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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  January 6, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PST

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congress is one of georgia's 2 senate runoff seats has already been called this morning democrat raphael warnock will be come the first black senator in georgia's history and the first democrat in 20 years. he is the head pastor of the ebenezer baptist church in atlanta where martin luther king junior, headed for years were not defeated republican incumbent, kelly leffler by about 50,000 votes and that is with 99% of the precincts reporting. >>we were told that we couldn't win this election. but tonight. we proved that with hope. and the people by our side. anything. it is possible. >>as daryn mentioned he will be the first democrat there since. well 2 decades, so since 2000 to represent georgia in the senate. and so
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lots more to follow with that we're also still tracking the other race of course which is still being counted right now, but it looks as though the republican incumbent david perdue is trailing the democrat jon ossoff yeah as of this morning, let's take a look at the numbers ossoff has a razor thin lead. >>about 16,000 votes if he wins. democrats will have control of congress. this race has not been called yet. but this soft is already declaring victory. good morning. >>it is with humility that i thank the people of georgia for electing me to serve you in the united states senate bank you for the confidence and trust that you have placed in me i will work in the u.s. senate to support a robust public health response so that we can defeat this virus. >>and new this morning. speaker of the house nancy pelosi just released a statement congratulating the 2 democrats warnock and ossoff in part saying quote in
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sending these 2 outstanding democratic senators to washington georgians cast their ballots for a fairer accountable and more compassionate america inspired by our beloved john lewis senators elect were not and also off hunger for justice will bring necessary. good trouble to the senate. >>their speaker referencing. >>the change as we know those 2 republicans that have gone down went down holding on to donald trump and his claims that the whole election was fraudulent depend much of their campaign on that issue and they will. >>they say they're going continue that effort today because we know they're going to be joining a handful of other republicans in congress in their attempts to block congress from certified president elect joe biden's victory jessie tenor is in washington dc with the latest. >>one of the most chaotic and the usual base in the history of the united states congress democrats like tennessee congressman steve cohen will
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present a united front this afternoon to defend president elect joe biden's win against a group of president trump's allies says. >>probably the most vicious attack ever domestically since the civil war on our united states government republicans remain divided over challenging the election results based on so far. >>unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud. alabama congressman mo brooks will join about a 100 house members and a dozen senators in objecting to biden's victory because he says only congress and state legislatures can determine how americans vote that. >>united states constitutional provision was violated in many different ways by various state officials who are not elected for that purpose and not hold the power to do what they did during today's joint session, a member of both the house and senate has to object to a state's results. the chambers then meet separately to debate for 2 hours and vote. this could happen with several key battleground states dragging the proceedings into thursday but
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the efforts are ultimately expected to fail that take in this white house we're going to fight like tell president trump and his supporters aren't backing down. >>he will address them in washington later this morning as the next administration plans to be sworn in january 20th their mind will be the next president united states and i will be next vice president united states in washington, i'm jessi turnure. >>and look at what's going on in dc ahead of congress certifying the election results. a protest and it did turned violent last night as supporters of president trump clash with the police and police ended up using tear gas. more demonstrations are expected again today. >>and we will continue to follow the very latest as the votes come in in georgia and we get certifications on both of the races we're also following congress as well. now we are the the dramatics in congress to play out shortly after our broadcast and so make sure that you
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download the kron on app that we will keep you updated everything that's developing as it happens throughout the day today, 8 '04 is the time and we want to take a look at the developing weather as well this wednesday that because it is developing john with there's going to be plenty of changes later on showers drop into the north bay rest of us just getting some cloud cover. >>you look outside from our mount tam cam right here shows the low clouds that are sitting right above the bay itself. it's sitting above the base as you travel on your bridges like the bay bridge are actually doing just fine with visibility. that's not the case out into the delta as well as the carquinez as out there there's some thick fog that is formed in southern and northern contra costa. county's so watch out for those spots as for temperatures were in the 30's and 40's with dublin at 36 degrees palo alto livermore each in the upper 30's. well, oakland and berkeley or warmest spots along the san francisco in the upper 40's you just want to bundle up for this morning but staying dry for now if you're stepping outside the north bay later on today do so with the rain
