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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  January 6, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PST

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attack ever domestically since the civil war on our united states government republicans remain divided over challenging the election results based on so far. >>unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud. alabama congressman mo brooks will join about a 100 house members and a dozen senators in objecting to biden's victory because he says only congress and state legislatures can determine how americans vote that. >>united states constitutional provision was violated in many different ways by various state officials who are not elected for that purpose and not hold the power to do what they did during today's joint session, a member of both the house and senate has to object to a state's results. the chambers then meet separately to debate for 2 hours and vote. this could happen with several key battleground states dragging the proceedings into thursday but the efforts are ultimately expected to fail that i've taken this white house we're going to fight like tell president trump and his supporters aren't backing down he will address them in
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washington later this morning as the next administration plans to be sworn in january 20th their mind will be the next president united states and i will be next vice president united states. >>the vice president presides over the joint session and declares the winner. and despite president trump's wishes. vice president mike pence has no power to change the outcome live in washington. i'm jessi eaton or all right, thank you very much jessie. >>and as we're waiting certify the election results violence is already breaking out in washington dc. this is video from last night with supporters of president trump clashing with police in protests and black lives matter plaza. and police ended up deploying tear gas more demonstrations are expected today and the other big breaking news this morning democrats on the brink now of taking control of congress is one of georgia's 2 senate runoff seat has already been called. >>democrat raphael warnock will become the first black senator in georgia's history. he spent the past 15 years as a pastor in atlanta and his
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victory now puts the senate majority within reach for democrats were not defeated republican incumbent kelly loeffler by nearly 50,000 votes and with 99% of precincts, reporting the race has already been called in warnock's favor. >>we were told that we couldn't win this election. but tonight. we proved that with hope. and the people by our side. >>anything. it is possible. >>warnock again will become the first democrat to win a senate seat in georgia in nearly 2 decades and now of course the focus will shift to the second senate runoff race in georgia where the votes are being counted as we speak that involves republican incumbent david perdue and democrat jon ossoff as of this morning. democrat jon ossoff has a razor thin lead ahead by about 16,000 votes with the vast majority of the votes that still have to be counted. presumably leaning democratic
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so if ossoff can secure a victory this morning. democrats will have control of congress and that would strengthen president elect joe biden standing as he prepares to take office in 2 weeks and we of course will continue to monitor the race there in georgia as the votes continue to be counted. and of course the developments on capitol hill as congress is expected to begin the certification process this morning for president elect joe biden so make sure you follow kron 4. a morning news all morning long we're going to be tracking the latest developments and then download the kron on app too for the latest. after a broadcast ends this morning lots to follow. >>5 '03 is the time right now we're also taking a look at the weather which i guess is going to change yet again john have plenty of changes today guys, plenty of variety today to as the north bay is in for some brief afternoon showers and much of the rest of the bay area's actually going to be staying dry today now this morning not talking as much fog as we did yesterday sure there's some low cloud cover obscuring your san francisco skyline right there but
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visibility overall is holding up just fine this morning as you make your way out of the house. well you want to bundle up because we're back down in the 30's for a lot of the bay san jose livermore dublin conquered among those 30's for the east and south bay. well for the north bay, no big surprise but plenty more to be had novato 10 at 32 degrees right santa rosa. in san anselmo at 37 looking ahead into the afternoon cloudier skies than yesterday was showers reaching the north bay but then fizzling out beyond that point all those showers for you in future cast coming up in your full forecast first of all though reyna harvey is standing by and she is talk in a hot spot out there. yeah unfortunately john we already have a hot spot to look at this morning. >>that's out in sanaa now again this is 84 little valley road that's where it's at they have the freeway shutdown not too long ago, but right now they have one way traffic control is in effect so they're letting people move along slowly, but that's going to be there for some time so take it easy out there looking
