soon be giving at least a million covid vaccinations a day according to the nation's leading infectious disease expert doctor anthony fauci while the current slow pace is frustrating to health officials as well as the public doctor fauci says slow starts are not uncommon for new programs. he also called president elect joe biden's goal of 100 million vaccinations in 100 days very realistic and achievable. >>despite the slow rollout of covid vaccines that san francisco is continuing to make sure that front line workers are taken care off. today the city said that more than 80,000 health care workers have been vaccinated so far leaders now shifting their focus to folks living in long-term care facilities. more than 700 folks will be getting their first dose at san francisco's laguna haas honda hospital but tomorrow, 5 folks living at the hospital have died from the virus in the past month. >>our fight to keep the virus out of laguna honda has been a
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fight to keep these people alive until we can do what we started doing yesterday, protecting them with the vaccine. >>san francisco's health director says that the rate of increase is slowing and icu capacity in san francisco county currently at 35%. but the impact from the holiday travel won't be available for another week or 2. >>in the north bay marine county educators could soon start receiving a vaccine. a critical step toward reopening schools. county health officials say teachers and educators could receive shots by the end of the month. the county is receiving about 2500 doses of the vaccine every week. health officials say teachers not living in the county will also be able to receive the vaccine across the state the percentage of available icu beds is decreasing here in the bay area icu bed availability now
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under 6%. >>the northern california region stands at nearly 30% capacity. it's just under 12% in the sacramento region. and the san joaquin valley and southern california regions continue to remain without icu beds available and tonight, a dire situation in southern california, los angeles county hospitals have declared internal disasters that says county health officials there say january could be the worst month yet of the pandemic health care providers say they are running low on equipment and remarkably ambulance crews are being told not to transport patients who have little chance of survival. hospitals there are also trying to discharge any patients as quickly as possible in order to free up space for those most in urgent need of care. well still ahead on kron 4 news tonight the wisconsin officer at the center of the jacob blake shooting learns whether he will be charged will have the newest developments in that case.
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>>plus dose from the dennis, why you could be able to get a covid-19 vaccine. the next time. we make a trip to u.s. and the number of covid cases continues to grow at a south bay hospital at the center of a deadly outbreak. the latest on the number of workers now infected by the virus there that still to come. >>i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow little sunshine and some nice weather today getting chilly out there tonight and storm clouds on the horizon, we'll talk about
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>>welcome back everyone new details tonight in that deadly outbreak of covid-19 at a san jose hospital. tonight, a total of 60 workers have now tested positive for the virus at the kaiser permanente location. yeah it happened as a well intentioned visitor to the emergency room was wearing an air-powered costume trying to spread holiday cheer. >>but that employees may have inadvertently spread the virus instead as we mentioned 60 people working in the hospital have now tested positive and one person has died today the hospital releasing a statement saying in part quote our physicians have contacted all 70 patients were treated. >>and discharged from the emergency department on christmas day. we're also answering any questions patients may have covid-19 tests are being made available to these patients. kaiser is also continuing to investigate the outbreak to determine potential causes and notify anyone of potential contact.