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jacket and umbrella in hand as showers do arrive, i'm tracking them letting you know when and where to expect them in your forecast reyna harvey has had her hands full with the traffic this morning we have talked some hot spots but it looks good at the we're looking much better again people were backed up that miles and miles across the bridge. now they're going to be smooth. smith sailing there and to sandra fell. >>but again 12 minutes of the richmond sandra fell bridge again you it was an accident that caused quite a bit of a congestion on average earlier today. now may's to fremont street in the city 9 minutes of the bay bridge looks really really great their san mateo bridge, 13 minutes as people start to head across the peninsula. there. and the golden gate bridge 37 to the tolls 20 minutes chp also issuing a fog advisory for the any operate so if you're there take your time and drive safely back to the news. thanks a lot >>we've got a dire warning now coming to us from san francisco out at ucsf hospital
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they're saying that biggest surge. potentially could be headed our way as we're looking for the impacts of the christmas and new year's holiday travel. yeah, and they already saw what they thought was the biggest surge yesterday but like you said jane there's more to calm everybody knows that kron 4 sarah stinson is live. >>at ucsf with more on what they're doing today and how they're bracing for that holiday surge. >>and as we brace for another surge after christmas and the new year holidays. there's already a surge here at ucsf they've seen the most hospitalizations far were 83 new patients 14 of which on ventilators due to coronavirus i'm told that it's a busy inside but they haven't hit capacity in the hospital or the icu but we'll see after the coming weeks take a look at this graph it given to us from ucsf department of medicine. doctor bob watched her and you can see it shows a
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steady increase of hospitalizations after each holiday from october until now we can see that major spike also 50 or 5.1% of tests come back positive which the highest rate yet. doctors here find it interesting that despite hospitalizations on the rise cases are plateauing in san francisco. 237 new cases a day compared to the peak of 290. mayor london breed says there has never been this many people hospitalized in the city from covid-19 keep in mind though we are still waiting to see the effects of people celebrating new year's and we just learned los angeles is asking hospitals in northern california to help out. hospitals like ucsf asking them to take on patients who need regular surgery since hostels down there are completely full and overwhelm from coronavirus so we could soon see patients from southern california. coming up to northern california for those regular types of
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surgeries and this is all on the brink of another surge so have to see it all how it all pans out we won't see the effects from those holidays for a couple more weeks, reporting live in san francisco sarah stinson kron 4 news. thank you sarah. >>8 '08 is the time still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news, we could possibly start getting our covid-19 vaccines from our dentists will talk about the latest effort now to speed up the distribution of vaccines across california and after the break police say crime is on the rise in oakland and talk with mayor libby shaft showing that join us talk about that and the covid crisis what's being done to solve both. and showers later on today for the north bay, san jose you'll be on the dry side of things though low 60's open in san francisco may see a stray light shower making it your direction i've got the details in your forecast. >>and hot spots are long gone, but we are seeing some fog pop up in pockets across the bay area that could affect your commute we're going to have your for traffic more of that
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coming up next.
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>>welcome back 8.12 on this wednesday morning, some foggy conditions in the east bay hills right here. this is your view from berkeley now the good thing about this cloud cover it's sitting right above the bay, so if you're right along the bay are actually looking up at it. but once you
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enter those east bay hills that's when you're entering it, you're also seeing some dense fog out into the delta and the car keenness to so watch those spots most of us are just seeing cloudy conditions up about and showers to our north will drift our direction but in the process of dropping into the bay. this front that they're falling into a long is just really going to stall out for the north bay that means rainfall for our northern neighbors, but further south in the bay area are really tapping into it. this is a look ahead at one 30 pm right here well formed line of showers moves into sonoma napa and marin counties starts to break apart as it crosses the golden gate and by the time we would have seen that rain further south. you're just not seeing it it fizzles out before reaches much of the bay area what that means for us is a good shower for areas like santa rosa and avato santa rosa could see a quarter inch of rainfall in the meantime mountain view's san jose and livermore going to be left dry maybe a sprinkle or 2 in between as those showers really died down as far as temperatures go today, we'll
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see 50's in the north bay and 60's further south san jose one of her more mild spots at 62 santa rosa only at 54 well napa novato and each at 55 oakland in the upper 50's 59. here's a look ahead at the next 7 days north bay showers today, rest of us stay dry today and see another dry day tomorrow friday will be looking at isolated showers during the morning clearing pretty early in the day though sets us up for a dry weekend saturday into sunday. reyna john thanks for that we had a busy morning hotspots everywhere. but now all clear much more quiet roadways. >>the richmond sandra fell bridge 9 minutes that's down from where it was much earlier the bay bridge 8 minutes to fremont street exit foggy conditions chp wants to warn you if you're heading across taking any option bridge there near the toll plaza there's a lot of fog so visibility is low be careful take it easy. the san mateo bridge 8.80 to one o one less than 15 minutes we're going continue tracking your traffic out there, but