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at the bay bridge may's to fremont street less than 8 minutes for your commute this morning and then moving to the san mateo bridge if you're heading over to the peninsula. less than 15 minutes for your drive time, a look at the richmond sandra fell bridge everybody's moving along nice and light here less than 8 minutes as you travel and then last but certainly not least the golden gate bridge 19 minutes for your drive time we'll continue tracking your commute this morning and making sure you arrive there safely back to the news, thanks reyna. >>so we have a dire warning now from san francisco doctors ucsf hospitals had their biggest surge yesterday and it's only going to get worse as the cases for the holidays haven't even been borne out yet for sarah stinson is live at ucsf with more on how things stand this morning, sarah. >>they're in james, ucsf hospitals they're now seeing their own a surge in cases, 83 new patients with coronavirus 14 of which on ventilators take a look this graphics you can really get an idea of the
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surge and how it developed as we know we've experienced a 3 for holidays in the last couple of months that has not helped our cases across the bay area state and country this graphic was provided to us by ucsf department of medicine chair and doctor bob watch sure and you can see that steady increase from october through now these increases show after each holiday. there's another spike doctor watcher says it's busy at the hospital here but they have not yet reached capacity in the hospital or in the icu test positivity rate now is 5.1% which is the highest yet doctors find it interesting that despite cases rising within their hospitals. >>cases are plateauing in san francisco with 237 new cases a day compared to the peak of 290 now there's a little bit of a really across the bering cases, however we still haven't seen the effects of people celebrating new year's to see when that happens how
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bad of a surge will see the biggest problem area in our state of course is los angeles where cases continue to surge out of control and icu bed capacity remains at 0%. but the biggest goal for hospitals at like ucsf is to vaccinate everyone all their health care workers. those who want to get the vaccination it's been slower of a roll out across our country than expected. but they say here at ucsf they're doing okay, they said that they have about 5.59% of the first group. >>that's an aide with the first shot in the arm and they have the second shot in the arm planned, but nobody has the second shot in the arm quite yet so that will definitely help but stay tuned, we'll keep an eye on these numbers new year's eve new year's surge will happen in doubt what a week week and a half from now daryn james is going to be interesting to see. another surge was have to brace ourselves 2021 home, scary absolutely, thanks very much. sara scary is what it is 5 '07 in the east bay there nearly 90 active covid cases.
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>>at the santa rita jail. the alameda county sheriff's office reports 80 inmates and 9 staff members have covid to date there have been 414 inmates and 93 staff infected. no one at the prison has died of covid. a big story this morning, california leaders have requested the deployment of more than 500 federal doctors and nurses. >>amidst the rise in cases this request comes as the federal government notified the state that the u.s. and as mercy hospital ship is under mandatory maintenance and not available for deployment across the state the number of available icu beds continues to dwindle look at the bay area today our capacity has now. dipped to under 6% of the beds left 5.8%, northern california as a whole has dipped to 29.8% greater sacramento. farther away from 12% that it was yesterday now at 11.7. and they're still not
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one icu bed left available right now in san joaquin valley or southern california. >>we'll take a break here 5 o 8, but still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, you could now possibly get your covid-19 vaccine from your dentist will have details on the latest effort to try and speed up the vaccinations across california. plus the suspect in the deadly new year's eve hit and run makes his first appearance in court we'll tell you how that worked out and also calls grow louder now to recall governor gavin newsome we have one california mayor saying he's exploring a challenge against newsome for the state's top job, let you know who that is. ♪
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wrinkles send the wrong message. help prevent them before they start with downy wrinkleguard. hey! bud. hey, pop pop! so you won't get caught with wrinkles again. [woman laughs] >>welcome back 5.12 right now taking a look at the weather and it's clear right now i know when that's going to change as a fine to have john probably has a good idea. good morning. john yeah guys we actually do have plenty to talk about today because some areas remain fairly dry others to actually have some showers on the way later on today it all depends on where you're at in the bay and especially how far north you are in the day today as for this morning, we're all on the dry side of things so nice clear view looking down from sutro tower at san francisco. so less foggy of the morning definitely not too many issues
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with your morning drive. that's going to be all right as far as weather is concerned at least now skies are going to be noticeably cloudier today but that's not going to slow you down either just going make for less, nice blue afternoon like we had yesterday you can see to our north there's a line of showers and in there some heavier rainfall sitting just off shore the north coast. this line of showers does dip its direction or direction. later on today. but really fizzles out right as it reaches the bay area so watch what happens here in future cast is actually pretty interesting because you've got widespread and at times heavy rainfall from mendocino and humboldt counties to our north reaching northern sonoma county with a well-formed line of showers pushing further south into the afternoon and just breaking apart as it crosses the golden gate. so parts of the north bay will be getting a healthy dose of rainfall while the peninsula, the south bay and much of the east bay could be checking in with just some cloudier conditions and really no noticeable precipitation. novato you can see up to a quarter of an inch of rain