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as part of a plan to get more folks vaccinated across california this week governor gavin newsome announced plans that would lead dentist administer covid-19 vaccine at the emergency waiver approved yesterday will allow the state's 36,000 dentist to help give out the shots for noelle bellow has more on how they area dentists are feeling about the plan. >>yeah, i think this is something that really should have been done a long time ago we should have been considered a long time ago ready and willing berkeley dentist doctor thomas arnold and doctor daniel chen say once they get trained, they will be ready to step up and administer covid-19 vaccine that clinics and vaccination sites as dennis i think we are fully qualified to administer does that's a nation shot. >>you know we give difficult injections and hard to reach places enough. all day long so getting shot the arm should be a big deal then as medical professionals we can recognize any signs of there's reaction so us being able to recognize that and to be able to not to
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respond i think that's crucial. this idea comes as the state continues to finalize its vaccination plan the california dental association is applauding the idea saying every available resource needs to be deployed to save lives and mitigate suffering during the pandemic. >>doctor arnold says their qualifications go beyond the ability to give the shot does a lot of patients have common is a lot of faith in. >>in their debt as people who might be a little apprehensive of receiving the vaccine might be a little bit been more open to it. you know if that if they did is they have been seeing for years says is ok and doctor arnall and doctor chen have already received their first doses through the berkeley dental society. >>the state association is now urging all counties to consider vaccinating dentist as soon as possible and just think that we do with the community all the time. >>and we're very excited helping people out and keeping people alive, i mean whatever we can do we're ready to go. >>dentists will complete online training from the cdc on how to administer the shot
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which should only take about 4 hours to complete. they could start being called upon to help out as soon as next week in the newsroom. noelle bellow kron 4 news. >>help is on the way for a number of santa clara county small businesses looking to stay afloat during the pandemic today county leaders announced a new loan program where businesses can receive as much as $100,000 to for that program that's available for businesses with 50 or fewer workers making less than 2 and a half million dollars in revenue. businesses must have a 25% loss in revenue compared to a previous one year period. business is approved for the program will receive their money as early as 2 weeks. >>well from very thick fog to raise the pellets of hail drivers heading up to the sierra finding themselves in some look at weather conditions at least one truck even getting stuck in the snow are we in a shed next shows us the details. >>just dug reason i just
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driving a real drive car. >>he go your shop that took off from sacramento only to find himself stuck in without chains that enemy, less was happy to help even good. yeah, awesome. earlier in the day there was fog in some parts going up the mountain took fog and 5200 feet wind and rain picked up. the kind of rain that hits your face from every direction. we're also pellets of hail. >>as a they travel higher up into the mountains, the weather is going to change. >>conditions got sketchy causing a spin out in the eagle lakes area and less than a half-mile away there was another spinout fortunately there were no serious injuries by early evening traffic was slow as light snow climbed to the roadway. and by evening
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things look a lot different has snowfall got heavy everybody loves when the snow comes down the water resources board all of us we all love it. >>a couple tips to the drivers that are traveling over the past is to reduce their speed. >>well here is how it looks right now along highway 89 in squab valley, this is a live picture tonight our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow has details on the sierra snow fall are yeah we're going to see more of that on the way as we've got yet another storm system that is making its way into california sooner drop some rain here and more snow up in the high country in fact that take a look up there little there get a little bit of a storm clouds of part of someone and that's been some good some places picking upwards of a foot of snow across some of the peaks this is looking at the castle near donner summit right now the
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traffic moving fine both ways, no restrictions there, but certainly as we get in towards late tomorrow again likely see some snow falling in there once again. >>you see a cold front begin to make its way in just the northern part of california just clipping right there along the border of california and oregon for the bay area though remaining dry that will likely soon changes we're going to see the storm system begin to move in so tonight little cold out there around the bay area little chilly in spots increasing clouds as we head toward early tomorrow morning, especially and then mostly cloudy tomorrow rain starting in the north bay slow to move in. but expect a chance of showers especially by the afternoon outside those numbers running in the 40's and the 50's so certainly getting chilly outside of the cloud cover going to come in that will start to modify that a little bit plan on some rain drops around the bay area tomorrow though probably not getting into the south bay until late tomorrow afternoon so really it's going to be a slow-moving system but yeah, it's an umbrella with you become more storms to deal with and another one after that. we'll have more on that in a few minutes right bring it on was alright, we'll still
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ahead tonight, one of hawaii's most famous volcanoes active once again nominate now being created from this latest eruption >>as calls grow louder to recall governor gavin newsome one california mayor says now he's exploring the challenge against newsome for the state's top job, we'll let you know was thinking about it.