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now back to the news. >>all right, thank you very much 8.14 is the time let's get an update now on how things stand in oakland this morning. we know the police officers association says crime is on the rise, schools and businesses are still shut down because of the pandemic hopefully there's more relief on the way let's talk about this and more with mayor libby shaft good morning. >>good morning. what do you want to tackle first crime. listen the voters of georgia just might have saved some jobs in oakland california. so it is cautious optimism that i woke up this morning and honestly i kept on hitting refresh on night last night because to regain control of the senate. >>is likely to shake loose that desperately needed aid package for local governments that mitch mcconnell blocked in the last covid relief aid package, and the reason that
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we are having to tighten our belts even on things like public safety is because of a 62 million dollar deficit that the city of oakland is facing because of covid impact this georgia election may change that while so everything is coming together here all the ticks are local right, so you're watching georgia you're watching the democrats gain control and that trickles down to oakland in many ways. it does it just now listen i join the police department in mourning a very tragic year with regard to the the most number of homicides, a 102 tragic losses of life we have not seen those numbers for 9 years now we made national headlines last year by cutting gun violence in half i agree that everybody should be watching the budget decisions ahead over all we ended the
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year with crime total serious crime down 17% in oakland overall, but those homicides are absolutely tragic and we are just redoubling our efforts to make sure that does not ever happen again. yeah if you read the press release from the oakland police officers association obviously the pain of grim picture because they are on the front lines. >>dealing with a lot of the crime you're just talking about especially last year. >>when tensions were so high nerves were frayed by the pandemic and the shutdown policies and everything else is there a chance then that if federal money is freed up in the year to come that may be the city can go back revisit some of these decisions and potentially reverse some of these cutbacks. >>well i am cautiously optimistic it is likely to be onetime aide and these coronavirus affects on our budget and our revenues are likely to not be one time, but it certainly will paint a much bigger picture and i want to appreciate our police officers
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that spent their holidays completely up ending their lives as we re did all of our shift assignments so that we could preserve vital investigations and all the patrol, the 911 response is not impacted. but we did suspend a number of special specialized programs but those core services are in but i want to thank the police officers that were accommodating in these huge shift changes that we made due to the financial impact. >>and mayor schaff the reverend raphael winning in georgia is a win for something near and dear to oakland, which is the black lives matter movement. they were really behind him. the wnba was behind him against their own co owner, the atlanta dream. so talk a little bit about that since obviously the black lives matter movement is huge. you've got you know the warriors that are huge in oakland and just what this
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means to that city. well you clinton has long been a lawyer for social justice and racial equity and this win in georgia for the reverend warnock is huge on just about. >>every level it is historic it is a demonstration that more import more people recognize that systemic racism is holding our entire community back and one way we have to start in in healing that is by having a more diverse set of representatives in those highest offices and in our nation's capital i so overjoyed this morning. >>all right let's talk locally then again and talk about covid we know the numbers continue to rise hospital icu bed availability continues to fall. the vaccine is arriving more and more doses are being put out there but it's still a
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very real struggle in places like oakland where businesses are still shut down schools are still shut down and we mayor we're talking about the warriors you got that spot where we can get the shots out fast enough when you use or rhetorical what you can see the s not good enough. >>well listen up oakland did a great job of putting testing sites free testing sites into our community health clinics in to walk up and drive up spots right in the fruitvale right in deep east oakland, where we've seen the highest covid cases and that's a model i want to see repeated 2021 has got to be about focusing on having everyone healthy wealthy and wise and that means equitable rapid vaccination distributions as well as treating homelessness like the health crisis it is getting our schools reopened closing the digital divide and getting direct financial aid into the hands of the most