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today napa and santa rosa closer to a 10th of an inch of rain while san francisco in concord right on the cusp of it may just see a sprinkle or 2 everywhere else in the bay area looking to remain dry. well through the day today so very different story from the south bay to the north as for your forecast this afternoon as for temperatures. there's also going to be a difference. the coast in the north they will be some of our cooler areas only in the 50's well, generally the southern end of the peninsula, the south bay and the southern part of the east bay will all be a bit warmer back into the low 60's, san jose at 62 degrees today well fremont hayward on over into the tri valley all low 60's. a little further north in the east bay and you start to see some 50's now oakland berkeley and richmond in the upper 50's and then mid 50's for the north bay itself. yeah, bill napa and sonoma at 55 or 56 degrees we'll even cooler yet in santa rosa at only 50 for today so for the north bay, we got some showers this afternoon for the rest of us just a cloudier day. tomorrow we are partly cloudy
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but dry friday morning, some light showers to be expected. then we dry out after that into the weekend and into early next week. reyna thank you for that john so good news bridges, look great bad news. we have a hot spot. this is in seminole. >>84 in little valley role one way traffic control is now in effect and if you want to avoid that altogether you can go ahead and take 5.80 to 6.80. you're going to be they're going to be a sees people be working on that incident for a little while also looking at the bay bridge may's to fremont street can see traffic moving into the city less than 9 minutes there and then san mateo bridge people heading to the peninsula. look at that less than 15 minutes, so it's green across all the bridges and quickly let's look at the richmond sandra fell bridge tolls to one o one less than 8 minutes going to continue tracking your commute but now back to the news. >>thanks reyna 5.15 in san francisco, the suspect in a deadly hit and run crash on new year's eve has pleaded not guilty. 45 year-old troy mcallister made his first court appearance yesterday afternoon. he's accused of driving a stolen car from daly
5:16 am
city and crashing into 2 women in san francisco killing both of them. police say mcallister was driving under the influence officers also found a handgun and drugs in the car. in the aftermath of that fatal crash. there's a new campaign calling for the district attorney jason voted to step down an online petition is calling on him. saying that he is defiant and he is deflecting his responsibilities so far more than 6,000 people have signed that petition san francisco native richie greenberg was the one who launched the petition and says things have gotten out of hand. >>he campaigned on a platform of what he called restored and justice which is a very nebulous strange term to many of us. so he is keeping true to his promise in a sense, but i think that this has gone way overboard. that there are destructive. very very
5:17 am
negative consequences that are being eyed now borne out over this past year that we see. and it's time for him to go week that the city cannot continue the pass is going right now. >>the san francisco police officers association is calling for an independent oversight panel to review chase of dean's criminal charging decisions. >>happening right now there's a growing effort to recall governor gavin newsome as the pandemic worsens in california are capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala has more now on this latest effort. >>kevin faulkner this week officially launched a committee to begin raising money and exploring a possible run for governor california needs new leadership at the top faulkner is a republican and recently finished his term as mayor of san diego it when we see the conflicting regu ations that have come out of sacramento. >>when we see. protect you continued issues all across california skyrocketing homelessness public schools are still not open save money
5:18 am
and private schools are operating 500,000 californians can't get their unemployment checks in the midst of the pandemic. way to leadership we need to bring california's together the committee launch comes as a recall effort against a governor gavin newsome gains momentum and money organizers say they have more than a million signatures. so far supporters need together a total of one 0.6 million certified signatures by march 17th in order for the proposal to get on the ballot. faulkner recently signed a petition while his committee eyes a potential run sooner than 2022 if voters approve the recall is not a. >>partisan issue. this is democrats republicans and independents who believe our state is not on the right track. >>would you consider putting your name in yes, and the answer whether it's a recall runner one 22 minutes, those are all the steps that we're taking right now again organize the harness energy in moments of the former mayor did not give a specific timeline on when he might make his decision to run, but said possible next steps could come very soon in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news.