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>>former san diego mayor kevin
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faulconer kicking off 2021 by launching a committee to consider running for governor that's right this comes as a recall effort is underway targeting governor newsome our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala sat down with the potential opponent. >>kevin faulconer this week officially launched a committee to begin raising money and exploring a possible run for governor california needs new leadership at the top faulkner is a republican and recently finished his term as mayor of san diego when we see the conflicting regulations that have come out of sacramento. >>when we see. protect you continued issues all across california skyrocketing homelessness public schools are still not open save money and private schools are operating 500,000 californians can't get their unemployment checks in the midst of the pandemic. way to leaders we need to bring california's together the committee launch comes as a recall effort against a governor gavin newsome gains momentum and money organizers say they have more than a million signatures. so far supporters
8:26 pm
need together a total of one 0.6 million certified signatures by march 17th in order for the proposal to get on the ballot faulkner recently signed a petition while his committee eyes a potential run sooner than 2022 if voters approve the recall is not a. >>partisan issue. this is democrats republicans and independents who believe our state is not on the right track. >>would you consider putting your name in yes the answer whether it's a recall runner, it's morning, 22 minutes, those are all the steps that we're taking right now again organize the harness energy in moments of the former mayor did not give a specific timeline on when he might make his decision to run, but said possible next steps could come very soon in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>bush, wisconsin preparing for unrest after an officer not charged in the controversial shooting. the latest from wisconsin just moments away. >>in less than 24 hours congress will meet to certify the results of november's election. the drama expected to play out on the floor of the congress plus have you
8:27 pm
ever seen in lava fountain will let you know one there's
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>>president trump did not win the election. despite what a crowd of his supporters had to say near the white house this protest, one of a number of the nation's capital events which coincides with tomorrow's congressional vote
8:30 pm
to certify electoral college results given joe biden the presidency, however, the president continues to dispute those house republicans and even a group of republican senators say that they will refuse to certify the biden election win. >>inside bay area politics analyst michael yaki says while it won't change what happened in november. the challenge will be damaging. >>it's it's all about politics for 2020 for its cynical. it's destructive. it's undermining of our democracy and i think that part of them feel that the more they can undermine joe biden the easier will be for them to try and challenge him in 2024. >>president is turning this into a loyalty test seemingly what is it doing to the republican party i understand why you have loyalty to someone who had lost the election to be brent it's it's turned this republican party into something that it's no longer the republican party. you know it's gone farther farther away from the party of lincoln as a as i like to call
8:31 pm
themselves is now the party of trump. in fact it's really not even a republican party mark. it's going to be breaking its breaking into factions. >>meantime vice president mike pence will find himself in a pretty awkward position tomorrow. as recently as today, the president tweeted that the vice president has the power to reject fraudulently chosen electors but the vice president does not have that authority to throw out electoral votes. his role is basically ceremonial and administrate. >>well here are the latest numbers from those 2 georgia senate races tonight currently republican david perdue is leading democrat jon ossoff by about 15,000 votes. >>and in a recent switch happening just within the last 15 minutes or so democrat raphael warnock once again regaining the lead on incumbent kelly left learned now leading this race by nearly 20,000 votes will continue to watch those votes as they come in from georgia. stay with us throughout the evening for those updates. >>another big story we're
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following tonight, a wisconsin prosecutor has decided not to file criminal charges against the officer who shot jacob blake in the back 7 times leaving him paralyzed that shooting led to violent protests in the streets of kenosha tonight city officials there are urging calm following the district attorney's decision nichole berlie reports. >>no can osha law enforcement officer in this case will be charged with any criminal offense after months of investigating the kenosha county wisconsin district attorneys today announcing there will be no charges filed in august 2020 police involved shooting of jacob blake as a professional i am called upon to talk about how to try this case in a real jury room in a real courtroom, da michael gravely says investigators determined officers attempted to detain blake, including tazing him multiple times. blake was ultimately shot 7 times by officer rusten
8:33 pm
sheskey a 4 of the wounds. our jacob blake's back. but 3 wounds. our to jacob blake's left side the da says blake was armed at the time but she illustrated with enhanced freeze frames of video taken at the scene. it is absolutely uncontroversial that jacob blake was armed with a knife during this encounter. on contrary. most uncontroversial because jacob blake in all of the times he spoke to dci admits he possessed a night. blake was left partially paralyzed his family speaking out shortly after the announcement we the blank for me. >>ask in this city county the state and this nation. to rise up. in a nonviolent. a civic uprising. to let our friends and family know there's a new sheriff in town.