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vulnerable and our small businesses okay, but how are you going get the shots they are fast enough or county health officials working with this like it has to happen now can you just open up the coliseum parking lot i mean if you are looking at doing they're starting to use their parking lots of coliseum's yeah. well we did i don't know if you remember during election day we distribute it. hundreds of flu shots in the coliseum parking lot and we've gotten very good at standing up massive testing and we did even blood for the antigen tests teens right i got my blood drawn in the fruitvale parking lot so pop-up events where we do massive distribution we did that during the testing phase we can do it during the vaccinations phase that is the way that we can get this vaccine to the people who need it the most who are most vulnerable who have suffered the most during this pandemic we did it before we are going to do it again. >>let me ask you then since
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we're talking about the pandemic and. the impact has been having here on the bay area and more broadly the i want to get your thoughts on this latest effort to recall governor gavin newsome for his handling of the pandemic how do you view his job so far and do you think there's any merit to this recall effort. >>i do not i think that our government governor has done a valiant job in leading us through this horrid crisis that no one asked for. i know that the news he is hard to deliver has been so hard for people to hear and part of what has tied his hands is having such in cows that rent us senate. so the fact that the aid that has to come from the federal government because they are the only level of government that can do deficit spending the rest of us have to balance our budgets. we don't get credit cards haha the your city government your
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state we are stuck with the same economic impacts that so many families are but governor newsome and particularly his announcement yesterday about putting more money directly into the hands of small businesses and if you are a small business or a nonprofit you should have heard that the california relief grants just got the deadline extended so check it out see a relief grants. the deadline is now january 13th and these are grants of 5 to $25,000 for our smallest businesses sole proprietors nonprofits and skews me that is what the governor should do is putting money directly into the hands of those who need it the most i applaud him all right,
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>>we're just talking about vaccinations well in an effort to speed them up all around the state the governor announced. the good news dentists dentists can give you a covid shot right they do root canals or anything else for them to get shots in your mouth. they do need to though finalized the plan for the state and figure out how they're going to get them all certified. >>right now we all know that there are not enough health care providers to administer the vaccines and that's why they're looking to dennis. >>yeah i think this is something that really should have been done a long time ago we should have been considered a long time ago. >>yeah as dennis i think we
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are fully qualified to administer does that's a nation shot. you know we give difficult injections and hard to reach places enough all day long so getting shot the arm should be a big deal. >>i just realize is the first time in mankind that will love going to the dentist that will look for is i want to donors much either the dentist are going to dodge do some online training from the cdc, it's going to take about 3 to 4 hours for them to do that and then they'll figure out the timeline it could happen within the next couple of weeks great. >>situation at kaiser permanente involving covid-19 just got even
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>>the 3rd is the time right now and we're checking out the weather for you where above the clouds here what is that looking at can you tell us that. is that belvedere. so yes, just the tip on cam yeah i think that's looking out for there i i think the goal gate bridge is just out of frame there on the left if i have it right, my head ok so find out and that serious marin county that we're going to see some rain later, yes, it's the north bay guys that the rainfall is going to be advancing into later on today, some of those areas in the north bay are already under a little bit of cloud cover better at least looking at dry conditions and telly or the afternoon this is a bit bit of a different view right here from the sutro tower and you can only see the very tippy top a sales force tower there in the distance.
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>>most of these lows clot low clouds are sitting right above the fog not as big of a deal on the bay itself. there is dance fog though for eastern portions of contra costa and solano counties though so watch your travel out that direction, 30's and 40's for our current temperatures with dublin in palo alto in livermore each still in the 30's. same for you for much of the north bay to oakland, san francisco and alameda bit more mild at 47 degrees. each skies a bit clearer route along the coastline in half moon bay that shot has been beautiful the past few days. temperatures later on we'll be in the 50's and 60's and we do have those north bay showers to know i'll be tracking him out for you in your full forecast still to come. reyna harvey she's had a busy morning. we had a hot spot after hot spot earlier on no doubt i would lead it to come down, yes thankfully viewer leave your house right now nothing to worry about no hot spots, although we are seeing some far off. >>that's popping up that's popping up again. the san mateo bridge heading to the peninsula traffics in the green less than 15 minutes for your commute there. and then
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head into the richmond sandra fell bridge. this range is backed up earlier today had an accident. we're up to about 23 minutes for your commute now we're down to 7 so it's like an great there. the bay bridge looks good may's to fremont street less than 10 minutes and here is that fog advisory i was telling you about one 60 this is across the antioch bridge at the toll plaza chp says be careful because visibility is very low you going to continue tracking your traffic. the right now back to the news. thanks a lot of 32 and the breaking news, this morning democrats on the brink. >>of controlling congress as one of georgia's 2 senate runoff seats has been called and that's democrat raphael warnock with the wind becoming the first black senator in georgia history. he is the head pastor, an atlanta of the avenue for devotees are baptist church which is where martin luther king junior used to be the pastor of this means