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>>5.18 is the time coming up a number of taxpayers who use popular tax services such as h and r block tell us they haven't gotten your stimulus payment yet we'll tell you where the irs says that money went. here's a quick live look outside we've got camera showing you the bay bridge watching towanda creek camera there in the big monitor. we'll be right back. dad! no shoes in the house.
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>>5.22 for your money and number of taxpayers who use tax prep services like h block and turbotax say their second covid relief payments were sent to the wrong bank account kron four's maureen kelly talked to some of these frustrated taxpayers. >>maybe using it pay bills, you know just doing the normal car shopping does any little bit helps newark resident, alyssa constantino is one of
5:23 am
millions of americans whose been waiting on the $600 stimulus money but rather than a check like last time she chose to get a direct deposit. but when she went to the irs website this time to see where her money was she saw a message similar to this one. >>but the numbers on the bank account that the money was scheduled to be deposited into is it hurts. she's not the first kron 4 viewer to reach out about stimulus money going to the wrong place and all of them so far have been h r block customers h r block did not answer my questions about how widespread the problem is but responded to my inquiry with the same message they've been tweeting out that the irs determines where the second stimulus payments were sent and in some cases money was sent to a different account. then the first stimulus payment last spring we immediately deposited millions of stimulus payments to customers bank accounts and all direct deposits are being processed there directing other clients with the same problem to call their hotline or to reach out via twitter alyssa says she was told this
5:24 am
is because she pays h r block to prepare for taxes with money that comes out of her refund the stimulus doesn't have fee. >>so they don't know why it went to that account before lunch, your bank account but it should be and by the end of the week, so we shall see. >>we're now learning that some turbotax customers are reporting similar problems in that company says they're partnering with the irs to help taxpayers receive their payments as quickly as possible i talked to an irs spokesperson who says if you qualify for the stimulus money and you don't get it at all you should file your 2020 tax return electronically. >>as soon as possible and claim the recovery rebate credit to get your money and any refund if you're old one. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>well more issues are playing california's unemployment system kron 4 has learned the edd has been sending out several letters to people about important pandemic relief information but they've been going to the wrong address. jose alvarez reached out to kron 4 news after receiving nearly 20 letters
5:25 am
from the edd he manages several apartments in the south bay and found it weird that none of the names. we're for people who actually lived in his apartments. >>i just looked up to see past feet. surely very very used to be a better system he really high cash is quite because there are people out of that truly does this is right now cause of behind on the rent payments. and he's like this are you just giving money away to people that don't need it. >>and this isn't an isolated situation either. another kron 4 of your tolls she received nearly 60 letters from the edd we've reached out to the agency. so far they've been declined to be interviewed.
5:26 am
>>permanent day in san jose now deeley with even more of its employees coming down with covid-19. it's a story that has caught international attention coming up, i'll tell you what they're doing for their patients in a live report. we do it every night.