8:34 pm
>>kenosha has seen months of protests since the shooting as the city braces for more unrest blake's family calling for justice, this is a slap in the face. >>by wisconsin government and a d a and etcetera that it's happening. what has happened as perpetuating systemic racism the putting off that are water tall. >>the 90 days that banister phone about-face that has us in a winner in the first place. where was just as this. >>that was a goal burly reporting the city of kenosha had been bracing for today's announcement the national guard was called out and businesses all across town have been boarded up in anticipation of what might happen in the coming days, meanwhile, the illinois teen who shot and killed 2 people and injured a 3rd during those protests in kenosha pleading not guilty during a court appearance this morning. 18 year-old kyle rittenhouse facing the judge during a hearing. prosecutors say that rittenhouse left his home in illinois cross state lines
8:35 pm
into wisconsin. after learning of a call to protect businesses in the wake of the shooting of jacob blake. >>the start out with a statement that i the columbus division website and it says. i've had my focus is the safety of those we serve and. while treating our residents with respect. dignity and fan this did not happen to my brother. >>a heartbroken sister remembering and sharing her pain after her brother 47 year-old andre hill was killed by an ohio police officer last month, family friends and strangers gathered today to honor his life. hill was shot by an officer while he was holding a cell phone. the incident was caught on body cam video and the video shows 2 other officers rolling hill over and putting handcuffs on him. none of the officers, according to the video released offered any first aid
8:36 pm
meanwhile, the man charged in a deadly new year's eve hit and run crash here back in san francisco that killed 2 women. >>pleading not guilty to the charges against him try mcallister making his first court appearance this afternoon. investigators say mcallister stole a car from daly city on new year's eve. then hit the 2 women in the car with that car in the soma district killing them. police said mcallister was driving under the influence at the time of the crash. officers say they also found a handgun handgun and drugs inside and continuing our coverage, san francisco district attorney jason bourdain is facing intense criticism, including calls that he resign because of that fatal crash with gains critics placed the blame for the crash on his office because mcallister had been arrested and released a number of times since being placed on parole back in april. >>tonight the district attorney ernie is responding to that criticism in a series of tweets putting says quote, although of course no one predicted this tragedy it is
8:37 pm
true that my office and other justice partners could have done things differently which might have avoided this terrible outcome. we are focused on 3 things moving forward holding mister mcallister accountable for the harm that he caused supporting the victims families and working internally in our own office and along with other justice partners to make changes to prevent this kind of tragedy. >>let's talk weather this tuesday night gorgeous day outside but we're tracking some more rain headed our way yet. lawrence is standing by with details on that yeah i see the rain maker return after a little bit of a break but looks like more showers on the way as early as tomorrow, especially toward tomorrow afternoon out there right now. we do have a nice night out there with some mostly clear skies but the clouds thicken up a little bit so the doppler radar some those high clouds already moving in a few light showers right there at the corner. northwestern california we're staying dry so far in the bay area things are going to change though as we head through the day tomorrow starting on the north bay, this front begins to move
8:38 pm
in you see is right into the bay area but kind of fall apart kind of stolen as it makes way across the bay area. certainly some showers in the forecast, the heavier amounts will most certainly be in the north bay you see the front coming in by the middle of the day tomorrow even in the afternoon just after 2 o'clock c most that rain in the north bay then kind of stretching across the rest the bay area then just kind of fall apart as it moves on through so certainly rain in the forecast for tomorrow don't expect a very heavy amounts as you make your way into the south bay. but certainly chance some light showers there as well we're going to a little bit of a break again on thursday but thursday night into friday looks like we have another chance of some rain guys back to you all right lawrence, thank you so let's not problem for news in 8. one medical staff in northern california now under a time crunch to administer the covid-19 vaccine. >>to anyone available. >>police on the peninsula looking for a man accused of exposing himself to a 12 year-old girl wh
8:39 pm
8:40 pm
8:41 pm
>>on the police are looking for a man who allegedly exposed himself to a 12 year-old girl who was riding her bicycle over the weekend according to police that girl told them she was riding her bike on driftwood drive sunday afternoon when a car pulled alongside of her when she looked inside of that car. she saw a man with his genitals exposed touching himself. this is a sketch of the suspect police say when the girl tried to take off. the man actually followed her until the girl
8:42 pm