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that the majority control of the senate is in reach now for the democrats were not defeated republican incumbent kelly leffler by nearly 50,000 votes with 99% of the precincts reporting we're going to have more on her and what this means to the black lives matter coming up on the buzz in about 15 minutes. there's actually a big sports tie to this story and now we're on that second senate race the runoff race in georgia between republican incumbent david perdue and democrat jon ossoff the count right now has the democrat ahead by about 16,000 votes. if ossoff winds like i said that means the democrats would gain control of congress and strengthen president elect joe biden's standing. >>and we're also following to the fact that in just a couple of hours from now congress is expected to begin the certification process to validate president elect joe
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biden's victory this past november. the process is normally quick and procedural, but it could take hours because dozens of republicans plan to object to the election results in several key states that the president lost including georgia where those to republicans are part of this effort and we have our dc correspondent anna wiernicki now explaining what we expect will happen today. >>texas republican senator ted cruz is a leading the fight to challenge president elect joe biden's victory in a joint statement, cruz and 11 republican senators said they will challenge electoral ballots from certain swing state unless an emergency 10 day audit is completed by an electoral commission i have a lot of concern in particular about 4 states kansas republican senator roger marshall says he will object to the results in wisconsin michigan pennsylvania and georgia i want our day in court i want that to our debate with everybody in the room and the facts on the table and let's what's what their defense is why the why
8:35 am
and how they broke their own constitution or their own laws other republicans are not so sure texas republican john cornyn tweeted he welcomes the debate quote my question is will there be any new evidence presented on the 6th. >>republicans have the votes they need to prompt hours of debate but would need a majority in both chambers to actually change the outcome. >>there is absolutely no legitimate reason that they should be none whatsoever texas democrat sheila jackson lee end we dog the only thing republicans will do is sold out in the nation's electoral process we need to stand by officials of both parties who did their job. >>in what has been described as the most election in recent american history in washington, i'm anna wiernicki. >>we'll continue to monitor the race in georgia and the developments in washington dc with congress certifying the election results. so continue to watch the kron 00:00am morning news as well as if
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you're on the go you one of the kron on app because that's 24 7 news. whenever you want it for free. >>35 is the time, let's head down to the south bay now where the big story there is the fact that the deadly covid outbreak at kaiser hospital in san jose is spreading since monday more than a dozen more workers now have tested positive for the virus kron four's will tran live out their front of kaiser's tennessee medical center with more on the grim numbers this morning well. >>a horrible situation just got worse on monday. they told us over the weekend that they had 44 employees in the emergency room at kaiser permanente come down with covid-19 on christmas day, including one person a clerk receptionist who died they were hoping as bad as that situation worse was that it would not get worse instead, it did now we are at least 60 employees with covid-19 of course they are told not to
8:37 am
head into work that they're home quarantine ing getting treatment as far as what happened. they don't know for sure, but they speculate that it was an accident and employees trying to lift the spirits of people during the holidays, they came in there on christmas stay within air. powered christmas tree costume and because of that it blew covid-19 all over the place and by the way that employee did not have symptoms at the time that's why they believe the employees came down with covid-19 they have reached out they did their work. they believe 70 patients were in the emergency room at the time on christmas day they have reached out to the 70 patients told them that they will do covid-19 tests on them to make sure that they're ok at this point we are not hearing of any patients coming down with covid-19 but talking to employees heading into work. they are terrified that they have to go into work despite.
8:38 am
kaiser permanente say they're doing all that they can to make sure that the employees are safe they doing deep cleaning. they are trying to get to the bottom of this but if you need to go to kaiser permanente despite all of this it's still open for you. they are doing their very best to make sure the patients and the employees are safe and the sad part is they are saying it could be worse because they're using that to words at least 60 employees back to you. >>thank you very much well. it's a 3, 8, and coming up next a bipartisan bill that would buy more time for california small businesses try to stay afloat in the pandemic is looking promising, we'll tell you what is in the state's biggest grant program. >>and at the coast today we can expect some showers in marin and sonoma counties will drive further south mid 50's for your highs. temperatures will be warmer generally the further south in the bay, you get in the 60's for the south bay while only 50's for the inland north bay. your forecast is ahead.