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♪ ♪ ♪ >>5.29 right now i want to get a peek at the weather though it's kind of dark out there this is you can see that little he little dot of blue there. yeah, the very tip top of the sales force tower picking up above that will so it's not as patient out in for ning, they may be out there, but we just can't seem in our they're out there so looks like that because it was surrounded by clouds so we can see low clouds out there i know it's not your favor building area so it is kind of our fog beacon where downtown is so you could just see a little bit of sales force tower right there and then that low cloud cover that sitting right over the city now fog is certainly less of a
5:30 am
deal than it was yesterday when it just shrouded the bay area blocked out visibility for a whole lot of us. >>this morning. you're not looking as many beloved visibility issues little bit more cloud cover above us rather than what you're driving through now 30's and 40's are current temps with san jose in concord at 39 dublin you're at 35 right now well nevado in santa rosa at just as cold if not a little bit cooler than yesterday for some spots so definitely bundle up this morning, we're dry this morning to your morning commute at least not being affected by any rain or wet roadways. we do see later today is some north bay showers i'm going to track those tell you when and where to expect them. >>still to come reyna. >>all right john thanks for that. so local we're doing right now is we are still tracking a hot spot out in chp had the freeway entirely shut down the right now they have one way traffic control in effect. that's going to be at little valley road. if you want to avoid that altogether. you can go ahead and help on 6.80 5.80 at the air and give
5:31 am
yourself some time to commute this morning. but the bay bridge looks great to the fremont street exit in the city, less than 9 minutes for your commute this morning and the san mateo bridge is starting to pick up there you see a lot of traffic heading over to the peninsula less than 15 minutes as you drive there the golden gate bridge, let's nice and clear 20 minutes for your commute and let's get a look at the richmond sandra fell bridge very nice more traffic there but still less than 10 minutes we're going to continue tracking your commute right now back to the news. >>thanks a lot. it's 5.31 and breaking news this morning, democrats are on the brink of controlling congress georgia's 2 senate runoff seats or other accounts are under way and one has been called as you can see here. democrat raphael warnock is declared the winner he will be the first black senator ever elected from georgia in that state's history. he spent the fat past 15 years as pastor in atlanta and this
5:32 am
victory puts the senate majority within reach now for the democrats were not defeated republican incumbent, kelly a lot fleur by nearly 50,000 votes. and this is with 99% of the precincts reporting. so now the focus is on that second senate runoff race in georgia where the count is continuing and that's between republican incumbent david perdue and democrat jon ossoff right now the democrat also off has a razor thin lead just by about 16,000 votes. if he wins democrats then will have control of congress which would strengthen. president elect joe biden's standing as he prepares to take office in 2 weeks very pivotal a moment this morning we'll continue to update you as numbers come in we're also following to the very latest on capitol hill because in congress today. >>lawmakers are expected to
5:33 am
certify president elect joe biden's victory, but it doesn't come without a little drama to yeah the process normally very quick. it's procedural thing it could take hours because dozens of republicans plan to object to the election results in several key states that the president president trump last and we've got our washington dc correspondent anna wiernicki with a closer look at how things are expected to play out today. >>texas republican senator ted cruz is a leading the fight to challenge president elect joe biden's victory in a joint statement cruz and 11 republican senators said they will challenge electoral ballots from certain swing state unless an emergency 10 day audit is completed by an electoral commission i have a lot of concern in particular about 4 states kansas republican senator roger marshall says he will object to the results in wisconsin michigan pennsylvania and georgia i want our day in court. i want that to our debate with everybody in the room and the facts on the table and let's what's what
5:34 am
their defense is why the why and how they broke their own constitution or their own laws other republicans are not so sure texas republican john cornyn tweeted he welcomes the debate quote my question is will there be any new evidence presented on the 6th. >>republicans have the votes they need to prompt hours of debate but we need a majority in both chambers to actually change the outcome. >>there is absolutely no legitimate reason that they should be town none whatsoever texas democrat sheila jackson lee end we dog the only thing republicans will do is sold out in the nation's electoral process we need to stand by officials of both parties who did their job. >>in what has been described as the most election in recent american history in washington, i'm anna wiernicki. >>and as congress is getting ready to certify the election results you can see the turmoil in dc this is violence that broke out last night as
5:35 am
supporters of president trump clashed with the police at black lives matter plaza. and police ended up using tear gas. there are more demonstrations planned for today. we will continue to monitor what goes on in washington dc and what's going on right now in georgia. so make sure to follow the kron 4 morning news all morning long we'll keep you posted right here. plus if you're on the go. we've got the kron on app for you download that it's free. >>5.35 the time another big story out of the south bay. we have the deadly covid outbreak at that kaiser hospital in san jose, spreading since monday more than a dozen more workers now have tested positive for covid kron four's will tran is live in front of kaiser's san jose medical center right now with the story and will when last we talked to you about this it was more than 40 people we thought that was a high number.