noticed a family walking by. police say the man was driving a newer model silver toyota sedan possibly a camry that had a license plate number containing the letter h if you have any information on the man you see there on your screen you're urged to call palo alto police coming up next and a medical staff at a northern california hospital working fast and furious to distribute a covid vaccine after a refrigeration failure us in sports. the heisman trophy awarded tonight and for the first time since 1991. >>a receiver named the best player in college
8:43 pm
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>>tonight we're learning just how fast action by hospital staff along with volunteers in mendocino county prevented hundreds of doses of a covid-19 vaccine from going back freezer system that was holding more than 800 doses of the vaccine broke down. >>and those doses have to be stored at a very low temperature to be effective or they will no longer be usable. lonnie wong shows us what happened next this was a frantic scene at the venice health uco valley medical center yesterday. >>medical staff injecting a covid vaccine as quickly as possible to essential workers recently distributed moderna covid-19 vaccine needs to be shipped that below freezing temperatures it only remains usable for 12 hours after thawing out. but a refrigeration unit storing 830 doses failed and hospital officials only found out at
8:46 pm
8.30 yesterday morning the ballot measure the back seat to ever freezers they've been at room temperature since 02:00am. >>a distribution plan was hastily created in 20 minutes using approved priority guidelines. uk is relatively remote and vaccines have to be distributed quickly. it was all hands on deck we met really stop everything to focus on this because this was a time crunch usually vaccines are distributed in a controlled fashion to front-line workers first despite a hard deadline that although says went to hospital workers of those went to the jail some goes to the city of ukiah. >>and of focusing on the most vulnerable populations we're going to get quite a few into the skilled nursing homes in town at one point put a calls were eased, we've got to treat vaccine a school >>this is a precious resource that should not be wish that rather than have vaccines go down the we opened it up to the general public mission
8:47 pm
accomplished by one 45 pm less than 2 hours later the doses were gone in fact about 200 people were turned away. the hospital credited county response agencies which had previously dealt with disasters like wildfires. >>as well as volunteers who stopped what they were doing to help administer the vaccine. >>that was lonnie wong reporting tonight hospital officials say they are confident they will get additional doses for the necessary follow-up shots. >>you see san diego now making it easier for students and staff to get tested for covid-19 for free fitting the sheens with test kits now set up around the campus. we're told there are about 11 machines total, students and staff have now returned back to campus after the holiday break on the condition that they can doug daily symptom in exposure screenings and participate in no cost weekly testing. before the vending machines were installed students were getting test at a campus testing station by appointment. now students will be required to return those samples within 72 hours at drop boxes. place next to
8:48 pm
those vending machines and help is on the way for teachers in the san francisco unified school district today, the district announcing a partnership with the seattle based nonprofit organization called to screens for teachers the district will receive 3200 free computer monitors for teachers to use as a second screen as virtual learning continues in a statement, the nonprofit's co-founder says a second monitor helps teachers and students immediately during the covid-19 pandemic. >>is scalable and cost less than $5 per student and this help is very much appreciated by the teachers to one saying as a special education teacher providing selling virtual instruction a second screen has been such a game changer is so amazing to be able to see my kiddo's reactions while they are learning something new to screen for teachers was founded just 4 months ago in that time the foundation has provided more than 20,000 monitors to teachers. >>we'll take a look at this
8:49 pm
scene from what i love now spewing upward from inside of a don't found that kill away a volcano. raise the lava lake to more than 600 fig yesterday. yes, the usgs says the volcano's say that this happens when the lava rapidly emerges from a constricted vent beneath the lake's surface national park services says that an island cooler solidified lava and is currently floating in the lava lake. >>on 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >>a heisman winner was crowned tonight alabama's devonta smith became the first wide receiver to win the prestigious award since michigan's desmond howard did so in 91. here smith is right here love the suit. he beat out 3 other finalists all of whom were quarterbacks alabama's mac jones clemson's trevor lawrence and florida's
8:50 pm
kyle trask smith was also the a p player of the year the only wide receiver to win that award to the hardwood, it's only been 7 games of a 72 game season, but the last 2 games have given up a glimpse of the warriors potential we've seen peak steph curry led an offense that shares the ball love to get out in transition. we've also seen a pesky defense that get steals and is committed to rebounding. the basketball course, none of this happens without people stepping up draymond green has returned to the lineup and energize the defense while conducting the offense. kelly seems to have shot himself out of a shooting slump to begin the season and he's remained that elite defender that the league has come to know james wiseman he continues to grow up before our eyes and the game slows down for him and of course they're steph curry who scored 92 points in the last 6 to 7 minutes. now that.