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>>we're back at 8.41 for your money a bipartisan bill that would buy more time for california small businesses to stay afloat is actually gaining a little more momentum. the keep california working act as a small business relief package that would provide upwards of 2.6 billion dollars in grants. one 3rd of the california legislature is currently backing that measure. if it passes it would be the largest grant program that the state
8:42 am
has come up with since the start of the pandemic. >>this grant program is a big step in the right direction is the right way to deal with it is to start supporting those it's it's late in the process spent. italy for a reason because there just hasn't been resources fill it. so she at the state and local level to do this kind of thing. >>state senators who spearheaded the bill will hold a virtual press conference at 10 o'clock this morning to discuss it in more detail stay to the kron 4 will keep you updated on what they reveal. >>we'll take a quick break in 42 we'll be right back.
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>>the 44 is the time looking at the weather it's a little gray out there that's where you are probably get a little more gray is the afternoon rise, we've got john trouble in the weather center to explain why john yeah guys we are looking at definitely less clear day than yesterday was i mean our view from sausalito looking at san francisco not much of a view right now because of those low clouds fog is at its worst further east in the bay out towards eastern contra costa and solano counties so watch your travel out there now after a morning was spotty fog, you'll notice that cloud cover begins to increase later on in the day today as we look at a frontal boundary to our north you're already seeing some of those clouds really settling into the bay and some rainfall for areas right along the north coast of the state now
8:46 am
you'd think oh my gosh look at that rain it's really coming down good for some of our northern neighbors. we're going to be in for that ourselves well this frontal boundary that those showers dropping in on really stalls out in the midst of the bay area so some of us will be tapping into it. others not so much just seeing the cloud cover so here we go 1215 right after lunchtime, we are looking at heavy rain at times from mendocino county showers push further southward by 02:15pm or and sonoma napa counties in the midst of some light to moderate rainfall but the showers really break apart as they cross the golden gate and descend into the rest of the bay area, san francisco oakland conquered may see an isolated shower or 2, but anywhere further south from there and not really looking at that potential is much. you can see that playing out here in your future cast of rainfall totals santa rosa right a quarter of an inch of rain nevado read a 10th of an inch while san francisco napa oakland, half moon bay could see a light shower or 2 you really don't have that potential further south so very different tale for north
8:47 am
bay neighbors come the latter part of the day as we make our way into the afternoon temperatures will also show quite the variety north bay conditions are coolest while further south in the bay generally a bit more mild 60's return for the southern end of the peninsula into the south bay where santa was san jose santa clara in campbell will he tries to 62 today east bay daytime highs, mostly upper 50's to low 60's just a touch cooler than or south bay neighbors with oakland berkeley and richmond in the upper 50's, san ramon and danville right at 60 degrees north bay temps in the mid 50's for your highs with napa and sonoma 5556 and santa rosa that only 54 today. tomorrow temperatures will be a little bit warmer skies, generally a bit clearer partly cloudy but some sunshine peeking through friday some morning showers before clearing later on and then saturday bringing the most sunshine of the weekend. reyna all right thanks for that john and traffic across our bridges. >>or the limit and we are not seeing any hot spots any more
8:48 am
week saw them earlier today, they bridge may's to fremont street exit, less than 10 minutes as you head into the city, san mateo bridge 92, westbound you can see traffic moving along there were all in the green at 13 minutes head into the peninsula. and the bonnet creek we're going look at this camera real quick the 24 you can see traffic moving along there still 11 minutes, so it's a nice and steady easy commute. also that foggy conditions across the antioch bridge be careful use those low beams out the air for now back to the news. >>in the buzz politically active athletes are flexing their muscles. this morning, the wnba helped propel reverend raphael warnock to this senate he'll be georgia's first democrat in 20 years and first ever black senator, his republican opponent kelly leffler was beaten basketball team. she co owns the atlanta dream they started wearing
8:49 am
vote warnock shirts after leffler said that they shouldn't wear black lives matter shirts and they should stay out of politics. well. king james thinks that she should stay out of basketball. lebron tweeted that he wants to try to buy the even though the team scott currently for sale. the race for the heisman trophy has been decided and it's an upset for trevor lawrence because it's not him it's alabama's devonta smith smith is the first wide receiver to win the heisman in 30 years. clemson's trevor lawrence seemed to be a shoe and until he got covid and plus clemson is not the college championship and bam, a is forty-niners have been voting for john lynch they've been wearing those shirts for years maybe 2021 will finally get into the football hall of fame. the niners gm has been nominated again. time now even susan lucci eventually won an emmy. all my children kids looking up the only other bay area names on that short list