5:36 am
>>44 heading over the weekend on monday. i was right here 44, including one person a clerk receptionists died from covid-19. they were hoping as bad as it was at that time that it would stop as far as the growth of the number instead it's gotten even bigger now we're sitting at least 60 employees with covid-19 so they did stress could be more with at least those are the key words, the 2 words that you need to keep in mind. this has caught international attention because the hospital they did the very best they told their employees to wear their mask social distance and they still came down with coronavirus they believe and that's not completely confirmed, but they believe this all happened on december 25th when an employee came in with an air powered costume a christmas tree and because of that that might cause coronavirus to spread throughout the emergency room ward and that cause initially 43 people to come down with
5:37 am
coronavirus. and then over the weekend a jump to 44 and now at least 5 dozen of its employees coming down with it they have been told to stay home to shelter in place while they recover as far as the patients 70 patients at least or in the emergency room on christmas day. they have a lot to worry about and the hospital also is very worried about so i want to draw your attention to the screen. this is what the hospital is saying to the patients as well as the community they are saying our contacted all 70 patients who were treated and discharged from the emergency department and december 25th and are answering any questions patients may have covid-19 tests are made available to these patients jean's story as far as these patients are concerned so far we have not heard of any one of them coming down with covid-19. they are stepping up their efforts to test their employees the place is still
5:38 am
open for business if you have an appointment they are doing deep cleaning in the emergency room in cleaning throughout the hospital as far as the name of person who died from covid-19. excuse me we do know that it was a woman at this time, but her name not be released a little bit more information she was not actually a nurse, but a clerk receptionist in the emergency room back to you. >>all right, thank you very much well. 5.38 is the time and still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news following the death of 5 people at one san francisco living facility, san francisco leaders are trying to make sure that the most vulnerable get their covid vaccinations. how soon teachers in the north bay could be getting their covid shot. plus next a bipartisan bill that would buy more time for california small businesses to stay afloat it's looking a little more promising we'll have details on the state's biggest grant program. and parts of the
5:39 am
north bay in for an afternoon shower while much of the rest of the bay area really looking at that chance, especially not the south bay, a dry one per san jose in the low 60's upper 50's for open in san francisco. >>your forecast is ahead. >>and we're tracking hot spots across the bay area. the thankfully no fog or rain slow you down this morning you into the city looks great right now
5:40 am
5:41 am
5:42 am
>>21 right now and for your money this morning, a bipartisan bill that would buy more time for california small businesses to stay afloat is gaining momentum. the keep california working act is a small business relief package that would provide up to 2.6 billion dollars in grants. a 3rd of the california legislature is backing this measure and if it passes. it would be the biggest grant program that the state has come up with since the start of the pandemic. >>this grant program is a big step in the right direction is the right way to deal with it is to start supporting those it's it's late in the process. italy for a reason because there just hasn't been resources fill it. so she at the state and local level to do this kind of thing. >>state senators who spearheaded this bill will hold a virtual press conference at 10 o'clock this morning to talk about it in depth. >>we'll take quick break here at 9, 4, 5, 42, we'll be right back.