8:51 pm
>>both dream on and and james wiseman had a couple weeks work here. it's this feels like the beginning of the regular season to me you know we we were ready. the first couple weeks and it showed, but we knew that coming in based on. just are are situation in campus a process and every game every week we don't get better. >>who kind of proving that but we haven't done anything yet so we understand. >>all right it doesn't come as a surprise to anyone who's been following the niners over the last 2 seasons but defensive coordinator robert saleh will likely be on the sidelines for another organization next season sala reportedly has an interview lined up with the detroit lions and already interviewed virtually with the atlanta falcons he has led one of the best defense in the nfl for the past 2 seasons. last season it was the best defense
8:52 pm
this year guys it was a top-five defense. despite having numerous starters out including the both guy so good for him if he gets this he's of middle eastern descent. so there's no head coaches of that it's in the nfl right now so he could be breaking a barrier if he gets that opportunity all right, it's open market on the season right now for nfl coaches, a lot of things they call it black monday this past monday with all the coaches lose their job got a bad season last not a great day for people in their family but some other people can get opportunity that's right. i know a lot of fans looking forward to that yes they say so thanks. >>still to come tonight, a miraculous delivery to ring in 2021, we'll show you how a texas couple welcomed th
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>>one texas couple ringing in the new year with an unexpected surprise all right so the contractions started for megan cardwell and there was no time to get to a hospital jenna washington shows us what happened next. gift of life that has no price something especially true for a small human beaming with light you guys deliver meriting at home. >>so right before their eyes. yeah that was not the plan but let's send it up that's what happened with michael in megan cardwell had fence around 1220 she came out of the room and she was like. stings or move
8:56 pm
and moving over there was there was very little time to act michael in megan had to flip the switch and there they worked. opinion welcoming guard. logan taylor sells not to mention their 2 year-old daughter was down the hall with not a clue to years ago every she's slept right through it see maybe a last look at miles now michael knew call 911 for help through >>having the first just a kurd michael says the operator you know conscious and breathing was even able to tell him out to tie on merritt is umbilical cord with this shoelace no complications at the time it wasn't for those operators. yeah we were not who knows what would happen. >>covering at ascension seton the in kyle both mom and baby are back home now with family numerous miracle had happened there reflect things you can't control a lot and reminding
8:57 pm
themselves that with a new year walking away with a little comes new hope rainbow american baby i mean what else could you ask america may be no shame washington reporting and that wraps up kron 4 news tonight at 8 don't go anywhere though penn and back with you at the top of the hour for kron 4 news at 9 including more help on the way for small businesses here in california. >>we'll breakdown details on a 2.6 billion dollar relief package. so to be proposed tomorrow, we'll let you know why one bay area lawmakers says it needs to pass plus san francisco dishes that changeable day facing pressure to resign following the fatal new year's eve hit and run crash allegedly caused by a parolee why the man leading the effort says the da needs to step down those stor
8:58 pm
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>>from the bay area's local news station. watching kron 4 news. >>i new details tonight in a deadly covid outbreak at a san jose hospital tonight. a total of 60 workers have tested positive for the virus at the kaiser permanente location. well intentioned visitor to the emergency room was wearing an air-powered costume trying to spread holiday cheer but that employee may have inadvertently spread the virus instead good evening,


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