8:50 am
for the hall of fame former raiders charles woodson and richard seymour. a few more bumps in the browns road to the playoffs, their head coach plus 2 assistance and 2 players have all tested positive for covid so they're not going to able to take part in the wild-card game sunday against the steelers meantime browns receiver rashad hagens joke that he was trying to outrun covid after he and offensive lineman jared wills junior were cited for drag racing. they were putting the pedal to the metal near the browns practice facility. now i don't know what they were driving. but higgins looks like a gear head i found of doing donuts on youtube and and horse power to this red car the shop shoop get up with an up or pull a long tube the headers and a cold air intake. i have no idea what that means, but i know it's fast and i don't know wills was driving, but i did see that he gave away a new car to a woman who lost her brown's office job because the pandemic so that was nice. and it's the
8:51 am
end of the road for kim and kanye a nothing has been filed yet but kim has hired a high-powered divorce attorney seems like just yesterday that kanye rented out the san francisco giants ballpark to pop the big question. 6 years and 4 kids later, they've got a lot to divide while it is not an unexpected split. it's always sad and that's
8:52 am
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8:54 am
>>53 is the time in the north bay marine county educators could soon start receiving the covid-19 vaccine which would be a crucial step towards reopening schools. the county is receiving about 2500 doses of the vaccine per week. the county says it's also working on getting a vaccine to more locations as well health officials say teachers and educators could start getting their shots by the end of january however, there are no current plans right now to vaccinate students and that has some teachers concerned. >>for him to get kids back in school this year the school year it will not be normal. it will be smaller groups students that we've seen a lot further they won't be able to interact with each other in the same way they have in the past will still have to keep their masks even under the most optimistic predictions are students will not get vaccinated this school year. >>health officials say
8:55 am
teachers not living in the county will also be able to receive the vaccine. >>time now is and coming up in the next hour medical professionals at ucsf are warning about the days ahead when they are sure we're going to see a holiday coronavirus fight. biden's victory is said to be certified by congress as some republicans are challenging the result, this is the balance of power in the senate could shift to the democrat.
8:56 am
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>>this morning on the kron 00:00am morning news. we are on the verge of history as democrats are just one seat away from retaking control of the senate votes are still being counted in the georgia senate runoff will have the latest and we'll also just matters are just hours away from congress certifying joe biden's presidential victory in november, however, the group republicans that are vowing to block it. the news station you're watching and thanks for joining us and and i'm james fletcher the breaking news this morning as we mentioned democrats on the brink of taking control of congress we have one of georgia's 2 senate runoff seats already called now in the favor of democrats democrat raphael warnock will
8:59 am
become the first black senator in georgia's history. >>and the first democrat to from that state in 20 years. he is the pastor from a church in atlanta where on martin luther king junior was the pastor of 4 years in this victory puts the senate majority within reach for the democrats were not defeated republican incumbent kelly leffler by nearly 50,000 votes. and these are the numbers with 99% of the precincts reporting. >>we were told that we couldn't win this election. but tonight. we proved that with hope. and the people by our side. >>anything. it is possible. >>and now the focus shifts to that second senate runoff race in georgia and the count is still going on between republican incumbent david perdue and democrat jon ossoff we have a very close race between them only about 16,000 votes separate ossoff who is
9:00 am
ahead in this and if he does maintain control all the way through the final counts. well that would be enough to seal it for democrats again the race has been officially called yet but at this soft is in the lead looking likely to maintain that lead and has already declared victory. it is with humility that i thank the people of georgia for electing me to serve you in the united states senate thank you for the confidence and trust. >>that you have placed in me i will work in the u.s. senate to support a robust public health response so that we can defeat this virus. >>and this just in this morning. speaker of the house nancy pelosi releasing a statement congratulating. the democrats warnock and ossoff in part saying in sending these 2 outstanding democratic senators to washington. georgians cast their ballots for a fairer accountable and more compassionate america inspired by our beloved john lewis senators left warnock an


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