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>>5.45 right now and before you head out the door, let's take a peek at the weather for you absolutely john trouble in the weather center with an eye on a little bit of fog out there and what still the potential of some rain to date on rain for some and for dry, but cloudy your afternoon ahead of us definitely a lot of variety across the day today, not one of those days were all in the same boat but some different votes depending
5:46 am
on how far north you are. >>now this morning indeed a little bit of fog out there you can see that then layer of low clouds and fog sitting right over the east bay. so far hasn't caused him any visibility issues are actually pretty smooth sailing for your wednesday morning no rain not a lot of fog just a chilly morning so bundle up as you venture out there skies are quiet right now radar isn't showing much just yet definitely a noticeable increase in cloud cover ahead of those showers that will make their way into the north bay but after that point really just fizzle out. this cold front that's just really clipping the bay area, we'll cool temperatures off further north while the south bay it will still hold on to some 60's today. so we're really right at the edge of this frontal boundary into the afternoon. let's get a look ahead at future cast because it shows you exactly what's happening here a well-formed line of showers looks like it's just going to pull through the bay area but as we do see some showers in the north bay, they just dissipate as across the golden gate so
5:47 am
areas on the peninsula, san francisco east bay and south bay not really getting in the mix as far as that rain goes well or north bay neighbors can expect some late afternoon and early evening showers futurecast of rainfall totals gives an even better perspective of this nevado around a quarter of an inch of rain while napa and santa rosa could see a 10th of an inch of rain so some light amounts of rainfall but then you go south of the golden gate and not a lot to talk about san francisco in concord may see a sprinkle or 2 that's about all of them as for temperatures today also quite the variety san francisco northward on along the coastline holding on to the 50's well temperatures right along the bayshore further south on the peninsula and into the south bay will be among our warmest back into the low 60's today for san jose not a bad one is going to be dry a little cloudy but highs in the low 60's. now the further north you get the gradually cooler those temperatures become we'll only be in the 50's for oakland berkeley richmond in concord and then in the north bay only
5:48 am
mid-fifties napa sonoma in youngsville at 55 to 56 degrees. well santa rosa only at 54 today. so temperatures cooler for the north bay and better chances of showers up north too. tomorrow we all drive back out and we'll be looking at a partly cloudy thursday morning showers on friday and then looking at a dry weekend after that point on into early next week. reyna thank you for that john a busy morning for us we have another hot spot. >>that popped up you can see is causing a lot of backup they are this is west bound 5.80 just east of san quentin there's a traffic collision there. so shut down an entire westbound lane. going to cross the freeway there you can see the purple. so please give yourself more time because you're going to need is it a try to get that cleared out the second traffic collision over here in sindh all they've been working on this for a little over 30 minutes or so 84 little valley road. they have that one way traffic control in effect you can see that is starting to clear out there but let's get a look here at the richmond bridge to see there's a lot of backup you can still traffic is
5:49 am
moving along once you make 2 minutes or so for your commute the bay bridge may's to fremont street that's less than 10 minutes for your drive time there. the san mateo bridge our busiest bridge people are starting to move across their less than 15 minutes and then the golden gate bridge less than 20 minutes, we're going continue tracking your commute. it's getting busy out there, but back to the news. thanks a lot of 5.49 in san francisco. the mayor is hoping the arrival of covid vaccines will help protect. >>more than 700 long-term care residents at laguna honda hospital and those vaccines are arriving just in the nick of time too is a recent outbreak there has led to the death of 5 people in less than 3 days with kron four's dan kerman with more on how the pandemic is impacting the city. covid-19 vaccinations are underway for more than 700 long-term care residents at san francisco's laguna honda hospital. >>they should be completed by wednesday. since the pandemic began 30 residents 133 staff have been infected and 5 residents have died just in
5:50 am
the last 30 days. >>our fight to keep the virus out of laguna honda has been a fight to keep these people alive until we can do what we started doing yesterday, protecting them with the vaccine also some good news on cases and hospitalizations in san francisco. >>while it continues to increase san francisco health director doctor grant colfax says the rate of increase is slowing. >>icu capacity remains above 30% but colfax cautions the impact of holiday travel won't hit for a week or 2. >>and while we have those icy but it's now been starts to snow. it is possible with our regional or state van searched that those numbers i've seen across the one drop sharply props to we're seeing a verbal situation where because of needs in the region and the state. >>even if san francisco's hospital capacity hold steady. the mayor was quick to point out her hands are tied. when
5:51 am
it comes to lifting restrictions because most are tied to the state's order which looks at the region's icu capacity which currently sits at just under 6%. >>that means we currently have no control over lifting most restrictions like those related to outdoor dining or personal services. what we do have control over is how we closely follow the health orders. we do have control over individual actions that can lead us to improve our numbers so we can keep people healthy save lives and get out of the state restrictions san francisco's health director is also reminding us that the best way to stem the surge is to do what we've been doing. >>where are mass physically distance ourselves and not gather with those outside our house. in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >>5 51 and in an effort to speed up vaccinations all around the state the governor
5:52 am
announced dentists are now going to be cleared to give you a covid shot. this is the state is continuing to figure out its vaccination plan there are just not enough health care providers to give the shots out. so dentists are stepping in. >>yeah, i think this is something that really should have been done a long time ago we should have been considered a long time ago. >>yeah as dennis i think we are fully qualified to administer does that's a nation shot. you know we give difficult injections and hard to reach places enough. all day long so getting shot the arm should be a big deal. >>yeah, all say they give me that shot in the mouth of the cavities of with okay. i'll take a shot in the arm any day from the dentist and said they have to complete an online training from the cdc that takes made 3 to 4 hours to complete. >>and then they should get to go. although there's not a timeline on when this is actually going to start. everybody's thinking it could be within the next couple of weeks hopefully all right 5.52 we'll take a quick break back
5:53 am
with more in a minute. >>the wide shot here in the studio and you can see off the distance we've got our bay bridge approach camera back with more weather and traffic if you need the key to fresh laundry try gain flings. they have more freshness ingredients compared to bargain liquid detergent. they have 3 super powered ingredients that fight stink oxi boost febreze odor remover and concentrated detergent. try gain flings and smell the difference. secret stops sweat 3x more ♪yo yo yo yo yo yo start your day with secret. than ordinary antiperspirants. with secret you're unstoppable.
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>>5.55 in the warriors are back in action tonight hosting the los angeles clippers at the chase center and steph curry has been on fire with that historic 62 point game on sunday and then the 30 points he scored monday staff and
5:56 am
coach kerr say that they have to keep this momentum up because they want to make a splash this year. now that. >>both dream on and and james wiseman had a couple weeks work here. it's this feels like the beginning of the regular season to me you know we we were ready. the first couple weeks and it showed, but we knew that coming in based just terror situation in campus a process and every game every week we're going to get better. >>who kind of proving that but we haven't done anything yet so we understand. >>tonight's game against the clippers is at 07:00pm so far the warriors have 4 winds and 3 losses to start the season. >>coming up in the next hours across 4 morning news medical professionals at ucsf are warning about the days ahead when they expect to see the holiday coronavirus surge. and biden's victory set to be certified by congress today. maybe though some republicans are looking to challenge the result this as the balance of
5:57 am
power in the senate could also shift democrats will take a shift democrats will take a closer look at both the start. serena: it's my 4:10, no-excuses-on-game-day migraine medicine. it's ubrelvy. for anytime, anywhere migraine strikes without worrying if it's too late, or where i am. one dose of ubrelvy works fast. it can quickly stop my migraine in its tracks within two hours, relieving pain and debilitating symptoms. do not take with strong cyp3a4 inhibitors. most common side effects were nausea and tiredness. serena: migraine hits hard. hit back with ubrelvy. the anytime, anywhere migraine medicine.
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>>this morning on the kron 00:00am morning news on the verge of history democrats just one seat away from taking control of the senate as votes are still being counted in the georgia senate runoff and it
6:00 am
just a matter of hours congress is set to certify joe biden's presidential victory. the dozens of republicans plan to object the election results. he is local news station. with breaking news, good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher that breaking news this morning. the balance of power in the senate could soon be shifting into the democrat's favorite democrat reverend raphael warnock has beat incumbent senator republican kelly la fleur. >>so he becomes the first black senator to represent georgia ever in the history of georgia and the senate and jon ossoff. >>currently holds a narrow lead over the incumbent republican david perdue. >>to false off also wins that race then the democrats will take control of the senate senate we're going have much more on these important races in just a minute and then the other big breaking political new


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